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The Reality of the "Stonewall Riot"

Another example of the Shepard Squeegee:  wash an illegal transaction with a "Queers Are Persecuted" story.  Rinse, Repeat, repeat, repeat, until history is "fixed."  (Bonus!! Learn a bit about Rosa Parks!!!)

...the Stonewall riot was not a revolutionary uprising.  Rather, it is best understood in terms of police corruption, not the suppression of an oppressed minority demanding legal equality.  As Strausbaugh makes clear, New York City’s stringent code regulating bars did not criminalize homosexual acts.  It just banned “disorderly behavior,” and this, in effect, permitted police to arrest gays as “disorderly” and, ultimately, close the establishment.  Vagueness allowed cops free rein to extort bars where gays congregated.  The fact that Stonewall even lacked a liquor license encouraged sporadic police shakedowns and so, technically, the raid instigating the riot was perfectly legal, not officially sanctioned homophobia.

Payoffs further provided opportunities for the city’s well established Mafia, who had long protected businesses facilitating illegal activities such as gambling and prostitution.  Bars paid the Mafia a regular fee, and since the Mafia often had the police on the payroll, business ran smoothly.  But, as in all such illicit relationships, failure to make the required payments invited trouble — for example, harassing customers.

The Mafia’s involvement also drew the attention of the honest police, since the protection racket served as the cash cow financing other more serious Mafia crimes like narcotics-trafficking.  In other words, stopping a bar’s monthly protection money would undermine the mob’s more harmful criminal activities.

So when nine cops arrived at Stonewall that hot June summer night and began frisking intoxicated customers and arresting underage drinkers, this was not homophobia on steroids.  The police, as they had done many times before, were enforcing a corrupt system, but in this instance, they made the mistake of raiding a bar filled with drunk, violence-prone customers unwilling to tolerate “the game,” where roughed up patrons served as collateral damage in a long-established shakedown system.  To be accurate, this “liberation” movement began as a shakedown gone wrong, and the outcome would have been different if the raid had occurred during a freezing winter day, where it was too cold for inebriated drag queens to congregate outside and pelt the police with bottles.  This is light-years away from the carefully organized Montgomery bus boycott, where black protesters such as Rosa Parks spent hours practicing responses to police directives to move to the back of the bus.

You have to have noticed by now that most Lefty morality-tales are actually lies.  The Roe v. Wade case was based on a lie.  So is Stonewall, and so is Shepard.

Lemmeesee, heah, Ferd.........who is the 'Father of Lies' again??

Party of the Rich: Democrats

Surber dug this up from Newsweak:

...“According to data provided by Donald J. Trump For President 2024 — the official campaign aimed at supporting the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s reelection bid — the campaign spent over $36,780 in the period in 113 transactions in chains including Chick Fil-A, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

“Meanwhile, President Joe Biden‘s official campaign, Biden For President, spent more than $32,100 on food and drinks in 17 transactions in June. His campaign patronized steakhouses and independent BBQ restaurants including Asadero, Tonic Seafood and Steak and Dragon Pit rather than fast food chains.”

That worked out to $325 per transaction for Trump and $1,888 per transaction for Biden. This is campaign money, which comes from other people.

Lunch Pail Joe eats “American Wagyu beef cooked over mesquite wood” while the out-of-touch billionaire has a Big Mac. This race is, like the last two presidential elections were, between the entitled and the earner....

If you're surprised, you're an idiot.

Famiglia? Nah!

The numbers are actually shocking.

...a recent Pew survey made news last week when it revealed that the political divide over having a family is not just real — it’s spectacular. It’s enormous. There is a full 40-point difference between the two sides on this issue!

The percent of Trump supporters who say society is “better off if people make marriage and having children a priority is 59%, compared to 19% of Biden voters.” Just 19 percent! ...

There are two obstacles to Totalitarian rule:  the family, and the Church.  

Let's go a bit deeper here.

....that 19 percent means liberalism is working as intended. It’s the result of years of mass indoctrination through K-12 education and the media convincing women to prioritize careers and themselves over a husband and parenthood....

Can you smell the thick foul green odor of Materialism, the Marxist/Club of Rome god?

... A person with no one to feed and nothing to protect (or protect them) will happily form a close, intimate bond with their “community” or their “government.” And, crucially, will obey their dictates without complaint....

Yes, indeed.  That would be Obama's "Julia."

We often run across people of A Certain Age who are clearly unhappy with the fact that they have few, or zero, grandchildren.  They are obviously pained at having to speak about "grand-dogs" or "grand-cats."

Pray harder.

CNN, Applebaum: Lying, Again

What's this "democracy" crapola from the Extreme Left (Democrats)?

A CNN reporter-ignoramus/provocateur finds extremist Anne Applebaum to fork-tongue her way through the definition of the American govenmental system.  Surprised?  

A democracy is rule-by-mob.  Period.  No other way to put it. 

The US is a representative republic.  Legislators are charged with advancing the best interests of their constituents, which may or may not be what their constituents would vote for in a pure democracy.  Moreover, those elected legislators must deal with other elected legislators, an Executive (President or Governor) and a court system which judges their laws against the Constitution's roadmap.

The CNN guy is either an ignoramus or a provocateur.  Applebaum is an extreme Lefty.  (You expected something else?)

Too bad the Pubbies who were interviewed were not ready to articulate the subtle but significant differences, but that's why the CNN guy went after them.

Car "Pops" Up--a Lot. It's BidenFlation

In the Good Old Days, we referred to repossessions as "pops."  The bank "popped" the car.

We've noticed that there are a lot more "asset recovery" tow trucks out and about in SE Wisconsin, and there's a reason.

...the overall number of car repossessions has increased by 23 percent over last year. Not only that, but the current repossession rate has even eclipsed pre-pandemic levels, with 2024 sitting about 14 percent higher than 2019 repossession numbers....

That last line is important.  

MS-NBC thinks this is a sign of a recession.  Maybe.  What it certainly is is a sign of loosey-goosey car lending practices, such as rolling remaining debt from a trade-in into the loan for a new car.  In effect, that makes the borrower pay for TWO cars, not just one; and in most cases, that means they're "underwater" from the get-go.

