Sunday, August 27, 2023

Attanasio Says the Quiet Part.....

....Out Loud, on the topic of giving the Brewers $400 million or so to build a tavern/restaurant in the Stadium for people who do not want to watch a baseball game, among other goodies.

...So, I'm optimistic, and we just have to get the three constituencies -- which would be the Governor, the Assembly and the Senate -- to come together."...

What he really said? 

'We just have to get Robin Vos, Tony Evers, and Nepot LeMahieu to come together.....'

 There are a lot of Milwaukee County and out-State taxpayers who are NOT represented by Vos, Evers, and LeMahieu.  In fact, damn near ALL of the State is not 'represented' by Vos or LaMahieu.

And those taxpayers don't count, if Attanasio is to be believed.

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