Friday, March 31, 2023

Disorder Is Precursor to Chaos

Recently, some allegedly "Catholic" clerics have expressed their unhappiness with using the word "disorder" when referring to people with a homosexual orientation, or performing homosexual acts.  The same word is used to describe the mental state of people who are "trans."  

The same word can be used to describe any sexual activity which uses un-natural means to prevent conception, such as 'the pill' or any physical barriers, (etc.) and sexual activity with children.  

Moderns regard these disorders as "liberty."

Other manifestations of Disorder include theft, rebellion against lawful authority, worship of strange gods (such as 'the Environment'), and murder, to name a few; these are not yet referred to as "liberties" but--in fact--they are 'liberties' because they are contrary to Right Order, which is the very definition of "Disorder".

Disorder, the necessary precursor and accompanist to Chaos, is the intermediate objective of Baphomet; the long-term objective is Chaos.

You could say that Baphomet-Satan-Lucifer is very active these days.

In contrast:

The Shiny Object Gambit of the Desperate

Earlier today we mentioned that they are desperate.  We're not the only one.

The Zelenskiy Surrender Dance

This guy can read the tea leaves.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that defeat in Bakhmut, despite the narrative that it is strategically unimportant, would result in the international community and a “tired” Ukrainian public pressuring him to compromise with Russia – which he does not want to do....

...With Ukraine increasingly incurring heavy losses defending Bakhmut, U.S. officials began offering public criticism of Kyiv’s determination to hold the eastern city by the beginning of 2023, urging Kyiv to focus on preparing for a Spring counter-offensive rather than fixating on the city’s defence.

That advice has not been taken, however, with a British intelligence update on Wednesday indicating that Ukrainian forces are actually putting more resources into counter-attacks in the city in order to reopen key supply routes....

Zelenskiy has lost the support of the Ukrainian population and is getting an ass-kicking at Bakhmut.  This will cost the Biden Crime Family its usual bribe payments.  It's likely there are other bribes being paid to other Deep State legislators and bureaucrats, too.  

That's what Zelenskiy is saying.

A Very Stupid Move

Tucker Carlson has it right:  the Deep State is trying to foment a real insurrection.

They are that desperate.

This is a good time to pray and keep your powder dry.

But keep your powder.

Listen to Jason Whitlock's agonized monologue; pay particular attention to the segment between 1:20 and 1:35, and note well his call to "men".  Whitlock later admits that he has never voted, but vows to correct that in the '24 election.

If there is a '24 election.

The Labor Market

Reality is a beeyotch!

Jim Fish, chief executive of Waste Management, described the situation this way: “We can’t hire a truck driver to drive a trash truck for $90,000 in Houston, Texas, but I can hire an M.B.A. from a small school for $60,000, and I can get them all day long.”

We've mentioned to our grandchilluns that the Trades are an exceptionally good career path.

Nothing wrong with driving a truck, either! 

Putin Tactics

 Fruit Basket.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Another Take on the Fed, Etc.

You'll notice a lot of screeching about how the Fed's interest-rate policy (higher and longer) from such as Breitbart and others.

For your consideration, here's a take which pins the tail on that donkey, and gives you a glimpse into the mindset of the Fed.

That's what you had to read first.
 ...Read that passage carefully and you’ll see this FOMC Chair isn’t above telling Congress their business. You may not believe Powell but we know there are ways of getting out of this fiscal and monetary mess if we commit to doing it, rather than pouring gasoline on the socialist fire that the “Biden” Administration just did with their budget proposal.

Moreover, what’s unspoken by Powell and others in the position to support him is what’s lurking on the other side of the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC), a growing international framework for trade wholly outside the control or threats of the western political establishment and their slap-happy sanction monkeys we call heads of state.

Powell can see the de-dollarization writing on the wall and he knows now is the time to slow down that trend and find a way to make the dollar more trustworthy. But, again, he can only deal with one side of that equation — the monetary policy side. The Fiscal and regulatory side are still firmly controlled by, frankly, shitbag commies; old, terrified colonial interests in Europe and the northeast US who see their time passing and refuse to accept it with grace.

People who would rather burn the world to the ground than let it fall into the hands of those they consider ‘the help.’...

"The help" is looking at gold.

