Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Current War in America

Well, here we are, on the front.  We're living in a war-zone.

...A third lesson Trump should learn is that the establishment he routed and the city he humiliated are out to break him as they broke LBJ on Vietnam, Nixon on Watergate, and almost broke Reagan on the Iran-Contra affair.

While the establishment may no longer be capable of inspiring and leading the nation, so detested is it, it has not lost its appetite or its ability to break and bring down presidents.

And Trump is vulnerable, not only because he is an envied outsider who seized the highest prize politics has on offer, but because his agenda would cancel out that of the elites

I don't think that The Donald has ever seen opposition as well-funded, massive, or all-encompassing as what he's running into now.  A good portion of the US Government is included in 'the opposition,' remember.

...And Trump not only appears to have no desire to yield to his enemies in politics and the media, he has no choice, as he is now the personification of a surging Middle American counterrevolution.

Undeniably, there are great numbers of Americans who agree with the libels the Times showered on Trump and, by extension, his backers whom Hillary Clinton designated “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic … deplorables.”

But by whatever slurs they are called, Middle Americans seem prepared to fight. And history shows that such people do not calmly accept the loss of what is most precious to them — the country they grew up in, the country they love.

They have turned to Trump to lead them. Why should he not, having been raised up by them, and knowing in his own heart what the establishment and the media think of him and would do to him?

Ten days in, and already it is “Game On!”

You betcha. 

And besides having superior personally-owned firepower, we have Gen. Mattis.


Ran Away, Hid, and Sucked Their Thumbs

That would be the ever-so-mature Senate Democrats.

Does it occur to them that if it comes to smash-mouth, Trumpkins are better players?

Acting A.G. Schmeissed!!

Trump fired the frumpy Obozo leftover acting A.G. last night.  She won't have a problem following orders any more.

The Catholic Civil War, Part 6: Two Truths?

We've cited Fr. Schall here quite a few times, for good reason.  Here he remarks on the civil war ongoing in the Catholic Church today.  Along the way, he mentions other loci of the 'two-truth' problem.

Considerable turmoil has been generated by a Vatican-related Tweet. It proposed that two plus two equals four in science, but in theology the sum could equal five. This “possibility” of five was not exactly new or even startling, except perhaps for its source. The two-truth theory has its uses, no doubt.

Machiavelli famously proposed that human freedom would be exponentially expanded if at least the prince rid himself of the distinction between good and evil. In effect, he proposed a version of this theory that is usually associated with the Muslim thinkers, Averroes and Al-Ghazali. The “truth” of politics and the “truth” of morality are both true. We affirm that evil should not be done. But sometimes it should be done. In that case, evil becomes good.

The two-truth theory held, in its purest form, that a truth of reason and a truth of religion/theology could contradict each other. But both are still true. The Aristotelian tradition held that this situation could not be the case. One view was right; the other was wrong. Reason cannot contradict reason, be it human or divine....

(The above should also help those who are willfully blind about the nature of the Muslim heresy, by the way. )

A Christian/secularist version of this theory exists, particularly in moral and political philosophy....The Machiavellian version is simply “What the prince (democracy) wills is the law,” to cite a Roman law adage, later cited by Aquinas. In a conflict of individual and collective will, the latter almost always wins, as Hobbes saw....

(So, yes, "democracy" can also conclude wrongly. See, e.g., queer "marriage", abortion, or gender theory, or the majority-vote for Hildebeeste.)

...Ultimately, the justification of “heresy” always involves, in its logic, the denial of reason. Or to put it the other way around, when we see that what is called “revelation” needs to resort to arbitrary will, divine or human, to justify itself, we know that we have reached incoherence.
Now, then. The source of the tweet Schall mentioned was Pp. Francis. You get why this is truly a civil war in the Church? 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Tillerson's Legacy

Reported today:

The Boy Scouts of America will now admit transgender children into its programs

It's been said that our next Sec/State, Tillerson of Exxon, played a little smash-mouth as a member of the Board of the Boy Scouts, and got the BSA to admit girly-boys.

Today's news is a logical consequence.

ObozoMouth Still Going

Hasn't figured out that he was just a figurehead all along, so he talks as though someone (outside the SNL cast) cares.

Ford (??), Lyft Join Ululations Over Immigration Control


Apparently Ford Motor Company has a problem with Trump's decree safeguarding the US population.  No surprise, as Ford Motor Company is located in Arabia North (Dearborn) MI.

(Note the lying headline, by the way.)

Lyft hates the Trump move, too.  They "employ" lots of recent immigrants.  It's cheap labor, they'll take 1099 (un-taxed) employment conditions, and not utter a peep.

By the way, if you read the automotive blogspots, you'll puke with the amount of Pure Leftist Trash they put into pixels.  Apparently they are the training grounds for future Dan Rather/Fraud Artist folks.

Wailing, Gnashing of Teeth, Lamentations of the Wimmins

It's all here, enough to make Chuck Shumer cry,  100 odds-and-ends rent-a-Lefty folks on the Fed Building steps, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!

STFU and go back to work, please....

What "Awards Show"?

Hmmm.  Must have missed something.  Or maybe not.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards quickly turned political when celebrities used their time on stage to lecture President Trump.

On Friday, the president signed an executive order suspending all refugee admissions for 120 days and suspending the Syrian refugee program indefinitely. Celebrities chastised him for that as soon as the awards show was underway Sunday night....

Sorry, "actors," but your little show about your little selves wasn't playing here.  SWMBO had some Hallmark thing on, followed by the 9 PM Fake News show we watch (for the weather forecast, not the continuous mis-information/editorials.)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Insider-Trade Bear Ratio Pops. Upward.

Watch what they do, not what they say, folks.

Sellers include USBank, JPMorganChase, BB&T, and Goldie.

HT:  ZeroHedge

Yup. It's "Discrimination". Very GOOD Discrimination!!

Continuing on the ZOMG!!  restrictions on immigrants, we now learn that Trump's order is "blatant discrimination."

