Friday, October 18, 2019

Second Graf, Lying Starts

The local rag reprints a WaPo slander of the President.

And it only took until the second graf to start!!

...Over two weeks of closed-door testimony, a clear portrait has emerged of a president personally orchestrating the effort to pressure a foreign government to dig up dirt on a potential 2020 political rival — and marshaling the full resources of the federal bureaucracy to help in that endeavor....
If it was "closed-door," where did the "clear portrait" come from, Ashley???

No, Trump did not ask Ukraine to "dig up dirt on a .....rival."  He asked them to help the US Attorney to obtain evidence of UKRAINIAN interference in the '16 election.   (By the way, Biden will not be 'the rival' in the race, dumbass.)

"Marshaling.....full resources of ....bureaucracy"--by which you mean what?  The A.G.?  Because that's all we have over there.

The local rag prints honest death notices.  And local box scores.  The rest?  Meh.

Oh, Beto!! Beto!!

Stolen from the Captain

Yovanovitch: Agent of Obama/Clinton

The ex-ambassador to Ukraine is named Yovanovitch.

Rhymes with........yah, that's it.

She was dirtier than coke-head-poon-hound OR his daddy, believe it or not.

Nasty piece of work, about like Susan Rice or that Rasputin-figure Obama kept around the house, Valerie Jarrett.

Shooting Was Too Good for Him

News Item:

Connie Serbu, 43, has been charged with the second-degree murder of Xavier Sierra, 18, after allegedly luring him into an isolated area in July 2016.

That was after Sierra had raped her six-year-old daughter.

Killing him with a gun was far more merciful than what the rapist deserved.  I kinda like the punishment which begins with "Grasp the rusty butter-knife in your strong hand......"

Abortion Maims AND Kills

Well, "maims" isn't precisely correct--but it sure as Hell damages the women who had one.

For the study, researchers analyzed data on 877,000 women, including 164,000 who had an abortion. They found women who had an abortion experienced an 81 percent increased risk for mental problems. Women who had an abortion were 34 percent more likely to develop an anxiety disorder, 37 percent more likely to experience depression, 110 percent more likely to abuse alcohol, 155 percent more likely to commit suicide, and 220 percent more likely to use marijuana. Nearly 10 percent of the problems could be attributed to abortion, the authors concluded.--quoted at AOSHQ

Not to mention the babies who were chopped up in the process.

Pray for the country.

12 Show Up for "Protest"

Looks like Ms. Ortiz/Voces is losing influence.

Channel 6 provides a video of a "protest" at which some twerp DEMANDED that the Milwaukee Police Department never assist ICE in apprehending illegals.

12 whole people.  Wow.

Maybe the Hispanic residents of Milwaukee are wise to Ortiz' grift.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brazilian Bishops Take Ford Foundation Money

Instead of saying "Ford Foundation gives money to Brazilian Bishops' entities," let's put the truth this way:  "Brazilian Bishops Take Ford Foundation Money."

Better perspective, I think.  Now to the news!!

...A missionary council for indigenous peoples run by the Brazilian bishops’ conference has received almost $2 million from the pro-abortion Ford Foundation since 2006, a Brazilian journalist has revealed....

...[Ford Foundation] is also well known for its overt support for abortion rights and gender ideology. In 2016, for example, it supported a rally outside the Supreme Court opposing Texas legislation that required abortion facilities to meet specific medical standards, which would have resulted in the closing down of state abortion facilities if the Supreme Court hadn’t subsequently struck down the law. The foundation is also a vocal supporter of gender ideology and LGBT activism....
It's also well-known in Detroit that if one intends to advance within Ford Motor Company, one damn well better be a member of the Masons(And yes, I know that Ford Motor is not the same as Ford Foundation.  But I'll go with 'fruit of the poison tree.')


There is NO SUCH THING as a FREE LUNCH.  The only question here is "what did the Brazilian Bishops give to Ford in return for the money?"

By the way, it appears that a Brazilian Cardinal is waaaaayyyyy too friendly with Communist revolutionaries, and has been for 20 years or so.


And he's not the ONLY Brazilian Cardinal with extreme Lefty pals.


Pray for Bolsonaro, the NOT-Communist President of Brazil, and pray for the ordinary Catholics in that country, that someday their Cardinals will be actually Catholic.

How to Handle Protests

In London, a bunch of "climate" protesters held up the subway.

This was inconvenient to Normies-With-Jobs.

So they did what they SHOULD do:

They were kind enough not to place the jerk directly in the path of a train.

Revolting Perversion at Vatican Gardens

The emblem of the perversion rampant in the Vatican is the poster of some woman breast-feeding an ocelot (?).

Over the past 20 years, Catholics worldwide have heard of the rise of the homosexuals (perverts) in the clergy.  The perverts are tightly networked and now appear to have taken over management of Church functions in many areas.

"Art"--particularly the visual--is something the perverts have always used to get their message across.  That message has always denigrated mother-figures, which has to do with the sexual practices of the perverts.  (This despite the typical pervert's over-done profession of love for his mother.)  The obverse of this fixation is the worshipful representations of the young, athletic, male--one of which was commissioned by an Italian pervert-prelate for his Cathedral.

Thus, the choice of this particularly offensive "art" which purports to show the 'unity of all' or some such horse-crap.  It shows no such thing.  It merely re-presents the perverts' disgust with human motherhood.


Sensenbrenner Confused on Kurds

Jim Sensenbrenner (who voted with Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan), is confused on the issue.

"...we've been backing the Kurds for a very, very long time and all of a sudden that backing was pulled out almost without notice..."
No, Jim.

We were not "backing the Kurds."  We were fighting ISIS, and the Kurds joined that effort, doing exactly what the Kurds always do:  acting in THEIR self-interest.  We gave them a metric crap-ton of money and equipment in the effort.   Now, the US is acting in its OWN self-interest and getting the Hell out of Dodge.

