Thursday, December 05, 2019

Metaphor for Impeachment "Case"

Sefton's photoshop is a brilliant metaphor for the "case" Democrats are making.  It's barren of facts and barren of sustainable charges, too. 

(By the way, it's no longer quid pro quo.  It's no longer 'bribery.'  It's 'obstruction.'  Next week, who knows??)


"Suicide"? Epstein Banker Assumes Room Temp

Knowing the Clintons--or their friends--should be declared a fatal disease by Centers for Disease Control.

The news of yet another mysterious Epstein-linked death comes shortly after the FBI was seeking to interview the bank executive about loans he approved for Epstein and the indicted child trafficker’s labyrinth of US-based and offshore companies.

Bowers headed the private wealth banking division for Deutsche Bank and signed off on millions in loans to Epstein. Bowers, prior to taking over the private banking arm at Deutsche Bank, served in the same top position at Citibank, as the head of the bank’s private wealth arm. Citigroup also made massive loans to Epstein, according to records and banking sources

Apparently Bowers also was the account manager for Trump.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Tokin'Tony Evers. Dumb? Or Dumber??

This is a classic.

Tucked into the back end of a news release highlighting 13 bills Gov. Tony Evers signed into law, a single line noted Evers also vetoed an obscure Republican-sponsored schools bill....

...Evers, who spent almost a decade as state schools superintendent, objected to how the bill addressed student records in his Nov. 21, 2019, veto message.

"Under this bill, the name of a pupil’s parents or guardians would be added to the list of categories that a public school must designate as directory data," Evers wrote. "I am vetoing this bill in its entirety because I object to implementing a mandate that will negatively impact the privacy of parents of students in Wisconsin."

In other words, he’s arguing the bill would require public release of parent names.

There’s just one problem: The bill didn’t do that....

IOW, either Evers or his staff--or both--cannot read English.


The issue arose because of an imminent threat to a Beaver Dam student; the school would not release the name(s) of that student's parent(s).  That gives rise to the question:  who is dumber?  The Beaver Dam School System fuckwit, or Tokin'Tony?

Money Talks, Scott Walker Caves

It's not likely that Scott Walker will succeed Donald Trump.  Mitt Romney, maybe, but not The Donald.  This from August 2015:

GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker appears to have again shifted his stance on allowing the children of illegal immigrants to automatically gain U.S. citizenship.

In an interview on Sunday morning on ABC's "This Week," the Wisconsin governor said he does not want to alter the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which states that "all persons born or naturalized in the United States . . . are citizens of the United States." 

Nearly a week before, Walker said he wanted to end birthright citizenship and would not say then whether he agreed with the 14th Amendment....
Somebody named Hubbard told Walker to reverse his position, and Walker did.

So much for 'common man' Walker, eh?

And--for the record--the 14th Amendment was massacred by SCOTUS.  The plain language is clear:  children of illegals are not US citizens by geography of birth.

Why Pubbies Are OK With Gay "Marriage"

You will recall that various Republicans were all-OK with gay "marriage."  Or if not, they kept their mouths firmly shut about the matter and pretended that SCOTUS had the final say.  (It doesn't.)

Apparently they was just doing what their paymaster told them to do.

...Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, CEO of Elliott Management Corp., said that before his son Andrew came out of the closet he would have rated himself "a solid 2.1" out of 10 when it came to accepting LGBT issues. 

One night in 1998, when he and Andrew were at dinner, Andrew started asking Singer about his "views on homosexuality." The questions were asked in such a way that Singer began to wonder whether his son could be gay....

And he was/is.  So....

...Over the next couple months, Singer said his conversations with Andrew brought him to a 5.5 or 6 out of 10 on the acceptance scale. He eventually became a steadfast supporter of gay rights. 

In 2012, he launched the American Unity PAC, which aims to persuade fellow conservatives to support same-sex marriage. He has actively supported same-sex marriage campaigns and makes large donations to LGBT groups....
Singer spread his $5K+ donations to damn near every Republican running over the last 10 years.

You'll also note--as did Tucker Carlson--that Republicans cannot find anything wrong with Vulture Capitalism, which is Paul Singer's specialty.


Weissman's Really Good Hired Help

The reports say "Mueller" hired this guy--but we all know it was Weissman who did the hiring.

