Monday, October 31, 2022

You Suspected It--Now You KNOW It

In the back of your mind, you suspected that the Feds were "helping you understand the world" correctly.

That is to say, understanding it the way they want you to understand it:  Government is Love.  Government is Sweet.  Government Takes Care of All Your Needs.  Government is Better Than Jesus!!


Not quite, pal.

...There is also a formalized process for government officials to directly flag content on Facebook or Instagram and request that it be throttled or suppressed through a special Facebook portal that requires a government or law enforcement email to use. At the time of writing, the "content request system" at is still live. DHS and Meta, the parent company of Facebook, did not respond to a request for comment. The FBI declined to comment....

You also suspected that Our Democracy would concentrate on a few areas of interest, right?

 ...According to a draft copy of DHS's Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, DHS's capstone report outlining the department's strategy and priorities in the coming years, the department plans to target "inaccurate information" on a wide range of topics, including "the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S. support to Ukraine."...

Well, pal, let me clue  you in:  it is not "our democracy."  It is THEIR 'democracy.'

And if you think an election will cure this, you're hopeless.

Racial Learning Gap Predicted by Promiscuity Gap

Pat McIlheran runs through the dismal performance of Wisconsin students on the NAEP tests.

Tony's lock-em-out strategy--valid for a couple of months, but used to purchase the love and political fealty of teachers' unions after that--had its predictable effect.  The scores are bad.

But the most significant predictor of school success had little to do with Evers directly.

...It is worth noting that education results are not the only nation’s-worst racial gap for Wisconsin. No state has a greater racial gap than does Wisconsin in the number of children living in single-parent families. Of the 26 states for which the Annie E. Casey Foundation offers figures for black families, the highest percentage of children in single-parent families is in Wisconsin: 79% in 2019. By contrast, 23% of white children in Wisconsin were living in single-parent families, the 21st-lowest figure. Consequently, the gap between black and white children in Wisconsin, at 56 percentage points, was larger than in any other state. As former Wisconsin Secretary for Families and Children Eloise Anderson, a Badger Institute visiting fellow, pointed out recently, evidence abounds that children living in single-parent families face longer odds in school....
'...not Evers directly'?

The Democrat Party has long been the champion of unwed motherhood.  The State serves as "daddy" by providing money, food, and shelter.  This arrangement keeps 'the community' in the control of The State, exactly where the Democrats wants it.  Suburban Republican women are perfectly happy to go along with this, largely because the State's beneficence does not provide suburban living for those 'families.'  Thus, they can salve their souls with the mantra that 'it's the right thing to do.'

Except it's really NOT the right thing to do.

Ask anyone who lives in the crime-laden central city.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Wanna See Government Waste?

Well, here it is.

MacIver evaluates Tony Evers' 'education' accomplishments--which are not much at all.

In addition, they shine a light on the waste of funds Evers brags about.

...The [Evers] ad mentions $130 million funding for skills and technical training, likely referring to federally-funded grants the Evers administration has made.  A year ago, the governor announced he would begin distributing $20 million of Wisconsin’s federal pandemic dollars for employment and skills training through the Worker Advancement Initiative.  The Worker Advancement Initiative was the skills and training portion of a larger $130 million Workforce Solutions Initiative, which included things like funding for job coaches.

There is no denying that Evers sent $20 million out the door; here the question is whether it was an investment that resulted in meaningful skills and technical training.

The $20 million was distributed to local workforce development boards who were to partner with community-based organizations.  The millions will be spent on just 2,300 people in the state and the funds are not required to be spent on training.  Allowable uses include housing, childcare, wage subsidies, and other a variety of other services.

There are currently about 139,000 jobs listed on Job Center of Wisconsin, which by no means lists all the jobs available in the state.  The 2300 people this program might provide skills or technical training would fill just 1.7% of the jobs available for a massive $20 million investment.

Also not mentioned in the ad is the fact that the funds were to be targeted at specific groups, including retirees, migrant workers and LTBTQ persons, among others....

*Scritch....scritch.....scratch....* That's $8,700.00 for each 'trainee'.  

But that's not the worst part.  The worst part is that the money is filtered through grifter "workforce development boards" and "community-based organizations."  Those entities are largely populated by Democrat worker-bees whose real job is GOTV for Evers.

Further, what "training" are they giving to retirees?  To "migrant workers"?  And why "target" LGBTQ?  Can't they just be people-in-need-of-training like NON-LGBTQs?