Now, Jimbo, the Kurds are also fighting Turkey (a NATO ally, remember??), Iran, Iraq, and Syria.  If you want to assist them, stop playing the lottery, buy an AR, suit up, and go over there.  Keep my grandchildren out of it, thanks.

I'll send you some cookies at Christmas. 

Trump Compliments Nancy

Sen Chas. Schumer reports that Trump called Pelosi a 'third-rate politician.'

"Third"-rate 'politician'?

She's a ward-heeler who wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes in Tammany.  Tammany wouldn't keep a Sanger-supporter on the payroll.

Jesuit Acts Catholic!

In the "Man Bites Dog" category for this month, we have this:

...The decision of the president of Seattle University (SU), a Catholic Jesuit school, to remove the name of Planned Parenthood from its list of student healthcare resources has sparked protests from some students, faculty, and alumni.

About 1,000 SU students, faculty, and alumni have pushed back against the decision by Father Stephen Sundborg, S.J., reported the Seattle Times....
Fr. Sundborg deserves prayers, praise and support.  Let's hope he can hold out against the powers of Hell.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How It Really Works, by ZMan

The guy has it nailed down.

...Accepting the results of the election is a vital part of any popular form of rule. In fact, it is the most important element....

...This desire to make a deal [after losing an election] is why Progressives have run wild in American politics, especially over the last few decades. Their opponents in every election are white civic nationalist types, who are always willing to accept the results of the election and work with the other side on a good deal. Progressives, in contrast, use this willingness to do a deal to ram their agenda through when they win. When they lose, they use the same intransigence to bottle up any effort of the winners to push through their agenda.

If you want to understand why Buckley conservatism is headed to the dustbin of history, this is the place to start. They were always so ready and eager to do a deal; they never could walk away from a bad deal. They would win an election and then cut a deal with the Left that was a complete sellout. The joke among dissidents in the Bush years was that the greatest thing that could happen to you is to find yourself across the table negotiating a deal with a Republican. It was like hitting the lottery.
Now, the reason the Left wins even when they lose is not because they are shrewd or even that the Right is dumb. It’s that they reject that central premise of popular government, where the losers accept the results of an election and the winners reach a fair bargain with the losers. For the Left, what is theirs they keep. What is yours they seek. This is the central cause of the ratchet effect in American politics. One side exploits the rules, while the other abides by the rules....

Until Trump, of course--and even he has made some bad deals with the Wack-a-Doodles.  But you'll notice that he has marginalized Pelosi, even as she again became Speaker.  He simply won't give her anything.  (That's why she walked out of today's meeting with him--and lied like Hell about it.)

Hope they enjoy having it rammed up their asses the way Conservatives did with Paul Ryan and Dope-Smoker Boehner. 

And may it last far longer!!

Little Biden Also on Amtrak Board (!)

With a vast knowledge of railroading based on "having ridden the train frequently," Hunter Biden was appointed to the Board of Directors of Amtrak, too.

Oil and gas knowledge, railroad knowledge, all based on......ahh......well.....he was employed by David Boies, a (D) that counts, right?

Anyhow, Amtrak paid him $150,000/year for his contributions.

Think about that the next time you buy a ticket.

Trump Slams US Workers With 1324(a)

Both Breitbart and Big Labor noticed this, and neither of them like it.  That's because both Breitbart and Big Labor actually prefer Americans, unlike GWBush, Barky Obozo, and (apparently) Trump's Boyzzzz.
The Department of Justice is backing President Barack Obama’s award of work permits to roughly 800,000 ‘DACA’ illegal immigrants....
But 800,000 is nowhere NEAR the real number.

...the work permit issue hides a massive economic landmine: The government awards more than one million work permits each year using the same legal 1324a claim that Obama used in the DACA case. If the court rejects 1324a work-permit claim, investors could lose millions of migrant workers — and so face even more pressure to raise Americans’ wages....
So "legal" immigrants--largely professional and technical--are soaking up 1 million jobs AND there are another 800,000 DACA "children" also permitted.

That started with GWBush's "Optional Practical Training" word-game.

...The administration has repeatedly refused to discuss the 1324a claim with Breitbart News....
(Shocked face here)

The U of California, Microsoft, and New York State (among others) argue that 1324a allows the President to import UNLIMITED aliens for work in the US.

Why do you care?

...Each year, roughly four million young Americans join the workforce after graduating from high school or a university. This total includes about 800,000 Americans who graduate with skilled degrees in business or health care, engineering or science, software, or statistics.

But the federal government then imports about 1.1 million legal immigrants and refreshes a resident population of about 1.5 million white-collar visa workers — including approximately one million H-1B workers and spouses — and about 500,000 blue-collar visa workers. The government also prints more than one million work permits for new foreigners and rarely punishes companies for employing illegal migrants.

This policy of inflating the labor supply boosts economic growth and stock values for investors. The stimulus happens because the extra labor ensures that employers do not have to compete for American workers by offering higher wages and better working conditions....
This goes directly to the "Wall Street" vs. "Main Street" debate.  The Establishment Democrats AND Republicans have given "Wall Street" everything it wants, while "Main Street" businesses have been pushed towards annihilation.  Think bookstores, retailers....and soon, grocery stores.

It's no coincidence that "Wall Street" is largely Globalist, friends.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The "Woke" Protest 500 Jobs in Milwaukee

Strauss Meats wants to build a new meatpacking facility on the old A O Smith grounds near 27th and Capitol in Milwaukee.

So there was a protest, of course.  Notice that the vast majority of the protesters are NOT "neighborhood residents."

The local alderman talks like he knows what's really going on here.