... That plan clearly involves the return of gold as the asset to balance the trade books to rebuild global trust and if the US and Europe don’t stop acting like entitled, spoiled children on the world stage, they will drop the gradualism and one day we will wake up in a different reality.

This was Powell’s real message to Congress this week. It is the clear geopolitical imperative staring us all in the face. But if we don’t start down it now voluntarily, the superior monetary system will eventually outcompete and capital will flow to where it is treated best....

Which capital always does.

The Genius, Joe Biden

Remember how Joe Biden was going to punish Russia?  Yah.  He was going to prevent them from selling their crude oil and natural gas.  That way, Joe would starve Putin and the Russkies so they'd let Zelenskiy continue to pay off the Biden Crime Family and stuff like that.

So how'd that work out?

For starters, Putin fell into the embrace of Red China.

...Xi Jinping’s recent state visit to Moscow caused panic in Europe because it makes clear that China is never going to sign onto the new world order proposed by the West. French President Emmanuel Macron was sent to Beijing to beg for mercy. He came back and immediately signed a trade deal with China in which the French will buy LNG using yuan. That LNG, by the way, is sourced from Russia, thus blowing another hole in the sanctions regime.

That energy deal is just one deal, but the symbolism is what matters, as it makes clear who has the whip hand now. Decades of bribing American officials has taught the Chinese how important narrative and symbolism is to Washington. By making Macron do that deal, they are telling Washington that China is willing to compete with Washington on every continent, even Europe. It also signals that Europe is very worried about what is happening to them in this war....

So.  Europe will be purchasing Russian natgas and petroleum through cutouts (China and India.)  They will pay in rubles and/or yuan, meaning that the USDollar that market.

And another 100,000 Ukraine soldiers are either dead or wounded and there are 10 times that many who have fled to other countries in Europe as refugees.

Altogether, a fine day's work for Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants and the satanic NeoCons who surround him.

Tammy Baldwin's Prison-Camp Bill

Yes, sweet li'l Tammy is co-sponsoring a bill which will turn this country into a prison camp.

It's S.686.  Jesse Watters has the text and a quick summary of the 9,000 ways YOU can be imprisoned, including for using a VPN, all at the sole discretion of a political appointee, NOT reviewable by any court.

You won't be surprised to find that Mittens Romney is also a co-sponsor.  In fact, all the Senators listed are the property of the Deep State--or are so damn dumb that they signed on because they didn't read it and 'it sounded so nice!!'

We think Tammy's dumber than a box of rocks, but that doesn't mean she isn't malevolent, too.

Side-note:  Linnnnndseeeeeeey!! Graham is a worthless piece of shit.

Crazed Administration Will Confiscate AR's? Really?

Confirming that this Administration is cray-cray.

...So the reporter asked if Joe Biden supported “not just banning the sale and manufacture of semi-automatic weapons, but further than that, confiscation?”...

 ...KJP said AR-15s and “assault weapons” were “weapons of war and they should not be on the streets across the country, in our communities.” She continued, “They should not be in schools, they should not be in grocery stores, they should not be in churches.”...


 ...The reporter followed up on that question, detailing just how many AR-15s there are and noting that some people say, “There are 25 million [AR-15s] out there in circulation in the homes of millions of Americans, and therefore you can’t ban them.” He asked what was Joe Biden’s response to that....

 “That’s unacceptable,” she declared flatly. “That’s our response.”...

The reporter's next question should have been "Who's going to confiscate them, sweet-cheeks?  You?"

I guess we'll find out.

By the way, Colt sought and received approval to sell the AR to civilians at least a year before it was sold to the Armed Forces.

Food Truck FAFO

Wrong target, pal.

...Keshondra Howard Turner, 53, was cooking around 1pm inside the 'Elite Eats and Cold Treats' truck in a Houston parking lot when a 23-year-old man drove up alongside the vehicle.

The man asked what was on the menu, but as Turner attempted to show the man, he pulled a handgun...

The would-be assailant got out of his car and demanded cash.

Turner quickly shut the food truck's open window, but the man forced it open, stuck his weapon inside the truck and tried to fire.

The gun jammed, which was when Turner, who is licensed to carry a handgun, drew her own weapon and shot the man several times.