A top Mueller source during the anti-Trump Russia probe -- a pedophile and child porn trafficker whom Mueller refused to arrest -- was just indicted for running an illegal campaign contribution scheme in 2016 on *Hillary Clinton's* behalf.--quoted at AOSHQ
Did he also eat a lot of pizza?

Do the Clintons know ANYONE who is heterosexual and does NOT diddle children?

Oh, Great!! Another Yout'-With-Mission!

Not surprising that channel 12 spends time on this.

Michael Orlowski said he’s fed up with what he's seen this week, so the Wauwatosa West High School senior says he’s going to do something about it....

There will be a march-around and sing-around, or something.

Wonder how THIS kid got TeeVee attention?

Orlowski is an intern with state Rep. Robyn Vining, D-Wauwatosa
Vining is loony, as you might have guessed.

Here's a thought, Michael and Robyn:  metal detectors.  Or how about daily strip-searches?

And here's your Made-for-TeeVee Line:  How DARE You??

(D) Yang Wierder than Uncle Joe?

It appears that Yang and one of his supporters are mocking Catholics who receive Communion, but in a homosexual-porn movie style.

 On Tuesday evening, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang celebrated the opening of his office in Manchester, New Hampshire, by squirting whipped cream into supporters’ mouths....

...As shown in the video below, Mr. Yang squirts the cream into one kneeling young man’s mouth and then celebrates by shaking the bottle and joking, “That’s a full-service presidential candidate!”

That raises the creepy bar for ol' Joe, ain'a?

OK, OK, I Confess....

It's British now, but wait a week or'll be here in the USA.

Catholics are being urged to divulge their ‘eco-sins’ during Confession as Bishops launch a new environmental campaign.

As part of an initiative to ensure that the Catholic Church plays a role in tackling the climate crisis, it is encouraging congregants to go to Confession, or “reconciliation services”. ...
So in a couple of years, here's what I'll have to say, I guess.

"Bless me, Father James, for I have sinned.  For 15 years or so I burned the leaves which fell in my yard.  This means that every year, for 10 or 12 weeks, I would gather the leaves, then burn them, with the fire burning continuously for 2-3 days.

"Even more sinful, I actively participated in campaigning for an ordinance allowing residents of my City to burn leaves, directly opposing the Mayor-ette's decree banning such (sinful) activity.  I suppose I should also be sorry for having used some nasty nouns and adjectives while describing the woman.

"But we have a problem, Father, because I am NOT truly sorry for any of this--except for the name-calling. And since the sin-roster is now rather fluid, I'll wait for a new Pope to "de-list" leaf-burning.

"Please give my best wishes to your spouse Michael and all your adopted children!!"


Girly-Girl Wausau

Kinda hard to believe this, but....

...It’s illegal to throw snowballs in some parts of Wausau.

Snowballs are lumped in with missiles, rocks, arrows, none of which are you allowed to throw.

The ordinance decrees that you can’t throw snowballs anywhere on public property — not on sidewalks, city streets, or at school. 

If you do, you could be fined....
Wausau is the county seat of Marathon County which--like most Wisconsin counties--will confiscate pen-knives brought into their courthouse because you never know what TERRORISM can be committed with a 2" blade.

Girls will be girls.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Schitt Escalates the War

This actually surprised me.  I did not think that Schitt could go this low.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said cellphone records obtained by impeachment investigators show “considerable coordination” among White House officials who Democrats believe tried to bribe Ukraine government officials into investigating Joe Biden and Democrats.

A 300-page impeachment report issued Tuesday afternoon includes records of calls between President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and White House officials.

Schiff said the calls mirrored the impeachment inquiry’s determination that the Trump administration coordinated to bribe Ukraine into investigating Trump’s political opponents by dangling $391 million in security aid.

The records in the report include several calls between Giuliani and the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes of California...
Schitt also obtained the records of Victoria Toensing (attorney for Lev Parnas).

Sundance comments:

This crew doesn’t care one bit how much they have to destroy this country, so long as they can advance a left-wing political agenda based on an unquenchable thirst for power.  I never thought we would see the possibility of a hot civil war in my lifetime.  I was wrong.

The cattle cars are on the horizon...
Only one piece of advice from THIS quarter:  BUY MORE AMMO.

Another Trump Own-Goal

After his ridiculous spend/bond trick which betrayed his Real Estate Developer background, Trump manages to own-goal another one.