We'll grant that some of the conditions here were imposed by the Feds.  Makes no difference:  it's a massive waste of money.

And they tell us that "inflation" is due to supply problems! 

Fifth Circuit Kills Off Wampum-Woman's Dream

After TEN YEARS the Fifth Circuit finally kills off Lizzie "Wampum Woman" Warren.

...A court tossed out a regulation written by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for payday lenders last week, saying the agency’s funding was unconstitutional and that it, therefore, lacked the ability to curb the industry....--quoted at Ticker

The CFPB is funded by the Federal Reserve; its money is NOT appropriated by Congress.  That makes the agency an un-Constitutional entity, of course.  Exactly the way Wampum Woman wanted it.

...How the CFPB is funded, by the Federal Reserve instead of Congress, is the root of the problem. The design was intentional — to keep the agency free from political pressure. The court, however, said the funding was unconstitutional because the agency didn’t answer to the people or Congress.

“I believe the court’s decision on illegality of the CFPB funding mechanism is correct as is it’s governance structure,” said Bill Isaac, former head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., who ran the bank regulator during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s. “What that means in terms of the legality of past actions by the CFPB is difficult to predict.”...

Gee, that's too bad.

Extra-Special Added Weird in Pelosi Case

So we are to believe that the Speaker of the House's house was totes un-guarded and a guy clad only in underwear entered, grabbing a hammer from the resident and attacking him after the resident had called the cops who responded to a 'wellness call' and the cops were let into the mansion by an un-named third party to find the resident seriously injured by a hammer.  The resident spoke "in code" calling the attacker's name to the cops and referring to him as 'a friend.'

AND that the attacker was a right-wing vote-fraud conspiracy theorist Christian Nationalist while at the same time being a nude-activist dope-smoking wife-beater currently living in a 'hippie compound.'

AND that he ran websites with conservative content!!!

Well...............on further review...........maybe he didn't really have those websites which went up on Friday and came down on Saturday, see.

But the rest is all true and we know that Trump is behind this because vote-fraud Christian Nationalist!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Honey Badger Lake

What Kari Lake learned from Donald Trump is exactly what Conan had to say:  "

"What is best in life?  To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women."

Russia's Response to Ukie Bombing

As you know, the Ukies droned a Russkie warship in Sevastopol yesterday, causing a large explosion and some damage to (at least) that ship.  The Russkies claim that civilian vessels were also attacked.

Russia responded.

...Moscow immediately suspended its compliance with the deal, known as the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which was formed and launched in July and ended a five-month Russian blockade of Ukraine's ports. The United Nations and Turkey brokered the deal, allowing safe passage for cargo ships in and out of Ukraine's ports to haul farm goods worldwide. The deal was set to expire on Nov. 19. ...

They also identified "the British" as co-operators in the drone assault.

Shutting down the grain deal does two things:  it cuts off payments to Ukraine's farmers for their grain, and it will cause an increase in the price of grain worldwide--not to mention a shortage which will affect (mostly) poor countries.

None of that will deter Bai-Den's Krazed Kabinet from continued pursuit of this Big Adventure, of course.  They aren't suffering at all!

Vos Exclamat in Deserta

The voice crying in the desert is that of Fr. Stravinskas.  He explains 'why Catholics don't believe in the Eucharist any more' and prescribes medicines by enumerating the problems.  Not likely that the US Bishops will pay any attention, and perhaps only 1 of any 5 parish priests will--but every single one makes sense and is utterly, totally, defensible.

...In every religion where sacrifice has been offered, from biblical Judaism to the worship of the pagan Greeks and Romans, priest and people face the same direction, presumably facing the Divinity being implored...

 ...In promulgating Immensae Caritatis (1973), Paul VI gave very precise indications for recourse to the non-ordained for distributing Holy Communion; those norms were subsequently incorporated into the 1983 Code of Canon Law.  I have never seen a situation in which those norms are followed....

... In Memoriale Domini (1969), the Pope, fearing a schism, acquiesced to the will of the disobedient countries, allowing the continuation of Communion in the hand, there and only there.  But it didn’t end in those places. ...

...Every major religion retains a place of honor for a sacral language, lest the pedestrian override the sacred. Banishing Latin has also contributed to the “balkanization” of parishes as various ethnic groups split off into their separate communities....

... why the relegation of the tabernacle to a side altar, separate chapel (or closet), resulting in the replacement of Christ at the center, usually by an enthroned priest?...

