Friday, September 20, 2019

Girly-Girl in Evers' Office

Smelling salts ready??

Leah Vukmir, a former state senator who lost her bid for U.S. Senate last year, tweeted a photo of herself at a shooting range aiming a rifle and wearing a National Rifle Association hat. 

"Come and take it, @GovEvers," she tweeted

Vukmir was holding a .30-30.

That was too much for the girly-girls in Evers' office.

Britt Cudaback on Friday called Vukmir's tweet dangerous. 

"Words have meaning, and former politicians should know better than to invoke this kind of dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric," Cudaback said in a statement. 

The words "shall not be infringed" have meaning, sweetie pie.  

Go make some coffee.

What's "Integralism"?--and More

Having heard and read about "integralism" for the last several weeks, I'm pleased to have found a definition in this essay.

...laws and society should reflect a moral order...
"Integralism" is all the rage lately, and perhaps the most-discussed event having to do with it was the Ahmari-French 'debate' held at Catholic University a couple of weeks ago.  (Rumor has it that there will be another one at Notre Dame soon.  Stay tuned.)  The whole thing was kicked off by an essay in First Things last March.  Google just the title of that essay and you get 20 or so hits pro and con.


...The question raised by Ahmari and the co-authors of a document entitled “Against the Dead Consensus” in First Things in March 2019 is whether or not those of us preoccupied with tradition and the things tried and true are best served by this level playing field in the face of secular integralists who desire nothing more than to destroy faith in public life utterly. Should we not combat this with an integralism of our own, one informed by principles that endure?

Enter David French, who was the particular target of Ahmari’s ire as the former defended “drag queen story hour” in American libraries on the basis that these protections for error — even under the worst conditions of secular integralism — also extend protections to Christians as well. For those familiar with the classic film A Man For All Seasons one can see Sir Thomas More rise against his soon-to-be son-in-law asking William Roper when the devil turned ‘round on him where would he hide, the laws of England being all flat?...
Good question.  You can hear the screech already:  ".....imposing your morality...." along with the rush to a Federal court to impose THEIR morality, leaving hundreds of thousands of dead babies, AIDS victims, and who-knows-what chaos in what used to be called 'ladies' rooms.'


One could point out that "Our Morality" also happens to be the "morality" of several thousand years' worth of human existence and--by the way--continues to be so in most of the world--or that "Our Morality" actually secures human flourishing and happiness to the greatest degree vis-a-vis 'other' moralities; but arguing for self-control in the most materialistic society in history just ain't going to prevail.

On the other hand, is it right and just that we Christians should be lambs led to slaughter and (even more important) put our children into the same position?

...One doubts that any French supporters changed their minds, but among the students in the crowd there was a certain sense that Ahmari had demonstrated two sailient points: (1) that at some point in time, we need to stand for something and reimpose moral values on the public square, and that (2) this isn’t going to be discussed calmly in a classroom, but rather fought for with a resolve that matches the vehemence on the left....
In reality, the only thing which allows the amoral civilization-wreckers to gain any ground is precisely the remains of Christian integralism which result in an orderly society.  Allowing that Christian moral order to disappear will come with a serious price.  Remember what St. John Paul II said about liberty:  it is the freedom to do what is rightSounds like morals to me.

The law of self-defense allows us to forego it and become victims.  That is a licit choice.  But the law of self-defense does NOT allow us to sacrifice others.  You can choose to become a victim of a beating or murder even if you're armed.  But you can NOT choose to allow another (your wife, child, or a stranger) to become a victim, assuming you are capable of preventing it.  That's the lesson of the Good Samaritan, in case you missed it.

So there's a reason for "integralism":  the rest of society.

Does Kohl's Hate Americans?

Interesting little chart here telling us that Kohl's Department Stores has 456 information technology employees who are NOT US citizens.  That means they are not paying Social Security (either side) taxes--and maybe other taxes, too.

Four hundred fifty-six.

Average wage is $80,000 or so.

Did your child go to college to earn a degree in Information Technology?  Did Kohl's turn down their employment application?

Someone should ask Kohl's if they hate US citizens who happen to provide 100% of Kohl's sales volume.

HUD Snowflakes Learn About Sex

Ben Carson, MD., melted some San Francisco snowflakes who "work" for HUD.

...During a HUD meeting, Carson warned about "big, hairy men" posing as women to get into battered women's shelters, according to several sources who spoke to the Washington Post

The remarks made several of the 50 present HUD staffers visibly upset and led one woman to walk out of the meeting...

Leaving a meeting?  Sounds like 'cause for termination' to me.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tokin'Tony Wants the Guns

It's reported that Tokin'Tony Evers 'will consider' siezure of guns in Wisconsin.

I have a prepared response to Tony.


Your move."

Tokin'Tony's Energy Plan? Freeze in the Dark

Tokin'Tony proclaims that Wisconsin should be renewable-energy powered by 2050.

Have blankets?

...If energy storage costs would have to fall to $5/kWh for wind & solar to be competitive with natural gas peaker power plants ($77.70-89.30/MWh) and $10-20/kWh to be competitive with nuclear power ($77.50/MWh) baseload, how low would it have to get to be competitive with natural gas combined cycle ($41.20-46.30/MWh) baseload?...

...the $20/kWh only applies to “resource-abundant locations such as Texas and Arizona” and, since there is no such thing as a nuclear powered peaker, the $150/kWh cost target is more likely to be achieved through freezing in the dark…
OR, of course, you could pay the $150.00/mwh price for all-renewable (and pray for nothing but sunshine and strong breezes in Wisconsin.)

$150.00/mwh is about double what you're paying today, and that assumes perfect weather.  And 'peaker plants' that can actually run only 5% of the time.

And--what the hell--unicorn fart-powered peaker plants!!

Jesuits and Rapists

We already know that the Jesuits are actively involved in helping migrants from Central America get to the US and declare themselves 'refugees.'

We also know that about 80% of the women and girls making that journey are raped along the way.

Is that a "good choice," Jesuits?

Bolton Still All War-War

Booted Bolton is now on the warpath against Trump.


Speaking at a lunch gathering, Bolton described the Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities as "an act of war."

OK, we'll accept that.  But we have questions:  "War" on WHOM, John?  War on the US?  or War on Saudi Arabia?  If it's Saudi Arabia, maybe they should put on their big boy pants and strike back, no?

Bolton also wants the US to permanently implant 8,600 troops in Afghanistan PLUS all the necessary support personnel and systems. 

At least he's consistent.

By the way, attendees included....

...noted lawyer Alan Dershowitz and his wife Carolyn, former attorney general Michael Mukasey, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams, former Fox Business Network host John Stossel, former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey and New York billionaire John Catsimadis. Billionaire Rebekah Mercer introduced Bolton...
The Mercer family has a stake in Breitbart News.  Also interesting:  they are no longer BFF's with Steve Bannon.

Mike Lee's "Dump on Americans" Bill Coming Up

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has some redeeming qualities.

But his hard-push of legislation allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign "OPT" (trainees) into the country--which can then convert to H1-B's--is shameful.

When this was in the House, 4 Wisconsin Republicans voted against it.  Only Brian Steil (R-Corporatocracy) voted for it (no surprise there.)

Now the question:  will RoJo join Lee?  Or will he vote against it and preserve a few jobs for US citizen STEM grads?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

To California: Fix Your OWN Homeless Problem

The Governor of California--a Jesuit product, mind you--asked Trump for Federal money to fix California's homeless problem.


..."Federal taxpayers are clearly doing their part to help solve the crisis," wrote Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson in a Wednesday reply to Newsom, written at the request of President Trump. "California cannot spend its way out of this problem using federal funds."

