Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bp. Bruskewitz Exonerated in Lincoln Scandal

Kinda what we expected to see.  Kalin was a rotten old pervert.  Once the Bishop knew about it, Kalin was near-quarantined.

The Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska today released the results of an independent investigation into alleged misconduct by a deceased longtime vocations director.

The report concluded that Monsignor Leonard Kalin had engaged in inappropriate behavior, including sexual advances toward seminarians and students.

Though the diocese was aware of Msgr. Kalin’s habits such as heavy drinking and gambling, the report did not uncover evidence that diocesan leaders knew of Msgr. Kalin’s sexual impropriety before 1998, the year some restrictions were placed on Kalin’s ministry....
So Bp. Bruskewitz was not "covering up" behavior--because he did not KNOW about it--and when he DID know about it, Kalin was restricted.

...the investigation did not find evidence that chancery leadership “knew of sexual impropriety” by Kalin until 1998, according to the investigative report.

When Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz learned of allegations of sexual misconduct in July 1998, Kalin was “put on restrictions and moved out of the Newman Center.” After he was told about “a sexual issue involving Msgr. Kalin and a seminarian,” Bishop Bruskewitz ordered that two people were to be with Kalin when assisting him, the investigation said.

In September 1998, a lay person of the Lincoln diocese told a priest that Kalin kissed him inappropriately; the priest subsequently confronted Kalin, who admitted it happened, according to the investigation.

The next month, Bruskewitz issued a canonical warning forbidding Monsignor Kalin from being alone with any man under the age of 40 except for priests, close relatives and medical personnel....
One could argue that the Diocese should have referred Kalin to the local cops or D.A., and I wouldn't argue against that, but there are a lot of 'fact' matters this news report doesn't disclose.

Marriage Nullites: Milwaukee's Perfect Record

During the years 2012-2016, the Milwaukee Archdiocese decided 200+ marriage cases every year. 

In exactly ZERO of those cases was the bond of marriage upheld.

"Catholic divorce" is pitching a perfect record here.  Pretty good, no?

Tokin'Tony Gas Emissions

Completely without evidence, Tokin'Tony proclaims:

"...the message to state lawmakers and the Court is loud and clear: Safer at Home is saving lives,” said Gov. Evers in the release...

He can't prove that, and won't bother to try.  He's just reading a script provided by his Abortion Barbie handlers--and the teachers' union, of course.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Brewers Screw Ticket-Holders. Surprised?

The Milwaukee Brewers, occupying a stadium paid for by SE Wisconsin taxpayers, have just told their season-tix holders to ........ahh.........go fly a kite.

If you hold tix for "the impacted games", you will get a credit for the value of the tix plus 10%.  

NOT cash refund.  Nope, dope.


Meanwhile, On the 2A Front....

Dave Hardy is a legal beagle with an interest in Second Amendment matters.  So he goes beyond the headlines.

As you know, SCOTUS refused to rule on NYC's ridiculous "you can't take your gun anywhere" rule, because NYC, realizing it was going to lose, repealed the law, thus making the case moot.

Ah........but that's not ALL that SCOTUS did.

...There are by my count seven 2A cases in the Supreme Court pipeline--cases where the petition for cert have been briefed, the case set for a vote in conference, yet the Court neither granted nor denied, just left them out there in limbo. A couple of them have been in that status for over a year.

Yesterday the Court ordered all seven distributed for the conference of May 1....

It appears that SCOTUS is getting ready to rule on at least one of them.  The fun is just beginning!!

Lots More Traffic Today.....

We've put on quite a few miles around the Milwaukee area in the last several weeks.

Today's traffic was the heaviest I've seen since Tokin'Tony's Imprisonment began.  Probably twice the volume I've seen recently.


Mittens Self-Immolates

Here's the Vulture Capitalist and presidential-run FAILURE....

"The key in leadership is recognizing when you're not the smartest guy in the room."

'In a setting like this I think it's important for the people at the top to recognize that there are always people out there with more information,' he said.

All true, Mittens.  In fact, the guy with "more information" about actual US citizens won a Presidential election just 3 years ago.  Remember that?

"He May be a Rapist..."

"....but he's OUR rapist!!"

Thus the Democrat Party has been since at least the late 1960's.

Tammy the (Dumb) Political Hack-ette

Tammy Baldwin is a lump on a log in the Senate, but occasionally she does something to rally her  voters and to spread talking points for "reporters," even though the talking points are dead wrong.

So her staff put out a notice that Tammy doesn't like Trump.  Oooooohh!!  She starts by asking about a shipment of 300K++ hydroxychloriquine tabs to Milwaukee and then moves on.

...The senator is also asking for answers into why President Donald Trump started pushing the malaria drug as a treatment for coronavirus.

In a letter to the Principal Deputy Inspector of the Department of Health and Human Services, Baldwin wrote, "I am extremely concerned that the promotion of hydroxychloroquine exemplifies another effort to prioritize the misguided whims of the White House over science and public health. While the President has touted the benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, the evidence remains inconclusive."...
It's only "inconclusive" to people who cannot (or WILL not) read National Institutes of Health reports.  Bear in mind that the Kung Flu--a "gift" from the Chinese Communists--is a SARS virus.

...chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage. In addition to the well-known functions of chloroquine such as elevations of endosomal pH, the drug appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. This may negatively influence the virus-receptor binding and abrogate the infection, with further ramifications by the elevation of vesicular pH, resulting in the inhibition of infection and spread of SARS CoV at clinically admissible concentrations.


Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds....
Gee, Tammy, why aren't you protecting VA hospital personnel--the ones who turn vets into addicts?

UW "Expert" Was Flat-Out Wrong on Vote-Virus

Nice to know which "expert" is a doofus.  But also see how the "news" paper manipulates the story to blame "conservatives."

...Three weeks after Wisconsin residents cast ballots, researchers see no spike in COVID-19 cases attributable to in-person voting, though they say the effect from the election may be hidden in the numbers and difficult, if not impossible, to ever detect....

...[Oguzhan] Alagoz [an expert in infectious disease modeling at the University of Wisconsin at Madison] and other public health experts predicted Wisconsin would see a surge in COVID -19 cases after the state Supreme Court overturned Gov. Tony Evers' last-minute order to halt in-person voting....
(Note that whatever happened here it's the "state Supreme Court" which caused it, not Tommy Choo-Choo's closing of 170++ voting locations or the same crapola from the rabidly partisan boy-Mayor of Green Bay.  Wouldn't want you deplorables to know the REAL story, would we?)

Anyhow, the "expert in infectious disease modeling at the University of Wisconsin at Madison" is back!!

...Starting around April 15 in Wisconsin, cellphone data show residents traveling from home more often, even though the state remained under a restrictive stay-at-home order. The same thing is happening in other states. The cell data, which tracks signals not individuals, show movement and gatherings.

It's unclear to experts what is behind the new movement and gatherings. It could be warming weather, increased discussion of government relaxing rules or simply "quarantine fatigue."

"I am actually worried about this," said Oguzhan Alagoz, ... who is using the cellphone data in his research. “It's not just mobility, but the question is how do I behave during that mobility. It makes a big difference. I hope people are being careful as they are moving...
If you're worried about it, hide under your bed.  You'll get your full pay, Mr. Alagoz.   Meantime, the "news" paper and the rest of the "news" (read:  propaganda) organizations will start thumping the NEVER GO OUT!!! YOU WILL DIE!!! drum, right on cue.

