Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Maggie Gau's Transgender Giveaway

Forget about Maggie's sock-puppet Tony Evers, and forget about the two-steps-removed sock-puppet Josh Kaul.

Maggie rules.

Wisconsin will no longer categorically deny Medicaid coverage for medically necessary gender-confirming surgery, a practice a federal judge found violated patients' civil rights and federal health care law....

That will cost State taxpayers about $2.2 million or so, plus down-track expenses for whoever else declares their problem requires State money.

Mind you, Gau/Kaul's el foldo came after a loss in District Court in Madison, no less.  No appeal at all.

With this, the State now certifies the insanity of "transgender" as a protected right.  That's not "progressive."  It's nuts.

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