Carson added that California needs to let police officers refer homeless people to social services workers, and must increase its psychiatric hospital services - which could come via additional federal funding, according to the report. Here's the kicker however; California must end so-called "sanctuary city" policies which he says encourage illegal immigrants to flock to the state in search of government services. ...
IOW, you miserable twit, you want Fed money, you play by Fed rules.

That's TWO slaps to California in one day.

Well played!

Working On Another Win: CFPB

Remember Aunt Lizzie Fauxcahontas' very own Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?  The one that reports to nobody, is financed by the Fed, and makes up all sorts of rules without any input from any elected critters?

Yup.  That one.

Seems that CFPB went off and sued somebody.  The somebody's response was along the lines of "Drop dead.  You are un-constitutional."  

Well.  My stars!! as Aunt Lizzie would say, after having got herself..........a beer! 

The 9th Circus naturally slapped down the "un-constitutional" argument, whereupon the sued-upon party applied for cert at SCOTUS.

Here's the fun part:  Trump's appointee at CFPB agrees with the cert; CFPB argues that, in fact, it IS un-constitutional!


Trump Kicks California to the Curb

This is a major news item.

President Donald Trump announced that his administration is revoking a waiver that allows California to set its own greenhouse gas and vehicle fuel-efficiency limits for passenger cars.
 Detroit (and all the rest) have been handcuffed by California's Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations for emissions.  Since California is a huge market, automakers have had to play by California rules which are far more strict than EPA rules for the rest of the country.  By "more strict", I mean "nearly un-makeable."

They cannot afford to manufacture two different engines/propulsion systems for every car and truck in the lineup, plain and simple.

Taking California out means that the automakers can sell cars which meet national EPA goals--and they are tough--and ignore the Land of Fruits and Nuts' utterly ridiculous standards.


Sheila Jackson-Lee, Rocket Scientist

The Captain found this quotation from Ms. Lee.

...I believe there will have to be an emergence of members of the House flooding the United States Senate for Senator McConnell to understand that these initiatives today, my gun storage bill, my bill that I’ve introduced dealing with the caliber weapon, I’ve held an AR-15 in my hand, I wish I had it. It is as heavy as 10 boxes that you might be moving and the bullet that is utilized, a .50-caliber, these kinds of bullets need to be licensed and do not need to be on the street.”  --quoted at Captain's place
Nothing expresses the makeup of the Democrat Party in Congress better than ol' Sheila, eh?

Nadler EARNED Lewandowski

Not everyone likes Corey Lewandowski.

But just like Streiff, the author of this post, minds can be changed.

...During the 2015-2106 season, I said some bad things about Lewandowski. They were justified, mind you, but perhaps overly harsh. Based on his performance yesterday and today, I take them all back. I’ll even send some money to his Senate campaign....

Go to the link.  Watch the embedded clips, but get your popcorn first.

Jerry Nadler is not only a world-class dimwit.  He's also bent on sedition, plain and simple.  Lewandowski gave Nadler & Co. exactly what they deserved--and then, this morning, spanked a CNN dummy (also on that link.)

...I doubt that there was ever a witness before any House committee who was more richly in contempt of the membership and the process than was Lewandowski. And it was only fair. Nadler and his fluffers have worked long and hard to reach the level of assclownishness they have achieved and they should not be deprived of their reward....
Somehow, I think there are hundreds of thousands of Normie Americans who would do exactly what Lewandowski did, if given the chance.

Canadian "CIA Director" Arrested

In Canada the title is RCMP Intelligence Director.

He was selling intel, and could get ANY intel the Canadians had, which includes all sorts of stuff from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

 Between him and Hillary, there's nothing left for Communist China to learn about us, is there?

Christ the King? Or Prime Minister?

The current Superior General of SSPX, Fr. Pagliarani, raises a question about ecclesiology which in his opinion (and that of Abp. Lefebvre) actually began with Vatican II.

...Archbishop Lefebvre provides us with an answer. He said that the structure of the new Mass corresponded to a democratic Church, and no longer hierarchical and monarchical one. The synodal church of the Franciscan dream is truly democratic. He himself gave the image he had of it: that of an inverted pyramid. Could there be a clearer manifestation of what he meant by synodality? It is a Church that has been turned on its head. But let us insist, this is only a development of the seeds already planted at the Council....
That's not all.  The interviewer pushed back:

Do you not think you are forcing your reading of the current reality, wanting to bring everything back to the principles of the Second Vatican Council, held more than 50 years ago?
Fr. Pagliarani responds.

...Cardinal Maradiaga, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa and coordinator of the “C6” group of cardinals. He says that, "After the Second Vatican Council, the methods and content of evangelization and Christian education change. The liturgy is changing... The missionary perspective changes: the missionary must establish an evangelizing dialogue... Social action changes, it is no longer only charity and the development of services, but also the struggle for justice, human rights and liberation... Everything changes in the Church according to the renewed pastoral model."...
So here's his bottom line.

 ...the Church that emerged from the Council is pluralistic. It is a Church that is no longer based on an eternal and revealed Truth, taught from above by Authority. We have before us a Church that is listening and therefore necessarily listening to voices that may differ from each other. To make a comparison, in a democratic system, there is always a place - at least apparent - for opposition. They are part of the system because they show that we can discuss, have a different opinion, that there is room for everyone. This, of course, can promote democratic dialogue, but not the restoration of an absolute and universal Truth and an eternal moral law. Thus, error can be taught freely alongside a real but structurally ineffective opposition which is unable to replace the errors with truth. It is therefore from the pluralist system itself that we must emerge, and this system has as its cause, the Second Vatican Council....
Well, now.  If what Fr. Pagliarani proposes is true, Houston, we have a problem.  The Pope is not a Prime Minister, he is the successor of Peter and rules the Church absolutely.  The Protestants revolted against this power, albeit they 'dressed it up' a bit with some other irrelevant complaints.

It may be that Fr. Pagliarani's formulation is precisely accurate; it is more likely that it is stretched a bit.  Not without some cause; Pp. Francis is the cause of much angst, and that seems to be deliberate.

Another log to toss on the fire.  Ugh.

Gabbard the Gadfly

Nah, I'm not a Gabbard supporter, although she does have a few reasonable planks in her platform.

But she's taking a lot of heat for her anti-war position--especially from Democrats.

The War Party is Inclusive, ya'know.  Big Tech and Big Defense can (and do) spend a lot of dollars to push your children into war zones.

Hey, Kenosha Schools: FIRE Your Lawyers!

Another case of How Lawyers F*** Up Anything.

Last year, a Kenosha cheerleader was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.  This year, her cheer-teammates want to do a short routine at a game to remember her.

Kenosha school district will not allow it.


"The District will not sanction any memorials or acknowledgements because it would be legally required to do so for all students involved in order to protect the District against possible legal claims.

"All students involved" means THE MURDERER.  Kenosha's lawyers told Kenosha that the district would have to "honor" the MURDERER or be faced with some sort of "claim."

FIRE your damn lawyers.  Retain a firm which will defend you, instead of a limp-d*** crybaby bunch.

Ohhh, Nooooes!! Titania Suspended!!

We are saddened to report that Titania McGrath has been suspended from Twitter.

Thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Francis Re-Defines Theological Virtue! Removes "Theological"

Only fuddyduddies (a/k/a "deplorables") believe that stuff about "hope" being a "theological virtue."  Who needs the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life, anyway?

Pp. Francis improves all that with his nouvelle theologie!!  Specifically, Il Papa proposes that life imprisonment should be banned.


“It is up to every society…to ensure that the penalty does not compromise the right to hope, that prospects for reconciliation and reintegration are guaranteed.”
Why sure!!!  We can empty Supermax of such as Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef, and El Chapo the Sinaloa drug-lord so that we do not 'compromise their....prospects for reconciliation and re-integration'.


But what about 'reintegration' of the thousands of people these butchers murdered?  Where is their "hope", Francis??

