Thursday, February 21, 2019

Evers Goes BabyKiller With OUR Money

Didn't take him long to go all babykiller, did it??

Governor Tony Evers announced today his intention to restore public funding to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, the state’s largest abortion provider, as part of his state biennial budget proposal. His so-called “Healthy Women, Healthy Babies” initiative would eliminate current law provisions that redirect federal Title X and Title V Maternal and Child Health family planning funds away from organizations that perform or refer for abortions.
The font is red, for blood.

Some of us may have to visit Madison to remind our Leggies--emphatically, if required--that they will NOT be spending OUR money to kill more babies.

I'm sure the Uihlein (Schlitz) money will be buying as many Democrats as possible; it's what that money does, you know....but personal visits are effective, too.

Abp. Listecki's "Abortion Is Evil" Letter

It is always gratifying when a Catholic Archbishop publishes a letter condemning abortion and the Democrat politicians who legislate, facilitate, and finance it.

So here's a big THANKS to Abp. Listecki.

But wait:  read the letter, find out that you, a voter, are responsible for this if you voted for the Democrats.

Then read the comments section where some raise the question:  is it merely coincidence that the Archbishop pushes out a pro-life letter while he's also running his annual fund-raiser?   Hmmmmm??

The Archbishop can instruct his priests to denounce abortion and the Democrats who legislate, facilitate, and finance it.  But I show up weekly for Mass and hear "Abortion bad!!!".......well........maybe once a year.

The Archbishop can instruct his priests to denounce artificial contraception--a KNOWN precursor of abortion--but I have not heard such a sermon in 20 or more years.  

We hear all sorts of homilies about the Scripture readings.  Guess which Scripture passages are NOT in the three-year cycle--or if they are there, are NEVER a sermon-topic?   (Hint:  Jeremiah 1:5,  Isaiah 49:1, Job 31:15, Ps. 139: 13-14; Lamentations 4:3, etc.)

The Archbishop has plenty of weapons.  Maybe he should use more than one, eh?

Ben Shapiro Gets It, Mostly...

Ben Shapiro spoke to a gathering of Catholic executives a couple of weeks ago.

...Shapiro spoke on how to create positive religious values in a secular world. While identifying three specific threats, he said: “Unfortunately, the attacks on Catholics have come first and foremost,” adding, “It’s really fascinating to watch, not just from a Jewish perspective. Usually, we’re the first on the hit list. Now it’s you guys.”...

...Shapiro said that the Enlightenment did not spring up suddenly in the 1700s, but was a result of thousands of years of Jewish and Christian belief that stems from the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount and created the modern world. There are some people, Shapiro said, who ignore that these are the foundations of the systems that brought about smart-phones and other technologies....

So far, so good; that summation is only disputed by the semi-educated.  They are loud and have the megaphone of the Press, but they are ignorant.

But then Ben falls off the rails.

...“What they don’t see is that their iPhone is the result of free market capitalism that is rooted in a vision of individual value and that individual value didn’t come out of nowhere: it came from God,” Shapiro said. “These are the values that undergird the way we see things in the West,” he said....
Errrmmmhhhhh.....Ben, my friend, "free market capitalism" had nothing to do with Lemaitre, Mendel, Bacon, Copernicus, (et al.)  Capitalism pure, like socialism, is opposed to the Church's genuine social teaching, that which is found in the encyclicals of Leo XIII, Pius XI, (etc.)  Wiki has a decent summary:

...Catholic social doctrine has always tried to find an equilibrium between respect for human liberty, including the right to private property and subsidiarity, and concern for the whole society, including the weakest and poorest...
Thus, the Church condemns both pure capitalism (free-market) and pure socialism. 

Otherwise, Ben, pretty good stuff.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Model for Renewable Energy FAIL!

While today's "Wisconsin Business" e-news runs a propaganda-piece for "renewable" (translate:  unreliable) energy, the reality of same is playing out in Australia.  It's VERY expensive, and it doesn't work very well--if at all.

...Australians once enjoyed affordable power, reliably delivered: the chaotic delivery of wind and solar changed all that. Australian power prices have rocketed out-of-control: its wind and solar power capital, South Australia pays the highest electricity prices, in the world.