Yes, it is.  Damn fine and very GOOD discrimination.  Same discrimination you tell your kids to use:  "Don't swallow what's in the Mr. Yuck jars!!"  Same discrimination that the Muzzies enforce against dhimmi in Muzzie countries.

But it's not "religious" discrimination.  The order names countries-of-origin, and six of the seven named countries were first named by...........Obozo.  (You can look that up.)

Yup.  Discrimination.  Shove it up your butt.

NB:  Patterico makes an argument that Trump does not have the Constitutional authority to override Congress' outlawing of 'discrimination by country of origin.'   However, Patterico does not tell us how many bodies have to pile up before a President can take action.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

ZOMG! Trump Meant It!!

"Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women."

Well, the wimminfolk write for Bloomberg and the NYT, and there's a bunch of lamenting going on.  Seems like certain people are actually, like, BANNED from entering the US.   Even if they work for Google, or them other intertubian wondercompanies.

Who'da thunk it??

Elsewhere, a couple of Iraqis were detained and--TA DA!!--they called lawyers.  (Go back to 'crush your enemies' when you hear 'lawyer.')

a group of protesters rent-a-Commies showed up with hastily assembled signs and began chanting about no bans, no walls… basically “no Trump” from the looks of it.

They put the signs on George Soros' credit card.

Iran has banned all travel INTO the country by US citizens.  We are reminded of this:

OK, and I won't travel to Iran, either.

OLA vs. San Antonio. This Is a Mess

Brief:  Our Lady of the Atonement is an Anglican Use Catholic parish in San Antonio Tx. 

The new Archbishop of San Antonio displaced the pastor of OLA.  This sort of thing has a long history, not all of which is honorable--and it has a not-vague resemblance to what's happening in Rome with the Knights.


Friday, January 27, 2017

There's a Lotta CARS Out There!

With all the flapjaw and foofoodust about car sales for 2016, you'd think that the rose garden has nary a weed.

Well, think again, pilgrim.

..U.S. auto inventory finished 2016 at about 66 days supply, up from 60 days a year earlier.  Inventory would last 2.23 months at the November sales pace, according to the latest available data from the Census Bureau. The stock-to-sales ratio in 2016 is extremely elevated compared to historical norms [of 1.97 months' inventory.]

There's more.

...about one-third of inventory were older model-year vehicles, rather than more typical level of less than a quarter....

And we're told that January sales will be less Y-o-Y than last year's January sales; Ford is hedging on overall sales numbers for 2017, too.  Further, just this morning, an auto-related blogspot told us that there is 160+ days'  inventory of the Chrysler 200.  No surprise; Chrysler discontinued the car because it was not competitive in the hottest sedan market-segment.  Regardless, the damn things are still sitting on dealer lots and the bloodletting will happen.

One more thing:  lotsa cars are beginning to come "off-lease," and the banks who financed those cars (usually captive finance houses of the automakers) are losing their proverbial asses on them.  That puts a drag on used-car prices (and dealer profits therefrom.)  In turn, that can slow new-car sales; off-lease cars have low mileage, are relatively new, still have warranty, and...hey...they're cheap!

With 16% of the US economy revolving around the car biz (same as the healthcare industry, eh!), a cold there could turn into national pneumonia.  Keep your eyes open.

Hey, RoJo!! Hey, Paul Ryan!! Here's the Plan!!

The (R) Congress is having trouble figuring out how to replace ObozoCare.

Or--an equally credible story--the (R) Congress really does not WANT to replace ObozoCare, so they're going to throw pillows at each other for as long as it takes the country-class Rabble to STFU and go away.

But--just in case--there IS a very good plan out there.

...What should we replace Obamacare with? Perhaps we should try freedom:
1.  The freedom to choose inexpensive insurance free of government dictates.
2.  The freedom to save unlimited amounts in a health savings account.
3. The freedom to buy insurance across state lines.
4.  The freedom for all individuals to join together in voluntary associations to gain the leverage of being part of a large insurance pool....

Rand Paul.  Yup.  More at the link.

Lena Dunham "Normalizing" Baby-Killing. Really.

In an interview, Jeanne Mancini stated:

“There is this huge push from the abortion industry to normalize and to de-stigmatize the experience of abortion.”

“They’re continuing to do this,” she added, citing efforts by both celebrities like Lena Dunham, as well as organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood pushing the “Shout Your Abortion” narrative....

Lena Dunham, a spox for "normalization"?

That Establishment bunch really and truly does NOT get it.

Schmeiss Koskinen!!

Every once in a while, it is necessary that someone gets blown out so that his allies 'get the message.'

No one deserves that treatment more than John Koskinen. 

Paul Ryan v. Little Sisters of the Poor?

With the aspiring-Communist Obama out of office, with a nominally (R) President, and with Congressional majorities, it seems that persecuting the Little Sisters of the Poor is now the province of Speaker Paul Ryan.

Looking for repeal of ObamaCare?


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Who Is Paying for This Crap?

That's a rhetorical question.  You are paying for it, stupid.

U.S. EPA employees were in tears. Worried Energy Department staffers were offered counseling. Some federal employees were so depressed, they took time off. Others might retire early.
And some employees are in downright panic mode in the aftermath of Donald Trump's victory.

"People are upset. Some people took the day off because they were depressed," said John O'Grady, president of American Federation of Government Employees Council 238, a union that represents thousands of EPA employees. After Election Day, "people were crying," added O'Grady, who works in EPA's Region 5 office in Chicago. "They were recommending that people take sick leave and go home."

In another report, State Department employees were offered group therapy sessions.

If these people are that fragile, they should not be on a Federal payroll.

Gee! Shock!! Lawyers Paying Off SNAP?

Seems that certain attorneys sent a helluvalotta money to SNAP following referrals.  Lawsuit referrals.  Big Buck Settlement referrals. IYKWIMAITYD.

The smoke is so damn thick that we can't see the fire.  Yet.

Mad'ne Albright: Superannuated, and It Shows

Ms. Albright, former Sec/State, has not aged well.