Beto's New Van

Little Bobby O'Rourke purchased a van a few days ago.  It's seen some rough times since.

HT:  Grim

Illegals Suing US. Georgetown Doin' the Suin'

News item:

Two illegal aliens shielded from deportation by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are suing the Trump administration to ensure they can collect federal welfare and still obtain green cards to permanently stay in the United States.

The open borders group CASA de Maryland and two DACA illegal aliens are suing the Trump administration over its soon-t0-be enforcement of the “public charge” rule, which would save American taxpayers billions by effectively ending welfare-dependent legal immigration to the U.S.

The regulation prevents legal immigrants from permanently resettling in the U.S. by obtaining green cards so long as they are found to have used or likely to use welfare programs like food stamps and subsidized health care....

IOW, stuff face with cake, sue the US for more cake.

Dig a little deeper and what do we find?  The lawyers.

Respectfully submitted, /s/ Jonathan L. Backer Jonathan L. Backer (D. Md. 20000) Amy L. Marshak*Joshua A. Geltzer* Mary B. McCord* INSTITUTE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL ADVOCACY AND PROTECTION Georgetown University Law Center 600 New JerseyAve., N.W.Washington, D.C. 20001 (202) 662-9835

I have a question:  which Constitution do these twits think they are "protecting"?

Want to see a list of moneyed Lefties?  Check out the Board.

Monday, September 16, 2019

The (D) Party Is NOT Serious About "Red Flag"

Well......better phrased........the Democrats are serious about 'red flag,' except for their constituents.

How else would you interpret this?

...Democrats advanced a new measure this week to encourage states to pass “red flag” laws. These so-called extreme risk protection orders authorize removing guns and ammunition from individuals deemed as dangerous by some anonymous, unaccountable person, but it would not include the ready-made lists of gang members....--quoted at Captain's place

On their next iteration of the bill, the Democrats will force INclusion of the NRA membership list.

Still waiting for Little Robert Beetle to ask for my AR.....

Who's Widmar and Who Cares?

Widmar was a SCOTUS case, and--actually--we all should care. 

Here's Hadley Arkes on the matter.

...Widmar v. Vincent (1982) [ ] was a case in which the State of Missouri sought to block all public funding or patronage for religion. And so the University of Missouri at Kansas City, an instrument of the State, would not allow religious groups the use of rooms for worship and discussions. That policy was invoked to deny rooms to an Evangelical group named Cornerstone. When I used to teach this case, I brought out what was remarkable in it in this way: When the Supreme Court starts making serious mistakes in its rulings, and then those mistakes accumulate with layers of precedents, we reach a point when the Court can get something right only by accident. By the time Widmar had come along, the Court had remade its doctrine on the regulation of speech by backing into a stylish version of moral relativism. The signature line came from Justice John Harlan in Cohen v. California (1971): “One man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.” Harlan’s novelty here was that he rediscovered the teachings of “logical positivism” that were all the rage when he was an undergraduate...
Arkes points out that 'logical positivism' was a dead letter by 1971.  But that didn't dampen Harlan's enthusiasm.

Anyhow, that had consequences.

...When the Court brought that teaching to bear on the problem of Evangelicals at the University of Missouri, it produced this ironic outcome: The Court would sustain a right on the part of the religious to have access to the rooms at a public university, but not because there was anything especially legitimate or salutary about religion in the life of a republic. Rather, the Christians couldn’t be ruled out because it was not legitimate any longer to make discriminations based on the “content” of the speech. The Christians couldn’t be barred for the same reason that the University could no longer rule out Leninists, Nazis, or Satanists....

(All of which now occupy faculty positions in most major US universities.  Yes, that's "Badthink" but I'll think and say it anyway...)

Yes, this was stupid.  In fact, it was monumentally stupid--and now we have "Christian warriors" convinced that Monumental Stupidity is......umhhhh........"good".

...for that was exactly the doctrine that David French was not only accepting but celebrating. The Widmar case had come to represent, for him, “viewpoint-neutral access to public facilities.” He went on to say, “Viewpoint neutrality is what we must defend. I want drag queens to come into a relation with Jesus Christ, but I am not going to usurp the Constitution to do this.”...
Umnnnhhhh....wrong, Mr. French.

...French professes his reverence for the Declaration and the American Founding, but moral relativism could never be reconciled with a document that relied on the understanding of “self-evident” or necessary moral truths. Nor could French’s understanding of religion be reconciled with that of even Thomas Jefferson, who did not accept the divinity of Jesus. In his first inaugural address Jefferson said quite enough to detach himself—and us—from this new relativism on religion. He made the point that Americans, divided into different sects and churches, were nevertheless
enlightened by a benign religion, professed, indeed, and practiced in various forms, yet all of them inculcating honesty, truth, temperance, gratitude, and the love of man; acknowledging and adoring an overruling Providence, which by all its dispensations proves that it delights in the happiness of man here and his greater happiness after....
In other places, Arkes expands on the above paragraph and argues that--in fact--SCOTUS historically ruled otherwise, as summarized here by Zmirak: 

The First Amendment, right up through the 1940s and 50s, was correctly read by courts as permitting the state to promote religion as a public good, and advance the natural law as conducive to the common good.

Well.  It's clearly one or the other.  Which choice REALLY "promotes the General Welfare"??


"Diversity" on Marriage Tribunal!

While George Neumayr argues that having a "married" homosexual apostate ex-priest on a Catholic marriage tribunal is 'a scandal,' some would argue instead that "Diversity Is Our Strength!!!!"

After all, the current Pope tells us that 'God wills all religions.'

So what's the problem, George?  You want the Diversity Police to shut down your bank accounts or something?

Reid Magney, Jackass

Reid Magney, while not as corrupt as his former boss Kevin Kennedy, was a big part of the un-Constitutional and infamous John Doe probe.  Magney is a Lefty, which you need to know in order to assess his remarks and comments.

It's now clear that a number of Wisconsin's voting machines were on the 'net.

...Vital election equipment in at least seven Wisconsin counties has been connected to the internet, in some cases for nearly a year at a time, despite Wisconsin elections officials and voting machine vendors repeatedly claiming the devices cannot be hacked because they are not connected to the web.
A group of election security experts who went looking for vulnerabilities to check claims of vendors found the connections and warned the Wisconsin Elections Commission ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. But state officials failed to notify all but one of the counties....
"Midterms", yes.  Also the Tony Evers election.  Curious, no, that that little fact is not mentioned.

And Guess Who ran the Wisconsin Election Commission which FAILED TO NOTIFY all those counties about POTENTIAL MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD??

Reid Magney.

Just co-incidence, of course. 

His excuse?  'It wasn't important.'

New Hotness: Trump Personality Bad!!!

Someone has written the New Hotness Script, and the Nooz is reading the script very well.


A Pubbie County Chairman was interviewed.

...when a reporter asked him if he had any qualms about Donald Trump, he readily acknowledged some.

“I think a president ought to look like a president, act like a president.  And he doesn’t do that,” Korolewski said.  “I wouldn’t work for him for three minutes, and neither would you. You can’t! How could you work for him?”

Concerns about President Trump’s personality and behavior are one of the great wild cards in the 2020 election....
This is near-identical to Conrad Black's flapjaw, and that of Peggy Noonan, who was a speechwriter about 40 years ago.

But the New Hotness is all mapped out for "reporters," none of which actually get it.  Trump's braggadocio is partly bullshit.  And 'bullshit' is not exactly new.  In my professional background, I met dozens of people who bragged about their "accomplishments"--most of which were exaggerated or twisted. Crybaby MSM Twerps call that "lying."  Actual real-life adult professionals call it 'bullshit.'  BIG difference.

The other component is Trump's tweaking both the MSM Twerps AND his opponents.  He's having fun.  Some of us get it, and one meme-maker depicted a cat chasing the laser-pointer as the analogy.  Dead-on analogy, folks.  But the Twerp Battalion.......oh, well.

