Thursday, August 31, 2023

Ya Think?

John Kerry gives away Zippo lighters....

Ukraine's Jackass-in-Charge

Surber calls him a 'dictator.'  He doesn't deserve that level of credit; he's merely a greedy jackass.

Breitbart News reported “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has demanded that taxpayers in the United States and European Union send the country even more aid if the West wishes for elections to be held next year.

“In an interview published by the president’s office on Sunday evening, Zelensky said that he would be willing to hold elections despite the ongoing martial law amid the war with Russia, so long as the U.S. and EU bankroll the voting process.”...


... So much for the Ukraine war being about democracy. This is not a war to save civilization. It is just another military spending carnival with kickbacks and money freshly laundered and scented with lilac. Death in war is only for little people. Assassination? For Zelensky, killing Putin would be killing the goose that laid millions of golden eggs. And F-16s....

About time for Congress to get the hint.  But there's a lot of "donations" on the line......

Breaking the Globaloney Grip?

Very encouraging.  We've stated that Rep. Gallagher (R-WI) is a RINO--and we won't back off--but it appears that he's willing to break the grip of Globaloney to some extent.

In a cozy, Upper Midwestern industrial town, something a little unusual happened on Aug. 30 when industry, labor, and representatives from both major parties came together to recognize a common threat.

"China has a plan to replace the United States, and they're working on it every single day," Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Ill.) told The Epoch Times on the factory floor at Stoughton Trailers, a manufacturer of dry vans, grain trailers, and similar products....

Stoughton had been body-slammed by ChiCom competition which 'could not go BK and could not be under-priced'; it finally won its case and re-opened a chassis-manufacturing plant.  USA USA! 

Gallagher took an opportunity to slam Trump, of course, deriding tariffs as 'not permanent' answers to Chinese predators.  He has another solution:

..."A broader solution would be to say to China, 'Unless you fulfill your WTO [World Trade Organization] obligations, then we're going to remove permanent normal trade relations,'" he continued, adding that he thinks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has stood out among the current presidential hopefuls for his stances on China and manufacturing....

That would reverse policy set in place by Clinton and Bush the Dumber.  Likely to happen?

Hell, no. 

But at least someone is paying attention, 30 years after China dropped its bombs on US industry and the men and women who labored there to raise their families.

Weather App? Just Like Climate Change.

Most of  you noticed that the weather app which came with your phone is ..........wildly inaccurate.  A few days ago, one had predicted a high temp of 111F (yes, 111!) for Milwaukee on this coming Wednesday.  A similar high temp was predicted for Green Bay.

As it turns out....

...Most weather apps use algorithms and just pull information from one computer model to create a forecast....


We've seen "algorithm" and "computer model" before.

They predict Climate Change.

Do you get it yet?


Big Money Wants NY State Bailout

When we say "Big Money" we aren't kidding.

Gov. Hochul (a "Catholic") of New York wants your money to support her illegal-alien habit.

...Hochul unveiled the bailout this week — promising to lobby President Joe Biden for millions, potentially billions, in American taxpayer money that would ensure border crossers and illegal aliens in New York secure jobs, healthcare services, housing vouchers, and free public transit....

How very sweet of her! 

And she has Frenzzzz who signed a letter ordering Congress and Bai-Den to give her your money.

... Executives who signed the letter represent corporations like Pfizer, Paramount, JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, the WNBA, Citibank, Macy’s, AlleyCorp, Wells Fargo, Blackstone, Etsy, Goldman Sachs, Hearst, Maverick Capital, McGraw Hill, Tapestry Inc., the Georgetown Company, MetLife Inc., the IBM Corporation, LVMH, HSBC Bank USA, Deutsche Bank, Vox Media, and Apollo Global Management, among others....

The annual salary + bonus + stock-rights from the "leaders" of those firms would easily cover Hochul's request.  But that would be THEIR money, not YOUR money.

See the difference?

You just don't understand that this is good for you, just like The Vaxx, and shoving money into Red China's military-industrial complex, or into the pockets of Ukrainian corruptocrats, and exporting manufacturing to SE Asia.   

