Monday, December 16, 2019

Transgender 'Treaters', Disciples of Mengele

A few days ago, we mentioned the "transgender" phenomenon, which is a heavily-funded attack on human nature and, in essence, is a continuation of Nazi "medical" experimentation run by Dr. Mengele.  The Nazis, like the transgender-enablers, justified their work by asserting that it was 'for the betterment of mankind'.  

As if.

(Interesting that the 'educated class' has nothing but the 'best interests of mankind' at heart.  They don't tell you about the drug-company profits, do they?)

In England, it begins with puberty-blocking drug treatments.

...Sky News reports that 35 psychologists have resigned in three years from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) that deals with gender dysphoria. The service had treated 770 children a decade ago, compared to 2,590 last year. There are another 3,000 on the waiting list.

Most of those treated are girls (74 per cent) who believe they are boys. Some are as young as three-years-old when their parents take them to the Tavistock. In the United Kingdom, cross-hormone therapy — where girls are given testosterone and boys are given oestrogen — is not normally given until 16 and gender reassignment surgery is illegal under the age of 18.

However, children as young as ten have received puberty blockers, with Sky News reporting around half of those seen by the Tavistock Trust are on puberty blockers before they go on to cross-hormone therapy and then gender surgery....
Believe it or not, there is pending legislation in Congress which would make "transgendered" a protected class for purposes of employment, housing, etc.  This will force us to recognize a lie as 'truth,' which happens to be a hallmark of tyranny.

"Gender dysphoria" is very fancy terminology, no?  Don't let that make you into a fool.  Just because it's dressed up in psychobabble doesn't change the reality:  these people are disciples of Mengele, seeking to alter the nature of man by whatever means necessary.  They believe that man is merely an assembly of parts--mechanical dolls--and "repairs" can be made with a run to the parts store.

It's the Big Lie that Adam and Eve swallowed whole:  "You can be like unto God."

How'd that work out??

UPDATE:  More on this with Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray.

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