Monday, February 28, 2022

C'mon, Rebecca

The meme of the day in (R) campaign is "Tony Evers Ignores Crime Victims."

So Ms. Kleefisch goes on the air and tells us that as Governor, she would drop EVERYTHING to commiserate with a crime victim and/or their family.

If Rebecca intends to run her entire campaign based on emo crap, Kevin becomes the favored candidate.

Right now.

Bai-Den to Demolish California

There's no other word than 'demolish' for this plan.

Federal regulators on Friday issued a draft environmental impact statement saying there were significant benefits to a plan to demolish four massive dams on Northern California’s Klamath River to save imperiled migratory salmon, setting the stage for the largest dam demolition project in U.S. history. --AP quoted at Moonbattery

California is a deep, deep, deep Blue State.  Soon, it will also be a very, very, very, dark State.

They're going to get what they deserve.

Think Brennan Was a Problem? Get THIS!

Brennan was our CIA Director and a Communist Party voter.  He's also a prolific perjurer.

That's nothing compared to the weenie running Brit intel.

The head of MI6, who includes his preferred pronouns in his Twitter bio, faced backlash for suggesting that a large part of the war in Ukraine was about “LGBT+ rights.”

Really.  That's what he said.

Your Electric Vehicle Can Heat the Neighborhood

When the Bai-Den regime shuts off all coal, nat-gas, and petroleum, you can still heat your home.

With your electric car!

...I have to admit I made a mistake in previous articles. I thought electric vehicle fires burned at around 2700F (1500C), but if this article is correct, the actual temperature is more like 4900F (2700C).

What house building material can withstand large fire emitting heat of that magnitude? Just looking at a fire that hot can injure your eyes, let alone trying to fight it....WattsUp quoted at AOSHQ

With that temperature, you can heat the entire neighborhood for a few days, too! 

Walter Duranty

Good, short essay on Walter Duranty of the NYTimes here.

He near-invented Fake News and got a Pulitzer for it, lying about Stalin's deliberate starvation of Ukrainian kulaks (yeoman farmers.)

Also noted in the essay:

...The surprising 2019 film Mr. Jones does an excellent job showcasing both the Ukrainian horror and Jones's social life. Not surprisingly, Duranty was a Satanist and a world-class pervert. From the perspective of the contemporary media, he was simply a man ahead of his time....

Here's a question:  have hiring standards at the NYTimes changed since Duranty?

Gallagher Dances Around Putting Troops in Ukraine

Gallagher (R-WI) has always leaned NeoCon although he's been smart enough to move toward America First positions in the last several months.  After all, there's an election coming up.

Yesterday, he came up with a word salad on Ukraine.

..."People on the ground in Ukraine, who are fighting for their lives in most cases, they're not asking us to sanction the Russians," Gallagher said. "They're not asking us for help. They're asking us for hard power. They're asking us for javelins, for stingers, for anti-tank mines. Thus far, the administration has not been willing to move with any urgency on that front."...

FedGov "urgency" only pops up when the DC Deep State feels threatened, CongressmanThen they shoot to kill.

But 'hard power' weapons systems are not all that Gallagher favors.  After mention of the 7,000 troops Bai-Den is sending, Gallagher had this to say:

 ..."I like the idea of fortifying NATO, but we really need to be fortifying NATO's eastern front, particularly the Baltic states and Poland. One thing I would urge this administration to do is to deploy intermediate-range ground launch ballistic missile systems to the front line states of NATO, which would get Putin's attention."...
Maybe Gallagher would send his kids over there to defend Ukraine?

Wanna bet?

PeeSacki: You WILL Get Off Petroleum

You already know that the lunatics run the asylum in D.C. so this won't be news.

...Psaki said, “On the energy sector, the way that the president, President Biden, has approached sanctions is we want to take every step to maximize the impact and the consequences on President Putin while minimizing the impact on the American people and the global community.”

She added, “The Keystone Pipeline was not processing oil through the system. That does not solve any problems. That’s a misdiagnosis or maybe a misdiagnosis of what needs to happen. I would also note that on oil leases, what this actually justifies in President Biden’s view is the fact that we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, on oil in general, and we need to look at other ways of having energy in our country and others.”...


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Inflation? That's a "Psychosis" From Covid

The Treehouse makes the important point here; it's not whether PoopyPants is old, decrepit, and stupid--it's that he actually believes the bullshit from his Shaman Witch Doctor Surgeon General.

Joey actually believes that your perception of "inflation" is a result of a Covid-induced psychosis.  There is no inflation.  It's all in your mind.

Stopping an APC......Dead

Armored personnel carriers bothering you with their noise and exhaust fumes?

One amazing trick!!

The commentary here is often enlightening, by the way.  Start with the video, but read the combox.

Of Mice and Men

 Snatched from Grim:

This Is "US Intel" Guy?

Some dude on MSNBC claims to have US "intel" background.

He also claimed that Russia 'wanted the Chernobyl plant' because 'it supplied power to north central Ukraine.'

As many NON-"intel" Americans know, Chernobyl has been shut down since 2000.

GOPe Globalists Attacking MTG

Marjorie Taylor Green is a firebrand House Republican who has NO use for the GOPe Globaloney crowd.


And she'll tell you that clearly.  

So the newspaper of the Globalists and the GOPe--the Washington Examiner--is commencing fire on MTG.

The power Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wields in the Republican Party was unmistakable after prominent conservative figures declined to criticize her appearance at a political conference organized by antisemitic white nationalists....

Understand that the "anti-Semite" claim was made by the least credible organization in the US (after the Biden Administration), the Anti-Defamation League.  Even Morrie Dees' SPLC is slightly better.

As to "white nationalists"?  The conference was organized by Nick Fuentes, a target of the aforementioned Anti-Defamation League.  There you have it.  It's conclusive!!  Away with him!!!

Unfortunately for the Examiner reporter, MTG had no idea who Fuentes is, nor what he's said--and after her staff looked up some stuff, she made it clear that she didn't agree with all he says.

Another politician made the correct point:

 ...Anthony Sabatini, a Republican state representative in Florida running for the state’s 7th Congressional District and who was endorsed by Greene, said he had no qualms about her decision to speak at the America First Political Action Conference. Nor, Sabatini added, did it give him second thoughts about accepting the congresswoman’s endorsement.

Anybody should be able to speak at any conference at any time on any subject. The person should be judged on what they say....

Perhaps the Examiner should review the First Amendment as a homework assignment.  They would find that it's not only 'the press' that gets Free Speech.

"Keep Killing!!"--US State Department

Reports, rumors, ramblings......

It is said that Zelenskyy and Putin are back-channeling talks about ending the invasion.

It is ALSO said that the US State Department is squelching those talksBecause.