BidenFlation also plays a big part.  Groceries are up 30% in the last 4 years and rent is not far behind.  What may have been a "do-able" payment in '22 is no longer "do-able," if you like eating regularly and sleeping under a roof.

So Thanks, Joe Biden!!

And may the predator lenders eat s**t.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Not "Code Pink." Code Communist!

The shocker of the year.  

Some local TeeeeVeeee stations covered this protest march but no "reporter" asked about the German-language flag.  (Below)

...Code Pink is present at the March on the Republican National Convention.

In a case of just bizarre optics, Code Pink’s National Co-Director Danaka Katovich explains all of this in front of a Rotfrontkämpferbund flag.

The RFB, which translates to “Alliance of Red Front Fighters,” was a far-left paramilitary organization affiliated with the Communist Party of Germany. What are they even trying to communicate here?...

They'll be in Chicago soon.  Maybe Chicago "reporters" notice stuff like that--but we doubt it

Another Look at J13

 Yes, J13 was last Saturday.  HT  Wauck


A Truth Inconvenient to Israel

Some of you watched last night's RNC yap-fest.

Some of you may have cheered the Israeli-pumping portion.  Bet you didn't know this:

...In the Adelson-sponsored Israel First section of the #RNC, I heard no mention of the inconvenient fact Omer Neutra volunteered to serve in Israel's apartheid army, and was in uniform as an occupation soldier enforcing the criminal siege on the Gaza ghetto when he was captured....

Oh.  Well, that makes a difference.  In the real world, that makes him a POW.

Then there was that apoplectic self-important little rabbi.  Max Blumenthal has the goods on him, too:

...CNN accurately referred to Kestenbaum as an "Antisemitism Activist," meaning he hypes up imaginary persecution to cultivate support and fame from the Zionist billionaires that dominate the GOP

The only more precise title for this fraud would have been "Genocidal Crisis Actor"

"While Harvard has long abandoned the United States, the Jewish People never will. Why? Because Jewish values are American values and American values are Jewish values. To the country I love: thank you"....

No, pal, American values are NOT "Jewish" values.  After the 10 Commandments (some of which are still kept by Jews here), Judaism--particularly the stiff-necked secular Judaism dominating American Jewry--has lent nothing to US values or traditions.  America is not now, and never will be, a theocracy, not even a very weak "theo"cracy.   

And that's before we get into "rabbinical courts" which replace US law in many places, something not unlike Shari'a practices.

Shall we look at Ben Shapiro, an icon of the Evangelical Protestant-Jewish axis?

 ...Shapiro does escape the charge of feeling dual loyalty to the U.S. and Israel because as Welsch showed, he makes no secret of the fact that his support for this country is contingent on its aid to Israel. A statement to this effect that Shapiro made at a 2022 CPAC conference drew applause from the celebrity-intoxicated attendees: “The existence of the State of Israel is the single greatest guarantor of my loyalty to the United States, frankly. Because Israel exists, that means the United States is going to be a more welcoming place for me.”...

That's an "American Value"?

 ...For years Shapiro has been holding forth on gay marriage, which he thinks should be allowed, because sooner or later the government will be persuaded to stay out of marital relations....

Oh.  It's an "American Value" to contradict Nature?

Let's be serious.

There is the problem of the "Amen Corner" in Congress and the possibility that Trump will pay far more attention to Israeli interests than American ones.

We'll see.


Sharpe "Family" Not Very "Family" at All

A man armed with two large knives threatened the life of another man.  Police officers saw the confrontation, recognized that a life was at stake, ordered the knife-man to drop the weapons.

When he did NOT follow that order, he was fatally shot by the police.

The local "news" hypes up the event, apparently hoping for a riot or two.

...Israel described his brother as a generous man who loved animals and people.

"I'm not saying this just because you're here. Sam was kind to everyone. He would give his last dollar. I've seen him take his shirt off his back and give it to someone else," Israel said....

He was a generous man who loved animals and people.

And he was homeless.

Gee.  His 'family' couldn't find a spare room for him?  Not even a cot in a basement?


The Very Disappointing 'Three-Wives' Sykes

Channel 12 covered this event.  Someone has to film the cockroaches, we guess.

Charlie Sykes deserves an award for grifting.  Started Left, became Right (VERY lucrative), now back to Left, but with an audience of about 34.  

He then forgets history......

..."The question is, what direction is the Republican Party going to go in? Will it continue to support NATO? Will it continue to support Ukraine? Or will it follow the lead of people like JD Vance, who will take the Republican party in a direction that it hasn't been in since before 1940," Sykes said....

You mean like the Party of Lincoln?  Coolidge?  Teddy Roosevelt?  And--though not 'before 1940', Ike?

Charlie, if you're so damned infatuated with Ukraine, I'm sure we can scruffle up a couple thousand bucks to buy you an AR, some ammo, and a one-way ticket.  Put your sorry ass where your forked tongue is.  

Maybe Ukraine is your country.  Ours is the US.  We'll act accordingly.


Time for Preetha To Resign

This woman is a hard-Left wannabee Big Deal who should resign her position on the Board of School Directors at Elmbrook--or that Board should expel her.

The more you look at her "job history" the more you wonder......go ahead!  Try it yourself.

Mike Benz's Un-Asked Question

 Mike Benz has emerged as an articulate and knowledgeable analyst.  These days, one takes everything with a grain of salt--or a pound--but his narrative hangs together.

"The FBI is where evidence goes to die. Never believe something until the FBI officially denies it. They made a formal determination it was a lone gunman before the night was even over. They made their conclusion before they started their investigation."...

LOTS more at the link.

So here's the question not asked:

Will they try again?   

The GWBush Dictatorship Blueprint

 We've referred to G W Bush as "Bush the Dumber" for a while; that's because we didn't regard Dubya as a malevolent character.  (The malevolent one was Richard Cheney, who passed those genes to his daughter.)  So if Bush wasn't evil, then he had to be pretty damn stupid, which is where we'll leave him for the time being.

Jeffrey Tucker (a Libertarian) dug up a Bush-era "health" document written in 2007, but which is part of the Department of Homeland "Security" (yes, that includes the Secret Service).  You'll note that the operative paragraph secures the bureaucrats--but not the ordinary citizens.