But these "leaders" do.  So STFU and comply.  Especially you whiners in Maui.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Freeze-Brain McConnell, Again

Video at this link.

He's shot.  Biden's shot.  McCarthy's a girly-man.

Putin, Xi, .......even the tinpot in Nicaragua, laughing up their sleeves.

A Whole New Meaning for "Net Zero"

The British government has asked its subjects (yes--they are not citizens over there) to stop heating their homes at night during the winter.

Instead, they are told to boil-up during the afternoons, with the "thought" that the excess heat will last until the next dawn.

This is to help the damnfool government to get to "net zero."

During long winter nights, it gets cold in Northern England.  So now, "net zero" can be your home temperature AND a goal.

Bai-Den's Totalitarians are not far behind, by the way.

Another Jesuit "College" Rebels Against the Faith

The College Fix newsletter calls Holy Cross College a "private" school.

It's even worse that that:  it's a Jesuit school.  And here's the "worse":

The president of a prestigious Massachusetts Catholic college championed his institution’s ‘values’ and LGBTQ policies against his diocese’s recently issued K-12 school guidelines.

“Recently, the Diocese of Worcester announced a new policy on gender, sexuality and sexual identity across its 21 schools,” President Vincent Rougeau of the College of the Holy Cross wrote in an email to the community shared with The College Fix.

“This policy does not apply to Holy Cross,” the president of the Worcester, Mass., private liberal arts college stated....

Why not?

... It “not only challenges our deeply held values, it targets specific identities and people in our community and surrounding county,” Rougeau continued....

The Bishop of Worcester has the authority to stop Holy Cross from using "Catholic" in its literature propaganda and on its website.

His Excellency should do that immediatelyLet's call a spade a spade for a change.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Bp. Sheen #10

 "Tolerance is an attitude of reasoned patience towards evil and a forbearance that restrains us from showing anger or inflicting punishment. But what is more important than the definition is the field of its application. The important point here is this: Tolerance applies only to persons but never to truth. Intolerance applies only to truth but never to persons. Tolerance applies to the erring; intolerance to the error." ~ Fulton J. Sheen

Seasons Come, Seasons Go.....


Ahmari Disappoints

 Sohrab Ahmari wrote a book; we reviewed the review.

Now Ahmari himself writes a review.....and one section of it displays a remarkable blindness.

...political leaders of both parties—men like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, and, above all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt—promoted reforms that brought the market system under greater political control....

 ...The result was the so-called “thirty glorious years” after World War II, a period that witnessed both immense mass prosperity and a relative reduction in material inequality. Many of the hallmarks of working-class life—discretionary income, regular vacations, defined-benefit retirement plans, and other benefits that increasingly elude us—date back to this period....


I hold no candle for the Robber Barons, and their successors today--the TBTF banks, the asset-strippers, and the "Americans" who move US jobs anyplace--except within the US.  

But to state that the prosperity following WWII was due to FDR, Wilson, and the like?

Good heavens, man!  The US was the ONLY Western country with intact factories, intact infrastructure, and a very potent currency.

You really think we don't know that, Sohrab?

Rep Gallagher (R-WI) Is Wrong Here

Mike Gallagher, a RINO, is concerned about Red China and makes a few proposals which should be taken seriously.  PRC has some high cards in its deck and it won't take much for them to draw five aces, so to speak.

That said, Gallagher apparently mis-spoke:

“…This is a party state. This is a totalitarian, Marxist-Leninist dictatorship in which a small number of elites control everything and they oppress their own people. That stands in self-evident contrast to the republic and the system of self-government that we have in America....

Not so fast, pal.  

"Self-government" is not "evident" in this country with the FBI openly persecuting Catholics and pro-lifers, with a DC judge flouting the "speedy trial" phrase in the now-trashed Constitution vis-a-vis J6 defendants, with a blatantly political series of "charges" leveled against an enemy of D.C. and Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants.

C'mon, Mike.  Man up and admit it.  The housecleaning should begin in Washington before you start preaching to Xi.