...The root of the issue is poverty, he said, and job creation is what's on the table.

He said he could understand the objections from someone who doesn't eat meat. But, he said, the protesters were exhibiting "selective indignation," caring about this issue but not in a rage over employment and quality of life for black people.

He said this effort is aimed at creating opportunity. The remedy for the scourge of violence in the city is a good-paying job, Rainey said. 

"It's crazy how all roads lead back to this one question: Do black lives matter? Do black lives matter or ... is more deference given to the life of livestock than it is to the black people here in this city of Milwaukee and the opportunity to pay for a living for their family?" he said....
We note that Baumann, a wack-a-doodle Lefty, referred the matter back to committee.  Let's hope the local alderman prevails and all 500 of those jobs go to REAL "neighborhood people."

WallyWorld Delivers Groceries??

Now being touted as the Next Great Thing....

WallyWorld will not only deliver groceries (pick-pack-drive) to your home, but will bring them into your house and place them in your reefer or shelves.

Of course, that means WallyWorld will have access to your house when you're gone.

This will never, ever, happen while my wife is alive and kicking, or merely alive.  NOBODY can squeeze-inspect her tomatoes....

Read that any way you want to.

Trump Cracks Down on Illegal-Employers

Looks like it's not going to be easy to employ illegals any more.


"The son of a Mexican guestworker, Vega cannot find enough legal workers to meet demand for his oil well service rigs.
"There is no shortage of Hispanic and Latino immigrant workers without work permits he could hire in Lea County, New Mexico -- the No.2 oil-producing county in the United States.

"But Vega says he wants to play by the rules, not least because of a heightened risk of company audits by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under President Donald Trump. As a result, he has equipment that could be generating $700,000 a month standing idle in his yard."  --
quoted at Surber
Wait until Trump gets to the meatpackers and landscapers!  Especially the latter; your kids may be able to pay their way through school when those summer jobs open up again.

Covering (D) Senator Asses in Ukraine

Below we noted the wording of Bolton regarding Giuliani as "a hand grenade who's going to blow everybody up."

Just who is "everybody"?

Well, now we have another piece to that puzzle.

...Remember Devon Archer, Hunter Biden's business partner? He had previously been a top fundraiser for John Kerry, who was Secretary of State at the time. And soon after Devon and Hunter joined the Burisma Board, the company channeled $90,000 to a lobbying firm called ML Strategies, which was headed by none other than David Leiter, John Kerry's former chief of staff.

That's handy because then-Secretary of State John Kerry himself has visited Ukraine with promises of U.S. aid and assistance. Well, Leiter registered as a Burisma lobbyist in mid-2014. But in the year leading up to that, he gave close to $60,000 to Democrats, including a select group of U.S. senators who would later be instrumental in pushing cash towards Ukraine's energy sector, directly in line with Burisma's interests.

He donated to Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., four times and to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., three times. A month after the last of those donations, both Markey and Shaheen were among four senators who wrote a letter to President Obama that said, "We should leverage the full resources and expertise of the U.S. government to assist Ukraine in improving its energy efficiency, increasing its domestic production and reforming its energy markets." ...

--FoxNews quoted at AmThinker

Rest assured, this is only the beginning.  This is the reason that Trump's appointee Hill was having screaming meemies about 'Giuliani taking over Mideastern foreign policy' or some such happy crap.  Giuliani is, instead, pulling the manure-covering off the rotten stinking mess of (D) pay-for-play.

One suspects it ain't just Democrats, either.

Be Prepared! Corn, Wheat, Soybeans Slammed by Snow

This year's crop yields were not going to be great; rain delayed the planting and rain has delayed harvesting, too.

Then came a blizzard, bringing the possibility of "total loss" to the Dakotas and parts of Minnesota and Iowa.

Got your canned goods ready??

Why Milwaukee Is Sunk, Part 2

We mentioned the atrocious Milwaukee Health Department situation a few days ago.

Now we'll mention Milk-Carton Tommy Barrett's priorities.  Hint:  they begin with "Gimme Moar Money"!!

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is warning the city will see further cuts in police positions without the county sales tax increase that has been proposed by Milwaukee-area leaders.

"If this does not happen, there will be even more cuts to the Milwaukee Police Department next year, which is something that I am trying to avoid," Barrett said at a meeting of local elected leaders....
That's a variation on the School Board tactic:  "Gimme Moar Money or we'll take away all the sports!!"

Tommy will take away all the cops.  

Tommy will NOT take away the Choo Choo.  Tommy will NOT take away libraries, nor reduce City salaries and benefits by 10% merely to maintain law and order.

Nope.  Gimme Moar Money or the kid gets it.

The good news?  You can move out before Milwaukee becomes Baltimore.

What Does Bolton Have to Hide??

In a way, this statement is something I expected to see.

Former national security adviser John Bolton called President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani "a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up,"...
Focus on the word "everybody."  Who, exactly, is "everybody"?

Later in the same story (remember, this is what Schiff WANTS you to know)...

....She also described a meeting on July 10 between herself, two Ukrainian officials, Bolton, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Sondland, and Kurt Volker, who was special envoy to Ukraine at the time. The purpose of the meeting, according to Hill, was to discuss technical assistance to Ukraine’s national security council.

Bolton, who had been uncomfortable with the meeting, quickly broke it up only to have Sondland suggest they continue discussions in another location. Hill then testified that Sondland mentioned Bursima, the Ukrainian energy company for which Hunter Biden served on the board. Hill stated that she was surprised the company would be mentioned in the presence of Ukraine officials and tried to end the conversation.....
 Bolton doesn't like conversations about corruption, eh?  And neither did Hill.


"Saint Yovanovich"??