...“Quarantine is a legally enforceable declaration that a government body may institute over individuals potentially exposed to a disease, but who are not symptomatic. If enacted, Federal quarantine laws will be coordinated between CDC and State and local public health officials, and, if necessary, law enforcement personnel…The government may also enact travel restrictions to limit the movement of people and products between geographic areas in an effort to limit disease transmission and spread. Authorities are currently reviewing possible plans to curtail international travel upon a pandemic’s emergence overseas.

    “Limiting public assembly opportunities also helps limit the spread of disease. Concert halls, movie theaters, sports arenas, shopping malls, and other large public gathering places might close indefinitely during a pandemic—whether because of voluntary closures or government-imposed closures. Similarly, officials may close schools and non-essential businesses during pandemic waves in an effort to significantly slow disease transmission rates. These strategies aim to prevent the close interaction of individuals, the primary conduit of spreading the influenza virus. Even taking steps such as limiting person-to-person interactions within a distance of three feet or avoiding instances of casual close contact, such as shaking hands, will help limit disease spread.”...

As we all know, a "three-foot" or "six-foot" rule is absolutely useless.  This is s**t they just made up.  Because.

As Tucker pointed out several years back,

...It is a serious matter when the government purports to plan to abolish all liberty and nationalize all economic life and put every business under the control of the military, especially in the name of a bug that seems largely restricted to the bird population. Perhaps we should pay more attention. Perhaps such plans for the total state ought to even ruffle our feathers a bit.”...

That "military control" thing--while part of the document--is a wet-dream fantasy/Hollywood script thing which has little basis in reality.  Bai-Den often refers to F-16's as an ultimate weapon against a real insurrection.  That's because Bai-Den is as stupid as G W Bush.  The US military is simply not capable of enforcing a shut-down of the US against the will of the people.  Numbers and tactics are serious obstacles, as is the fact that all those military people happen to have families.

Tucker is a good Libertarian, so his rhetorical pitch is biased hard-right.  There are instances where Government(s) should intervene for the good of their citizens.  The questions that Tucker leaves un-asked are the simple ones:  which level of Government (Fed, State, Local) should be primary, and what is the appropriate degree of "shutdown."  They also are the most important ones.

By all means, read the list of people who wrote the document.  Of particular interest here is the number of Symantec personnel on that committee of wannabee dictators.  Symantec's history is wild and wooly and full of fleas, to say the least.  The Symantec question remains intriguing.

Tucker calls for a repeal of the 1944 legislation enabling this quarantine-control/dictatorship possibility, and he's not wrong, although a sensible re-write might be a better option.

The Triumph of PJBuchanan: JDVance

We have an "America First" lapel pin acquired from the Buchanan campaign.  It shines very brightly these days.  This from Vance's speech:

    ...When I was in the fourth grade, a career politician by the name of Joe Biden supported NAFTA, a bad trade deal that sent countless good American manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

 When I was a sophomore in high school, a career politician by the name of Joe Biden gave China a sweetheart trade deal that destroyed even more good middle class jobs. And when I was a senior in high school, Joe Biden supported the disastrous invasion of Iraq. And at each step of the way, in small towns like mine in Ohio or next door in Pennsylvania or in Michigan and other states across our country, jobs were sent overseas, and children were sent to war....

...President Trump’s vision is simple: We won’t cater to Wall Street; we’ll commit to the working man. We won’t import foreign labor; we’ll fight for American citizens. We won’t buy energy from countries that hate us; we’ll get it right here from American workers. We won’t sacrifice our supply chains to unlimited global trade; we’ll stamp every product made in the USA. We will build factories again, put people to work making real products for American families, made with the hands of American workers....


Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Suspicious Minds

Caught in a trap, can't walk out......and I don't believe a word they say.

Wauck and I share suspicions.

...Almost as soon as we learned that Trump lived, which means within an hour at most, probably less, we were told that our (un)trusty Intel Community had learned of an Iranian plot to kill Trump. Wow! It’s almost as if that utterly implausible bit of gaslighting was all set and ready to be deployed, and so it was let loose, even after Trump survived. Because you never know. The whole thing is more than a bit reminiscent of the old Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) wheeze that the Anglo-Zionists used to lie us into a catastrophic war across the Middle East and Central Asia....

Yes, that was very fast, that "finding" that Iran is gunning for Trump.  Something that the CIA didn't know before Saturday?


Next thing you know, the FEEBS will "discover" Farsi-syntaxed messages to that 20-year-old chipmunk, telling him exactly which Dangerous Sloped Roof he should low-crawl up, along with instructions on using a laser range-finder and building a few IED's to mask his hoped-for escape.

Wauck connects this Suddenly Discovered Iranian Plot to an upcoming visit from Netanyahu.

That would be ridiculous.  Eastasia Iran was always our enemy.

The Church, Aristotle, and Solzhenitsyn

 What do those entities all have in common?  You can find it here, courtesy of AOSHQ:

“If as claimed by humanism, man were born only to be happy, he would not be born to die. Since his body is doomed to death, his task on earth evidently must be more spiritual: not a total engrossment in everyday life, not a search for the best way to obtain material goods. . . . It has to be the fulfillment of a permanent, earnest duty so that one’s life’s journey may become above all an experience of moral growth: to leave life a better human being than one started it.

Some will succeed at that.

Many others will not.   

Pray that you're in the "succeed" category, among the sheep, not the goats.

The "Threat to Democracy" of Project 2025

 Oh, yah, this is threatening indeed.

1. Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children.

2. Dismantle the administrative state and return self-governance to the American people.

3. Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats.

4. Secure our God-given individual rights to live freely—what our Constitution calls “the Blessings of Liberty.”

The Hard Left joins with the Deep State to oppose the family, keep or expand the Deep (Administrative) State, erase our borders, and remove God-given rights from US citizensThis is the un-spoken but very real Biden/Democrat platform.

We prefer Project 2025, thanks.

MPS Recall Group Gets Hot!

The Shiny Object (RNC) draws the attention of the "press" while the real action goes on.

The group driving the Milwaukee school board recall is now looking to file a class-action lawsuit.

The MPS School Board Recall Collaborative said it has filed formal complaints against the city’s school board with the Wisconsin Board of Ethics, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, and the U.S. Department of Education against Milwaukee’s elected school board members. The group is alleging “malfeasance, illegal and unethical activities that cannot be denied by any of the Board members.”...