Could Biden Be Lyin'??

Yah, the question answers itself.

For those who insist that Biden (or any other damnfool Democrat) can and will trounce Trump......well......that might be a bit premature.  See, things aren't all that rosy in the economy.

For months we have been warning that at a time when the US economy is careening into a hard landing recession, the manipulated, seasonally-adjusted, and politically goalseeked job openings data released as part of the DOL's JOLTS report is sheer rubbish (see "US Job Openings Far Lower Than Reported By Department Of Labor"; "Handle The JOLTS Data With Care", "Just Make it Up: Job Openings Unexpectedly Soar As Labor Department Now Guessing What The Number Is"). Today, the BLS finally got the memo.

With consensus expecting only a modest drop in the July job openings from 9.582 million to 9.5 million, what the BLS reported instead was a doozy: in July there were just 8.827 million job openings, the first sub-9 million print since March  2021. ...

Charts and graphs follow.

In short:  the Administration releases FAR BETTER numbers than are the real ones, waits a few months, then releases the "revised" (read:  real) ones which are a helluvalot worse.

Like.......what's lower?

Industrial production.  Capacity utilization.  Jobs.  Housing.  Monthly payrolls.

That's all.  No big.

Grim's Optimistic Take

 We've followed Grim for a while, and we know optimism when we see it!

Last week the NYT published an opinion piece suggesting what the author described as a better way for American democracy: dispensing with elections in favor of the distribution of offices by lottery. Students of history will know that this was in fact tried during the Athenian Democracy.

There are two broad things to be said here. The first is that, like all suggested reforms, this is bootless because the system is too corrupt at this stage to be reformed. There will be no elimination of mass-scale deficit spending until the dollar collapses because the political class is too addicted to the power of spending money. Nor will the size of government will be reduced, certainly not at the scale that would be required to make it affordable. The bureaucracy will not return its stolen legislative function to Congress, and Congress doesn't want it back in any event. The national debt will not be reined in, but will eventually destroy the dollar at least and the nation most likely. There will be no term limits because Congress itself would have to vote on them, and so too here. They will not replace the system they've already learned how to control in a manner that reliably lends them power. We can only wait patiently for the collapse that is coming, and we can afford to be patient because the course they are determined upon leads there inevitably. ...

So.  What's the problem??

In passing, Grim comments on the idiocy of the Installed One and his once-removed predecessor:

 ...perhaps only a government could effectively restrain a powerful corporation. Yet we have seen, in Afghanistan as elsewhere, that distributed power is often most effective at resisting concentrated power. In spite of the President's favored suggestion that you would need an F-15 rather than an AR-15 to resist the US government, in fact the opposite is true. F-15s require easily broken supply chains and easily-killed experts to be effective; what worked was a vast number of determined men, widely distributed, with rifles. ...

Another disappointment to those who wanted to sell stuff in Afghanistan, eh?  

Cat, Deere, Raytheon, will have to settle for Ukraine.

Michigan Election Fraud: 50,000 or So.....

The cleanest election in history.  Biden got 81 million votes.  The Vaxx cures Covid.  Masks prevent viruses from moving around.

All were assertions made without evidence, all turned out to be lies, all were shoved down your throats by a complicit (and guilty-as-Hell) "press."  Here's the core of a longer article written by a genuine reporter, not a Molly Beck-level propagandist:

...Michigan’s official voter rolls, called the Qualified Voter File or QVF, contain approximately 50,000 registrants recorded as living in multi-unit housing units but lacking a residential extension number. How these ineligible registrations occurred or why the Secretary of State’s office is failing to address the problem remains unclear. But one thing is clear: These registrations violate the law, and absentee ballots cannot be delivered to them....

Among other places where the addresses were legally insufficient:


Of course, that can't happen in Madison, can it?

Debate Scores!!

Amusing, to say the least.

The foreigner-owned press, Murdoch's NYPost, released a poll on the Milwaukee debate.  Little Paulie Ryan must have puked when he saw the results.

Pubbie voters put Ramaswamy in first place and DeSantis in second.