President PoopyPants wants to take credit for any cease-fire before the State of the Union address on March 1st, just as he will take credit for the decrease in Covid19 infections and just as he will take credit for vaccinating about 2/3rds of the country and how his "recovery" dollars saved hundreds of thousands of businesses.  Inflation, supply chain, invasion at the border, tanking economy, un-payable national debt, and serious bad reactions to the "vaccine"?  Memory-holed.

About those peace talks?  A few thousand more dead Ukrainians or Russkies are nothing when State can enhance the Reputation of Bai-Den!

(You think Bai-Den cares about YOU?  Think again, sucker.)

NYC Prosecutors Resign, Lefty Sadzz Follow

There never was a case here in the first damn place.

WackyLefto "Vox" cries like a little girl:

A long-running investigation into Trump’s business practices from the Manhattan district attorney’s office appears to have been derailed, as the two lead prosecutors, Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz, resigned Wednesday. A New York Times report suggests they did so because the new district attorney, Alvin Bragg, told them “he had doubts about moving forward with a case” against Trump.

The big question is why. Did Bragg legitimately conclude that the case against Trump, which he inherited from former district attorney Cyrus Vance, was weak?

Or did he get cold feet about taking on the powerful former president?

"Weak" is not the word.

"Non-existent" is the word.  Which now also describes that "investigation."

Jim Jordan, the Beach Boys, and Ukraine

Recalling Beach Boys hits from 1966....

 ...Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated that poor decisions in the past by the Biden administration have put us in a bad spot in the crisis in Ukraine and remarked that it would be helpful if some of the weapons and equipment the U.S. left behind in Afghanistan “was in Ukraine right now” to better arm the Ukrainian people to repel the invasion by Russia....

Wouldn't it be nice?

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Roger Penske vs. First Amendment

Roger Penske has made several fortunes.

Now it appears that ol' Roger (yes, he IS old) opposes the First Amendment's rights to free speech, assembly, and petition of Government.

Maybe Roger's worried about his several fortunes instead of being a courageous citizen.

...Jeff Sandberg has been vocal in his support of the convoy on social media and was driving a rig bearing a banner covered in slogans.

“We’re just trying to show what the people who back us believe — and our own beliefs — of what our country needs to go back to,” Sandberg told the New York Times Wednesday.

By Thursday night, Sandberg was sidelined because the company he rented his truck from, Penske, shut down his truck remotely....

Smooth move, Roger, you d***head.

How Ukraine Happened

PJBuchanan, historian and realpolitik guy.

...Between 1989 and 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev let the Berlin Wall be pulled down, Germany be reunited and all the “captive nations” of Eastern Europe go free.

Having collapsed the Soviet empire, Gorbachev allowed the Soviet Union to dissolve itself into 15 independent nations....

...Putin, a former KGB colonel, came to power in 1999...

In that year, 1999, Putin watched as America conducted a 78-day bombing campaign on Serbia, the Balkan nation that had historically been a protectorate of Mother Russia.

That year, also, three former Warsaw Pact nations, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, were brought into NATO.

Against whom were these countries to be protected by U.S. arms and the NATO alliance, the question was fairly asked.

The question seemed to be answered fully in 2004, when Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria were admitted into NATO, a grouping that included three former republics of the USSR itself, as well as three more former Warsaw Pact nations.

Then, in 2008, came the Bucharest declaration that put Georgia and Ukraine, both bordering on Russia, on a path to NATO membership....

 ...Georgia, the same year, attacked its seceded province of South Ossetia, where Russian troops were acting as peacekeepers, killing some.

This triggered a Putin counterattack through the Roki Tunnel in North Ossetia that liberated South Ossetia and moved into Georgia all the way to Gori, the birthplace of Stalin. George W. Bush, who had pledged “to end tyranny in our world,” did nothing. After briefly occupying part of Georgia, the Russians departed but stayed as protectors of the South Ossetians.

The U.S. establishment has declared this to have been a Russian war of aggression, but an EU investigation blamed Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili for starting the war....

That would not be the last time 'the West' (USA and its hangers-on) screwed around in Eastern Europe.

 ...In 2014, a democratically elected pro-Russian president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown in Kyiv and replaced by a pro-Western regime. Rather than lose Sevastopol, Russia’s historic naval base in Crimea, Putin seized the peninsula and declared it Russian territory.

Teddy Roosevelt stole Panama with similar remorse....

It was Victoria Nuland, "genius" grad of Georgetown--and currently in Biden's* circle of influence--who orchestrated the overthrow of Yanukovich

PJB goes on to note that Putin has been very, very careful with his bombs and missiles (as of 2/24 anyway,) making him a lot better C-in-C than--say--Bill Clinton, the Bomber of dairy plants and Serbia, and whose "wife" is Hillary Clinton, Russia-hater, liar, and witch.

Remember the facts, not the Globalist/Democrat spin.

Elmbrook Learns What "Transparency" Means

The Elmbrook School District, headed by an extremely ambitious Superintendent named Mark Hansen, has--hopefully--learned what "transparency" actually means.

Short version:  Elmbrook redacted or withheld records on applicants for a vacant Board of Ed position.  They were sued.  Circuit court found for Elmbrook, then Appeals court found Elmbrook's position wrong.

Elmbrook taxpayers will fork out $19K.

Elmbrook blames Wisconsin Attorney General.

Maybe Mr. Hansen should find a new slot someplace where secrecy is valued--like the CDC.

The Usual Troublemakers

Local news following the press release, because actual reporting is hard.

Milwaukee activists are calling on the city's Fire and Police Commission to create a policy with clear rules for when the Police Department would have to release body camera footage and the names of officers involved in police shootings, custody deaths or other critical incidents....

Blah, blah, blah.  You can read the rest; it's all the usual bullplop.

Just for fun, we looked up Angela Lang, the first name mentioned in the story.

Organizer, SEIU.  VP, ACLU.  Social Worker.  For Our Future Wisconsin.

"Activist" is incomplete.

How about "Communist Rabble-Rouser with Racist Lean"?

OMG!! A Lawyer With an Opinion!!!

Another lawyer, another opinion.

But since her opinion does not comport with the opinion of Lefty Wack-Jobs, the attorney should be fired.

See, in Lefty Wack-Job world, there is no Shakespeare, where characters are a mixture of good and evil.  No.  In Lefty Wack-Job world, you're either goodthink, or badthink.

There is no middle.

So since Ms. DeMaster is filled with badthink (and likely is a Nazi although Bice didn't go there yet) she must be fired.

No mention of Victoria Nuland in Bice's "think"-piece.

The Sociology Conundrum


Yes, This Is What He Says (and Does)


O, Canada!

Sergeant Preston's outfit ain't what it used to be.



Paul Ryan's In-Law Problem

Paul Ryan, who fled Wisconsin as soon as he could--is a fan of Biden*'s SCOTUS pick.  They are in-law-in-laws or something.

...Ryan testified in 2012 on behalf of Jackson when she was nominated to serve on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. He offered his “unequivocal” endorsement of Jackson.