The Trump administration intends to propose a regulation next year that would require all travelers – including U.S. citizens – to be photographed when entering or leaving the United States, according to the administration’s regulatory agenda.

The proposed regulation, slated to be issued in July by the Homeland Security Department, would be part of a broader system to track travelers as they enter and exit the United States....
Screw you.

Now US citizens are treated as though they were Russian or Ukrainian assets?

Screw YOU!!

Remember, Mr. President, that people who voted for you last time can sit at home and watch the proceedings.  You don't OWN any votes except--perhaps--your family's.

And spitting on US citizens (as do the tin-horn twits in County courthouses with their 'no teeny-tiny-pen-knives allowed here') is a good way to stir up a 'blue flu.'

Yes, Virginia, They ARE Gun-Grabbers

Just in case you're dumb enough to believe their lies, here's the facts--in writing--from Virginia.

After printing the relevant parts of an act which will be introduced to the Va. Legislature next year, the American Spectator's Jed Babbin sums it up:

...Thus, every rifle of the common AR-15 design and a great many pistols and shotguns in common use for personal defense, target shooting, and hunting would be banned.

Not only would they be banned, but because SB 16 makes it illegal to possess such firearms, they also would have to be either surrendered to or seized by police authorities in the jurisdiction in which they are located....
Whether this passes as written is absolutely irrelevant to the fact:  they ARE gun-grabbers, not "sensible regulation" people.

Oh--and when it passes--good luck with all that grabbin'!!

The Nuts-o "Crosswalk" Law in Wisconsin

Recently visited the County Courthouse and used the parking lot across the street.

Came up to the curb and waited for traffic to clear before hiking across the road.  As it turns out, I was at a Super-Duper-Ultra-Safe "crosswalk", so a few drivers hit the brakes hard (almost getting rear-ended) to let me through.

Not being a complete and total pansy, I waved them on, and when there was no traffic, I crossed.

Common sense, no?  Wait for traffic to clear, THEN cross the damn road.

Well, "common sense" has nothing to do with Wisconsin Statutes--and it confuses everyone.  Here's an excerpt from a related story.

...[A.D.A.] Gerol's report, and other police, explained that while the law requires motorists to stop for a pedestrian or bicyclist in the crosswalk at an uncontrolled intersection, drivers should not stop for crossers still at the curb who might merely be waiting to cross.

However, the Motorist's Handbook published by Wisconsin's Department of Motor Vehicles seems to suggest something different. Under section labeled Crosswalks and Stop Lines, it reads:

"Crosswalks define the area where pedestrians may cross the roadway. Crosswalks can be at intersections or in the middle of the block. You must yield to pedestrians who are in or are about to enter a crosswalk (marked or unmarked)." ...
The Sanctity of Crosswalks thing apparently grew from a combination of rampant jaywalking and extreme reluctance to put up a stoplight or stop sign nearby.  So now, pedestrians have the right to challenge 3,000 lb. oncoming vehicles and drivers are somewhat confused.

You want to jaywalk?  Fine.  Do so at your own risk.  Your Mom should have told you to look both ways and--if necessary--wait a while for traffic to clear.  It always does clear, Pootie....

Meantime, the Leggies should simply drop that whole "crosswalk-stop-curb-maybe-street" crap.

Note to George Conway

George Conway may be having "domestic challenges."

Umhhhh....George...."No Nut November" is over with!!

But now it's Advent.

Wash Examiner: Yup, It Was Russians!!

Anklebiters gotta anklebite.  Somebody named Dunleavy goes after Trump by affirming that 'the Russians did it.'  Dunleavy gets one part right, as you'll see.

Dunleavy has "evidence"--produced by Mueller!!!!  And Hope Hicks said something [redacted]!!!  And there's even more Mueller!!!

The Russkies spent ........what..........$100K on Facebook ads?  Yup.  That Was the Dagger!!

Dunleavy does make one claim which is not tied to discredited agitprop such as Mueller's: 

“Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election” with the goal of undermining faith in the U.S. democratic process...
To accomplish that goal, the Russians hired Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and a cast of dozens scattered throughout CIA, FBI, NSC, and State.

And it worked!!

Monday, December 02, 2019

Little Lisa Page and the IG Report

Little Lisa Page, who played Hotpants to the Horndog Stzrok while jiggering FBI records in an effort to reverse the 2016 election, is very, very, worried about the forthcoming IG report.