Next was "NO ONE."

Then came Pence, "Bomb-Bomb" Haley, and the rest of the pack.

So "Nobody" beats "Pence."  Great work, Mike!

By the way, 55% of those polled didn't bother to watch any of it.  At all.

The IRS: Top. Men.

Yes, they are incompetent, lazy, and stupid.

And 80,000 of them have guns which they will use on ..........somebody.........assuming they don't shoot themselves first, of course.

The Internal Revenue Service lost millions of taxpayer records and federal employees don’t know where they have gone.

Lawmakers want answers and accountability for the IRS over those documents, which could be used by nefarious actors to steal Americans’ identity....

 ...The IRS keeps microfilm records of individual and business tax records in warehouses around the country. However, a recent Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report found that millions of those records were unaccounted for, and federal employees couldn’t answer questions about what happened to them....

 ...TIGTA also reported that the IRS was unable to locate any of the fiscal year (FY) 2010 backup records that should have been sent from a Tax Processing Center in Fresno, California, to Kansas City, Missouri. In addition, the IRS could not account for 4,500 backup cartridges from FY 2019 containing individual taxpayer information and 4,000 backup cartridges from FY 2018 containing business tax records. This means the IRS cannot account for possibly 17 million tax records between FY 2018 and FY 2019 alone....

Oh, yes, it gets better!

... TIGTA [also] observed multiple empty boxes that were intended to store up to 168 backup cartridges with hand written notes stating “sent for reformat 4-11-2013.” IRS personnel, however, had no idea where these backup cartridges were located because the microfilm contractor that would have received the backup units went out of business in 2018....

OK, then.  CDC is filled with moronsIRS is filled with morons.  I'm willing to bet that the Department of Education is filled with sub-moronic humanoids.

Shutting it down is a very good idea.  Say for a year or two.

Booz, Allen: Fraudsters

"Gray area," my ass.

A Marine veteran mom-of-three who tried to stop her former employer from defrauding taxpayers has been awarded $69 million after making use of a little-known law.

Sarah Feinberg, 39, moved to join the ranks of military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton as a financial analyst following her time as a Marine.

While working there, Feinberg discovered the company was overcharging the U.S. Government to the tune of $100 million-a-year to cover losses in other areas of its businesses, including consulting contracts with foreign states like Saudi Arabia....

Booz, Allen is was a respectable consulting outfit.

...Last week, it was announced that Booz Allen settled to pay the United States $377 million to resolve the allegations ...

Happy for Sarah!  

Time for Booz, Allen to shut down--but that assumes they have "shame," a commodity unknown in the D.C. area where they have their HQ.

Women's Sorority Will Not Define "Woman"

Not surprising, but disappointing.

...At the heart of the lawsuit was the issue of defining a 'woman', with the sorority sisters arguing that because KKG's governing documents define it as a space exclusively for females, the organization broke its own rules by admitting a biological male.

The sisters claimed that the sorority changed its criteria to allow Langford to apply, while KKGs lawyers said the definition of 'woman' has evolved since the sorority's founding 150 years ago.

'The term (woman) is unquestionably open to many interpretations,' the sorority's filing claimed.

Although the plaintiffs offered a definition in their lawsuit as an 'adult human female', KKG said this was restrictive, and were seeking to dismiss on the basis of changing views around what constitutes a 'woman'....

Don't ask Target Stores, either. 

This is not very hard to figure out:  Kappa Kappa Gamma is in deep doo-doo for money.  Members = money.  They'll get a bunch of trannies across the country and be the TrannySororiTee!

Weak Sister Kevin McCarthy. Again.

The new Weak Sister "leader" is Kevin McCarthy, a successor in Weak Sisterhood to Paul Ryan, the cut-and-run RINO whose name will shame Janesville forever.

...He acknowledged that it will be “pretty hard” to pass all 12 appropriations bills by Sep. 30, when the government is set to run out of money, and defended the likely need for a short-term continuing resolution, telling his conference that if the government shuts down on Oct. 1, the Democrats “control all the messaging” and Republicans “give the power to the administration.”...

