Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Vote-By-Mail Scam Worked in Wisconsin

 The Democrats have learned how to scam vote-by-mail.  And they're doing it in Wisconsin.

The method here is simple:  change a couple of digits in a voter's mailing address--or change the ZIP code. 

...County election managers change the zip code of 31,000 voters on September 3. Ballots go out that week.  Those 31,000 are undeliverable.  Someone collects those valid ballots.  On September 15th, those addresses are quietly changed back. ...

The traditional address databases NEVER catch this change, because it's been reversed long before they wake up.

...The 31,000 citizens were getting their mail just fine -- except for ballots.  Ballot addresses were driven by the county mail-in ballot database -- the one that was changed, then changed back....

OK, so then what?

....Here’s the fraud equation taking place across the country: 

  • Count the in-person votes on election day. 
  • Count the early, in-person votes. 
  • Shut down the system (Atlanta water leak, Maricopa County everything). 
  • Bring in undeliverable ballots gathered when you changed voters’ names, addresses, or zip codes, then changed them back.
  • Determine the votes you need to win.  Press the “WIN” button.
  • Wait for the Republicans to file a lawsuit months later....

 But that can't happen here, right?

Wrong, latent-databreath!!

...We know an election commission is going to do anything possible to make the Democrat win.  Wisconsin Election Commission, Arizona’s Maricopa County, seven states in 2016, for instance.

Rather than wasting time on batch NCOA, we get a daily copy of the election roll. That’s expensive!  The list in Wisconsin is $12,000! But did you know your Democrat friends bought it 28 times before the 2016 election?

What is a governorship worth? How much does a contested Senate seat cost?  Maybe $50 million?  What is a presidential campaign worth?

Why would anyone spend $50 million on a Senate seat and let the other side own the election rolls?  That is a question Ronna McDaniel may be asked by Mike Lindell!

We take that election roll, with perhaps 15 million voters, Florida, for instance, or Texas -- compare every voter against every other voter and address, down to the cell level, and see any differences -- every day! 

What do we find?

In a real-life example, this month, we found a county that changed 31,500 zip codes, yet the voter remained at the same address.  Curious? 

That means the voter did not change their address, continued to receive all their mail, except one item -- a ballot sent from a voter commission.

Our teams in Wisconsin and Florida are discovering this scam by the truckload -- do not email me that it is not real!  And NCOA and Melissa?  They are totally blind to this -- because the addresses are changed back!...

Was voter turnout REALLY 90% in Dane County?

Wouldn't you like to know, Tim?  Eric??

 Here's a hint:

...We learned the core strategy to fight ballot-gathering fraud in real time analysis of voter rolls and cast ballots.  It is also real-time analysis of ballot collection points -- like large apartment complexes and dorms where ballots gather because there is not an apartment number....

STILL believe the Dane County (hard-left) clerk?

Tammy Baldwin's War on Christians Continues

It seems that a war on right order and Christianity in general will proceed.  You can bet large money that the lawsuits  against the churches are already being prepared.

The Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act on Tuesday, with 12 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats in supporting the legislation.

The legislation, negotiated in the Senate by Maine Republican Susan Collins and Democrats Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Dianne Feinstein of California, will go back to the House of Representatives. There, it is likely to pass. The lower chamber approved the legislation in July, with 47 Republicans joining all 220 Democrats in support. If signed into law, the Respect for Marriage Act would affirm that states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, in accordance with the Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause....

Since SCOTUS declared that same-sex "marriage" is OK, intelligent citizens wonder why this law is necessary.

Here's the answer:

 ...Heritage Foundation Vice President of Domestic Policy Roger Severino told the Daily Caller that a religious liberty amendment negotiated by Collins and Baldwin is “not enough.” The amendment declares that the legislation may not be used to “diminish or abrogate a religious liberty or conscience protection otherwise available to an individual or organization under the Constitution of the United States or Federal law.”...

 ...Severino pointed to the 1983 case Bob Jones University v. U.S., in which the Supreme Court ruled that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could revoke a segregated university’s tax-exempt status based off of the agency’s reading of the Civil Rights Act. He argued that the Baldwin-Collins amendment would not prevent such a move for organizations that refuse to recognize same-sex marriage.

“Giving it the most generous interpretation, it’s not enough. It doesn’t provide the defenses needed. This bill will set a chain of events in motion, and this construction won’t stop it,” Severino said. “Unless there’s an affirmative defense, it will not prevent the IRS or DOJ from taking away tax-exempt status.”...

That's the reason it was pushed.

More succinct:

...“Nowhere in [the Collins-Baldwin amendment] is a statement prohibiting the federal government from taking adverse action against an individual or an entity based on a sincere religious belief interest same-sex marriage, whether that religious belief is one that embraces or does not embrace same-sex marriage. It does not do that. It instead says that nothing in this act shall be construed to alter or deny any status or benefit of any group. Those are two very different things. That language does not do what my amendment does. You see, the threat is not and never was based on what the act itself would do,” Lee said...

Be prepared.  Prayer and fasting.

A Trial To Watch

Is street-level terrorism disguised as "protest" protected in New York City?

A New York City mother-of-three who plowed her BMW into a group of BLM protesters in 2020 has yet again refused a plea deal in favor of a jury trial....

 ...The Howard Beach, Queens, mom has previously claimed the demonstrators had come up to her car and called her 'a white privilege b**ch' before banging on the vehicle. 

She said she then panicked and hit the gas when they tried to open the doors of her vehicle, which led to nine activists being injured....

...the mother said she feared for her daughter's life as a group of protesters started attacking her car and decided to hit the gas, eventually plowing into a group of activists in 2020.  Casillo was issued no more than a desk appearance ticket for the incident and was released only hours after her arrest....

The "protesters" broke the passenger-side window and were trying to haul her daughter out of the car; that's when mom hit the gas.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Picture, 1000 Words

 Think of it this way:

HHS' Sex-Trafficking Deal

Yes, the US Government is cooperating in sex-trafficking--and child-labor trafficking.

Yes, HHS employees know about it.

Best part?  YOU get to pay for it!!

Question:  does "Catholic Charities" know what's going on?

Tim Michels Is Right!

Well, yes, that's a play on words.  That's what you get for reading this site.

Back to the topic.

In a lengthy interview with Jay Weber, Tim Michels mentioned one thing we've brought up:  PAY Republican activists to harvest votes.

In other words, catch up with the Democrats who PAID a crap-ton of people to pound on doors at UW-Madison and elsewhere in Dane County resulting in a 90% turnout.

They didn't get that number by mailing 1,000 postcards to every voter.  They didn't get there by relying on volunteers to spend whole weeks--or months--pounding the pavement.  They didn't get there by holding meetings and cheering each other at various bars and grills.  They didn't get there with the RoJo 'give me 10 more' limited-contact model.

They got there the old-fashioned way:  they PAID people to work.  As I recall, that's a Republican thing, right?  Work gets pay??

Along the way, he was gracious to Kleefisch--except for one late-interview slap--and didn't beat the stuffings out of the Republican Party of Wisconsin's structure.  But he didn't leave much doubt about the deficiencies in that operation.


