Saturday, November 16, 2019

Catechism Addition

We are told, authoritatively, by Eccles Who Is Saved, that this text will be added to the Catechism in the next few weeks.

92357 Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents the use of plastic as an act of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that "plastic is intrinsically disordered." It is contrary to the natural law. It does not proceed from a genuine love of Mother Nature as shown to us through Pachamama. Under no circumstances can it be approved. 

92358 The inclination to use plastic is objectively disordered, but the number of men and women who feel such deep-seated urges is not negligible. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition. 

92359 God in His mercy has provided for us Green Bins, in which to caste [sic] away all plastics that may prevent us from approaching Christian perfection. Although some of us are endowed with bins that are blue, or even rainbow-coloured, they too can be seen as blessings unto us. 

92360 Many of us are also blessed with bins of another colour; for example, we may have a brown bin into which may be cast all that is biodegradable, that it may be return to Mother Earth as compost. To throw into our brown bin those gifts that are not worthy of it, such as plastics, wooden idols, and glass bottles, is morally inadmissible; wrongdoers must pray and fast, and may only receive forgiveness from a bishop. 

© Pope Francis and Cardinal G. Thunberg

It is possible that Eccles made up that signature line.

Couldnt' Happen to a Nicer BeYotch

Caught in today's blogosphere:

Kamala just keeps sliding further and further downward, and when you're at one percent in the polls, there isn't much left.

Which is a fitting ending for the Democratic field's most obnoxiously phony of all candidates.
Buh-bye, you miserable slut.

On Gun Regulation

We all know that California has THE most restrictive "gun laws" in the US.

So when a product of a broken home kills 2 students plus himself, and injures a few more, we have this:'s a fact that you can have universal background checks, a ten day waiting period on firearms purchases, background checks on ammunition purchases, an "assault weapons" ban, microstamping, a "high capacity" magazine ban, red flag laws, "safe storage" laws, age restrictions on purchasing firearms, and dozens of other gun control laws and still have an attack like this happen...

See, it is simply UN-possible that Santa Clarita can happen.

UN-POSSIBLE.  Tokin'Tony knows that.  80% of Wisconsin people know that.  It is UN-POSSIBLE!!! 

Sadly, Robin Vos and Fitz do NOT know this.


Tony Evers' Understanding of the AR-15

Where Tokin'Tony learned everything he knows about the AR.  HT:  PowerLine

Surprise!! WI AG Kaul Suing EPA Over Tailpipe Question

The Californication of Wisconsin has arrived with Josh Kaul.  Aren't you proud??

California and 22 other U.S. states filed suit on Friday to challenge the Trump administration's decision to revoke California's authority to set stiff vehicle tailpipe emissions rules and require a rising number of zero emission vehicles.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, seeks to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency's decision in September to revoke portions of a waiver it granted in 2013....

...Last month, major automakers -- including General Motors, Toyota Motor Corp., and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles -- backed the Trump administration's effort to bar California from setting tailpipe standards.

Those automakers intervened on Trump's behalf in the lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court in Washington by states and environmental groups over NHTSA's determination....
Trump's move prevents California from setting the standards for every State in the union.  The cost of California standards is extremely high, and that cost is passed on to ALL US consumers.  And--of course--there is no "scientific" case for the Left Coast's goals, other than the usual UnicornSparkleFart fadoodah.  The science is linked below, along with a very practical and easy solution!!

Do not think that Trump is giving away the game here.

...The Trump administration's final requirements are expected to be released in the coming months and modestly boost fuel efficiency versus the initial proposal, with several automakers anticipating annual increases of about 1.5 percent, much less stringent than the Obama [and Cali] rules....
Obama/California want CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) of 46.7MPG by 2026; in contrast, Trump has mandated 37MPG.

What's "CAFE" mean?  It means that each automaker must produce and sell vehicles which are certified to produce XXMPG across that automaker's entire lineup of vehicles.  So, for example, GM must produce and sell cars and trucks which--taken as a whole--will result in 46.7MPG for model year 2026.

Given that most pickup trucks get around 22MPG and highly-efficient crossovers can only get around 30MPG,  an automaker will have to sell a helluvalotta 60++ MPG cars (or bicycles) to obtain a fleet average of 46.7MPG.

Anyhow, isn't it nice to know that YOU are joining California--the land of fruits, nuts, and poop-paved sidewalks--in this lawsuit??

Finally, it appears that air pollution (NOX) in Los Angeles is sui generis--that is, that LA's air quality problem has to do with the number of cars combined with the fact that the city is in a basin.  Regardless of  more-and-more stringent emissions controls, the air is just not getting cleaner there in the last couple of years.

The solution is NOT making everyone else in the USA pay for that problem.

The solution is simply to make driving in LA illegal.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Tlaib's Entitlement Mentality

It appears that Ms. Tlaib (Wacko-MI) thinks she's entitled to campaign funds--for personal expenses.

On April 4, Tlaib wrote in an email: 'I am just not going to make it through the campaign without a stipend.

'With the loss of a second income to lean back on, I am requesting $2,000 per two weeks but not exceeding $12,000. 

'The cost of living stipend is going towards much needed expenses due to campaigning that includes car maintenance, child care and other necessities. ...
The campaign sent her $4K/month.

JSOnline: "It's the End of the World!!!!", Guns Edition

Yah,  to the JSOnline people (how many are still there??) it's the end of the world as we know it.

A county in rural northeastern Wisconsin has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary, a move that could spread to other counties.   [Play opening theme to "Jaws" here]

The day after Veterans Day, the Florence County Board unanimously adopted an ordinance designed to send a "keep your hands off our guns" message to politicians....[insert picture of smelly and toothless Wal-Mart customer here]
Naturally, the article mentions the MU Law poll, stating that '80% of Wisconsinites favor red-flag and 'universal' background checks.'

Well, maybe.  When you read the actual poll, you find that the poll did NOT ask those questions of more than half the respondents.  (They're called "missing.")  Further, the poll's questions on the topics are less-than-forthright; the 'red-flag' question doesn't mention that 'the judge' hears only ONE side of a story, and the 'background check' question conflates 'private sales' and 'gun-show sales'--implying that 'gun-show sales' have zero background checks--a blatant falsehood.

Meantime, let's look at available housing in Florence County!!!

School Shooters' Family Breakdowns


The Secret Service released findings of a study on 'school shooters' such as the teenager in Santa Clarita.

...Many of the attackers were victims of bullying, had a history with law enforcement and "communicated their intentions" to carry out an attack. "In many cases, someone observed a threatening communication or behavior but did not act, either out of fear, not believing the attacker, misjudging the immediacy or location, or believing they had dissuaded the attacker," the study says....
Here's a VERY high correlation:

...Ninety-four percent of attackers experienced a "home-life factor" that led to an incident.

"This could be related to family problems at home in terms of let's say domestic violence in the home. Drug use in the home among family members, divorce and separations," Alathari said....
Ninety-four percent.

Just so happens that the Santa Clarita kid had a "home-life factor."