No, dummy.  They only 'control' messaging if you let them do it.

And he's lying about only a '30-day' CR, by the way.  Insiders say he wants a CR through March.


...While talking to his members, McCarthy heavily emphasized the need to pass the homeland appropriations bill,...

The 'homeland' bill contains funding for a new FBI headquarters building, which will be larger than the f'n Pentagon.  That funding was supported by certain Republicans, so we can deduce that the FBI has pictures of them doing............things.........with people not married to them, or with children.

You have one job, Twit.  Impeach Biden, Mayorkas, Garland, and Wray.

Otherwise, go cry in the cornerThat's what Weak Sisters do.

Monday, August 28, 2023

WEC's Smelly Pal, ERIC

It's a refreshing change:  a very important voting-information news item which is easy to understand.

And the stench of Meagan Wolfe's WEC leaps right off the page, too.

Long story short:  ERIC was founded by a Clinton operative with the 'non-partisan' stated objective of helping States maintain their voter rolls.  Wisconsin signed up for it.

But rather than 'cleaning' the rolls, Wisconsin appears to be using the information to identify not-registered individuals who are residents of the State.  By coincidence, these people generally vote Democrat.

Meagan Wolfe's WEC only asked for 'cleaning' information three times since 2017, but asked for 'unregistered but on file with DMV' lists just before the elections of '20 (the Great Fraud) and '18.

Under Wisconsin law, the DMV is not authorized to release its dataset for political purposes.  So if WEC only rarely asks for 'cleaning' information, but is sending its DMV datasets to ERIC every couple of months, like clockwork, one should be asking questions.

Ms. Wolfe is scheduled to meet with a Wisconsin Senate committee tomorrow; she has said that she will ghost the meeting.

Maybe there are questions about ERIC activity she doesn't want to answer while under oath, eh?


Let's Review "Trump Can't Win" Twaddle

The Establishment Pubbies which whisper into Jay Weber's, Mark Belling's, and Pretentious Danny's ears--promising they'll get scoops and goodies--are whispering that Trump Can't Win If He's Nominated.

That's because they hate Trump.  It certainly isn't based on the emerging political picture.

Here's Ruth Marcus/WaPo Lefty, quoted at Ace:

...There are problems with Joe Biden's candidacy. There are many Democrats behind the scenes and a few publicly who talk about his age, who talk about other problems with his candidacy. But let's be serious. I'm old enough to remember -- I'm sorry to say, I'm old enough to remember 1980 and what happened in the Democratic Party when it was riven by division.

And if somebody were to emerge and challenge Joe Biden at this stage in the campaign, him having decided to run, his vice president, who, if he didn't -- if he somehow chose not to run, if she were not the nominee, that would create some divisions within the demographics of the party

Not to mention the open revolt brewing among the Hispanics who are just now learning what "education" priorities are being pushed by the Sex Maniacs Department of Education--such as Masturbation for Kindergarteners, Fun and Kinky Homosexual Practices for Girls and Boys in Third Grade, not to mention Abortion for All!!

And of course, the enthusiasm-meter to re-elect Bai-Den (or any other Democrat) in the midst of what will be a recession-with-inflation, meaning eating and heating will be a real challenge, is not going to be very high.

That means the Democrats will have to invent 180,000 mail-in votes, not just 75,000 like in the Fraud of '20.    

And that's just in Wisconsin.

Seduction Before Rape?

Glorious Leader Bai-Den tells us the next Vaxx will be 'for everybody.'  But before you are in the cattle-car, they have one last trick to play:

Sunday, August 27, 2023

About Pre-Election Covid


Jefferson & Ahmari?

Sohrab Ahmari has put out a new book.  It will set the hair of your garden-variety Libertarian (and Republo-DeepStater) on fire, of course.  A review begins this way: one should be shocked when a conservative says something unkind about the free market. Still, those unfamiliar with any right-wing tradition predating Reagan react to someone like J.D. Vance as if he were a monstrous novelty. How could one favor raising corporate tax rates and also oppose to abortion? What fresh, illiberal hell is this?! The incomprehension of liberal thinkpiece artisans in the face of the “new” Right is a testament to the success of neo-cons at convincing Americans that the Right has always stood firmly on a platform of outsourcing jobs and clear-cutting nature preserves.