Did Pp Francis Say "Dump the Bishops' Conference?"

One of the items on which Pp Francis is correct is this one.

...“The bishops’ conference is there to bring together the bishops, to work together, to discuss issues, to make pastoral plans. But each bishop is a pastor,” the Pope said in a lengthy interview conducted at his Vatican home on Nov. 22 and published Nov. 28.

Let us not dissolve the power of the bishop by reducing it to the power of the bishops’ conference.”...

We humbly admit that we advocated for dissolution of the USCC a few days ago.* 

Perhaps Pp Francis reads Canon212 and landed here?

*We did NOT suggest that it be nuked.  That is a very slight exaggeration of our real position.


What You Will NOT Know, Children's Hospital Edition

Yesterday a story about Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin broke; the story detailed Children's hire of a trans-sexual activist/lesbian/Christian-denying "chaplain."

It caused enough controversy to make it to the front page of the London Daily Mail.

But not enough to make it to Local Pravda.  

The editors there decide what you will NOT know, you see.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Confused About China's Riots?

Don't be confused.  The subjects there may riot.  Then they will die.

Childrens' Hospital WI: Tranny & Pervert Central


Wisconsin’s premier children’s hospital has had its fair share of scandal, particularly with regard to religious liberty and leadership, but the bar just keeps getting lower: Children’s Wisconsin is now hiring trans activists as chaplains and “spiritual care interns.”...

 ...a deeper dive shows that ["chaplain"] Newendorp’s social Marxist views aren’t confined to a push for preferred pronouns. The new chaplain is all-in for transgender surgeries, abortion, and a rejection of religious teaching when it cuts against her personal comfort....

 ...after announcing her engagement to her female fiance who identifies as transgender, the Children’s Wisconsin “chaplain” spouted off about her church online. “Also your casual reminder that my validity as an ordained minister is currently under review by my denomination because of the love I feel for my fiancé. Do better Church, because I’m not going anywhere. I was called,” she wrote....

If you intend to read the whole thing at the link, have your puke-cleanup materials handy.

More Coal-Fired Generators??

Found by Wauck:

A new report from the electricity and gas utility National Grid (which serves parts of New York and Massachusetts) found a rapid increase in electric vehicles on the city streets and highways will require upgraded power grids to handle all the new demand. By 2035, a charging station could demand as much power as a sports arena or small town.

National Grid expects by 2035, large charging stations serving EVs, from SUVs and pickup trucks to delivery vans and semi-trucks, would require 19 megawatts of peak power -- that's approximately what a small town uses. In 2045, those large charging stations could demand upwards of 30 megawatts of capacity, with peak usage of a large manufacturing plant....

So to 'de-carbonize' we'll need a HELLuvalotta electricity.  We know that breezes and sunshine won't do it and storage batteries have real limits.


Vindman Brings Up THE Question

There's a kerfuffle between the forcibly-retired ex-Army officer Vindman and Elon Musk.

You can read about it here.  At one point, Vindman's feeeeeeeeeelzzzzzz were hurt, so he stated this:

I’ll put my reputation up against yours any day. I’ve spent my entire adult life in service to my country. 


WHICH country, Alex?  The US, or Ukraine?

The 2A Ain't in Red China

You've seen the videos and you can read the story.

Thousands--maybe tens of thousands--of Chinese subjects are demonstrating over the Covid lockdowns imposed by the communist dictator.

In return, the dictator has 'turned on the red signal' on the Covid Passports of subjects they identified.  That 'red signal' means that the holder will be identified as a troublemaker wherever they go in Red China.  They will probably "disappear."

China hasn't had gun rights since 1949, when Mao took over.

That's why the Chinese are 'subjects,' not citizens.

It would be too bad if someone here tried to distribute 'Covid passports' and fell into a river or something; good ol' Klaus Schwab, hero-instructor to the Enlightened Ones in the USA, and creator of the Great Reset, said thisthe Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.”.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Paul Ryan, a New York Kinda Guy

What we began to see during Paul Ryan's career in Congress, and particularly during his mating with Mitt (spit!) Romney, is now fully blossomed.

There's a reason Ryan moved to New York City.  It's his kind of place.

...Ryan’s not-Trump agenda is included in a new book of policy proposals from 19 authors organized by the investor-funded, investor-directed American Enterprise Institute.

The 16-chapter book is titled, American Renewal: A Conservative Plan to Strengthen the Social Contract and Save the Country’s Finances.”...

Well, let's see what that really means!

... the book does have plans to provide the GOP’s donors with more migrants, more government spending, and lower taxes....

Here in the Midwest, 'more government spending' plus 'lower taxes' equals MORE debt-financed deficits.  In New York City, government bonds mean income for the bond-tradersSee the difference?

Now we know why he moved to New York City, right? 

He's not done yet!

The book does not clearly offer to trade some of the donors’ goals to earn the decisive votes of ordinary Americans.

...But it does offer a grand bargain between the establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans — new carbon tax-and-spend programs funded by Americans in exchange for investors getting lower taxes and a share of the carbon taxes....

Ryan--in perfect New York-ese, tells us that 'removing carbon from the atmosphere' is a fine goal.  All his best friends say so!!  Thus we should tax electric utilities which use coal, and increase the tax on diesel fuel (meaning increase the cost of every. damn. thing.) because it's 'right.'  Who says it's "right," Paul?  Is that The Science, or another Fauci-mess-of-pottage?

He does have a proposal for reducing the Medicare/Medicaid spend which is absolutely necessary, although the proposal should be vetted, and he has some sort of proposal to 'fix' Social Security, another program which needs attention.  But you can bet that his proposal there does NOT include removing the cap on SocSec taxes, which would go a very long way toward the fix--because that might cost the Uber Donor Class a few bucks.

And of course, Ryan loves immigration.

...When President Trump was elected, Ryan worked successfully to derail Trump’s immigration reform proposals, even though it was the main issue — alongside opposition to free trade — that propelled 2016 Trump into the White House....

It's good that Ryan is in New York.  It's his real home.  Janesville was a convenient masquerade--but no more than that.

Killing Germany

This has been coming for a few years, but it's accelerated by the Ukraine mess.

...One in four German companies is considering moving production to other countries amid the energy crisis, Tanja Gönner, CEO of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), told Die Welt am Sonntag news outlet.

“The high energy prices and the weakening economy are hitting the German economy with full force and are placing a great burden on our companies compared to other international locations. The German business model is under enormous stress…Every fourth German company is thinking about relocating production abroad,” Gönner stated.

Germany’s energy-intensive chemical industry is particularly affected by the crisis, Wolfgang Grosse Entrup, CEO of the German chemical industry association (VCI), told the news outlet.

“The brutal energy prices are knocking us out..."---quoted at Vox Populi

The "energy crisis" began with the Green Conversion, where Germany shut down its coal electricity plants and nearly all its nukes.

Because windmills and sunshine, you see.

That may have been bearable, but then somebody cut off at least half of the nat-gas pipelines to Germany.

Since the German government is effectively run by the Green Party, it's not likely that industries there will get any relief.