Good for them!

...The Recall Collaborative is targeting four MPS school board members, Marva Herndon, Jilly Gokalgandhi, Missy Zombor and Erika Siemsen, and is accusing them of ignoring MPS’ dire financial conditions and hiding those facts from parents.

“We are not only demanding an investigation [into the four] for abusing their board powers and failing to lead with integrity, but we are taking matters into our own hands and seeing to it that these Board Members be held accountable for dishonoring their oath and pledge to the city of Milwaukee residents,” the collaborative added....

Since MPS' $250 MILLION referendum also cost a number of other Districts some State aid, one thinks those affected Districts would join the action.

But that won't happen.  Demanding ethical actions and integrity from MPS Board members would mean demanding ethical actions and integrity from other Districts' Board members.

Yah.  Not gonna happen.

CNN Vaxx-Lying. Again.

 You can't hate these people enough.  Of course, this is CNN.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s son, Bobby Kennedy III, posted a video of a phone call between Kennedy and former President Donald Trump in which the former president appeared to endorse false theories about the safety of vaccines....

"False theories"?  Which ones are "false"?  

CNN won't tell you.  They also won't tell you how much money Big Pharma spends advertising on CNN.  Just co-incidence, of course.

 ...Trump also appeared to express some skepticism toward public health professionals who accurately state the recommended immunization schedule for children is safe and effective, saying, “And then you hear it doesn’t have an impact, right?”...

"Accurately state"?

So the percentage rise since ~1960 in asthmatics and autistics is........what?  A result of climate change?   Flouridated water?  100-octane gasoline?

CNN makes other statements against the evidence in its propaganda-piece, claiming without citations that RFK jr. makes 'false claims' about vaxx safety and effectiveness.  They're careful about their deception; note that they use "approved for use in the US" to get around the failure of Fauci's Covid19 fraud, since it was not "approved for use," but only "emergency authorized."

Neat trick, eh?  One wonders which Big Pharma house wrote that line for them.

Having seen "Dr." Fraudci and "Dr." Collins in action--perjuring themselves multiple times--Americans have a right and duty to be skeptical of "public health professionals."

And having seen CNN in action.......well.........they're even worse than "public health professionals.That's a damned high bar!

Cong. Mills: It Could Have Been Conspiracy

Mills has a military sniper background, so his questions are very good.

Naturally, the CNN news-babe goes nuts when Mills states--correctly--that ALL lines of inquiry MUST be pursued, including the possibility of a conspiracy to kill President Trump.

Why the news-babe has a problem with that is a mystery.  It's perfectly normal for security details to allow a dude with a rifle to set up in an overwatch position only 150 yards from the target, right?

Sure.  Right.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Revolver posts issues which need investigating:

Here’s what we know so far about the Trump assassination attempt:

    -Rooftop where he took shots at Trump from was flagged as a security risk BEFORE rally

    -Gunman was spotted MINUTES before shots were fired by rally goers, Secret Service failed to engage or even remove Trump from stage

    -Shooter appears to have no social media presence whatsoever

    -World’s most powerful law enforcement supposedly unable to unlock shooter’s phone

    -Trump’s Secret Service detail was entirely unequipped, @dbongino says Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle DENIED requests for increased protection (yet to be confirmed but would be beyond damning)

    WTF doesn’t begin to describe what has happened so far.
...and one REALLY good question from Beattie:

The question isn't just how in the hell that roof 150 yards away from Trump was unguarded The question is also how this gunman knew that it was unguarded

CNN "news-babe" doesn't think about that kind of stuff.

Vance *Hearts* Israel. Hmmmm.

 This is not 'all good.'

Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance, who was selected as former President Donald Trump’s running mate on Monday, underscored the importance of U.S. support for Israel within his America First foreign policy framework, highlighting its moral, religious, and strategic basis...

...Vance, who said he represents the people “in the heartland,” urged for a foreign policy that recognizes that the “moral intuitions of American citizens” should matter most...

Vance claims that the US has a moral obligation to Israel.

...He also argued that America’s support for Israel is not only a moral imperative but also strategically advantageous, particularly in terms of technological and defense collaborations, as he praised the Jewish State’s technological advancements, especially in missile defense systems such as the Iron Beam. ...

And, of course, eradicating Hamas:

...Vance argued that peace and stability in the Middle East requires Israel to defeat the Gaza-based terrorist group as a functioning military apparatus....

Which will require a permanent war:

 ...“You’re never going to defeat the ideology of Hamas, but you can root out those commanders, those final military trained battalions. I think we should empower the Israelis to do it,” he suggested....

 Vance thinks that the US should facilitate more 'Abraham accords' in the region so as to isolate Iran--that is, to set Sunni against Shi'a.  That may work, but recall that those accords have a great deal to do with Saudi petroleum revenues, not some sort of 'hearts and flowers' alliance.

Finally, note that the background curtain has "American Conservative" lettering.  Do you think that Pat Buchanan--one of the founders of that group--would suggest that the US has a "moral imperative" to back Israel?


Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The LEFT Pushes the Violence Envelope

 National File publishes a handy summary of Lefty rhetoric designed to turn up the heat.

It worked!

Mentions include Kathy Griffin, Joe Scarborough, Jeff Bezos' Toilet Paper, Depp, Madonna, DeNiro, Dan Goldman, Robert Kagan, and Crazy Benny.....

Then there's Biden's "bullseye."

Yes, they're all losers in the important part of life.

Biden's Lawless Gender-Bender of *Bostock*

Seems that the Biden Administration loves them some lawless.  Their totes-un-Constitutional appointment of Jack Smith leads that parade, but it's closely followed by their Title IX bathroom policy where girls must undress in front of boys.

...President Biden’s inaugural directive culminated in the issuance of the new regulations under Title IX. Litigation over the regulations centers principally on their redefinition of sex to include “gender identity,” which will have the effect of forcing boys and girls to share school bathrooms, locker rooms, and lodging on overnight field trips. 

The Biden administration’s new regulations badly misconstrue Bostock. The court made clear that its decision applied to Title VII only, and it expressly declined to predetermine whether Bostock would “sweep beyond Title VII” to affect any other law prohibiting sex discrimination. Furthermore, the court assumed that the term sex in Title VII referred only to biological distinctions between males and females. Nowhere did Bostock redefine the term to include “gender identity” or “transgender status.”  ...

