Thursday, February 29, 2024

You're Too STUPID To Know How Good Bidenomics Is!

When Our Betters speak, peasant, you damn well better listen!

A newly released working paper by former Obama government Treasury Secretary Larry Summers asserts that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) may underestimate Americans’ financial pains from rising interest rates. “The economy is booming and everyone knows it — except for the American people,” Summers states....

Larry Summers is one of Our Betters, dumbass.  He knows more stuff than you do, dumbass.

That 20% hike in your car insurance and that 20++% hike in your food prices, plus the increase in interest rates, car prices, and McDonalds..........well, who you gonna believe?  Summers or your lying eyes?

No doubt Summers also believes that Illegal Immigrants Grow the Economy, no matter how many raped, dead, and mutilated people they leave in their path.


REALLY "Improving the Economy"

We've mentioned a few instances where illegal aliens, brought here courtesy of the cartels and their NGO cooperators--such as Catholic Charities--have committed a lot of  "Improving the Economy" deeds.  

(Perhaps you don't know this, but Our Betters have proclaimed that illegal aliens "improve the economy.") 

So there's that.

As it turns out, they are REALLY "improving the economy" under Joe Biden.

Nationwide there were a total of 11 criminal convictions of noncitizens for either homicide or manslaughter during the four years of the Trump administration. There have already been more murders committed by noncitizens since last October -- 14 -- than occurred during the entire four years of the Trump presidency. In the three years and one month that Joe Biden has been president there have been a total of 165 murders committed by noncitizens (that are known of). The murder rate of American citizens by noncitizens has risen 15-fold since Joe Biden became President of the United States. In other words, Americans are now 15-times more likely to be a victim of a noncitizen than they were during the Trump administration.--quoted at AOSHQ

"Noncitizen" = Illegal Alien.

Venezuela has emptied its prisons of members of a violent gang (El Tren de Aragua) which has made serious inroads into Chicago And as we know, the road (I-90) from Chicago to Madison and (I-94) to Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee is very short, indeed.

Got ammo?  Got your carry-piece?  Practiced lately??

Be sure to send a thank-you note to Bp. Flouncy-boy Seitz!!

Are Food Prices Slowing Other Spending?

At some point in time, the 20++% increase in the price of food over the last couple of BidenOmics years had to catch up to the consumer's wallet.

Maybe that's happened, as the rise in consumer spending is now LESS than the rise in consumer incomes.  

That's not all:  both Government and private-sector wage growth dropped.  Still positive, but not hot.


Here's a video which describes the Bidenomics of food.  It's not pleasant at all.

Ultra-Extra-Super-Duper High Performance Rifle!

Stuff you cannot make up.  Remember, this is the Government with the F-16's that Old Decrepit Joe commands.....

...When it was time for the Biden Department of Justice to present its side to the Court, Justice Clarence Thomas asked what happens, according to the FPC, "with the trigger in a bump stocked rifle vs a full-auto rifle."...

The Government lawyer stated that a bump stock allows you to shoot 600 times per second.

Holy Hot Brass, Batman!!!

Ship a hundred of those to Whiny Bitch Zelenskiy!!  War's over in 2 weeks!!!

More SCOTUS Dummy-isms exposed at Captain's Place.   Jackson and Kagan are truly flaming........ahhh..........stupid.  And the Government prosecutor ain't much better.

How About an Honest Title?

Somebody is called the "Chief DEI Officer" at Columbia U's hospital.

The honest title would be "Chief Plagiarism Officer," same as the title earned by that ex-Harvard dame and a couple of UW-Madison types who are vastly overpaid under any circumstance.

Call it like it really is.  

Plagiarism:  The New Ticket to Big Money!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

A Commonality!!


Even More "Improving the Economy"!!!

Bidenomics is improving the economy every week!!

Another illegal alien was arrested for raping a child.

An illegal alien from Honduras was arrested in Louisiana for raping a 14-year-old girl and stabbing a man during a robbery improving the economy.

19-year-old Angel Matias Castellanos-Orellana raped a minor teen at knifepoint on February 20 and stabbed a man multiple times in the face and neck on February 25, according to police....

Honduras, Venezuela..........their prisons are emptied in pursuit of Improving the Economy here.

The Party of Biden (and Catholic Charities) should be proud.

Lee Zeldin Gets It!