“Our politics may differ, but my praise for Ketanji’s intellect, for her character, for her integrity is unequivocal. She’s an amazing person, and I favorably recommend her consideration,” Jackson said at her December 2012 nomination hearing....

She's probably a nice gal.

As to "intellect":  if she's so damn smart, how come she keeps getting overturned

Prescinding from that little problem, this is another example of the "Cloud People" problem surrounding Washington, D.C.  They're all intermarried--sometimes with MSM figures, sometimes with Government bureaucrats; their children date each other's children; they are largely "educated" by the same professors; they are members of the same city- and country-clubs; and they have no clue how the rest of America lives.  And they don't really care, either.

Janesville is just a distant memory, and to the preponderance of Cloud People, there IS no "Janesville."  It's all D.C., Loudoun County, Arlington, Chevy Chase.......

Friday, February 25, 2022

CDC Admits Total Defeat on Masks

The CDC will take down its indoor mask requirement.

Yah, I know.  Who cares?

PoopyPants "Strategy" Is Near Treason

Un-f****ing believable.

The U.S. met with China over three months to present intelligence showing Russia’s troop buildup near Ukraine and to urge Beijing to help avert war, U.S. officials said. Chinese officials rebuffed the U.S. and shared the information with Moscow.   --NYTimes

PoopyPants thinks that Red China is an ALLY?

Rembert's Boy Massingale

Although Rembert Weakland ordained this heretic, both the Major and Minor seminary rectors are responsible--perhaps even MORE responsible--for this racist travesty.

Fr. Bryan Massingale is a leading voice in the mission of dismantling homophobic and racist elements of the institutional Catholic Church.

Massingale, who is the James and Nancy Buckman Professor of Theological and Social Ethics at Fordham University, is a Black Catholic priest who has publicly come out as gay. He was ordained in 1983...

Jesuit school.  Yesterday we asked the question "Jesuit or Catholic?"  Now you know why.

...“‘I’m not going to let the church’s racism rob me of my relationship with God. . .I see it as my mission to make the church what it says it is: more universal and the institution that I believe Jesus wants it to be.'”

Massingale’s message is aligned with Pope Francis’ call for “compassionate pastoral care for LGBTQ Catholics.” However, Massingale seeks to push further. He envisions a church where “Catholics enjoy the same privileges regardless of sexual orientation.” He also supports the ordination of women and optional celibacy for Catholic clergy....

Yadayada blah blah Spirit of Vatican Two.  But there's more!!

...“My dream wedding would be either two men or two women standing before the church; marrying each other as an act of faith and I can be there as the official witness to say: ‘Yes, this is of God,'” he said after a recent class at Fordham. “If they were Black, that would be wonderful.”...

Note that although such stuff is just fine and dandy with various flavors of Episcopalians and Lut'rans--also Methodists--Massingale won't leave the Church.

There's too much money in it.

Pray for the salvation of his soul.  Fifty Rosaries a day from 10,000 people might do it.

Putin and Our Democrats

Some Russkies are NOT happy with Putin's gambit.

Putin don't care.

...While the protest numbers in a country of 180million were in the low thousands, their bravery has been hailed around the world because of Putin's policy of smashing protests and jailing his enemies. They also spoke out despite facing near-certain arrest and imprisonment because the Kremlin says 'negative comments' about Putin's invasion of the Ukraine would be treated as 'treason'....

He learned that from the Democrats and Castreau.

Totalitarian Playbook, Page Two. 

Wanna see Page Three of the Playbook?

Watch what happens when they try to vote him out of office.

There will be Dominion voting machines and several million "absentee ballots"--many of which will have Wisconsin addresses.

Froedtert Fired Nurses, YOU Pay the Price

Here's another Spin Project from the local Pravda.

Remember when Froedtert and Childrens' hospitals fired RN's because they would not allow and experimental gene-altering "vaccination" into their bodies?  And lots of other RN's simply walked out rather than get fired?  Remember those days??

Well!!  Froedtert found a solution.

Lauren Berlin has been a nurse for more than two decades in Florida and Wisconsin, but after moving up to a leadership position, she felt like she needed to be available 24/7. ...

...Needing a change, Berlin talked to friends, some of them work as traveling nurses, and they encouraged her to explore different options. That’s when she found CareRev.  ...

That's a "travel nurse" operation.  Nothing wrong with that--Lauren gets VERY high pay plus expenses and gets to be a bedside RN again.  Eventually, you will pay that cost through taxes or health insurance premiums/deductibles/co-pays.  Note wellthe Pravda story doesn't mention that, nor this:

Because she's NOT employed by Froedtert, she doesn't have to take the Vaxx.

Same at Childrens.

Clever bastards, those hospital managers!!

(D) Stonewall, Lawsuits Wreck Vote Integrity Investigation

You can read the Pravda spin on the Gableman investigation, or you can read the truth.

There will be no legislation repairing Wisconsin's voting fraud problem this session.

That's because at every single step, the principal investigator--Gableman--has been stonewalled and/or sued by Democrat scum.

There's a reason they don't want closed-door interviews:  they cannot tell the same lies if they don't know which lies to tell.

There's a reason they don't want to testifyperjury gets prison.

One more thing:  if they can hang on long enough, they can run the same vote-fraud game on the '22 election.

And they will.

Secret Service Lying for Biden

You gotta hand it to Ron Johnson.  He asks questions that the Deep State won't answer.

The Secret Service is telling Republican investigators that it cannot find communications related to Hunter Biden’s travels for 2010, 2011, or 2013 — when President Joe Biden was the vice president.

Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin sent the Secret Service a letter last month seeking unredacted records tied to Hunter Biden’s travels between January 2009 and January 2017. They asked for full travel records and criticized the agency for years of “inappropriate redactions” — especially related to a controversial Kazakhstan trip in 2014. The senators also lamented that three years of documents seemed to be missing entirely....

Try "I can't find the records" with the IRS sometime.

Where's Buttigieg?

Another massive fail from Buttplug.

“Shipping carriers rejected U.S. agricultural export containers worth hundreds of millions of dollars during October and November, instead sending empty containers to China to be filled with more profitable Chinese exports,” a 2021 CNBC investigation found.

American farmers, ranchers and growers don’t have a shipping container shortage, as has been reported. Foreign shipping carriers are refusing to take American and California-made products, and instead, the shipping carriers take empty containers back to China.

The CNBC investigation found that in October and November 2020, shipping carriers rejected 178,000 agricultural export containers worth $632 million. 

China pays shipping carriers so much money to export Chinese-made goods, they are then paid a premium to carry the empty containers from America back to China. As a result, hundreds of thousands of containers with American products are delayed or remain sitting rotting on American docks in American ports while foreign customers wait....

Yah I know.  Nursing moms dads have very little time to spare.