Apparently the dame that Obama appointed as ambassador-ette to Ukraine was quite a piece of work.  Now it's clear why she ran to the loving arms of Adam Schiff after being FIRED by President Trump.  Within a couple of weeks, she'll be claiming "death threats."  Sure.  That's credible. /sarc

..."Judicial Watch has obtained information indicating Yovanovitch may have violated laws and government regulations by ordering subordinates to target certain U.S. persons using State Department resources," the watchdog group said in a press release. "Yovanovitch reportedly ordered monitoring keyed to the following search terms: Biden, Giuliani, Soros and Yovanovitch."...
That would be called "SPYING" in a free society.  And you'll recognize every single name on the list.

Jack Posobiec, One America News Network Host
Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump
Laura Ingraham, Fox News Host
Sean Hannity, Fox News Host
Michael McFaul, President Obama’s Ambassador to Russia
Dan Bongino, Fox News Contributor
Ryan Saavedra, Reporter at the Daily Wire
Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's Personal Attorney
Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Former Strategist for President Trump and host of Salem's "America First" Radio Program
John Solomon, Executive Vice President at The Hill
Lou Dobbs, Fox Business Host
Pamela Geller, Political Commentator
Sara Carter, Investigative Reporter and Fox News Contributor
What makes you think that YOU are not being monitored?

Monday, October 14, 2019

NarrativeNews Awakens to Ethics!!

NarrativeNews (not to be confused with Journalism News) suddenly awakens to "ethics" in government.

And the target of their pearl-clutch today is ..................ta-DAH!!...........a Republican.

We have run Google and DuckDuckGo searches on NarrativeNews items denouncing Democrats for NOT having raised Hell about Quid-Pro-Joe Biden's addict-son.  Zip, Zero, Nada.

Nor Kerry's kid.

Maybe it just took them a while to get to the letter "E" in the dictionary??

I pay for the subscription and read this crap so you don't have to.  You're welcome.

Fed Unions No Longer Complete Bloodsuckers

Courtesy of Surber:

"Trump executive orders curtail union business on the taxpayer dime. Unions must pay for their own offices and represent workers using their own funds."
The story said, "The latest data from the Office of Personnel Management estimates the union subsidy costs $178.8 million, with federal employees spending 3.6 million hours conducting union business. It is important to note that these figures are estimates that do not include the cost of office space and other perks, and likely lowball because federal agencies do a poor job tracking and recording the hours spent on official time and the costs....

The EO's on this were written 17 months ago and have been in Fed courts ever since--until last week when an honest judge agreed.

Fake News? Damn Right It Is!!

This should lead to a LOT of fired ABCNews twinks.

But it won't.  Because credibility is simply not important.  Only The Narrative is important.

Remember this:  ABCNews is owned by Disney.  Disney made several fortunes with fiction.

Why change now??

Grim Sums Up the Mess in Syria

It's fair to say that Grim disapproves of Trump's troop-withdrawal.  Strongly disapproves.  And Grim (not his real name, friends) has spent plenty of time in the Middle East in the employ of the United States--not all of which time was spent in uniform, either.  Read between the lines.  And read his whole post; there's a lot there beyond the pull-quote I have here.

So what does he have to say?

...The root of this failure -- which may turn out to be the biggest American strategic loss since Vietnam or Korea -- is the failure of our institutions to come to grip with the drift of Turkey and the failure of NATO. The President, foolishly, is selling this as a choice he made for reasons of his own. The truth is he didn't have any choice. It's ugly, and in the medium to long term we could turn it around if we start putting the pieces in place now. But right now, today, there's not a thing we can do to stop the Turks that doesn't do more harm than good.
None of that cuts against Mr. McCarthy's point, though. Almost none of our elected leadership or class of journalists understands any of that. They all think this is happening because Donald Trump 'greenlit' the invasion. To some degree it's his fault for talking as if that were so. Nevertheless if you understand how this works, you quickly see that there wasn't a choice to be made. There were only orders to be issued, and obeyed, in spite of the massive human tragedy they entail....
Out of respect for Grim, I'll leave that up there with only the observation that IMHO, the United States is not now, and never should be, a beat-cop for the world.  This was dumped into Trump's lap by his predecessor(s). 

As to Viet Nam, one of the reasons that the US was involved (certainly not the ONLY one, and maybe not in the 'top three') was that a big player in the Military-Industrial Complex was concerned that if South Viet Nam fell, "market share" would be lost.  I know that because I had that conversation one Sunday afternoon with an EVP of that companyIke was right.

Billions, Billions, Who's Got the Billions??

The Obama government (which included Joe Biden and John Kerry, remember....) was extremely generous to the Ukrainian government.

So was the International Monetary Fund.

But there are a few questions.

...At one point in time, Kolomoisky had been placed on a US Government Visa ban list due to his questionable business practices; however, shortly after Archer Devon and Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma, that ban was mysteriously lifted, and there has been no investigation into these missing funds.

Where are the billions of dollars that went missing in the Ukraine? What do Obama, Biden and Kerry and their children know about where the money is and are they connected?...

Maybe some of it is traceable to land-and-building in Martha's Vineyard?

And--just sayin'--was the disappearing money on the list of things that Obama's ambassador-ette to Ukraine would NEVER INVESTIGATE?  Was it one of the things that she ordered the Ukrainian government NOT to investigate??


AG Barr Surprises, Pleasantly!

I've been skeptical of AG Barr, principally for his actions in the Ruby Ridge matter, where he defended actions by the FBI which were, frankly, indefensible.  But that does not diminish the sagacity of what he said at Notre Dame last week.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Friday expressed his disdain for the spread of secularism in the U.S., blaming progressives  and the decline of religion for a plethora of problems plaguing the nation, including drugs, violence, and mental illness during a speech at Notre Dame Law School.  “Among the militant-secularists are many so-called progressives. But where is the progress?,” Barr asked rhetorically. “The fact is that no secular creed has emerged capable of performing the role of religion,” he added...
Almost as though Patrick Deneen wrote the speech for him--or maybe Timothy Gordon, eh??  Or more likely, Aquinas, Aristotle, Augustine, John Paul II, or maybe  Edmund Burke.