First, she demonstrates a complete lack of any religious conviction, telling us that she was raised Catholic,  then apostatized to go Episcopal, and finally, decided on being a Jewess.

Now she wants to "register" as a Muslim.  That's not how that's done, Ms. A.

Further, she seems to think that the US must admit anyone, regardless of religious affiliation.  Well, there is no "must" anyplace in the Constitution having to do with allowing immigrants.

But Ms. Albright, superannuated as she is, doesn't know those things.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Careful, Charlie. You're At the Edge of the Ledge

Charlie Sykes lost a battle when Trump won the GOP nomination.  He sort-of lost another battle when Trump defeated the old crone-crook Clinton.

But now Charlie is working on losing the war by jumping off the ledge.  Here he addresses the "vote fraud" matter raised by The Donald:

...But this is really not about the numbers anymore, and this is not about voter fraud. It's about the whole concept of reality and about truth and about whether or not this administration is going to be an alternative reality administration. We have a president who is deeply engaged with some of these conspiracy theories...

Oh, really?  Forgetting that Charlie Sykes was one of the leading RadioMouth voices about "voter fraud" in Wisconsin--and by the way, Charlie was vindicated--let's take a look at what the Administration has in mind.

As you can see at this post, Trump is talking about 1) Chicago voting (cemeteries get to vote first, before the polls open), 2) double-voting (one case of which was prosecuted in Wisconsin only 4 years ago), and 3) ILLEGAL ALIEN voting--which, admittedly, will be very difficult to prove, but which is likely a big factor in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

...It demonstrates that real fraud does occur, but probably not on the scale where it would generate millions of fraudulent votes, at least outside the issue of illegal immigration. That will be tougher to probe since states have long since given up requiring proof of citizenship or domestic birth in order to register to vote.....

My guy was Cruz.  He lost.  Donald won.  And so far, Donald has done OK stuff.  So Charlie--get off the ledge before you hurt yourself.  It will be nice to have you around, even if we have to watch clips from MSLSD.

CNN vs. Truth, Again

The major irony here is that CNN is disproving its own lie.

...Later CNN’s report was proven false by their own reporting.  CNN released a gigapixel of President Trump’s Inauguration and the areas they show as empty in their article from their January 21st report were filled to the brim in their more recent picture which was taken at the time of Trump’s speech during the Inauguration ceremony....

You can see the picture at the link.

The difference in crowd-size is a result of timing.  CNN's first pic was taken 3 hours before Trump's speech--but they compared it to a pic of the Obozo event at the time of his speech.  Big difference.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Since Alaska Won't Build Highways.....

Since the State of Alaska won't build its own highways, Wisconsin taxpayers are forced to pay for airports and flying services for Alaskans.


Think Alaska should send $300 million down here so we can complete our highway projects?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Now the Wackos Attack "Flanders Fields"!

Perhaps it's not significant compared to the Wacko-attack on Nature ('gender' v. 'sex' and homo-'marriage,') but in its own way, this is another piece of the Main set adrift.

John McCrae’s Flanders Fields is iconic. No more need be said. Unfortunately, its meaning has been distorted by the most popular voice and instrumental accompaniment. This new reading of the poem has transformed Flanders Fields meaning....

Apparently some pops song-writer has attacked the poem.  

Let me expand on that, briefly.  Any student of sung music knows that the music illuminates the text; that is, the music is the servant to the text; it makes the text shine forth, at least as clearly as if the text were just read aloud.  If the music does NOT do this, the artist has dis-served the text.

So.  Severing the last line of a stanza and re-planting it as the first line of another stanza is a dis-service in itself; but the results (even in reading) are a major revision of the poem's thrust and as the linked post makes clear, that revision changes the thrust of the whole.  Rather than illumination, we have darkening.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Burge Tweet

Age-Disabled or Just a Twit?

There's a local telenooz female co-anchor who insists on calling the President "Mr. Trump."

She's age-challenged, which might be her excuse.  She could have forgotten who won the election.

In the alternative, she's just an old twit.

NFC Champ Game Proceeds Without the Packers

I certainly don't know where the Packers were, but it could have been Sheboygan for all I know.

Of course, obtaining an entire D-backfield through Craigslist in the last 4 weeks...well....

Still WIth the Apocalyptic Stuff....

Argued by "Z":

...Trump and his election are a warning shot across the bow of the ruling class. The public is increasingly frustrated by the unresponsiveness of the ruling class. Reform is long overdue. The support for and election of Trump is that message. If the ruling class ignores it or actively subverts it, what comes next will be much worse. The status quo is untenable, but we are not at a crisis. More videos of citizens being assaulted by leftist mobs and people start thinking the time for half measures has passed.

Well, yes, although he writes a long-ish preface about the rioting and disorder surrounding the inauguration.  That warms up the engine a bit and sets the stage for his prediction.

So.  Will more assaults produce equal or greater counter-measures?  I would not be surprised.  

It Was Really "Anti-Trump" Not "Wimmin's Stuff"

Essay from the NYTimes (!!!) makes the point.  It was partisan politics--and Soros money.  Had little or nothing to do with "wimmin's issues."  Had everything to do with anti-Trump.

ObozoFlush: $7Bn into "Schools": NOTHING Gained

Perhaps Ms. DeVos' actual job is to eliminate D of Ed.  It would be real taxpayer relief.

...There were no significant impacts of SIG-funded models on math or reading test scores, high school graduation, or college enrollment of students in schools at the SIG eligibility cutoff… For 2012–2013, the impact on math test scores was 0.01 standard deviations, the impact on reading test scores was 0.08 standard deviations, and the impact on high school graduation was -5 percentage points, but these impacts were not statistically significant...D of Ed, quoted at HotAir

"SIG-funded models" means schools which adopted D of Ed 'best practices' in order to suck down $7 billion of tax money--or add $7Bn to national debt, but who cares.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

More Lying From the Press

As we have grown to expect, the MSM lied about the size of yesterday's crowd.