Clown-Biden Move

Beyond parody,

President Joe Biden’s administration is looking to divert United States Border Patrol agents from their mission at the U.S.-Mexico border to send them overseas “to assist” those fleeing from Ukraine amidst Russia’s invasion, a new report states.

Even as illegal immigration continues pouring through the nation’s southern border at record levels, Biden hopes to entice Border Patrol agents to sign up voluntarily to aid American citizens, green card-holders, and their immediate relatives fleeing Ukraine into Eastern Europe....

Since Mayorkas/Biden don't support any Border Patrol operations here, why not?

Thursday, February 24, 2022

"Three-Wives" Sykes Gets Uppity

Who knows?  Maybe #3 is throwing him out.

Ace noticed that Charlie the Grifter doesn't like criticism of his "press" allies.


Ever Hear of the Trianon Treaty?

Of course you haven't.  Nobody in the current White House has, either.

Dreher brings it up in a commentary about the Russo-Ukrainian thing.

...we would be fools not to factor in the West’s blunders, beginning at the end of the Cold War, with the Soviet Union prostrate. For example, Americans have no idea at all how deep the Trianon Treaty of 1919 traumatized the Hungarian psyche, by dismantling Greater Hungary, removing two-thirds of its historic territories. The Slovaks, the Romanians, and others who benefited from Trianon (they lived in parts of Hungary where their own ethnic group was larger than ethnic Hungarians, prior to World War I) saw it as a victory for national determinism. The Hungarians saw it as a savage wound — and now, a century later, they still regard it as a monumental tragedy....

So what?

 ...The Hungarians today are profoundly — profoundly — afraid of foreign domination, mostly because of Trianon. Whether you or I think that Trianon was a good treaty, a bad treaty, or somewhere in the middle, doesn’t matter. What matters is that most Hungarians are so grieved by it, even today, that the emotional and psychological power of that event cannot be overstated....

Compare Russia.  And the South (!!)

...Though he was a KGB man, I don’t think Putin is a nostalgist for Bolshevism. He’s a nostalgist for Greater Russia — a Russia that was bigger, more powerful, and prouder on the world stage. If I had not come to Hungary last year and learned about Trianon, I am sure I would not have been able to grasp what this means to people whose countries have been dismantled or disempowered by war and historical fate.Similarly, it has helped me to understand why so many Southerners feel so bitter about the Civil War and its latest iteration — the demonization of Confederate monuments and Southern culture. It’s not because anybody misses slavery. It’s because defeat and humiliation hurts like hell....

Maybe Putin is a sentimental old fart; there's no reason to doubt that.  He's a Slav.  

But he's also a calculating politician who is hoping that the proletatiat Russkies feel just as he does and will reward him with undying loyalty.  And don't tell me that he's a Totalitarian lout.  So is Justin Trudeau.  So is Klaus Schwab.  So is Bill Gates.  The only difference is that Putin has a very good army and he uses it.

That's the difference so far.  After all, we have the CIA and the FBI, and Nancy's personal armed-intervention force, the Capitol Police.

Think about that.

UW Chancellor a Race-Monger?

It appears that "education" at the UW campuses should include racism and race-mongering, according to the Chancellor of UW-Madison.

The head of the University of Wisconsin-Madison wants Gov. Evers to scuttle two plans aimed at Critical Race Theory and free speech on campus.

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank said the two plans are bad for the university.

“As a university, our aim is to graduate well-rounded, critical thinkers; to teach our students not what to think but how to think,” Blank said in a statement Wednesday....

Because race-mongering is "how to think," eh?

...Rep. Rick Gundrum, R-Slinger, said the idea of reining in Critical Race Theory at UW schools simply means telling students they don’t have to subscribe to a teachers’ political philosophy.

“This includes that one race or sex is superior to another race or sex, that an individual by virtue of their race or sex is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive either consciously or unconsciously,” Gundrum explained. “Or that an individual should be discriminated against, or receive adverse treatment based on their race or sex....

But but but but.........muh FACULTY!!! 

Chancellor Blank said if Gov. Evers doesn’t veto the plans, the UW System will suffer.

“UW’s ability to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty, staff and students depends on being an environment where both academic freedom and freedom of speech are core values,” Blank added in her statement....

There are some faculty and staff that a real University does not need, Rebecca.


Barnes Hires Scum Lawyer

This could be fun, as Barnes has to win a primary before going anywhere else.  So.....which (D) primary opponent will Barnes try to demolish with his dark money?

Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes has added one of the party's top "dark money" lawyers to his payroll while campaigning on a promise to crack down on undisclosed money in politics, according to campaign finance records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Barnes, Wisconsin's sitting lieutenant governor who has vowed to "stand up to the corrupting influence of dark money" and recently released a list of campaign pledges to combat secretive political spending, disclosed in his latest filing with the Federal Election Commission that he hired the Elias Law Group. The firm, which was founded last year by Democratic lawyer and former Hillary Clinton aide Marc Elias, has established itself as a leading defender and beneficiary of the left's massive dark money network....

FWIW, Elias has also made some rather deranged remarks about ballot-eligibility of (R) candidates.

Barnes may not have much time to consult with Elias, as John Durham is hot on Elias' trail over his slimebucket activities in the '16 election.

Bai-Den Will Allow Chinese Spies

Why not?  After all, he's erased the southern border of the US, imported known terrorists from Afghanistan, is working on destroying the US military, and blew the doors off inflation--with more to come as his anti-carbon-energy program takes hold.

So what's the big deal about welcoming Chinese spies?

The Biden administration is shutting down a Justice Department program that focused on countering Chinese espionage, following stumbles in a series of criminal cases and accusations that it amounted to racial profiling.

Officials said Wednesday that the three-year-old effort, known as the China Initiative, was being cast aside largely because of perceptions that it unfairly painted Chinese Americans and U.S. residents of Chinese origin as disloyal....

According to whom, exactly?

Nevermind.  Makes no difference.  DEI rules all US policy going forward.

How's your Mandarin?

Jesuit? or Catholic?

In the very near future, the question will be normal.

Joining Fr. Martin SJ as a major-doctrine dissenter is some Jesuit named Carlo Casalone.

...Jean-Marie Le Méné, president of the Lejeune Foundation and a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, sharply criticized two fellow members of the academy for their public support of a referendum on the legalization of assisted suicide....

 ...Le Méné was referring to a January 13 article published in La Civiltà Cattolica, a Jesuit journal reviewed by the Vatican, penned by Jesuit Fr. Carlo Casalone, professor of moral theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, and to comments made January 31 in the French newspaper Le Monde, written by Marie-Jo Thiel, professor of ethics at the University of Strasbourg....

Hmmmm.  Isn't the Pontifical Academy for Life organized by the Pope?

And isn't he also a Jesuit?