With all the caterwauling done by "Real" Republicans such as Jay Weber when he reads his scripts from Paul Ryan, you never hear about what will really count in November.

But Lee Zeldin said it.

Lee Zeldin: You know, there’s a big enthusiasm gap. If you, if you look right now, there’s, you know, 26, 27% of the vote in between the Democratic turnout, the Republican turnout, the republican turnout is right now far trouncing the Democratic turnout....CNN, quoted at Gateway

Wiggy's 'suburban housewife deficit' won't mean anything if the Democrat base doesn't vote at all.  Here's the rest of Zeldin's quote:

...But President Trump’s number at the moment is actually more than all of the Democratic Party primary voters together. ...

How much Election Fraud can the City of Milwaukee manufacture??

Thank God in Heaven.....

 Free at Last!!!

(Alternative Title:  Ding Dong the Warlock Is Dead!!)

Longtime Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November, the Associated Press reports. The 82-year-old will serve out the rest of his term, though, and will make the formal announcement before the Senate....

Bet you never thought Ron Johnson could do a Happy Dance, didja??  Hmmmmm???

"Improving the Economy", Part 10,666

Yes, we used "666" for a reason.

The Democrats tell us that illegal aliens "improve the economy."

On Feb. 8, 2-year-old Jeremy Poou Caceres was walking with his mother in Langley Park, Maryland, when several men in a carjacked SUV pulled up nearby and started shooting.

Jeremy was accidentally killed in the crossfire...

Now, one of the five suspects in the shooting has been identified by federal authorities as an illegal alien who had previously been arrested and released by Montgomery County officials despite multiple requests that he be turned over to federal custody for deportation....

He will be charged with manslaughter improving the economy.

Montgomery County officials who let him loose to continue improving the economy should also be charged with manslaughter, but they are Democrats--the Party of Biden--and cannot be charged with any crime, ever, no matter what.

A Clint Eastwood-Kinda Saint

Eastwood has danced around the corners of Christianity for decades, with his most notable Christian allusion being his movie "Gran Torino."  

He would like St Gabriel Possenti.

...Saint Gabriel Possenti, besides being the patron saint of youth, students, seminarians and clerics, is also the patron saint of gun owners, due to a legend that he once scared off with a handgun a band of Garibaldi Red Shirts, that, Italian revolutionaries who were threatening the monastery and village. He demonstrating his proficiency to them by picking off a lizard with deadly accuracy, and they scattered....

 Maybe Clint will make a movie about him.  Call him "Dirty Gabriel," or suchlike. 

What Fr. Martin, LBGTQ++SJ Missed

The ever-snarky little Jebby, "Fr." Martin, makes a demand for allowing priests to marry.  He even quotes Jesus!

...At the Last Supper, Jesus said, “Do this in memory of me.” He did not say, “Be celibate.”

Fr. Snarky-Martin missed two important points.

1)  Jesus did not say "Be a Jesuit."

2)  Jesus did not say "Marry another man."

There are very good reasons that Jesus did not say those things!

"Improving the Economy" Part 7849

They never stop "improving the economy," just like the Democrats tell us!

Virginia authorities arrested a 32-year-old Venezuelan national illegally present in the U.S. for sexual assault of a minor improving the economy.

Does your wife and/or daughter have her CCW?  Do they carry?

Never know when "improving the economy" may strike, pal.

*BOOM* Appropriations of 2023 Un-Constitutionally Approved

This is a pleasant shock.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday secured a major victory in his challenge to the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package passed in 2022, with a court declaring that the bill was approved unconstitutionally. President Joe Biden signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 in December of the prior year. The measure effectively set the federal budget for the year by wrapping the 12 annual appropriations bills into a single piece of legislation. Paxton, however, had argued that the House's passage of the measure was unconstitutional as less than half of the lower chamber's members were physically present to vote on it. Many lawmakers who were not present voted by proxy. ...

See the link for the relevant Constitutional language.  This will be fun to watch.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How JFK Killed 58,000 US Troops

 Oh, yes he did, right there in Viet Nam.

The story told here is another one of those you did NOT hear from the Kneepad Press.  After all, the villain was a Democrat who was elevated to sainthood by those scribbling Reds.  What did that villain, JFK, do to attract such love?

Killed a Catholic whose social (and military) programs were working to destroy the Communists.