The local rag ran a very deceptive headline about today's Female Snowflake Kill-the-Babies walkabouts, too.  Should we be impressed by "2.5 million" in a world containing north of 3 BILLION women??

Yah, me neither.

Friday, January 20, 2017

On January 22nd....

This is MUCH more important than the Packer game.

As one of his first acts in the Oval Office, the Republican president-elect plans to restore the “Mexico City policy” as soon as Sunday, a congressional staffer told Foreign Policy. Also known as the “global gag rule,” the policy blocks any foreign aid or federal funding of programs that also provide abortions and often broader health services. The timing of the executive order on Sunday would coincide with the anniversary of the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States.  Foreign Policy quoted at RedState

Yes, I preferred Cruz.  But The Donald is accelerating through the third turn.  So far.

"Short, Dark, Defiant" Really?

The Snowflake Staffers at the local news-rag didn't really care for Trump's speech--you can see how they described it in my headline.  (UPDATE:  Madcow used "dark", too. The Hive remains intact.)

It certainly was not long, thank God.

As to "dark" and "defiant"?  Sorry.  Not true.  There was a bit of Jack Kennedy in there, and a bit of Ron Reagan, too.  And a little of the Bible.  (That last part was probably what set off the head-explosions at the fishwrap.) 

The speech was clearly a call to action and a re-action against the oppression that our Snowflake Staffers and their Ruling Class comrades have been inflicting on the population for ....ohh.....about 100 years, give or take a few.

It was not "dark"--in fact, it was as though a light finally shone in the tunnel.  And it was not "defiant."  It was, instead, determined.

Stuff that in your fishwrap, Snowflakes.

Obozo: "You'll Be In the Dark. Enjoy It."

Y'all know that the Greens are actually enemies of the US, right?  That their "energy shortage"/"global warming-cooling-change" noise is merely a smokescreen to make certain people rich when they come up with "efficient" products--which may or may not work very well and WILL cost more money?  You got that, right? 

You know that Al Gore and his venture-capital bunch are doing very well, indeed, due to this hogwash, right?  You know that Tesla is losing huge dollars on every car it makes despite the fact that the cars cost as much as a Corvette Z06, right?  You know that they make up for that with Federal taxpayer money, right?

And you also know that a Republican asshole-MasterMind, Fred Upton of Michigan, was a major player in taking away the common incandescent lightbulb, right?

Well, that asshole's game just got elevated.  Again.  By the Obozo assholes.

...The 2007 light bulb ban in effect outlawed most incandescent light bulbs...But that law gave DOE the right to expand the class of bulbs covered by the mandates. In a new rule published today, DOE redefined the words in the law, "general service lamp," to include a lot more types of light bulb....

Three-way bulbs will be forbidden in three years.  So will those globe-shaped (decorative) bulbs you have over your bathroom vanity, or in the kitchen.

If Trump doesn't reverse this regulation, then the Revolution is NOT over yet.  And Fred Upton should be left as a brown smear on the floor, by the way.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Conservative" Haley Likes Blowing Big Bucks

Apparently, the "conservative" Gov. Haley, who is slated to become the US ambassador to the UN, wants to keep that position for quite some time.

So she thinks the US should continue to pump mega-bucks into that useless rathole.

Yah, well.  John McCain could have said the same thing.  Lindsey, too!!

What's in the Kellogg Name?

There is such a thing as the "Kellogg Community College."

It's not a "college" in the traditional sense--that is, "learning" does not happen there, at least such 'learning' as pertains to the Constitution.

Not a co-incidence that the Kellogg Foundation has similar anti-American tendencies, eh?  Makes ya wonder:  can you be put in jail for pasting an American flag on a box of Rice Krispies??

The Silly Promises Begin!!

You can file this under 'Lying liars lying.'

Donald Trump is ready to take an ax to government spending.

Staffers for the Trump transition team have been meeting with career staff at the White House ahead of Friday’s presidential inauguration to outline their plans for shrinking the federal bureaucracy, The Hill has learned.

The changes they propose are dramatic
.... The Hill quoted at HotAir

Some are saying 'up to 30%' of the bureaucrats will be history.  At best, it will be 10% of that.  But I'm willing to bet that after 4 years, Fed non-military headcount will be what it is today--or more.

Even Obozo Gets "Friends & Family First"

Observed at AOSHQ:

...Lots of last minute trashing of the nation by Obama before he's kicked to the curb. Last minute pardons of thugs, drug dealers, America-haters, terrorists; his kind of people.....

One More Day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Remember This: "Holman Rule"

Next time some pencil-necked geek (or fat slob) Federal employee bothers you, just say "Holman Rule" loudly.  Repeat as necessary. 

If they persist in being a pain in the tookus, take out your cellphone, speed-dial your CongressCritter, and say "Holman Rule" when the phone is answered.  Then clearly say and spell the Fed's name.  Repeat "Holman Rule" for effect.

This should be fun!!

Not "20 Million Now Insured." It's FAR Worse

Not only is the "20 million" line a steaming pile of plop (it's more like 7 million, maybe).

That 7 million came at an enormous cost.

...The report found the law has cost $19 billion in lost wages per year and forced 10,000 small businesses establishments to close their doors. The study covered employers with 20 to 99 employees....

Oh, that's not all!!

...Aside from wage losses and job cuts, Obamacare has cost the economy $51 billion and added 172 million hours of paperwork through regulations, the American Action Forum said.

“To put that in perspective, it would take more than 86,200 employees working full-time (2,000 hours annually) to complete a year of new ACA paperwork, roughly the population of Miami Beach, Fla.,” the report said....

Now, dear reader, tell me:  do you expect that a Paul Ryan (or The Donald) 'replacement' for ObozoCare will involve ZERO regulatory burden?  Hmmmmm???

OK, there will still be a bunch of paperwork.  Where's the money that pays for that paperwork coming from, hmmmmmm???

The Super Bowl Stupid-Glam

This is interesting.

The National Football League has called reports that they told Lady Gaga not to talk about Donald Trump at the Super Bowl “nonsense.”