Of course, reasonably well-read conservatives know better. They have some familiarity with Russel Kirk, Christopher Lasch, Eugene Genovese. They know well the argument that unchecked capitalism, by commodifying every part of life, erodes traditions, bonds, and morals. Certainly, readers of Front Porch Republic need no remediation in this concept. So, while Sohrab Ahmari’s new book, Tyranny, Inc: How Private Power Crushed American Liberty–And What to Do About It, will provoke splenetic head-wagging from neo-cons, and fretful befuddlement from liberals, porchers may well ask whether another work by a conservative that calls for reigning in markets has anything new to say. It does. Or, at least, it says it in a new way....

The reviewer wants to persuade us that Thomas Jefferson is really the godfather of the Populist movement and that FDR's New Deal/Labor Laws combo was just the right thing to do!

Well.......maybe.  Robbing the Robber Barons was not all that bad an idea at the time.  But as time marched on, the pendulum swung the other way;  soon the Robber Barons were the 'poverty-stricken' and--far more rewarded--their pimps, Al & Jesse.  Currently, the Robber Barons are the very healthy "refugees" of military age, the Pimps of Pansexualism (especially the surgeons and shrinks), and others of the Neurotic Class, such as those who are profiteering on the weather with made-up "charts and graphs."

The reviewer, an earnest young fellow, never mentions morality except to slam the early 20th-C 'barons', deservedly so.  But he would do well (as might Ahmari) to bring up the topic of morals more often, and try applying it to the Current Hotness and its pimps.

Or so we think.

Why You Should Visit RenMan

The Bayou Renaissance Man and I have a disagreement which is serious, and about which we won't put pixels today.

But he sure finds good stuff to peruse!  Here are a few snitcheroos from that post, but be sure to click!

“It’s a sin to believe evil of others, but it is seldom a mistake.” — H.L. Mencken, American journalist and commentator (1880–1956)

“Evolution stops when stupidity is no longer fatal.” — Anonymous

“I am always content with what happens; for I know that what God chooses is better than what I choose.” — Epictetus, Greek Stoic philosopher and former slave (50–135 AD)

“If everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking.” — General George S. Patton, commander of the 7th US Army in World War II, and the 3rd US Army in France and Germany after the Allied invasion of Normandy (1885–1945)

“When the man said ‘Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’, I just naturally assumed he was making a delivery.” — Anonymous

 “We may see the small value God has for riches by the people he gives them to.” — Alexander Pope, English poet and satirist (1688–1744)  NB:  You may say "Trump!!"--and I say "Kerry.  McCain.  Ted Kennedy.  Mitch McConnell.  All the other Rich Men North of Richmond.

“This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.” — President Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural address

And my personal favorite:

 “If you don’t have a metal detector, I don’t have a gun.” — Anonymous


Usually we give answers to questions.  You may not like the answers, but oh, well!

This time, we'll give you a quiz, instead.  You may not like the answers, but oh, well!!

WHO wrote this, and WHEN was it written?  

...The feeling that democracy is still not the right form of freedom is fairly general and is steadily becoming more wide-spread…How free are elections? To what extent is the people’s will manipulated by publicity, by the agency of a few people who dominate public opinion? Is there not a new oligarchy of the people who decided what is modern and progressive, what somebody enlightened has to think? How fearsome this oligarchy is, the way they can publicly execute people, is well enough known. Anyone who gets in their way is an enemy of freedom because he is preventing freedom of expression. And what about the way public opinion is shaped in democratically representative councils and committees? Who can still believe that the general good is what really determines their decisions. Who can doubt the power of interests whose dirty hands are being seen more and more often?… In this confusion of forces the problem of society becoming ungovernable is an ever greater threat: the desire for opposing groups for domination blocks the freedom of the whole....