(Reminder:  Tammy Baldwin is completely on board with this crapola or she would have loudly objected to it.)

 ...Congress relied on separate sources of constitutional authority when it enacted the two statutes. While Title VII is framed as a general, outright prohibition, Title IX allows an institution to receive federal funding if it promises not to discriminate based on sex. The latter authority is more limited and requires that Congress not impose new conditions on its agreement to provide funding. For over 50 years, schools had been given no clue that by accepting federal funds, they would someday be required to discard the common, public understanding of sex. ...

There is plenty more at the link.  

How much more damage can Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants do before January?

Stay tuned.  There will be a "National Emergency" or two.

NFL: The Picture of Corporate Greed

 Let's talk about "corporate greed."

The National Football League earned more than $13 billion and distributed more than $400 million in 2023 to each team from national revenue, Sportico reported.

The record distribution comes as teams across the league continue to push for public incentives for new stadiums and renovations....

Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville, and Buffalo were mentioned.  The Browns, Chiefs, and Bears are also pushing for taxpayer funding.

In the next few years, the NFL plans to force fans to pay-per-game, removing their broadcasts from "free TV".

But oil companies are the Greedy Ones.  Uh-huh.

"Lowering the Temperature" Biden-Style

The Biden campaign "lowers the temperature."

“Donald Trump picked J.D. Vance as his running mate because Vance will do what Mike Pence wouldn’t on January 6: bend over backward to enable Trump and his extreme MAGA agenda, even if it means breaking the law and no matter the harm to the American people,” the statement read....

No reference to "bullseye" nor "dictator" yet. 

But it's coming.


Is Kanye West a Real Man?

Real men don't let their wives become a walking porn movie at restaurants or shopping malls.

Kanye West is obviously NOT a real man.

But he is a real misogynist.

Monday, July 15, 2024

The Whitmer Fake, Again

Most observers know that Gretchen Whitmer lusts after the Presidency.  To help her get there, the FBI arranged for a "kidnap & kill" plot, and as usual, the FBI managed to "uncover" the plot that they themselves created.

... Not only were half the men charged acquitted at trial—the first federal trial did not produce a SINGLE CONVICTION against 4 men amid the FBI entrapment defense—the five trial convictions are on appeal.

During oral arguments in May for the 2 men convicted at a 2nd federal trial, an appellate panel sounded poised to vacate their convictions and demand a 3rd trial.

The panel took the rare step of asking DOJ and defense to submit additional briefs to explain whether the fact the trial judge refused to enter into evidence hundred of communication btw FBI handlers and informants to show the jury how involved the FBI was in stitching the group and the plan together harmed the defendants....

Stretchin' Gretchen gets love and adulation from the press (you cannot hate them enough) and the droolers who watch MS-NBC and/or MadCow the Rachel.

Road to the Presidency!!

*BOOM* Trump Case Dismissed

 Judge Cannon agrees with Clarence Thomas:  Merrick Garland UNLAWFULLY APPOINTED Jack Smith as a prosecutor.

We are shocked.  Shocked, we say, that anyone could point to Garland and say "Unlawful!!"

Secret Service Prioritized "Dr." Jill

Well, that makes sense, in a macabre way.

Apparently Trump is classified as a "former President" rather than as a "Presidential candidate."  This allows USSS to minimize his protection detail--and by no co-incidence, maximize that of "Dr." Jill Nurse Rached.

Politics has nothing to do with thisIt's all "protocol" you see.

AP: Wrong on the Facts, Again

You cannot hate the press enough.  (See below post, too!)  You can tell they're lying by the fact that their fingers are typing or their lips are moving.

In the midst of a quasi-"fact check" from Ass. Press we find this:

...The Secret Service on Sunday pushed back on claims circulating on social media that Trump's campaign had asked for greater security before Saturday's rally and was told no.

"This is absolutely false," agency spokesman Anthony Guglielmi wrote Sunday on X. "In fact, we added protective resources & technology & capabilities as part of the increased campaign travel tempo."...

Oh, really?

Dan Bongino, who has no reason to lie about it, used to work for USSS.  He still has a bunch of contacts there.  And Bongino--on Fox News--unequivocally stated that he has multiple inside sources who state that USSS has often asked for greater security.  (Go to 7:00 ffd.)

Now let's look at how Ass. Press lies:  they report on "Trump's campaign" asking for additional help.  In fact, it was USSS personnel assigned to Trump who asked for it, too.  But Ass. Press 'forgot' about that for their lie.

And what Ass. Press item would be complete without blaming Trump?

...Trump's own incendiary words have been criticized in the past for encouraging violence. His lies about the 2020 election and his call for supporters to "fight like hell" preceded the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, which led to his second impeachment on charges of incitement of insurrection....

It's tiresome to remind people that Trump's entirely valid questions and criticisms of the "integrity" of the '20 have never been totally disproved.  The Big Lie was also deceptively phrased, stating that 'courts have dismissed' such charges.  Yes--and all that means is that there were no trials on the facts.

Then there's the little game they run:  "Yes, but.....[insert shiny object here]"

  ...some Republicans blamed Biden for the shooting, arguing that sustained criticisms of Trump as a threat to democracy have created a toxic environment. They pointed in particular to a comment Biden made to donors on July 8, saying, "It's time to put Trump in the bullseye."

Ware said that comment from Biden was "violent rhetoric" that is "raising the stakes," especially when combined with Biden's existential words about the election. But he said it was important not to make conclusions about the shooter's motive until we know more information. Biden's remarks were part of a broader approach to turn scrutiny on Trump, with no explicit call to violence....

The shooter's motive is secondary to the Biden statement, and to his continuous mouth-farting about "existential threat," "end of our democracy," "dictator," etc.; all of which is blatantly un-true.  To this, Ass. Press will riposte the Trump "FIGHT" fist, of course.

Frankly, we don't believe Biden was being literal with his "bullseye" any more than the insane bulls**t from CBS (and others) over Sara Palin's "target Giffords".  But isn't it interesting that Palin's remark generated a month of Hair-On-Fire whereas Biden's drew almost zero coverage until after someone did put a bullseye on Trump's head?

