Monday, November 16, 2020

"Waaaaaaaaaaaay Out There"? Or "Fits Right In"?

Well, friends, this week could be a real mind-blower.

Sidney Powell (and Trump, and Rudy) have been hinting broadly that there's a HUGE story they're going to break about the Dominion/Scytl voting software and hardware.

OK, then.

How about The CIA Ran the Election?


No, that would not surprise me in the least.  And it might explain exactly why YellowBelly Durham ran away.  He doesn't employ a food-taster.


Anonymous said...

I still remain VERY skeptical of this entire story. The irony for me is that I fully believe we've been had by a combination of our own intelligence and foreign entities, but that it is unbelievably unlikely we will catch it in any sort of red-handed manner soon, if ever.

If there is some "mind-blowing" element to come, I am all ears, but thus far, each time either Powell or Rudy has produced a "whistleblower" or definitive evidence, it has been of the sort that is not even remotely able to count in a court of law. IT workers who happened to be in a room and witnessed some untoward things - and twitter sleuths who run algorithms on an NYT data set do not hard evidence make.

When Scytl weasel-worded some statement about not being physically present in Germany, the other suggestion was that AWS has their primary compute/storage farm in Frankfurt for all of central Europe, and Scytl was a known customer of Amazon's.

The issue here would have been the extreme political difficulty in securing warrants, the EU's stringent GDPR regs, and the actual difficulty of identifying a specific piece of hardware where data would reside in a cloud scenario.

Dad29 said...

We are both skeptical, and in the same way.

That's speculated that the Trump team is not playing for a court victory (except in PA.) Rather, they're playing for a "populist" victory in order to pressure state Legislators to appoint Trump delegates to the EC.

That may work; but there's more: Trump--like Samson of old--is going to tear down the entire corrupt system. He may go down with it, but that's not stopping him.

More and more this guy emerges as a Patriot with a Capital P