The young man took a few steps back from the truck before collapsing about 50 feet away, which was where authorities found him and pronounced him dead....

She's OK and you can drive up and order food today.

+Hollerich, S.J. Goes Off the Reservation

This Jesuit is in Pp. Francis' (another Jesuit) kitchen cabinet.

A key advisor to Pope Francis, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, has called for relaxation of Catholic teaching on gay sex, insisting that the Church should not ask “impossible things” of homosexuals....

...“How can you condemn people who cannot love except the same sex?” Hollerich asked during an interview with Glas Koncila, a Croatian Catholic weekly, published March 27. “For some of them it is possible to be chaste, but calling others to chastity seems like speaking Egyptian to them.”

“We can only charge people with moral conduct they can bear in their world,” the cardinal said. “If we ask impossible things of them, we will put them off.”...

Yah, well, maybe the Cardinal should read up on the rich young man who 'went away' after Christ asked him to sell all his goods....but then, this Cardinal won't care; he has an agenda.

...In the interview, Hollerich went on to criticize the Catechism of the Catholic Church and its manner of describing homosexuality.

“I find the part of the teaching calling homosexuality ‘intrinsically disordered’ a bit dubious,” he declared....

Is it mere co-incidence that +Cupich is also 'dubious' about Benedict XVI's description of homosexuality as a "grave disorder"?  

+Hollerich goes on to deliberately create a straw man:

...“We should not reduce homosexuality to inordinate sexual relations. That is a very crude way of understanding a human person,” he said.,..

"We" don't, Eminence.  But apparently you do.  Hmmmmm.

Here's the reality of Church teaching on the topic:

  ...The Catechism, a compendium of authoritative Catholic teaching, says that Sacred Scripture “presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,” and thus tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and are “contrary to the natural law.”...

So +McElroy (and you can bet, Cupich and Hollerich with him) also does the linguistic shimmy-shimmy-shake:

 ...“The problem is,” McElroy argued, the word “disordered” is used in the Catechism “as a philosophical term, but to us in our country and really most of the world, disorder is thought of as psychological.”...

Yah, well, Eminence(s), the homosexual inclination is a disorder, both psychologically and philosophically.

Live with it, pal.  So sorry about your feeeeeellllzzz.

Who's Buying the SCOWI Election?

About ninety-six percent of No-Jail/Aborto-Maniac Protasiewicz' money comes from out-of-state.  You can look it up at the WI Ethics Commission site under "Janet for Justice."

Big players in this attempted purchase of a Supreme Court seat?  George Soros is one.  J B Pritzker, notorious for pushing the Tranny ideology, is another.

...Soros, an infamous left-wing financier, donated $1 million to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on February 22, according to campaign finance records. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker donated $1 million on March 14, and Tulsa philanthropists Stacy and Lynn Schusterman made four donations in March totaling $1 million, after previously donating $40,000 to the party....

But there are also hundreds of "little players," donating $3.00-$12.50 to her campaign.

These small-time Protasiewicz donors live in New York State, Connecticut, Oregon, New Jersey, New Mexico....all over the country.  James O'Keefe just issued a report on a massive money-laundering scheme which fits this donation pattern to a "T".

O'Keefe discovered that the donors he interviewed knew nothing about their "donations"--and some of them (who stated they were unemployed on the required form) had contributed over $200,000.00 in only 1 year to various candidates nationwide.

Could Protasiewicz' campaign be accepting laundered contributions?

That is not a hard question, friends.  You can find the very same pattern in Tony Evers' finance reports.  It's not co-incidence.


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

"No Greater Love...."

Christ spoke of this woman"No greater love....."

The head of the Nashville school attacked on Monday by an 'emotionally disturbed' former student ran towards the gunfire in a bid to save her pupils, it has been claimed.

Dr. Katherine Koonce, the 60-year-old principal, was found lying dead inside a corridor, which Nashville police chief said indicated she had 'a confrontation' with Audrey Hale, a transgender 28-year-old....

...Russ Pulley, a member of Nashville city council and a former FBI agent, said Koonce tried to save her students....

...'It is my understanding from a witness at the school, that Katherine Koonce was on a Zoom call when she heard the first shot,' said Pulley.

'She immediately ended the call, got up, and headed straight for the shooter.

'She did what principals and headmasters do; she protected her children....