Mass power cuts (aka load shedding and demand management) and mass blackouts are the new normal. And yet, the lunatics responsible are hell-bent on doubling down to deliver the final and fatal blow to Australia’s Eastern Grid (geographically, the largest interconnected power grid on the planet).
As Jo Nova explains, electricity generation and delivery is a finely balanced thing; and the sudden massive surges and collapses that are part and parcel of wind and solar generation are taking their toll, with much worse to come....

Do-Nothing Congress Whines About Emergency

There's a lot of whining and wailing going on here from Wisconsin (R) folks over Trump's emergency declaration.

Ron Johnson gets it about half-right:

...Ron Johnson, who chairs the Senate homeland security committee, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that, “past Congresses have given any executive, any administration, way too much power....

The other half?  Congress specializes in doing NOTHING--laying off all responsibility to agencies and departments as well as Presidents--so that they can get re-elected.  Another way to phrase it:  Congressmen actively AVOID doing the right thing.

Paul Ryan knows all the ways to get nothing done while posing for holy pictures, just like Mitch McConnell.

By the way, RoJo voted FOR this 'continuing resolution'--the one which provides NOTHING for a wall and jacks up the national debt, again.  

Trump to Dump Obozo Fuel Economy Regs

For a number of years, the state of California--the land of fruits and nuts--has largely governed fuel economy standards for the USA.  What California wanted, everyone else got, right or wrong.

The California Crazy-Train regs include a demand for "50 by '50":  a 50 mile/gallon fleet average fuel economy by 2050.  Since automakers cannot predict consumer activity--like preferring large crossovers and pickup trucks to teeny-tiny battery cars, and since internal-combustion economies are pushing the edge, they had asked for a rollback.

They'll get one.  EPA will announce its own standards soon.  California?  Well, who knows?

WaPo Slammed w/$250MM Defamation Suit

Nick Sandmann's lawyer makes a statement.

It's about damn time.

The Ugly Americans, Again

No surprise that Andrea Mitchell is an ugly American, and the rumors of Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher's stupid, rude, and crude behavior are not merely rumors.  But one would think that Mike Pompeo would know better; as it turns out, nope.

Netanyahu claims "a slip of the tongue" as his defense for his colossally stupid statement.

All this is set forth here, including this reminder paragraph about the reality of WWII:

...No one in Poland will forget that the Germans and the Soviets killed about 6 million Polish citizens, including nearly 3 million Polish Christians, overwhelmingly Catholics. The perpetrators were chiefly German Nazis. What Poland’s distinguished guests and foreign media have perpetrated in Warsaw this month not only smacks of historical revisionism....

Insulting and demeaning Catholic Poles and Poland seems to be the order of the day for some in the US and Israel.  

Trump himself seems to know better, anyway.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

DiGenova: Paulie-Boy Ryan "An Idiot"

Joe DiGenova has testes.  Paul Ryan does not.  DeGenova also claims that Ryan is an idiot.

By the way, Glenn Grothmann (R-WI) has had a sudden and very obvious conversion from toady-Ryan supporter to "conservative."

That makes him trustworthyDon't bet on it.

Notre Dame Insanity Department

Notre Dame University sponsored a discussion about the murder called "abortion". 

Insanity prevailed.

...After showing students pro-abortion propaganda, two University of Notre Dame faculty members suggested that the pro-life movement is fuelled by white supremacy....

...Dianne Pinderhughes, a Notre Dame professor of political science, began a panel discussion of Reversing Roe by stating that pro-lifers were most likely to be those who want to keep America “white.”

...Pam Butler, the associate director of Notre Dame’s gender studies program, agreed that pro-life activism springs from white supremacist beliefs.

“(Abortion) got politicized in a moment of a white supremacist strategy of the right wing of the Republican Party to mobilize a very specific set of evangelical Christians in the United States as a base,” she said. ...
So the Inconvenient Truth that most of the murdered babies are BLACK ........well.........they left that out of the discussion. 