Should be interesting to note where those displaced manufacturing operations go, no?

Putin Tightens the Screws Again

The yammer-flammer about 'Russian retreat' is a bit premature.

...The recent Russian pull-back of troops clearly indicated a broad shift in tactics, and the one thing that the Kremlin avoided for several months seemed like the next most logical step - Full spectrum strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure.  

Initially, Ukraine's media spin suggested that the precision strikes were "ineffective", with western news outlets showing only a handful of images of craters in streets and some scarred apartment buildings.  There were limited admissions of damage to the power and water grids, but Ukraine claimed that these systems would be back and functional within days.  This did not happen.

Not surprisingly, Ukraine suffered far more damage to their utilities than the government and media let on.  Later estimates ranged from 60% to 80% of the nation's grid destroyed or unusable and the latest satellite photos of active lights at night support this....

Very good satellite images at the link.  It's DARK in Ukraine.

Next, we'll hear about how MEAN and NASTY this tactic is.


 ...No doubt the media will portray this as a cold weather holocaust, though, elimination of infrastructure is usually the first measure of a large scale attack.  It is standard operating procedure for the US military, for example. ...

Yah, well....

Putin is demonstrating the real meaning of FAAFO. 

How the Liturgical Dirty Deed Was Done

Although this is a 1999 essay, it is pertinent because of the reign of Francis I and his malevolent liturgical pronouncements and Vatican liturgical staffers.  Yes, we said "malevolent."

Cdl. Stickler served as a peritus for the Document on the Liturgy.  He was based in Rome, and was one of six who wrote the draft document, participated in or audited all the debates and discussions, and as a result, knew the final document very, very, well.

...You can understand my astonishment when I found that the final edition of the new Roman Missal [1969] in many ways did not correspond to the Conciliar texts that I knew so well, and that it contained much that broadened, changed or even was directly contrary to the Council's provisions. Since I knew precisely the entire proceeding of the Council, from the often very lengthy discussions and the processing of the modi up to the repeated votes leading to the final formulations, as well as the texts that included the precise regulations for the implementation of the desired reform, you can imagine my amazement, my growing displeasure, indeed my indignation, especially regarding specific contradictions and changes that would necessarily have lasting consequences.... did that happen?  Cdl. Stickler visited with Cdl. Gut, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Liturgy (Rites) and asked that question.

...he shared my concerns completely. He emphasized, however, that the Congregation of Rites bore no blame, for the entire work of reform had been achieved by the Consilium, which was appointed by the Pope specifically for that purpose, and for which Paul VI had chosen Cardinal Lercaro as president and Fr. Bugnini as secretary. This group worked under the direct supervision of the Pope....


Cdl. Stickler knew Bugnini's track record; he described it as 'unsatisfactory,' and as a result, Bugnini was NOT placed on the implementing Consilium.........until...........

 ...An organized group of liturgists represented this neglect to Paul VI as an injustice against Fr. Bugnini, and they managed to see that the new Pope, who was very sensitive to such procedures, righted that "injustice" by naming Fr. Bugnini as secretary of the new Consilium responsible for the implementation of the reform.

Both of these appointments — of Cardinal Lercaro and Fr. Bugnini — to key positions on the Consilium made it possible for voices to be heard that could not be heard during the proceedings of the Council, and likewise silenced others. The work of the Consilium was accomplished in working areas that were inaccessible to non-members....

In other words, 'Bugsy' Bugnini perverted the work of the Second Vatican Council on the liturgy.

+Stickler describes the intent of the reforms as voiced in the Document on the Liturgy (DoL):

... According to article 33, the liturgy is principally the cult of the majesty of God, in which worshippers come into relation with Him by means of visible signs that the liturgy uses in order to express invisible realities, which have been chosen by Christ Himself or by the Church. Here there is a vibrant echo of what the Council of Trent of the Catholic Church already recommended in order to protect her patrimony from the rationalistic and spiritless emptiness of Protestant worship, a patrimony which the Holy Father [John Paul II] in his writings on the Eastern churches has characterized as their special treasure. This "special treasure" also deserves to be a source of nourishment for the Catholic Church. It distinguishes itself by being rich in symbolism, thus providing didactic and pastoral education and enrichment, making it splendidly suited even to the simplest people. When we consider that the Orthodox churches, despite their separation from the rock of the Church, through the symbolic expression and theological progress that continuously found entrance into their liturgy, have preserved the correct beliefs and the sacraments, every Roman Catholic liturgical reform should rather increase the symbolic richness of its form of worship than (sometimes even drastically) decrease it....
You're beginning to see what +Cdl. Stickler's objection centers around, no?  Well--just in case you don't, here's one specific:

...Article 36 speaks about the liturgical language generally, and article 54 of the Mass in particular cases. After a discussion lasting several days, in which arguments for and against were discussed, the Council fathers came to the clear conclusion — wholly in agreement with the Council of Trent — that Latin must be retained as the language of cult in the Latin rite, although exceptional cases were possible and even welcome...

Read those articles (36 & 54) yourself.  It is impossible to come to any other conclusion--unless you're 'Bugsy' Bugnini.

As to music:

 ...Article 116 speaks extensively about Gregorian chant, noting that it has been the classical chant of the Roman Catholic liturgy since the time of Gregory the Great, and as such must be retained. Polyphonic music also deserves attention and cultivation. The other articles of Chapter VI, on sacred music, speak about appropriate music and singing in the Church and the liturgy, and emphasize splendidly the important, indeed the fundamental role of the pipe organ in the Catholic liturgy....
Not the piano, and certainly not any 'guitar-and-combo' group.  Period.

We'll leave you with the Cardinal's summary of the history and purpose of the Divine Liturgy:

...The Church and the liturgy grow and develop together, but always in such a way that the earthly is organized around the heavenly. The Mass comes from Christ; it was adopted by the apostles and their successors as well as by the Fathers of the Church; it developed organically, with the conscious retention of its substance. The liturgy developed along with the Faith that is contained within it; thus we can say, with Pope Celestine I, in his writings to the Gallican bishops in the year 422: Legem credendi lex statuit supplicandi: The liturgy contains, and in proper and comprehensible ways, brings the Faith to expression. In this sense the constancy of the liturgy participates in the constancy of the Faith itself; indeed it contributes to its protection....

And his summary of what are the liturgical 'first things':

...Never has there been, therefore, in any of the Christian-Catholic rites, a break, a radically new creation — with the exception of the post-Conciliar reform. But the Council again and again demanded for the reform a strict adherence to tradition. All reforms, beginning with Gregory I through the Middle Ages, during the entry into the Church of the most disparate peoples with their various customs, have observed this ground rule. This is, incidentally, a characteristic of all religions, including non-revealed ones, which proves that an attachment to tradition is standard in any religious worship, and is therefore natural.

It is not surprising, therefore, that every heretical offshoot from the Catholic Church featured a liturgical revolution, as is most clearly recognized in the case of the Protestants and the Anglicans; while the reforms effected by the popes, and particularly stimulated by the Council of Trent and carried out by Pope Pius V, through those of Pius X, Pius XII and John XXIII, were no revolutions, but merely insignificant corrections, alignments and enrichments. Nothing new should be introduced, the Council expressly says of the reform desired by the fathers, which the genuine good of the Church does not demand. ...