By the way, the Twerps include Romney, Noonan, Lyin' Paul Ryan, and Charlie Sykes.  All this time you thought they were smart.  You were wrong.   THEY think they're smart and deserve better than being has-beens, failures, and crybabies.  

Houthis? Iran? Or Communist China?

We all know that the Houthis couldn't scrape up twenty-five cents for a phone call.

Iran certainly has the money--and the technology.

But Communist China has a great deal of motivation and ties with IranDon't be surprised to learn that the ChiComs gave Iran a push.  This is exactly the right signal; it will not cripple the West, but it tells us that we are very vulnerable.

And it will cost the citizens some money. 

It's also pretty well-played, as Communist China has NOT been mentioned in all the Fake News stories.

Think Ted Perry Will Retract The Story???

Last night, Ted Perry read the new NYSlimes story about Kavanaugh.

He gave us the 'serious' face and voice just for the occasion, too!

Of course, by 9:00 last night, everyone knew that the story was pure bullshit, because the 'victim' in the story had already stated that she 'did not recall' the incident.  Here's the NYSlimes' update:

...The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident. That information has been added to the article," read the editor's note at the bottom of the story that was added Sunday evening....

We can grant Teddy this:  the retraction/correction may have happened while he was busy and he didn't notice it.  Fox6 does not have the story on its website today.

But Ted  owes his audience a prominent retraction.  Think we'll get one?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Democrats v. Drinking Water

Milwaukee's Barrett flushes the Milwaukee toilet into Lake Michigan, where it becomes drinking water for Milwaukee residents.  This begs the question:  is Tom Barrett a secret agent of the Population Control gang?

Milk-Carton Tommy is hardly alone.  There's Cory Booker, for example.

...The only thing worse than the crime and corruption in the New Jersey city that gave the nation Cory Booker is its drinking water. First, they found lead in the water in schools and then in people’s homes.
In some homes the lead content in the water is four times higher than the federal limit....

Naturally, Booker blames it on Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism!!


... Booker probably forgot that he had served as the ex-officio chairman of the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation. It's understandable that Spartacus forgot all about it because while he was running Newark, he never actually attended a single NWCDC meeting.
And, after a while, he stopped even pretending to send a representative.

The NWCDC was being paid $10 million a year to manage Newark’s water.

Linda Watkins-Brashear, a Booker ally and donor, worked as the director of the NWCDC. At least until she was arrested, tried and convicted in a $1 million kickback scheme. The scandal broke during Booker’s final year in office. And the NWCDC, Board of Trustees, which he was supposed to be overseeing, took swift action by dissolving the board, and writing a $450,000 check to Brashear. ...

That $1 million kickback thing won't happen in Milwaukee.  Nobody really cares that much.

HT:  Knish

Who Made Peggy Noonan Important?

Must have slept through the minute when Peggy Noonan became important.

She's a speechwriter, for cryin' out loud.  And the very best line she ever gave Reagan was cribbed from another man's poetry.

Surber notes that Noonan is not burdened by factual knowledge.

But apparently Conrad Black thinks she's important.

Maybe Conrad Black is going all Biden, eh?

RBG Is Walking Dead. So.....

Apparently RBG may not live out the next 12 months.

Therefore, it's time for the Fake News to rev up its carbon-dioxide machine and shout!!

It Ain't Just Little Robert F. O'Rourke

If it were only Robert Francis (Beetle) O'Rourke, no man with a chest would give a damn.

But LawDog (thankfully back to blogging!!!!) observes that it most certainly is NOT 'just little Bobby' trying to get attention.

Molon Labe, you jackwads.  Molon Labe.

False Proposition

PowerLine found this for us

It's in all the Howard Zinn-based history books and AOC believes it, so it must be true, right?


The War We're Fighting: Red China

Bannon is so clear-eyed and plain-spoken.  Nice change from the usual Paul Ryan/Barky Obozo/Bumbles Boehner/Georgie-Porgie Bush and Criminal Clinton, no?

Make no mistake:  VERY large money rides on this, and that's why the New York/California axis opposes Donald Trump.  Goldman, Kleiner Perkins, Chase, and Google don't give a flying damn about US citizens--except themselves.

Go see what Bannon has to say.  It's short!

New Packer Offense Strategy

Matt LaFleur has quietly introduced a new offensive strategy for the Green Bay Packers.

Show up for only one quarter per game.

The defensive team has taken very well to this, grateful for the opportunities to intercept passes.

Can this get the Packers to a Super Bowl??

New Choir Member

Via the RenMan, we learn of a new choir member.

Kinda short on enunciation, but pitch is decent if not perfect.

The link is to YouTube.

Unity of Western Man

Something which fascinates the Oregon Muse (AOSHQ) is also fascinating to me.  The "PIE" is "Proto-Indo-European".....the original.

king - word evolution.jpg

GM Strike Coming? UPDATE: It's On!

We should know something on the question of striking GM later today.

It may be a selective action, shutting down the new heavy-duty (4500 and up) class pickup plant in Flint.  But if it's selective, it could also affect a transmission or engine plant--or take out Spring Hill, where GM makes its small crossovers.

(It will certainly NOT affect GM's plants in Communist China.  Go ahead, ask yourself why.)

It's complicated by the Fed indictments and charges against top UAW officials.

Interesting times!!

Update:  46,000 UAW members will not show up for work beginning tonight at midnight.

What Is "The Person"? And Why Care??

This is a very short excerpt from an essay which touches on the current debate...

...The question to be confronted is whether empiricism, the philosophical materialism of Durkheim and Comte and their successors, can support biblical morality and the law we have known. Social conscience takes a hundred-degree turn when empiricism is affirmed and the metaphysical is denied. Under such a construction there are no rights anterior to law and no rights contrary to law.

The implications for tort and contract law are enormous. Attribution of blame is attributed without causal evidence. One generation is held accountable for the deeds of another. Retribution it is called. Changing attitudes among legal theorists and decades of judicial activism have not only made tort litigation a risky business for industry, but have altered the traditional role of law in society and have obfuscated the purpose of law in general...

That 'current debate' has to do not only with 'personhood,' but with the disruption of natural law by positive law.  One example is the Queer Marriage positive law, which defies the natural law observed throughout history.  Another is the blessing given to abortion.

We will soon be looking at a Positive Law abrogation of the Second Amendment, which recognizes a right anterior to law, and currently are embroiled in attempts to enshrine Positive Law babblings holding currently-living Americans responsible (read:  near-culpable) for slavery.

So maybe defining "The Person" is going to be important, eh?

Friday, September 13, 2019

Feminism Today

AOSHQ, of course!!

A word:  this represents Soyboys, too.

feminism 20190913 04.jpg

Americans for Prosperity Degenerate Corporatocracy

No surprise here, but what will WISN 1130 hosts think??

A conservative advocacy group that serves as the Koch family's political arm is coming to Silicon Valley's defense to push back against antitrust probes Google and Facebook are now facing from a vast array of state attorneys general. 

Americans for Prosperity will release advertisements on Facebook prodding users to contact their attorneys general and urge them not to turn the investigations into a "political spectacle." The ads are slated to run for two weeks but will likely continue, the organization said. They'll initially run in nine states whose AGs are involved in one or both probes.--quoted at AOSHQ
Or you can go ahead and build your very own monopoly.

Libertarian economic policy is just as destructive as any other Libertarian policy.  If you want to see just how destructive their policies are, see Paul J Watson's "Degeneracy."  CAUTION:  NSFW.  CLEAR THE CHILLUNS FROM THE ROOM......

Still think Libertarians are "conservatives"?  Then you're an idiot.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Are Putin and Trump "Bro's"?

Ran across a familiar slogan, but in a very different frame of reference....