 His father, Mark Berhow, died in December 2017 from a heart attack but a “history of chronic alcoholism” contributed to his death, the Los Angeles County Coroners Office told The Post.

Two years before that, the father had been arrested amid a domestic dispute with the boy’s mother.

In 2016, shortly before Mark Berhow died, the shooter’s mom sued him for custody of their children, according to Trellis....
Next time somebody tells you that 'family isn't very important' you know you're talking to a fool.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

JFK Was Right

Interesting little note here.

...After being suckered into the Bay of Pigs disaster in Cuba, JFK said he wanted "to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds."

Kennedy fired CIA Director Allen Dulles. But that was about as far as he got.

JFK, of course, failed to break the Deep State’s grasp on power. In an ironic twist, Allen Dulles would later be appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s assassination. 

The CIA is the undisputed all-time world champion of orchestrating coups. And right now, Trump is squarely on its radar…
Well, yes.  Yes, indeed.

On the radar of both the CIA and Dr. Evil:  George Soros.

Read the essay at the link.  There will be no surprises if you've paid attention.

Swampy Diplomat Lies

As we expected, the striped-pants bunch (and the striped-skirt Yovanovich) are lying.  You can tell because their lips are moving--which raises the question:  Did lawyers learn this trick from diplomats, or vice-versa?


Barb Boland shines a bunch of truth-light into the Swamp-water and gas provided by a "professional" diplomat.

Ukraine:  it ain't what the State Department tells you!!

Excellent!! McConnell Will Hold a Trial!!

Ignore Little Lindsay's perfidious posing.  'Turtle' McConnell will hold a trial if the House votes to impeach!!

...McConnell said, “I don’t think there’s any question that we have to take up the matter. The rules of impeachment are very clear. We’ll have to have a trial. My own view is that we should give people an opportunity to put the case on. The House will have presenters. The president will no doubt be represented by lawyers as well.”...
Yes, indeed, the President will no doubt be represented!!

The President may call any witness he wants to, and may cross-examine all witnesses.  I can think of nothing which will be better for the President and the country than exposing the sedition of Schiff, Pelosi, and the Deep State actors here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

There's Material Heresy, and There's FORMAL Heresy

Lotsa intertube-chatter about Pp. Bergoglio.  Some Catholics are all ready to declare him "non"-Pope because he's a heretic; a number of them (e.g. here) are hounding Cdl. Burke to call some sort of Council and depose the guy formally.

Well, yah, except Francis is not estupido, so he does the Jesuitical dance.  Yes, he apparently holds heretical positions such as those reported by some antiquated newspaper publisher in Rome.

But--assuming that the publisher is absolutely accurate--Francis has never stated his 'heresies' for the record.  His confirmation of highly irregular praxis, e.g., the 'communion for adulterers' thing in Argentina is not--strictly speaking--"heresy," although it is easy to infer heresy therefrom.

IOW, the guy is very cagey.  Ergo, this excerpt from the Catholic Encyclopedia:

...The subject-matter of both faith and heresy is, therefore, the deposit of the faith, that is, the sum total of truths revealed in Scripture and Tradition as proposed to our belief by the Church. The believer accepts the whole deposit as proposed by the Church; the heretic accepts only such parts of it as commend themselves to his own approval. The heretical tenets may be ignorance of the true creed, erroneous judgment, imperfect apprehension and comprehension of dogmas: in none of these does the will play an appreciable part, wherefore one of the necessary conditions of sinfulness--free choice--is wanting and such heresy is merely objective, or material. On the other hand the will may freely incline the intellect to adhere to tenets declared false by the Divine teaching authority of the Church. The impelling motives are many: intellectual pride or exaggerated reliance on one's own insight; the illusions of religious zeal; the allurements of political or ecclesiastical power; the ties of material interests and personal status; and perhaps others more dishonourable. Heresy thus willed is imputable to the subject and carries with it a varying degree of guilt; it is called formal, because to the material error it adds the informative element of "freely willed". 

Pertinacity, that is, obstinate adhesion to a particular tenet is required to make heresy formal. For as long as one remains willing to submit to the Church's decision he remains a Catholic Christian at heart and his wrong beliefs are only transient errors and fleeting opinions. Considering that the human intellect can assent only to truth, real or apparent, studied pertinacity — as distinct from wanton opposition — supposes a firm subjective conviction which may be sufficient to inform the conscience and create "good faith". Such firm convictions result either from circumstances over which the heretic has no control or from intellectual delinquencies in themselves more or less voluntary and imputable. A man born and nurtured in heretical surroundings may live and die without ever having a doubt as to the truth of his creed. On the other hand a born Catholic may allow himself to drift into whirls of anti-Catholic thought from which no doctrinal authority can rescue him, and where his mind becomes incrusted with convictions, or considerations sufficiently powerful to overlay his Catholic conscience. It is not for man, but for Him who searcheth the mind and heart, to sit in judgment on the guilt which attaches to an heretical conscience....
Francis has very carefully avoided FORMAL heresy.  Oh, he may well BE a formal heretic--but you won't know it from his public statements or writings.  And as we all know, especially Cdl. Burke, Francis doesn't answer questions that he doesn't want to answer.

The Cardinal is correct:  this is unprecedented and Canon Law doesn't have a "how-to" manual for this sort of problem.

Insight Warning!

Z-Man is generally interesting.  Sometimes he hits a home run insight.

...The current ructions are not a response to the changing demographics as the suicidal wreckers like to claim. It’s not about the transition to a post-national order. The reason for the growing unhappiness is that modern American society offers no purpose, no beauty and no reason to celebrate life. It’s an ugly age with a sterile ascetic that reflects the transactional nature of the age. This is an unnatural state for people, so the people are increasingly unhappy with life in the material age.

We have argued for 10++ years that the collapse of the Catholic Church in the USA (and Europe) has more to do with Mammon's prevalence than with whether things are in Latin or English.  (And by Mammon, I include not only 'stuff,' but free, or perverted, or sterile--take your pick--sex.)

Were the collapse restricted ONLY to the Catholic Church, it would be a problem; but the Catholic Church is on the same track as are the Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans, Judaism, Baptists.....and truth be told (it rarely is), Mohammedanism.

Yes, it's cause for grave concern.

The Democrat Platform, Condensed

JJSefton condenses the Democrat platform for you.

...Schiff-for-Brains and his cohorts have come up with a new charge, this time bribery, to fling like a bucket of hot Los Angeles derelict diarrhea at the President. First it was collusion, then it was extortion, then it was coercion and now this latest charge. Again, this is their presidential campaign since they have nothing else to run on. Apparently ripping up religious liberty, free speech, baby-killing, gun-grabbing, open borders, confiscatory taxation, nationalization of healthcare and private industry as a whole, Jew-hatred, brainwashing of our children, transgenderism, and the complete dismantling of our culture, history and heritage (among other things) evidently is not that popular in most of the country....
Yes.  It is reported elsewhere that "suburban women" are far more Trump-supporting than they were a few months ago.

Given the above, one wonders what in Hell those dames were thinking about back then?