Anyhow, the Usual Suspects belched forth the Usual Lies:  Hitler, Prison Camps, Free Speech, Tyrants, Conspiracy Theory, State Religion, get the picture.  Only those wearing a crucifix will escape The Doom of Religion!! 

(Bp. Seitz has not yet issued a screed identifying Barr as a Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayciss.  But he will.)

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Bp. Seitz: It's All Raaaaaaaaayciss!!

At some point in time, the mature and discerning Catholic just stops reading and/or listening to these guys.

...9. How do we begin to understand the El Paso matanza? How should we think about racism and white supremacy? 

10. The never-ending mass shootings leave us feeling dazed, wounded, fearful and helpless. Causes and solutions seem evasive and our nation’s political life is broken. The Catholic Church in the United States supports the ban on assault weapons that lawmakers senselessly let expire in 2004 and our Church continues to advocate for reasonable regulations on firearms that Congress still won’t pass.2 The constant pressures on families and the embarrassing lack of access to mental healthcare in this country surely also play a role.

11. But the mystery of evil motivating attacks like the El Paso matanza goes deeper than these. It is something more complex than laws and policies alone can fix. What else explains the perversity of attacks on African Americans, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and other communities? 

12. This mystery of evil also includes the base belief that some of us are more important, deserving and worthy than others. It includes the ugly conviction that this country and its history and opportunities and resources as well as our economic and political life belong more properly to ‘white’ people than to people of color. This is a perverse way of thinking that divides people based on heritage and tone of skin into ‘us’ and ‘them’, ‘worthy’ and ‘unworthy’, paving the way to dehumanization.

In other words, racism. 

13. Racism can make a home in our hearts, distort our imagination and will, and express itself in individual actions of hatred and discrimination. Racism is one’s failure to give others the respect they are due on account of being created in the image and likeness of God. And it is more than that. 

14. If we are honest, racism is really about advancing, shoring up, and failing to oppose a system of white privilege and advantage based on skin color. When this system begins to shape our public choices, structure our common life together and becomes a tool of class, this is rightly called institutionalized racism. Action to build this system of hate and inaction to oppose its dismantling are what we rightly call white supremacy. This is the evil one and the ‘father of lies’ (John 8, 44) incarnate in our everyday choices and lifestyles, and our laws and institutions. ...
Yup.  That's where I stopped.  Word-salad ending in "raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayciss!!" is not helpful, is not pastoral, and frankly, is offensive.  The 'systemic racist (homophobe, sexist) mantra is mindless, for sin is personal, not 'systemic,' and not 'corporate.'  

Have a gun?  Raaaaaaaaaaaaayciss!!  Want a border for your country?  Raaaaaaaaaaaayciss!!  Think Trump is good for the country?  Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayciss!!

But wait!!  There's more!!

You can be a "white supremacist" too!!  All you have to do is "build this system of hate"  or  "oppose its dismantling."  Which--if you're white--you're doing.  All day, every day.  Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaayciss!!

No, it doesn't make sense.  It's Episcopal Word-Salad.  It's not teaching, sanctifying, or ruling.  It's just more noise.

RoJo's On To the "Intel Community" Games

Last week, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) stated that he does not trust CIA, nor FBI, nor 'any of them'---presumably NSA and Pentagon intel.

RoJo's not the only one.

[Another] option to get back at Trump is through impeachment and conviction, especially through assets within Congress. But before any collusion-delusion proponent cries “conspiracy theory,” recall that President Eisenhower warned Americans in his 1961 Farewell Address about the threat that the “military-industrial complex” poses to the liberties and democratic processes of the American people. Actually, Ike planned to use the term “military-industrial-congressional complex” but changed his mind at the last minute. He was referring to the intimate, integrated relationship between members of Congress and the Pentagon, CIA, and NSA. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, Eisenhower is not perceived to be a “conspiracy theorist,” the term that the CIA popularized to keep people from examining the Kennedy assassination too closely. ...
Ah, yes, the "congressional component" of that military-industrial complex.  Noted.

So is RoJo a Conspiracy Theorist, as fat-boy at NBC called him?  I doubt it.

Saturday, October 12, 2019


All stolen from PowerLine--and they have even more!!

Obozo Pays Off His Pals--And LOTS More!!

If you think "Ukraine" is all about Trump, the Bidens, an oil company, and a couple of Ukrainian bureaucrats and prosecutors, you're hopelessly naive.

(Just like I was until I saw this video.)

Whatever else Boekh is, he's a remarkable digger-of-facts.  This video puts most of it together in a pretty neat package, even though the story is damn complicated.

So watch the video, and notice how Obozo, Clinton, and Biden paid off a bunch of their friends with US tax dollars laundered through Ukraine.

Then you'll know why Giuliani has to be stopped at all costs.

Oh, yah!  Remember Marie Yovanovich, the traitor-"ambassador" to Ukraine?  She's a LOT dirtier than you may have heard from the MSM dummies.

So far, there's about $2 BILLION 'missing' in Ukraine.

Come to think of it, Tony Podesta's "missing," too.  Co-incidence???

Amazonian Infant Slaughter. Listen and Learn!

Here, Voris demonstrates that the Bishops of Brazil are inveterate liars.

And "amazonian practices" include killing babies who are deformed.  Or are twins.

So Catholics should "listen and learn" from the amazonians.

Thanks, but no thanks, Excellencies.  And please don't stop near here in the US.  It's possible that we'll lose control of ourselves, being un-evangelized by the Holy Sparklefart Unicorn Amazonians.