... Ripping out altar rails obscured the necessary distinction between the sacred and the profane. The altar needs to be visually set apart because what is enacted there is removed from our commonplace experience of daily life...

 ...the Communion fast began at midnight; it was hard, so that the frequent Communion advocated by Pope Pius X was noted in the breach more than in the observance.  Pius XII wisely mitigated that fast to three hours for solid foods and one hour for liquids.  Pope Paul VI modified the fast even further, to the present discipline, namely, one hour for solid food or liquids.   The purpose of the Eucharistic fast is to make us feel physical hunger, the better to know spiritual hunger for the Bread of Life....

... For centuries, Catholics of the Western Church have knelt to receive their Eucharistic Lord (Eastern Christians historically have stood).  The problem is not so much with standing as such but with the lack of any sign of reverence....

All of this points to the underlying sin of the Intellectualoid Liturgists:  separating the mind from the body.  They removed most of the corporeal signs and signals (enumerated above) in favor of 'intellectual understanding'.  (Remember the "commentator" who was there to explain everything to you?)  It's called "dualism" at its worst, and Descartes made it popular for modern man.

But no human being operates that way.  Everyone knows that you should reduce your speed in a school zone, but without the sign clearly identifying that zone, your 'knowledge' is not very useful.  Everyone knows that there are certain areas of a home which are private; that's why there are doors and curtains to set them off.  It's a "both/and" thing, reflecting your real composition of body and soul.

Actual humans 'get' stained-glass windows, ornamental carved wood, gold chalices, Chant, incense, and kneeling.  Can they articulate exactly why these things are understood?  Not always--but that's not really important--except to the Intellectualoid Liturgists. 

It's the same in the secular world; look at a courtroom, where the most honored person(s) sit at the front, enclosed behind an impressive and elevated desk.  There is a railing separating the judge and the lawyers from the spectators because something special is going on in that place.  The participants use language which is often uncommon (and not understood by laymen); there are procedures which must be followed that are nowhere seen in 'real life'---etc.

Now we are in the desert--a land without symbol, often devoid of any beauty at all, because Descartes revived an ancient heresy and the Intellectualoids bought in.

How long, O Lord, before we are brought back to the land of milk and honey?

Drug Addict-Domestic Violence Memorial Vandalized

Someone painted a memorial picture of a drug addicted domestic violence convict.

It's called "a staple of the community."

What "community" is that?  The community of drug addicts?  Wife-beaters?

Anyhow, it was 'defaced,' twice.

Maybe by a victim of a drug addict?  Or a victim of domestic violence?

Who could blame them?

What Did Crowley Do?

The Milwaukee County Executive apparently fired the (former) Chief Medical Examiner three weeks ago--a fact not known until yesterday.

Said Chief Medical Examiner subsequently ghosted everyone, including the District Attorney, who needs his testimony in a number of criminal cases.

Crowley won't come clean on this.

Maybe there is a "reporter" out there who can ask a few questions.  Like Bice--for example--when he gets his nose out of the Chenequa Police Department's call logs; or Good Golly Miss MollyNah.  She'd skip over facts inconvenient to whatever Narrative the Democrats have today.

Channel 58?  Don't make us laugh.

Channel 6?  What does Teddy think??  That's all that matters there.

The Charles?  Was he ever a 'reporter,' or just The Charles??   

An actual reporter from Channel 4 (!!) got more than any other 'reporter' in town.  Maybe she'll get the rest of the story.

Time for a Dad Joke!!


In the GM Boardroom....

Mary Barra invited a College Professor to address the GM board of directors.  His lecture will help the Board plan the future of GM's product offerings.

Historical FACT!!

Here's a historical fact that will be in the DEI history books next year!!

Paul Pelosi's "Friend"

The attack on Paul Pelosi was a a shock, but as details emerge, it begins to make sense.

The attacker is identified as a resident of a 'hippie commune' in San Francisco and a sex-abuser of children; he was found clad only in his underwear at the Pelosi residence, and Paul ID'd him as 'a friend' during his 911 call.

That ID explains how the attacker got through the layers of security at the Pelosi home.

And that 'hippie commune' thing..........didn't we all just read a story about long-term use of marijuana bringing on psychosis?

Yes.  Yes, we did.

Friday, October 28, 2022

FBI Criminal ID System

 This criminal ID system has been implemented by the FBI pursuant to orders from Merrick Garland, effeminate dope.  Notice that it's labeled "Big Tech Guide".  That's the cover!  Shhhhhh!  It's a graphic, which gets the attention of ASAC's educated at the usual "law schools."