By corollary, if one observes decay in the Church, the introduction of 'something new' must be examined carefully with abrogating such change as a remedy which must be strongly considered.

We (Dad29) consider the problems in the (Western) Church to be the result of a perfect storm consisting of Enlightenment rationalism and gross materialism, among other things--including the flaccidity of (or lack of) orthodox teaching by the Bishops on matters of Right Order, especially concerning sexuality.  The facile 'post-hoc ergo propter hoc' (blame the Liturgy for all evils) is, while a tempting 'quick fix', not the entire remedy.  Not by a long shot.

But the Cardinal's essay (lots more at the link, including very useful specifics) should give pause to the progressives who insist--along with Francis I--that obliterating the Traditional Mass is the cure.  The question to them should be "Cure of WHAT?"

(If you wish to read a lot more on the topic, start with the links presented in this article.)  

'Hide the Affiliations' in Wa Examiner Propaganda

The Washington Examiner is firmly in the NeverTrump camp.  While its owner, Phil Anschutz, is a conservative, his dislike of Trump is reflected by the Examiner's continuous and often somewhat subtle anti-Trump 'news' stories.

Here's one of those 'somewhat subtle' items.

The headline is this:  Kari Lake can be conservative superstar if she dumps Trump, strategist says

So just for fun, you read the story.  There are a few 'strategists' mentioned and quoted who are none-too-friendly to Kari Lake at all (some implying that her campaign was merely a setup for a long-term grift), and eventually we find the one who is openly NeverTrump.

...Political consultant Lorna Romero took a more cautious approach and said how Lake handles her election loss to Hobbs could make or break her career.

"If she concedes graciously in the coming days and weeks, then I think there could be a path for her in the future in politics in Arizona," Romero told the Washington Examiner, adding that Lake should take time to rebrand and start associating herself with people outside the Trumpshere. "From what I have seen [Wednesday] and what she has been retweeting on social media and whatnot, it still seems like she is mulling over a potential lawsuit over the way Maricopa County handled the election. If she goes down that route, I think she will forever be branded as a Trump-type candidate. I think her political career in Arizona will be over. At that point, her only path would be to be on a conservative talk show somewhere."

Romero added that if Lake pivots from former President Donald Trump, her career could skyrocket....

We linked Romero's name to her current Chamber of Commerce affiliation; the bio therein tells us that she's a McCain (GOPe) veteran.  So her blatant anti-Trump noise is expected, and that is what the Examiner's editors placed in the headline.

Also note that Ms. Romero issued a threat to Kari Lakeif you sue Maricopa, Kari, you will be dead meat in Arizona.  Apparently Ms. Romero 'thinks' that no matter the substance of, nor grounds for any lawsuit, Kari Lake should metaphorically 'lay back and think of England.'

One is entitled to be anti-Trump, of course.  And anyone is entitled to be a 'strategist,' too.  And the Examiner can run any story they like, shaped in any narrative they think is best.

The question is this:  'Best' for whom?

One more item showing the clear bias here:

...Unlike other Trump-endorsed candidates who lost their races across the country, Lake doubled down when her race was called Monday, tweeting, "Arizonans know BS when they see it."

She had spent the week before hinting at fraud, without proof, and leveling accusations against election officials in Maricopa County, purposely playing into fears that the election was somehow rigged and that people's votes weren't being counted correctly....

The "without proof" template!!!  Moreover, it's clear that the author of this vapid screed doesn't have a clue what Kari Lake alleges about the election.  She maintains that Maricopa County disenfranchised (largely) Republican voters by virtue of its multiple machine malfunctions on Election Day.

The moron "journalist" ought to keep up with what's happening, don'cha think?

Saturday, November 26, 2022

How About Those Interest Rates??

We note that the Fed Funds rate is somewhere between 3.75-4.00%; it's been going up from 0.25% in March of this year.

We also note that banks and credit unions are holding tightly to a 0.1% rate PAID to savers, unless said savings are in excess of $25K (or more) or are time deposits.  

Using prime mortgage rates as a measure of comparison, there is typically a two+-point spread between rates paid to savers and rates obtained from mortgages.

Not this year!

Truly a 'finance capital' world!

Willie & Friends


Picture, 1000 Words


Q: What do Fauci and Hillary Have in Common?

A:  Total memory lapse when under oath.

Greatest Parody in Limbaugh history!!

Clever!! "McLeadership"

 National Pulse creates a clever pun with some indisputable facts:

The National Pulse has revealed that self-identifying conservatives and Republicans blame the party’s institutional leadership – Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Ronna McDaniel – far more than they blame presidential front runner President Donald J. Trump for the party’s underperformance in America’s recent mid term elections. The trio at the head of the party – dubbed the ‘McLeadership’ by this publication – have quietly attempted to foist blame onto President Trump for the results since November 8th. So too have Republican mega donors who ran to corporate news outlets...

You know the rest of the story above.  

All the Right People are parroting these nattering nabobs of negativism (see, e.g., Paul Ryan and a local RadioMouth or two.)  They still haven't named the Democrat opponent to Trump.  They still haven't assessed the economy during '24.  They're just dead-certain that Trump will lose.


Caution Flag on "Died Suddenly"

Pretty compelling set of counter-facts to what Stew Peters* presented in the "Died Suddenly" video.

...Here are four examples of the garbage that stuck out and that I remember. There may be more. ...Mathew Crawford looked into the DMED data and discovered that the original whistleblowers had made a simple mistake in comparing 2021 with previous years: what they essentially did is to count every office visit instead of every diagnosis. So if you were newly diagnosed with, say, myocarditis, every visit you had with the military health system (more or less) was added up and compared to how many individuals had been diagnosed with myocarditis in previous years. (The details are a bit more nuanced, but that captures the basic gist of the error.)...

... One graph shown in the movie displays statistics for several countries, including a massive decline in birth rates for Australia that sticks out like a sore thumb. Turns out that huge decline is simply due to a reporting problem where the numbers of births from December 2021 are hugely undercounted when the official statistics are released, and then generally not updated until much later. So that huge decrease shown in the movie is just plain wrong....

There are a couple of other serious flaws mentioned in the essay.  On the other hand, the author praises some specific portions of the movie.  Read the entire essay, then watch the video.  You're adults; figure it out.

*FWIW, I've seen Stew Peters' video works a few times and my 'he's a nutbag' sensors flashed red every time. 

Luther's Children

As you recall, Martin Luther was a German.  

The head of the German bishops’ conference has declared that he does not want to “accept an irrevocable ‘No’ from the Vatican” regarding the ordination of women priests. 

According to a report by the German bishops’ own news site, Bishop Georg Bätzing said that “even if Rome sees this point as settled, it is still an urgent question” that has been asked and is therefore “on the table.” ...

Looks like ol' Marty has descendants.

(At one time during +Rembert Weakland's time, the Milwaukee Seminary had a statue of good ol' Marty.)