Italian Bishops Have Courage, Unlike USCCB

Well, well, well.  It appears that the Bishops of Italy are done with Virus Bowing and Scraping, (except for one.)

...Mr. Conte said that according to his new regulations, which will go into effect on May 4, only small-scale funerals can be celebrated but not public Masses or other liturgical services.

In their communiqué, the bishops adopted unusually strong language, insisting that the Prime Minister’s decree “arbitrarily excludes the possibility of celebrating Mass with the people,” while also declaring that “the Church demands to be able to resume its pastoral action.”

The bishops seemed even to threaten civil authorities with disobedience to government norms that trample on religious freedom, reminded the government of its duty to distinguish between its area of competence and that of the Church, noting that the Church organizes the life of the Christian community “in the fullness of its own autonomy.”

The bishops asserted that they “cannot accept to see the exercise of the freedom of worship compromised,” adding that the faithful must be able to nurture themselves spiritually, especially from the Church’s “sacramental life.”...
OK, then.

So guess who jumped in to slap the Bishops for "disobedience"?

Yup.  The Peronist.

... “At this time, as indications emerge for a way out of quarantine, we pray that the Lord will grant us the grace of prudence and obedience to these indications, so that the pandemic does not return,” the pontiff said in a daily tweet....
We hear that Bill Gates immediately stood up and applauded the Pope, and sent him 2 million doses of vaccines left over from India.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

THIS Creature Is Spending Your Money??

MacIver assembled a few Twitter clips of Abortion-Barbie Andrea Palm, one of Tony's handlers.

It's a riot to watch her spray word-clouds in hopes that she might bamboozle .......ahh.....someone.

Or you can watch her proudly tell us (2:33 ffd) that she will spend large......very large.........extreeeeeemely large.......on ventilators which should be sufficient for the entire country of Germany.

And there's her (to date) most-famous prediction:  that there will be 440-1500 WuFlu deaths in Wisconsin before April 8.

You are not imagining things if you think that Wisconsin's government is off the rails.  Unfortunately, this is not the Twilight Zone.  It's real life, and that's real taxpayer money she spends, and those are real jobs and businesses and hospitals that she is killing.

"Abortion" is more than a cause for her; it's her life.

The Usual Crap "Reporting" From the J-S

After twenty-six words of setup, Marley drops his "reporter" disguise in favor of full-frontal Leftism.

That's not a pretty sight, friends.

Conservatives who lead the high court have reliably ruled in Republicans’ favor for years,
Back in grade-school civics, we were taught that courts rule "in favor of" the Constitution and/or the Law.  To Marley, that's the same as ruling "in favor of Republicans."

Do you allow your children to read this trash?? 

Later in the propaganda piece, Marley notes something interesting.

...On Tuesday, an array of unions asked to intervene in the lawsuit.  They argued the Legislature didn't have the ability to bring its lawsuit and contended the Evers administration has broad power to issue orders to protect public health. ...
Pines has been Jones-ing for a  fee for quite some time after getting his ass handed to him on Act 10 matters.

Anyhow, the unions that Pines managed to round up here are:

....the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, Madison Teachers Inc., Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 and an arm of the Service Employees International union that represents health care workers. ...
Notice something about that group?  Yup.  The Teachers' Unions would like to continue their PAID VACAY--something that the "news" paper doesn't mention too often.  The Bus Drivers' Union is a reliable bunch of cranks, and SEIU is so far off to the Left that they think Lenin was a Reagan Pubbie.

Shouldn't take long for the Rule of Law to be re-affirmed here--one way or the other.

Tim Carney, The Karen of Church

Tim Carney should stick to economic writing where he's competent, and he should NEVER let his Karen alter-ego out in public again.

He advises the Catholic Bishops to re-open the churches--a good start--and then goes into full Nanny:

If my pastor asked me, I’d keep all those rules, and add something like the following:
* Limit attendance to 20% to 25% of normal capacity.
* Allow one household per pew. Skip every other pew.
* Make Mass shorter, and keep windows open.
* No singing.
* Tell the immuno-compromised not to come.
* Bar anyone with a fever, a cough, or other symptoms.
* Tell parents not to bring kids who cannot be trusted to social distance.
* Masks should be worn at all times.
Advice to Timmy's pastor:  do NOT ask Karen's Timmy's advice.

What actually worked, for the 2 Sundays it was tried, was telling Catholics that they may choose NOT to participate at Mass if they had good reason to worry about their health.  That cut attendance by about 30% at two major SE WI parishes that I'm aware of, resulting in pretty good Social Estrangement.

Try that again, Excellencies.  

ANOTHER Policy Win for Trump at SCOTUS

Injunction against "Self-sufficient immigrant" policy will NOT be continued per SCOTUS.  However, a lawsuit may begin, if plaintiffs want to do so.

That was the policy when my grandparent(s) immigrated.  Don't know why it should change.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Scarf-Lady's Prescription

This poor woman thinks she's going to have an impact?

“Social distancing will be with us through the summer to really ensure that we protect one another.”
No, it won't honey.  Now be a good girl and run along.  

Ruh-Roh, Tony! The Ground Shifts.....

Per Owen's post, Tokin'Tony and his Abortion Barbie handlers are willing to keep Wisconsin "locked down" through the summer.

Only 725,000 jobs lost.  But not Tony's!!  Tony has not missed a paycheck in his entire career, and the rest of us can eat s^^^ and die.......which actually may happen.

Or maybe not.

...Researchers tracking smartphone data say they recently made a disturbing discovery: For the first time since states began implementing stay-at-home orders in mid-March to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, Americans are staying home less. 

The nationwide shift during the week of April 13 was relatively slight. However, any loss of momentum, particularly when stay-in-place orders remain in effect across most of the country, has some public health experts worried about "quarantine fatigue." Any increase in travel, they say, is premature when staying home remains the most effective way to limit the spread of the virus until widespread testing and contact tracing become available....quoted at AOSHQ
Based on scattered news reports over the weekend, I suspect that there's a lot MORE 'moving around' than there was during the week ending 4/13, and since it's getting warm, that's not going to slow down.

Little Tony might want to call his Capitol Police a little closer.

Need Pork?

If you're in need of some pork, it's still out there.  But you may have to work a bit.

Preparing for a hog hunt is like preparing for the end of the world. You need a reliable rifle and ammunition, of course, but you also need a bunch of other stuff—a sidearm, maps, binoculars, compass, flashlight, knife, raingear, boots, food and water, two-way radios. Once you’re all geared up, you can’t help but think that if the end came, you’d be ready....

And in the end:

...We butchered the sow and split it three ways, and now my freezer is full of frozen pork. That’s the best possible ending to any hog hunting trip, but especially a hog hunting trip during a pandemic....
There's a nice map of feral hog populations which shows most of them in the South and California.

But what's with those 2-3 counties in the UP bordering on Lake Superior??

Rumor Has It........

Picked up a rumor that Evers has allowed WI State employees to stay home AND get paid, even if they don't "work from home."

Just rumor.........

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Fun in Baltimore With Z-Man

When Z-Man lights up his 'comedy' writing, it's a rollicking good time.