What's Missing Here?

Alan Borsuk is far more 'reporter' than 'propagandist', which makes him very different from Little Pravda's herd of Socialist/Democrat Party typists.

Yet Borsuk leaves a gaping hole in his story on the Education Disaster that is Milwaukee Public Schools (and many other Wisconsin districts).

...Elements of success. Both in the NAEP results and much more broadly, there are few surprises in the list of elements connected to kids’ school success: Stable, supportive personal situations. Good relationships with adults, both at home and in school. Good resources. High-quality school leaders and teachers. Schools with cultures that are both warm and ambitious in pursuing goals. So what is being done on these fronts? At individual schools, including some in the heart of Milwaukee, a lot....

What's missing from that graf?

The names of the 'individual the heart of Milwaukee', that's what.

But we have our suspicions, and will bet we're right.

Shocker in Sen. Bewley Case

This development may mean something.

...A Pennsylvania woman who was killed in a car crash involving Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley was driving 100 mph at the time, according to Wisconsin State Patrol investigation records.

The new records show 27-year-old Alyssa Ortman, who died as a result of the crash that also killed her 5-year-old daughter Khaleesi Fink, was traveling nearly 60 mph over the speed limit when the collision with Bewley and another driver occurred...

Now it's all a matter of visibility and the "last clear chance" rule.  That rule is used in courts all the time when dealing with accidents; in brief, the driver with the "last clear chance" to avoid the accident is the driver at fault.

If Bewley's vision of the oncoming car was impaired due to a hill or a rise, and her judgment of the situation was based on a 40 MPH speed limit, she may not have had the last clear chance.

Mitigating that?  She was on the phone at the time.

Stay tuned.   

Mandela Barnes and His 'Education'

Why doesn't anyone add 2+2 in the case of Mandela Barnes, the little communist?

He makes stupid statements all the time.  We mean stupid, not just lazy & sloppy talk.

Where does he get his stupid ideas from?


His Mom was a public school teacher.

I'll repeat that for you:  his Mom was a public school teacher.

Any questions?

Lying About Climate (With Graphics) To Kill You

The norm (not the exception) for the Climate Alarmist Industry is to choose carefully.

What do they choose??

They choose their "start dates"--the year on which they base their "DOOM DOOM, I say!! DOOM" projections.  Then they create little charts and graphics, because most people 'read' a graphic and ignore the text.

In this 12 minute video, the first thing you'll notice is the sharp difference between "start dates" of all the disasters that are befalling us.  If you're sentient, you'll ask "Why?".

You'll also see the rest of the story; the part they don't want you to know or see.

Then you'll realize that they've played you, and all the Stupid Republicans who voted with them to annihilate the US economy, along with annihilating agriculture and the food supply with their "carbon-based" crapola.  You'll have no heat, no air conditioning, powdered crickets for dinner, and no transportation--and you will like it.

They are deadly enemies.  It's late in the game, but they should be treated as such.

The "Steal" Sign Flashed in PA

The method is identical to the one used in the Fraud of '20.

1)  Using the "mail-in ballot" feature, send ballots to people who may not exist, then count them when they come in.  Who's going to verify them?  Not the poll watchers, because you won't allow them to get close enough to compare signatures, or see actual verification of the "voter's" credentials.

2)  Make sure that it's a slow process!  After all, you don't know how many (D) votes you need to manufacture until the night of the election itself.

3)  Announce the (D) winner.  Make sure that it's close and that any (useless) recount cannot discover the fraud.

Continue the demolition of the United States.  Make it fast, before the rubes get their guns out.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Got Your Vaxx Yet?


But She Doesn't Have Myocarditis!


Refining Petroleum? A Thing of the Past in USA

No matter what the Bai-Den liars say, oil refining in the US has dropped since he took office.  (Graph below.)

Further--and worse--it's not likely that any new refineries will be built.

...In June, Chevron CEO Mike Wirth posited that there would never be another new refinery built in the United States.

    “Building a refinery is a multi-billion dollar investment. It may take a decade. We haven’t had a refinery built in the United States since the 1970s. My personal view is that there will never be another refinery built in the United States,” Wirth said at the time.

Oil and gas companies would have to weigh the benefits of committing capital ten years out that will need decades to offer a return to shareholders “in a policy environment where governments around the world are saying ‘we don’t want these products to be used in the future,’” Wirth added....

Short:  no point in sticking a billion into a plant that will be outlawed in 5-10 years when the ROI requires 30 years or so.