The Problem With the US Bishops

Christopher Manion points to a few historical problems with the US Bishops (and the USCC bureaucracy as a whole).

...Today, [the Bishops'] agenda features a vast array of government programs and policies as the authoritative teaching of “the Church,” while they fall silent on the magisterial teachings of Humanae Vitae on contraception, Romans 1:26-27 on sodomy, and Matthew 19:3-6 on marriage and divorce....

That 'vast array of government programs and policies' is translated "Distributive Justice."  That's the claim, anyway:  that the 'distributive justice' portion of 'social justice' is served by Federal programs.  (You'll recall that 'distributive justice' is a project of the mother of Ponzi-Man Bankman-Fried--the mom who has a very pricey Vacay Home in the Bahamas.)

...The death knell for Catholic demographics came long ago, with the massive wave of opposition to Pope Paul VI’s promulgation of Humanae Vitae in 1968. Alas, the core of that opposition was within the Church herself, including the hierarchy....

 ...But even that opposition had precedents. Throughout the 60s, as historian Donald Critchlow recounts, America’s bishops had already refused even to oppose taxpayer funding of contraception in government family planning programs at home and abroad.

Their abdication of that consecrated duty persists today.

In 2010, Bishop Howard Hubbard, as chairman of the USCCB’s International Committee on Justice and Peace, joined with other secular lobbyists at the federal trough to support half a billion dollars in funding for contraceptives, and $65 million for abortion, in foreign aid “family planning” programs....

+Howard Hubbard, like +Jos. Bernardin and +Roger Mahony, stands next to Cdl. Ted McCarrick on the All-Time Truly Evil American cleric list.  The Wanderer's old "Agony in Albany" series, describing the horrendous homosexual abuser culture during Hubbard's reign, could curl your hair.

Going forward, what can we expect from the USCC?

In their annual meeting this month, bishops reaffirmed their support for the Schumer Doctrine by electing Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso to head the USCCB’s Committee on Migration.  

+Seitz is strongly opposed to the Rule of Law vis-a-vis immigration.

...At the same meeting, they elected Richmond Bishop Barry Knestout to head their Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People.

Some twenty years ago, Knestout lived in the same apartment as then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and served as his secretary in the Washington chancery. When McCarrick was removed years later, Knestout wrote: “Throughout the time that I was in Washington, I can tell you that I was not approached by anyone with any allegations or evidence of sexual harassment or abuse involving the cardinal.”

Unfortunately for the bishop, the question in the minds of the people was, “But what did you know?”...

That's a question he'll never answer until he gets to St. Peter at THE checkpoint.

Individual Bishops in a number of places such as Tyler, TX. and Madison, WI. (there are others) will hold fast to that which is good.  They need prayers to overcome the USCC's 60+ year tradition of deliberately-vague infidelity to Catholicism pure.

There is a simple solution:  abolish the USCC, which is merely a creation of +Jos. Bernardin, another member of the "most infamous Bishop" club.  Keeping the USCC is like keeping a memorial to Beelzebub.

Why would Catholics do that?

'Going Wally' = New 'Going Postal'

Back in the day, mass shootings in the workplace featured the US Post Office.

Now, it's Wally World.


Friday, November 25, 2022

The Conspiracy Is Your Lifesaver


Are You Truly Human?

Instapundit dug up this quote from Robert Heinlein:

In the words of Robert Heinlein: “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”....

So little time, so much to do! Maybe I'll start with the "Plan an invasion" thing.  Need a map of a certain national capital.......or maybe I'll just borrow one from Ray Epps!

"Green"? You're a Loser

The Senile-ocracy under which we are forced to live for a while is going to cost the US a lot; probably at least as much as the Clinton/Bush warm and wet embrace of Red China.  Remember that?  When Briggs and Stratton, Chrysler, Apple, and hundreds of other US manufacturers opened plants in Red China and FIRED all the people at their US plants.  After all, Red China (and Mexico) don't have all those silly things like Social Security, OSHA, health insurance plans, EPA, paid vacations, local tax and zoning problems, and fleets of lawyers to make life miserable.  But the Globaloney Gang at the Wall Street Journal convinced themselves that it was ONLY the "cost of labor" that killed US manufacturing. 

Good times.  Good times.

Well--it's happening again!!

We have been closely monitoring the signs of a global cleaving around the energy sector taking place.  Essentially, western governments’ following the “Build Back Better” climate change agenda which stops using coal, oil and gas to power their economic engine, while the rest of the growing economic world continues using the more efficient and traditional forms of energy to power their economies....

So 'the rest of the world' relies on cheap, reliable, electricity?  YES.

Then what?

 Fiat parent Stellantis (STLA.MI) has concluded it can’t currently make affordable electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe and is looking at lower-cost manufacturing in markets such as India, its chief executive told reporters.

If India, with its low-cost supplier base, is able to meet the company’s quality and cost targets by the end of 2023, it could open the door to exporting EVs to other markets, said Carlos Tavares, CEO of the group whose brands also include Peugeot and Chrysler.

“So far, Europe is unable to make affordable EVs. So the big opportunity for India would be to be able to sell EV compact cars at an affordable price, protecting profitability,” Tavares told reporters at a media roundtable in India late on Wednesday....

It's not only the enormous price- and reliability-issues, of course.  India is not burdened by the problems mentioned above, either--at least to the degree that Europe and the US are.

It may be a problem for you to pay the electric bill if you don't have a job.  Be sure to contact the WEF about that.  They'll tell you that you've been Built Back Better and please shut up and die.

Pentagon: The Black Hole of Tax Money

Over the years, a lot of people--usually the Lefties--have called for reducing the Pentagon budget.

Maybe it's time to take a very hard look at the Pentagon.

The US Department of Defense has, for the fifth straight year, failed to pass a financial audit, with only seven out of the Pentagon’s 27 military agencies receiving a passing grade.

“We failed to get an ‘A’,” Mike McCord, the Pentagon’s comptroller and chief financial officer, told reporters last week, announcing the results of the Pentagon’s fifth-ever financial audit.

“I would not say that we flunked,” he added, despite his office acknowledging that the Pentagon only managed to account for 39 percent of its $3.5 trillion in assets.

With this failure, the Pentagon has kept its spot as the only US government agency to have never passed a comprehensive audit. It also highlights the US war department’s persistent lack of internal financial control, its poor budget estimations and rampant overspending....

They LOST a TRILLION or two??

The article goes on to bitch about the F-35 program, then mentions this: 2019 alone, the Pentagon made $35 trillion in accounting adjustments – a figure larger than the entire US economy....

We're very much FOR National Defense, and in particular, FOR the enlisted men and women (not trannies) who slog through the mud and sand to keep this country free.  But this level of incompetence (or maybe outright fraud and corruption) is simply unacceptable.

The bad news:  it will be a cold day in Hell before any Republican (including Trump) does something about this.

Trump vs. The Warmonger Globaloneys

It appears that Donald Trump is the only (R) contender who wants a negotiated settlement of the Ukraine mess, and he's willing to host the talks.  DeSantis is smarter than the people below.....he doesn't have anything to say.