...At this stage, demanding that people wear masks is nothing more than a punitive measure to humiliate the public. That move may have made some sense two months ago, but at this point there is no health reason for it. Instead, the politicians and TikTok heroes have got to justify what is turning out to be something closer to the infamous War of the Worlds panic than a legitimate public emergency. To admit reality at this point risks bruising their tender psyches, so we suffer on.

The plague of heroes is just not limited to crooked politicians and portly women in hospital scrubs. Corporate America has decided to remind us that they are not there to make money selling product. That’s crazy talk. No, they are here as a good steward of the community, because they care. They really care. You see, we’re in this together and in this time of crisis, nothing is more inspiring than videos of corporate commissars looking concerned while wearing masks and standing six feet apart....

He's just warming up.

Now he goes grocery-shopping.

...Inside the store they have arrows on the floor, meaning you have to walk up and down every aisle in a specific order. Apparently, heroism now means having to examine every product on every shelf before you leave the store. This is actually dumber than the Soviet-style lines to enter the store. No one is going to traverse the whole store because they forget to get something in aisle one. As a result, people are violating the edicts and going about their business like sane people used to do.

I was one of those sane people, going against an arrow to get something when a Cuck and Karen in their TikTok costumes said something to me about the arrows. The Cuck did the “Sir! Sir!” bit, but I just ignored him. After I got what I wanted, I turned around and he was saying something, but I could not hear it because my hearing is not good and he was talking through his sissy rag. I was ready to ignore him, but then he did the same “Sir! Sir!” bit to an old guy who was violating arrow policy.

Having reached the age where I no longer bite my tongue in public, I said to the guy, “It is bad enough we have to put up with nonsense, we don’t need idiots like you pretending to be the police of us.” He then heroically said something about it “being about all of us” and I reminded him that the most likely way for him to end up in the hospital was to keep talking. The old guy, heroically chimed in with a vigorous “Fuck you, asshole” and a middle-finger at Cuck and Karen....
Up to now, I haven't encountered any of this crapola, and I've been into various retail stores here and all around the Upper Midwest over the last several weeks.

But I can't wait for some Karen to wag a finger (as they are doing on the local "Next Door" site.  They'll get the response they deserve.

Wisconsin Hospital Death-Watch

While the Abortion Barbies who currently run Wisconsin sit in Madistan and uptalk their disgust for citizens (and write simple scripts for Tokin'Tony to read--all using the term "Folks"), Wisconsin hospitals are dying.

As of today, Wisconsin's 133 hospitals are treating ONLY 343 WuFlu patients (141 in ICU, included in the 343.)  That's an average of 2.57/hospital.

As of today, SE Wisconsin's 29 hospitals are treating ONLY 252 ChiCom Flu patients (111 in ICU), an average of 8.6/hospitalMilwaukee makes a big difference, no?

And they're treating damn near nobody else at all.  But statewide, there are about 4,000 beds available including all ICU, all general surgical, all neg-flow, and all intermediate-care.

It's about time to ask the Abortion Barbies a question:  

How many hospitals did you kill today??

Bend the curve, break the hospitals!!  That's just what Wisconsin needs.

"Visit Milwaukee"? Pass. Plus One Question

If Tokin'Tony's "Bouncy Ball" order holds as written, residents of Wisconsin will remain imprisoned until at least Labor Day.  

And the City of Milwaukee intends to make certain that there are no escapees!

The Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee Health Department will soon issue citations for violations of Governor Tony Evers' "Safer at Home" order....
Well, OK.  That pretty much closes the question on whether I'll visit Milwaukee, doesn't it?

Ahhhhhh....but what about the Democrat National Convention??  Did Tony's Abortion-Barbie handlers think about "essential activities" vis-a-vis that event?  Will there be wide and generous exceptions for Drinking Democrats during the shindig?

Yes, I know the answer(s).

Fiscal Meltdown: Trump v. McConnell

There are a few things about Trump that I simply don't like, and they are usually related to his background experience or his personal quirks.

Trump, like Howard Hughes, is a germophobe, which led him into the trap of ceding the Constitution's structure of governance to a bunch of MD's who haven't practiced medicine for decades, but who are Very Smart about Stuff.  Frankly, allowing these twits--even if well-meaning twits--to turn the country into a prison camp-with-benefits was a serious mistake.  But that's the germophobe thing.   

Trump doesn't give a flying damn about fiscal responsibility, which probably has to do with his affinity for bankruptcy.  It worked for casinos, why not for sovereign nations, right?  Well, he's testing that theory, first with his tax-cut PLUS big-spend "deal" with the devils in the House, and now with a mind-boggling Big Spend caused by trusting The Experts (above.)

McConnell is making noise about the Big Spend, and he damn well should.  Pelosi wants to dump another Umpty-Bazillion into the States' treasuries, illegal aliens, fraud-by-mail voting, and God only knows what else.

Not often will you read THIS blog and find praise for McConnell, so mark your calendars.  Mitch is right, and Trump better back off.

The Enlightened v. the First Amendment

The condescending uptalk from the MSM, politicians, flunky-bureaucrats, and some citizens is irritating, at least.  ("Inflammatory" may be a better word.)  They arrogate to themselves the position of being The Enlightened (Illuminati), the Ones Who Will Save us.  After all, they have "The Science"! 

And since there are such--Ones Who Will Save Us--who has need of free exercise?  After all, that worship-thing, well, you can do it in your living room in front of a wide-screen, no?   Have a Bible?  Love Jesus?  Well, then, shut up and sit down.  The Science and the Illuminati have so decreed!!

As it happens, Free Exercise is not quash-able by flunky-bureaucrats, nor casually secularist GovernorsBill Barr gets it:

...When you’re faced with a potential catastrophe, the government can deploy measures and even put temporary and reasonable restrictions on rights if really necessary to meet the danger. But it still has the obligation to adapt to the circumstances. Whatever powers the government has, whether it be the president or the state governor, still is bounded by constitutional rights of the individual. Our federal constitutional rights don’t go away in an emergency. They constrain what the government can do. And in a circumstance like this, they put on the government the burden to make sure that whatever burdens it’s putting on our constitutional liberties are strictly necessary to deal with the problem. They have to be targeted. They have to use less intrusive means if they are equally effective in dealing with the problem. And that’s the situation we’re in today. We’re moving into a period where we have to do a better job of targeting the measures we’re deploying to deal with this virus....
To the Illuminati and their Karen-esque palm-branch waving fans, such talk is that of a simpleton, or perhaps someone who has not yet heard of Science, Our Savior.

More likely it's from someone who is acquainted with the Permanent Things and has an excellent grasp of history and the real human condition.

Were it only the case that America's Catholic Bishops had such an acquaintanceship and grasp--and courage!!  Or do they also think that salvation is not from the Jews, but from The Science?