Why "Russia!! Russia!!!"???

There's a good reason that Mueller--the corrupt perjurer--kept the 'dossier' on the front burner, as explained by Sundance in great detail.

Briefly, it was because the "dossier", false as it was, kept the "foreign intel matter" appearance, so that Mueller could run otherwise illegal NSA database searches all the livelong day.

Since it was a 'counter-intel' matter, it was NOT "domestic spying", see??

This is what the Illuminati-Establishment-Cloud People think of you, you ignorant slobs.  Your job is to pay taxes to support them (and when they need extra money, they'll just call up their pals in the Ukraine.  Or Communist China.)

Doh. SDNY "Investigating" Giuliani

The Manhattan US Attorney's office has a reputation for being a Clinton/Obama den of vipers.

Therefore, we are not surprised to hear that they are "investigating" Rudy Giuliani.  Rudy will probably get the same treatment as Trump is getting from Schitt and Pelosi:  lying, distorted, press releases with no foundation but with lotsa sensational possibilities.

That's why the quotation marks around 'investigating.' 

Curious, though:

...The investigators are examining Giuliani’s "efforts to undermine the American ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch" who was recalled in the spring as part of what the NYT states as fact was "Trump’s broader campaign to pressure Ukraine into helping his political prospects", a "fact" which Trump has repeatedly denied....

This would be the Yovanovitch who was appointed by Obama and who notoriously interfered in a Ukraine election while dissing Trump at every opportunity, and who--against orders from State--decided to testify before the Schitt committee.

It would also be the Yovanovitch who supervised the leaker who supplied the exact language used by "whistleblower 2" about Trump's foreign policy.  (Go to 35:00 in the video, although the whole thing is VERY interesting.)

In other words, another Democrat-aligned corrupt lying weasel.

Yup.  That one.

Telling the Grandchilluns About Heresy

We expect to see the oldest g-chilluns (14, 12) in the next few days at a K of C-sponsored church social.

That occasioned a call to son-in-law with the question;

"How much--if any--of the situation in Rome should be discussed in front of them?"

It's fair to say that not in my entire life did I ever think that I'd have to ask that question.  But it's clear that Pp. Francis is a material heretic.  He's diabolically clever about that, never repeating for the record what he's alleged to have said or meant, and never clarifying for the record the grave ambiguities in Amoris.  If he confirmed what is alleged, of course, he'd become a formal heretic and automatically ineligible to sit on the Chair of Peter.

And yes, I use the adverb "diabolically" deliberately.

I don't want the topic to come up.  On the other hand, children are a lot smarter than parents think they are, something we learned the hard way here.

Well, that 'valley of tears' phrase is there for a reason, eh?

Thicken the Plot: NSC, Comey, Italians, Schiff-Staff

Kinda wondering how all the super-secret White House conversations about various international affairs and internal discussions get into the press?

Kinda wondering about how the Italian government, "Russia-gate", and the CIA are connected--and let's toss in Comey, too?

Still at a loss of how Adam Schiff, the shit-eating snake, just so happens to have a lot of third-hand information cut-and-pasted together into "whistleblower complaints"?

Bongino puts it all together for you.  The breadcrumbs in this trail are as large as driveway gravel.

Frankly, if I were Trump, I'd be locking out the computers of every CIA and NSC staffer, then firing the whole bunch.

Every f&^%king one.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Million Here, a Million There.....

...pretty soon you've lost real money!!

Mike Voris reports from Rome that about $13 million has *poof(ter)* disappeared someplace in the Vatican.

That was money donated to the Papal Foundation by US businessmen.  Yes, that was another McCarrick/Wuerl gambit.

For some reason, there is a dearth of donations to the Papal Foundation this year.  Huh.  And--not unrelated--the Vatican itself is now running an $80 million deficit.

Oh, yes, there was a police raid on the offices of the Vatican Bank.  Something about a missing FIVE HUNDRED MILLION smackers.  Well, actually, it's not entirely missing:  $250 mill was used to purchase a building in downtown London.  Too bad about that Brexit thing, eh?  Because that Brexit thing reduced the value of that building.

The other $250 mill?  "Lawyer's fees."

Lawyers.  Huh.

Counter-Strike in the Trump Wars

Anyone who's paying attention knows that Trump & Co. are selectively leaking information--or selectively revealing information--calculated to hurt Democrats, including Joe Biden and John Kerry, with other names including Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch.

There was even a jab at Pelosi's son, Paul.

OK.  Now the Democrats are taking a turn.

Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, two foreign-born donors who gave money to a political action committee supporting President Donald Trump, were arrested Wednesday night and face charges tied to campaign-finance violations, two law enforcement officials confirmed to NBC News....reported at McCain
A picture of one of them chatting up Rudy Giuliani was thoughtfully included in one of the news stories.

You have to read quite a way into the story, though, to find that the warrant was ginned up by none other than the Southern District of NY US Attorney's office, even though much of the "activity" was in the Western States, including Nevada.

Hey, if they're crooks, toss them into the slammer.  After you do the same to Hillary.

Cong. Steil AWOL on Schiff

We all know that Cong. Steil (R-WI) was at the border recently, because he arranged to call in to Belling's program yesterday to talk about it.  Belling owns the most potent conservative show in the greater Milwaukee area, so getting air-time with him is important to projecting a 'conservative' image.

We take it that Steil wants to make nice-nice to the 'conservative' audience.

OK, then.

Why is Steil still AWOL on the House resolution to condemn and censure Cong. Schiff, who is arguably the most flagrant liar and seditionist ever to sit in Congress?


Did Paul Ryan tell Steil to just shut up on this matter?

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

A Very Happy Anniversary!

On October 9, 1967, the Bolivians executed Che Guevara.


