Wednesday, January 31, 2024

De-Civilizing the Twin Cities

 A friend of mine has a daughter living in Minneapolis, and we have a couple of relatives in the Twin Cities.

They're all very solid Lefties and they are getting exactly what they deserve.

...Metro Transit, which provides public transportation for the Twin Cities metro area, announced last week that it is installing new signs at light rail and bus transit stations which outline acceptable behaviors from riders...

 The expectations of riders include paying ride fare and wearing clothing. Paying for one fare equals paying for one seat, Metro Transit explains, telling riders to hold their belongings in their laps and not place them on an additional seat.

The expectations of riders include paying ride fare and wearing clothing. Paying for one fare equals paying for one seat, Metro Transit explains, telling riders to hold their belongings in their laps and not place them on an additional seat.

The rules distinguish illegal activity from activity that isn’t necessarily illegal but is “not allowed.”

Peeing and pooping while riding on Metro Transit vehicles falls under the “illegal” category, according to the signs. “Transit property is not a public restroom,” the new rules read. They also explain to riders that sexual assault is illegal. “Sexual contact without consent is forbidden,” the rules state.

Other illegal behaviors include threatening or spitting on others, smoking and illegal drug use, drinking alcohol, and disorderly conduct....

It is obvious that the new rules are occasioned by the behaviors those rules prohibit. 

Somalis are not the only transgressors.  There are lots of new residents, courtesy of Joe Biden.

HT:  Vox

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

REAL Milwaukee Report Card

The Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism bunches have their report cards on Milwaukee.

But the REAL one?

Nearly half of America's 30,000 cities will shrink by the end of the century, bringing 'unprecedented challenges' in keeping the lights on and buses running on schedule, researchers warn.

Experts at the University of Illinois Chicago say the worst-affected cities could shed as much as 23 percent of people, as residents move out to the suburbs and beyond for cheaper living elsewhere.

The hollowed-out cities will struggle to keep up basic services, as providers of public transit
, internet cables and other suppliers will struggle to turn a profit after their customers have fled.

Falling numbers of tax-paying residents will strain services further still....

Milwaukee is #6 on the list, losing 1/2 of 1% of its population every year.

Last one know the drill.

Infant Mortality Up. Why??

We cannot imagine why this is so.

The U.S. infant mortality rate rose 3% last year — the largest increase in two decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

White and Native American infants, infant boys and babies born at 37 weeks or earlier had significant death rate increases....

...Dr. Eric Eichenwald, a Philadelphia-based neonatologist, called the new data “disturbing,” but said experts at this point can only speculate as to why a statistic that generally has been falling for decades rose in 2022. ...

Call experts from Pfizer, or Moderna, or J&J.  Also call "doctors" Fauci and Collins.

They'll tell you that it was Trump, the Russians, and Climate Change.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Ace Goes Off the Rails

We value Ace/AOSHQ for a number of reasons.

But now and then, Ace sorta wanders into LaLaLand.

...I know Tucker Carlson is now claiming that unspecified "interests" in the US want a war with Iran that no one else does and will not stop until they get it.

But it sure seems to me like Iran wants a war, and that the impulse to "blame America first" is now becoming a major part of what is called "America First." (Or America Only, as some call it.) This is/was a common claim on the left, that all aggression by foreign regimes is/was always due to America pushing/manipulating the foreign attackers into it. And it now seems to be a major -- perhaps dominant -- strain of thought on the MAGA right as well....

No, Ace.  Iran wants the US out of the Middle East, especially from its ILLEGAL BASES in Iraq and Syria.  Our presence, since it's regarded as 'defending Israel', is not welcome by Iran, nor Syria, nor Iraq. 

The MAGA that I espouse is one which minds its own business and protects ONLY the Vital National Interests of the US.  Yes, I know that Limbaugh claimed the invasion of Iraq was all about "the free flow of oil" but he was fed that line by........interests.......and stuck to it no matter how silly he looked.

But 'the free flow of oil' for vital US interests can be ginned up by domestic and Canadian sources.  We do not need the Oils of Araby.  Europe does; where the Hell are they?

Yes, you want us to defend Israel pretty much no matter what it takes.

Strap on an M-4, pal.

Now Farmers Revolt in France

Holland, Germany, now France.

Protesting farmers in France began a “siege” of Paris on Monday, blocking all major highways with tractors. Farmers from across the European Union (EU), angered by unfair competition from more lightly regulated countries, costly climate policies, subsidy cuts, and tax hikes, have also targeted government offices, with some being damaged in the protests....