On Tuesday, an NFL spokesperson responded to the recent rumors that the 30-year-old singer has been warned that politics is off-limits during her upcoming half-time performance at the Super Bowl in February...

The woman's work has never been played on WFMR so I'm not acquainted with it. 

And, for what it's worth, I'm not going to get acquainted with her work on Super Bowl Sunday, either, no matter which football teams are playing.  That's because this "halftime show" stuff is a ridiculous waste of time and money.  It is Stupid-Glam.

The NFL has a problem with TV ratings, eh?  Maybe the NFL 'brain' trust should take a very hard look at how The Donald won the election.  He didn't waste any time or money on stupid glam-crap, for openers. 

And if the halftime show star opens her pie-hole and rants about The Donald, the NFL will be re-negotiating TV contracts immediately thereafter.  They will be much smaller contracts when that day is done, my friends.

Maybe they'll take Stupid-Glam off the air, eh?

Monday, January 16, 2017

"Deaconesses" Next?

The push for "deaconesses" in the Catholic Church has been at a low rumble for at least 40 years; I recall discussing it with a friend in the '70's.  He had been taught that ordained deaconesses actually existed in Apostolic times. 

(Well, of course that's what he was taught:  he was a student at Abp. Weakland's seminary!)

That's not exactly true, of course.  Yes, deaconesses existed.  No, they were NOT ordained.

Their functions were described in the Dictionary of Catholic Theology:

...They were virgins or widows, officially entrusted with the function of assisting the clergy. Two texts, the Didascalia (third century) and the Apostolic Constitutions (end of the 4th century) tell us about the missions entrusted to the deaconesses, in the Latin and Greek churches: caring for the poor and the sick of their sex; Be present during a particular conversation with a bishop, a priest or a deacon; Helping women prepare for baptism by instilling in them the elements of doctrine; Take the necessary physical findings in the event of legal proceedings; To keep the door by which the women were to enter the church, by securing order in the female assembly; Finally, to assist the bishop in the administration of the baptism of women, the baptism of adults taking place by immersion....

Some interesting concepts there, eh?

You want to bring back deaconesses?  Bring back orderly women's assemblies and sex-selective doorways, too.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

*SHOCK* Clinton Globull Initiative Closing


The do-gooder outfit is shutting down on April 15th.

So.  Clintons are no longer do-gooders? 

Or is it just a "funding issue"?  Hmmmmm???

Like HotAir, we're just sayin'.....

Saturday, January 14, 2017

What You Were Not Told About Ft Lauderdale

Remember all the Wailing and Moaning from the usual politicians and hangers-on over the Fort Lauderdale shooting?

Here's something that NONE of them disclosed:

(I have walked out of the Fort Lauderdale Airport terminal and into the baggage claim area where the horrific shootings occurred today about thirty times in the past year.)  There is an armed TSA bureaucrat sitting at a desk where you exit the terminal area and go into baggage claim.  He sits about ten paces from the first baggage carousel, where the shootings occurred.

So this Blue Panda lardass was--what? twenty-five feet from an active shooter who had time to re-load his pistol TWICE while killing 5 and wounding 8.

Just what was that lardass DOING?

You pay a lot for that airport security, folks.  Think about that....

Fake News? How About Fake Intel?

CIA knows that it's on the short list of targets when draining the swamp, and they--along with NSA and FBI--have already started the shooting.

One wonders if The Company's management knows how many enemies they actually have, both foreign and domestic....

As Prequel to the current 'hot' war, we find Sen. Portman (ex-head of the CIA, just co-incidence, of course) introduced a National Disinformation & Propaganda Act  Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016.  This act is written to make certain that you, taxpaying drooler, will never know what's going on in the world--except what The Company tells you.

Sorta like their "RUSSIANS DID IT!!!" bullcrap about the election.  A little heavy-handed, but then, they also have guns.  Would you have preferred shooting?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

USCC Finds Another Way to Increase Payroll

Since Trump's election, leftards in D.C. have been looking--hard--for new jobs.

It appears that the United States Catholic Conference will bail out at least a few of them.

An emerging Catholic dialogue with Muslims aims to show public support for Islamic American communities....

...The dialogue, underway since last February, will build on three already existing regional Catholic-Muslim dialogues, also overseen by the secretariat. Those gatherings have involved Muslim and Christian scholars and religious leaders and have focused largely on academic discussions and comparisons of their respective religious texts, ...

This 'dialogue' stuff will require staffers, transcriptionists, maybe a whole new Directorate!!  And the people-in-the-pew get to pay for that, of course.

There is a reason for this in case you haven't heard!

...The dialogue stems from concerns expressed by U.S. bishops in the wake of “a serious uptick in violence against American Muslims … to make sure that they are sensitive to what is going on in the (Muslim) communities,” said Anthony Cirelli, associate director of the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops....

Cirelli made that up, of course.  Or maybe he meant to say "a serious uptick in violence against Americans [full stop]" like those who died in Orlando, San Diego, and Ft. Lauderdale.  Or maybe we just don't understand the instruments of dialog!  Muslims use bombs and guns, see!!!  That's how they "dialog."

Oh, well.  When your parish passes the plate for USCC, politely drop a round from an M-16A2 into it.  Send a message, so to speak.

More "Francis Stuff" Coming From Rome

A while back, we mentioned that Pp. Francis' letter "Amoris Laetitia" (NOT translated 'The Joy of Sex') will likely result in a civil war in the Catholic Church.

And while that document is causing trouble, the Pope is preparing to throw a few more bombs.  Perhaps the "Look!!  Squirrel!!!" technique is in play here.

What's next?  A leading lefty college professor tells us, referring to a press release from the Vatican.

...three decisive principles are affirmed. First, the desire to safeguard the value of the Eucharist must proceed according to what was established by the Council and by the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, which foresees “altars detached from the wall.” Second, this must be the ordinary pastoral practice of the church, which cannot be considered replaced by the “extraordinary form.” And third, the statement further notes that “it is better to avoid using the expression ‘the reform of the reform,’ referring to the liturgy, given that this has sometimes been the source of misunderstanding.”...