...Few Americans understood Vladimir Putin’s rise to power at the close of the 20th century as the reassertion of a bankrupt, humiliated, resentful people looking to make Russia great again....

As is always the case with a Codevilla essay, it's worth reading twice and we'll have more to say on the essay below.

That phrase brought to mind yesterday's Jed Babbin interview on McKenna's show.  Babbin (as you can see from the Spectator's brief bio) competes with The Moustache for War-Man of the Century, and he lambasted Donald Trump for speaking highly of Putin.  Babbin doesn't think that other world leaders have an IQ above room temperature, as Babbin believes that Trump's praise of Putin would "confuse" our allies.  That was the laugh-line of the interview.  Apparently Babbin never heard of "schmoozing."  And--by the way--I think Putin is smart enough to recognize Trump's methods, even if Babbin isn't.

Back to the essay.

Codevilla mentioned, but only briefly, the resurrection of the Russian Orthodox Church following the end of the Soviet Union.

...The Russian people rejected Communism in the only ways that powerless people can—by passivity, by turning to anything foreign to authority, and by cynicism. Nothing being more foreign to Communism than Christianity, Russians started wearing crosses, knowing that the regime frowned on this feature of the Russia that had pre-existed Communism, and would survive it....

...Moscow let countless priorities languish as it rebuilt in record time its massive Christ the Savior cathedral to original specifications. As the Russian Orthodox church resumed its place as a pillar of the Russia that had been Christianity’s bastion against the Mongol horde as well as against the Muslim Ottomans, golden domes soon shone throughout the land. Whatever anyone might think of the Russian Orthodox church, it anchors the country to its Christian roots....
The significant thing here?  The revival of the Church preceded the fall of the State, and Putin has put the Church on the front burner.  Whether he believes it or not, Putin has also made a show of 'churchiness', emphasizing some moral principles as well as spending a lot of State money on the Church.

Codevilla is just as brief--actually, parenthetical--with the two most important social features of Communism:

...Because they really believed in this utopian dream, the socialists gave absolute power to Lenin and Stalin’s Communist Party to wreck and reorganize—to break eggs in order to make a delicious omelette. But Communism, while retaining some of Marxism’s antinomian features (e.g., war on the family and on religion), became in practice almost exclusively a justification for the party’s absolute rule. For example, the economic system adopted by the Soviet Union and by other Communist regimes owed precisely zero to Marx, but was a finely tuned instrument for keeping the party in control of wealth....
"War on family and religion" is absolutely critical to the success of Statism.  Hillary let her Statist impulses slip with her "....takes a village to raise a child..." line, probably distilled from her education at the knee of Saul Alinsky, one of the US' most prominent atheistic Statists and someone who influenced Pp. Paul VI, the US Conference of Bishops, and at least one Catholic Cardinal of Chicago.

While Trump is also not burdened by religiosity, he, like Putin, voices and acts on clearly religious principles.  He is by far the most pro-life President in the last 60 years; he shunned the pervert Epstein; he fights for religious liberty so far as his office allows.  It's reasonable to think that Trump, like Putin, understands that religion is very damned important to society.

So maybe they are 'bros' , eh?

More, and more to the geo-political point:

 ...Russia loomed small in U.S. foreign policy from the time of the founding until the 1917 Bolshevik coup, because the interactions between America’s and Russia’s geopolitical and economic interests were few and mostly compatible. Given that these fundamentals have not changed, it would be best for both countries if their policies gradually returned to that long normal.

But for both countries, transcending the past century’s habits is not easy. The essential problem is that neither side’s desires, nor its calculus of ends and means, is clear to the other, or perhaps to itself. It seems that the main thing Putin or any other Russian leader might want from America is no interference as Russia tries to recreate the tsars’ empire. Thus Russia’s continuing relations with anti-U.S. regimes in Latin America can only be understood as Cold War inertia—the almost instinctive sense that what is bad for America must somehow be good for Russia. The U.S. government, for its part, while largely neglecting Russia’s involvement in the Western hemisphere, tries to limit its influence in Europe while at the same time reaching agreements concerning strategic weapons—a largely Cold War agenda. The soundness of these priorities on both sides is doubtful....

All of the above makes Babbin's 'war-war' babbling even less persuasive.  The Cold War is over, and has been over for about 25 years.  But the US foreign-policy Establishment, like its military cousin, wants to fight the last war.  Trump sees the world differently, to say the least.

The US' policy vis-a-vis Russia should be a lot less antagonistic, except where US interests are highest.  Let the Bros be Bros.  It would be a net win for both parties.

The Scapegoat? Or First of Many?

Looks like McCabe will be indicted.

Assuming that he's found guilty, he may visit Wisconsin's lovely village of Oxford for ...........oh.......10 days..........or maybe 18 months.

Can't treat him as though he participated in sedition against the USA, after all.  He's part of The Club.

Then there's the question as to whether he's the Chosen Loser in the lottery of 15-20 (or more) conspirators in that little sedition plot, or whether Liu will indict a lot more of them.

Bear in mind that Liu is a part of The Club.  Also bear in mind that Bill Barr is inclined to favor--blatantly favor--FEEBS and Club Members.  He's not a crusader by any means.

Belling, Strokes, Formats, and Facts

Something is definitely wrong with Belling's show, and has been for the last several months.

He did have a stroke, which was pretty serious, requiring rehab.  On the other hand, he can still talk, walk, and drive, so it wasn't a catastrophe.

He did change the format; he no longer takes calls.  He's also trying to establish a 'synthesis' among all the stories he does on a given afternoon--an overriding theme, so to speak.


It doesn't work. 

The synthesis/theme 'moral of the stories' thing?  He doesn't establish the 'theme,' and he doesn't relate each story to said 'theme', at least not very clearly.  Since he has no callers, what material he has must be stretched--REALLY strrrrrretched--to cover the air-time.  Whereas most of his callers were sycophants who contributed nothing, some of them had good insights which Belling did not voice in his exposition.  Those 'good' calls are sorely missed, and frankly, without the calls, the pace of the show is dreadful.

Then, yesterday, he screwed up the facts.  He did a segment on Mequon's blocking of an athletic-field enhancement at Concordia University.  During the segment, he threw shade on Brookfield,  mentioning that Mequon did NOT want a "Bluemound Road strip", nor a "North Avenue strip."  He elaborated about Bluemound Road, mentioning 'all those car dealers.'


There is no "North Avenue strip" in Brookfield, and there hasn't been one, ever.  Further, there have NEVER been more than two car dealerships on Bluemound Road.  Ever, going all the way back to Fred Howe VW. 

Maybe Belling meant to say "Capitol Drive strip"?  After all, Capitol Drive has a car dealer around 130th street, a number of strip malls sprinkled around to about 172nd, and then two more car dealers right at Brookfield Road.  Well, that's only about 3.5 miles away from Bluemound and 1.5 miles from North Ave.,'s close, right?

This is really too bad.  His show was filled with breaking news, hard-hitting, and actually feared by a lot of politicians, (not only Democrats.)  Yah, he screamed a lot (cause of stroke???) but it was mostly fun to listen to.

Now?  It's "Run the Intro" for 15 minutes, full of teases but no substance.  Then it's "Pick On Paul" for 5-6 minutes.  Then commercials, then launch into a topic and try, try, try, to make it last for 20+ minutes until the news.  Ask the Traffic Guy about old rock'n'roll bands or auto racing or Tosa politics, then another topic.

Paul's generally safe after 3:20 or so, as radios click over to NPR.

That's bad.....but the backup guy, a nooz-and-production person,  is a relatively young guy who love to be in "didactic" mode.  Belling's audience doesn't really need Civics 101, ya'know?  So it could be worse.....Belling could retire and make a living on the ponies.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Fake News? Hold Muh' Beer!!"--Pp. Francis

It appears that Fake Masses and Fake Eucharists are now a feature of Bergoglianism, which is the religion designated to succeed Roman Catholicism.