Ngo Dinh Diem became the President of South Vietnam when the ChiComs took over the North.  His strategy to defeat the Communists was simple:  institute Catholic governance motifs, principally subsidiarity and solidarity.  His 'hamlet-based' governments were armed and able to defend their territories.

It worked very well.  Robert MacNamara and Robert Thompson, and expert on guerilla warfare, both told JFK that the South was 'winning the war.'

Then Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley, and the rest of the Reds in the Press (witting or no) took over.

...Between 1961 and 1962, American policy toward Diem and the situation in Vietnam switched from “sink or swim with Diem” to what would prove to be “sinking without him” into the disaster of a war that could and should have been avoided. In 1963, heeding the advice of his anti-Diem associates, President Kennedy informed the South Vietnamese generals that they would continue to receive his support were they to overthrow the elected president of their own country in a military coup. Ironically, President Kennedy’s betrayal of Diem came at a time when Diem’s strategy was proving successful in the war against Marxist insurgency. ...

...Kennedy was more concerned about winning the following year’s presidential election and was mindful of the impact that his support for Diem might have on the election campaign. The media’s increasingly hostile reporting of Diem’s “autocratic” government meant that support for Diem was now a political liability.  ...

Calling him an "autocrat" exposes the chutzpah of Media lyingOne cannot both be an "autocrat" AND base one's Government on a hamlet-based subsidiarity mode.

...In a telegram sent on August 29, 1963, marked “Top Secret, Eyes Only,” President Kennedy authorized the violent overthrow of Diem’s civilian government, officially an ally of the United States, by the South Vietnamese military. This is surely one of the greatest acts of treachery by any American president.

The coup took place on All Saints’ Day, 1963. Having fled to the house of a friend, Diem and his brother attended Mass at the local church on the morning of All Souls’ Day. They then spent some time in prayer. They were in the Grotto of the Virgin Mary, outside the church, when the soldiers arrived with a couple of American jeeps and an armored personnel carrier. Once Diem and his brother were secured in the hold of the personnel carrier, the order to murder them was carried out immediately as the vehicle drove away. Their gallbladders were cut out while they were still alive, and then they were shot...,.

...Three days after the murders, Madame Nhu, the widowed wife of Diem’s brother, foresaw that the murder of her husband and brother-in-law would have catastrophic consequences. “Whoever has the Americans as allies does not need any enemies,” she said....

...A little over two years later, in February 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson was candid about the role of the American government in the coup and the murder of Diem: “[W]e killed him. We all got together and got a…bunch of thugs and we went in and assassinated him. Now, we’ve really had no political stability since then.” 

This was an understatement. The war would drag on for almost a decade longer. By its end, almost 60,000 members of the U.S. military were killed, as well as around 300,000 South Vietnamese combatants and a similar number of South Vietnamese civilians. When the deaths of North Vietnamese troops and civilians are added, the final body count is likely to have been more than a million people.... 

...As the catastrophic consequences of Diem’s murder unfolded, even his political enemies in Vietnam came to see his assassination as a mistake of unparalleled proportions. As for the Catholics of Vietnam, they continue to venerate Diem as a martyr. Perhaps the Church should do so also. As Josef Cardinal Frings affirmed in 1965: “The greater part of the world has not given just recognition of this noble man.”

The primary source for this essay is Geoffrey Shaw’s excellent book, The Lost Mandate of Heaven: The American Betrayal of Ngo Dinh Diem, President of Vietnam (Ignatius Press).

The Biden/Obama Imposture

Les Femmes discovered this work which they call "How to Tell an Imposture."  They placed it in the Catholic church, naming Francis I as 'the imposture.'

 Jorge Bergoglio, posturing as the Vicar of Christ, is fast inventing a new religion from the remains of the Catholic Church that he's currently deliberately destroying. Using the Seven Marks of Imposture we see that Bergoglio fits the description of an impostor, picking up pieces of Catholicism here and there and changing them into something else entirely, exactly as his predecessor Muhammad did 1400 years ago*. Muhammad was not stopped then, and so far no one has stopped Bergoglio now.

(*Recall that Islam is one of Belloc's "Seven Great Heresies.")

But if you read their 7 marks, you'll discover that all of it applies, mutatis mutandis, to the Biden/Obama regime.  Let's dip into this boiling stew of sewage we call 'The Administration.'