PayPal Back to "Screw YOU" Policy

PayPal has re-instated its policy allowing them to screw you out of deduct $2500.00 for spreading 'mis-information'.

...  Users will be subject to a financial penalty if they violate the revised policy in any way, including by spreading false information, engaging in discrimination against the LGBTQ community, posing a risk to user safety, and so on....

You haven't closed your account yet?

Concise Election Fraud Summary

Conrad Black makes it simple.

...The greatest liberation of all in the national purgation that now seems likely in the midterm elections in two weeks will be the debunking of the totalitarian fiction that the 2020 election was unquestionably fair. This fraud hangs around the neck of America like an albatross and has been repeated like a catechism by practically every member of the national political media for two years. The ranks of Congress and of the nation’s governors will be crowded with highly motivated, capable, and ethically elected occupants who have campaigned explicitly and energetically on the alleged fraudulence of the 2020 presidential election result.

Most of the more knowledgeable upholders of this almost manifest untruth know that there were potentially millions of harvested ballots; that it was impossible to verify the authenticity of those alleged ballots; that a great many of them likely came in huge bulk at the improvised dropboxes in the middle of the night; that 50,000 fewer Biden votes in Pennsylvania and any two of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin would have given the election to Trump in the Electoral College; and that the entire judiciary from state courts to the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear on their merits or judge any of the 19 lawsuits against the constitutionality of the voting and vote-counting rules that were altered, supposedly to promote voting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the least, 2020 was an election like 1960 (Kennedy–Nixon) and 2000 (Bush–Gore), where it will never be certain who would have won the election if all the valid ballots and no invalid ballots had been counted...

It's about time that Vos and LeMahieu make mail-in voting a thing of the past in Wisconsin.

Wanna bet? 

The Synod of Irrelevance

It appears that the Synod on Synodality (that's what he calls it) will be a Synod Sine Terminus--that is, it will go on through '24.  (As a bonus to Francis and his henchmen, that will allow the Synod to condemn Republican candidate for President Donald Trump.)

More serious:

MOST Catholics, even the not-very-faithful ones, have a clear picture of the Church.  It has priests, Bishops, some deacons, church buildings, schools, nuns, and a bunch of moral teachings which are easily recalled.

But the Synod Sine Terminus aims to change those moral teachings and deacons, too!

 The Vatican has unveiled the document to guide the next stage of the Synod on Synodality, which presents calls for more inclusion of the divorced and “re-married,” LGBT groups, and proposes a “female diaconate.”...

This sort of stuff is what makes this Synod irrelevant.  Catholics know what the Church teaches, and who is supposed to be preaching (it ain't women.)  Fiddling, tweaking, adjusting?  That's not the Church, and even such "Catholics" as Biden and Pelosi know that--but they won't admit it.

There's a reason that Churchill said this:

A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril.

It's not only "nations" which are strong by virtue of adherence to tradition.

When you depart from tradition, you depart from strength, and when you depart from strength, you become irrelevant in the world.

That's why this is the Synod of Irrelevance.


Electric School Bus???

The next really ......not necessarily smart......thing is here!!

Wisconsin is set to get 65 new electric school buses with federal funds ― reportedly the first ever electric school buses in the state, which has lagged behind others in adopting them...

Good to know that John Norquist's wife (ex-wife??) has a life outside the marriage!!

 ...Other states have found the electric school buses save money on fuel and upkeep, cut down on emissions and improve children's lung development, said Environmental Law & Policy Center senior policy advocate Susan Mudd....

Really!!  Lung development!!!  Because kids attach themselves to the exhaust pipes of gasoline or propane or diesel buses??  We'd love to see a peer-reviewed study on that, Susan.

"Cut down on emissions"..........which emissions?  The coal, oil, or natural gas emissions required to generate the electricity to charge up the buses?  Hmmmmmm?

...The biggest barrier, Mudd said, is the upfront cost of the vehicles: about three times the price of diesel buses....


 ...That's why the federal funding is such a boon....

It's Free Money, see!!

There is a practical question here having to do with the range of the battery-power vs. the mileage burned on a route.  Suburban routes typically consist of 40 miles morning, 40 miles afternoon.  Routes in the boonies are going to be longer.  Winter cold usually reduces electric vehicle range, too.  We're certain that the Districts will be very conservative in placing those buses on routes, but the fact is that they are of limited utility.  

And here's the Usual Claim made without any evidence:

...Electric buses reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change....