So she's doing the Crying Woman act.

Lisa Page, the former FBI lawyer who exchanged anti-Trump texts with the ex-FBI head of counterintelligence during an extramarital affair, is speaking out.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, she summarized her feelings about the waves of public scrutiny she received and President Donald Trump's recent mocking two years after she made headlines. 

'Honestly, his demeaning fake orgasm was really the straw that broke the camel’s back,' she said. 
Page, 39, is referring to Trump's campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in October.  ...

...She said: 'It's like being punched in the gut. My heart drops to my stomach when I realize he has tweeted about me again. The president of the United States is calling me names to the entire world. He’s demeaning me and my career. It’s sickening.' ...

Yes, Lisa.  I think "sickening" was the term MRS Stzrok used, too.

Good luck at your trial, Lisa.  Work on those tears and your "up-voice."

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Red China's Big Problems

Some of you will recall George Friedman from his days at Stratfor.  He left that firm in 2015 and founded Geopolitical Futures.  He writes a bit about Red China.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has begun minor operations to try to quell the unrest in Hong Kong. This is a step that the Chinese hoped to avoid. For one thing, they wanted to portray the unrest as minor, not requiring their intervention. For another, they did not want issues raised about Chinese human rights violations, which inevitably emerge in such interventions. At a time when China is trying to portray itself as the global alternative to the United States, it doesn’t want other countries, particularly those in Europe, noticing human rights abuses.

This strategy took another huge blow with the leak over the weekend of government documents describing in detail a broad Chinese assault that has been underway for several years on the ethnic minority Uighur community in the western province of Xinjiang. The documents gave detailed accounts of massive detention camps for “retraining” purposes and the separation of families on a scale that is startling even for China. Beijing clearly wants to break the back of Islam in the province....
The documents to which he refers are flat-out damning of the Red Chinese government.  This comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with Totalitarianism, of course.

Anyhow, the repression of the Uighur Muslims is nasty business, and releasing documents about that business is serious.  So who released them?

Friedman suspects that it was a dissident faction within the Central Committee, which is Xi's boss.

...The Central Committee is the ultimate arbiter of what China does, particularly if the president weakens and loses his way. ... The Central Committee is usually opaque, as it is now, but if there is opposition developing to Xi, and it is hard to imagine there is not, then release of these documents merely turns a known event into a global event, further showing Xi’s incompetence....
Xi was supposed to 'handle' US Presidents.  That was easy with someone who could be purchased (Clinton), who was a bit......ahhh........stupid (Bush), or who was stupid AND gutless (Obama.)  But Trump is none of the above, and Trump knows what those bastards in Red China have done to the USA--and he wants it fixed.   Now.

Xi is not up to the task of "handling" Trump.  As a result, the country is bleeding money, losing sales, and its banks have become models of instability.  There is insurrection in Hong Kong, the Dalai Lama is not going to shut up.......and now, China is forced to purchase US pork and TEA!!

The AOSHQ's question is simple:  what if Trump IS as smart as he thinks he is??

Le Policy, C'est Moi!!--LtC Vindman

Apparently Vindman--who is a Lieutenant Colonel, just as John F'n Kerry served in Vietnam--has made an opening statement which was ........not immediately available.

Here's the core of it:

...Specifically, given my personal experience with Ukrainians of every gender, appearance, and persuasion, I play a very important role in developing the “interagency consensus” on Ukraine. That interagency consensus is the product of many memos written by a number of officials at the level of deputy assistant to the deputy undersecretary in the respective agencies, though most of them are not as important or as informed as I am. In fact, after many months of working with those deputy assistants to the deputy undersecretary, I have reached the conclusion that I am more knowledgeable about most things than they are.

In other words, when it comes to our policy in Ukraine, I am the policy. I collate the memos from the respective agencies after they finalized, and I decide what the interagency policy consensus on Ukraine should be, and then I interface with people responsible for implementation of my policies, to verify that the interagency policy consensus is implemented in a manner that I consider most effective....

There's plenty more at the link!!

Nancy & Co. Going to Comintern Meeting

Here's the report from SeeBS via Zippers:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading a delegation of members of Congress to the annual international climate summit known as COP25 Comintern conclave in Madrid, Spain, next week. While the delegation will include members of both the House and Senate, it will not be bipartisan, as only Democrats will be attending....
Good to know that the Pubbies finally figured out what "Green on the outside, Red on the inside" actually means.  Only took them about 30 years.  Wouldn't be surprised if Mitt-the-Traitor showed up there accompanied by Paul Ryan, though.

