Tuesday, December 31, 2019

"Everytown" Script for Bloomberg

Here's a nice little sample script for Mike Bloomberg's "Everytown for Gun Safety" bunch.

...Private gun ownership is a tradition from the early days at the founding of the US. In a modern society, the problems created by this tradition have already exceeded the benefits. Crime is one of the increasingly prominent modern diseases in several societies in the 21st century, and the spread of guns enables crime to unleash greater killing energy.

American society has already seen serious problems caused by the private ownership of guns, but their massive number has contributed to an enormous inertia. Many interest groups have benefited from it and some ordinary people have truly gained a sense of safety....
Nice, eh?  

Yah.  It's a gift to Mike from the Chinese Communist Party.  

Note that the Communists, just like Mike's bunch (and all the rest of the disarmament crowd, NEVER mention the real reason for the Second Amendment--which is to keep the Government from outgrowing its britches?

Huh.  How could they have forgotten that?

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Anonymous said...

Kinda makes me wonder how much this common man "Mike" label is grating on Bloomberg's nerves. There's no amount of spinning going to humble that little dictator and the criticism has yet to begin. How far into the primary season does he make it before he implodes?