. The first Mark of an Imposture: "That it must have for its end some carnal interest is a thing so plain and evident that it will not need much proof....What it was that put Mahomet on his imposture, the foregoing history of his life sufficiently shows; it was his ambition and his lust. To have sovereignty over his country, to gratify his ambition, and as many women as he pleased to satisfy his lust was what he aimed at...." 

 The second Mark of an Imposture: "That it can have none but wicked men for the authors of it....

While the original speaks of religion, we could substitute "Government" almost seamlessly.


The fourth Mark of an Imposture: "That it can never be so framed but that it must contain some palpable falsities, which will discover the falsity of all the rest. For whoever invents a lie can never do it so cunningly and knowingly but still there will be some flaw or other left in it which will expose it to a discovery;...

 The fifth Mark of an Imposture: "That where ever it is first propagated, it must be done by craft and fraud, and this is natural to all manner of cheats. For the end of such being to deceive, craft and fraud are the means whereby it is to be effected. In this case, a lie must be made to go for a truth, and an appearance for a reality, and to compass this, a great deal of art must be made use of to be what it pretends, and also to craft such a mist before the eyes of men, that they may not see it to be otherwise and that especially where the cheat is an imposture of religion..."

Can you say "Election Fraud?"

 The sixth Mark of an Imposture: "No imposture, when entrusted with many conspirators, can be long concealed....

 The seventh Mark of an Imposture is: "That it can never be established unless backed with force and violence. For if it has wicked men as its authors, worldly interest for its end, falsity and error for its doctrines, and received its rise from the craft and fraud of its prompters, the search of the inquisitive will soon find it out and mankind will not long bear the imposture unless they be overruled by violence and have all objections against it silenced with the sword at their throats. 

That's the chapter which began with Covid, moved to the Impeachments, continued with the J6 imprisonments-without-trials, returned to Trump with the several dozen false indictments, and...........well..........shall we have another Fake Red Death in November before Obama-Den attempts to call out the military?

Altogether, a fascinating side-by-side, no?

We're STILL in the UN?

 For some reason, Trump failed to zero out UN funding.  Another reason to dislike him!!

But we'll still vote for the old NY lefty.   The alternative is a descendant of the below:

Durham: Another Lying Sack of S**t

Apparently the FBI and Department of (Perverted) Justice will never, ever, run out of lying crapweasels.  The headliner, of course, is "Faithful Catholic" Bill Barr, with supporting cast of Weissman, Rosenstein, Mueller,

They'll all be getting nice fat Government pensions paid by your children and grandchildren.  They did the job that The Blob/Deep State/Obama wanted done.

That job?  Screwing citizens.

Whoops!! M-1 Abrams Goes *BOOM*

 What Ukraine really needs is up-to-date US heavy armor.


Russian forces claim they have successfully destroyed an American-supplied M1 Abrams main battle tank for the first time, coming two full years into the Ukraine war, outside the captured city of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region.

The US-made advanced tank was reportedly taken out by a kamikaze drone or loitering munition launched by Russia's 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade. Russian state media accounts made the announcement Monday and published video purporting to show the destruction of the M1 Abrams main battle tank....

You can hear Doug McGregor weeping in the background.

The Russkies are not pleased with seeing the M1 in their back yard.

...Over a year ago the Kremlin warned: "If a decision to transfer to Kiev M1 Abrams is made, American tanks without any doubt will be destroyed as all other samples of NATO military equipment." Other Russian officials have since warned that Abrams tanks will "burn" on the battlefield, according to TASS. ...

Let's send GloboCop Gorka and Lllliiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnndseeeeeeeeeeey! over there to show those Russkies Who's Boss!!

That'll scare 'em.

EuroFarmers Get Spicy

Ah, the lovely odors.....

Hundreds of farmers descended upon Brussels on Monday, clashing with police, spraying officers with manure, and pelting EU buildings with eggs as they protested outside an agricultural summit being held in the city.

Chaotic scenes broke out in Brussels with farmers protesting the European Union’s green agenda and plans to ink a free trade deal with the South American ‘Mercosur’ bloc of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, which farmers in Europe fear will serve to further undercut their prices and threaten their ability to stay in business....

Just a prelude. 

Think those cops signed up for putting their neighbors out of business for the Green Goddess?