"..........that he lay down his life......."

RoJo Gets It

Apparently Ron Johnson can read the mail.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson this week expressed doubts over the impact of continued U.S. assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia, calling the war unwinnable for either side and suggesting the warring nations need to negotiate an end to the conflict. 

“At some point people are going to have to understand the reality of the situation,” the Wisconsin Republican told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday. “I don’t see a scenario, and I’ve asked — I mean, where is there a path to victory from our standpoint? All I see is a grinding stalemate that day-by-day more people get killed and more of Ukraine gets destroyed.”...


That was the case before RoJo voted to send $40 BILLION--which disappeared, by the way--to Ukraine for Ukrainian government payrolls and pensions, plus some military assistance.

But give him credit:  he admits that he was wrong.


Blanket Justice Rendered

 This 15-times-convicted perv likes looking at young girls.  He was engaging in that (criminal) activity again when he was discovered.

He ran.

Several nearby dads *restrained* him until the cops arrived.

There may have been a blanket nearby.

BushBoy/NeverTrump Screechers in SCOWI Race

We are amused.  The All-Abortion-All-the-Time campaign of No-Jail/Spouse-Abuser Protasiewicz has a Never-Trump wing.

Surprised?  Don't be.  It's all a piece, friends.

Some outfit claiming to be "bi-partisan" spent $750 large to run commercials featuring Elizabeth Brenner (a Democrat activist disguised as a 'newspaper' publisher), Tom Florsheim, a big-money Democrat, and Anoop Prakash, who thinks that being a BushBoy/NeverTrumper means he can revolt against the Wisconsin Constitution.

In case you haven't caught the drift, each of them is Establishment to the coreWe'd use the term Country-Club Republicans, except that--in reality--they are just plain Country-Club.

Your Masters--Florsheim, Brenner, and Prakash--have spoken.  Obey!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tranny Logic


Another Bai-Den Dummy

She's a "check-box" appointment, as you might guess.  "Native American".  No other apparent qualifications--nor even qualities.


And we know several squirrels who are smarter.  This Senator rips her a brand-new a****le.

Fear for the future!

The WI Supreme Court Election

Wigderson and the rest of the Republican Poohbah Crowd (yesterday's bunch) continue to flog The Suburban Housewife as the determining factor in elections.

We'll get a very good test of that in the SCOWI election upcoming.

It's our conviction that the Suburban Housewife who votes Democrat (Protasiewicz) is actually a Suburban Abortion Advocate, voting that way for either her personal freedom to kill babies OR that of her daughter(s).

And that's the audience No-Jail Janet must motivate.  She already has the college kids, and that's about it, other than the aged-out and rapidly diminishing number of (D)-no-matter-what voters.

Big Labor membership, outside of the public 'servant' unions, is not on her side.  Minorities?  They won't vote in any appreciable number (but there will be a lot of fraud which claims to be votes.)

But Protasiewicz' screaming ads on abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, will be a put-off for many voters who are not R or D loyalists; so the question is this:  will "suburban housewives" turn out really, really, bigly?

The other question:  how much election fraud can the Democrats get away with this time?

Trump's Agenda 2024

The other day someone asked me whether I liked Trump in the primary and I responded that I hadn't seen his campaign material.

Well, American Greatness found it!

...Trump’s 2024 campaign website includes under his agenda a list of the issues that have defined him since his political debut. They include deregulation, opportunity zones, fair trade, reshoring of industry, energy dominance, secure borders, reclaiming national sovereignty, war on drug cartels, law and order, military readiness, parents’ rights, ending censorship, election integrity, and more. Anyone questioning the coherence of Trump’s policy agenda is invited to read this list, which is long on specifics....

The reshoring, energy dominance, secure borders, the war on the cartels, and parents' rights are what got me.

Just for kicks, he could also launch a war against the Deep State, again.

They Got the Wisconsin Firebombing S.O.B.!!

Good on them.

A Wisconsin man has been arrested for firebombing the office of Wisconsin Family Action, a pro-life organization, after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in May.

The alleged arsonist, Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury, 29, was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts, on Tuesday.

