Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Who Is REALLY in Charge of US DoJ?

It appears that Epstein--who did NOT hang himself--was an Israeli (Mossad) asset.

In this article, his ex-business partner confirms it.

But the article raises another question:  who is REALLY in charge of the US Department of Justice?

There is a problem, because [Alex] Acosta in 2008, the reason that Epstein didn’t get any time and got a non-prosecution agreement was because of the intelligence agencies involvement with Epstein, and the two Maxwells, in Israel. I know that for a fact from Epstein.
So Epstein was given the sweetheart deal of the decade on his child-abuse/rape/trafficking crimes at the "suggestion" of Mossad?

I'm sure that the girls and their parents are perfectly OK with that.  Right?


Anonymous said...

Nah. Epstein skated for no other reasons than he had ingratiated himself to the ultra wealthy as a money man and more importantly, he was a friend of Bill. Mossad wishes they had as much juice as a FOB.

Dad29 said...

FOB. Well, it's a theory.

Frankly, I don't think "FOB" has nearly as much juice as it used to have; it went away as soon as Hildebeeste lost.

Either way, "Deep State"--CIA/State Department--had its filthy blood-soaked hands in this.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2008 logging favors for the Clintons was the next best thing to stuffing their pockets with cash and everybody who was anybody was doing it. I don’t believe the “donors” gave much thought to their own complicity in the Clinton crime syndicate until Hillary cratered in 2016 and had anyone other than Trump won it still wouldn’t matter today. “Lock her up” was not perceived as anything other than a mortal threat to those carrying Clinton exposure. Funny as all hell to me, though.

Since then it’s all been about “donors” covering their own asses. Deep staters, foreign governments, foreign mafias, etc. All of them. By any means necessary. Epstein and Mifsud have both made the dead list, but more names will follow theirs.