We doubt it.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Does John D Davidson Read My Blog?

We've noted that Catholic "Charities" is probably violating Federal (and State) criminal law with its financing of aid to human traffickers.  See here, and here, and more here, not to mention here, too!  So happens that it's possibly Remote Material Cooperation, so not only illegal, but ALWAYS sinful.

We're not the only ones.  John Daniel Davidson is on the same track.

The news last week that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants to shut down a Catholic migrant shelter in El Paso struck many as an unjust attack on both migrants and the faith-based groups that assist them. Catholics leaders, especially, were outraged that Paxton would target Annunciation House, which has sheltered migrants for five decades, as part of the state’s escalating efforts to secure the border and crack down against illegal immigration....

Naturally, +Seitz of El Paso had a smart-aleck and highly misleading response:

...In a statement last week, Seitz denounced what he called “an escalating campaign of intimidation, fear, and dehumanization in the State of Texas” and “the targeting of those who would offer aid as a response of faith.” In the bishop’s telling, Annunciation House is merely acting on a “Catholic commitment to the poor.”...

Sure, Excellency.  We all believe every word you say, Excellency. /sarc

 ...Helping the poor and welcoming the stranger doesn’t mean becoming complicit in what amounts to the largest human-trafficking operation in history, and Texas is well within its rights to scrutinize nonprofits like Annunciation House. The border crisis is sprawling and complex, with many actors—some of them bad ones.

Part of what Paxton is trying to figure out is whether Annunciation House is actively assisting illegal immigration. In a statement last week, Paxton’s office suggested that the shelter might be “facilitating illegal entry to the United States, alien harboring, human smuggling, and operating a stash house.”...

Paxton cannot afford a mis-fire here.  He's done his homework. 

 ...The key thing to understand is that every person who crosses the border has been trafficked. Some 10 million illegal aliens haven’t spontaneously entered the United States over the past three years. They are part of a vast, for-profit enterprise, a human pipeline that spans Mexico and much of Central and South America, and continues deep into the United States....

LOTS more at the link.

Still fool enough to think about contributing to Catholic "Charities"?  Yah, well, the narco/sex/human trafficking MS-13 guy in your neighborhood thanks you!

Fatal Blood Clot for Navalny

As usual, the world press (fed its lines by lying CIA/Blob operatives) said PUTIN PUTIN PUTIN

And as usual, they were WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Alexei Navalny may have died of a blood clot, Ukraine's top spy chief has claimed, even as many, including insiders from the prison, say he was murdered by Russian spies....

"May have...." is Ukrainian for "Yup.  That's what happened."

What will Teddy Perry do now that he cannot give the Disapproving Eyeball to this story?

CIA/NSA Active in Ukraine for 10 Years

  Yup.  We've had our nose in this smelly camel-tent for years.

...The White House is admitting the CIA and larger IC apparatus, which includes the State Dept., has been heavily controlling all activity in Ukraine for the past decade.  The only reason to admit this now very publicly is because they are losing voter support.  THIS EXPLAINS WHY BIDEN IS CALLING FOR A WHITE HOUSE MEETING!!

The US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) maintains 12 secret bases in Ukraine along the border with Russia, and last Thursday CIA chief William Burns made his 10th secret visit to Ukraine since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion....

So GloboCop Gorka's demand for mo'money is at least partially due to his guilty conscience.

Gorka the GloboCop

 It's no surprise to find that Sebastian Gorka is an anti-Russkie GloboCop.  It's surprising that his arguments are so transparently weak and.....ahhh........forgetful......of certain facts.  After all, he's a Ph.D., and they're supposed to be smart.  Also possible:  he's trying to cover his own ass.

Oh, well.  Let's shoot a few fish in this barrel!

His first snark is directed toward P J Buchanan, who asked a question that Gorka never gets around to answeringWhat is the vital national interest of the US in Ukraine?  Gorka also slaps the America First movement without mentioning that JFK was a member.  Sebbie prefers that you forget about that.

His second snark is directed at anyone who objects to spending more than $100 billion MasterCard dollars on sustaining the Ukraine's bureaucracy and shipping weapons which the Ukrainian Armed Forces are actually not capable of using.  Gorka's insult?

But what should those who still believe in America--unlike the Left--.....