Life News reports, “the suspect appears to be a biochemist and former research scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in its Romero Lab. A LinkedIn profile for Roychowdhury says he recently began working at the Promega Corporation, which also is located in Madison, Wisconsin. As an undergraduate student, he also appears to have received an award for outstanding achievement while studying at the New Mexico State University College of Arts and Sciences.”

The arsonist had also vandalized the office with the slogan of Jane’s Revenge, a far-left extremist group that has encouraged terrorism — writing “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”...

That 'award' for achievement..........did that 'achievement' have anything to do with incendiary device design-and-construction?

It's Dane County, so if the guy is found guilty, he may or may not get a prison term.  

Who knows what Promega will do?

"No Jail"? Not Always

When "No Jail Janet" Protasiewicz actually DID issue a jail sentence, she was wrong.

Maybe her well-known dislike of blacks had something to do with it.

A Wisconsin appeals court ruled that liberal Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz made serious errors when she sentenced an African-American Milwaukee man, Vaylan Morris, in a co-sleeping case. The court reversed Protasiewicz and ordered a new sentencing for the man.

Specifically, the court found in 2019 that Protasiewicz relied on inaccurate information presented by the prosecutor at sentencing and sentenced Morris based on claims that were not even in the evidence.

The “trial court’s inference that a different medical examiner would have come to a different conclusion regarding cause of death is inconsistent with, and unsupported by, the record,” the appeals court wrote....

She decided the guy was guilty enough to spend 20 in slammer.

The Appeals Court found otherwise.

That's Supreme Court material??

Sens. Warner & Thune? Evil Twins on "Privacy" Bill

Tucker brought this up on his show last night, although as soon as he noted the sponsors (Warner-D and Thune-R, both Deep State stooges) we knew the bill was going to be a problem--for Americans.

Congress is acting bipartisanly to rush through a law that will stop the use of TikTok in the United States. As you read through the vague and broad bill, you might suspect it is more about blocking free speech and accessing all your private data.

The Restrict Act  (S.686), dubbed the Ban TikTok Act, is not about banning TikTok as much as controlling American free speech. It was introduced by a Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner, and a Republican, Sen. John Thune, and that’s as far as it has gotten.

The Restrict Act would allow the Feds access to all the data on our devices, including Ring and home security apps…and it’ll be a crime to use a privacy device. If you use a VPN, you could get 20 years in prison and a million-dollar fine on the say-so of the Secretary of Commerce.

All Internet users would lose their right to privacy. The government could freely, and without your permission, review, prosecute, and take possession of your personal information. They can ban any game, application, or anything....

Sorta like Sensenbrenner's Patriot Act, but on steroids Just what you'd expect from those two vermin.

DNR: 'Community Within the Corridor' Was Warned

 Yesterday we raised a question about the "Community Within the Corridor" situation.  This is a low-income residential development which was contaminated by TCE--a de-greasing chemical--and the residents were forced to move out.

As it turns out, the developers were warned by Wisconsin DNR.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urged a property developer to wait until indoor contamination tests were complete before moving in residents, according to public records.

On Saturday, the Milwaukee Public Health Department ordered the closure and evacuation of around 150 people from the east block of The Community Within the Corridor, a new affordable housing development at 32nd and Center.

That came after the city was alerted by the DNR on Friday of a chemical health hazard at the development....

The developers did not complete the regimen of testing that DNR favored, moving people into the development several months before what DNR suggested.

Now the question:  why did the City of Milwaukee issue an occupancy permit despite the DNR's strong concerns?

Nashville Shooter Is Tranny

Audrey Hale is the mass-shooter in Tennessee.  A biological female, she identifies as a man.  IOW, she's a tranny, which indicates that there is a grave psychological disorder at play here.

This link goes to a Twitter page with a few more details including a somewhat disturbing piece of art that she created.

Let's see how long it takes the MSM to bury her psychological disorder.  They're trying like Hell  (yes, Hell) to make this all about the long guns--the Shiny Object of the story for them.

We all know better.

This link goes to a longer story.  As usual with the Daily Mail, it's filled with accurate details that the MSM would prefer remain buried--including the picture below.

 A child weeps while on the bus leaving The Covenant School, following a mass shooting at the school in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. March 27, 2023

Pentagon Defied Trump, US Deaths Follow

Remember when the Commander-in-Chief (Trump) ordered that US troops be withdrawn from Syria?