Interior Department Discovers Principle of Subsidiarity

The principle most in focus since Trump (and Brexit) has rarely been mentioned out loud--largely because it's too Catholic and also too Constitutional.  (Hint:  Amendments # 9 and 10)

It's the Principle of Subsidiarity.

Well, the Fed Department of Interior has discovered that law and is implementing it.

...The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is relocating 27 employees from Washington, D.C., to the agency’s new headquarters in Colorado and another 220 to field offices out West, Government Executive (GE) reported Tuesday. The relocated employees reportedly have until Dec. 12 to agree to the move; if they don’t accept the terms, then they’ll be fired....
The Rulers should live among The Ruled.  That's a corollary to the Law.

What's keeping Education, Energy, Housing/Urban, Transportation, and EPA from doing the Constitutional thing?  Hmmmmmm??

Trump Is NOT JFK

Spent a bit of time yesterday listening to "The Patriot Channel" on Sirius XM, and got to hear someone named Wilkow.

Either he's ignorant as a post or he's a shameless propagandist.  Probably both.

This moron rattled on and on and on about how Trump's speech to the NY Economic Club was a re-run of JFK's speech to the same bunch, given in 1962.

Not quite, Mr. Wilkow.  See, JFK was very careful to mention (and implement) SPENDING controls.  As a result, his 1963 budget deficit/GDP was only 0.7%  (seven-tenths of one percent in case you can't read numbers, Mr. Wilkow.)

Contrast Trump, whose deficit/GDP will be about FOUR PERCENT for 2018.

That's about a 550% increase in deficit/GDP, Mr. Wilkow.

I think very highly of Mr. Trump--except that he spends like a drunken sailor would LIKE to spend.

Sins Crying to Heaven....

It appears that Bp. McElroy isn't familiar with the 'Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance.'

At issue was the letter’s insistence that the slaughter of the unborn remains the pre-eminent social justice priority for the USCCB. Bishop Robert W. McElroy of San Diego objected, saying, “It is not Catholic teaching that abortion is the pre-eminent issue that we face as the world in Catholic social teaching. It is not.”
Maybe Bp. McElroy doesn't WANT to know about those four sins, eh?

Is there a reason for that??



The Charlie Kirk Brouhaha

A few days ago, we mentioned that Charlie Kirk was quite a bit less than "conservative."  In fact, he sings the song given to him by his Libertarian funders.

That explains why Mark Levin loves Charlie Kirk and is stepping up his not-very-subtle attacks on Tucker Carlson.  (Levin also loves him some Watters, which is near-inexplicable.)

Anyhow, Kirk has been getting body-slammed in the Q&A parts of his appearances by a bunch of well-prepared, intelligent kids called "groypers."  They ask the simple questions like "How is it 'conservative' to support queer marriage?' or 'How is it 'conservative' to support removing American citizens from their jobs'?  (Hint:  it's not 'conservative.'  It's Libertarian.)

Tucker Carlson asked the same question, focusing on the F1-B scam.

Kirk was forced to recant.  But Malkin is after more:  the E1-B should be next, and Sen. Mike Lee's ridiculous Enrich the Tech Oligarchs scam should be the next one in line.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Good Luck With That, Excellencies!

Quick note from the meeting of US Bishops yesterday:

...Speaking at meeting, highlights gun policies backed by US bishops, including banning assault weapons, universal background checks, limiting handguns, increase in mental health funding, and greater use of gun locks.... AOC writing their agenda?

Somehow, I don't think any of those going to be seizing rifles and pistols from the Faithful.

Pp. Francis Makes Up His Own Facts

Aside from the serious moral and theological deficiencies that Pp. Francis has displayed ever since his election, it now appears that he makes up his own facts, too.

Here, he addresses an economic forum in Rome.

...The economy must focus on the good of the human person, he said, and an economic system “detached from ethical concerns does not bring about a more just social order, but leads instead to a ‘throw away’ culture of consumption and waste.”

As he has done on other occasions, Pope Francis insisted that just economic systems must address “rising levels of poverty on a global scale,” reflecting a common myth regarding the state of poverty around the globe.

Last June, the pope said that with the passage of time, the number of poor people increases rather than diminishes and “the poor are always poorer, and today they are poorer than ever.”...

....As a Brookings Institution report noted late last year, however, 2019 began “with the lowest prevalence of extreme poverty ever recorded in human history — less than 8 percent,” adding that in all likelihood, “this level will set the ‘ceiling’ for a new era of even lower single-digit global poverty rates for the foreseeable future.”

In the world today, less than ten percent of the global population lives in extreme poverty, according to the widely used “international poverty line,” whereby people are considered to be in “extreme poverty” if they live on less than $1.90 per day.

Just 30 years ago (1990), on the other hand, some 37 percent of the world lived in extreme poverty....
"The poor you will have with you always."  --Jesus Christ

But that "Christ" guy doesn't serve as a guidepost for Francis, does he?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Tokin'Tony Has a Secret--or Several

When Fox6 runs a story unfriendly to a Democrat, things must be bad.

And they are.

Tokin'Tony refuses to allow Fox6 to review his emails.  Flat-out refuses.

Governor Tony Evers' office is denying open records requests for his emails. The governor's attorney says the decision saves taxpayer resources; transparency advocates say they're worried about the erosion of the public's right to know.

"If you want to see what government is up to, you have to see the emails that they are sending," Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council President Bill Lueders said. "I don’t think [this denial] is a legal interpretation of our open records law."...
The story isn't long, but it exposes the ridiculous position of Evers and his little cabal in the Governor's office.

(Frankly, I don't think Tokin'Tony has much to do with this.  He's just too damn dumb--and it's reported that he doesn't like to work after 1:30 or so in the afternoon.  He prolly has no friggin' idea what's going on in his own office.)

Evers' staff has spread its little Secrecy Virus to other departments in the State, too.  Are they all hiding something?

Rex Tillerson's Horrible Record

Rex Tillerson was a big muckety-muck.  Civil engineer, experience with Exxon in overseas assignments, pal of the Russians, and eventually Trump's Sec/State.

Trump does make mistakes, and Tillerson was one of the big ones.

On this week’s broadcast of “CBS Sunday Morning,” former Trump administration U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told her if she did not resist implementing President Donald Trump’s decisions “people would die.”...

Tillerson does have experience with 'dying.'  He was on the Board of the (former) Boy Scouts of America when that Board--including ol' Rex--voted to admit homosexual boys and leaders.

That decision pretty much killed the BSA, which is now admitting girls to make up for the horrific membership decline since Tillerson.

So far, Exxon has survived, however.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

JCS Chair Loves War. Surprised??

This poor dipsy-doo-with-braid still doesn't get it.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said the 18-year mission in Afghanistan is not over.

American troops have been in Afghanistan since 2001 following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 more than 18 years ago. Some of the soldiers carrying out U.S. military operations in Afghanistan today were not born yet when the twin towers fell....

 ".... we went there in order to make sure that Afghanistan never again would be a haven, a safe haven, to terrorists that would attack the United States. That mission is not yet complete,” he explained. 