That line is Goebbels' dream, and it's repeated, repeated, repeated, ...........but no evidence whatsoever.  (Also note that 'greenhouse gases' were responsible for "warming" only 5 years ago.  Now they get the (false) blame for every damn thing.)

Let's not talk about battery fires, either.

Hit Piece on the Uihleins. Surprised?

Since the Uihliens of U-Line are the nation's largest contributors to Republican candidates, they're also the target of hit pieces.  Given what we know of the Democrat Party's 'kinetic' alter ego (the KKK being the prototype and BLM riot organizers the current version), they're probably on a hit-list of a more deadly sort, too.

The story is interesting.

...Edgar J. Uihlein of Chicago was among the handful of largest donors to the original America First Committee, the aviator Charles Lindbergh’s group that opposed the United States’ entry into World War II. ... While America First drew supporters from across the political spectrum, it was most associated with rightists. 

Like John F. Kennedy, for example?  The AF Committee was founded at Yale (!) and included Kennedy and Sargent Shriver, his brother-in-law, not to mention Phil LaFollette of Wisconsin.  It also included Charles Lindbergh who apparently was an anti-Semite, just like Henry Ford (and lately Kanye West.)  Therefore, all AFC members must be anti-Semites, see??

Pat Buchanan gave Globaloney George HW Bush a helluva scare running against him on America First principles, and Donald Trump used them too.  No wonder the Press hates 'America First.'

 ...[Richard Uihlein's father] Edgar Uihlein Jr. [was] on the National Finance Committee of the John Birch Society. Founded a few years earlier, the group quickly became a significant force to the right of the Republican Party, known for its obsessively anti-communist politics....

Because there's something wrong with being an anti-Communist if you intend to remain a Member in Good Standing of the PressYou may have noticed that the Press never stops attacking Sen. Joseph McCarthy for exactly the same reason--although they lie about his accuracy all the time.  (Read M. Stanton Evans' massive tome on the topic.)

The surest sign that a "news" item is highly questionable is a citation of the Anti-Defamation League and yes indeed!!  It carries a cite.  

Now for the REAL crimes!!

...Among the recipients of the Ed Uihlein Family Foundation’s grants are the Federalist Society and think tanks that have pushed misleading claims about the 2020 election, such as the Conservative Partnership Institute and the Foundation for Government Accountability...

Just as bad:

... Dick Uihlein is a major funder of the American Principles Project, which runs ads attacking what it calls “transgender ideology,” abortion and the teaching of “critical race theory.”...

And to top it off:

... More recently, in his home state of Illinois, Uihlein has spent more than $50 million to back the Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey, who has drawn criticism for saying the Holocaust “doesn’t even compare” to the toll of abortions and for accusing Democrats of “putting perversion into our schools” for adopting a sex ed bill that includes information about gender identity and same-sex couples....

Actually, the Holocaust pales in comparison to the slaughter of the innocents at the altar of Moloch with 63.5 million babies killed in the US alone since Roe; and the homosex/tranny-sex grooming is the definition of perversion.  But remember:  one cannot keep a job in "journalism" without decrying Right Order, as does the WEF and other cancers.

Then there's the usual ticky-tacky minor-league stuff:  the authors found disgruntled ex-employees to complain about the work dress code and the conservatives who spoke at various Company functions--plus the requirement that employees show up ON TIME, for crying out loud!  Yah, it's just awful.

Frankly, I hold no brief for the Uihleins.  Never met them.  Probably never will.  (If they're smart, they'll avoid me.)  Not knocked over by their HR practices, either. 

We know a bit more about the Milwaukee branch of the family; one of the grand-daughters is a MAJOR funder of Planned Parenthood and all the other Usual Suspects, but you won't find a 5,000++ word editorial about how her family is associated with anti-Semites, will you?

If you click through to the article, you'll be among the 46 readers!  Enjoy!


WEF objects to Too Much Information--but only of a certain type, you see.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for increased censorship and “interventions” in free speech rights to “improve safety” online.

In a new twist, German economist Klaus Schwab’s organization claims it is “thinking of the children” with its new push for online content moderation....

Ah!!  The Chillllrun!!  That's Hillary's line, remember? media companies should introduce strict verification policies because children under 13 are still able to sign up for accounts.

...According to the globalist organization, posts containing “harmful content,” “hate speech” and “disinformation” about “climate change” and vaccines must be removed because children may see it....

No concerns about pornography nor about sex-perversion-grooming-tranny stuff.

Funny, that.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

There Are PLENTY of Savings (!)