We do.

We also remember that the Pentagon lied to him and disobeyed his order.

So civilian contractors and US troops are paying for that with their livesOf course, Fox News doesn't mention the Pentagon's treachery as part of the problem.

Here we link to a WarMonger essay telling us how terrible Trump's decision was.  The dead soldiers and civilians might have a different opinion.

We report.  You decide.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Why One Reads G K Chesterton

 Found over at the RenMan's place:

Health Danger in Low-Income Apartments

You've heard that an apartment complex on 32nd and Burleigh was emptied by the City due to a high concentration of TCE, a parts-cleaner/degreaser commonly used in industry.  The apartment complex was developed from several old buildings which housed a suitcase manufacturer, a Westinghouse lighting plant, and Briggs & Stratton at one time or another.

...City health officials said elevated levels of the chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) were identified in occupied and unoccupied residential spaces, which can cause serious health effects. The measured concentration was nearly 200 times above the Vapor Action Level, or VAL.

"It is an industrial chemical that was used in industrial facilities for a long period of time. Oftentimes, it was dumped down the drain, leaked into the soil, and it becomes a vapor over time. And it's toxic," said Tyler Weber, the interim health commissioner.

On Saturday, the city of Milwaukee Health Department issued an emergency health order for closure and evacuation for the community....

The National Cancer Institute lists TCE as a cancer causing substance....

Maybe the developers should have run a few tests?

The $66 million development, bringing nearly 200 affordable apartments along with commercial and recreation space to Milwaukee's central city, is called Community Within The Corridor.

That's appropriate. Because it took a community of younger Black developers and activists to make it happen.

Led by Que El-Amin, the people creating Community Within The Corridor at West Center and North 32nd streets include a hip-hop artist, a nearby resident who helps feed her neighbors and a nonprofit training program coordinator....

The local alderman, Stamper, pushed hard to get the project through.  Perhaps he persuaded City inspectors to ............ahhhh...........ignore the smell of TCE?  (It's hard to miss that odor, friends.)

Too bad.  There's $66 million or so that turned into .........ahhh.........vapors?

 ...The biggest cash source: $21 million raised by selling state and federal affordable housing tax credits....

... Other financing sources were assembled, including state and federal historic preservation tax credits, a bank loan and city cash generated by the development's property taxes....

Let's hope that it won't take another $66 million to clean up the site.

The Ad Kelly SHOULD Run

We've seen a Protasiewicz ad wherein someone claims that "Judge Janet will fight for you."

That is a blatant admission that the Crazy-Eyes/Spouse Abuser is a politician, not a judge.

So here's what Kelly's campaign should do:

Find 10 random Wisconsin citizens and have them watch the "....fight for you" portion of that ad.

Then have each of them face the camera and state:

"I want a judge who will fight for the Constitution.  Not for you.  Not for me.  For the Constitution."

Simple.  Effective. And right for Wisconsin.

Tranny Update


SVB Fail Cost YOU $20Bn--Or More

You can believe the Government's claim that FDIC's rescue of SVB depositors "costs you nothing."

Or you can believe your lying eyes.

...The regulator added that the estimated cost of SVB’s failure to its Deposit Insurance Fund will be around $20 billion, with the exact cost determined once the receivership is terminated....

Do you honestly think that "the bankers" are going to pay that $20Bn out of their pockets?

Then there's a "loss-share" thing:

 ...First Citizens Bank and the FDIC also entered into a “loss-share transaction” — in which the FDIC absorbs part of the loss on a particular pool of assets — on the commercial loans purchased from the SVB bridge bank....

The only thing missing from the early reports on SVB was whether or not its loan portfolio was solid; that is, whether it was worth 100 cents on the dollar.

It isn't.

... The deal includes the purchase of approximately $72 billion of SVB assets at a discount of $16.5 billion...

That's 23% off.   Compare to "net charge-offs" of all banks (2022) of 0.36%.  That's a giant bowl of Not Good which was not well-reported (if at all) by the "business press."  Counter to that?  FDIC got stock-appreciation-equity rights to as much as $500 million, if First Citizens pulls a lot of chestnuts out of the fire.  

So ........$500 million in "possible" gains vs. $20 billion in FDIC payments.  See?  That costs you nothing according to the Government.  Now sit down and shut up.