The Grooming of American Children

Assuming the recent 'survey' is accurate, self-identified homosexuals and trannies rose from its historic 4-5% of the population to near 8%.

How did that happen?

Try "Grooming."

...the most shocking information was contained under the LGBTQIA+ page. The linked articles and discussion guides cannot be considered anything less than grooming, which is the emotional manipulation of children to make them more susceptible to sexual exploitation by adults.

Under a “Elementary Lessons and Resources” heading, the page links to several videos and written guides meant to be used in preschool-second grade classrooms. It includes a video and accompanying guide for “Sparkle Boy,” a story about a young boy who enjoys crossdressing. The guide claims “Teachers can challenge traditional gender bias” via the story and calls on teachers to help students “explore gender identity.”

It also links to a video and guide for “When Aidan Became a Brother,” a book about a young girl who “transitions” to a boy. The guide notes that teachers must be very careful to help students use proper terms and pronouns to refer to trans people. One of the reader’s response questions is, “How might your understanding of ‘being yourself’ have changed after reading ‘When Aidan Became a Brother’?”

Preschool-aged children are highly impressionable, and using books like “Sparkle Boy” and “When Aidan Became a Brother” are bound to create an unhealthy focus on one’s own sexuality at an extremely vulnerable age. It is quite conceivable that a normal 5-year-old girl, upon reading one of these books, suddenly decides she is trans based upon a classroom experience.

Conditioning children by presenting these ideas as objective truth begins the dangerous path of grooming them for future gender activism and self-doubt about their identity....

And of course, the grooming continues through grade- and high-school, and not just in Santa Barbara.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Coming to a City Near You?

 Yes, it could happen here.

A Bleg

Some of you are old enough to remember the term "bleg."  Here's one, slightly modified.

Sen. Scott's MAGA Plan

This is what Republicans SHOULD campaign on.

Have schoolchildren say the Pledge, sing the Anthem.  NO Government form will ask for race or ethnicity, ever again.  Finish the wall and name it the Donald Trump Wall.  

TERM LIMITS FOR BUREAUCRATS!  12 years and out, not just for politicians.

Protect, defend, promote the American family at all costs.  Men are men, women are women, and abortion is murder.  We are Americans, not globalists--and we can and should welcome God into our lives.

Having a plan is 90% of winning a campaign, particularly when the (D) plan is despised by 70% of the voters in the USA.

Surber Reports

Now that Surber is retired, it's possible that his reports are not totes accurate.

National Review:  "Law enforcement has been unable to hire the necessary number of tow trucks to clear the expected number of tractor-trailers, a government source reportedly told Fox News. The National Guard plans to create strategic road blocks throughout the district to compensate."

Funny how no one called out the National Guard to protect stores and car lots for the Democrat Party Riots of 2020. 

Meanwhile, the False-flag Bureau of Infiltrators is training for the event. The FBI has stocked up on Confederate flags, Nazi flags and tiki torches to display in an effort to discredit the protest.

Passes the smell test here.  How about for you??

Biden* Intends to Strangle YOU

Maybe he actually believes he got 81 million votes, so he can pull this crap.

The Biden administration has once again put a pause on new leases and permits for federal oil and gas drilling...


Meantime, both ABC and SeeBeeEss are telling you that the Russians caused higher fuel prices.


 Last Refuge thinks he's shooting for $10/gallon gasoline by the end of his term.  He may get there.

Pewaukee's Better Schools Candidate

Bren is not the ONLY better schools candidate in Pewaukee.

But she has a meet and greet!  So if you're a resident of the Pewaukee School district--and are interested in better education (not race-theories, nor explicit/semi-porn in the library) then you should meet Bren!

At the Four Star restaurant, corner Capitol Drive at Simmons (1 block west of Hy. 16, north side of the street).  8AM-9AM!  Just ONE hour, so be quick about it, THIS FRIDAY, the 25th!

"Catholic" Green Weenie Push

It appears that "waste not, want not" and "re-use/recycle" are  no longer good enough for Cdl. Turkson.

He also opines that Catholics should stop eating meat.

Wouldn't you love to peek at his personal menu in Rome?

Putin to 'Break Up Nato'?

Hannity has his shorts in a bundle.

Sean Hannity sounded off on the Russia/Ukraine situation, suggesting that Putin could lead to the breakup of NATO....


So What? 

We can have allies in Western (and Eastern) Europe without paying for their entire defense.  Even better, we can select our allies instead of having them crammed down our throat.

Once again:  So What?

(Hannity as foreign affairs advisor?  Puhleeeez!)

Which Country Does Biden* Work For?

So let's get this straight.

Biden* will defend the borders of Ukraine--whatever they may be this century.  Because "democracy" and the State Department something something.

He will slap the wrist of Putin for protecting parts of Ukraine that voted AGAINST being in Ukraine in the name of democracy.

That slap will raise the price of natural gas and of petroleum--worldwide.

So in order to "defend" Ukraine, Biden* will punish Americans with higher heating and fuel costs.

Do his 81 million voters know about this?

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Michael Yon, the (NOT) Optimist


Folks who have not yet stocked up on food and other essentials are making a terrible, terrible error in judgement. Terrible. Chances of profound food shortages are growing by the hour. At this rate, we will be measuring food shortages by changes in the average American BMI: Body Mass Index.

We are sending American young people into war who have been forced to take poison jabs. Many likely are regretting that they did not just take the honorable discharge and head to the ranch.

Our people -- including the woke incompetents -- are under the exact command structure that brought us the Afghanistan debacle. Expect some serious fragging incidents if this goes badly. If this goes long and hard, it would not be surprising to see US troops fragging senior officers, including General officers. Blue on Blue.

When the ranks fill with unstable, angry people...expect them to do unstable, angry stuff.

Expect false flags in United States. Authoritarian likely will invoke emergency powers to seize weapons, bank accounts, wrong-thinkers, and stop or control 'elections.'

The range is hot. United States is at war.

That's easily the darkest post on this Russia/Ukraine think I've seen to date.

So it's a PSA, not something that I agree with.

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't stock up on ammo and canned corned beef hash!

When Did Dems Become Totalitarians?

This is not a shock, but it's still a surprise.

...In a poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action obtained by The Daily Wire, it revealed that 55 percent of likely general election voters overall disapprove of Trudeau's handling of the protestors in Ottawa and beyond....

That part's OK, but a little disappointing--it should be 80% disapprove.

But here's the part that is very worrisome:

 ...Looking at Democrat likely voters alone, 65 percent said they favored Trudeau’s crackdown on the protestors, and 17 percent said they disapproved....

If you live in a city governed by Democrats, as soon as you read that sentence, you should have put your home up for sale.  If they don't like what you do or think..........*

In my lifetime, Democrats were the open, obvious, rebels to ANY societal norm or constraint.  That's obviously defunct.

*A close friend lives in an area filled with "educators."  They ripped out her yard-sign promoting a conservative school-board candidate and have been observed wandering around her yard very late at night.  Minor, right?