...For a few days a video has been circulating on the web in which an Italian priest of the highest rank, among those closest to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, says that in the Amazon the celebration of the Mass by married deacons is already a de facto reality, authorized by the local bishops. And Pope Francis, informed of the matter, is alleged to have said:”Go ahead!”...--quoted at FrZ's place.

This story broke yesterday and--at this time--there is no official word from Rome contradicting any element of it.

"Hold muh' beer!!!" indeed.   

Have you prayed your Rosary for the Church today?

By the way, FrZ is hardly the first priest to observe that dumping the priesthood is the goal (and has been since Luther....).  We spent a few pleasant hours with another Wisconsin priest--a victim of Rembert Weakland's regime--who firmly believes the same.

Do you think it's co-incidence that many seminaries are run by faggots, who report to Bishops who are faggots?  What's the VERY BEST way to keep real men away from seminaries?  Hmmmmmmm????

Enemies of the State: Baby-Savers

We've not spent any pixels on the BabyButchers v. Daleiden case in California, but here's an interesting (NOT surprising) bit:

Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch requested the investigation of pro-life undercover journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in baby body parts, a California Department of Justice agent testified Tuesday.

Special agent Brian Cardwell said Lynch sent a letter to California Attorney General Kamala Harris asking that David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress be investigated....
Harris, who laid her way to political prominence in California, is failing as a (D) presidential candidate.  Lynch is sweating bullets over likely Federal charges related to DOJ's seditious activity against Trump while she was AG.

Meantime, people who expose the truth are being crucified--and yes, that's a deliberate reference. 

Dope-Smokers Are Dumb(er)

O'Donnell has a bunch of interesting facts about marijuana. 

Wanna stop "gun violence"?   Make maryjane smokers into prohibited persons.  Paranoia, schizophrenia, and psychotic symptoms don't match up well with deadly weapons.

...A wide-ranging study of several decades’ worth of marijuana research published in the journal Addiction reveals that “acute effects [of marijuana ingestion] mainly include anxiety, paranoia (especially among new users), dysphoria, cognitive impairment, and psychotic symptoms (especially in people with a family history of psychosis).”

Moreover, prolonged usage of “marijuana is connected to a doubled risk of a schizophrenia diagnosis in the future.”

As the National Institutes of Health notes, a large-scale study in New Zealand “found that persistent marijuana use disorder with frequent use starting in adolescence was associated with a loss of an average of 6 or up to 8 IQ points measured in mid-adulthood.  Significantly, in that study, those who used marijuana heavily as teenagers and quit using as adults did not recover the lost IQ points.”...
Oh, by the way, dope smokers are like drunk drivers: serious road hazards.

...Someone who is driving while high on the drug is 50% more likely to be involved in a car accident, and states that have legalized marijuana have seen a dramatic spike in crashes.

CNN reported that one study “found that crashes are up as much as 6% in Washington, Oregon and Colorado, compared with neighboring states that haven’t legalized recreational use of weed,” while a “second study looked at the number of police-reported accidents before and after the legalization of recreational use of weed. The findings were similar: a 5.2% increase in crash rates after legalization than before weed was legal in those states.”...

Tokin' Tony Evers wants to legalize Flight420 and Tim the Toolman Allen would seem to agree, based on his current show's use of a dope-selling op; so the Loco-Lettuceheads have some momentum.

Just say "NO!".....

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rush Is Wrong (!)

For the last few days, Limbaugh has found a way to rant about "killer cars" which are a result of Federal regulations.  The regs in question have to do with fuel economy; it is Rush's contention that in order to gain fuel economy, manufacturers have made cars out of plastic and aluminum rather than steel (true) and as a result, highway deaths have increased.


Rush may be deaf, but he isn't blind.  He can read the chart provided at this link.

Highway deaths have decreased (absolute numbers) since 1960.  They have decreased when measured against miles traveled, and they have decreased as a % of population.

Step up to the plate and admit it, Rush.  You're wrong on this one.

"Overthrow the State"? Leo XIII Predicted That

Gotta love ol' Leo XIII.  He makes prophesy simple.

The eternal law of God is the sole standard and rule of human liberty, not only in each individual man, but also in the community and civil society which men constitute when united. Therefore, the true liberty of human society does not consist in every man doing what he pleases, for this would simply end in turmoil and confusion, and bring on the overthrow of the State; but rather in this, that through the injunctions of the civil law all may more easily conform to the prescriptions of the eternal law....
Note how he slaps the Libertarians and Progressives who wish to live unbound:  "...for this would end in turmoil and bring on the overthrow of the State...."

Yes.  The Left-Libertines and -Progressives have been more aggressive and more violent--and they have actually tried to overthrow the President and earlier, Walker, in Wisconsin. 

You can argue whether the turmoil will precede or follow the Left's moves.  But 'civility' is no longer a requirement in response to Leftist moves.

(And by the way:  a large number of Bishops and priests are attempting to overthrow the Church.  One hopes that they are prepared for the turmoil which WILL follow.)

The End of the World Is Nigh, Says Kaul

The carpetbagger AG Kaul pronounces doom.

Hundreds of millions of dollars could be at stake if Republican lawmakers and Attorney General Josh Kaul don't agree soon on how to settle lawsuits facing state taxpayers, Kaul said Tuesday.
Why not "billions and billions", Josh??

This is because Kaul is prone to giving away State money to the usual termites.  The Legislature decided that li'l Josh has to tell the adults what he plans on doing with taxpayer funds.

Li'l Josh is stamping his feet.

Oh, my.

US Bishops Suing US/Trump on Immigration

Why yes, you Catholics are funding lawsuits against the US (Trump Administration) over admitting illegal aliens.

And yes, you Catholics:  you are suing to ALLOW more illegals into the country.

And yes, the Usual Suspect Wack-a-Doodle Bishops sit on the Board of the "Catholic" organization doin' the suin'.

Sick and tired of these characters yet??

Kevin Vann, Nicholas DiMarzio, Martin Holley, Brian Brandsfield, Eusebio Elizondo, Richard Garcia, Edgar Da Cunha, Jerry Kicanas, Gregory Hartmayer, Joseph Pepe, and the little man from El Paso, Mark Seitz.  Yup, there's more!!!  Wenski, Soto, Rohde, and Vasquez.  

Obviously, their wallets are far too fat.

SEDITION:   Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent towards, or resistance against lawful authority.

Monday, September 09, 2019

The Nicest "Now, Sonny, Just Wait"

Wiggy gives the Wise Uncle lecture to Matt Walker.

Matt should listen very carefully.

How Much Dope Does Beto Smoke?

Sometimes you read a story and the "AHA!!" flashes in front of you.

Democratic 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke assured a reporter in Manchester, New Hampshire this weekend that he doesn’t think law enforcement would have to go “door to door” to confiscate Americans’ guns under his mandatory buy back plan, but that people would simply comply with the law.

“I don’t see the law enforcement going door to door. I see Americans complying with the law,” O’Rourke told the Washington Examiner....
Beto ain't stupid enough to go door-to-door himself.

But he IS stupid enough to smoke enough weed to believe "voluntary compliance."

OK, then.

The Jebbies and Illegals

If you've lived under a rock for the last 50 years, you'll be surprised at this.

If you're an actual Catholic American, this is just one more extremely offensive Jesuit move.