The Saga of Gen. Mike Flynn, Chapter 213

PowerLine notes a significant development in the Flynn case first reported at The Federalist.

...prosecutors have filed a motion to cancel the supplemental sentencing memorandum due in mid-December that was to be followed by Flynn’s sentencing on December 18. “[A]fter having previously argued stridently that there was no reason to delay Flynn’s sentencing,” Cleveland writes, “the government has asked the long-time federal judge to put both the briefing and the sentencing hearing on hold.”

Cleveland quotes the government’s two reasons for supporting delay (at long last, so to speak). The first ground is Judge Sullivan’s failure to rule on Flynn’s pending Brady motion. Cleveland caught my eye quoting the government’s second ground: “that the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is conducting an Examination of the Department’s and the FBI’s Compliance with Legal Requirements and Policies in Applications Filed with the US. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Relating to a certain US. Person[.]” The government further asserts that “the parties expect that the report of this investigation will examine topics related to several matters raised by the defendant.”...
How will the NYSlimes spin that?

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Small Ironies

Fred Thompson was a Republican, and served as a US Senator for a time.

He was also an actor and played the role of the District Attorney in Manhattan on "Law and Order."

In the episode titled "City Hall" first aired on 2/11/04, Thompson's character was adamantly in favor of the FISA court system; his two associate DA's and a defense lawyer were extreme skeptics about the power the FISA court had--and the potential for abuse.

Well, here we sit, 15 years later, knowing that the FISA court's power was seriously abused by Obama, Comey, Brennan, and the other crooked perjurer Clapper--plus a cast of dozens in Federal agencies and the White House.

Fred's probably rolling over in his grave.

CNN Is Calling Jessica Kwong

This is one "news" reporter-ette who has a future--at CNN.

The Newsweek reporter who published an inaccurate story about President Trump’s Thanksgiving Day plans has been fired. The outlet’s original story claimed the president only planned on tweeting and golfing during his holiday break, neglecting to mention his trip to Afghanistan.

Newsweek’s Jessica Kwong, whose Twitter handle identifies her as a political reporter “covering Trump administration and family,” initially published the article Thursday morning, before the president’s trip to Afghanistan was announced publicly....

Only question is 'How long will it take CNN to onboard her'?

HT:  Zippers

Bad Loans, Car Department

This is quite a revealing graph.

Pearl-Clutch Over Terrorist Detention

Here's the story.

Donald Trump has become the first president to invoke the Patriot Act in order to detain a man behind bars indefinitely - despite the fact he completed the duration of his criminal sentence and should've been released nearly three-years-ago....
Here's my response:


Mexico Cartel/Terror Problem Ratchets Up prepared.

President Trump has said he is close to a decision that would designate Mexican drug cartels as officially recognized terrorist networks by the United States.

Remember, within the geopolitical dynamic that benefits all three North American countries, Mexico needs to start taking clear and decisive actions toward all levels of internal corruption if the ultimate economic objective of the USMCA is going to work....

Remember that Trump ruminated about taking out the cartels (through invasion, if necessary) as far back as January 2017.  He mentioned it again just this month.

And now Bill Barr is down there.

Thinking of taking a vacay in old Mexico?  You might want to think again.  Hard.

99 Media "Mistakes" About Trump

Sharyl Attkisson has had to go independent as a reporter because the MSM won't hire her.

There's a reason for that:  she makes monkeys out of them regularly and easily.  (Yes.....monkeys at typewriters........eventually.......)

Anyhow, Sharyl has published a list of 99 media "mistakes" about Trump.  You could also say they were media LIES about Trump, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving and all that...

AND she's added a new one:  the Noozweak lie about Trump's activity a couple of days ago.

So it's actually 100 at this point.

She deserves any contributions you can make; think about that, too!!

Friday, November 29, 2019

CIA's Monster Illness: Confirmation Bias + Superiority Complex

Codevilla knows about this crap.  Ain't this great?