He added, “In order for that mission to be successful, the government of Afghanistan, the Afghan security forces are going to have to be able to sustain their own internal security to prevent terrorists from using their territory to attack other countries, especially the United States. That effort's ongoing.”...
Even dumber than old Alexander and not as smart as Gorbachev.

You'll note that the Chiefs of Joint Smoker Staff is pretty much in open rebellion against the Commander-in-Chief.  

Trump will need some poop-sweeper/collectors for his military parade, however.  I think I can smell the best candidates.

More Reasons to Keep Your AR (and Buy More Ammo)

When you come right down to right down, it appears that the Joint Chiefs and their brass-laden immediate subordinate R.E.M.F. flunkies/armchair warriors are in revolt.

...Not only did U.S. military leadership remain silent to the optics and purpose, but in the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman he admits to giving instructions to ignore the instructions from a sitting United States President.

In the absence of push-back from the Joint Chiefs, from this moment forth, the impression is tacit U.S. military support for the Vindman objective....
The Second Amendment was written precisely for this sort of occasion.  While it's not likely that the Chief Staffs of Joint will be followed by more than a few thousand regular troops (if that many), they will be studying up on their manual-of-arms for the AR so they can fire a few rounds.

Meantime, American citizens who have been using their AR's for hunting and target shooting will be ramming a bit of oil down the barrels and packing the extra mags with ammo. 

One fights fire with fire, not with unicorn farts and hugs.

Obama's VERY Dirty Hands in Ukraine

Whaddya know about that!  Obama's boyzzz are dirty, and so is he.

...Yuri Lutsenko, widely regarded as a hero in the West for spending two years in prison after fighting Russian aggression in his country, was named prosecutor general and invited to meet new U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Lutsenko told me he was stunned when the ambassador “gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute.” The list included a founder of the AntAC group and two members of Parliament who vocally supported the group’s anti-corruption reform agenda, according to a source directly familiar with the meeting.

It turns out the group that Ukrainian law enforcement was probing was co-funded by the Obama administration and liberal mega-donor George Soros. And it was collaborating with the FBI agents investigating then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s business activities with pro-Russian figures in Ukraine.

The implied message to Ukraine’s prosecutors was clear: Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an America presidential election in which Soros was backing Hillary Clinton to succeed another Soros favorite, Barack Obama, Ukrainian officials said....

Why, yes, yes indeed, the name "Marie Yovanovich" is familiar.  She's a perjurer--and in addition, an accomplice in the "Elect Hillary" campaign of  '16.

Only a matter of time before hard and fast evidence of Obozo's involvement becomes clear.

Where's Bp. Seitz Now??

Since Bp. Seitz (El Paso) is such a fan-boy of illegals, and since illegals get here ONLY with the help of the cartels, and the cartels just massacred 9 Americans.........

Where is he?  Is he saying a Mass of reparation for his utter stupidity?

Has he taken back all his "no borders" frip-frapperie??

Does the Bish grok this cartel-stuff, or is he totally fact-free in his rhetoric?

Life Lessons

Cadged from Whatfinger news.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Is Benny Shapiro THIS Dumb? Really?

Over the past several months it's become clear that Ben Shapiro is .......ahhh.........loony.

And here's the definitive proof; this is a "list" of "alt-right" or "alt-right" friendly people and outlets.

Or so says Benny, who used to be an editor at Breitbart News, by the way.

He's just that dumb.  Putting PJBuchanan and Joe Sobran on the same footing as Alex Jones and Richard Spencer is blindingly stupid-crazy.

Maybe his war-mongering and ........ahh........thinly-disguised something he wants to have known.

Well, now it's out there, Benny.  Good luck with that.

Motives Matter.

WTMJ Channel 4 ran a short piece on the "gun control" brouhaha last night.

They interviewed two people--one whose son had been killed by a perp using a stolen gun*--the other owns Fletcher Arms in Waukesha. 

...But Shumpert [the mom] and Eaton [Fletcher Arms] both believe that state Democrats and Republicans should be able to have civil, serious discussions about guns - including a pair of bills calling for universal background checks, and allowing judges to take away guns from people deemed a threat....
*The perp STOLE a gun and killed her son.  What part of 'background checks' or 'red flag' would have prevented that??

Anyhow.  Eaton's flexibility on "universal background checks" is not because he's a nice guy.  Under all proposals for UBC's, ANY transfer of a gun (sister-to-sister,  granny-to-grand-daughter, father-to-son,) will require a background check which will be run through a gun dealerThe gun dealer will be paid $50.00 or more to run that check. 

Takes the dealer about 10 minutes' time to run the check.  Cha-Ching!!

Move the Feds to Flyover Country!!

This is something I've mentioned before.

Two Republican Senators, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Josh Hawley of Missouri, have a great idea: Move most of the federal government out of Washington, DC. That is, federal offices should be relocated to the nation that pays for them, so that top officials can get to know the people they are administering....

...Specifically, the two lawmakers want to move ten cabinet departments out of D.C. Thus the Department of Transportation would go to Michigan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would go to Ohio, the Department of Veterans Affairs would go to South Carolina, and so on.  

And yes, the Department of Education would go to Blackburn’s home state of Tennessee, and the Department of Agriculture would go to Hawley’s Missouri. ...
That will never happen until after the revolution, of course.  But were it to occur, Virginia and Maryland would turn into red states, and Ohio and Tennessee would go blue.

EPA should be transferred to North Dakota.  They can study global warming there!

Friday, November 08, 2019

Seasonal Epstein

HT:  AOSHQ, of course.

IMG_3305 (1).jpg

Suddenly, It's Urgent to Send Troops to Mexico!!

While Mr. Kobach has had a few solid ideas, invading Mexico ain't one of them.

I'd rather have the US military patrolling our border and using Hellfire missiles on narco-traffickers.  No judge/jury/ACLU defense in court--just a missile or a couple hundred rounds of .50 cal from a Ma Deuce.

They'd get the hint.

"St." Yovanovich, Just Another Perjurer

Why is it that 'perjurer' is the middle name of a lot of Obama appointees?

Thursday, November 07, 2019

A Serious Wacky-Lefto (D) Candidate?

While Bloomberg is as wacky-lefto as most of them (but not all of them) he's a Serious Candidate because he has actively and loudly supported ONLY the gun-grab and baby-kill portions of the current (D) recipe.

Well, yes, there is that little thing where he openly praised the ChiCom dictators for being dictators.

Fiscally, he's pretty good.   But if you're a dictator, you can afford to be fiscally good.

Should be interesting to see how far he distances himself from the Red Herd currently running.

Sundance sees a pattern here.

...I love, absolutely love, the predictability of it all, and especially how the club managers position the narrative.  Notice the hard-sell: “it could represent a seismic disruption in the Democratic race.”    As if this is an organic new shift in the race, and not a pre-planned, pre-determined, and pre-scripted event being rolled out.  As much as I hate the club handlers, this is why they deserve respect.
The voting base is shocked, s.h.o.c.k.e.d, at the thought of a new entry.  Too funny.
“He’s unlikeable” they shout… While seemingly oblivious to the fact that Hillary Clinton was the club selection in 2016,… because she was so, well, “likeable” or something?