Saturday, April 25, 2020

MD's Ask Questions About the BIG SCARE

A couple of California MD's run urgent-care facilities and ask a few good questions.  Here's one which is indirect:

..."We decided to keep people at home and isolate them, even though everything we've studied about quarantine , typically you quarantine the sick. When someone has measles you quarantine them. We've never seen the healthy, where you take those without disease and without symptoms and lock them in your home. So some of these things from what we've studied from immunology and microbiology aren't really meshing with what we know as people of scientific minds who read this stuff," said Erickson....
They also review the easily-available statistics from California:

...we've tested, 5,213 people and we have 340 positive COVID cases. Well that's 6.5 percent of the population. Which would indicate a widespread viral infection similar to the flu," Dr. Erickson said. He continued, "So if you look at California, these numbers are from yesterday, we have 33,865 COVID cases out of a total of 280,900 total tested that's 12 percent of Californian's were positive for COVID."...
You can watch the videos......these two on-the-ground doctors are not very impressed with the MD's on TeeVee who haven't treated a patient in the last several years, or the MD's in the White House pressers who haven't treated a patient in the last several decades.

The side-effects of the Big Scare are the same all over:  hospital ER's are near-empty; people fear they'll drop dead when they walk into a hospital.  So they don't go.

That'll help that "disparate treatment" thing, eh, Tony?

$2K/Hour Lawyer Scumbags PLUS Feeb Scumbags!!

Well, well.

Covington and Burling, no less.  Chi Chi Chi!!  The shiniest and brightest of the Whitest Shoes.

...Based on the new material, Flynn’s primary attorney Sidney Powell, submitted a supplement to their January 20 motion to dismiss the case entirely. The supplement, which was filed on Friday, states that the defense has found evidence in the new documents which proves Flynn was “deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI.”

In addition, the filing states: “The government has deliberately suppressed this evidence from the inception of this prosecution—knowing there was no crime by Mr. Flynn.” It claims they have “found further evidence of misconduct by Mr. Van Grack specifically. Not only did he make baseless threats to indict Michael G. Flynn, he made a side deal not to prosecute Michael G. Flynn as a material term of the plea agreement, but he required that it be kept secret between himself and the Covington attorneys [Flynn’s first legal team] expressly to avoid the requirement of disclosure in future cases.”...

Yah, well, the current Director of the FEEBS issued a statement denying his involvement in suppressing this evidence.

Because the FEEBS have cred, ya'know?

No US Flag on WI Capitol Building?

A lot of people noticed that there were no flags flying on the Capitol building yesterday.

Patrick Cudahy, a Chinese Communist-Owned Company

Just because the newspapers don't mention it, we thought you ought to know.

Smithfield Foods owns Patrick Cudahy.

The Chinese Communists own Smithfield Foods.

Thought you'd want to know!!  You're welcome.

Rad-Left Health Union BS and Propaganda

As one expects, the radical-left union SEIU had its propaganda spreaders contacting the press.

...At least two women wearing hospital scrubs stood among the crowd with face masks holding signs that read "please go home" and "In overwhelmed hospitals, more people die."

"These reckless protests show no regard for essential workers who are risking our lives to keep our country running," SEIU Healthcare, the state's largest health care workers union, said in a statement....
Umnnnhhh.... exactly WHICH Wisconsin hospitals are "overwhelmed"?  Yah....didn't think so.

And of course, 'protests show no regard....' is faddletwaddle, utterly lacking in logic.

There are also vague propaganda reports that a couple dozen 'healthcare workers' have 'contracted the virus,' which are as meaningful as reports that a couple dozen 'drivers' have 'exceeded the limit.'   The objective is to scare the bejabbers out of you without relaying any significant content.

So when a male nurse wails about 'fatigue' and 'stress'.........well, gee, that's called "working" for most of us.  Again, friends, PROPAGANDA.  No significant content, but man, it sounds really scary.

Nancy Spills the Beans

Nancy tells us all about Democrat voting "principles":

Friday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said “much more than” the initial $400 million for a vote-by-mail initiative will be included in the next coronavirus stimulus bill to enableevery person registered to vote” to receive a ballot at home....
Including the DEAD ONES?  Of course!!!

That's the plan, anyway.

Third-World States: California, Illinois

This is interesting.

...“[Mitch McConnell] is suggesting amending the bankruptcy code to allow states to go into bankruptcy court and go through a process the way that cities and other municipalities are able to do under a chapter of the bankruptcy code,” said Baker. “There are good reasons why states cannot do this and should not ever be able to do it.”

Baker continued, “States have residual sovereignty. Like the federal government, neither can be sued without their consent. That’s the nature of sovereignty. This proposal, if ever enacted, would finish off what’s left of federalism.”...
He goes on to 'splain that cities--which CAN go BK--are not sovereign; that's the distinction.

OK, then.  How to proceed?

...“The choice is not simply bankruptcy or bailout,” Baker stated. “There are other choices. We have had states in the 19th century that defaulted on their obligations. The state of Mississippi, and other states, have not paid off debts from the 19th century, but 20 years ago, Mississippi was shocked when it went into the international market to borrow some money to find out that the London bondholders still had them on a blacklist, and they couldn’t borrow money in the international markets.”

Baker went on,”California and Illinois need to be treated like the third-world countries that they are.”...


...“Third-world states” should be treated “like Argentina,” advised Baker. He reflected on Argentina’s 2001 defaulting on its sovereign debt as a guide for how to proceed with states seeking an escape from their liabilities.

Baker said, “[Argentina] could not get any more money, and so what it had to do was go into the international market and borrow and waive its sovereign immunity, which meant it could be sued....

And when they default, sue 'em!!  Take a park or two, maybe a couple of nice highways....

Friday, April 24, 2020

Does ANY Wisconsin Bishop Have Corragio??

McIver was kind enough to read and digest Evers' totally UN-serious "plan."  It's clear that Evers has no intention of 'opening' this State until at least Labor Day......and even then:

...When Wisconsin finally reaches Phase 1, the state will allow gatherings of up to 10 people, K-12 schools and child care facilities to resume normal in-person operations, and restaurants will be open with some limitations. Non-essential businesses may remove some limitations, but those remain unspecified until the Phase 1 order is issued by the DHS....

"Up to 10."  Then--assuming we ever get to "Phase Two":
...Phase 2 will allow gatherings of up to 50 people, restaurants to fully operate, bars and non-essential businesses to open with restrictions, and post-secondary schools to consider reopening....

Wow.  Up to 50 people.  Just wow.

Not a peep from the "Officer of the Army," Archbishop J. Listecki.  Not a peep from ANY OTHER Bishop in Wisconsin.  They're not alone in their utter cowardice--no other major religious leaders have voiced an objection to Evers' flat-out suppression of Free Exercise.

What is the matter with these "men"?  Are they so afraid of Tony Evers that they can't get on their hind legs and slap him across the face?  Or are they so flaccid in their priestly duties that they just can't be bothered?

Some are saying that the Chinese Communist Party Virus is a punishment from God.

No.  The punishment is being deprived of the Mass and the sacraments by Bishops who don't have the corragio of a 4th grade girl.

ADDED:  the Archbishop's newspaper published an essay noting that Abp. Messmer closed Catholic Churches for some months during the Spanish Flu epidemic.  What is NOT mentioned is the fact that the Case Fatality Rate for Spanish Flu was TWENTY FIVE TIMES the CFR of the Chinese Communist Party Virus.  There is no comparison.

How Bad IS It for Hospital Rooms?

So we're told that hospitals are bleeding money fast.


Yah, that drill.

Well, now.  Wisconsin Hospital Ass'n has a very handy little chart they're putting out there to help Normies like us to figure out what's really going on.