(I fully expect the NBA to censor this blog due to the above announcement.)

Shock: Mueller "Dishonorable" AND Perjurer

Seems that every Friend of Hillary in the CIA and FBI is a perjurer.

And Rosenstein actually looks like the weasel he really is.

We're going to need a bigger Club Fed.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Analysis? Nope. Propaganda From Politico

In an essay pretending to be neutral, Politico drops its drawers.

President Donald Trump has set his strategy for the impeachment fight with House Democrats — minimum cooperation, maximum confrontation. Whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have learned how to counter him is the big question. 

Trump dramatically upped the political ante on Tuesday, with White House counsel Pat Cipollone blasting the Democrasts’ impeachment inquiry as “illegal” and “dangerous,” and insisting the administration won’t cooperate with a probe it considers constitutionally improper....
 That's about the end of the content, until we get to the last graf.

...Even as Democrats have moved into a new investigative phase with their rapidly advancing impeachment inquiry, Trump has shown no signs of letting up, ensuring the constitutional clash will only ratchet up.
Strangely missing is the magic formula:  the House MUST vote on a formal impeachment inquiry before it becomes a "crisis," Constitutional or not.

Trump is trying to get that formal vote out of Nancy.  Nancy is doing her damndest to avoid it--because not all of her caucus wants impeachment AND because then the Republicans may also play in that sandbox.  That will be a lot more fun to watch, no?

So no matter what Politico says--there's no there there

HT:  Vox Pop

FBI Doesn't Heed Your Stinkin' Fourth Amendment

Frankly, if you want career advice, here it is:  DO NOT WORK FOR THE FBI.  Your reputation will be crap, thanks to hundreds of your co-workers.

Some of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s electronic surveillance activities violated the constitutional privacy rights of Americans swept up in a controversial foreign intelligence program, a secretive surveillance court has ruled....

...The court ruling identifies tens of thousands of improper searches of raw intelligence databases by the bureau in 2017 and 2018 that it deemed improper in part because they involved data related to tens of thousands of emails or telephone numbers--in one case, suggesting that the FBI was using the intelligence information to vet its personnel and cooperating sources. Federal law requires that the database only be searched by the FBI as part of seeking evidence of a crime or for foreign intelligence information....  --Ace quoting WSJ

IOW, it was conveeeeeeeeeeeeenient to cheat by accessing a database for purposes other than what was legally permitted.

Think it doesn't concern you?  Think again, ringding:  do you know anyone in the FBI?  Did you serve as a reference for anyone seeking to join the FBI?  Do you know a "cooperating source"  (How do you know that, by the way?  You don't know--so anyone you know COULD be a 'cooperating source.')

That means that YOUR phone number or email address has been hoovered up by the lazy bastards.  You're one step closer to your very own proctological!!  Congrats!!

Why Milwaukee Is Sunk

How long will it take the City of Milwaukee to become Detroit?  Baltimore? 

That depends on how far along the path it is at this time, right?  So absorb a bit of this story.

Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik has rescinded a high-level promotion to a staffer with a felony conviction for shooting a former girlfriend, two personal bankruptcies and three name changes.

But Kowalik said in an interview this week that it was her concerns about Nabulungi Brister's statements about gays and lesbians on Facebook that prompted the commissioner to nix the appointment.  ...

Attempted murder.  Yah, yah, I know.  Forgive and forget.  Second chance for everyone, right?  Woke!!  Nasty cracks about perverts are FAR worse than attempted murder in the Milwaukee Health (!!!?!!) Department.  Health, yup.

Read a bit further and you get THIS little gem:

...As for Brister's other issues, Kowalik said the staffer was open about her legal and financial troubles,....

Well, s&^% happens, right?  But HOW does it happen??

...Brister filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and again in 2018. Her most recent filing came two months after she landed her city job. She listed assets of $56,000 and liabilities exceeding $322,000, including $150,000 in student loan debt. ...

...Brister emphasized that she has turned her life around. She is now married with three small children, has earned a master's degree in business administration and is working on two doctorates....
Student-loan debt cannot be discharged in BK. so she's still in hock for $150 large....and she's going to spend another boatload (of debt, not cash) on TWO doctorate degrees?  (Some university admissions jackass should be in prison for this one, by the way.)

So.  How far along is the City of Milwaukee on the path of Baltimore or Detroit?


Hillary Again?

I believe Elton John wrote a song about the possibility.

IG Atkinson Dummies Up

And "dummy" is the operative term here.  Probably deliberately dumb.

Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community inspector general, told HPSCI lawmakers during a committee oversight hearing on Friday that the whistleblower forms and rules changes were made in September, even though the new forms and guidance, which were not uploaded to the ICIG’s website until September 24, state that they were changed in August.

Despite having a full week to come up with explanations for his office’s decisions to secretly change its forms to eliminate the requirement for first-hand evidence and to backdate those changes to August, Atkinson refused to provide any explanation to lawmakers baffled by his behavior...--Federalist quoted at Refuge
Doesn't the CIA have an outpost in Norilsk?  If not, why not establish one just for this jackwad?

Oooh, Noooes!!! UN To Run Out of Money!!!

Darkness will come over the lands.  Restaurants will be in recession.  But there's good news:  parking spaces will become available.

The United Nations is running a deficit of $230 million, Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday, and may run out of money by the end of October....

Don't think for one minute that Trump will ante up any more than the current 22%.  He really should bring that down to about 15% or so anyway.

Lying FBI Dude Gets Full Retirement

Yah, I know, saying "Lying FBI Dude" is repetitive.

Sure, he took freebie tix to a ChiCom entertainment NBA game or three.

And sure, he lied like Hell about it.  Several times.

So what next?

YOU pay for his lifestyle while he "retires."