Pence, Haley, Pompeo, and Cruz?


But by all means, anybody but Trump, say the RadioMouths.....

The Reality of the Pandemic "Crowd"

Interesting essay here about how "Mass Formation Psychosis" actually works.  In particular, note that 'leaders' actually became 'followers'.  The essay also points out that there is no 'evil genius' here who plotted this all out; not Red China, not the WEF.  But the essay falls off the highway later, endorsing 'evolution'--the fancy word for 'progress'--as the remedy for Mass Formation Psychosis.

Read the essay; these excerpts should give you a flavor, but not the whole enchilada.

...One key implication of the crowd dynamic is that there is no single culprit, no head of the snake, no enemy that planned the covid saga ages ago. In crowds, both the population and its leaders get caught in the maelstrom of the adopted narrative, dragging them all into a wild ride that, unlike a ride in an amusement park, has no predictable pathway or ending. Yes, the elites take on the roles of jailers and autocrats, but these are roles demanded of them by their own populations. Should they refuse to play as requested, they would quickly be cast aside and replaced by others who are prepared to do the business. As Desmet points out, removing any part of the elites would have made no difference, as it would make no difference now.

A telling example of this dynamic played out in London in March 2020. Rishi Sunak, the then UK Treasurer (now Prime Minister), recently reminded us of what happened in those days: the medical establishment and the politicians did in fact try to follow the received wisdom of 100 years of medical science and resisted locking down, but such was the uproar in the British population that the government caved in and instigated lockdowns anyway. 

One of us was in London then and can verify from personal experience that this is exactly how it was. The UK government’s feeble resistance crumbled under a tidal wave of fear. After the politicians had succumbed to public pressure, the institutional medics fell in line, pushing to the forefront media hounds like Neil Ferguson, who had a special penchant for playing up apocalyptic scenarios that lent themselves to totalitarian solutions. ...

Ferguson was the British version of Fauci/BirxYou'll note that since the 'crisis' has abated, Fauci does not give up on his totalitarian nature.

Here's the part that will irritate the bejabbers out of Bannon, Posobiec,

...We completely agree with Desmet’s thinking on all of this, although the implication of no ‘grand conspiracy’ is irritating for many in Team Sanity who like the simplicity of a culprit on which everything can be blamed. It’s the easy way out. Yet, is it really likely that the many US judges across the country who were reluctant to enforce the US Constitution were somehow all directed by nefarious Chinese?

 Is it useful to think that the decisions by individual EU countries to mask and inject young children to within an inch of their lives is really all part of a WEF plot hatched 20 years ago? No. One should blame those US judges and EU legislators themselves for what they decided to do, both because the ‘grand conspiracy’ alternative is extraordinarily unlikely and because assigning individual blame for individual actions is a pillar of Western judicial thinking. Holding people accountable for what they did is much more confronting and politically difficult than externalising blame, but it is what needs to be done in order for justice to be restored. ...

Does the Mass Formation hypothesis have weaknesses?  Yes.  Not all countries succumbed to it, which negates Desmet's theory's predicate that:

...alienation was rising and mechanistic, and ‘rational’ thinking had created a belief that complex social problems could be controlled and remedied with technology. Further pre-2020 trends in consumerism and the gradual replacement of many social relations by direct interactions with the state in health, education, and other domains can well be said to have catalysed the emergence of an atomised and lonely population, desperate for common threats to bind them. ...

That turned out to be inaccurate; there were several countries around the world which did not show the psychosis; those countries were in the West and in the Third World, too.

Instead, these authors postulate that 'mass media' (both traditional and social) were the catalyst.

...The key thing explaining how the covid fear swept across the world is then (social) media. New information systems allowed for a self-enforcing wave of anxiety to be transmitted person-to-person at scale across the mediums of information sharing, in an extended and deadly worldwide super-spreader event. 

Yes, that wave was manipulated and amplified for all sorts of reasons, but the existence of shared social media across the world was the real enabler of the emergence of the covid crowds. Mass media is the tinder for global crowd formation...

Well....mass media (social or otherwise) combined with utterly non-critical thinking.  After the 'leaders follow the crowd' postulate above, Trump's social mass-media fixation is most likely what influenced him, along with his "advisers" such as Fauci, who were happy as pigs in mud to exercise their Inner Dictator.

Unfortunately, the authors wander in to an unhelpful defense of the Enlightenment which they connect with their equally unhelpful dismissal of moral strictures; this despite their admiration of Edmund Burke.  Instead of reliance on What Is and Always Has Been, they bring out the brass band of "Progress" and "societal Evolution", the tinkling cymbals of which St Paul wrote a couple thousand years ago.

 ...In the long run, then, the name of the game is not moral appeals but institutional evolution. Even the French revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks, who both used brutal methods to overhaul their societies, in reality kept the vast majority of the existing institutions in place. The French revolutionaries did not destroy the existing bureaucracy or army structures they inherited from the royal court of the Bourbons, but expanded and modernised them. ...

Seeking perfect governance--or the perfect society--here on Earth?

Good luck with that!

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Dueling Narratives on New Home Sales

Elsewhere in the 'net today, you'll find headlines about 'new housing sales increase.'

Well, yes....but increase from what?

...Sales of new single-family houses have been zigzagging along low levels for months. In October, they rose 7.5% from September, after having plunged 11% in September, according to the Census Bureau today. At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 632,000 houses, they were down 5.8% from the already low levels a year ago, and down 37% from two years ago....

There's a graph at the link; the REAL high in sales was 2004 or so.

But the sales mentioned above are sales before contract cancellations.


 ...According to the homebuilder survey by John Burns Real Estate Consulting – with a sample size of roughly 20% of all new home sales – the cancellation rate spiked to 25.6% in October, up from a rate of 7.9% in October 2021 and from 10.9% in October 2019. Over a quarter of the signed contracts are cancelled!...

Sales are up, deliveries are down.

That's not a good scenario.


More Ukraine Analysis

We mentioned Meaning in History below.  Same guy, different topic.

(Following the fake-news of "Russia sending missiles into Poland" mess):

...Since then we’ve heard repeated complaints about Zelensky’s lies emanating from the collective West. Complaints that he’s out of control, isn’t a team player, is a risk for starting WW3, etc. While some in the West think replacing Zelensky is a way forward, I very much doubt that. You’d end up with one of two results: 1) Either the real Ukro-Nazis would gain more influence than they already have within the Ukrainian government, or 2) someone stronger and more pragmatic than Zelensky would take over. The first option would unquestionably increase the risk of escalation, and the second option would likely lead to Ukraine quickly opting for a modus vivendi with Russia that would place Ukraine firmly within the Russian sphere of influence—exactly what the war is supposed to prevent....


And it gets worse!!

...Russia is preparing to take the gloves off—probably as soon as winter sets in. The US knows this, and is getting the jitters. The sanctions war was supposed to keep us out of exactly this dilemma, but that blew up in our faces and we’re left with nothing but hard military choices. As the Poland missile flap shows, the US military knows it cannot afford any further escalation. As a result we’ve seen fissures developing between the US military and the non-DoD national security establishment Neocons....