Sorry, folks.  the Abortion-Barbies who are running the State will never consider this, and even if they did, they will NOT tell Tony--the "man" who has never missed a paycheck in his entire career.

So anyway, for SE Wisconsin, there are 29 reporting hospitals.

There are 272 active Chinese Lung-AIDS patients

DO THE MATH:  It's less than 10 patients/hospital.

The Pain Spreads

The surface news is not surprising, but underneath?  It's ugly.

...Just over 3.4 million borrowers, representing 6.4% of all mortgages outstanding, are now in forbearance plans. That’s an increase of 477,000 loans in just one week, or a nearly 9% jump, according to Black Knight, a mortgage data and analytics firm, which is running weekly tallies.  ...

That's the "not surprising" part.  Of course, that 3.4 million number will get a LOT larger in the next 60 days or so, so stay tuned.

Here's the part that's ugly:

...the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, announced the servicers would be bound to make these payments for 4 months. Fannie Mae usually requires payments be made for up to a year. Regardless, servicers of GSE-backed loans could still face more than $7 billion in advances, given the number of loans in forbearance thus far....
That's your friendly local mortgage broker, folks.  THEY have to pop 4 months of your payments even if YOU do not.

Think that's going to produce more unemployment?  If you don't, how stupid ARE you??

Cops Resist The Bullshit

This doesn't surprise me.  Most of the cops understand that they need citizen-friends.

Police chiefs from Texas to Washington are standing up against draconian orders from local leaders demanding strict adherence to extreme social distancing measures to curb the spread of the novel Wuhan coronavirus.
In Milwaukee, the current Chief indicated that there would be arrests--but only after the Dnagerous Criminal Perp gets a good talking-to.

The Chief talks, but his cops?...........Probably not gonna do the walk on that "arrest" part.

Chicago will be interesting.  Pritzker, the Welfare-Requester-Queen Governor, ordered that ALL SUBJECTS over the age of 2 MUST wear masks when they are in public place and not able to Socially-Estrange.

Good luck with that.

Surgeon Gen'l Should Get Off His Ass...

Maybe in mid-February this was a good idea.

...The direction of the U.S. Surgeon General to postpone elective procedures and appointments comes at an underappreciated cost, Mark Grapentine, vice president of communications for WHA, told ...

But now it's becoming fetid.

...“Our analysis shows that Wisconsin hospitals and health systems are losing at least $150 million in revenue every week,” he said. “Wisconsin hospitals carry about $275 million/week in labor expenses alone, and it’s not easy for hospitals that we count on to be there for us in our greatest times of need, to dial down the expenses of being on the front line 24/7/365.”...

So maybe the President should have a little heart-to-heart with the General.  If it comes down to it, the General could find another job.

The Self-Contradiction of "Testing for Tony"

Well, it's not really a decline in the number of reported cases, sorta, kinda.

Actually, it's a decline in ......ahh...unnhhh....urfff....

Tony Evers' plan actually calls for a drop in the percentage of positive cases, not the raw number of cases.
Because, as we all know, NOBODY can catch the disease AFTER a test.

It's a friggin' virus.  History shows us that damn near everyone contracts a virus unless vaccinated.  No amount of Social Estrangement, masks, or alcohol-rubs will prevent it from spreading.  The geniuses merely shoved the contagion out further.

So says this MD:

...We know from decades of medical science that infection itself allows people to generate an immune response — antibodies — so that the infection is controlled throughout the population by “herd immunity.” Indeed, that is the main purpose of widespread immunization in other viral diseases — to assist with population immunity. In this virus, we know that medical care is not even necessary for the vast majority of people who are infected. It is so mild that half of infected people are asymptomatic, shown in early data from the Diamond Princess ship, and then in Iceland and Italy. That has been falsely portrayed as a problem requiring mass isolation. In fact, infected people without severe illness are the immediately available vehicle for establishing widespread immunity. By transmitting the virus to others in the low-risk group who then generate antibodies, they block the network of pathways toward the most vulnerable people, ultimately ending the threat. Extending whole-population isolation would directly prevent that widespread immunity from developing....

So in effect, "Testing for Tony" will keep the State closed for quite a while longer.  Maybe through December!!

Christmas will be SO much fun!

Gotta Get One!!

Here's a humorous news item.

–The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum unveiled Friday, April 24 a bobblehead of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

Sure I'll get one.  And I know exactly where I'll put it.  100 yards from a bench I have.....well, yah, umnnnhhh, ahhhh.....out where Tony can feed the squirrels!!

Right.  THAT'S the ticket!!

Why Supposed MKE Residents Don't Census

When it comes to screeching for "Free" Federal Money, Tommy-Boy Barrett is among the loudest.

..."There are literally millions, tens of millions of dollars at stake because so many programs both at the national level and at the state level are determined by population," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said. "And it's important that our residents be counted." ...

This particular Loud Beg happened because supposed Milwaukee residents have not returned their Census forms.

Here's a multiple-choice test for you, dear readers:

The supposed residents confuse them with mail-in ballots;

The supposed residents are illegals;

The supposed residents actually left Milwaukee years ago in utter disgust, but ancient "voter registration" assumes they are still in MKE?

You can choose more than one of the above answers.

While Barrett of the Big City begs for more "free" dollars, remember this:  sometime very soon, we'll all be hearing about how Blue Cities support the Red Suburbs.


Hypocriscy: It's What Democrats Do.

Which comes first?  The hypocrisy, or a guaranteed Government job?

...Lives are more important than money, right? Except you’ve spent decades pushing government programs aimed at redistributing wealth on us based on the premise, which we’ve been promised is true (and might well be), that poverty, unemployment, and social isolation create catastrophic health outcomes. So making the whole country broke, unemployed, and unable to interact in person with their friends is now a good idea … because of this virus?...
Sure, that's what they're telling you.

And they expect you to believe it.

If you don't?


Read the essay at the link.  It's really very, very, good and he doesn't stop at the above.

WIsconsin UC Claims This Week

This week's Unemployment Comp claims in Wisconsin:


And that doesn't count claims filed Thursday 4/23, today, or tomorrow.

Last week?  Glad you asked!!


Lots of people available for today's little party in Madistan!!

And no, we're not happy about that.

Cuomo the Idiot: If "Essential," You Won't Kill Anyone!!

Here's Baby Doc Cuomo's advice for people who no longer have a job.

...“There are people hiring. You can get a job as an essential worker, so now you can go to work and now you are an essential worker and now you won’t kill anyone,” Cuomo said....
Well, that settles that!!  Becoming "essential," like any public employee (har!) is magic!

Cuomo has spoken!  Now give him $6BN because NY is Entitled.

Cuomo: NY Is Entitled To YOUR Money

Cuomo screwed up--badly--on the New York State budget.

So of course, he wants everybody else in the US to pay for it, just like Pritzker wants everyone in the US to pick up the tab for Illinois public pensions.

...Cuomo was already facing a $6 billion deficit in New York and faces an even greater hole in his budget as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

McConnell said Wednesday that Republicans were not interested in bailing out states like New York that were already overwhelmed with debt.

“You raised yourself the important issue of what states have done, many of them have done to themselves with their pension programs,” McConnell explained in an interview with Hugh Hewitt. “There’s not going to be any desire on the Republican side to bail out state pensions by borrowing money from future generations.”...
But see, NY is ENTITLED or something, just like Illinois--and California is next.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Here's an Expert on Chinese Commie Party Virus!