If  you meet or see Mike Kortan, turn your back on him.  Shun the piece of shit.

WHICH "Multi-Billion" Industry?

The dope-smokers are playing the "get rich!!!" card.

Dem lawmakers say marijuana legalization would bring a multi-billion dollar industry to the state and help farmers survive, calling Wisconsin an “island” surrounded by states with some kind of cannabis legalization. ...
Which "industry"?  Rehab?  Collision repair?  Addiction-cures?

Cute:  'helping farmers survive.'  Dairy farms will now become MaryJane farms?  Bossie goes up in smoke?


St. Paul, Pp. Francis, and Babylon

It would seem that Pp. Francis is colliding with perennial Church teaching on adultery, sacramental abuse, the death penalty, and God's will re: religions.  To justify himself, Francis tosses the "schism" word at his critics.

Yah, well.  I'll take St Paul for salvation, Alex.

...Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be [a]sober. 7For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk are drunk at night. 8But let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet the hope of salvation. 9For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, 10who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him.

11Therefore [b]comfort each other and [c]edify one another, just as you also are doing.

12And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and [d]admonish you, 13and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves.

14Now we [e]exhort you, brethren, warn those who are [f]unruly, comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all. 15See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all.

16Rejoice always, 17pray without ceasing, 18in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

19Do not quench the Spirit. 20Do not despise prophecies. 21Test all things; hold fast what is good. 22Abstain from every form of evil....
More important than Paul was his Master:

...Jesus taught, "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits" (Mt. 7:15,16).
 Paul was on to their game.

(2) When Paul met with the Ephesian elders for the last time, he said, "For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves. Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears" (Ac. 20:29-31)....
The schism--if there be one--is not from men separating themselves from FALSE teachings, friends.  It is from savage wolves who tickle the ears, speaking perverse things, whose fruits are known.

Mene, mene, tekel upharsin, Francis!!

Cap'n Kristol Slaps RoJo

Little Billy Kristol, from the Pooping-Deck on his perma-cruise ship, has put down his cocktail and reached out to slap RoJo for RoJo's contumacious defense of The President.

The front group for Little Billy's action is some bunch claiming to be "for equal treatment under the law."  Funny......I never heard from them during the Mueller travesty.  Or the Kavanaugh lynching.

Oh, well.

The real money is Little Billy's.  S'pose Charlie Sykes is a contributor, too??

Sensitive Smeller-Snowflake Students, Oh My!

The poor, poor, children!!

...As of Monday, Oct. 7, since July, more than 30 complaints had been filed regarding odor at the superfund site along Greenfield Avenue and the Kinnickinnic River in Milwaukee.

"I've had it where it lasted until the next day," said Nicholas Niemuth. "You have a headache all night."

Niemuth, a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences a block away, said one illness was so bad, he went to the hospital.

"I still had a headache and nausea," said Niemuth....
Meantime, in the real world...

...With the odor lingering, and despite the fact that no workers on site reported getting sick, students said more needs to be done....
OK.  You little snowflakes can move back home.  Stay there, with Mommy.  That's the "more" that SHOULD be done.

Lake Michigan: It's Not Global Warming

See, you can take your choice!! 

Herewith the Agenda Press concedes, then DIS-concedes.

...Scientists' answer: The Great Lakes are a complicated system affected by precipitation, winter ice cover, evaporation and other factors, but there's no clear evidence that climate change has a direct effect on how high the water is.

And the lakes are cyclical: Experts expect the cycle to bring water levels down in coming years.

However, scientists also say people should be prepared for anything as a changing climate brings more extreme weather to the region....

Oh.  "Cold" and "Hot" will happen in the Upper Midwest.  So, of course, it's "climate change."

Yes, I overpaid for my subscription, and renewing for $1.00/ provides humor, anyway.

Trump vs. Deep State War-Machine

Nothing but screeching and pearl-clutching yesterday from Democrats, Romney, Mark Levin, Savage, and (surprise!!!) the Deep State/Establishment crowd.  (Levin erroneously remarked that the Kurds are Mohammedan.  They are not.  They are Yazidi, a sui generis amalgam.)

Trump pulled 100 troops out of Syria and it's The End Of The World As We Know It.  Eighteen years of war is just not enough for the Meddler-DoGooder Class (so long as it's not their children or grandchildren taking hot lead.)

Fortunately, there are others who agree that Trump is right.

...Trump sees there is no positive outcome for U.S. in Syria. He recognizes that U.S. troops in Syria serve as targets for Iranian proxies and Russian mercenaries who are backing Assad, while acting as an unwitting bargaining chip between the Kurds, Damascus, and Ankara....
Well, then.  Cui bono if the US remains??

...The Russians would love nothing more than for us to stay on the ground in Syria, backing the Syrian Kurds, posing a threat to perceived Turkish sovereignty....
And all the spluttering, drooling, and wailing about ISIS??

...Those in the national defense establishment argue that we must stay on the ground, working with our partners (mostly Syrian Kurds) to ensure ISIS does not return. ISIS will return, regardless of our footprint in Syria. This is not a matter of “if” — unfortunately, it is “when.” To understand why, we need to look no further than a map. Sunnis living under Bashar Assad and an Iranian-backed Shia dominated Iraqi government between Fallujah in Iraq to Homs in Syria have no means of recourse but Sunni extremism. When the next manifestation of ISIS rears its head, we can quickly move to assist regional partners or to unilaterally crush it. In the meantime, let Shia Iran attempt to control this hotbed of extremism....
Trump promised to get the US out of endless wars.  They cost lives and treasure--and do NOT win friends and influence people.  Of course the Pentagon and the State Department don't like it.  Of course those who designed and constructed this trainwreck think we must continue on their path.

They are not the President.  They and their proxy Hillary lost.

End of story.