“He’s too green”, someone said….While seemingly oblivious to the “green” that really matters....
It might be too obvious if the Admirer of Dictators were to stand up and say "Run along, children, your Mommy's waiting dinner!"--but that's what Sundance suspects is happening here.

Oh, this is fun!!

Mark Zaid, Lawyer and Avid Disney-Girl Follower

Apparently Mr. Zaid, aside from working on removing President Trump from office, also 'worked' on admiring Disney-girl stars.

And apparently he was also a friend of John Podesta, who has his own 'interest' in pizza, by the way.

You want a screen-shot?  Vox has one here.

Trump's Revolution Against Libertarianism

A few decades ago, Frank Meyer essayed on the common origin of Conservative and Libertarian thinking.  That effort was given the soubriquet "Fusionism," even though Meyer did not like that at all.

...Meyer was not merely arguing that traditionalists and libertarians should tolerate one another and cooperate against a common enemy. His contention was that while they could differ in their emphases, a traditionalist had to be libertarian and a libertarian had to be traditionalist, or else each would be abandoning his own foundations. Meyer disliked the “fusionism” label precisely because it misrepresented his project as hammering together two different materials....
Now comes Nathanael Blake of The Federalist, who apparently re-states the Meyer thesis.  Along the way, he underscores why Trump's stock is rising with most of the citizens of the USA--and why Trump is opposed so ferociously by the old Ruling Class.

...Astute libertarians (or classical liberals, for those who prefer that label) recognize that political liberty has cultural prerequisites. We are born neither free nor rational, but come into this world dependent and lacking in reason. Care and instruction are necessary for us to attain even some freedom and rationality, along with the virtues needed to exercise them well. As wise Americans proclaimed since the founding of our nation, only a virtuous people is capable of sustaining self-government.

The often-tenuous conservative-libertarian alliance has rested upon this truth, with conservatives recognizing the potential for large, unrestrained government to corrode a healthy culture, and libertarians aware that limited government is dependent upon cultural antecedents that promote and protect the virtues required for self-government. Practical libertarianism requires strong families, churches, and communities, which provide stability, a sense of belonging, and the moral instruction that enables self-government....
Blake points out the problem with cartoon-Libertarians such as those found at "Reason" magazine and--recently--in such places as Turning Point USA, which is actively agnostic about religion.

...The libertarian challenge is not of establishing government via social contract. Rather, it is to cultivate people capable of sustaining self-government, a task that is complicated by libertarianism’s official indifference to family formation, moral instruction, drug use, and other social factors essential to the development of citizens capable of flourishing in a libertarian regime.

And here's where the Tucker/Trump economics thing comes into play:

Furthermore, because it has no place for economic solidarity, libertarianism sabotages itself economically as well as socially. The doctrinal imperatives of open markets and (often) open borders deny the existence of any national “We the people” who ought to be considered in economic policymaking. Libertarians cheer the “creative destruction” of the global market’s economic devastation of communities and regions. They believe those who cannot compete in the global marketplace must evolve or die — find a new line of work or move elsewhere.

Thus, libertarianism corrodes family, faith, and community through economic and social pressures....
Libertarianism of the cartoon variety was a very effective tool of the Oligarchs, who joined hands with the War Party of NeoConservatives and the Mil-Industrial complex to nearly bankrupt the country and (also nearly) turn its citizens into drones.  Drugs, Sex, Rock-n-Roll--and winner-take-all, suckers!!

It was one Hell of a good time until Trump came along and asked "Why"? 

17 Cars Gone. Nobody Noticed?

I suppose that it's really confusing to work for a rental-car company.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office is investigating the theft of 17 vehicles from the same rental company.

The scheme played out for months before anyone noticed.

Somebody noticed, but he/she was the 'inside man.'  The cops just haven't sweated them hard enough.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

THIS Whistleblower Will Be Squahsed Like a Bug

While some PajamaBoy Yalie in D.C.--arguably a seditionist--will be handsomely rewarded with tongue-baths, awards, and honorariums, another whistleblower will prolly wind up in massive debt.

ABC News execs believe they know who the former employee is who accessed footage of expressing her frustrations about her shelved Jeffrey Epstein story That former employee is now at CBS and ABC execs have reached out to CBS News execs...

ABC buried the story on Epstein because it would have been very .....ahh.....un-clubmanlike to bring up Bill Clinton as a child rapist while his "wife", Hillary, was campaigning for President.


But the whistleblower?  They will pay, by Jove.

Is Taylor Really a "Witness"?

While the BSMedia blather about "witness" Taylor--a one-time poohbah in the US's embassy in Ukraine--it seems that "witness" Taylor didn't really witness anything.

“And this isn’t firsthand. It’s not secondhand. It’s not thirdhand,” Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., said to Taylor. “But if I understand this correctly, you’re telling us that Tim Morrison told you that Ambassador Sondland told him that the president told Ambassador Sondland that Zelensky would have to open an investigation into Biden?

“That’s correct,” Taylor admitted.

“So do you have any other source that the president’s goal in making this request was anything other than The New York Times?” Zeldin asked.

“I have not talked to the president,” Taylor said. “I have no other information from what the president was thinking.

Well, now.  I heard from my daughter's cousin, who heard from her mother-in-law, who heard from  the boyfriend of the elevator operator in the House, that Cong. Schiff pleasures himself in the elevator all the time. 

Do I get to testify, too??

The End of the Selig Tax!!

Just so we're clear:  Miller Park was built to enhance the value of the Brewers before Bud Selig sold the team.  There was nothing wrong with County Stadium, nor with the Green Bay Packers playing there--except it wasn't what Bud wanted.


The state Senate today voted to put a hard deadline on ending the five-county sales tax that helped build Milwaukee’s Miller Park, clearing the way for the bill to go to the guv’s desk....

...Under the bill, the 0.1 percent sales tax in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington and Waukesha counties would cease being collected by Aug. 31....
It's been a very long time!  Let's hope all you out-State Brewers fans enjoyed screwing over the 4-county residents, just as Tommy Thompson said.

And yes, TT is a jerk.

Pp. Francis Slams German Bishops

In what can only be called a stunning rebuke, Pope Francis slammed the German Bishops for their blatant discrimination against Amazonians.

...Pope Francis discussed his vision for a missionary church and criticized groups that discriminate against other cultures and view them as unworthy of receiving the gospel.

“There are circles and sectors that present themselves as ilustrados (enlightened) — they sequester the proclamation of the gospel through a distorted reasoning that divides the world between ‘civilized’ and ‘barbaric,'” Francis said.

“They consider a large part of the human family as a lower-class entity, unable to achieve decent levels in spiritual and intellectual life. On this basis, contempt can develop for people considered to be second rate,” he said,...
The German ex-pat Bp. Krautler--who "never baptized" an Amazonian in his 30 years' missionary activity--would be the specific target of Francis' rant, but the Pope did not name names.

Cdl. Marx's ubermensch mentality also describes the German attitude towards Africa.

Stay tuned.