Pro-LIFE educator Ryan Bomberger:

“It’s a bizarre form of projection as they defend a violent institution actually birthed in eugenic racism and elitism. What worldview does the University of Notre Dame even hold to hire those whose extremist ideology is in direct conflict with Catholicism?”

Mr. Bomberger, Notre Dame holds the Land'O'Lakes worldview:  no Catholics, nor Catholic views, need apply.

MacBeth was about murder, the spot that would not 'out', and also featured three witches, just like the linked article....that's not a co-incidence, friends.  Double, double, toil, and trouble....

Monday, February 18, 2019

Cop Lied, 4 Cops Paid For It

The Houston event just gets more tragic.

...In the search warrant that was used to justify entering the home, officers with the Houston Police Department’s narcotics unit had alleged that a confidential informant had bought heroin at the house the day before the Jan. 28 raid. The informant had also allegedly seen a handgun in the home.

But according to an affidavit filed as part of the ongoing investigation into the raid and made public Friday, the informant told investigators he or she had not bought any drugs at the home and had not been involved in any work leading up to the raid....quoted at Captain's place
The lying cop got himself and three other cops shot--not to mention the two occupants of the house, who were killed. 

This kind of thing has exactly the same long-term effect as does Smollet's claim.  LEO's must have credibility to do their job; pissing it away like this cop did......well........

Gallagher Asks a Good Question!

Cong. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) asks a very good question:

Why do we have a Congress?

We have a Congress so that facile liars can obtain a little power, threaten constituents with retribution for NOT contributing to campaign funds, "earn" a fairly nice living with excellent benefits, and avoid/evade/shirk responsibility for anything, blaming it all on 1) the other guys; 2) the courts; 3) the President; or 4) the damnfool citizens.

There you go, Mike.  That's your answer.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Establishment Twit: Russia Monomaniac

When you hear someone yapping and drooling about "Russia Russia Russia," you're hearing an Establishment Twit.  They are usually One-World/New World Order squirrels, too; as a result, they face Brussels to pray, not the US which provides their rather fat living. 

Normal people who didn't go to an Ivy League school, nor drink the Magic PixieDust water of Mordor on the Potomac, understand that Red China and Iran are actual threats.  They understand that because Red China has tried very hard to de-industrialize the entire USA, and Iran is run by religious nutjobs who also happen to believe a nutjob's religion, which is determined to wipe out adherents of any OTHER religion.

THOSE are threats.

McCain 'splains the rest of the Twit Fairy Tale here; it's Globaloney all over again.

...This obsession with preserving the European Union explains why the same people who hate Trump also oppose “Brexit,” because a re-assertion of British sovereignty threatens the E.U.-centric mentality of the elite, in quite the same way that Trump’s “America first” approach offends those who want to see the U.S. “lead from behind.” Even though Andrew McCabe was never elected or appointed to any post that would require him to have an opinion on U.S. foreign policy, it is obvious that the former deputy FBI director had absorbed the establishment elite’s worldview, including their paranoid fear of Russian influence....
Perjurer McCabe, the shitball perjurer Comey, the Communist perjurer Brennan, and damn near every Obozo appointee in the FedGov are part of this bunch, and the next generation of them has Occasional-Cortex as their leader.

Think about that.

"Border Bishops": HUH??

The "border Bishops" of the Church do not like The Wall.

..."In our view, a border wall is first and foremost a symbol of division and animosity between two friendly countries. Furthermore, the wall would be an ineffective use of resources at a time of financial austerity; it would also would destroy parts of the environment, disrupt the livelihoods of ranchers and farmers, weaken cooperation and commerce between border communities, and, at least in one instance, undermine the right to the freedom of worship," said the statement...

Lots to fisk, eh?

First off, it's not "a symbol of division and animosity"; it IS a division but it has nothing to do with "animosity."  The "division" is exactly analogous to the locked door(s) in your respective residences, chancery offices, and churches, boys.

Second:  WHAT "financial austerity" are you talking about?  Trump--like Obozo--is a spendthrift.  In the highly unlikely event that you disapprove of Big Spending By Government, we may agree.  But I know better.  You love Government money-spending.  Stop the innocent-little-girl act.