Yah.  You cannot hate the press enough.

You Cannot Hate the Press Enough.....

Tucker Carlson said it, and he said it BEFORE the s**t-spewing of the press following the attempted assassination.

1)  The editorial boards of the New York Times and the Washington Post are spreading the blame to both political parties for the assassination attempt...

 2)  ...Margaret Brennan said that her statement that 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump’s statement in the wake of the assassination attempt against him contained “no call for lowering the temperature, condemning all political violence, and really trying to signal to his supporters, as well, not to retaliate or to have any kind of escalation here”...

A statement she later tried to walk back.

3)  ... George Stephanopoulos said Sunday on “This Week” that Donald Trump and his supporters have contributed to “violent rhetoric” while discussing yesterday’s assassination attempt on the former president.

Stephanopoulos said, “Of course, President Trump and his supporters have contributed to this violent rhetoric as well.”

Co-host Martha Raddatz said, “Absolutely, George....

Those are in addition to the "noises heard" description of what were actually gunshots and the nose-in-the-air hoity-toity disapproving snivels about Trump's raised-fist "FIGHT" plea.

Then there's the woman with the un-naturally colored hair who works for MSNBC, a part of the NBC disinformation- and propaganda- enterprise:

... Psaki appeared on Meet the Press and angered Republicans further by putting the onus on them to stop the rage. 

'One thing for all of us to remember is it may not feel paused tomorrow or Tuesday. And part of that is because the convention is starting and unless the programming changes, the rhetoric and how the programming is set up is not actually calming the tone or restoring civility,' she said.

Oh, I see.  The economy, illegal immigration.......Ms. Psaki disapprovesOh, my!!

Here's Nolte on the matter:

 ...The corporate media tell us Donald Trump is Hitler, is Mussolini, is a unique threat to democracy, a fascist, a dictator, a Russian spy who stole a presidential election, a rapist, an insurrectionist, and a traitor. The corporate media champion phony impeachments, cheer a federal raid on his home, and validate Joe Biden’s attempt to imprison him, bankrupt him, and take away his businesses

And now this same corporate media want us to tone down the rhetoric.


The media have spent a decade sowing the wind,  and now the media hope to avoid reaping the whirlwind.


Many of the vermin will be sauntering around Milwaukee in the next few daysYou know the appropriate greeting gesture; use it liberally.


Secret Service Director Resume: You HAVE To Be Kidding!

This is all you have to know about the current Director of the Secret Service:

...Cheatle, who previously worked as the senior director in Global Security for PepsiCo, has been the current director of the U.S. Secret Service since September 2022, according to the agency’s website. While working at PepsiCo, Cheatle reportedly was “responsible for directing and implementing security protocols for the company’s facilities in North America.”...

You may say "Well, Dad, she also spent 27 years with USSS as "Ass't Director" 

...manag[ing] a $133.5M budget and collaborated with ten operational divisions and the Technical Security Division to research, develop and deploy technologies that reduce risks to protectees, protected facilities, and protected events....


Her "technologies" utterly failed when confronted with a low-rent, Houthi-like, assassin with determination and a modicum of shooting skills.

But she knew that; it's why she (and Mayorkas) refused to supply the MANPOWER (not "technology") needed for the task.

Proud Christian Nationalist Here!

Let's begin with a definition:

...“Christian nationalism” largely means people who have decided “enough is enough,” stopped pretending that America’s culture and history are not primarily the products of a Judeao-Christian ethic and culture, and refuse to do a religious striptease to enter what Richard John Neuhaus called “the naked public square” as the price of participation in civil life....

Got that?  Good.

The essay goes on to point out that beginning with the Warren Court, SCOTUS has issued multiple decisions mangling the First Amendment into a "freedom FROM religion" mode.  The Roberts Court has begun to dismantle that, which resulted in the Hair-On-Fire Harpies (male and female) inventing the term 'Christian Nationalist' which is obviously designed to recall a certain Austrian maniac who took power in Germany during the last century. 

...The “Christian nationalists” in that viewpoint are the folks who “cling to guns and religion” and their Bibles. They are the folks who would “turn back the clock” to “intolerant times” when we acknowledged where our culture came from....

The author of that essay, John Grondelski, makes an assertion which desperately cries out for further definition:

...when one considers how other religious traditions have found expression in their cultural contexts, we should be honest enough to admit that the Judaeo-Christian impulse that shaped our culture also supported the idea of freedom of conscience....

That said, the essay is long overdue. 

ADDED:  Then there are these..........folks......who are stirring the Race Pot.  Surprised??

Sunday, July 14, 2024

150 Yards!

 This picture is damning to the Secret Service and the local LEO's.  A 150-yard shot with an AR is not difficult at all, given proper zeroing.  Stabilizing the gun makes it almost foolproof.

Erik Prince has a brutal takedown of the Secret Service here.

How Putin Sees Trump


Guardian Angels vs. Secret Service

1)  Thank God and may he have mercy on the soul of the deceased.

2)  If Trump didn't believe in guardian angels, he should now.

Bongino said it:

I want to repeat, and can absolutely confirm, the USSS Director Kim Cheatle has repeatedly turned down requests for a larger security footprint around President Trump. Despite knowing the threat level is catastrophic. Resign tonight....

No doubt the FBI and Merrick Garland will come to the same conclusion.  In 2053 or so. 

The cops and Secret Service were told about the assassin long before he fired.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Carnak the Magnificent: "$75 Trillion"

 The question in the envelope was:

"What is the value of natural resources in Russia?"

Now, then.  Is it more clear to you why the US seeks "regime change" in Russia?  Could a number of US corporations want to get their hands on $75 Trillion?  Legally, of course.  With a more cooperative regime, of course.   Money-laundering sharing the profits, of course. 

But that damned Putin has to get out of the way.  So if that means that if the US empire has to sacrifice a few hundred thousand Ukranians in order to dislodge Putin, well......or if the US empire has to create another Color Revolution in Hungary to swat this peace-mongering mosquito Orban, well......

$75 Trillion.

What's With Summerfest?

 Summerfest attendance this year was very low--only 555,000+--but then, it rained for 6 of the 9 days.