Last question first:  this was written before 2005.  TEN ++ YEARS before the first election of Donald J Trump, fourteen before the second.

Who wrote it?

Cdl. Jos. Ratzinger.

And all this time, you thought he was just another bright theologian with good taste in music who--eventually--was overcome by Vatican intrigues.

Ramaswamy, the Panderer

Some of you recall the Limbaugh (PBHN) parody song "The Philanderer", sung about Teddy Kennedy.

Vivek Ramaswamy is intent on becoming the next parody:  "The Panderer."

While CNN is an absolutely rotten source, we'll quote them until Ramaswamy comes out and denies the story.

...Then 38-year-old Vivek Ramaswamy ...called the “climate change agenda” a “hoax,[at the debate] an answer that elicited intense boos from the audience....

CNN reports that there was "intensive booing" following that remark.  Uh-huh, right. /sarc  They go on to note that despite their best propaganda efforts, normal humans do not link "weather" to "climate change."  (That's because normal humans are not neurotics.) 

Now for Ramaswamy's second act!!

...Asked by CNN on Friday whether he believes climate change is real, Ramaswamy responded, “Climate change has existed as long as the Earth has existed. Manmade climate change has existed as long as man has existed on the earth.”...

That last sentence is an assertion made wholly without evidence.

The Panderer and The Philanderer have one thing in common:  utter disregard for principles.

Attanasio Says the Quiet Part.....

....Out Loud, on the topic of giving the Brewers $400 million or so to build a tavern/restaurant in the Stadium for people who do not want to watch a baseball game, among other goodies.

...So, I'm optimistic, and we just have to get the three constituencies -- which would be the Governor, the Assembly and the Senate -- to come together."...

What he really said? 

'We just have to get Robin Vos, Tony Evers, and Nepot LeMahieu to come together.....'

 There are a lot of Milwaukee County and out-State taxpayers who are NOT represented by Vos, Evers, and LeMahieu.  In fact, damn near ALL of the State is not 'represented' by Vos or LaMahieu.

And those taxpayers don't count, if Attanasio is to be believed.

The Jesuits Asked For It and Got It--Good and Hard

History is important in this little story.

Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega has declared the Jesuit religious order illegal, mandating the confiscation of all its assets.

Ortega's government is what the Jesuits begged and campaigned for back in the late '70's.

...The Jesuit order, which supported the leftwing Sandinista guerilla group and rise to power of Daniel Ortega in the late 1970s and early 1980s, had grown more and more critical of the Ortega regime in recent years.

Jesuit Father Fernando Cardenal, a proponent of Liberation Theology and member of the Sandinistas, was Nicaragua’s minister of education from 1984 to 1990. Pope John Paul suspended Father Cardenal for his political activism in violation of Canon Law, along with a number of other priests, including his brother, Father Ernesto Cardenal.

Fernando Cardenal continued to live in a Jesuit house while he was education minister and was formally readmitted to the Jesuit order in 1997, after having renounced his membership in the Sandinistas in 1993....

They got their 'revolutionary theology' right up the wazooOrtega didn't change; he merely went to Phase Two:  get rid of the Church. 

The Obama/Soros/Wyss revolutionaries in the US have the same plan, (but the secular ones haven't told the religious ones about Phase Two).  And the religious ones are stupid enough to think only about "Phase One". 

All of them must be stopped.


Saturday, August 26, 2023

How to Manufacture (D) Voters

Glenn Reynolds has a piece that looks at neuroses and how they are very useful to Democrat politicians.  But first, on voting patterns:  It's not "suburban housewives" who carry Democrat pols to victory.

It's unmarried women, with or without children.


...As American Enterprise Institute’s ace polling expert Karlyn Bowman together with Ruy Teixeira have pointed out, it’s more of a marriage gap.

The exit poll in the almost even 2022 House (Republicans won the popular vote 50% to 47%) shows that married men voted 59% to 39% Republican, and unmarried men also went Republican by a smaller but significant 52% to 45% margin.

Married women, however, also voted Republican by a landslide 56% to 42% margin. So, why was the election so close? Because unmarried women favored Democrats 68% to 31%....

