Saturday, June 03, 2023

The FBI vs. Catholics? Nah. It's Worse.

You've read that the FBI is surveilling "Latin-Mass Catholics" as potential domestic terrorists/white supremacists or some other damn fool thing.  That's not an accurate report.

...the real government crackdown is not on those Catholics who attend the Latin Mass, but on those who still adhere to traditional Church teachings on bioethics and sexual morality. Of the groups mentioned in the FBI’s now-infamous document, only a handful actively promote the Latin Mass over the Novus Ordo—yet all are outspoken in their support of traditional Catholic reproductive ethics and rejection of contraception and abortion....

(You can find the source document at this link.)

Traditional Catholic (and Judaeo-Christian) reproductive ethics include condemnation of both homosexual activity (NOT homosexual inclination) and homosexual "marriage", for one is merely an extension of the other.

Back in 2014, Patrick Deneen wrote an essay on the topic of homosexual "marriage" for The American Conservative; that essay (written before SCOTUS embraced insanity) is re-printed in Mainstream Conservatism.  Deneen's work is relevant to the FBI v. Catholics matter, and it should be on Sen. Ted Cruz's reading list, but we fear that Ol' Teddy has been purchased by the Corporate Libertarians who insist on wrecking Western Culture.  Or maybe a tse-tse fly bit him during a Mexican vacay and damaged his brain.


...One of the more remarkable partnerships that is least remarked-upon today is the coalition that has formed around the effort to advance gay marriage--namely, left-leaning gay activists and corporations. If any political antipathy seemed to be permanent and unchangeable, one would have believed that it would be the left's hatred of the Corporations.  Corporations, by the Left's own telling, represent almost everything that is wrong in contemporary America...... 

(At the time, Indiana was at the center of the controversy.  Many of you know that Mike Pence, a "strict Christian", personally intervened to support gay marriage back then--something that he will live to regret during this campaign season.  Corporations, including Cummins, Angie's List, and Salesforce, were doing their damndest to defeat an amendment banning queer marriage.)

...Here is what those corporations are saying:  "A ban would tell talented workers to stay out of Indiana......If we have a climate in our state that makes people feel unwelcome in any way, we think that's bad for Cummins".......Similar arguments have been made by Nike in Oregon and General Mills in Minnesota.  In New York, the push for legal gay marriage received major financial backing from [people] especially Paul Singer, chairman of the conservative think-tank Manhattan Institute.....

Paul Singer is a "GOP mega-donor" who also owns the Washington Examiner newspaper--a very, very, reliable GOP-Establishment/NeverTrump newspaper.  Not co-incidence.

Now Deneen gets to the heart of the matter--the one that connects the radical-Left Biden FBI and corporations to the gay marriage forces in their more-and-more open persecution of traditional morality.  Notice how important "the Pill" and E-Z divorce are to the goals and remember that the Catholic Church condemns both unequivocally.

...Long before the current debate, .....modern capitalism required the redefinition of the family and marriage.  Gay marriage is only the logical conclusion of a long process of the redefinition of marriage into a largely private, interpersonal bond whose main purpose is the self-actualization and personal fulfillment of the contracting individuals, to be made and remade at the convenience of both or even one of the contracting parties.

Marriage had to be redefined by the demands of the modern economy, no longer a bond between man and woman, each a part of intertwined extended families, embedded in a community rooted in multiple generations of memory, joined together as contributors to the future of that community by the generation of new life, bound by the self-sacrificial acceptance of debt to the past and obligations to the future.  Marriage was not merely, and perhaps not primarily, about the "love" of the two (or, increasingly, more) individuals--important as that certainly was and is.  Rather--as the publishing of the "banns" indicates--it was the entry of a new family into the life of a community--and the community was thought to have a say in whether the marriage should proceed ("If anyone should have any cause...")

To liberate individuals from such deep commitments to people, place, and generations, marriage had to be redefined in accordance with our self-conception as utility-maximizing consumers, free agents who are not permanently locked into any arrangements that might not prove to be continuously pleasing or rewarding (or, which forestall other, better, arrangements).  Defined today as one of our "rights" (rather than as part of our "duty") marriage should be like a consumer good--something that satisfies us, in accordance with our desires.  It does not partake of a moral and natural and communal and sacramental ecology.  Rather, it is part of our dominant marketplace of choice, a marketplace extensively constructed by the modern economic realm, and in which the modern corporation flourishes.....

...The modern corporation and the modern marriage are born of the same philosophical roots:  rootless individuals seeking self-gratification in whatever way they see fit, short of "harming" another.  Marriage is just another consumer choice, with the added advantage of tax benefits (.....after all, U.S. v. Windsor wasn't about "love"; it was about money.)  Corporations thus defend gay marriage for the same reason (and using the same tactics) they seek to undermine unions, environmental regulations, and tax policy--most obviously short-term gain, but more deeply, a society that needs to be remade in such a way that short-term rewards seem to be the only game in town; a thoroughly mobile society devoted to personal satisfaction, composed of individuals whose relationships are fungible and who have no strong relationship to place, history, or the generations stretching between the past and the future......

The decline and fall of the "Rust Belt" is the story Deneen told with that last paragraph.  Corporate entities absconded with the money, so to speak, into Asia, Central and South America, and Red China.  That's "a mobile society" which has "no strong relationship to place, history, or generations."  See, e.g.,  J.D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy if you want to know the results of that infidelity.

His conclusion prophesies the advent of both gender ideology and the Tranny Crazy:

....the modern corporation and gay marriage arise from the same basic ethos:  you are an individual, a consumer, and there should be no limitation on your pursuit of personal satisfaction, including obstacles in nature (biological or environmental) or morality (norms regarding sex or discouragements to greed.)  The ecology for both modern economics and modern marriage is one of untethered consumptive individualism.  If a corporation speaks out against gay marriage, it is 'inappropriately mixing morality and business'; if a corporation lobbies in favor of gay marriage, it is 'practicing good business.'... 

...The Left likes to point to young people, who heavily favor gay marriage, as the embodiment of a progressive worldview.  But might be that...........raised in a world in which they are not to judge, in which toleration easily shades into indifference, can we really be surprised that we are increasingly a society that officially sanctions the rule of the strong over the weak?  .....

Or--as we are seeing--the abjuring of marriage altogether, or the raising of cats or dogs instead of children?

Those old Judaeo-Christian morals--those of traditional Catholics, Orthodox Jews, and certain bodies of Protestants--are creating trouble for the marriage of Corporations and State, which--we remind you--is the definition of Fascism.

Jobs Jump, But Where??

The market reacted positively to the announcement that jobs had jumped upward.

But looking at the chart of "Where" is not very encouraging.  Taking care of sick and elderly is #1, and Totalitarianism is #2.  Worse than that?  Manufacturing is losing jobs.  (And the formatting here doesn't like MSNBC graphics!)

The horizontal bar chart shows job creation statistics for May 2023, broken down by sector.

Some Advisories Are Lies