Because one cannot oppose aiding a Corruptocrat 8,000 miles away unless one is NOT a believer in America and is a Leftist?  Only GloboCops like Gorka are True Conservative Americans?  I can't put my response to that in this blog, Sebbie, but it's two words, beginning with FU.

Gorka is conveeeeeeeniently forgetful with this little sally of his:

  ...there’s the “America, and her allies provoked the war by enlarging NATO!” Again a strange accusation, given that NATO is not the Warsaw Pact. No one is forced to join, it’s not a colonial empire, it’s a club of free states. If you want to join and can contribute to the collective defense of all, you can. Even Boris Yeltsin toyed with Russia joining NATO just ask the Soviet Union was collapsing....

Umhnnnnhhh.....sure, Sebbie.  It's "voluntary," but you must be invited; and being a member has its privileges:  access to US arms and lots of US dollars, our intel resources, and gallons of free champagne at All the Right Parties.  By the way, Sebbie:  which NATO members actually "contribute to the collective defense"?  Hmmmmm?  None of those leaker-members in Europe did so since NATO's founding.  Oh--yes--did you forget?  Putin asked Clinton if Russia could join, and Clinton turned him downSo maybe your BS about "join if you want to" is just that.  Of course, Sebbie prefers that you forget about that, too.

For his next red herring, GloboCop Gorka offers this gem:

 .... how exactly did the inclusion of former Communist countries like Hungary or Poland “threaten” Russia, a nation with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world?...

Gorka prefers that you forget about the GWBush promise that 'NATO will NEVER invite Ukraine' into the club.  The promise that our Deep State (people like Gorka) dropped into the memory hole.  The promise which was openly mocked and derided by the Germans.  Sebbie prefers that you forget about that.

Real Americans keep their promises, Sebbie.  Don't you know that?

GloboCop Gorka isn't finished insulting half the US population here, either.

...let’s work out what patriotic Americans should think about a war which is on the doorstep of NATO, an organization we helped create. Should we help Kiev? 


Oh.  How, Mr. Solutions???

Gorka spews his version of Eastern European history, recalling that in the year 900 or so, it was Kievan Rus' (Vikings, in his telling) which were first in Kiev, and Muscovy showed up later.  Yah, well, Sebbie, the Mohicans were in New York and the Cherokees were in Oklahoma several hundred years before the Colonists showed up.  Here's a question, Sebbie:  who did the Vikings eradicate in order to set up their little duchy in Kiev?  Hmmmmm???? 

Catherine the Great annexed Crimea in the late 1700's, ending the Ukrainian business of slave-trading in the process.  She took the territory in order to secure a warm water port in Crimea.  The Bolshies took over and handed Crimea to Ukraine, which was a part of the USSR. 

So what?

When the Ukrainians defied the US Deep State in 2014 with their election, the Deep State (Gorka's types) pulled off a Color Revolution, installing Zelenskiy.  When eastern Ukraine--largely populated by Russians--got restive under Zelenskiy's vaguely-Nazi and anti-Russian rule, Zelenskiy began shelling the East at the rate of 2,000 155's/day.  In all likelihood, Zelenskiy was ordered to do so by the CIA in order to get Putin to move.

That's when Putin decided it was time to step in and squash this miserable bug Zelenskiy, who is actually illegitimate (precisely as is Joe Biden).  But Sebbie the GloboCop doesn't mention that, does he?

Gorka has the cojones to pretend that France didn't have a vital national interest in slapping England around on our behalf back in the day; apparently, Sebbie never heard of "Montreal".  He prefers to forget that the Hessians were there because they were PAID to be there.  Sebbie has a lot of "forgets" in this essay, doesn't he??

And after all that, Gorka the GloboCop says that the US should give the Ukies all the old USSR weapons stashed in former USSR countries--as though it were ours to give--and that the US should share its intel resources with the Ukies--as though that hasn't been happening since 3++ years ago.

Nah, Sebbie, as a GloboCop you wimped out there.  Suit up!!  I'll buy you a nice AR and a thousand rounds.  Spend your own personal money--not mine, not my children's, and not their children's-- on your anti-Russkie crusade.

Go ahead.  Isn't that what REAL Americans do?  Or is it?

Frankly, Sebbie, you are not 'the judge.'

And finally:  given today's CIA revelations, one wonders if Gorka himself was pushing Putin's buttons--and that Gorka's demand of today isn't an attempt at deflection.

