Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Tucker Interviews Macgregor

 Some very interesting nuggets in this video.  Macgregor discusses the reality of US military hardware, (not all that good), the Who Wants to Kill Russia (certain people with certain ethnic roots), ex-President GWBush ('not deep').......and which Big Money Donors are pushing this--surprisingly, not just M-I-C crapweasels; think Blackrock-class land-grabbers and large "rebuilding" contractors.

Did you know:  the average American Social Security check is $1400/month--but any illegal immigrant gets $2200/month for showing up in El Paso?  Residents of Maui who now have ashes instead of property and possessions will get $700/each, one-time.  Any illegal immigrant gets $2200--every month.

Back to the donors:  all those donors and their sock-puppet politicians (Graham, Bush, McConnell, etc.) think that you are the dumbest dinks on the face of the Earth.

Just like PfizerPfauci did.

Are you?  Really?  THAT stupid?

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