Then there's the truckers' convoy headed to the border in the US.

Does the Deep State really think that they can scramble F-16's fast enough for all this?

Jordan Peterson: Jackwad

We've heard about this Canuck shrink.  Turns out he's a useless pussy.

I mean, look, obviously many of those people convicted were doing what they believed in their heart of hearts to be right, and maybe there is some truth to their qualms about the Democratic process. But here’s something to consider, if you’re serious about unifying the country, don’t do the one thing that would piss your opponent off to the point where they felt they had nothing to lose. I mean, look, the left really believes these are ‘far-right insurrectionist Nazi terrorists’, whether that’s true or not is irrelevant. Pardoning them will only engender the undirected rage of paranoid Radical Leftists in such a way that compromise becomes impossible.

If you thought the summer of 2020 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. For peace, I mean, I think they have to be a sacrifice. If the January 6 prisoners knew that they had to remain in prison for the sake of comforting the other half the country, and finding commonality, I think they, well I hope… would be ok with that--quoted at Vox

So Trump should NOT pardon the J6'ers and leave them to rot in prison for NON-crimes?

F**k off, Doc.

Got Ammo? Best Get More---NOW

 Peter has interesting news about ammo, and it is not good.

An ammo dealer sent a newsletter which Peter quoted.  Here are the significant out-takes:

...The big point of discussion seemed to be shortness in supply for nitrocellulose, which is the raw material used to make gunpowder and other propellants and explosives....

...a huge percentage of the nitrocellulose used to make gunpowder historically came from China and Russia, however according to my conversations with industry partners, the Chinese manufacturers who historically were the biggest suppliers at over 30% of the market share are no longer willing to ship raw nitrocellulose to the USA or NATO member countries in attempt to reduce the USA & NATO's ability to supply Ukrainian forces with artillery shells, and of course Russia who historically was the 2nd biggest supplier is out of the supply chain as well. This decrease in supply in raw material has gunpowder manufacturers in the USA raising prices dramatically and cutting off many of the smaller ammo manufacturers....

...The 2nd part of this issue is the demand for military ordnance, like 155mm artillery shells that use huge quantities gunpowder propellants, and the gunpowder manufacturers switching production to this type of gunpowder with what supply of nitrocellulose they do get....

The ammo retailer expects the fecal material to hit the fan this summer.

A Warning From Z-Man

Once you read this, you slap your forehead and exclaim "Of COURSE!!"

...This is what makes the Texas border showdown an interesting thing. All of a sudden, we get word that Mitch McConnell is telling his party that the politics of immigration have flipped and they need to rally to Trump on the issue. Then Greg Abbott finds his inner confederate and defies the Feds with regards to the razor wire he had installed in a public park that sits along the border. Finally, we have every Republican governor rallying to his side in this fight with the Feds.

The first thing to consider here is that the Republican Party is the party of scheming perfidious finks, so whatever they are doing is not on the level. This is a party that selects for people who live to fink. They should just rename the party to “The Fink Party” but that would be a degree of candor no fink could muster. That also means that their sudden embrace of immigration and Trump’s position on it is not on the level. They are up to shenanigans because it is their nature....

Aside from Romney, Ryan, and Graham, there are others.  Lankford (see below post) comes to mind.

 ...There may be something more perfidious afoot. Those court cases are still ongoing and one of them is scheduled to start in March. That means Trump is still in legal jeopardy and could be removed from the ticket. The issue is timing. They could not conjure an alternative in the primaries, so maybe they are looking to get a replacement ready, perhaps as his running mate. In other words, maybe word went out that there is a casting call for who will be Trump’s future replacement.

From the scheming weasel point of view, this is a good save to the official narrative that had Trump dropping out by the end of 2023. He cruises along winning delegates, picks a regime approved running mate and then is convicted in the summer. The party then does some hand wringing and decides to expel him from the party and tab his running mate as the party nominee. “We really hate to do this but with Trump facing jail time, we have to go with his top choice to replace him.”...

Z-Man, a fellow innocent of real plots, forgets to mention the most obvious:  assassination.  Like what JFK and Epstein got.

That's where the big money is.

Sen. Lankford's "Either/Or" Moment

 Either this guy is dumber than a box of rocks, OR he thinks that YOU are dumber than a box of rocks.

Senator James Lankford says if President Trump was president today the border crisis would not exist, because the existing law would be enforced.  Simultaneous to this, the same Senator Lankford says the new law he proposes will create significant border enforcement. If the executive branch can ignore the current border enforcement law (they can and do), what makes Lankford believe new legislation will not be ignored by the same executive branch (they will)?  This non-pretending reality frames the essential point:  the element of “enforcement” is not within the legislative branch, so the entire effort is a moot exercise...

