Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Super Bowl Stupid-Glam

This is interesting.

The National Football League has called reports that they told Lady Gaga not to talk about Donald Trump at the Super Bowl “nonsense.”

On Tuesday, an NFL spokesperson responded to the recent rumors that the 30-year-old singer has been warned that politics is off-limits during her upcoming half-time performance at the Super Bowl in February...

The woman's work has never been played on WFMR so I'm not acquainted with it. 

And, for what it's worth, I'm not going to get acquainted with her work on Super Bowl Sunday, either, no matter which football teams are playing.  That's because this "halftime show" stuff is a ridiculous waste of time and money.  It is Stupid-Glam.

The NFL has a problem with TV ratings, eh?  Maybe the NFL 'brain' trust should take a very hard look at how The Donald won the election.  He didn't waste any time or money on stupid glam-crap, for openers. 

And if the halftime show star opens her pie-hole and rants about The Donald, the NFL will be re-negotiating TV contracts immediately thereafter.  They will be much smaller contracts when that day is done, my friends.

Maybe they'll take Stupid-Glam off the air, eh?


Anonymous said...

Halftime has been forbidden in our Catholic home for many years. Even if it were not, it would be this year is that butt ugly, anti-Catholic apostate WHORE is slated to do tricks. I expect Lady Gag Me will pull some anti-Trump stunt. You sure "she" ain't really a man?

GOR said...

Half time crap during any NFL game is an opportunity to refresh the libation, check on emails or replenish the bird feeders...