This morning one RadioMouth quoted some sumpin' to the effect that 'personal savings are going south,' and Doom!  Gloom!!  TEOTWAWKI!!!!

Well, yes--they are.

But they are going south from world-record levels, as Tonelson--no Lefty--shows with this chart.


He has another chart--this one of 'liquid cash' in checking and savings accounts (below.)  What Tonelson wants to tell you is that the American consumer is not--yet--drowning in inflationary prices.  That may happen in the next several months, but there's plenty of cash on the sidelines.

Boom!! 3Mo/10Yr Spread Inverts

 This is a recession-flag which is very accurate.

The last four days have seen 10Y yields plunged almost 35bps from their highs while the 3m bill yield has crept higher by around 12bps...

 Which has left the much-watched (and Fed-blessed) indicator of recessions (the 3m10Y Treasury yield spread) has finally gone negative... 

Chart here:


Local Pravda's Just Desserts

We've mentioned Little Local Pravda a few times here, mostly to show their utter contempt for their readership (all 74 of them), demonstrated by their insanely-slanted story-telling.

Here's a graph which overstates their influence; note well the "Not At All" line:

Thanksgiving Turkey?

We've heard that the Thanksgiving turkey will be off the menu in many homes this year.

That's not entirely due to price.

It's because the turkey is in the White House.

They Take $15 Million, Bite the Hand

Back in ancient history, Froedtert gladly accepted a $15MM gift from Tim Michels.

That was then; this is now.  They're suing him.

Froedtert claims that they're a non-profit, therefore they're in jeopardy when Michels uses their logo in his ad.

So they're suing him.

But there's a very interesting graf here:

 ...The lawsuit says the campaign responded to Froedtert's request by offering to "blur out" the trademark in its political advertisement. The lawsuit claims Michels for Governor, Inc. also offered to stop running the advertisement entirely after Oct. 23. However, the campaign allegedly then withdrew the offers...
There's more to the story than Froedtert is telling.  And you can bet that Froedtert's motive has more to do with Michels' politics than their lily-white virginal reputation.


Pocan, the Warmonger!!

This is hilarious.

Progressive House Democrats on Tuesday withdrew a letter urging President Joe Biden to negotiate directly with Russia to end the war in Ukraine after the move received pushback within the party...

In other words, Nancy Pelosi ordered them to STFU.

 ...“It was written to address the situation on the ground in July, and the fact that it came out yesterday is just odd,” Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, who was one of 30 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to sign the letter, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“We still believe that the president is doing the right thing by dealing with this in diplomatic ways, as well as (with) the support we’ve given and will continue to give if necessary to Ukraine,” Pocan said shortly before the letter’s retraction....

Go ahead.  Use duckduckgo and find Pocan's opposition to US involvement in about every conflict since WWI.  (Slight exaggeration, but very slight.)

Now, suddenly, Pocan is a warmonger.  That must be what the Madistan Cognoscenti want.



ZMan has a take on this which fits very well.

...The interesting bit here is how quickly the hammer came down. The Biden White House and senior party members held an emergency meeting and then threatened the progressive caucus with death if they did not recant. We do not know the exact nature of the threats, but the speed with which the apostates recanted and their groveling tone suggest genuine fear. Whatever was said to them was serious enough to have them groveling in public within hours.

Just in case anyone missed the point, the regime then sent Bernie Sanders out to chastise the progressives for being wrong. Sanders has spent his life railing against the military industrial complex. He has opposed every military action, even those sponsored by his party. Now he sounds like Bill Kristol after a few too many drinks. Bernie is not just supporting the war; he is supporting the war dogma behind it. He felt he needed to get that out into the public domain.

The old internet meme about knowing who is in charge by thinking about who you are not allowed to criticize works here. If you want to know what it is important to the regime, think about what cannot be questioned. It is clear that they will tolerate no dissent on Ukraine policy, not even from the people they use to manipulate the left-wing activist class. In other words, they are willing to lose the support of their activist base in order to defend their Ukraine policy....

So it wasn't Pelosi alone; it was the White House and Pelosi with Bernie being the stooge. 

How much Raytheon has Paul Pelosi bought in the last year?

Bai-Den Lied About Marijuana Pardons, Too

What a joke this guy really is.

Here's the reality of Biden's "pardon", from a pro-cannabis bunch:

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden announced what many perceived to be one of the largest acts of clemency in history. Biden said he was rolling out a mass pardon for all those currently sitting in jail on a federal marijuana possession charge.