This expert's YouTube lecture will probably be "disappeared" in the next few days.

Lots of very interesting information from a guy who IS an expert, unlike the Powdered Princes and Princesses who have never, ever, touched a patient.

About 12 minutes.

Short take:  there's a LOT of bullshit being pushed out there.

How Bad IS It? Horrible.

This will be an economic apocalypse if left un-checked.

...The insured unemployment rate, which compares those current receiving benefits to the size of the labor force, rose to 11% — a jump of 2.8% from the previous week. That translates to “a barely believable” 23% when the Labor Department releases its unemployment rate calculation in two weeks, according to Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics. The previous high for the U.S. was 24.9% during the Great Depression....
But Tony Evers, who has not missed a paycheck in his entire career, thinks that he should grind the Wisconsin economy into the dust through Memorial Day.


McConnell to Illinois: "Drop Dead" GOOD ON YOU MITCH!!

As we mentioned a week or so ago, Pritzker would be demanding Wisconsin taxpayer money to bail out the State of Illinois' horrific problem with its pension fund.  The ever-obnoxious New Yorks (city and State) have begun making the same Oink-Oink noises.

To them, McConnell says the right thing:  DROP DEAD.

Thanks, Mitch!  (First time I've been positive about him in quite a while.)

Irony, Thy Name is Tony-kins!

News item giggle of the day.

Gov. Tony Evers slammed GOP leaders today for suing to overturn his administration’s latest stay-at-home order, calling the lawsuit a nakedly political power grab...

Yah, fine, OK, you miserable little wimp. 

If anyone knows a "power grab" it's the Abortion Barbies Gau & Palm and their hand-puppet Tony Evers who has never missed a paycheck in his entire career.  Evers double-crosses other elected representatives with his "ON/OFF" election flipflops, then attempts a Dictator-For-Life play using an unelected bureaucrat as the (extremely questionable) vehicle.....

Sure, Tony.  FOAD.

20 Bad Apples in KS? Small-Ball, Ms. Niles

This week, it's open season on the SSPX, I guess.  Many less-than-informed laymen have commenced fire at the Society, intimating or stating that it is in schism, while one very well-informed priest ("Z") has demonstrated that the Society is definitely NOT "schismatic."  Personally, I hold no brief for or against the Society; don't know any of their priests, and have never visited their local chapel, although I know a few folks who attend Mass there.

Now come the "perverts"!!! accusations, and Ms. Niles plays the percentage-game to paint SSPX as a houseful of homosexual predators.

...But considering how young and small the SSPX is (about 600 priests), the high percentage of abusers actually makes the rest of the Church look good in comparison. Sorry, but it's the truth....
She rattles on about "20 investigations" in Kansas.  Why sure!!  "Investigations" are just like "convictions"--or at least, that's the curveball she'd like everyone to swing at.  Often, "investigations" find probable cause, for sure.

But 20 is small-ball.

Maybe Ms. Niles should take a look at the little Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which has far fewer than 600 priests.  That Archdiocese had SEVENTY-NINE active investigations, 9 convictions, and 1 indictment (the priest committed suicide.)  THIRTY-NINE of those priests listed as "sued" or "accused" were removed from ministry (or would have been except for their death.)

So there were 49 convictions and/or removals from ministry in this one little Archdiocese.  Perhaps Ms. Niles would like to calculate the percentages here, too??

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Know This Guy?

Ace found him staring at a door.


Here's MY Permit, Tony. Come and Take It!

Awwww.  You thought I'd show a pic of some  nice little hand-cannon?

Wrong, smokeless-powder breath.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
But I do have a hand-cannon or two.  Just in case.

It's Getting Real, People

A real expert talks about the Northern Wisconsin economy.

The president and CEO of IncredibleBank, the former River Valley State Bank that is headquartered in Wausau with a digital-only web bank and 15 traditional branches in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, says northern Wisconsin will experience a significant proliferation of business failures if coronavirus lockdowns and business closures continue through May 26.

In a move that caught many by surprise, Gov. Tony Evers announced last week that his original Safer at Home orders would be extended from April 24 through May 26, the day after Memorial Day. Those orders would close public and private schools for the rest of the school year, limit religious, funeral, or wedding gatherings to fewer than 10 people, generally ban all public and private gatherings of any number of people not in a single household, and keep all government-defined "nonessential businesses" closed except for a few permitted activities, such as curb-side pickup, carryout, and deliveries.

Todd Nagel, the president and CEO of IncredibleBank, said many small businesses will simply not be able to survive that timeline.

"I'm not being dramatic," Nagel told The Times in an interview last week. "This is forecasted. We will have hundreds of businesses fail from Wausau north if we shelter in place until May 26. You have to have revenue to pay your bills."...
Yes, and nobody knows about that "revenue" thing than Tony Evers, who has never missed a paycheck in his entire career.

He's got his.  Go suck wind, you miserable deplorables.

A Capital Problem of Nature Calling?

Here's the news.

Organizers of a protest against Governor Tony Ever’s “Safer at Home” order say the Department of Administration (DOA) has denied their permit application citing “the state of emergency,” but the protest will go on. It is scheduled for 1 pm Friday at the corner of Mifflin and Pinckney Streets....

You expected otherwise?

Someone is thinking ahead:

Elmer [an organizer] also said she had been calling the governor’s office and DOA asking for the [Capitol] building to be opened temporarily in order for protesters to use the restrooms. She said sanitation companies have refused to deliver hand-washing stations and portable toilets for an event without a permit.

“There are only a few businesses open on the square and we don’t want to overwhelm them and freak them out with bathroom requests,” Elmer said. “Where are all of these people going to go to the bathroom?”...

See, without a Hall Pass, Port-a-Potty people will NOT deliver their stations to the protest site.  And the Big Teacher (who has never missed a paycheck in his entire career) wants you to remain at your desk, pencils down.

Heh.  Here's where The Boyzzzzzzzzzz have the advantage, sistuh.  

Idaho Cops Arrest Mom at Playground

I'll let The Last Refuge tell the story.

Comrades, after the Meridian cornavirus enforcement police received several calls from compliant citizens, a dangerous group of subversive moms were identified engaging in non-approved playground activity against the interests of the state.  Local authorities activated an emergency response task force & arrested the lead scofflaw mom at the park....

...According to video smuggled from the park by an underground network of rebellious female breeders, Mrs. Sarah Brady was instructed by the COVID-19 compliance officers to vacate the playground.  Ms. Brady refused to comply with the order and was subsequently handcuffed and arrested for violations of the state lock-down, ie. misdemeanor trespassing....

...The brave officers of Idaho law enforcement and coronavirus compliance put their lives on the line to capture this outlaw. However, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and the Meridian police are thankful for compliant citizens who used the tip-line to notify the task-force of this threatening and subversive activity...

There's more.  Just as worthwhile.

New York City Is Just Another Bloodsucker

You will recall Cuomo and deBlasio screaming four times a day, every day, for 3 weeks, that NYC was in DIRE NEED OF EVERYTHING:  BEDS, VENTILATORS, HOSPITALS, EEEEEYAH!!!