...On the southern border of Mexico in Chiapas, the city of Tapachula is the first entry point for Central Americans headed to the U.S. There, the Fray Matías de Córdova Human Rights Center provides “comprehensive support” to illegal alien travelers, including legal consultations, monitoring detention centers, and offering “online resources, art and social activities, job training, and basic social services to migrants.”… 

Also in Tapachula, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) opens its churches and pastoral centers to provide shelter, monetary aid, voluntary aid, and emergency assistance. Its team of lawyers, psychologists, social workers, and Jesuit clergy spread from Tapachula to Comalapa and Mexico City. JRS staff served as Sherpas for the 2018 caravan marchers and liaisons with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR)…

There’s no shortage of travel guides through the expansive network of Catholic volunteers. JRS is part of a binational coalition called the Kino Border Initiative (KBI) stationed in Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, since 2009. Along with JRS, the partners who provide “direct humanitarian assistance and accompaniment” with migrants on the trespassing path are: the California Province of the Society of Jesus, the Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist, the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus, the Diocese of Tucson and the Diocese of Nogales

I knew about the Jebs during my school years.  The good thing is that they taught me to distrust Jesuits.  The bad thing is that they tried to teach all of us to distrust the Church as a whole.  When we were at the class reunion, it was very clear that the Jesuits had succeeded--spectacularly--in the latter effort, as about HALF of my classmates were no longer practicing their religion.\

Something malevolent has captured that Order.  Yes, there are a few exceptions; Fr. Jim Schall was one, e.g.  But remember what I learned in school:  do NOT trust the Jesuits.

Is Trump "The End" for Buckley-Reaganism?

The track record of "conservatives", represented today by such as David French and Benny Shapiro, has been dismal.  Griswold, Roe, and Obergefell are the largest mausoleums in the cemetery of "conservative" losses, but another huge structure may soon be built in the graveyard of Western Civilization.

...the Supreme Court will take up three cases considering whether Title VII, the federal law prohibiting employment discrimination, covers “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” within the protected category of “sex.”...

And this will have consequences.

...“Were this Court to declare that ‘sex’ as used in Title VII includes ‘gender identity,’” warns the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in two nearly identical briefs (here and here) to the Supreme Court, “it would open the floodgates to a host of problems, including for persons and institutions with religious and moral convictions about sexual identity and sexual difference.”

Recall that "Western Civilization" rests on Christian Order, an amalgam which includes Aquinas' baptism of Aristotle's thought and elements of both natural and Christian moral law.  That is "the culture" which grows directly from "cult."

Since politics is downstream from the culture, Western governments, whether regal or parliamentarian, have respected and observed Christian Order to one degree or another, and that respect and observance have allowed the democratic republic in which we live to succeed, as mutatis mutandis, it has succeeded in other countries. 

Put another way:  a Christian Order which is seriously eroded or eradicated cannot serve long as a foundation for Western-style parliamentary republics or even regencies.  Only the unserious or grossly uneducated would argue that the Statist dictatorships of Mohammed, Stalin, Hitler, (and most parts of Africa), are superior to those of the Christian West, and only fools point to pre-Christian animist societies as 'examples from which to learn.'  (I'm looking at you, Pp. Francis.)


Buckley-Reaganism, which tacitly endorsed materialist-libertarianism, was no bar to this erosion.  The 'fusionism' on which Buckley's movement rested could not prevail against the Left's continuous attacks, just as it could not prevent the growth of a malevolent Statism seen in the institutions of the Federal Establishment.

Quo vadis, America??  Why is Trump the President?  Clearly not because he is a "Republican" in the Reaganite mold--if that were the case, establishment Pubbies would be his most enthusiastic supporters.  On the other hand, Trump cannot be accused of pushing "Christian Order."  But Trump soundly thrashed a dozen (or so) of the Establishment's Boyzzzz and then went on to roll over an even worse Establishmentarian--a flat-out amoral corruptocrat-materialist of the first water.

So is he the beginning of The End?  Or is he the beginning of a revival of truly Christian Order?

Big questions.  Even bigger than SCOTUS' errors, when you think about it.


Sunday, September 08, 2019

Obit for Mugabe

In contrast to the Striped-Pants bunch of Deep State morons (paid by you, but NOT having your interests at heart), LawDog, who knows a thing or two about Rhodesia, has a genuinely fitting obit for Mugabe.

Here's a taste....

...You were a degenerate, fathered by a rabid cane-rat upon a syphilitic warthog; whose only genuine claim to fame is not having the common decency to catch a bullet with your face in 1975.
You took the gukurahundi, and you gave the rain blades, and hate, and fire, then you set it loose in Matebele-land. 80 000 Ndebele butchered, mostly unarmed civilians.

I hope the screams of the tortured, the wails of the dying, and the keening of the grieving families strips the flesh from your ears....

... The only grave you deserve is a septic tank, and the only respect due your remains is to be dragged out of the feculent excreta by starving hyenas years in the future, to have your empty skull repeatedly sexually violated by diseased jackals....
Pace Bishop Barron, some people are just not "saved."

Did Trump Take a Magic Stupid-Pill?

We mentioned this asinine move when the Caller first reported it.

...On August 22, 2019, the Daily Caller reported that the Trump administration was “considering a proposal that would use Google, Amazon and Apple to collect data on users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior.” 

Such information would then reportedly be used in decisions on who should and should not be allowed to buy/possess firearms.

The Daily Caller cited a Washington Post report showing the data collection would fall under the auspices of “a new agency called the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency or HARPA.”...
"HARPA," eh?

Joe Stalin and Xi Jinping would be proud of this nomenclature.

Does HARPA have a "summer-camp" for US citizens who fail their phrenological testing?  Will it be like the summer-camp FDR ran for US citizens of Japanese descent?  Will HARPA steal the property of its camp-residents f/b/o various Government-connected lawyers just like during FDR's term?

Inquiring minds want to know.  We'd also like to know when The Donald took the Magic Stupid-Pill, or if his MAGA hat-band is a few sizes too small...

Who Does "Chrissy-Boy Wallace" Think He IS?

Talk about pompous asses who are actually insignificant flotsam....

...Trump tweeted that he abruptly canceled the summit with the group, which caught many people by surprise since the talks were scheduled just days ahead of the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

"Who thought it was a good idea for the president of the United States to meet with Taliban leaders who have the blood of thousands of Americans on their hands just three days before 9/11?" Wallace asked....
First off, Chris, you ridiculous lucky sperm, who thinks it is a good idea for you to question the timing of talks promising to get the US out of Afghanistan?  Are you offended by the idea of pulling our troops out of that graveyard?  What, exactly, are YOUR diplomatic or military credentials, Chrissy-Boy?  Did you inherit a world-beating IQ from your Daddy?

Secondly, which members of the Taliban authorized the 9/11 attacks?  Be specific, Chrissy-Boy.  While you're on the topic, show us exactly where Bin Laden was on the Taliban org-chart.

Then just STFU, please.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Diagonosis: Political Tourette's

Austin Ruse is a Catholic pro-life activist American who writes common-sense articles about a variety of today's issues.

That earns him the slings and arrows of oh-so-modern Twerps.  Ruse has diagnosed the Twerps' condition.

...Tourette’s syndrome is a condition of the nervous system that causes a person to unwillingly and uncontrollably make certain sounds or shout certain words—often cusses or vulgarities. Tourette’s isn’t a funny condition. It’s a heartbreaking trial for the afflicted and those who love them.

Political Tourette’s, on the other hand, affects the political and religious Left, who find themselves losing political or ecclesiological arguments. Their response is to shout out certain vile epithets: racist, homophobe, anti-Semite, xenophobe, white supremacist, white nationalist, and so on ad nauseum. We shouldn’t sympathize with those afflicted with this particular condition. Political Tourette’s is a choice. More precisely, it’s a weapon—one that they use to distract from their total lack of substantial arguments....
The condition may or may not be curable.  Say a prayer for the poor creatures who suffer this malignancy.  And say a prayer for their victims, too.

Seattle Suicide Blessings? NOPE!

Well, well, well.  The lying-for-narrative shows up again, this time in Seattle.