Solid, Slam-Bang Analysis of Russkie/Ukraine Thing

Wauck has a very good handle on this whole Russia/Ukraine brouhaha.  After presenting arguments on the matter from well-informed people (that excludes the MSM, by the way), he winds up with this graf:

...Americans can have an empire or they can have a republic. They can’t have both, and I leave it to others to argue over which we have. The national security state that we currently live under—complete with designation of basically half of all Americans as potential domestic terrorists and/or foreign agents—is exactly the type of state one would expect under an empire. For those who cherish the idea of a republic that bears some resemblance to what we used to have, I suggest that such a regime will never return unless the empire is reigned in. If Americans buy into the current iteration of the Russia Hoax rather than demanding accountability for our foreign policy, the imperial national security state will be emboldened to tighten the domestic screws further. That, I believe is what is really at stake in the latest ginned up Ukraine crisis....

Let Vindman, Larry Tribe, and Linnnnndseeeeeeey go fight Russia.  If they can build their empire, great.  If not, they can return in body-bags, just like the kids they sent to Viet Nam--or the ones Biden abandoned in Afghanistan.

Father & Son?

 Below are images of Steve Bell, the Ottawa police chief, and Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS.

I think there's a familial resemblance (like the Castro/Castreau one).  There's no doubt about the philosophical identity.

 Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S72707, Heinrich Himmler.jpg



Ottawa deputy chief lays out stay-at-home order ...

Vaxx False Positives for Syph

It's bad enough that the Vaxx doesn't really work.

Besides that problem, you can show false positive for syphilis if you took the Vaxx.

Oh--yes--you can also get AIDS from the Vaxx.

Never forget that Bourla is a veterinarian and Fauci never practiced medicine.

About Carjackings and Thefts

This actual news story is about Ramsey County (Twin Cities), but everything you see and hear applies to Milwaukee County, especially the part where the deputy sheriff says '......yah, we know all [20] of those kids, and we've known them for a long time.'

Watch it.

You won't see one like it here in Milwaukee b/c it would offend John Chisholm or something something mumble-fart

Peter has a column devoted to that '20' (or pick a number) in any major city.  It's grim reading.

Natural Progression for Marc Elias

Elias was kicked out of a major lawfirm once the Durham investigation got too close.

Now Elias is taking over a domestic terrorism outfit.  From Lawfare to Terrorism-with-Arson.

 ...Black Lives Matter filings reveal prominent Democratic lawyer Marc Elias and another longtime ally of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have taken on key roles in the charity amid scrutiny over its leadership and finances.

Elias, best known for his funding of British ex-spy Christopher Steele's discredited anti-Trump dossier while he served as Clinton's 2016 campaign general counsel, appears to be representing the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation through his recently formed Elias Law Group. BLM's national organization repeatedly lists the Elias firm as one of its addresses and states in its short-year 2020 Form 990 that its books were now in the care of the Elias Law Group.

Additionally, Minyon Moore, a longtime top ally of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, is now listed as part of BLM's board of directors in the charity's filings....  --AOSHQ quoting Wash Examiner

We always knew he had it in him!!

By the way, Minyon Moore is "advising" Bai-Den on his next pick for SCOTUS.

Eventually, all the crap settles on the bottom of the septic tank.

People's Convoy Madison (WI) Rally

The People's Convoy will rally in the People's Republic of Madison (at Capitol Square) on February 27th in preparation for joining the main group in Indy early in March.

There may be an additional Eastern Wisconsin rally point announced later.

Really a Legit "Crash" at WI DPI?

A DPI run by a fanatic teachers' union adherent and overseen by a Governor who absolutely hates Choice.

Think about that as you read about the "crash."

...The only way parents can apply for the Parental Choice Program is through the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI)’s Online Application System (OAS) during the enrollment period for their program. OAS is also the only place where schools can access and verify families’ choice applications.

If a parent or a school administrator logged on to OAS on February 1st or 2nd, the first few days of the statewide, Milwaukee, and Racine enrollment period, they were met with a red-lettered message from DPI saying “Due to the high volume, the system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later today or the next business day.”...

 Both parents and schools were SOL due to this crash.

DPI and Evers will blame this on Trump Walker The Fates Russians Nasty Parents. 

Or all of the above.

Goody Goody!!! Your Doc Knows CRT!!

Let's face it.  What this country needs is practicing physicians who know all about CRT doctrines.

...Cornell University law professor William Jacobson, has recently put online a new database on America’s most prestigious medical schools. The database finds that 23 of those 25 institutions maintain some form of mandatory student training or coursework related to CRT doctrines.

“The trainings can be targeted, such as a new requirement for a major or a department, or school-wide,” the website states, noting that the subjects of those trainings and coursework may be worded differently at individual schools, but usually use terms including “anti-racism,” “cultural competency,” “equity,” “implicit bias,” “DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion)” and critical race theory.

The database also observes that 17 schools have mandatory CRT training for employees....

Cannot imagine how the US medical system got so far without it.

Alberta Darling's Big Spending Schools Bill

We've known for a while that Alberta Darling just LOVES to spend money on schools.  We're puzzled by why she gets her way so often with a "conservative" legislative majority.  (Same applies to her quiet support for abortion, by the way.)

Anyhow, now we're seeing pleadings for passage of another Darling brainchild:  splitting the Milwaukee Public Schools into 4 new Districts.

Anyone with an IQ north of room temperature can tell you this will be a very costly move no matter the results.  Multiplying MPS' administrative staff by four cannot possibly be less expensive than the gargantuan load of extra-juicy salaries and benefits taxpayers currently support.

(While we're on 'salaries and benefits,' what's the plan for the Milwaukee Teachers' Union members?)

A former MPS teacher, while advocating for Darling's plan, actually makes the case for Universal School Choice (USC):

...Parents and educators want schools that represent their values. They want schools that allow their students to feel proud to belong to their school community. They want excellent outcomes for their students — and want a voice in the process. This is one reason why we are seeing families flee from large public school systems, both in Wisconsin and nationally. Enormous and intimidating institutions are not representing families and educators the way many charter, private, and homeschooling options can....


Were USC enacted by the Legislature and signed by a future Governor, MPS will wither on the vine of its own accord.  Both major (R) Gubernatorial candidates have endorsed USC.

Of course, it will have to get past Alberta Darling and several other (R) legislators who are madly in love with the Publik Screwels.  That's the big challenge.

Why else would Darling want to create FOUR failing Milwaukee school districts??

Bill Gates, Pants, and Zippers

Amusing in its own way.

On Friday, Microsoft founder Bill Gates compared wearing face masks as a form COVID-19 prevention with countries who require individuals to wear pants in public. The billionaire appeared to mock the concern...

This from a guy who doesn't know how to keep his zipper zipped around jailbait.