The dripping condescension from a college professor who mangles Church documents to force them to say what HE wants them to say is reminiscent of Obama and his coterie, no?

Anyhow, Pp. Francis wants to extirpate the phrase "reform of the reform."  And our Roman professor has told us which Papal documents will be consigned to a memory-hole in order to make it happen:

 ...Several official documents, without ever using the expression, offered support to the self-referential “reform of the reform” project. Liturgiam authenticam (2001), Redemptionis Sacramentum (2004), and Summorum Pontificum (2007) are each links in a chain that sought to mitigate and sometimes to contradict the conciliar thrust toward “actuosa participatio.”...

The last phrase, 'sometimes to contradict the...thrust...' is pure BS.  To refer once again to the Obama-gang technique, it's just like their use of the term 'racissssss!!!' to describe anyone they want to destroy.  In the case of the Church's liturgy, describing someone as 'against actuosa participatio' is to accuse them of grave and unforgivable sin.

And who would they like to destroy?

....Ratzinger, ...Aidan Nichols, Nicola Bux, Uwe Michael Lang, and Alcuin Reid....

Well, maybe not Ratzinger while he's still alive.

All of our concern could be written off to a case of 'o tempora, or mores!' were it not, in fact, 'mores' and 'tempora nostra' in factOremus.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Danger of Obamism

Really, it's not Obama's personal "-ism."  He's not thinker, nor persona, enough to have an "-ism" named for him.

It's The Project which is a danger.

...The liberalism that Obama espouses is essentially an attempt to construct a society without religion and morality, one that is based not on traditional wisdom but upon the “enlightenment” of whoever is in power. Washington smelled a rat in the “refined” conceits of the Enlightenment. He asked in his farewell address — “[W]here is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in Courts of Justice?” — and rejected the idea “that morality can be maintained without religion.” He correctly predicted that “national morality” would suffer “in exclusion of religious principle.”...

And the most telling line of Neumayr's critique?

...Barack Obama gave his farewell address not in George Washington’s capital, but in the friendlier confines of Saul Alinsky’s Chicago...

That's the use of a literary device.  Too bad I don't know what it's called.

New Height of Hypocrisy in (D) Senatrix!

Hard to overstate what a few bucks from the NEA can do, eh?

The (D) Senatrix from New Hampshire opposes Ms. DeVos' nomination as Sec/Education because Ms. DeVos favors 'choice' in education.

"So?"  you say, "A Democrat opposing choice schooling?  What's new?"

Glad you asked.

Not only did that (D) Senatrix send her daughter to a FORTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR prep school (Phillips Exeter)--that Senatrix's HUSBAND was the THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR HEADMASTER of that (very, very) private school.

And even at $300 large, the guy had a problem with ethically-mandated disclosures.

Did "The FBI" Actually Do That Doc-Dump?

During the Packers/Giants game, a document-dump about the Hillary Clinton criminal-server activity showed up.  It was attributed to the FBI.

Did it really come from "the FBI", or was it a slightly irregular release?

And--by the way--did Comey .....ahhh.....  lie about what evidence the FBI actually had in its possession when he closed the investigation the first time?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Queen of Fake News

In this particular case, the queen is the reporter WaPo
It’s bad enough when a newspaper like the Washington Post publishes fake news, but it’s even worse when its own reporters double down on their ignorance and refuse to correct the record when blatant journalistic errors are brought to their attention.

Washington Post reporter Mike Rosenwald...[asserted] ... that a .22 LR rifle–far and away the smallest and weakest readily available rifle caliber on the market–was actually a “high-powered rifle...

And when challenged, this Rosenwald creature doubled down.

...And he doubled down in the most absurd way possible: by mocking anyone who corrected him, and then by refusing to provide any source or data to back up his absurd claim...

That the Israeli Army (IDF) uses the .22LR.  Yes, they do!  But only for animal control and as a less-than-lethal round for special circumstances.  But comprehending the Google reference is way, way, way beyond the capacity of the widdle weporter.

And the WaPo wonders how it lost its credibility.  Uh-huh.

The Headline Says It All

Here we have Obozo telling the truth!!

Obama Worried Americans Trust Russia More Than U.S. Govt

That's true, as long as Obama is President.

Privileged LEO Denies the Obvious

This guy should check his (LEO) privilege--you know, the one by which he can carry arms at ALL times in ALL places. 

...The sheriff said he would "absolutely not" support an effort in Florida's legislature to allow people with concealed-carry permits to carry weapons in some area currently off-limits...."We need to have guns not in airports, not in schools," Israel said. "The less places that we are allowed to have firearms, long guns, handguns, I think the safer we are."...

Yah, that worked real well in the Orlando nightclub and the Ft Lauderdale airport.

What a dumbass this guy really is.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Russians Invaded North Dakota!!

Not likely that V. Putin is controlling the mouth of The Donald.  But we know where the Russians HAVE been raising hell!!

U.S. intelligence officials confirmed in a declassified report that a Kremlin-controlled media outlet ran programming critical of hydraulic fracturing to ward off challenges to Russia’s energy empire.
Officials reported that RT, which they call the “Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet,” ran “anti-fracking programming, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health.”...

This gives The Donald a very, very, good reason to have the FBI check into the backgrounds of each and every pipeline protester in North Dakota, paying particular attention to their Russian-speaking abilities.  Or their orbital proximity to Obozo.  Same difference.

The Navel-Gazing Twits of the Old Order

The person who loosed this drivel is a Highly Respected Journalist and Certified Member of the East Coast Establishment. 

...“[T]he thing that should most concern us is a shift in American foreign policy. We’ve had a bipartisan belief in American foreign policy, based on the post-World War II institutions, that believed in [a] democratic, global world, which Russia and the Soviet Union was often seen as hostile to. And most Republicans and Democrats have always basically believed in this world order....

Well, if "most Republicans and Democrats have....believed in this", then they were  unaware of the entire Orient (save Japan) and the entire Middle East (save Israel).  For "democracy" simply did not exist in that 2/3rds++ of the Earth's populated surface any more than it did in the Soviet Union or any of its slave-state satellites.