...During my years on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s staff, CIA officials’ preference for their personal and corporate interests over professional standards continued to get worse. It turned out that every last one of the Cubans they thought were our agents were actually working for Cuban intelligence. In East Germany, the United States had not a single “good” agent. Not only had CIA never recruited even one high-level Soviet agent, but for a decade, Aldrich Ames, CIA’s own chief of counterintelligence for the Soviet Union/Russia, the man who validated the Russians who offered their services and oversaw our operations in that country, worked for the KGB. 

So congenial did the agency find the disinformation coming its way that it was reluctant to investigate. Finally, when it did suspect that the dispatches coming from our agents had been crafted by the KGB, it sent them on to the president anyway because, according to the inspector general, “they contained thoughts they believed the President should consider.”

In short, CIA officials—and not just a few people at the top—have so valued their own opinions, have so wanted to influence U.S. policy, that they have mistaken their own opinions and desires for the truth....

Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Deep State AND "Follow the Money"

Doug Wead, who is a genuine historian, wrote a book about the Trump White House.

Since it was not a screed about Orange Man Bad, Wead is getting death threats.  So much for the idea of 'tolerance' from the Lefties.

Anyhow, he gave a very illuminating interview about the book and his experiences with Trump and his family; his remarks about foreign leaders' sympathy for Trump's travails AND his outlining of Principle One (Follow the Money) are good reminders of what Trump and this country--outside of New York and California--are up against.

About an hour, and worth your time.

Bon Mot for Belling

Mark Belling has declared war on the school board of Menominee Falls.

Here's a little something for Mark courtesy of Don Surber:

As Mark Twain wrote, "In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards."
Well, yes.  There's the Tosa board, which intends to spend $125 million in bonded dollars for.......something........and will, as a result, lose a lot of homeowners.  There's the Milwaukee School Board, which would like to triple its prop-tax grab.  There's the Board from the People's Republic of Madistan, which will no longer allow HS students to fail.  And there's Oconomowoc, also running for "spender of the decade", bonding and taxing for...........something.....

Twain was more than just a pretty face.

Milwaukee Circuit Court?

Dave Hardy posts a precis of a news story.  Go, read it.  It's short.

Almost sounds like Milwaukee County, except in Milwaukee, it's "Reckless Disregard With Stolen Car" rather than domestic abuse.

"Black Jack" Pershing in Mexico, Redux??

This will be interesting.

...In his interview with Trump, O’Reilly said, “One of the things that you’ve said to me … is that if another country murdered 100,000 Americans with guns, we would go to war with that country. Yet, the Mexican drug cartels kill more than 100,000 Americans every year by the importation of dangerous narcotics.

“Are you going to designate those cartels in Mexico as terror groups and start hitting them with drones and things like that?” O’Reilly asked.

“I don’t want to say what I am going to do, but they will be designated,” Trump answered. “I’ve already offered Mexico … to let us go in and clean it out and he so far has rejected the offer but at some point something has to be done. Look, we are losing 100,000 people a year to what is happening and what is coming through on Mexico.”

“So you are going to designate the Mexican cartels as terror groups?” O’Reilly continued to prod.
“Yeah, I will be,” Trump replied. “I have been working on that for the last 90 days. You know, designation is not that easy, you have to go through a process, and we are well into that process.”...
Yah, well, the President of Mexico isn't pleased with all this.  Maybe he wants to be the President of an officially-Failed State, or maybe the cartels have placed a horse's head on his bed (don't be surprised!), but he prefers that the US stay outta there.

We've been there before, of course, but this time it won't be with horses.   It's close to the 100th anniversary of that little scuffle, so we have an excuse for a party.

The VERY Good News in Grand Rapids

Some of you are aware that a lesbian "married" judge in Grand Rapids (MI) was asked--in a private phone conversation--NOT to present herself for Holy Communion at her parish church.

That judge ran to the press and emitted a loud "REEEEEEEEE!!  REEEEEEEEEEE!!"

The press did what the press does:  tried, convicted, and hung the offending priest out to dry.

There are two bits of VERY good news here.

1)  The Bishop backed up his priest 100%.

2)  Look at the picture of the priest at this link.  He's under 40.  Heh.

Foxconn: A New Logic-Fail and Worse

Gee.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has found that Libertarians and Koch Brothers are really, really, really, good people!!

That's only because Mercatus Center--a Libertarian bunch funded by the Koch Brothers--are raising questions about the net benefits of the FoxConn deal. 