However, that's part of a trend.  In this news story, you'll see a chart of attendance over the last several years.  In 2019, attendance was 718,000 (in 2018, the number was even higher.)

But since then, it's been rough.  In 2021 Summerfest became "Fallfest."  Then, in '22, Summerfest abandoned its 10-day format and went to kinda-sorta-weekends only, drawing 445,000, followed by a better year in '23 with 625,000 attending.

Tickets?  Now $28.00--and that does not include admission to the Main Stage show.

Nearby 'secure' parking?  $73.00!!

If the point is to make money, then the Summerfest numbers may be very good indeed.  But that's not what Henry Maier and John Kelly had in mind back in the beginning.


Baldwin "Justice"?

Something about this story reeks.

[Defense lawyer] Spiro on Thursday introduced evidence that live bullets potentially linked to the shooting had been handed to police, but not disclosed to Baldwin’s lawyers.

The bullets were handed into police by a “Good Samaritan” earlier this year, more than two years after the “Rust” tragedy.

The “Good Samaritan” was a former police officer and a family friend of Gutierrez, the armorer. He told police the bullets matched the rounds that killed Hutchins.

Spiro accused police of having “buried” evidence by not filing it under the “Rust” case, depriving the defense of a chance to see it.

“Which was a perfect plan,” he told the court.

Crime scene technician Marissa Poppell, under questioning from Spiro, said she had catalogued the bullets, but had been told not to file them under the “Rust” case.

Special prosecutor Kari Morrissey scrambled to respond, telling the court she had never seen or heard of the bullets before this week.

But when it emerged that Morrissey had been present for discussions in which it was decided not to submit the bullets into the “Rust” case file, Morrissey voluntarily called herself as a witness in a last-ditch attempt to salvage the state’s case.

She claimed the allegedly “buried” bullets did not match the live rounds on the set of “Rust,” and had been stored in a different state, Arizona, up to the day of the tragic shooting.

Sommer was not convinced and dismissed the case, prompting the emotional scenes among Baldwin and his family.

Another OJ case.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Only Citizens Vote? Not According to Tammy!

 Tammy Baldwin and other Senate Democrats blocked a bill that would ensure that ONLY US CITIZENS CAN VOTE IN US ELECTIONS.

Tammy needs to win again, you see. 

Remember this and remember it well:  Voters do not win elections.  Ballots win elections.

When an illegal (or legal non-citizen) registers to vote--as Tammy wants--and asks for an absentee ballot, that ballot will be mailed.  It's possible that the illegal (or legal non-citizen) will fill it out.  It's also possible that the ballot will be harvested before that person ever sees it, and be filled out by a paid operative, then dumped into one of the (totes insecure) Democrat Drop Boxes.

This is a vast improvement over "Russian Election Interference," as any fool can plainly seeGet the Russians or whoever to VOTE here!  For Tammy.  And Joe.

Two Kids Dead. One Illegal Alien.

 Abbotsford, WI. is about the last place you'd expect when reading that two children were stabbed to death by an illegal alien.

Biden is spreading the wealth!

Restoration News has learned that Victor Manuel Gomez-Acosta was arrested in Abbotsford, Wisconsin for the violent stabbing deaths of two children on July 5. He is also charged with attempting to kill an adult female....

Oh, yes.  It gets better.

 ...Just two months earlier, on May 5, Gomez-Acosta was arrested for drunk driving and speeding. Court records show that he pled not guilty to the charges through an interpreter and was set free on a $1,000 bond....

CBP filed a detainer for the murder(s) case but not for the DUI/Speeding?

Bad Guys? Or Your Government?

You may have a sad, knowing smile on reading this.

...According to [AT&T], the compromised data includes files containing AT&T records of calls and texts of nearly all of AT&T's cellular customers, customers of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) using AT&T's wireless network, as well as AT&T landline customers who interacted with those cellular numbers between May 1, 2022, and Oct. 31, 2022....

This was a FedGov op.

That's exactly what the NSA harvests with its un-Constitutional FISA use:  "metadata."  Big Brother is interested in who you know and talk with.  They'll get around to recording the contents.......if  you're a Latin-rite Catholic, a supporter of National Right to Life, or stand in opposition to public schools telling kindergartners how to masturbate.

Those types are "domestic terrorists," ya'know.

Legalize Marijuana, Kill More People!!

We all know that many Wisconsin Republicans want to legalize marijuana.  

Obviously, somebody's Big Money is behind this.  We know that because Republicans have no principles aside from Getting More Money So stuff like this won't bother them at all:

...increased marijuana use has led to significantly more Americans being killed on our nation’s roads — as people are not only driving while stoned but driving while stoned and drunk....

 ...the percentage of car crash deaths in America that involved marijuana has skyrocketed since 2000. The percentage of car crash deaths involving cannabis alone rose from 4.2 percent in 2000 to 11.2 percent in 2018. Over that same span, the percentage of car crash deaths involving cannabis and alcohol together rose from 4.8 to 10.3 percent. So the total percentage of car crash deaths involving cannabis, either with or without alcohol, rose from 9.0 percent in 2000 to 21.5 percent in 2018 — to more than a fifth of all car crash deaths in America....--AOSHQ quoting The Federalist

Think Robin Vos will stop toying with legalization?


Dear Mr. Hovde

It's been nearly 2 weeks since Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants made it painfully obvious that he is non compos mentis.  

Mr. Hovde, you are running against Tammy Baldwin, a NINETY-FIVE PERCENT SUPPORTER of Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants.

Yet your campaign has yet to make a TeeeeVeeee commercial 'marrying' Tammy and Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants.  (Yes, I know that conventional marriage is out of the question between those two, but I think you get the idea, right?  Right????)

Is your campaign being managed by the Usual Dummies who have lost lots of state-wide races in the last 10 years?

Tammy and Joseph, sitting in a tree........

Get to it, Eric!

NATO: "Cannot Let Russia Win"

 Statement from  General Secretary of NATO Stoltenberg wherein he says that NATO 'cannot let Russia win' in Ukraine as that would be NATO's 'biggest risk.'

Stoltenberg left his NATO position at the meeting in D.C., but would not have made such a statement without the approval of Biden or whoever the Hell is running the US Government.