Maybe Trump trusted another goblin besides Pence and the treasonous "Chief of Staff" General?

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Clarifying the "Invasion" of Ukraine

The Warmonger/Deep State Party would prefer that you do not know this history.

...the Russians in the Donbas were systematically persecuted and, in fact, cannonaded. Following the usual Anglo-Saxon pattern, NATO decided that they would force Russia to act, and then call them invaders. Around the 19 February, THE Ukraine began to shoot 2000 shells a day against the civilians in the Donbas, up from 20. Clearly, they wanted Russia to go in...

This is how NATO (read:  the US Empire, following British instructions) does it.

 ...Russia reacted as it was clear it would. It recognised, by act of Parliament, Donetsk and Lugansk as independent Republics. Then they received the latter’s formal request for military help. Then they – again, by act of Parliament – authorised the Russian Government to intervene. This was the same pattern used by NATO to attack Serbia in, if memory serves, 1999....

What?  You don't remember reading about that 2,000 shells/day bombardment of White Russians in Ukraine?


CPAC. Really???

Being opposed to "climbers" in principle has kept me from CPAC over the years.

Now there's more than just "climbers" to keep me away!

Matt Schlap, call your office at area code H-E-L-L

Be Prepared


Trump 65, Haley 35? Not Really

Haley and others have been recruiting Party of Biden members to vote in the SC primary, and they did.  Haley then claims that 40% of Republicans will not vote Trump in the general.

Politely:  balderdash.

...“Haley dominated among South Carolina voters who… said that Democrat Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. Roughly three-quarters of her supporters say Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020, and about 4 in 10 voted for Biden in that election,” the AP reports....

So here's the math:

 They said 59% of her voters wouldn’t back Trump…41% would. So a little backdoor math. 41% X 39.5% = 16.1%. Add that to Trumps 59.9% and 75% would vote Trump in [General Election].

Haley is playing Paul Ryan here.  Spoiler (really, "spoiled brat") who has no chance but intends to cost Trump some money with the ultimate goal of electing another Party of Biden President.

We'll see how that plays out.

Bald-Faced Lies From Baldwin

Lying.  It's what they do.

...On Feb. 21, Baldwin wrote on X, “The killing of Nex Benedict is heartbreaking. Non-binary and trans kids deserve to feel safe and welcome everywhere, especially at school. I’ll never stop fighting to end this epidemic of hate-filled violence against LGBTQ+ youth.”...

Baldwin is a member of the Party of Biden.  Re-election of those cretins depends entirely on repeated lies about "racism", "Christian nationalism", and "H8terzzzzz" (who are exclusively straight white men.)  Season to taste with a few LBGTQ++SJ phrases.

The reality of the Nex Benedict story?

... the fact of the matter is that no one knows yet how Benedict died. What is known is that, based on preliminary medical examiner’s findings, Benedict did NOT die from trauma following a fight that involved the teen and a group of girls in an Oklahoma high school bathroom the day before Benedict died....

The Party of Biden cannot tell the truth or they will lose office.

Baldwin the bald-faced liar is symbolic.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Israel's Ratings Downgraded by Moody's. Next?

 Wauck reports that Israel's bond ratings have been downgraded by Moody's (A2).  Worse, that came with a negative warning should Israel tangle in the north, bringing in Hezbollah as an active opponent.


Your bank will be pressured--very hard--to buy Israeli bonds.  We were around and paying attention the last time this happened, during the War of Attrition ('69-'70).  It was controversial, to say the least.  The US will also face very large cash-demands from Israel, and those demands will be CONDITIONALLY backed by USAID.

Just what the taxpayer needs after Ukraine!

Last time around, those Israeli bonds were paid off.  No problem.

The next ones?

So long as Netanyahu wants to empty Gaza, those bonds are not Grade A holdings.

"Improving the Economy", Part 6.594

 We are told by Our Betters that illegal immigrants "improve the economy."

The body of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student at the University of Georgia, was found near an on-campus lake Thursday morning after she did not return after jogging earlier that morning. The suspect charged in the murder is 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra. ... it was confirmed that Ibarra is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela....

 Ibarra has been charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call, and concealing the death of another improving the economy.

This should make Bp. Seitz proud!!  Another of his "refugees" makes the newspapers.

In Democrat-Run America