USCC's "Civility" Campaign vs. Bishop of San Antonio

The US Bishops would like Catholics to 'be civil' as national elections approach.

Or at least more civil than the Bishop of San Antonio.

...In a series of tweets on Monday evening, San Antonio’s Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller pleaded with Trump to “stop hate and racism, starting with yourself.”

In several follow-up messages, the Mexican-American archbishop directly called out the president saying: “President stop your hatred. People in the US deserve better.”...
Calling the President a racist hater is..........umnnnhhhh..........not civil.  Not cool, either.

So be nice, please.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Tokin'Tony's Aftereffects

Tokin'Tony wants to legalize pot.

Nine members of an American family--three mothers and their young children – were killed in a shooting attack relatives suspect might have been a case of mistaken identity by Mexican drug cartel gunmen. ...

...All of the victims were apparently related to the extended LeBaron family in Chihuahua, whose members have run afoul of the drug traffickers over the years. Benjamin LeBaron, an anti-crime activist who founded neighborhood patrols against cartels, was killed in 2009 in a watershed moment in Mexico's drug war....
Maybe Tokin'Tony should re-think his desires, eh?

I hear that he has a LOT of free time after 1:30 in the afternoon, when he customarily leaves his office for the day.

Plenty of time for thinking, Tony.

The Next (Eco)Logical Step: Eliminate Humans

This whole "man-made climate change" thing has always been about population control.  It is just a different costume than the last one (which was starvation, remember?) 

The fact that the population-control part was obscured until now is due to the fact that--until recently--the Climate Gang had obsequious lay-downs running Western governments.  ("Lay-downs" means pretty much what you think it does, friends.)

Trump, BoJo, Hungary, and Poland are no longer cooperative, and Italy--and even Russia--are vacillating.  Only Communist China remains dedicated to killing off lots of its own population, which is Signature Communism.

Therefore, the Population Control Establishment has to move fast, and here it is:

...More than 11,000 experts from around the world are calling for a critical addition to the main strategy of dumping fossil fuels for renewable energy: there needs to be far fewer humans on the planet....

...The scientists make specific calls for policymakers to quickly implement systemic change to energy, food, and economic policies. But they go one step further, into the politically fraught territory of population control. It “must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity,” they write....

Well, I can think of 11,000 people who could be "reduced" without any lasting damage to mankind.  

Monday, November 04, 2019

Sidney Powell DESTROYS "Justice" Department

It's really a great read, because it's clear, concise, follows the timeline, and names the names.

She asked the judge to toss the conviction because "Justice" lied like Hell, concealed evidence, and is now stonewalling.

Don't read this without a relaxing cocktail handy, or your blood might begin to boil, and you might think about spitting on your hands, hoisting the Black Flag.....

You know the rest.

Thinking of Touring NYC? Think Again....

We've been to NYC twice; once before and once during Giuliani.

Night-and-day difference; Giuliani wins, hands-down.

Now there's the Cuomo ubermensch/deBlasio untermensch regime(s) governing the State and City, respectively.  (I use the term "governing" very loosely.)

What's new??  Glad you asked.

...Earlier this year, New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill under which, on January 1 of next year, criminals arrested for roughly 400 categories of misdemeanors and felonies will be released immediately without the need to post any cash bail pretrial. Other criminals will get off with limited cash bail or other forms of unsecured bond. 

As a result, says Horowitz, people arrested for criminally negligent homicide, any drug trafficking and gang activity, or aggravated assault (even against children) will be released indefinitely while awaiting trial. The law applies retroactively to those already in jail awaiting trial for these crimes.....
Therefore, if you plan on being a tourist, get it done before 12/31.  After that, God help you--because the NYPD's hands are tied, too.

Stone Liar 'Psych & Law' Prof. Surprised?

Remember when the US closed most of its psychiatric hospitals because "Cuckoo's Nest"?

Good times.  Good times.

The "study" that kicked off that frenzy of purification--and left the country with a large and growing population of "homeless" who are mentally disturbed--was a pack of lies.

At some point in time, the US will learn that sensational claims are often lies or distortions.  See, e.g., all the claims made by the NeverTrump and Democrat twerps.

HT:  Althouse

CIA McLaughlin Gives Us the Finger

By now, everyone who's paying attention is aware of this vignette.

(CBS correspondent) BRENNAN: “But there is something unique you have to agree, that now the impeachment inquiry is underway, sparked by complaint from someone within the intelligence community. It feeds the President’s concern and often used term about a ‘deep state’ being there to take him out.”

(ex-CIA director) MCLAUGHLIN: “Thank God for the deep state.
(Laughter) (Applause)  I mean, I think everyone here has seen this progression of diplomats and intelligence officers and White House people trooping up to Capitol Hill right now and saying these are people who are doing their duty or responding to a higher call....

The "higher call" excuse is the little brother of the "just following orders" excuse.

Anyhow, McLaughlin is hardly alone.   Recently I had the opportunity to tell an ex-Company guy--a 'friendly', by the way--that he should message his pals in D.C. to let them know that Trump IS the President and he gets to run the show.

I got a very unexpected reaction:  a baleful stare, and no verbal response.

I can hope that he misunderstood my comment, but I doubt it.  These guys ARE convinced that they are on a Mission from God, just like the Blues Brothers.  Well, yah, we know how that movie ended, too.

(D) Primary Poll!!

Well, now.  It seems that "Mayor Pete" Buttplug thinks he'll be in a face-off against Lizzie Warren (Fauxcahontas.)  Maybe so.

Here's the poll question:

Would you rather support an aging harridan or a youthful priss?

End of poll.

Packers' LaFleur Is a Lucky Man

In an article detailing the prevalence of human sacrifice among the Aztecs and Incas, we ran across this tidbit:

In Meso-America, the Mixtec sacrificed rulers who lost a ballgame,
Yah, that Packers drubbing was terrible.  But LaFleur probably won't get killed over it.

The playoffs...... are a different matter.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

The Spy Who Teaches in MPS

Why, yes indeed!!  Milwaukee Public Schools has hired a convicted accomplice in "the largest data theft in US Senate history."

Somehow, it's fitting.

Federal Judge Thomas F. Hogan sentenced a former Democratic Senate aide to probation Monday for her role in what prosecutors called the “largest data theft in Senate history.”

Samantha G. DeForest Davis sold her office key to fired IT aide Jackson Cosko, who used it to repeatedly break in to the office and install spy devices on computers, prosecutors said. After another staffer caught Cosko in the act in October 2018, DeForest Davis wiped down his fingerprints.

“Hey So I was able to wipe down the keys and mouse but [witness] was coming so I could [not] do the other thing … sorry I couldn’t do everything,” she texted him, according to court documents....

...DeForest Davis allegedly “provided [Cosko] the keys knowing that [he] intended to unlawfully enter the Senator’s office,” court papers say.

DeForest Davis pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting computer fraud, and “as part of her plea, DeForest Davis acknowledged that she lied to her employer and the U.S. Capitol Police on several occasions during the investigation,” prosecutors said in a statement.