He also denies that the bill will have a 'trigger for enforcement' of 5,000 illegals/daySince normal humans have not seen the text, his denial worthless as Biden's enforcement.

But that 5,000/day thing is interesting:  would Lankford allow you to canoodle his wife 5X/day before he calls the cops?

Oklahoma can--and should--do better.

If You Like to Eat, You're a Target

Granted, all the saints practiced fasting.  Not for their health, but to 'humiliate' their bodies and to learn to control all their appetitites.

But those good ends are not what the World Health Organization has in mind.

...WHO is now officially at war with farmers — as in, the people who own and operate farms and use them to grow the food that sustains the human population on planet Earth, the suppression of which would be literally genocidal.

Here’s the diverse WHO executive Tedros on shutting down food production for Climate Change™:

    “Our food systems are harming the health of people and planet. Food systems contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, and account for almost one third of the global burden of disease. Transforming food systems is therefore essential.”

    WHO's Tedros: "Our food systems are harming the health of people and planet. Food systems contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, and account for almost one third of the global burden of disease. Transforming food systems is therefore essential
    — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) December 26, 2023...

But the REAL Enemies of the Planet are home-veggie and -fruit farmers!

...Growing your own food in an allotment may not be as good for the environment as expected, a study suggests.

The carbon footprint of homegrown foods is five times greater than produce from conventional agricultural practices, such as rural farms, data show.

A study from the University of Michigan looked at how much CO2 was produced when growing food in different types of urban farms and found that, on average, a serving of food made from traditional farms creates 0.07kg of CO2.

The impact on the environment is almost five times higher at 0.34kg per portion for individual gardens, such as vegetable patches or allotments…

Fruit was found to be 8.6 times more eco-friendly when grown conventionally compared to in a city, whereas vegetables were 5.8 times better for the environment when left to the professionals.”...

Screw them.  Keep your veggie patch, or make it bigger; same with the orchard.  Those are foods that you can eat regardless of the silly blue-helmet gang.  But stay awarethe blue helmets like to rape your wives and daughters.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

3 US Troops Dead in Syria. Graham Wants WAR

 Drone attack.  

Note:  it is illegal for US troops to be in Syria and in Jordan. (The attack could have been in Jordan, proximate to the Syrian border.)

Lindsey Graham checked with his Mommy and then demanded that Bai-Den 'hit Iran hard.'

Joe Kent, a real man with intimate and extended knowledge of war, had a response for Lindsey:

The war machine votes to leave our troops in the middle east as bait, funds our enemies until they kill Americans, then uses the dead troops as a justification for a new war.

This scam only benefits Iran & the defense contractors who own too many members of our government.

Graham is a twit, by the way, and Jesse Kelly called him out:

You gave all our artillery shells to Ukraine and the American president is busy squaring off against his own citizens in Texas.

Who don’t think is gonna fight this war for you? We all know it won’t be you getting your hands dirty

And we know why Graham loves him some war, don't we?

 Childless warhawk seeks total annihilation.

Offhand guess?  Boeing has pictures of Graham doing it on a table in the Senate with an underage page.

Plenty more at Wauck's place.


... Nobody in the MSM or Congress (that I’m aware of) is asking the obvious question: What are our forces doing, in harms way, illegally present in Syria? Yes, we know that Syria broke the rules of the rule based order. Rule #1, do whatever Uncle Same tells you to do. So everyone is pretending that this happened in a vacuum, rather than as the latest incident in a long history of US meddling in the Middle East. But is it possible that our forces out there in the desert were simply a tripwire? If you think that the people who rule over us would never put Americans in obvious harms way in order to draw an attack to justify a war … C’mon. We all know better than that....

Biden, joining LBJ (Gulf of Tonkin) and FDR (Pearl).....except that Biden is non compos mentis:  he has no friggin' idea of what's going on.

Meantime, Benji told the Israeli public that his war on Hamas--and Hizbollah--may last until 2025.  Benji would very much like it to be OUR war.  

Let's see how many Congressmen Benji actually owns.


Chicago Lux-Home Fire Sale

It finally caught up with Chicago.

The Chicago luxury housing market in many neighborhoods is dropping precipitously in value.

This circumstance isn't just a cooling off – it's like it took a dip in Lake Michigan this January in the sub-zero temperatures. A range of high-end single-family houses, condominiums, and coops in the Gold Coast, Streeterville, and Lincoln Park neighborhoods are declining in value by the month.