Never mind. he persuaded the federal government to pitch in millions to turn the massive Javits Center into a field hospital and rush to overhaul a U.S. Navy hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, outfitted with 500 beds to handle the overflow from packed hospitals....
The ship had 20 patients once, and the Javits center held ZERO patients forever.

No wonder Gerry Ford told NYC to "Drop Dead."

Another Dumb GM Idea Bites the Dust

There are some ideas so dumb that only intellectuals believe in them.  And GM is loaded with intellectuals who have really, really, really dumb (and expensive) ideas.

But sometimes, the elephant in the room emits enough of a putrid gas that even GM gets it.

GM ending car-sharing service Maven
What's car-sharing, you ask?

...Maven provides car sharing services, including car sharing for personal use and rentals for drivers of gig economy professions such as Uber and Lyft. It uses an app for people to search for and book rentals. It is also used to control certain features of the car such as remote start and unlocking of doors.[10]
Maven also allows individual owners of General Motors vehicles to share their cars by the hour or daily through a peer-to-peer car sharing service.[14] Owners receive sixty percent of the rental cost and also get liability insurance. Vehicles must be newer model GM vehicles and go through an on-boarding process which includes installation of a keyless entry system.[14]...
Another big surprise:  the U of Michigan and USC were 'launch sites' for this money-sucker.  Intellectualoids, anyone?

Would you really "rent" your personal car to some jackwad you never met?   How many cars did GM have to leave in parking lots to supply the "need" of some random twit once a week for a couple of hours on a Saturday night?  (How many came back wrecked or full of.......ahh........various fluids??)

Pure genius.  /Sarc

Virus About to Disappear, So "TEST TEST TEST"!!

Gee.  A science-guy from Israel ran the numbers on the Chinese Communist Party Virus (CCC-P) and came to an interesting conclusion:

...The numbers told a shocking story: irrespective of whether the country quarantined like Israel, or went about business as usual like Sweden, coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way. In the exact, same, way. His graphs show that all countries experienced seemingly identical coronavirus infection patterns, with the number of infected peaking in the sixth week and rapidly subsiding by the eighth week.

The Wuhan Virus follows its own pattern… It is a fixed pattern that is not dependent on freedom or quarantine. “There is a decline in the number of infections even [in countries] without closures, and it is similar to the countries with closures,he wrote in his paper....
THAT is why Tokin'Tony was instructed to call for "testing, testing, testing" by his two Abortion Barbies, Palm and Gau.  The decline will be very obvious in a week or so here in Wisconsin and the "deaths/day" projection--even from the horrifically flawed IHME charts--will be near zero by May 1st.

But in order to complete the demolition of Wisconsin's economy, Tony needs another month of inactivity--so "test, test, test" is the next (impossible) hurdle.  (TRACE TRACE TRACE is the next go-to impediment, by the way)

It's so damn transparent that even a "news reporter" could see it, if they didn't have their vision blocked when their big brown noses are shoved up Tony's ass. 

Jay Weber's Really Awful Logic

As Jay departed the air today, he observed that since Chinese Communist Party Virus (CCC-V) has killed 44,000 or so people, it's "worse than" the Asian flu(s) which usually kill less people in any given year.

Sorry, Jay.  Your conclusion is just plain wrong.  Not logical.

Let's grant that all the CCC-V deaths are, actually, caused by CCC-V, which is a generous reading of the situation.

THEN let's factor in the two latest California studies, which tell us that the CCC-V has been around for MUCH longer and has infected FAR MORE people than the (ridiculous) IHME stats admit.  In fact, the California studies tell us that CCC-V has a death rate of 0.1%, which is comparable to Flu-A or -B:  1 of 1,000 infected will die.

The math here is simple, Jay:  44,000 deaths mean that there were 44,000,000 infections--whether "confirmed" or not, and most important, whether the infected person KNEW they were sick or not.  And as you and others have reported, there are lots of people who had the disease but it wasn't "serious," or who had it and was uncomfortable but didn't bother with a doc or get the picture.  Could easily be 44,000,000, which is only 13% of the US population.

But for you to conclude that 'more deaths = worse death-rate'?  Can't be supported logically. 

White Privilege, Indeed

Harvard.  It's what you find when you look up "White Privilege" in the dictionary.

...The president tweeted after the Ivy League school defied his earlier order, saying it plans to keep an $8.6 million grant it received as part of an educational relief program - despite having an eye-watering $40.9 billion endowment ...

For comparison, the State of Wisconsin's ACTUAL "general purpose revenue" (income tax) AND "Federal revenue" (money the State scored from Uncle Sam) in 2018......totaled $31.5 billion or so.

So Harvard is hoarding MORE than the entire State of Wisconsin's two largest revenue sources.

That, friends, is "White Man's Privilege."  It's also "Why Trump."

Tokin'Tony, the Weak, Weak, Weak, "Man"

Our little "man" Tokin'Tony (who has never missed a paycheck in his career) released a non-plan filled with vague, non-specific, and perhaps un-attainable "goals"--and then tries to blame the upcoming civil unrest, bankruptcies, and human destruction on the President.

Sorry, boychik.  YOU are the Governor, not Trump.  YOU undersigned the document written by your Abortion Barbies, Gau and Palm.  YOU will be held responsible for YOUR callous disregard of the destruction YOU wrought on the Wisconsin economy.  And you won't miss one paycheck!

And to no one's surprise, after Trump laid out the trap for you, you walked right into it.

Yes, you are stupid.  And incompetent.  And not even man enough to take responsibility for it.

Is Fauci the Godfather of Wu-Flu?

It appears that Fauci may be the Godfather to Wu-Flu.  He has had his grubby little hands on that Chinese Communist Party Virus (CCP-V) for a number of years.

Yes, really.

....Dr. Buttar tells that this was a chimeric version virus, something that was developed here in the United States in 2015 and was published in Nature MagazineThe virus was originally developed at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and that’s where all the initial studies were done.  They were doing chimeric research despite a moratorium by the U.S. government preventing it.

Our Government said there was no reason for this kind of research because there was a potential for it to cause harm and a pandemic, and that’s why the government passed a moratorium in 2014.  Dr. Buttar says that Fauci basically broke the law, that he went against a government moratorium, he used taxpayer money through his National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and funded research that led to Covid-19, and then he was documented at Georgetown University in 2017 saying that President Trump will face a pandemic.

Chimeric research means they are taking a naturally occurring virus and mutating it, genetically modifying it, and changing the configuration morphologically to gain function.  Dr. Buttar says it’s called a “Gain of Function” study.  That means that they’re taking something that may already have the potential to cause harm and making it more harmful, more virulent and more resistant.  Dr. Buttar found that they had taken a strain of the coronavirus and added the backbone of the SARS virus and then inserted HIV and MERS orthologs on top of it to make a more detrimental virus. (Orthologs are genes in different species that evolved from a common ancestral gene by speciation, and, in general, orthologs retain the same function during the course of evolution.)

This research was outsourced to the Wuhan lab in China to be continued since America had put a stop to it, and it was Anthony Fauci’s department in the NIH who gave the $3.7 million grant to Wuhan lab for more research....
The ortholog additions explain the uneven 'performance' of the virus; some who are infected suffer very serious symptoms (including death); others hardly know they're sick.  The mutations break down over time--nature doesn't like them--so variations are foreseeable.