It's not hard to raise questions about the deal.  Walker and his team--and President Trump, who kicked this off--obviously thought that the deal as structured would be a net benefit.  Mercatus begs to differ.....but not by very much.

...overall, the authors say the “most realistic range of estimates” indicates the Foxconn deal for the plant the company now is building will end up costing Wisconsin’s economy $1.2 billion to $6.0 billion over 15 years.

That would shave somewhere between two-hundredths of a percent to about one-tenth of a percent off what the authors estimate the state’s gross domestic product will total over the period....
Two hundredths of a percent.  ZOUNDS!!!  You can see the starving residents of the State dressed in rags, eating their kittehs and doggies in the streets, having been evicted from homes where utilities were shut off months ago........

Even at 1/10th of 1%, it's not TEOTWAWKI territory; I'd venture to guess that is far less than the cost of State government.  (Anybody measure the cost of public education against FoxConn??  Hmmmm??)

Here's the massive Logic-Fail from Mercatus--which should know better....

....Instead of subsidizing Foxconn, the study says, the state could have, say, reduced its corporate income tax rate or lowered its sales tax. That would give businesses or consumers more money to plow back into the economy....
The State of Wisconsin has NEVER, EVER, reduced its sales tax.  NEVER.  As to "reducing its corporate income tax"--that would have barely been possible, since Walker & Co. had just done so and were being flayed, daily, by the very same "newspaper" which printed this story.

But Mercatus, true to its Libertarian economic dead-headedness, doesn't consider what is perhaps the most important piece of this puzzle:  JOBS.

Anybody who knows anything about human nature knows that having a job and earning a living from it is a critical building block for human dignity.  That's what St. John Paul II meant when he said that "work is for man, not man for work."  With a job--and the income--man has dignity, and can build a family--both of which objectives should be supported by a Government.  Walker knows this, and so does Donald Trump.  That's why Trump will be re-elected, friends.

Libertarians may know it, but don't really give a damn.  See, e.g., Ben Shapiro.  Their thing?  Whatever makes more money plus sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.  Borders?  Nations??  Human dignity????  Pish-Posh.

None of that matters to the Milwaukee "news" paper--the only thing that matters is finding ways to piss all over Walker.

Who Writes Immigration Rules?? That's the Question

Should this case get to SCOTUS, the outcome could be momentous.

...The government lawyers replied to a lawsuit against the Optional Practical Training program by saying it is a legal extension of laws that allow foreign students to enter U.S. universities.

But the American plaintiffs in the lawsuit say the OPT program was not created by Congress. The program is merely a lobbyist-created, cheap labor program which discriminates against American graduates, and also transfers at least $2 billion each year from Social Security and Medicare to the wealthy investors in technology companies.

The OPT program allows roughly 300,000 foreign graduates of U.S. colleges to get U.S. jobs, usually at low wages, for one or three years. The program helps the foreigners compete for green cards, it sidelines American graduates into unemployment and low prestige jobs, and it also lowers salaries for a wide range of American professionals, say critics....
While it's obvious to most people that importing average-skilled people who then displace US citizens in the job market is stupid, this case has even larger implications:  who legislates?  Congress?  or regulatory agencies?

That's the question.

Ukraine Wanted Hillary in 2016

.........and a US citizen Ukrainian "consultant", Alexandra Chalupa, did her very best to help Hillary get elected.

All that was published in a Politico article in January 2017--after Trump was elected.

Apparently this woman wanted (and still wants) US foreign policy to tilt heavily in favor of the Ukraine and against Russia, which raises the question:  who the Hell is THIS dame to push the US around?

But even more curious is this:  the Obama/Biden administration refused to send weapons to Ukraine; instead, they sent blankets and pillows and took a helluvalotta money for the Biden family and big-time Democrat donors/lawyers posing as "anti-corruption" hall monitors.

So this woman's "activism" to "save the Ukraine" was all about sending more blankets?

I don't think so.  

This babe is just another Democrat hack who refuses to accept the fact that Hillary and the Democrat platform lost the election.  She used her Ukrainian-origin story to suck a bunch of money from the Democrats and from the Ukraine.

In one word:  Grifter.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Drug/Sex Trafficking and Agricultural Labor

Interesting article here connecting the cartels and 'cheap' ag labor.

...Many Americans look to our small towns and rural areas as a refuge from some of the criminal problems in the larger cities, yet if agricultural interests are allowed to continue bringing in other countries’ criminals, rural areas might have it worse in the end.