Turns out that the Alphabet People, the AssPress, and a suicidal parishioner combined to create a narrative--a narrative which was false from top to bottom.

Short take:  the act of suicide was not "blessed," and a priest or two has been slandered. 

From Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas forward, homosexuals and abortion promoters have created narratives to attain their goals.  They told lies and swore to them, usually with the complicity of the press and "lawyers", and some unwitting bystanders.  Sometimes they fail, as was the case with Kavanaugh.  Too many times they get what they want.

This story is just one more proving the old truism about Lies and Death being roommates.  Learn to read "news" with the same cynicism you afford to the promises of politicians, friends.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Hillary Evidence Disappears

Gee, this is just amazing.

...the corrupt FBI never searched the Weiner laptop and then somehow managed to lose Weiner’s iPhone and iPad? These people need to be in jail!...
The FBI and DOJ did not "lose" the iPhone and iPad.

Those devices committed suicide and buried themselves at Ft. Marcy Park.

Still Like 'The Internet of Things'?

The 'internet of things' (IOT) is just so..........wonderful!!!  Liberating!!!  Neat-O!!!!

Until it ain't.

...While Tesla’s app helps you unlock the car, you can still use a key card, an option key fob, or the app without needing to connect to the internet. But some people who didn’t have the key card or the fob, and were logged out of the app, had to wait at the time of reporting....
This stuff has gone waaaayyyyy over the top.  And there's more:  The Nooz is now (unwittingly??) selling Amazon products as "security enhancements".  Sure!  So long as nobody hacks the system and knows your schedule--and then disables the damn thing so they can burglarize, or rape....

Think carefully, friends....

Two Lefty Pals

Like most folks, my work environment includes a couple of Lefties.  Remember that this is flyover country, not a fever swamp.  That makes a difference, I suspect.

One of the Lefties is a union guy.  Went bananas when Trump won.  Has launched several dozen dialogues with his "How many lies has Trump told today?" line.  Required a few rational interventions to suppress that, and he went quiet but remains Lefty.

Now that the (D) Party has revealed its laugh-a-minute 132 candidates, however, he's become quite subdued.  Shoe switched feet, so to speak, and now I mention "kill all the cows," "no more gasoline," 'Free Money!!", (etc.) and he retreats into his shell.  Hmmmmm.

Second one is not union, but he proclaims his Leftiness very loudly; his husband is nice, but not a presence, really....

Anyhow, I've observed to him that when the (D) Party assumes power, everything will be FREEE!!  FREEEE!!!  FREEEEEEE!!!!  He, too, is reduced to silence.   Hmmmmm.

Anecdote is not the same as statistics, I know.  But it appears that these dyed-in-the-wool Left-o-wackies, both very pleasant, are embarrassed about their "candidates" for President.  Oh, yes, they'll vote for the (D), whoever it is. 

It's just as likely that they will NOT vote for the (D), whoever it is.

But they sure as Hell won't brag about it.

J-S Begs for Money, Insults Readers

The local rag was begging for subscribers over the weekend.

At the same time, it's been insulting its readers with a hagiography of the worst lawyer in Wisconsin history--which has been "up" for a week.

Alan Eisenberg was a shit.  He was vicious, a perverter of law, order, and custom, offensive, and a jerk.  Mostly, though, he was dedicated to turning "law" into a joke.   He learned a lot from his father, and then turned up the volume to record highs.

That's the guy the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has kept on its front page.  Tells you something about that bunch who are now forced to sell their own building, eh?

Wait, Wait....He Had a GUN???

Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm should apologize to the community, on his knees.

...The complaint says "the driver of the van then pointed a gun and fired one shot." Tracey Smith stumbled and fell to the ground. Smith later died at a hospital....

...According to the criminal complaint, Wilks was convicted in Feb. 2008 of the felony offenses possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of cocaine. Those convictions remain on record -- and have not been reversed....
It's clear that Chisholm failed to do his job, which led to the death of a wonderful mother.

See, it's AGAINST THE LAW for a convict to own a firearm.  So it's obviously the fault of the DA, John Chisholm, that this convict had a gun.

Meantime, let's write more laws forbidding possession of guns.  That way we won't need District Attorneys, because there will be no more crimes and murders and stuff.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

OMG!! Pocan Thinks We're Going to Lose the Next War!!!!!!!!

Trump snatched $8 million from the Wisconsin Air National Guard to build The Wall.

The money would have built a "small-arms" range at Truax Field.

Pocan, who wouldn't know a small arm from a short arm, (wellll...ahhh.... on second thought....)

Anyhow, he ripped off his pearls and fell to the fainting couch.

...Mark Pocan, whose district includes Truax Field, accused the president of "weakening our military preparedness and jeopardizing the strength of our armed forces."...
Stop laughing.  STOP IT!!!

...Now, the Guard uses ranges operated by local law enforcement agencies and also has facilities available at Fort McCoy, Volk Field and Camp Douglas, Trovato said. ...
The "local" LEO range is on Hy. 19 about a mile or so west of I-94.  By jet, that's about 20 seconds.  McCoy, Volk, and Douglas are near Tomah, a 2-hour (or so) trip by deuce-and-a-half. I'm pretty sure that the Guard will suffer this ignominy very well.

Better than the faux-FrouFrouFaint thrown by Pocan.

Wow! Sensenbrenner Out!

Since we've been calling for his retirement for about 10 years, this is not a surprise.  He finally listened.

All in all, Sensenbrenner has represented the District well. 

Limbaugh was pissing and moaning about all the (R) folk leaving Congress this year, speculating that a (D) Dirt-Op was the cause.

Not with Sensenbrenner.  He could not be defeated by any (D) no matter the 'dirt', and let's face it:  he was clean.

Well, then!!  On to the next!!

Which "Mass Shootings" Did You NOT Hear About???

We mentioned that there were a couple of "mass shootings" that Da Nooz has buried.

Well, actually, now it's three.

Two in Chicago (south side) and the one in Alabama (high-school football game with gang-war.)

Riddle me this, Batman:  how many of the guns in the above were obtained legally??

Lou Dobbs for A.G.!!!

To his eternal credit, Dobbs is far more restrained than I would be.

Whitaker is far more evasive than he should be, by the way.

The House of Lordly Lords and Pampered Privileged remains intact--and it may be that they'll burn down Washington before they release the documentation.

Of course, that's if the Proles don't burn it down first....

Whitaker maintains the hope that Bill Barr can "restore" the DoJ/FBI reputation.  Fat chance.  Barr's a practiced coverup artist, as we noted a couple of days (and a few months) ago.  But nobody's good enough to make that mountain of manure smell like clover.


On Shopping at Pick-N-Save/Kroger....


Going forward, I'll have to continue carrying concealed at my local Pick-N-Save.

Politicians CAN Over-Promise

Again, with the AOSHQ today.  They're indispensable.

Some politicians make a couple of promises.  This one?  Well....


Oh, Yesssss!! Internet!!! Lightbulbs!!!!

Apparently there are lightbulbs which can be connected to the interwebz so one can turn them on or off from Honolulu.  Or the office, or car, or something.

And some fools buy them.

...In the latest installment in the Internet of Shit edition of the unanticipated (but totally predictable) consequences, Americablog editor John Aravosis discovered that the Philips Hue lightbulbs he returned to Amazon were now on in someone else's house -- but still under his control.

He discovered this because the new owner, "Amanda Jean," initialized the bulbs, and then his Hue app started to send him a stream of updates from Amanda Jean's house, along with the address for her IoT hub and her email address....
Let's hope "Amanda Jean" was wearing clothing near the lightbulb.


The Little Barry Who Wasn't

Some of you remember "The Little Train That Could."

Nobody remembers "Barry/Barack/Soetero/Obama".  Nobody, at least, in his alleged 1983 class at Columbia.

Trump may be wrong about Barry's birth-country.

Then again, maybe he's not.