This was mentioned in a column which looked at "neuroses."  That's not a co-incidence.  With some exceptions, the never-married or divorced females are neurotic.  Defined?

...irrational behavior, based on irrational feelings and obsessions rather than reality....

Go ahead.  Run through your Rolodex.  See what  you come up with.......... 

Even worse (Barone, again)

In general, women are more risk-averse than men, and thus more supportive of welfare state measures and more reluctant to support military action. They are also, as we have seen on female-dominated campuses, more willing to suppress speech that is seen as irritating or hurtful. “Highly educated women,” as Australian educator Lorenzo Warby writes, “are proving all too willing to trash other people’s freedoms to protect their emotions.”

He continues:

Surveys show that, after 50 years of feminism, American women are increasingly likely to report themselves as unhappy, a characteristic especially marked in unmarried young liberal women with no religious connection....

Don't read that as 'religious women are just fine and dandy.'  Proportionately better, yes.  Uniformly?  Nope.  If you haven't met the neurotic women who show up in church regularly, you're not meeting too many folks at church.

Glenn Reynolds migrates to the political realm and has a not-surprising conclusion.

 ...Reading all of these pieces I’m seeing a story that goes something like this:  Depressed, neurotic people (especially single women) are more likely to support Democrats.  Democrats support policies and messaging that produce more depressed, neurotic people, especially single women....

 ...Now maybe this is an accident, but maybe it isn’t.  Enter the “Curley Effect.”  As this Harvard paper notes, “James Michael Curley, a four-time mayor of Boston, used wasteful redistribution to his poor Irish constituents and incendiary rhetoric to encourage richer citizens to emigrate from Boston, thereby shaping the electorate in his favor.  As a consequence, Boston stagnated, but Curley kept winning elections. . . .  We call this strategy—increasing the relative size of one’s political base through distortionary, wealth-reducing policies—the Curley effect. But it is hardly unique to Curley.”

Making the populace (especially women) more fearful, depressed, and neurotic is undoubtedly bad for societal wealth and happiness.  But does it yield votes for Democrats?  Clearly yes.  Are they doing it on purpose?...

Well, ARE they?  

Tucker Carlson says the same thing in different words: 

 "The ruling party is the party of the childless, the unmarried, the people working for low wages for large corporations and living in tiny apartments in overcrowded cities that are rife with crime.

 "Who votes for the people who run the United States right now? People who are working for big banks, living in crowded conditions, very often alone, in big soulless cities, having their food delivered by immigrants, and spending their time glued to a screen. What does that sound like to you? It sounds like prison, actually." 

 "Who are the people who oppose this? Where do they live and how do they live? Well, they are poorer generally on paper. But are their lives worse if you live in a place where you can see the sky? Where you can make your own food? If you can go outside and identify three species of trees or hear birds, or experience silence, the rarest commodity in the modern world. Those are the people who are not with the program. People who have a daily experience of nature. And those people are much more likely to acknowledge a power beyond themselves and their government. And there's a reason for that because they can see it.

 When you're living crowded as you would on an industrial farm as a cow, you are not liberated. You are enslaved. Your reference points are gone. You can't see the stars. You cannot see God's creation. All around you you see drywall and screens. And your ability to think clearly goes away."

No surprise that Democrats can manufacture neurotics almost at the drop of a hat, eh?  Do you think it is co-incidence that Carlson also mentions God?

Garland's Catholic Persecutor

 Remember this mug-of-a-thug in case he shows up near a Catholic church.  

Throw holy water on him immediately.  You may also consider turning plowshares into swords.

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Fake News Goes Full-Fake

Not too surprising, coming from Little Local Pravda....

Johnson says Wisconsin fake electors should not face charges for 'political activity'

That's the headline.

Reality?  They were alternative electors.  They were in place so that after the fake "recount" and fake "mail-in ballots" were tossed by the (now proven fake, too!) justice system, the really-elected President--Trump--could be inaugurated.

We read this sewage so you don't have to.  You can thank me later.