Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Height of Hypocrisy in (D) Senatrix!

Hard to overstate what a few bucks from the NEA can do, eh?

The (D) Senatrix from New Hampshire opposes Ms. DeVos' nomination as Sec/Education because Ms. DeVos favors 'choice' in education.

"So?"  you say, "A Democrat opposing choice schooling?  What's new?"

Glad you asked.

Not only did that (D) Senatrix send her daughter to a FORTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR prep school (Phillips Exeter)--that Senatrix's HUSBAND was the THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR HEADMASTER of that (very, very) private school.

And even at $300 large, the guy had a problem with ethically-mandated disclosures.

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