Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Paulie-Boy Ryan Wags Finger. Whoop-Tee-Do.

Let's get this straight:  Ryan moved out of Janesville a long time ago, no matter what the newspaper implies.  He's now exactly where he's belonged for a couple of decades:  the East Coast.

...“So, the election is over," Ryan said. "The outcome is certain, and I really think the orderly transfer of power — that is one of the most uniquely fundamental American components of our political system."...

...“I think maybe even more important is that these legal challenges to the outcome and the attacks on our voting system really need to stop, in my opinion," Ryan said. "The outcome will not be changed, and it will only serve to undermine our faith in our system of government, our faith in our democracy."

..." I think it’s really important that we’re clear about this, which is the mere fact that the president’s lawyers throw these sort of baseless conspiracy theories out at press conferences but offer no evidence of these in court tells you that there is not the kind of widespread voter fraud or systemic voter fraud that would be required to overturn the outcome of this election."...

We spent the last several minutes looking for Ryan telling GWBush to quit and go home in 2000.  Couldn't find any.  As to 'undermining faith....' Paulie, rigged elections do that very well

Paulie, your days are over.  20 years of promises, promises, and zero results is enough. 

Speaking of "zero results," how are things at Fox News these days?  You're doing to Fox what you did to American workers during your time in Congress.  And you do it well, Paulie.


Anonymous said...

Paul got at least one thing right--Biden did win. No rigged elections.

Dad29 said...

Paulie-Boy should not bet on the outcome of this election.