Monday, December 16, 2019

Keeping the Vote-Fraud Pot Boiling

As one might expect, the local kittylitter-liner continues to fuel the "Raaaaaaaaaaaacissssssssss!" fire.

A judge ruled that the State Election Commission should actually follow the law instead of ignoring it and doing whatever that Commission damn well pleases.  Since it's black-letter law and clear as crystal, the judge didn't have to think too long or hard.

The newspaper, of course, wants to make this a racial matter, as do the Usual Suspects in the union, "pastoral", and rabble-rousing industries.

It ain't "racial."  Milwaukee and Madison were the areas most affected because Milwaukee and Madison have the largest concentrations of transient voters--people who move a lot.  The people who got the "Are you there??" letters got them because they had used a different address for US mail, or driver's license, or auto registration.  Simple.

Meantime, we get the laugh-line of the decade here:

"This commission has never been run this way — it has never acted capriciously and it has never acted in surprise like this," Mark Thomsen, a commissioner appointed by the Democratic Assembly Minority Leader, said about the quick action proposed by Knudson. Thomsen said the move would create an unconstitutional burden on voters at the polls.

"It would destroy our reputation we've worked so hard to build," he said....
So far, Mr. Thomsen, you've "built a reputation" as a lawless bunch of Entitled Snots in Madison.  That's not exactly something you want your kids to know, is it??

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