DeForest Davis, 24, of Wisconsin, began working for Hassan in August 2017 after graduating from Augustana College in Illinois and serving a short stint as a fellow at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), according to her LinkedIn profile....

...DeForest Davis is now a Milwaukee Public Schools teacher through Teach For America, which did not respond to a question about whether it did any reference checks, and if so, who gave her a reference....
By the way, this criminal got off with probation, proving that there ARE two kinds of justice in the US.  (If you have to ask, you're not part of the Preferred Class.)

NPR, Still Deluded After All These Years

So if you listen to NPR's account of it all, you'll learn that PajamaBoy's 'whistle' was almost 100% accurate.

Umnnnhhhh.....well, sure, if you think that LtCol Vindman's "affirmation" of PajamaBoy's account is actually worth spit.  But since Vindman told PajamaBoy the story in the first place, of course Vindman's 'testimony' backs up PajamaBoy.

Further,  Vindman's opinions about Trump's 'ask' are merely Vindman's opinions.  So what?  A lot of people have opinions.  But even NPR had to admit that Vindman's supervisor stated, flatly, that there was nothing illegal about the convo.

Then there's the old "many people...." game.  (We all know that the "many people" consist of about 3 dozen reporters who are gossiping over their doughnuts.)  So "many people" agree that Trump held up military aid to Ukraine pending his phone call.

So what?

The point is that the Ukrainian President did NOT know it was 'held up,' not that it was or was not.  The Ukraine guy couldn't care less about the "quid" because he didn't know that it existed.

Lobbyist, grifter, and Obozo Admin flunky Taylor attempted to "confirm" a q-p-q, of course, by stretching a few terms and by really stretching the content of his phone call with our EU ambassador.

NPR doesn't like the fact that the President is wholly and entirely responsible for setting foreign policy--so the reporter-ette here mentions it, but will not concede the accuracy of that statement.

Of course, NPR listeners don't know from "Constitution" anyway......which is exactly the point--and it's why NPR doesn't mention the existence of that document.

PG&E's Problems

Yah, so there are really nasty weather conditions--desert winds and ultra-dry air--which make fires a lot worse, fast.  There's a long drought which ended a year ago but the effects are still present.

Then there's the utility's wires:  rickety, non-fireproofed, aging, and falling down.  Apply a few thousand volts at high amperage and you'd be amazed how big a fire you can start!!\

Cal Gov Newsom, a Jesuit-educated blithering idiot, wants to "take over" PG&E.  Before he does that, he might want to change a few of the rules he'd have to live under as a utility operator.  Or maybe not.  Maybe his model of "fighting climate change" is the same one employed in North Korea.  They don't have lights on over there.

...The company spent more than half a billion dollars in 2018 on electric discounts for low-income citizens and another $125 million for efficiency upgrades, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board noted in an Oct. 25 editorial. PG&E has also used $7.5 billion in allowances since 2012 to pay for reduced emissions....

...California lawmakers passed an ordinance in 2015 requiring utilities to pay $100 million annually on solar systems in low-income areas, The WSJ Editorial Board noted. That is in addition to the $2.2 billion in rebates the utilities must offer customers for rooftop solar installations. A ratepayer advocacy division within California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is complicating matters.

CPUC’s Office of Ratepayer Advocates (ORA) argues against maintenance and safety expenditures to keep rates low for customers, according to an application PG&E made to CPUC in 2012 to increase rates. PG&E noted in the document that ORA’s other priorities are making it difficult to maintain current infrastructure....
California obviously wants to Lead The World in climate-change technology.  Fine and good.  There will be a few broken eggs while they're making their omelet.

Kvetching and Bitching: Corn Farmers

This is at least the second 'front-page' story on the topic, both of which featured a bunch of bitching and kvetching from corn-growers.  Can't say they're not trying to get attention for their wailing and snorting.

Here's the operative part, with comedy gold:

...Dalton says the issue hinges on the exemptions being granted to small refineries. According to him, those displaced requirements are supposed to be reallocated to other refineries under current law, but he says that hasn’t occurred in recent years. 

According to him, Trump’s proposal from the beginning of October would have made up for that unmet requirement by adding those gallons to the renewable fuel standard over the next three years, driving up demand and prices for both corn and ethanol. 

“That was the Trump deal, that was what he promised… to make us whole again,” Dalton told “If they followed that, everybody would be happy.” ...
Except consumers who purchase corn-based foods.  That goes about triple for people in poverty worldwide, who consume oodles of corn-based goods.

Or consumers who like their small engines in outdoor power equipment and boats.

To Dalton and Big Ag, "everybody" is Dalton and Big Ag.  Sorry, Charlie, that ain't good enough.

The Big Red Flag in This "News" Story

We begin with the understanding that the Washington Examiner is a NeverTrump publication.  They bury that sentiment reasonably well, but not always.

So yesterday's story about the Mueller report goods which Buzzfeed obtained is interesting, but has one really big red flag plopped right in the middle while discussing HRC's missing 33,000 emails:

...The chaotic effort can be traced to Trump himself, who tasked subordinates with tracking down two sets of emails, according to a 274-page batch of mostly redacted investigative interview notes...

...Trump gave the command to “get the emails," referring to 33,000 emails that Clinton deleted or otherwise did not provide investigators looking into her private server from her time as secretary of state and the thousands of emails stolen from Democrats that later ended up on WikiLeaks, while on his campaign plane, his deputy campaign manager Rick Gates told Mueller’s team....

...The documents reveal discussions of several since-debunked conspiracy theories among Trump's campaign staff. Gates, who cooperated with Mueller's team, said there was “an inside job theory about how the emails were obtained fueled by the death of Seth Rich,” and he “recalled Manafort saying the hack was likely carried out by the Ukrainians, not the Russians."...

...U.S. intelligence agencies later concluded these emails were stolen by operatives working for Russian military intelligence....\

"US Intelligence.....concluded........Russian mil-intel"

You mean the same US Intel which was headed by serial perjurers Brennan and Clapper?  The same US Intel which Sen. Ron Johnson never trusted?  The very same US Intel which spawned Pajama Boy-Leaker-"whistleblower"?

Oh, sure.

Look, friends, assassination is something that seems to follow Hillary Clinton around like a shadow, going all the way back to Arkancide days.  It's what's called a "pattern of practice" with her.  So no, not for one second do I believe "US Intel" assertions that this was a Russian op.

Andrew Cuomo Is Nuts

Either Cuomo is out of his mind, or he is the most ignorant twit in New York State.

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Live,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) argued hurricanes, superstorms, and tornadoes were on the rise because of anthropogenic climate change.

While discussing the flooding in New York State, Cuomo said, “Anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point. We have seen in the state of New York what every one has seen. We see these weather patterns that we never had before. We didn’t have hurricanes. We didn’t have superstorms. We didn’t have tornadoes....
Never--ever--had hurricanes, tornadoes, "superstorms", in history until ANTHROPOGENIC climate change came around.

At least he didn't exclude Ice Ages.  Yet.

Friday, November 01, 2019

Cdl. Dolan Flubs Again

It seems that Cdl. Dolan cannot bring himself to be totally pro-life.

