Saturday, June 15, 2024

Isn't This a Bad Thing?

All this time we thought that "targeting" civilian stuff is a bad thing.  Like--you know--targeting music festivals.  And when did Lebanon become a formal combatant?


The Acerbic Mr. Surber vs. Pubbie Twits

 Don Surber notes this item.

ITEM 15: MAGA Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna tweeted, “I am introducing legislation today to make our foods less toxic. Millions of Americans consume poisonous food dyes and sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup daily. I’m putting an end to that. I urge my colleagues to join me in this VITAL legislation.”

Not a ban on tranny surgery for kids.

Not a ban on government agencies using social media companies to censor conservatives.

Not a ban on the FBI spying on critics.

No, she wants to outlaw Peeps, a snack that make people happy. Maybe she believes MAGA is an acronym for Make America Grumpy Again....

Luna is a typical Republican congress-twit.  Next, she'll intro legislation requiring tire-pressure checks before traveling in your car.  If you can't prove you did them, you'll be fined and incarcerated. 

And she'll talk about "safety."

Crenshaw Cries Himself a River

 The article here is rather polite about Crenshaw, calling him "insufferable."

Actually, Crenshaw is a POS who plays on his Purple Heart and fools a lot of people with it.  Of course, you may want to live without a Fourth Amendment, or without the $100 BILLION++ that Crenshaw sent to Kiev's bureaucrat pensioners and the Marvelous Tropical Island Housing account of the Zelenskiy Governing Racketeers.  If that's the case, then Crenshaw is your man.

Why is Crenshaw's nose out of joint?  Because he didn't get appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).  Why is that?

Because Speaker Johnson actually did something right:  he took Trump's advice and appointed Scott Perry (R-PA) to the slot.  Perry is--for the time being--not compromised by the Three-Letter Insubordinates; he may actually do some good on that Committee.

But then, it''s D.C.; they'll make up some story to get him outta there.

Meantime, screw Crenshaw.

More Presstitution

 Think the Presstitutes only attack Trump?

Think again.  They also attack Right Order.