RoJo Fights the Covid Cartel

Democrats are spending $250 MILLION to defeat Ron Johnson this year.

Here's one reason for that spend:  the Democrats want to control every.  damn.  thing.  you do and that your doctor does.

RoJo doesn't agree.

...The Wisconsin Republican said his legislation "should not be required," but he thinks it is necessary right now. He explained that the bill states: "The federal government cannot regulate medicine, and they can do nothing to prohibit doctors from using their full off-label prescription rights to treat their patients."...

...[The] Biden administration, the health agencies, Big Pharma, legacy media and the Big Tech social media giants, they've been sabotaging early treatments,” he added.

"I think doctors should be at the very top of the pyramid of treatment of patients… Right now doctors, are at the bottom of the pyramid and they're being crushed by these companies, by the COVID Cartel," Johnson said....

Remember that CDC has been lying by omission about the Vaxx and the 'unusual' death count during 2021--and has opened an inquiry into "neurological issues" (stroke) surrounding the Vaxx.

Ron Johnson for the good of Wisconsin!!

Bee Ess "Sanctions"

What you'd expect from the walking intellectual and moral bankruptcy that is the Biden* Administration.

...President Vladimir Putin recognized two occupied regions, the Luhansk People's Republic and the Donetsk People's Republic, as independent in Ukraine earlier on Monday, marking a significant development in the ongoing conflict. Following the decision, the Russian leader ordered a “peacekeeping operation” in those regions....

"Invasion"?  Not really, according to the US regime.  

 ...The anonymous official reiterated to reporters that “Russian troops moving into Dombas by itself would not be a new step” because Russian troops have been there since 2014, later noting that Putin's announcement speech amounted to a way to "justify war" to the Russian people....


... President Biden will soon issue an Executive Order that will prohibit new investment, trade, and financing by U.S. persons to, from, or in the so-called DNR and LNR regions of Ukraine," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement. "This E.O. will also provide authority to impose sanctions on any person determined to operate in those areas of Ukraine....

Both those regions are almost totally meaningless to the US and to US citizens in terms of 'investment' and in general.

So Bai-Den issues meaningless 'sanctions' over a meaningless non-invasion and he expects US citizens to believe it's actually a Really Big Deal.

Like his 81 million votes.

Totalitarianism Wins in Parliament of Canada

This is somewhat surprising.

The Canadian Parliament voted Monday night to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act by a vote of 185 for and 151 against.

The Senate has yet to vote; they can void the invocation.  Meantime, Castreau remains a dictator.

Monday, February 21, 2022

CDC "Fixes" How It Ruined Children

Say you were a powerful Government agency which screwed up little children

REALLY screwed them up.

So you need a quick fix.  Quick!

Easy!  Jigger the numbers!!

For the first time in decades, the CDC has changed many of the recognized milestones for childhood development in terms of speech and cognitive functions. These markers are considered important in terms of recognizing when children aren’t progressing quickly enough, suggesting the potential need to determine if some sort of impairment is being observed and if the child may require greater medical attention. The curious thing about the changes instituted by the CDC is that in a majority of the cases, they have lowered the standards rather than raising them....

One example:  children should know 50 words at THIRTY months, rather than TWENTY-FOUR months.

See!!  Your kid wasn't cognitively ruined by CDC!!  No problem!!!

"War"? Or "Peace-keeping"?

 Finally!!  Bai-Den was able to push Putin into Eastern Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as independent on Monday and ordered the Russian army to launch what Moscow called a peacekeeping operation into the area, upping the ante in a crisis the West fears could unleash a major war....

Wait.............wait.  The regions 'declared independence' from Ukraine?

Kinda like the Colonies did from the British? 

Those "eastern regions" happen to be full to the brim of Russkies who are being ruled by one of the world's most corrupt corruptocracies.  I'd get the Hell out of there, too.

Too bad out State Department favors the corrupt Ukraine Government.  Or does it?  Which one did the US install?

It's all so damn confusing.

Bai-Den to Slam Americans With Cost of Ukraine War

How very nice of the Bai-Den gang to step up and offer OUR personal budgets for HIS make-believe war.

...Harris was asked: “Can you explain to Americans what exactly will they face if this happens [Putin invades Ukraine]?” She warned that we were going to have to pay for Putin’s aggression: “Sure. As the president talked about in his speech, um, we are aware that, again, when America stands for her principles and all of the things that we hold dear, um, it requires sometimes for uh — for us to put ourselves out there in a way that maybe we will incur some cost, and in this situation, that may relate to energy costs, for example. But we are taking very specific and appropriate, I believe, steps to mitigate what that cost might be, if it happens....


Really?  Who the Hell gave YOU permission for that, you miserable twit?

It's ALL Russia!! Ukraine!!! Russia!!!

The insanity is dealt in the first sentence from this idiot news-reader--inflation is the result of the Russo-Ukraine conflict.

We haven't believed anything from the MSM for decades, with the exception of the death notices.  So we don't watch these bozos.

But we'll link Last Refuge for you so you can watch this play.

Lying CDC Hiding Info on Vaxx

Who would have thought that Our Government would LIE?

...According to a new report by the New York Times, the CDC has also been collecting much more detailed data about Covid infections that breaks down by age, race, and vaccination status. The critical information would go a long way towards figuring out an end to the pandemic, but the agency has purposefully suppressed the information from the public over fears that it would be “misinterpreted” and cause “vaccine hesitancy.

In other words, the ‘experts’ in the US public health regime believe the plebs aren’t capable enough to interpret something themselves....

Next Congress should de-fund all of the Government.

No Small Irony

 Headline at Daily Mail:

US reports to United Nations that Moscow has lists of Ukrainians 'to be killed or sent to camps' following a military occupation

Alternate uses:  for those who remain Un-Vaxxed.  Or who sent money to truckers.  Or who publish material suggesting that the Regime is crooked.

Yah.  We know all about "lists."  The NSA has one, too. 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Grim Offers.......

Grim offers the tried-and-true alternative to the modern Despots:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

 Need some music to read that by?  Grim has that, too!!

Suddenly...............Blood Clots!!!

Pfizer and the CDC deem it necessary to tell Americans something.

...Last February 10, the CDC issued a warning normalizing the idea that young adults and healthy athletes develop blood clots.

The phenomenon had never been noticed until ...........The Vaxx.

...Following CDC’s caution, Pfizer has issued a public warning about “deep vein thrombosis” or blood clots in the vein on February 14.

“Deep vein thrombosis (#DVT), a blood clot in a deep vein, can travel to the lungs, leading to a pulmonary embolism (#PE). Symptoms of PE include difficulty breathing and chest pain. Contact your doctor if experiencing symptoms—this is no time to wait,” Pfizer tweeted out....

Another malady which---until recently---has never been a huge problem. 

Some enterprising PI lawyer will figure a way around the hold-harmless on those shots.  Or some very angry family will find Borla's home address................