When he was in Milwaukee as Archbishop, he cut dead the Archdiocese's connection with the local American Life League (Judie Brown) pro-life group (Pro-Life Wisconsin) in favor of the pro-birth-control but well-meaning Protestant bunch, Wisconsin Right to Life.  Further, it took him a very long time to make public noise about the 'morning-after' (abortion!!!) pill when it became legal in Wisconsin.

Christopher Manion lists a number of other occasions on which Cdl. Dolan and his merry band of Bishes screwed up on the life issue.  It's not very pretty at all.

Now in New York as Cardinal, he admits that the South Carolina pastor was correct in NOT giving the Blessed Sacrament to Joe Biden...........but also says that he, the Cardinal, has NEVER refused the Sacrament to anyone.

Well, now, let's see what Ed Peters, the Canon Law guy, has to say on the matter.

...Fundamental here is the Catholic belief that the eucharist is – not represents, but is – the body and blood of the Lord Jesus. Catholics regard the eucharist as "the source and summit of the Christian life," to quote the “Catechism of the Catholic Church,” and they see it as "powerful medicine for the weak," to quote Pope Francis. At the same time, Catholics recall St. Paul's warning that unworthy reception of holy communion is a grievous offense smacking of sacrilege and scandal. In short, Catholics hold that receiving holy communion can be wonderfully right or terribly wrong but cannot be a matter of indifference....

...Canon 915 positively requires ministers of holy communion, especially pastors, to withhold the sacrament from Catholics "obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin.” Public support for abortion, its preservation in law, and/or its public funding, are sinful acts under Catholic moral analysis....
If it were not for Cdl Dolan's attitude about Pro-Life Wisconsin, his flaccid 'ho, ho, ho' might be a one-time thing.  But it's not.  The Cardinal simply does not like to do what has to be done as a moral teacher.

Pray for him.

"Honorable" Lt.Col Vindman? Maybe Not

Gateway comes up with another nice scoop.

...The bottom-line is LTC Vindman was a partisan Democrat at least as far back as 2012. So much so, junior officers & soldiers felt uncomfortable around him. This is not your professional, field-grade officer, who has the character & integrity to do the right thing. Do not let the uniform fool you…he is a political activist in uniform. I pray our nation will drop this hate, vitriol & division, & unite as our founding fathers intended!  --Retired Lieutenant Colonel (LTTC) Jim Hickman

LtC Hickman was Vindman's supervisor for some European operations.

Biden's Story, and He's Sticking To It!!!

Stolen from Ace, of course.

biden - stages of denial.jpg

Trump and JPMorgan/Chase Manhattan

Some people forget that "Chase" Bank used to be called "Chase Manhattan" and was Rockefeller-connected.  End of history.

So what do Trump and JPMorgan/Chase have in common?

They're both exiting New York City.  Chase is doing it slowly, moving its people to places like Texas (where state income taxes are minimal.)  Trump is doing it all at once, moving to Florida (where state income taxes are minimal.)

Notice any similar words there??

Lindsey Graham To Continue Doing Nothing

It is announced that Graham intends to give up his position on Senate Judiciary.

That's the position from which Graham did absolutely nothing vis-a-vis the Russia Hoax, the Deep State's perfidy (sedition), etc.

IOW, ol' Mares-eat-oatsy will continue to do nothing.

Is there a reason that South Carolina keeps sending this chunky turd to D.C.?

Mike Lee (R), New Delhi

It seems that Sen. Mike Lee is confused about which country he actually lives in.

Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee is expected to try again on Thursday to pass his S.386 bill, which helps India’s graduates grab hundreds of thousands of college level jobs from American graduates.
Dick Durbin is expected to object.

Not Ted Cruz.

Not Marco Rubio.

Not Turtle.

Not Ron Johnson.

We've seen the destruction of US jobs wreaked by this bunch Tata and its imitators.  But hey!  Those Indian and Paki programmers will vote Republican, right?...........Oh, wait...........

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Kevin McCarthy Has It Right

This is excerpted from a longer rant.

"We are not [here] working for the American people.

All due respect, Mr. Minority Leader, that's been the case since ........ohhhhh..........the Korean War.

Vindman (LtCOL USA) Has Excess Memory Complex

From what Ace reports, it would seem that LtCol Vindman, decorated US Army hero and Ukrainian-American, may have a memory disorder

Specifically, he remember shit that wasn't said.

A source with knowledge of the testimony in these fake impeachment hearings tells me that there were four professional transcribers who were listening in on the call, for purposes of preparing a written transcript. The four people wrote down what they each heard, then brought their transcriptions together, harmonized them, and decided as a group what the best transcript of the call was....

...That's standard protocol. Apparently they don't tape these recordings. That's why they have people transcribing the calls in real time.

They all agreed on the transcript that Trump released.

Now, they specifically refute Vindman's claim that there were Secret Messages during that phone call that were not included in the transcript. Vindman kept attempting to change the transcript, or add his notes of whatever auditory hallucination his Deep State pals told him that he heard, and the four transcribers kept rejecting them, saying "that wasn't said" or "none of us heard that" or the like.

All four of them denied this.

All four.

One, two, three, four.

Tell me:

Are four random civil servant transcribers all part of the Trump campaign? Has Trump "gotten" to them all?...
More interesting:  what the Hell is LtCol Vindman, USA and war-hero, trying to pull here?

So, Bp. Malooly: Have You Spoken With Biden??

Coming as no surprise at all, the El-Foldo Bishop of Wilmington (Biden's home Diocese) plays the "politicization" card to shame the South Carolina Catholic priest.

...Bishop Malooly in the Sept. 4, 2008 edition of The Dialog, the Diocese of Wilmington’s newspaper, addressed the issue shortly before his installation.

“I look forward to the opportunity to enter into a dialogue on a number of issues with Sen. Biden and other Catholic leaders in the Diocese of Wilmington,” the bishop said in an interview that was published four days before he was installed as bishop of Wilmington. “However, I do not intend to get drawn into partisan politics nor do I intend to politicize the Eucharist as a way of communicating Catholic Church teachings....
So, Excellency, you've had ELEVEN YEARS to "dialog" with the baby-killer financier.

How's that working out for you?  And how's that working out for the babies?

Methinks you are a hypocrite; a whited sepulchre, Excellency.  Prove me wrong.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dots, Connections, Ukraine, .....

There are a helluva lotta dots.  But (surprise!!) they're all connected.

The original "whistleblower" (leaker) is a CIA jackwad who was fired from Trump's NSC staff for leaking and working against Trump's agenda.  Previously, he worked in the Obozo White House.


Turns out he also worked with some babe named Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who was digging up dirt on Trump in 2015.  Yup.  2015.  Ain't that interesting??


Well, Ms. Chalupa is a pal of another Ukrainian-American whose party-girl daughter gets a job working for Nancy Pelosi.

And LtC. Vindman was born in the UkraineThat's OK, of course, until he decides that his own personal Ukraine policy is better than that of the President of the US.

All of this creates a question.   

How many Ukrainians do we need to govern the USA and manage our foreign policy towards Ukraine?