Yesterday, Beth Warren of the Louisville Courier Journal posted an enthralling and detailed report on how El Mencho’s C├írtel Jalisco Nueva Generaci├│n (CJNG) has penetrated many of our rural communities in Kentucky and all over the country with its drug trafficking network. However, an otherwise well-researched article largely glosses over the fact that [the] reason trafficking can blend into these areas is because of the endless stream of illegal immigrant labor serving as both willing and reluctant traffickers for the cartels.

Warren portrays the immigrants in a better light and reports on concerns that “Hispanic workers find themselves looked at with suspicion because of political rhetoric that brands the drug trade and immigration as one and the same.” Nonetheless, she inadvertently gives away the farm, writing that “the cartel exploits its connections with otherwise hard-working immigrants.” Hence, the illegal alien laborer pipeline of drugs, gangs, and crime into Norman Rockwell’s America....
Well, that adds a bit of spice to the stew.  

Spy? Or Just Another Democrat?

It appears that Ilhan Omar (D-MN) may be on the payroll of Qatar and providing information to that government--which then ships it to Iran.  Or not.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota-5th) was recruited by a foreign government, received funding from a foreign government, and passed sensitive information through intermediaries to Iran, a Florida court has been told.
The claims came during testimony by Kuwati-born Canadian businessman Alan Bender, who was giving evidence in the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani....
Bender told the Florida District Court that he met with Qatar’s Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs Mohammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Masnad and two other senior Qatari officials. 

According to his sworn deposition, the three officials told him: “If it wasn’t for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends.”

Or it could be that she's just another America-hating Democrat.

Meantime, the Daily Caller thinks this story is "dubious"

 ...The Daily Caller News Foundation reviewed the deposition and deemed it not credible. It even gets Omar’s job wrong, repeatedly calling her a senator.

But the Jerusalem Post published that a “Florida court has heard” that Omar was a secret foreign agent, and the story rapidly began making the rounds among American conservatives....
Apparently this Bender dude is employed by Saudi Arabia, which shares a bunch of mutual hatred with/against Qatar.  Who stole whose goat back in 855AD or whatever.....

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Recapturing the "Reagan Democrats"

While Donald Trump has done a yeoman's job in moving the Overton Window towards normalcy--against all odds and against most of the Government--he needs help in making that shift permanent.

Along comes Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO).

...As he explained in his Nov. 20 address, it’s a self-serving myth to think that anyone strives alone, outside of social grounding. So it was with regret that he added, “As it took hold in twentieth-century America, the Promethean ideal taught that the individual self exists apart from all social ties and relations.”

This Promethean vision, Hawley continued, held that family, religion, neighborhood — that is to say, the context of one’s life — means little, because the Promethean “exists separate from all of them.”..
Nope.  That's not Obama-Clintonism--because Hawley gets the "family-first" part that those socialist rabble-rousers prefer to forget.

...Hawley’s argument owes much to the conservative tradition; indeed, it is the conservative tradition of Aristotle, Edmund Burke, and Russell Kirk, emphasizing proper order and received wisdom as the glue of civilization....
The upshot??

...Yet all Republicans should recognize that Hawley’s vision also offers the prospect of gaining Democratic family guys and gals — those plain folks on the other side of the divide who also believe in community, continuity, and safety. In such a come-together reckoning, fidelity to ideological exotica is less important than a simple commitment to protecting basic human needs and verities. Protecting people, that is, against the outsourcing of their jobs and the insourcing of trans bathrooms....

In Wisconsin, the voters get that, as the Marquette Poll indicates.

Orange Barrels Disappearing!

The best news we can offer is this:  the dreaded orange barrels are being hauled away from I-94 south of Milwaukee County.

That is all.

Hey!! Nancy!! Get To WORK!!!

Wisconsin farmers and industry are taking it on the chops while Nancy lets Schitt run amok.

Donald Trump said Monday that if the House of Representatives doesn't pass last year's trade deal known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), it will all be Nancy Pelosi's fault....

When the President of Mexico is begging, Nancy......

...Mexico's government on Monday ramped up pressure on Pelosi to approve the USMCA, rejecting demands for greater oversight of its labor market. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he would send her a second letter this week to press for congressional ratification....

Maybe Ron Kind doesn't want to be re-elected?