This would tell us that the Certified Journalists/Establishmentarians are, at best, navel-gazers, for that at least allows us to believe that they have eyes.  But "twit" applies in either case; no matter the chronologic age or sex, these people are all PajamaBoy. 

And if Mr. Brooks is attempting to sanctify the United Nations as some sort of Global 'Congress' like that of the US, we will concede that he is partially correct.  The UN is seriously overpriced for its work product and is surrounded by first-rate grifters, just like the US Congress.  The comparison stops there.

In fact, until Teddy Roosevelt, US foreign policy was 'live and let live.'  We didn't bother anyone who didn't bother us.  Since then, things have been a bit more complex; sometimes our foreign policy served the interests of humanity, and sometimes it served the interests of domestic economic sectors.  But nobody who actually did the work believed--for one second--that US policy was in service of some 'global democracy.'  If anyone did, they didn't last too long unless they were well-armed.


Saturday, January 07, 2017

Demolishing the "U.S. Intel" Barnful of Bullshit

Let's never forget this:  the reason for all this "Russian" crap is to keep our eyes off the ball:  the Hillary crime (top secret materials on an unprotected server) and DNC slime (tossing Bernie off the bus.)

But then there is the barnful of bullshit that US "intel" unloaded into the water supply.  That is demolished, here, by Ticker.  How about a sample??

After citing the Putin belief that Hildebeeste supported a bunch of anti-Putin riots, Ticker unloads this:   ...In other words our government can incite mass protests against a foreign leader, which goes far beyond crap-posting on the Internet or running "news broadcasts" that are slanted, but if they do it then they're the bad guys and we need to seize property sold to their government and eject 30 of their diplomats....

Putin, knowing that Hildebeeste had authorized gun-running from Benghazi to Da'esh (ISIS), and knowing that Da'esh/ISIS was a serious threat to Russia, disliked Hildebeeste.  (DOH!!)

...If in fact the CIA outpost in Benghazi was part of an arms-smuggling operation into Libya that went wrong and wound up with some of the weapons going to Daesh, and Ambassador Stevens was murdered in no small part because the CIA and he tried to reverse some of the damage, then it certainly appears quite logical that Russia, which has no interest in Daesh causing problems for them (terrorism is bad even if the targets are Russian, right?) would have a logical reason to not want the person who, in their judgment ARMED Daesh on purpose, in the White House!...

And, horror of horrors, Putin's mouthpiece in the US, RT, issued pro-Russki/anti-Hildebeeste news and opinion.  Voice of America used to do that before Bush and Obozo (mostly) shut it down, ain'a??

Back to the top:  Hillary and the DNC are crime-and-slime, top to bottom.  THAT is the story, and that is ALL the story.  Putin is a sideshow. 

Friday, January 06, 2017

What "The Russians" DID: Support the Left (!)

What a shock.

The Russkis supported every Left-o-Wacky cause you can name.

PowerLine has a nice recap.

And here's a chunk with a Wisconsin flavor:

...In an effort to highlight the alleged “lack of 
democracy” in the United States, RT 
broadcast, hosted, and advertised third-
party candidate debates and ran reporting supportive of the political agenda of these candidates.
The RT hosts asserted that the US two-party system does not represent the views of at least one-third of the population and is a “sham.”...

Kremlin calling Jill Stein!!--and for that matter, all the Glitterati and MSM who were screeching about 'majority' rules in what is, after all, a representative republic.  

Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Donald Begins to Crack Under the Strain

The Donald is--today--revealing his paranoid.  Kinda like his years-ago belief that Obozo was born in Borneo, or Africa, or wherever.

There is no question that the Russkis wanted to influence our elections.  Hell, we do that "influence" thing all the time in other countries.  Russkis aren't stupid.

So the discussion is about what the Russkis actually did.  That seems clear:  they helped get the Democrat National Committee's and Podesta's emails out into the public's eye.  Which left Hildebeeste, the DNC, and SCOAMF quite embarrassed.


Anyhow.  The Donald is now shocked--SHOCKED!!--that 'politics' is driving SCOAMF's little-pansy-girl actions in the matter.

Get over it, PEOTUS.  It's going to get a lot worse, and not all of it is conspiracy.  A lot of it is plain dirtball politics, the kind practiced by (D) and (R) alike.  Not "conspiracy" at all.  Just normal practice in D.C. 

Dear Owen: Get Spellcheck

Owen Robinson is invaluable. 

But he's having problems which are......ahhh..........FAR beneath his level of competence.

TWO misspellings in blog-post headlines??




Maybe his NPR appearances are having an effect??

Z Misses a Key Ingredient

Nicely thought-out essay here on the Not-Virtue of "democracy"--that's why the US is a republic, gehr ste'he

Here's the conclusion:

....The Left has learned nothing from the past, even their own past. The Right is often accused of being captive to a romanticized past, but it is the Left that is trapped in a permanent time warp. The first radicals of the Left followed the logic of Rousseau to its natural conclusion, murdered a bunch of people and then gave way to a tyrant. They keep repeating this pattern without ever having learned from past results. The Bolsheviks, for example, looked to the Jacobins as examples.

Part of this is explained by the radical fixation on the future. The Left has always been blind to the past as they put all of their energy into reaching the glorious future. The bigger issue is that radicalism is an intellectual dead end....

As useful as this essay is, the key ingredient of "perspective" is missing.  Not likely to be willful, but we're going to jam it on in there anyway.

The Left's "time warp" is a result of ignoring and/or utterly dismissing the story of The Fall.  That 'murder' stuff, after all, was the immediate consequence--remember Cain v. Abel?  This is not "time warp."  This is reality; it actually happened.  Conservatives pay attention to history--ALL of it--because it matters, especially when considering the potential of "progress" through some new law or regulation.