Third"Destroy the Environment?  Be serious.  If The Wall is 2,000 miles long (it won't be) and if there is a TWO HUNDRED FOOT bare-ground space next to the wall, that's only 26,500 acres (or so) of "destruction.The USA occupies 1.9 BILLION acres.  If you're all that concerned, go plant a garden next to The Wall.  Be sure to maintain it.  (Quick question:  how much "environmental destruction" is done by your impervious-asphalt church parking lots, Excellencies??  Hmmmmm??)  UPDATE:  Looks like only 200 miles of border wall, so only a microscopic 2,650 acres of nuclear-grade environmental destruction, boys.

Fourth:  Prostitution and drug-sales in Juarez are doing just fine, even with The Wall which separates it from El Paso.  Legitimate business and governmental cooperation will continue, just as is the case in that sector.  Perhaps you've heard of "telephones" and "wireless", the Internet, "trucks" and "cars"?

Finally, if you are really concerned with "freedom to worship," Excellencies, how many Extraordinary Form Masses are available EVERY WEEK in each of your Dioceses?  (HINT:  An answer of "Ten or Less" automatically means that YOU prevent "freedom to worship.")

Maybe you'd best be concerned with the eternal salvation of souls and a bunch of evangelization, eh?  You certainly don't want to be like the South American Bishops, whose congregations ran off to the Fundies, do you?

By the way:  find someone with more than college-sophomore intellect to write your press releases, please!  You're embarrassing Catholics with this drivel.  

Milwaukee's LOUSY Snow Removal

Hand it to Channel Four for presenting actual (not fake!!) news on this matter.

Nutshell:  snow removal in the City of Milwaukee has been horrible.  The reporter here went beyond the old "people didn't move their cars" excuse which DPW loves to use because,........well,.........lots of cars were ticketed and towed.

And STILL the streets are narrowed, with serious visibility problems created by immense piles of snow.

So what does DPW have to say?

...Fifty-eight plow trucks had issues or broken equipment during snow operations this week according to DPW. They also revealed that they're short about 45 plow drivers. And, the drivers it currently employs, have no more than five years of experience....
IOW--and sadly, unmentioned by the reporter--Barrett's budgets cut back on maintenance, new equipment, and compensation scales for DPW.  

But to make up for it, Barrett gave the City a new CHOO CHOO TRAIN!!

Another city with 90++ years of Democrat and Socialist governance going down the Infrastructure Porcelain Tubes.  Here's my shocked!! face.....

OK, Beetle O'Rourke, Let's Tear Down That Wall!!

Apparently "Beetle" O'Rourke, who failed as a $70 million Senate candidate, thinks the the border wall should be torn down.

Donald Trump, who succeeded as a Presidential candidate, wants to build a lot more wall.

So let's compromise!!

Donald Trump can build all the wall we need to reduce or eliminate foreign invaders, criminals, drug traffickers, child-sex traffickers, and MS-13 gang members.........


....around El Paso, where the President will accede to "Beetle's" wishes and tear it all down.

See!  We can compromise and be friends.  This will give "Beetle" and the Bishop of El Paso, +Mark Seitz, lots of opportunity for the personal charity they both espouse.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Trump: THE Pro-Life President

There has not been a President who is so pro-life as Donald Trump in the last 50 years.  We all know that the Bushes were fake pro-lifers; the Democrats?  well.....  And there are very few REAL pro-life (R) Senators and Congressmen.


The Country-Club Establishment--as Rush Limbaugh has been saying for years--is firmly pro-abortion.  That was the position of the "enlightened" Republicans beginning in the early 1900's, and it has not changed one whit.  And for you who argue that the Bushes would not countenance infanticide, I remind you that a dead baby remains a dead baby. 

So it takes a somewhat-haphazard Presbyterian church member with a checkered sexual history to stand up for the babies.

And he does!

The night before last week’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Donald Trump was hosting religious leaders and lawmakers for dinner at the White House when he spotted Democratic Senator Chris Coons — and pounced.