Growing Resistance to Castreau in Canada

 Well, this is encouraging.

There were still hundreds of protesters out Saturday in Ottawa, more even than there were earlier when there was a lot of police action against them. And some of them may even be the people who were “arrested” earlier....


 ...Many of the people arrested claimed that they were driven several blocks or a couple of miles away and then just released. They were not issued citations or formally charged with anything....

Oh.  It would be VERY interesting to know if those were their orders or if the cops decided to raise the middle finger to their commanders.

Under Canadian law, Parliament must ratify the emergency powers (Fascism) that TrueDope and his lady Rasputin (and--tacitly--Joe Biden*) has engaged.  That must take place on Monday at the latest.

Doesn't look very good for that, either.  Here's a reaction from a Provincial premier:

 ...The premier from Alberta, Jason Kenney, has said that he will challenge it in court because it was unnecessary, disproportionate, violates natural justice, intrudes into provincial jurisdiction, and creates a dangerous precedent....

 It's not what happens on Monday that counts.  It's shoving the Totalitarian and his entire gang out of Government and into Hudson Bay oblivion. 

There are also rumors that Soros is shorting the Canadian dollar in a play like the one he did to England a couple decades ago.  In any case, that run on the banks up there should scare the bejabbers out of any responsible Government official.

NOTED:  The Canadian Totalitarians arrested the organizer for "Counselling to commit the offense of Mischief."  Remarkable resemblance to the Democrat Totalitarians in DC's charges of "Trespass and Parading" in the Capitol, no?

Another Chisholm-Style Murder

This one in the Pittsburgh area.

...according to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [ ] Crew told her again to keep driving, and she told him that she had a family: 'I'm begging you. I have four kids.' Crew replied: 'I got a family too - Now drive.' Spicuzza, of Turtle Creek, was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the back of her head and a 9mm shell casing near her body in a wooded area near the 500 block of Rosecrest Drive. Crews is an ex-convict who'd been arrested and bailed on a firearms charge days before Spicuzza's killing...

The Milwaukee D.A., John Chisholm, also uses a low-bail/no-bail protocol and has made it clear that the occasional dead bodies of innocent's the cost of doing business.

Those four children will bear that cost.  We're sure that Chisholm is proud of himself.

This "Ukraine" Thing.....

This "Ukraine" thing has a lot of markers for "joke."

A few recent items:

1)  The Russkie Army has painted a large letter "Z" on military equipment in the area of Eastern Ukraine.  Who the HELL does that?  Patton would be shooting troops for this crap.

2)  The "leader" of Ukraine is spending a couple of days at an arms show in Germany while the Russkies are 'menacing' his country with their Z-for-Zorro tanks.  REALLY?  A vacay in Germany?

3)  Biden* (already a joke) sends Harris, who cannot even qualify as "joke"  to say Very.  Strong.  Things. to Putin while Putin is spray-painting the letter "Z" on stuff.

4)  Boris Johnson takes time off from wild drinking parties to tell everyone that Putin is planning WWIII.  So Putin orders out for more spray-paint so he can paint "III" after the "Z".

Or something.

S'pose Putin is a Zorro fan?

Waukesha Pubbie Caucus Review

Went over there to see what I could see.

Very tightly-managed agenda; the "Toss Vos" people were not allowed to do their thing because parliamentary procedure, you know.  Too bad, as plenty of them were at the event.  

"Tightly managed" = "We ain't gonna go there."  The State Chair, Farrow, made that clear with his 'United we stand, divided we fall' speech.  IOW, if you don't like Vos, you can STFU.  There were a couple dozen people there who obviously did not like Vos, but they couldn't do much about it.  

All the speakers referred to the Great Election Fraud, conveniently forgetting which Republican legislative leaders endorsed and blessed drop-boxes and ballot harvesting.  Some--like Vos during a radio interview--suggested that 'nobody anticipated' the fraud and cheating.  All that tells me is that there are a lot of very dumb Republicans in Madison.  The Democrat Party has a lengthy track record of lying, cheating, and stealing for all to see.  Where have these 'leaders' been?

Didn't see Wigderson.  He's probably caucusing with the Democrats or pontificating in a near-empty saloon someplace.  Nobody listens to him anyway.

Lots of speechification, some of it honest.  The top-of-the-card event was Kleefisch vs. Nicholson.  Rebecca still has problems with using a mike; shouting into one does NOT help.  But she gave a stem-winder and the crowd was on her side.  Nicholson hit the 'contrast' button and gave a quiet speech.  Both of them promised universal school choiceNot likely that either of them will deliver it. 

Lieut-Gov people were next.  Polished presentation by an ex-Walker aide, the rest were OK.  Wichmann did not show up at all.

A.G. candidates were another loud/normal speaking contrast.  Toney makes a lot more sense--the other guy seems to think that the A.G. slot is like being king.

There is a race for the 2nd Appeals court, featuring an actual judge (R) vs. an Evers-appointed  (California native) dweeb.  Make damn sure you show up for that April election.

One of the speakers said that the objective this year was to overwhelm the Democrat cheating-machine and take every elected office on the slate.  He was wrong.  The objective this year will be to crush the Democrats, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women.

Scott Walker showed up; he's living with the classes now on Pewaukee Lake.  He did NOT mention that his loss to Evers was likely due to the same vote-fraud that upended Trump a couple years later.  Odd, that.

Free food, too!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Yesssssss! Lottery!!!!


Surprise!! There's a Run on Canadian Banks

There must have been a very large number of large withdrawals.

I tried to withdraw $20 000 in cash from my bank today. They would only give me half, due to their “reserves being very low”. They were out of $100 dollar bills, gave me $50’s instead. They said the next cash shipment to them was on the 23rd. Later in the day they called me and said the next cash shipment wouldn’t be until March 2nd. I bank at RBC, the biggest bank in Canada. My boss ran into the same thing at TD, another big Canadian bank.---quoted at Vox

Since there is no link, one suspects it was an email communication.

Generally, banks have a lot of cash in the vault.  That's why there are bank robberies.  For a bank to be "out" of  $100's and not expecting another cash shipment for a week----that's a bit odd.

In the alternative:  wouldn't surprise me in the least to find that the bank actually DID have plenty of large bills--but that they were instructed not to give them out.

Biden* To Continue Nat'l Emergency

As long as this halfwit is in office it's a national emergency.

But he's making it official.

BTW:  does anyone pay attention to PoopyPants any more?

Another Clintoncide...

Epstein's procurer was found hanging in his cell.

In France, awaiting trial on a rape charge.

Surely mere coincidence that the security cameras were NOT working that night.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

Why RoJo Investigates the Pentagon

They're going to spend $250 MILLION to get RoJo out of office.


He asks questions of this.......ahhhhh......parade General.

More PJ O'Rourke

This is right on.