Thursday, December 26, 2019

Impeachment Backfire #24,576

'Choppers' Pelosi and her gang of ankle-biting chipmunks have managed to fire up Trump's natural base; the volume dial is now at 'leventy' and rising.

But it gets better.  A former Obama (!) fund-raiser, black man, and ex-NFL player observed that Trump is likely to get 20% of the black vote.  If that's true, it's curtains for the Democrats at the Presidential ballot, and likely a major disaster in House races.

A snip:

...The Russia collusion investigation and now the impeachment hoax are, Brewer says, "causing black voters to view Mr. Trump more sympathetically. That’s what it feels like to be black. Black people have been abused and taken advantage of by the police and the FBI since the beginning of time. When you talk about the FBI changing up documents and pushing a narrative, and they don’t have any recourse? That’s very familiar to black people."...
By the way, Mr. Brewer's "20%" is among blacks who actually vote.  Another large chunk of them (and a lot of working-class Democrat whites and Hispanics) are simply going to sit this one out under the very understandable "Why bother?" rubric.


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Anonymous said...

I’m gonna have to steal that “ankle biting chipmunks” bit...