Trump confronted the Delaware lawmaker — who attended the event as the Prayer Breakfast’s official Democratic co-chair — over the issue of abortion, creating a tense scene in the White House’s Blue Room, according to three sources familiar with the exchange.

Trump leaned in close to Coons, who calls himself “a practicing Christian and a devout Presbyterian,” and laced into the Democratic senator over controversial moves to change statewide policies on abortion that have roiled New York and Virginia politics in recent weeks. “He was in his face about it,” said one person familiar with the exchange. The person described Trump as extremely “worked up.”

“He saw a Democrat in the room, a Democrat who’s known to be a person of faith, and he was like, ‘Why aren't you speaking out about this?’” the source added.

Another source who was in the room confirmed the account, describing the moment as both “awkward” and attention-grabbing. Rarely has Trump been so vocal about abortion when the masses aren’t watching, this person said...
. Remnant quoting MSNBC
Ann Coulter, soon to be a rabid cat-lady, doesn't like his border deal.  Charlie Sykes doesn't like anything about him.  The WarMonger Brothers, Kristol and Boot, want the US Army in Iran.  None of them understand priorities. 

Donald Trump DOES understand priorities.

To life!!  La'chayim!!  CHOOSE LIFE!!


RoJo: That's Not Who We Are.

Dear Senator Johnson,

Recently, you voted for a CR which:

1)  Expands child-sex trafficking;
2)  Continues the fatal dope-trafficking business;
3)  Reduces Border Patrol authority to confine suspicious illegal invaders;
4)  Turns on the green light for other invaders of the USA;
5)  Invites MS-13 members to continue colonizing major US cities.

That's Not Who We Are, Ron.  FOUR Wisconsin Republican Congressmen voted against it; but YOU voted with Mark Pocan, Tammy Baldwin (the Catholic-hater), Gwen Moore, and Ron (the Faker) Kind.

What in Hell is the matter with you, Ron?


Actual Conservatives.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Sen. Menendez' Affliction

News item:

Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez made the extraordinary claim Thursday that President Donald Trump could be “an agent of the Russian Federation.”...

More proof that syphilis makes you insane.

Netanyahu Channels Kristol and Boot: WAR!!!!

Since Captain Billy Kristol and Max Bootlicker have lost all influence in the US (except for the other War Party crazies), Benny Netanyahu has decided it's time to step up.

“What is important about this meeting – and this meeting is not in secret, because there are many of those – is that this is an open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries, that are sitting down together with Israel in order to advance the common interest of war with Iran.” Netanyahu said....

"Common interest,", eh?

Speak for yourself, Benny.

Liar's Club

The fun begins!!

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein rejected allegations made by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to CBS News that he and other officials discussed removing the president via the 25th amendment after he fired James Comey, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) statement.

“As to the specific portions of this interview provided to the Department of Justice by 60 Minutes in advance, the Deputy Attorney General again rejects Mr. McCabe’s recitation of events as inaccurate and factually incorrect,” the statement said....

It's not hard to conclude that every single person at the higher levels of Government are liars.

But even Burlington wouldn't want them as residents.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nancy "Big Talker" Warns Gun Owners....

The more-than-ripe old bat from California emits a drooled warning from between her implanted teeth.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) fiercely attacked President Trump on Thursday after Senator McConnell said Trump will declare a national emergency to secure border wall funding....

Here's the fun part:

...Pelosi then took her rhetoric to the next level and attacked the 2nd Amendment. Pelosi warned Republicans that the next president could declare a national emergency on guns,...
 Heh.  While I'm not as wrinkled and fetid as Nancy "Big Talk", by 2024 or so I'll be very friendly with the local funeral director.  Strictly precautionary, of course.

But if some Democrat President goes for national confiscation, I won't have much to lose if there's a hail of bullets.


 The Gummint 'confiscators,' however, may have young families.


Smollet's Full of Crap

Yah, yah, I know; only 99 people in the country knew who this turkey was before the "attack."

And in about 6 weeks, it'll be back down to those 99.

He didn't want to lose his job, so he hired/conspired with a couple of BLACK GUYS to come up with the "MAGA attack." 