In addition:

...A joint statement by NATO’s 32 members says that Ukraine is on a quote ‘irreversible’ path to membership. At the alliance’s 75th anniversary summit, they also pledged 40 billion euros of aid to Kyiv next year. But most of that aid is set to come from the bloc’s largest member, the US....

And NATO will allow Ukraine to pound Russia with NATO weapons.

War-mongering.  It's what Our Betters do!!

Thursday, July 11, 2024

History, Rhyming

 Wauck always finds these gems.

...These plunderers of the world [the Romans], after exhausting the land by their devastations, are rifling the ocean: stimulated by avarice, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor; unsatiated by the East and by the West:  the only people who behold wealth and indigence with equal avidity. To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace....--Tacitus, quoting Calgacus

Wauck found that in a column by Bryan Caplan, who goes on to observe:

 ...I can just imagine the Romans explaining that the slaughter was a small short-run cost dwarfed by massive long-run benefits.  I’m skeptical, but don’t know enough about pre- and post-Roman Britain to speak with confidence....

Such as the benefits derived from the VietNam war, or the current Dance Macabre in Ukraine, right?

Had a brief conversation with a fellow this afternoon during which convo we could have simply quoted Christopher Dawson and then stared at each other.

 ...Dawson saw the present age as one similar to that of Augustine or Ignatius, and in need of saints who have the vision to lead the faithful into the next era. The Western world. he thought, was facing another of its cultural discontinuities that displace the old order and usher in a new social realm. The question that remained, for Dawson as for Eliot, was whether this new era was to be Christian or a new civilization which recognizes neither moral laws nor human rights....

"Moral law"?

Pish-Posh.  We have money, right?


"Streiff" Misses the Point by ~8,000 Miles

 "Streiff" at RedState posts a mid-length rant about Putin Bad (also Orban Bad).  He can't bring himself to say "Zelenskiy Good" because the enormity of that lie is obvious to 4-year-olds.

But there's something far more important than Streiff's opinions on Putin and Orban:  other than the Military-Industrial Complex and Big (Reconstruction & Reconstruction Financing) Money, almost nobody in the USA gives a rotten damn about the present, past, or future of Ukraine.

Somehow, in that entire screed, "Streiff" manages to forget that very important fact.

Elmbrook Teachers' Role Model

 The Elmbrook teachers' union is the NEA, (WEAC).  Most teachers in Wisconsin are NEA-represented.

This link has a video of the NEA President leading NEA/WEAC members by example in her $8,500.00 (!!) haircut.

Best advertisement for parochial, private, charter and choice schools ever made.  Thanks, Becky!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Whose Army is Biden Letting In?

 Can't reproduce all the photos here, so you'll have to click on this link.  One map is below; ex-US Army personnel will recognize Huachuca City as the location of Ft. Huachaca, HQ of Army Intel and (IIRC) the 6th Army.


...untold numbers of “fighting age males” dressed in military uniforms are entering the United States through remote areas with no Border Patrol presence. It is a palpable security lapse unlikely to be reported by most news outlets and local, federal, and state law enforcement sources have provided Judicial Watch with detailed accounts, reports, diagrams, and photos of the situation which is terrorizing residents... enforcement officials and residents confirm that young men are pouring in through the region in what appears to be an organized movement operated by Mexican cartels. “They are unemployed, the majority are fighting age males and there is a strong possibility some have undergone some level of insurgency training,” according to a law enforcement source familiar with the situation. The groups of men are usually dressed in “camouflage military uniforms, indicating a robust and well-funded supply network to ensure everyone is outfitted the same,” said an intelligence officer with extensive U.S. military training who provided Judicial Watch with pictures and graphs of recent crossings. The uniformed men also carry camouflaged backpacks and wear carpet booties to hide footprint tracks. Large piles of the disposed carpet booties litter ranches on the U.S. side, creating a hazard for cattle that consume the trash. One longtime area rancher said that since Biden became president, he has recorded over 3,560 illegal immigrants on security cameras on his property...

Many of them will be voting in the next Presidential election and drawing SSI benefits from the Social Security system.

Most of us understand the term "Treason."  It's Joe Biden's middle name.

The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming


Here's pars secundum:

... the Wall Street Journal reports that the Russian government has launched a 'whole-of-government" effort to influence the US presidential election in favor of Donald Trump...

 ...Citing unnamed 'senior US intelligence officials,' the Journal writes:

    The officials didn’t mention Trump by name, but said that Russia’s current activity—described as covert social-media use and other online propaganda efforts—mirrored the 2020 and 2016 election cycles, when Moscow also favored Trump and sought to undermine Democratic candidates, according to U.S. intelligence agencies.

Of course, Russia's 2016 'influence campaign' amounted to roughly $100,000 in Facebook ads, which "didn’t reference any specific presidential candidate, or even the election itself," largely targeting BLM members and 'Pokemon Go' aficionados

Usually, the WSJ's "un-named sources" are from the State Department or the FBI


* IMDB has the goods.

Citizen or NON-Citizen Voting?

As usual, the Democrats lie about the "SAVE" Act which will require proof-of-citizenship to vote in Federal elections.  (Democrats lie because that's what they do.)

Biden Admin says, "The alleged justification for this bill is based on easily disproven falsehoods."

FALSE: Noncitizens and illegal immigrants have been detected, tried and convicted, and caught admitting their crimes on video on numerous occasions. (View Documentation)

Biden Admin says, "States already have effective safeguards to verify voters’ eligibility and maintain the accuracy of voter rolls."

FALSE: Only the states of Arizona and Georgia attempt to verify the citizenship of voter registrations beyond the Yes/No citizenship question on the form, which noncitizens can and do lie about, and Arizona admits to giving federal ballots to those who will not or cannot prove citizenship.
There is no verification of citizenship required by law or checked on the county, state, or federal level.

Biden Admin says, "
It is extraordinarily rare for noncitizens to break the law by voting in Federal elections."

FALSE: It is rare for authorities to investigate and charge noncitizens for illegally registering and voting in US elections, but that does not mean they are not doing it. The growing volume of evidence (Heavily Censored) indicates noncitizen voters are a real and widespread problem....

Just get Biden's BFF Tammy Baldwin on the record.  Sure, she'll get all the illegals and resident non-citizens to vote for her, but so what?  They've been doing that for years.

We just want to see her vote on this one.