Oh, well.  First Citizens Bank retains its title as Primo Dumpster Diver Bank.  The Deplorables retain their title as suckers.  And the Government keeps grinding out lie after lie after lie.

Pray for the country.


Sunday, March 26, 2023

Very Clear Thinking From (a Few) Republicans

You may have seen this story and scratched your head.

The Parent Rights Bill passed the House 213-218. No Democrats voted for it, and five Republicans didn’t.

According to Fox News, the bill “would require school districts to give parents access to curriculum and reading lists and would require schools to inform parents if school staff begin encouraging or promoting their child’s gender transition.”...

One of the five was Matt Gaetz, who is among the most conservative Pubbies in Congress.  

So does Gaetz oppose parents?  Parental controls?


...“From Wokeness to funding to bathrooms to Critical Race Theory, the federal government SHOULD NOT be involved in education,” Matt Gaetz tweeted. “I don’t want to strengthen the federal Department of Education. I want to abolish it. I don’t want Congress more involved in decisions that are best made in local school districts. I want the Congress less involved. Therefore, I voted against today’s Republican bill to establish a federal ‘Parents Bill of Rights.'”...

He's right, you know.

Let's see if Wisconsin Republicans get behind the abolition of the Department of Education when the time comes.

Wanna bet on it?

The J6 Entrapment Scheme

We know that Nancy Pelosi was really in charge of the CapCops during the J6 disturbance.

And she made damn sure that this would be a circus.

A federal prosecutor made a rather explosive filing on Friday, admitting that three police officers helped instigate parts of the crowd on January 6th.

The case, which is before US District Judge Rudolph Contreras, involves a defendant named William Pope who is seeking to uncover the videos in question. Prosecutors are none too happy about that, arguing that “unmasking” the videos would put police officers at risk...

At risk of what?  The same fate as that of Ashley Babbitt?

FOUR CapCops are identified as far.

And that's just the CapCops.  We know that the FBI also had agents and informers pushing the crowd, and the US Attorney for DC also had one of his lawyer-employees out there yelling, too.

Meantime, Republican Congressmen examine their navels and pretend that the Capitol Building is THEIR property and mere Deplorables are not allowed inside, no matter what.

We have good reason to ask whether Fed agents, CapCops, and Antifa were the only members of that crowd which actually did damage and committed violence--aside from the murders committed by the CapCops on that day.

No wonder Pelosi's been relatively quiet except for attacking the Church.

Another Chaos-Worshipper Speaks!

Below we mentioned that Chaos results from following George Soros' advice.

Along came some rando woman from Florida to pin the Chaos-tail on the original donkey.

A woman wearing a “Hail Satan” shirt declared at a recent Escambia County Florida school board meeting that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is “Tropical Hitler” and asserted that parents are unqualified to teach their own children about sex....

We are not qualified to discuss DeSantis' political heritage.

But we ARE qualified to teach our own children about sex, and which of the two created sexes they are and forever will be.  Anyone claiming that one's gender (sex) is merely a choice or is 'flexible' is advocating for Chaos.

Here's your logic test:   

If Soros and this woman both endorse Chaos (which they do), and the woman is a Satan-worshipper (which she is,) then whom does Soros worship?

Start thinking in terms of principalities and powers and stop thinking in terms of mere politics.

Especially when they give you the answer on their clothing.

If Soros Says It, It Must Be........

Which American citizen could possibly doubt the word of George Soros?

Billionaire plutocrat George Soros has declared that Russia’s defeat in Ukraine is “inevitable” and the world must prepare to move on to its “biggest problem” — climate change....

As we mention below, shutting down reliable coal-fired generation plants in favor of windmills-and-sun-catchers is a pathway to energy chaos.

"Chaos" is the result of anything George Soros recommends.

Any questions?

Rivian Error Or Stupid-Operator Error?

 Some "rightist" news outlets push the propaganda envelope, too.  Here Breitbart (and Business Insider), wishing to expose Rivian's problems, sorta glosses over the Stupid Operator part.