Illegal? Fail a Gun-Check? "No Problem" Say Democrats

Fuggedabout whether this asinine crap will become law (it won't); just focus on the Democrat hatred of US citizens.  And it has a land mine besides that.

The House Judiciary Committee passed legislation known as the Bipartisan Background Check Act Thursday that would mandate background checks on all gun sale transactions and most transfers in the United States....

...Democrats, however, voted down one such amendment that would notify ICE authorities when an illegal alien fails a background check to purchase a firearm....
Got that?  The illegals attempting an illegal gun purchase will walk.


As to the crapola "law" here, Republicans note that it is not enforceable.   So the Democrats have a land-mine solution:

The Daily Caller asked Rep. Jeffries how enforcement could work with the bill and he responded, “The Department of Justice and the FBI will have primary responsibility for enforcing the requirements that we hope will be enacted into law consistent with the values of the overwhelming majority of the American people.”...

IOW, it will be up to folks like Eric Holder, fascist consigliere, and James Comey, perjurer and all-around jackass, to regulate U S citizens into compliance.

Which FEEB wants to play the "raid" game first?  Are they married??  

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ruthie? Is This YOU??

Ace of Spades has a picture.  Many have asked if it is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Like Drugs? Vote Open Borders!!

The Koch Brothers-Pelosi-Schumer Open Borders results are coming in.

...DEA Special Agent in Charge Robert Murphy told Conservative Review that his office busted a methamphetamine lab run by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva GeneraciĆ³n (CJNG) in an affluent suburb near Atlanta. He called the operation “huge and sophisticated.”

“We knew they were in the process of making a major cook and it was going to hit the streets,” Murphy told the reporter. “We had no idea we were going to find the size and sophistication of what we found. They were taking the liquid meth that had crossed over the border in Texas and converting it back into solid meth.”...
Probably a lot of Democrat voters, too...

 “Only one person was in the country on some sort of legal status, and they were all working for (CJNG),” the DEA agent explained. “Mexican nationals absolutely control the entire methamphetamine smuggling process, and it’s all coming from the border – from the smuggling and the processing and the initial distribution all the way through the mid-level of trafficking.”

“There’s a nonstop flow of illegals willing to make the trip over for the amount of money they are going to earn from the cartels,” he stated....
Remember the Good Old Days when the only thing immigrants brought in was their family and their willingness to Be Americans?  

Kalifornia ChooChoo Kaput

The current Governor of California--unlike his predecessor--knows how to add and subtract.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday in his “State of the State” address at the California State Capitol in Sacramento that he would abandon the state’s high-speed rail system because it was too expensive....

That's the reason he gives.  The real reason is this:  tax revenues in his State are dropping rapidly as people get out of there.  So yah, the choochoo is too expensive, when you consider the wrong-way-curve of taxes.

That sound you heard was Occasional-Cortex slamming her hand on the table.

Zounds! Macron Doesn't Like Us!

As usual, Bloomberg is clutching pearls and hits the fainting couch like a sack of age-wrinkled potatoes.

...A White House contact had warned Macron that Donald Trump was about to announce the pullout of U.S. troops from Syria.

Such a decision would be a body-blow to U.S. allies in the European Union. It risked releasing hundreds of Islamic State veterans and giving Russia’s Vladimir Putin influence over the flow of refugees which has fueled a populist backlash in the EU.  For Macron, it heightened his concerns that the U.S. might back away from another, more sacred commitment: the NATO defense alliance.

As Macron prepared for a call with the White House that evening, his view on Syria was informed by a broader realization after 18 months of frustrating efforts to woo Trump: EU leaders can no longer rely on the U.S. to help underpin European security....

Well, that's what the Globaloney-Bloomberg-Bushmen-NeverTrump bunch want you to think, anyway.

Reality check:  the "flow of refugees" is entirely the fault of Merkel, May, and Macron.  Orange Man Bad has nothing to do with it, and Putin's "control" is marginal at best.  Merkel, May, and Macron want open borders, they've retained open borders, and they are in big trouble with the actual citizens of their countries.