“This is a worst-case scenario, which is currently trapping thousands of well-heeled residents who took out large mortgages,” says one Chicagoland residential real estate investor. Northside condos appear to be taking the biggest hit,” he observes....

The essay includes examples of serious loss-takings, up to $1MM or so.

Unfortunately, that Chicago crime is moving north--to the southern deck of Wisconsin counties, including Dane, Walworth, Racine, and Kenosha.  Yes, Dane; ever noticed the amount of drug trafficking on the I-90 corridor terminating on the south side of Madison?

Clint Speaks

 See that truck convoy going to Texas?

That's only the first sign, as Clint tells you:

More "Two Justices" in D.C.

You recall that an IRS contractor leaked hundreds of tax returns--including those of Donald Trump--to the press.  That was 'with malice of forethought,' as he went to work at the IRS explicitly to gain access to those records.

But since those were Trump's records.....

...instead of seeking prison time for each of his offenses — or even for the two separate mass thefts he committed, one in 2019 and another in 2020 — the DOJ is asking a federal judge to sentence Littlejohn to just 60 months, the maximum for a single offense under the statute. Some political leaders angry over the plea deal say he should get 60 years, not months, for his crime — the biggest heist of IRS taxpayer data in history.

Now get THIS part:

Attorneys for Littlejohn, 38, argue he actually deserves an even lower sentence, closer to the presentencing report’s range of four to 10 months, in part because he leaked the reams of stolen private income-tax data to “reputable news organizations — The New York Times and ProPublica — that he knew would handle the information responsibly.” They say a 60-month term is “equivalent to a 15-level upward departure” from the range prosecutors originally agreed to in the plea deal, and such a wide departure would be unprecedented....

Let's ignore the part about "responsible, reputable" news orgs, which like "Army Intelligence" is a contradiction in terms.

Let's go, instead, to the plea deal offering this guy only FOUR MONTHS in Club Fed.  

After all, he leaked Trump taxes, right?  Maybe Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants could make him Undersecretary of the Treasury, or send a few million yuan to this Hero of the Deep State.

Why not?  It's already clear as crystal what's going on here.

The Abomination of Desolation: Gaza

When the Wall Street Journal sniffs its disapproval.....

....By mid-December, Israel had dropped 29,000 bombs, munitions and shells on the strip. Nearly 70% of Gaza’s 439,000 homes and about half of its buildings have been damaged or destroyed. The bombing has damaged [and destroyed] Byzantine churches and ancient mosques, factories and apartment buildings, shopping malls and luxury hotels, theaters and schools. Much of the water, electrical, communications and healthcare infrastructure that made Gaza function is beyond repair. Most of the strip’s 36 hospitals are shut down, and only eight are accepting patients. Citrus trees, olive groves and greenhouses have been obliterated. More than two-thirds of its schools are damaged.’...quoted at Unz

That's not the only disapproval.

Try this, from an Israeli-born US writer, Ilana Mercer:

 ...The country in which I was raised, Israel, is no longer. It is now “Little America on the Mediterranean.” By this moniker I mean to denote a country that is now run—and overrun—by diaspora-supported religious fanatics and neoconservatives, Jewish and gentile. A slick, monied American and immigrant Jewry and attendant gentile interests stateside have the run of the place, especially in the West Bank. (See “More U.S. Jews Moved to West Bank Settlements in 2021…”.)...

Yes, those would be the NeoCons who ran Bush the Dumber's foreign policy and created the Ukraine war for Joe the Babbler.  Charlie Sykes is among them, kissing the ass of the Cruise-Ship Warrior Billy Kristol.

This is not a good place for the US to be.  Period.   Unless you are the NeoCon Pin-Up Girl:

Who Benefits From Lying "Models"?

 It's really not a question of whether the models are right or wrong.  They are wrong, extra-super-special-sized wrong, and most likely they are that way due to some level of intent.

Intent to make money, to be clear.

So who benefits from this?  We know AlGore does, and did.  But he cannot be the only one.  The Chinese, with their lithium, do.  Who else?

An honest investigator would look hard at the investments of Members of Congress and the various "ecological" agency drones and appointees since the early 1970's, when the Big Lie of Climate got its start.

But we don't have too many honest investigators, do we?

Anyhow, here's a chart which shows what "models" predicted for the last 50 years, and waaaaaayyyyy down at the bottom, the actualities.

Read it and weep.  That's your wallet that lost weight, and a LOT of weight it lost.