...In an interview with Insider, Merrill explains that he was initially overjoyed with his new R1S, saying: “I was in a honeymoon phase. It’s an incredible car, and it handles unlike anything I’ve ever driven.” However, when the car got stuck in 2.5 feet of snow, his love affair with the truck promptly ended. Merrill commented on his expectations, stating: “I had seen all the Rivian marketing campaigns with the cars just eating through the snow, so it was kind of like, man, this is disappointing.”...

You drove into THIRTY INCHES of SNOW?  What kind of moron are you?  

The next part is mostly on Rivian--but not entirely.

When the Rivian truck became stuck in the snow, a safety feature immobilized the vehicle. The vehicle displayed a critical error and indicated it would have to be taken to a service center. Merrill later suggested that a straightforward reset might have fixed the problem, but Rivian’s customer service did not mention that option during his initial call.

Apparently the guy--who thought he was Sgt Preston of the Yukon--was attempting to 'rock' the SUV out of the snow when 'he accidentally triggered a safety feature that got it stuck between "park" and "drive".  Rivian's customer service never mentioned "reset"--but neither did Merrill.  Apparently the vehicle's artificial intelligence logarithm bricked the car.

That was costly.

The vehicle had to be loaded onto a flatbed truck and transported to a service center located hundreds of miles away from the incident. The bill to transport the electric truck totaled $2,100, a smack in the face for Merrill, who had just taken possession of the truck in the few days preceding the incident.

Another feature of these hum-dinger Green Goddess sleds made by itsy-bitsy companies is exactly that:  if you need factory service, you're a long ways away from it, almost no matter where you are.

Was it Stupid-Operator?  Or Rivian?

You decide.

Like Reliable Electricity? Don't Go To DeSantis-Land

 Don't go to the State of Florida if you like having electricity.

Florida, under Crist and DeSantis (both Republicans albeit Crist is a switch) has regulated its major utilities into more and more semi-reliable "renewable" electric generation, and that trend continues.

"Semi-reliable" means exactly that, of course.

So if you're dependent on an electric pump for your oxygen, or you prefer air conditioning to 90 degrees/98% humid air, or you need 'stuff' that is available only by pumping with electric pumps (water, gasoline), or if you think food should be refrigerated to keep it safe to eat, well, then:  avoid Florida in the next several years.

Since the Green Goddess people took over ALL Federal and MOST State energy and "clean air" regulatory command, reliable electric energy availability has continued to drop.  

The Russkies or Chinese will not have to drop an EMP to take out our energy.  AlGore, John Kerry, and the Sierra Club are going to handle that for them.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Econ 'Splainer 101


Get Your Window A/C Unit NOW

Generally speaking, window air conditioners last several years.  So the time to get one is NOW--and if your current window air unit is 4-5 years old, get its replacement NOW and put it in storage.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm unveiled new climate and efficiency restrictions on air conditioners despite widespread criticism the Biden administration received after officials recently announced restrictions on gas stoves.

The new energy efficiency standards, which will apply to room air conditioners and portable air cleaners, will enter into effect next year. The Energy Department contended that the new rules will assist with “tackling the climate crisis,” as well as save consumers $25 billion over the next three decades. Room air conditioners are more commonly called window air conditioners....

Granholm, like every other Bai-Den official, is lying.  The mandate will NOT save you any money and it will NOT perform as well as today's models.

While you're at it, consider buying a gas stove for storage, too.

Meantime, in Congress

 There were hearings yesterday or sumpin'sumpin'.  At those hearings:

...As TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced questioning from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on Capitol Hill, leaders from the United States government issued strong demands that TikTok stop spying on American citizens because that's the government's job.

"Stay off our turf!" Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said to assembled members of the press. "How can the federal government be expected to effectively spy on all of our citizens if we've got this TikTok app and the Chinese Communist Party getting in our way trying to do the same thing? If anyone is going to be violating the privacy of the American people, it should be us!"...

Surprising that McConnell's Chinese Communist father-in-law hasn't given Mitchie-Poo his own TikTok software.

War Means BIG Business

Only one question here:  are the Ukrainian trades union?

The World Bank said in a new report that Ukraine’s reconstruction will cost at least $411 billion over the next ten years, a number that will rise as the war drags on.

The report said the $411 billion figure should be seen as a "minimum as needs will continue to rise as long as the war continues."...

Because if they're union, Bai-Den approves of Mo'War!

They Told Me It Was Global "Warming"