As to the US 'helping to underpin European security,' that's just bullshit.  However, it would be very nice if those leaky jackwads coughed up the cash they "promised" towards joint defense, eh?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Where In the World Is...........

Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Invisible for 53 days as of today.

"Honorable" Mueller: a Very Expensive Fraud

Screw him, screw the Feebs, and screw US "prosecutors" who suck our blood and show nothing.

“I don't think there'll be a report,” John Dowd told ABC News in a wide-ranging interview for the premiere episode of "The Investigation," a new podcast focused on the probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. “I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public, other than ‘We're done.’”

Dowd was Trump's defense lawyer for a big chunk of "Honorable Mueller"'s investigation.

...“I know exactly what [Mueller] has,” Dowd said. “I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said. I know exactly what he asked. And I know what the conclusion or the result is,” he said, describing the sweeping efforts by Trump’s legal team to assess the case by speaking to dozens of witnesses. Based on that knowledge, Dowd said, “there's no basis. There's no exposure. It's been a terrible waste of time.”...
....Ehhhh....not so fast.

For $30 million, that bastard OWES us a report.

Some Bootlicking from Automotive News

Since Automotive News is a trade rag, you can expect that it will slavishly repeat whatever its auto-manufacturer (read:  sources of news) tell it to repeat.

And sure enough the news story today is that Buicks from Red China and spare parts built in Lower East Noplace-istan are VITAL, we say VITAL to the future of Detroit's current oligarchs.\

And their dealers, of course.

These damn fools think that you're dumber than they are:

Ford Motor Co. and General Motors each have said the levies have canceled out $1 billion in profit already.....
As we mentioned earlier, that "$1 Billion" needs context, so how about this:  the overall cost-of-doing-business for GM was much, much, much, much moreabout $134 BILLION last year.

The whine from Detroit is obnoxious, especially since in GM's case they're still using taxpayer money to export the jobs.....

Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned...

Unburden yourself from new sins!

[Pope] Francis noticed that he has rarely heard penitents accusing themselves in confession of having violated nature, the earth, or creation, because “we are not yet aware of this sin.”...
"Father, I farted in my home 3 times in the last week, once grievously.  This offended my current wife--you know her, Katie, the one I've taken up with following my civil divorce."

"OK.  For your penance, do NOT drive your car for three days.  Say hello to Katie for me.  Go in peace."

The New Scam: Sue US for Being Illegal

These "parents" tortured their children and expect US citizens to pay for it.

Six illegal immigrant families filed multi-million dollar claims Monday against the Trump administration over last year’s family separations, saying they need the money to pay for counseling and other medical care to heal from the “torture” they said they suffered....
The best thing that could happen?  Take the children permanently and drop the parents off at their home country.  And I mean "drop."  We have helicopters.

"Beetle" O'Rourke's Mexican-Flag Rally

Well, sure, he's a rich-kid who married up, and he has Irish blood.

But those Mexican flags at his rally (which was held in the USA) are the flags he prefers.

"Dealer-Less" Car-Sales? Heh.

Elon Musk is a legend in his own mind, but he has a lot of guppies on Wall Street who push his company's stock.  That's because Wall Street and the real world are quite separate, as we've learned from Donald Trump.


Musk--in his idiocy--wanted nothing to do with car dealers because he had a better plan.  Well, yes, it's better for Musk--but not for his customers.

...Tesla customers in recent months have been venting on social media about trouble getting repair appointments, long waits for those fixes and flaws in newly delivered vehicles, whether they are the paint job or cracks in windows.

In interviews, several Model 3 buyers recounted their frustration with waiting for parts to arrive at body shops. David Kim of San Jose said he is still waiting for his Model 3 to come out of the shop after a collision in September. He said he was told by Tesla’s call center a few weeks ago that the auto maker was focusing its attention on making new cars.

David Kim’s Tesla Model 3 was damaged in a collision last September in the Los Angeles area; he is still waiting for it to come out of the shop....--Breitbart quoting WSJ
It ain't just body parts, either.  Mechanical and electric stuff goes wrong too, and when it does in SE Wisconsin, your new Tesla gets towed to CHICAGO.  We all love driving to CHICAGO, no?