That's why most "progressive" laws and regulations don't work, by the way.  Ask any victim of ObozoCare, or its immediate predecessor in England.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Kohl's Is Still a Canary

For those who maintain that the ObozoConomy sucks, Kohl's provides solid evidence.  FWIW, if you look at the history of Kohl's, its same-store-sales numbers are pretty good indicators of the economy during any given period.

...Kohl’s, [...] announced it was slashing its full year forecast, and now sees FY2017 adjusted EPS of $3.60-$3.65, down from $3.80-$4.00 less than two months ago, in the day after the election (ironically). It wasn't just the future: the company revealed that comp sales were also down 2.1% y/y in fiscal months November and December combined. 

As Kohl's CEO Kevin Mansell said, “sales were volatile throughout the holiday season. Strong sales on Black Friday and during the week before Christmas were offset by softness in early November and December."

There's no There there in the ObozoConomy.  Enough to keep the lights on and the furnace running--but not too much more.

ObozoCare vs. $Zillion-Dollar Deficit?

A few posts down, I mentioned that McConnell cannot be trusted.

Sure enough...

...[Rand] Paul told MSNBC this morning that "everybody's hot and heavy to vote on this budget because they want to repeal Obamacare, but the budget Republicans are going to introduce will add $8.8 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years."...


Yup.  It's McConnell.

Is Paul Ryan Smoking Something Funny?

Maybe Paul Ryan should re-figure his figures.

[Hugh Hewitt]: Do you think we’re headed towards a Smoot-Hawley era?

[Paul Ryan]: No. No, we’re not going to be raising tariffs. We think tax reform is the better way of addressing imbalances, leveling the playing field without starting trade wars, without having the adverse effects that you get with protectionism or trade wars. We think leveling the playing field on taxes, reducing the cost on American businesses by reducing regulatory costs, health care costs, that’s the secret to making American businesses more competitive,...  --quoted at HotAir

Yes, Ryan has it (mostly) correct:  the tax and regulatory climate in the US is horrible; business naturally gravitates to less-expensive environs.

But Ryan's "solution"?  Incomplete.

Will Ryan & Co. eliminate the Fair Labor Standards Act which establishes the 40-hour workweek and overtime for more?  Will they eliminate or seriously cut back OSHA standards?  How about Social Security and the taxes which support it?  Will they simply eliminate pensions?

Does Paul Ryan expect "health-care costs" to go to zero by eliminating ObozoCare?  That would make it competitive with Communist China, after all--as would eliminating Social Security, OSHA, and even rudimentary EPA stuff (like keeping raw sewage out of rivers.)

Seriously, Paul??  What are you smoking in that gated compound of yours?

Which Judge Killed This Girl?

You'll note that Channel 12 deliberately avoids mentioning the judge's name.

Same with Channel 6.

Dave Clarke is right:  get a gun, know how to use it, and carry.

ObozoCare De-Funded. It's a Start

In the Senate yesterday:

...Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, unveiled the legislative language that could decimate the Affordable Care Act before the crocuses start to bloom in the spring, even if any replacement of the law could take years.

"We Demand..." Really? Who the Hell Are YOU?

Of the bunch mentioned here, I recognized one name.  She was "Perky" Couric when  Perky was in diapers.  That's her entire set of credentials.

They "demand"?


Pelosi's Right, But 8 Years Late

Reported today:

During a speech before the House of Representatives on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that we can’t allow our democracy “to be subverted by the dark operations of a foreign regime.”...

Dear Nancy:  that regime ends on January 20th.

The Pentagon's Parentage

Here's a stat which should boil the blood of actual soldiers, sailors, AND citizens:

...More than 1 million people are Defense Department bureaucrats, compared to the 1.3 million active troops on duty.

Which leads us here:

...the Pentagon could save $125 billion over five years by streamlining its bureaucracy. Fully one-quarter of the defense budget was spent on overhead, an alarming finding....

So.  The military-industrial complex mated with greed beyond the dreams of avarice, and produced the Pentagon.  Frankenstein was a darling compared to this baby.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Right Wisconsin Assumes WAR PARTY Role

Since John McCain is not a Senator from Wisconsin, Jerry Bader assumes War Party leadership.

He starts with the current Fake News:  "...the Russians did it..."  He even regurgitates the electric-utility fable!!  Egads.

See, you can believe Barack Obama (how long did that ObozoCare website take??) or you can believe Actual I.T. Security professionals.

Jerry chooses the Barack boat, along with the ante-deluvian John McCain and assorted other rubble such as Kerry and Hillary. 

Along the way, Jerry suggests that it would have been better if WWII/Europe lasted another 5 or 10 years instead of suggesting that FDR was a blithering idiot Socialist (but I repeat myself.)

".....we have always been at war with Eastasia....."  --Jerry and the Dinosaurs

"Trust, but verify"  --Ron Reagan

See the difference, Jerry??

Sex Flip-Flop Not Covered by WI Taxpayers

The sex flip-floppers screech and stamp their widdle feets because Wisconsin taxpayers will NOT have to pay for their, umnnnhhhh, perversion.

Here's a hint to the flip-flop folks:  California will!

Old Loser Still Irrelevant

The funny thing is that the press treats this whining old loser as though she were relevant. 

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Damn Good One-Liners

Got here through AOSHQ.  Damn good one-liners!


HOW OBAMA CREATES JOBS: 1) Obamacare gets you laid off from your FT career. 2) You get 3 PT jobs to pay the bills. 3) Obama created 2 jobs.

Some say, if God is in control, why was Obama permitted to win twice? Well, he did destroy the Democrat Party, didn't he?

...Obama turned out pretty much like you'd expect a stoner raised by Communists with no business experience to turn out....

And--as Mitchell also notes--that stoner commie is also a lousy golfer.

From "Obozo" to "Obarbie"

Have to admit, the "Obarbie" monicker is near-genius.

EPA to Citizens: "Freeze and Die!"

So if you use a wood-burning stove or fireplace, EPA disapproves.  Then your (gutless & wimpy) State bureaucrats also disapprove.

Then you will, please, freeze and die as a sacrifice to the GreenGods!!