Recall that Milley is on the record asking for a sit-down between the Russkies and the Ukies.

The next 30-90 days will be very interesting, indeed.

How Long Can McConnellRyanMcCarthy Hold On?

Meaning in History is run by a retired FBI agent.  He got an email from another retiree.

Here's the interesting part: I previously mentioned, I volunteer in local conservative politics in [Red State].  I can tell you that from my neck of the woods, there is a civil war going on in the GOP and it will likely manifest itself in the Trump nomination process.  The folks who are conservative who have faithfully voted R because they have been cajoled by the Republican elite, are pretty much fed up with the GOP both at the national level and state level.  I suspect that this will manifest itself in large numbers of traditional Republican voters not voting in 2024 if Trump isn't on the ticket and either the destruction of the GOP as we know (See Senator Josh Hawley's comments about the death of the old GOP) and rebirth of a new party out of the ashes of the old.  If the GOP elite are successful at remaining in control of the party, you will see a significant defection among the grassroots faithful.  Folks are actively questioning just exactly what the GOP does for them in various issues [at the state level] and they are finding that the juice isn't worth the squeeze....

I believe that's called "BURN IT DOWN" in most quarters.

Lincoln on Thanksgiving

This is an excerpt from Lincoln's proclamation. Note the red-highlighted parts......

...I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. And I recommend to them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to His tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquillity and Union.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this Third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of the United States the Eighty-eighth.

By the President: Abraham Lincoln

William H. Seward,
Secretary of State

 How many times did Biden or any "nooz" critter mention God today??

CO. "They Them": Drug Problem?? Or Politician??

You'll notice that the Colorado non-binary has a speaking/responding problem.  (See the video embed at the link.)

Too much marijuana?

Too much SSRI?

Or is he trying to pull off a 'mental defect' defense??


He wants to be a Senator from Pennsylvania.

SJW Mommy's Bahamas Vacay Home

We are amused.  Ms. Fried has a logic problem, but not a housing problem!

...Bankman-Fried's mother, Barbara Fried, is a tax expert whose scholarship focuses on moral philosophy and "questions of distributive justice."...

"Distributive justice" is high-falutin' code for "social justice," which advocates robbing Peter to pay Paul in its current distortionActual "social justice" has nothing to do with robbery.

Ms. Fried is also a BahamaMama.

... we weren't exactly shocked to read Tuesday's Reuters report indicating that Bankman and Fried appear to have been in on the FTX scam. The two purchased a Bahamian beachfront home in a gated community "that was once home to a British colonial fort built in the 1700s to protect against pirates."...

You can't make this stuff up.

As to the logic problem:

Fried is opposed to "blame", as we noted last week.  So here's a question for BahamaMama:  how do you reconcile your "no blame" position with "justice" of any sort?

Don't bother, Barbara.  We know the answer.

Are They Really Pedophiles?? Yup!

 Tucker Carlson is being attacked for noticing stuff.

...Balenciaga is a company that sells $1,100 sneakers and cotton sweatshirts for 1,500 bucks to people who’ve literally run out of things to buy. You’re probably not doing your back-to-school shopping at Balenciaga, but some people apparently are.

So, this week, Balenciaga rolled out a new ad campaign on Instagram and the selling point of the ads was sex with children. One photograph showed a very young girl lying face down on a couch with candles, empty wine glasses, and a dog collar on a coffee table in front of her.

Another picture showed the same girl, a toddler, holding a teddy bear dressed in sexual bondage gear, including a leather harness and then, in case you missed the point, we’re for pedophilia at Balenciaga, another picture made it explicit. That picture showed pages from a Supreme Court opinion that struck down a law designed to fight child pornography....

...Academics have redefined child molesters as minor-attracted persons and the point, of course, is to send the message that actually it’s not that big a deal. It’s just a different kind of love.

So, maybe not surprisingly given that trend, apart from a few isolated exceptions in the American media, almost all outlets completely ignored Balenciaga’s kiddie porn ad campaign....

So......what was the target audience for these ads?  Joe and Sue Lunchbox in Mauston, WI?  Or in the Watts area of LA? 

Nope.  It was the Pedophile People.  You remember them from Jeffrey Epstein's circle of Ultra-Glam types.

Even more intriguing:  who are the people attacking Carlson for noticing this stuff?

Glad you asked!!  Lots of "reporters" and "analysts" at NBC and its dog-barf spawn MS-NBC.  (You DO remember that the "MS" in "MS-NBC" stands for Microsoft, right?)  Didn't Bill Gates hang around with Epstein, too?

Child porn and child rape are--indeed--part of the culture in certain High Places.  Thanks to Carlson for noticing.

Tammy Baldwin Gets Pushback

Last week we noted that Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) launched a 'kinetic' attack on churches and individuals who hold that marriage is divinely-ordered to be between one male and one female.

Baldwin--who has the grave disorder--and other Crazies don't like that 'divine' stuff.  Reminds them that their power is secondary. 

Now comes the pushback, led by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and taken up by the Heritage Foundation.

The conservative Heritage Foundation is reportedly spending one million dollars on ads opposing the passage of the pro-gay marriage “Respect for Marriage Act.” The ads are set to run during Thanksgiving NFL and college football games....

“This legislation does not add one additional benefit to same-sex couples in the United States; it’s an attack that sets the stage to take rights away from people of faith. What it does accomplish is deputizing radical activists to target Americans who cannot in good faith endorse anything other than a man-woman marriage."...

Under Baldwin's grotesque 'law,' individuals will be sued and faith-based organizations will lose their tax exemption for refusing to accept the homosexual-lobby's terms.  This act is designed to crush opponents through lawfare.

Baldwin knows that, of course.  That's why she pushed this legislation.

Do not be deceived.  Baldwin is a menace.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The (New) Miracle of The (New) Vaxx!!!

Finally!!!  After a couple years of total failure (failure to prevent, failure to prevent transmission, thousands of miscarriages, and dead bodies of young men piling up).......


...Dr. Jha, is the new dunce in charge of the federal CV-19 response. He said today that the vaccines would literally prevent every death.

Dr. Jha: "We can prevent every covid death in America" if everyone gets their updated booster....

So.........was Pfizer holding back? \

HT:  Meaning in History

Jay Weber Repeats Ukie Propaganda

 At one time, RadioMouth Jay Weber was a news guy.

That changed, dramatically.  Now he's an outlet for Ukrainian propaganda.

This morning, he launched into a spiel telling the listeners that Russia's situation was dire; morale in the army is awful, Russia is running out of weapons, and Putin's goal of "regime change" had been walked back by Russian officials.

Except that Putin NEVER stated that he wanted "regime change" in Ukraine (although that would be a very good thing for Ukraine, Russia, and the West.)  Go ahead.  Google it.

Apparently he got that news from Yahoo! News, which got it from "The New Voice of Ukraine."

Reliable sources, and all that.

Wars are notoriously unpredictable.  The Plan comes to an end at roughly the same time as the battle is engaged.  It's possible that the Russians are low on weapons; but it's a fact that Ukraine is very low on weapons--or they wouldn't be hectoring NATO for more of them, right?