I spent a very interesting hour with a mid-level manager from a very large auto-dealer services outfit:  Cox Automotive.  During that time, he explained to me that in 10-20 years, there will be no car dealers at all; that the manufacturers would simply sell direct to consumers, no problem, no fuss, no muss.

There are SO many things wrong with the assumptions underlying that assertion that it would be three more blog-posts; suffice it to say that I hope he buys a couple of Teslas for his family. 

Self-Driving Trucks? No, Thanks

It appears that "self-driving" cars are having a spot of trouble.

...Safety Research & Strategies Inc. reports that a new analysis of data related to car crashes involving Tesla vehicles autopilot feature has brought into question previous claims made by the NHTSA about the safety of Tesla vehicles. The government originally claimed that the autopilot feature reduced crashes by about 40 percent, while the new analysis finds a 59 percent increase in airbag deployments....

Granted:  GM, Ford, and Google (and, reportedly, Apple) are still in test-and-refine stages with their "self-drivers," so Tesla's miserable track record may not be a good comparison.

But there's another difference:  a fully-loaded 18-wheeler weighs FORTY TONS.  Eighty-thousand pounds.  If you are in the wrong place when one of them goes rogue, all the airbags on earth won't save your sorry ass--nor that of your wife and children.

The Libertarian Dream: "No Americans Need Apply"

So happens that I have some understanding of the IT biz, so Koch Brothers/Ultra-Libertarian dreams are familiar to me.

...A plan known as the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act introduced in the Senate by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Sen. Kamala Harris (R-CA), as well as Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), would eliminate the U.S. country caps in the legal immigration system that would fast track outsourcing of white-collar American jobs to mostly Indian and Chinese nationals imported to the country by businesses, outsourcing firms, and multinational corporations....

This would likely result in about 300,000 additional IT imports within 12 months or so.

It's a very large extension of the current situation, wherein Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel (and lots of others, such as Fiserv, GE Medical, and Deluxe Data) hire imported labor.  Usually, these people are indentured servants because their green-card is tied to their employer:  if they quit or are fired, they are tossed out of the USA.

The scheme is very simple:  the US company will invent a "job description" which can ONLY be filled by foreign nationals by (for example) specifying software only used at the hiring firm and only "taught" offshore.  Convenient, eh?  The second way?  Offer a pay package which is horrible to a US native with college debt, but which is just fine for an immigrant sharing a 2-bedroom apartment with 4 other indentured servants.

As Tucker Carlson said:  if the US economy does not support US families, change it. 

The Koch Brothers and their allies in Government have it slightly different:  if US workers impair our profits, change THEM.

I'm sure Charlie Sykes will be along to tell us we're wrong.

More Crapola From FakeNews!

Reading Bloomberg's business paper is like reading news from another planet.  I suppose that's because it IS from another planet:  Mikeanus, (near Uranus), which is also in another galaxy.

See if you can find the propaganda trick here:

Sentiment among U.S. small businesses slumped in January to the lowest level since Donald Trump became president, as the economic outlook weakened amid the longest-ever U.S. government shutdown.

The National Federation of Independent Business’s optimism index fell 3.2 points to 101.2, the lowest since November 2016,...

Found it?  OK, then, I highlighted the trickery and deceit in red.

Sure enough, if you look at the NFIB chart, you'll find that under Obozo The Terrible, the NFIB chart was NEVER ABOVE 90.

Yah, that shutdown was terrible not a BFD at all.

Taxpayers Starving in the Streets

The FakeNews--even here in SE Wisconsin--is filled with Democrat operatives reading stories from the Pelosi Playbook.

According to them, taxpayers are starving in the streets due to tiny little refunds which are hardly enough to purchase a Mickey D meal, let alone three of them.

News anchors Script-readers evince concern as they desperately search through the streets for taxpayers who may have fallen down and cannot get up.  Some are reportedly asking "Where's the Beef??" as they enter their final agonies.

Children, shoeless and wearing rags, curse Trump for what he has done to them and their parents.

"Orange Man Bad!!"  They shout, echoing Fake News Script-Readers.

Thus ends the United States of America.