Regardless of that, Fauci, who failed in his AIDS-fighting role and has spent far too much time with the Eugenics-Globaloney crowd (Gates/Sachs, etc.) should be shoved off the stage politely before he gets shoved off the stage NOT so infuriated relatives of his victims.

Obama Ordered Trump-Spying. Doh!

In what is the least surprising development in the "Russia, Russia, Russia" Trump-spying case, it is now clear that Obama ordered it.


...The Senate report revealed the Intelligence Community Assessment began at the behest of Obama himself in early December 2016 during a meeting of the National Security Council, with the president instructing then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to prepare a comprehensive report on Russian interference. The report stated Obama “directed that the report include everything the IC knew about Russian interference in the 2016 elections.” 

Clapper told the committee, “I don’t think we would have mounted the effort we did, probably, to be honest, in the absence of presidential direction, because that kind of cleared the way on sharing all the accesses.” 

The Senate report noted Obama asked for the intelligence assessment to cover a wide range of Russia-related topics and be completed by the end of his second term in late January 2017. The report notes, “There was no document memorializing this presidential direction.”...
Of COURSE there was "no document."  Obama's been a dirtball for long enough to know kindergarten-level rules of "How To Be a Dirtball."

The sad part is this:  Obama will never be prosecuted, nor will the Arkancide Queen.  Never--until they go directly to Hell, not passing "Go."

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Stretchin' Gretchen Whitmer or AOC? Dumbass Contest!!!

Well, now.

Whenever  you think that 'this can't be topped', something comes along to top it.

We all thought AOC's IQ, scientifically measured at 84, was the lowest among living American politicians--admittedly, a "high" bar.

Dammit, she got topped, by 'Stretchin' Gretchen' Whitmer!!

...During a briefing earlier today Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer compared the COVID-19 battle to World War II and asked the citizens of her state 'why they were not protesting state orders during the war?'
No, we did not make that up. 

With another few weeks in the lowlights, Stretchin' Gretchen Whitmer will have made enough really, really, really stupid remarks to scientifically measure her IQ.

At this time, we're estimating 72 which is slightly above that of a chipmunk.  But only slightly.

Stare Decisis Eroding? Prayer Works!!

Looks like SCOTUS has finally gotten over itself. 

In a news story about jury verdicts in which SCOTUS overturned a 1972 decision, the issue became "stare decisis.  That has VERY interesting implications for abortion, since one abortion-related case has yet to be decided.

....among the various opinions was a dispute about when the court should overturn precedent, an issue the justices have grappled with in recent years and could come into play this spring in a blockbuster abortion case out of Louisiana as well as in cases this term and next dealing with religious liberty.

For Justice Neil Gorsuch, writing for the majority on Monday, the result was clear cut. Over 26 pages, he dug into the intent of the founders. "Whether it's the common law, state practices in the founding era, or opinions and treatises written soon afterward -- the answer is unmistakable," he wrote.

In doing so, he targeted a 1972 case called Apodaca v. Oregon, where the court held that the Sixth Amendment permits non-unanimous verdicts in state criminal trials, calling it an "admittedly mistaken decision."

The ruling, Gorsuch wrote, was an "outlier on the day it was decided, one that's become lonelier with time."...
Lots more fun to follow as June approaches!!

Evers Plan Will Keep WI Closed. Period.

Frankly, I don't care if Evers' plan 'is based on' a Trump suggestion.

He intends to crush tens of thousands of Wisconsin churches, church-goers, workers and families--and their businesses.  There's no other way to read this "order."

...the state Department of Health Services will determine when it is appropriate to progress to each of three phases of reopening. In addition to seeing a 14-day decline in positive cases as a percentage of total tested, there must also be progress in increasing testing; tracing those who are infected; tracking the pandemic; acquiring personal protective equipment for health care and public safety agencies; and ensuring health care facilities have capacity for a surge....
First:  the Governor, not some Abortion-Barbie headed bureaucracy, should "determine" progress, although one expects the Governor to take advice from them.

Second:  At this time, Wisconsin's testing shows only 10% positive results--which is below the national average of 20% (per London Daily Mail 4/20/20).  How much "less" can Wisconsin's rate become?

Third:  What is "progress in increasing testing"?  An extra 50/day?  100/day?  2,000/day?

Fourth:  Abortion-Barbie Palm wants to hire 1,000 new Chinese Communist Party Virus (CCP-V) 'chasers' to track and trace infections.  Oh?  Does that mean she will keep the State's churches and commerce closed down tight until she finds 1,000 people for this?  (By the way, how will they "qualify" for that job?  How long can "hiring" all those "qualified" people take?)

Fifth:  Will anyone define "acquiring PPE for PSA and HC"?  One set of PPE/person?  Five sets?  Two hundred fifty sets?

Finally:  Don't you love that "surge" bullshit, especially when there was never a danger of a shortage of hospital rooms in the first place?

The "plan" is NOT to re-open Wisconsin's churches and businesses.  There's an election at stake here--and what's more important:  you miserable churchgoing Deplorables, or a (D) in the White House? 

P.S.:  Plenty more observations from Owen.

Will Tom Barrett Kill Voters?

We all know that Tommy-Boy Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, explicitly or tacitly forced City of Milwaukee residents to vote in horribly crowded germ-factories.

That's because Barrett explicitly or tacitly refused the assistance of the National Guard in manning voting locations.

Now it is revealed that seven Milwaukee citizens contracted the Chinese Communist Party Virus (CCP-V) while voting in Tommy Barrett's disease-vector election.

So if one or more of them dies, did Tommy Barrett kill them??   Or did Neal Albrecht, Barrett's election-stooge? 

Why, yes:  NPR asks the same question, so it must be valid.

Was JFK a "Nazi Sympathizer"?

Apparently John Meacham (whoever he is) thinks John F. Kennedy was a "Nazi sympathizer," at least according to the short clip Tucker provided in this editorial.

Meacham tells us that the phrase "America First" was invented by "Nazi sympathizers".  (Well, that's what Wiki says, anyway.)

So when JFK and Lindbergh, along with Gerry Ford, Potter Stewart, Sargent Shriver, and Frank Lloyd Wright joined, they must have been "Nazi sympathizers," right?  Same with the chairmen of Sears, the Chicago Tribune, and Vicks Chemical, right?

Sure.  All Nazi sympathizers, like Bill Regnery.  Uh-huh.

Or were they just anti-interventionists who did not swallow the Globaloney of the Rockefellers, Bushes, and US Chamber of Commerce?

Monday, April 20, 2020

Tokin'Tony Evers or Stretchin' Gretchen Whitmer?

A friend has asked the question......which Governor is more stupid and malevolent?

In one corner, there's "Stretchin' Gretchen" Whitmer, a Grand Valley State grad, who has banned the sale of garden-seeds as "inessential," yet OK's abortion as "life-sustaining."  She also forbids lawn maintenance while allowing dope-sales (a taxable event.)

In the other corner stands "Tokin'Tony" Evers, who is controlled, managed, and directed by two Abortion Barbies--his campaign manager and his "Health" secretary who holds an MS in Social Studies (or some such crapola.)  He has advanced a three part plan to re-open Wisconsin sometime in the future, but he can't come up with a date.

You may vote in the combox unless you fall asleep before voting or lose control of your laughter and pee your pants.