As has been explained elsewhere, the withdrawal from Kherson COULD signify Russian weakness; it could ALSO signify a maneuver to relieve Russia of defending a place they did not think is important at this time--and which cost them a lot of resources due to its location.

Weber would profit from a study of chess, which would teach him about maneuver warfare, the trademark of the Russian army.  "Forward Only" is not always the smartest battle plan.  He could also refer to Ho Chi Minh--the victor in the Viet Nam war, or for that matter, he could reference the battles fought--and won--by Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox."

But that would take time away from his Yahoo!! News propaganda blast.

DeMuth Slams Establo-Pubbies

PowerLine's Hayward shared a bit of a WSJ editorial by Christopher DeMuth, formerly of the American Enterprise Institute, now at Hudson.  Here's the fun part:

...[Many of t]he national conservatives are at the ramparts against the new status quo of woke progressivism in government, the military, business, education, culture and media. Many of them are also dismissive of the conservatism of Buckley & Co. and Ronald Reagan and their legacy of journals, think tanks and policy doctrines that became a settled Washington establishment by the 2000s and 2010s.

In their view, that establishment was complicit in progressivism’s political ascent. American conservatism became unduly attached to libertarian individualism, unfettered markets and free trade as ends in themselves—which helped set the stage for anything-goes cultural corruption, the decline of community, family and religion, and the rise of global corporations and institutions that decimated the American heartland....


Yes, indeed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

A Star-Studded Seminar

The NY Slimes is having a seminar.

Some of the speakers may not appear, but all are competent on the same topic.

Pubbie Primary Poll!!

Must be Election Biennium or something

Poll from Emerson college tells us that LIZ CHENEY will get more primary votes than Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley. 

Doesn't look too good for them, does it?

Pence gets 8% of the vote, double what Cheney gets.

Trump's strongest support?  Voters under 50 years old with a high school diploma or less.

How about DeSantis??

...Older, over educated, wealthy, Wall-Street, non-working, investment class, predominately white, left-leaning republicans with delicate sensibilities.   The more of each of these attributes the person carries, the more likely they are to support DeSantis....

You should not be surprised.

How About a $2/Gallon Gas Tax?

The EPA has been out of control since its founding (thanks, Richard Nixon!!) and it's getting worse.

EPA has proposed a new estimate for the social cost of carbon emissions, nearly quadrupling the $51 a ton to $191 a ton. It has already drawn legal challenges from a host of Republican-led states.

It will correspond to a $ 2-a-gallon gas tax....

How did they come up with $191/ton?


They wrote computer programs which included their faked-up 'estimates' of 'damages'.

So it's "computer says!!" rather than "we guess!!"

And we all know that computers are never wrong.  Right?

Monday, November 21, 2022

Beyond Blech!!

It appears that what you get in "Beyond Meat" is not what you want to pay for.

...One of Beyond Meat’s key factories was reportedly riddled with mold, bacteria and other health-related concerns, according to leaked evidence provided by a former employee.

A leaked internal document revealed Beyond Meat products manufactured at the plant had tested positive for the harmful bacteria Listeria at least 11 times in the second half of 2021 and the first half of this year, Bloomberg reported on Monday....

You want pictures?  Here's one.  The others are at the original story. 


Why Trump, Not RyanHaleyDeSantis?

There is one really good reason for Trump--which happens to be the reason for NeverRyanHaleyDeSantis.  This is an excerpt from a longer essay, but it's the core of the thing.

Before Donald Trump entered politics there was no home for people voting on the issue of a national economic agenda. Both Democrat and Republican candidates had essentially the same worldview on national economic policy because they are all getting money from the same multinational corporate trough.  However, President Trump changed that dynamic by presenting an alternative national economic policy called America-First.

...For decades middle America was begging the McConnell’s, Ryans, Boehners, Romney’s, McCain’s, Bushes, et al, to make America First economic policies their priority.  All of our shouts for help fell upon deaf political ears plugged by corporate donations and influence.  Our communities were literally collapsing around us (see rust belt), and yet no national politician would do anything of consequence.

By the time Donald Trump arrived decades of frustration exploded in an eruption of massive applause because he was articulating the central economic issue that was being ignored by the professional political class.  The America First agenda is the restoration agenda.  From Trump’s national economic policy, the middle-class erosion stopped. Economic security, specifically U.S. employment stability and wage rates, goes hand in glove with border security and immigration controls.

MAGAnomics is the core of the great MAGA republican coalition, a working-class coalition that cuts through all other distinctions and divisions.  It is not republican because of political affiliation, it is “MAGA republican” only because the republican party was the political vehicle selected by Donald Trump to install the policy....

Note we didn't even bother to mention Pence, New Jersey Fats, or the failure in Maryland in the title or at the top of this entry.  That's because their base of support, collectively, numbers less than 200 people.

Remember what Trump's MAGA did:  employment went up, energy prices went down, the price of imported goods went down, the border invasion was nearly stopped, and NATO began to pay its fair share of the cost, and those items are only the beginning of a long list.

Remember what ClintonBushObamaBiden did?

You can choose that again; it's called RyanHaleyDeSantis.

Choose wisely.

To Fix the Climate, Send Money!

 No, silly.  Not 'send money' to some nuclear power plant, nor to new hydro-power projects.

Send money, BIG money, to Third World nations.

Because that will cure the climate, see??

Revolutionary Black Cult Hits Kenosha Church

Not that you'll see this in "the news."

St Peter's Catholic church in Kenosha (near north side of town) has a picture of Jesus, featuring the Sacred Heart.  You've seen it in all the Mercy Sunday literature.

That picture was covered by green paint text:  Ankh en Maat, which is Egyptian for "Live in truth."

It's typically used by revolutionary black cult groups.

Who'd have guessed Kenosha?/sarc

The Cult of "Shut Up!!"

Nicely put in this piece re the Colorado shoot.

...The rainbow cult is desperate for parents to shut up about the disgusting pornographic books their activists put in children’s libraries, and the unscientific and confusing nursery stories for kindergartners that tell them they can be the opposite sex if they don’t conform to gender-specific toys. The cult really wants us to shut up about the dangers of puberty blockers to children and the crippling complications of gender “affirming” surgeries. The cult wants us to give up our parental authority to school counselors and the state. We’re not going to do any of that. 

They’re so desperate for us to be silenced that they are now trying to smear everyone who refuses to join their cult as being responsible for some deranged lunatic who shot people. It’s absurd. The right has been trying to solve these issues of grooming and sexualization of children through social awareness, legislation, and lawsuits, not violence. Our legitimate efforts to use social media, education, and the legal system to advocate for laws that protect children cannot and should not be stymied in any way by hysterical harpies lying about us.

Our goals are righteous: Protect children from sexualization before they can do long division. Stop the medical industry from interfering with child development and playing god and experimenting on mentally ill kids. Get porn out of schools....

The louder they screech, the more determined we shall be. 

By the way, had Tim Michels spent more time and money on THIS topic, he'd be Governor.