While this sounds like a major move on the surface, when we take a closer look, it doesn’t appear to be major, or, in fact, any move at all. According to an analysis of federal drug convictions from fiscal years 1992-2021, there have been 6,577 offenders in which the only substance involved in the offense was marijuana.

The president pardoning 6,500 people sounds pretty incredible until we look at the number of people who are currently in custody. That number sits a zero....

Not to worry.  Most stoners can't read well enough to know what actually happened here.  They'll just take College Professor/Teamster/Puerto Rican-raised/Shul Attendee Bai-Den's word for it.

Why Run With Fetterman?

It's fairly obvious that the Democrat Party has a problem in Fetterman.  A couple of years ago he was a typical hard-Left extremist; now he's a hard-Left extremist stroke victim who cannot carry on a simple conversation.

So what's the plan?

They figure that Josh Shapiro--an equally hard-Left extremist--will win the Governor's race.  If Fetterman also prevails, he'll resign the seat the day Shapiro is sworn in, and Shapiro will appoint Fetterman's wife as the Senator, just as Joe Biden told us.

Update on Fr. Tait Schroeder

We can say definitively that the story presented here is true.

...[Fr. Tait] Schroeder, a priest and canon lawyer from the Diocese of Madison, was already working in the Congregation and had been promoted because he had handled the abuse cases of the English language desk very well. But the promotion never took place, despite being published in the bulletin. This news, too, was first reported by the Latin Mass blog.

According to a CNA source, Cardinal Ladaria called the promoted priest in, apologizing and hinting that the decision came from above — in other words, Pope Francis personally. There was a report that Father Schroeder had occasionally celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass for groups of pilgrims. This had only happened sometimes and never after the publication of the Traditionis Custodes. However, because of this, there seems to have been pressure by the pope for the Monsignor to resign from the post he had just received — which he promptly did....

There was no 'end of term' blatherflopflityammer.  He was canned by Francis because he said the Old Rite Mass for pilgrims who came to Rome.

What a very sad sack Francis must be.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

DeSantis Bidenizes His Answer

Yesterday we quoted Last Refuge which is convinced that DeSantis is going to run against Donald Trump.

Today we refer to Last Refuge again; he points to a video of DeSantis playing the part of Joe Biden.

It's in the first minute of the video.

Someone REALLY doesn't want Donald Trump to regain the Presidency.

Churchill and The Church

Noticed this over at Ace's place.

...A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril. Sir Winston Churchill...

That applies to the Church in spades.

Shut Up, Alberta Darling!

The NAEP test results are in and Wisconsin students fared badly.  The spin is "Yah, well, it was bad, but not as bad as them other guys, hey!"

Alberta Darling opens her yap:

...“Although our state tests have indicated this, we now know where Milwaukee stands with other major U.S. cities,” said state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), chairwoman of the Senate’s Education Committee, “This is heartbreaking, our kids deserve better and instead we have bureaucrats fighting bipartisan reforms while schools continue to try the same failed methods that got us here.”...

You don't get to talk, Alberta.  YOU were the one who crammed an extra $100 million or so into the toilet called "education" in Walker's last budget.  YOU are the one who cost taxpayers that money.  Did you require districts to change their methods--with Zero Funding as the alternative?  Hell, no!

So shut up, Alberta.

Both Sides of the FBI Mouth

You noticed, I noticed, and Sundance noticed:

With the majority of American voters now positioned to rebuke the political efforts of Joe Biden and federal Democrats, the narrative from the DOJ and FBI does a 180° reverse course.  The transparency of a corrupt and manipulative political justice system is beyond obvious.

    ♦Old Message to support the 2020 Democrat vote initiatives (ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, precinct manipulation): The 2020 election was the most secure election in American history.
    ♦New Message to support the Democrat 2022 vote initiatives: The 2022 election is not secure, subject to manipulation by disinformation and misinformation, and likely to encounter interference by domestic and foreign adversaries.
It's about time that the FBI is de-funded.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Democrat, Racist, Dirty Cop J6 "Hero"?

One of the CapCops who worked for 30 minutes on J6 and has become relatively wealthy by selling his version of events fiction is named Michael Fanone.

Too bad he's just another Democrat racist and dirty cop, eh?

This Is a Warning


Self-Made Millionaire!


Who Is DeSantis, REALLY??

 Yah, OK, DeSantis has done a few good things.

But then there's this:

Ron DeSantis in 2024 is Jeb Bush + Ted Cruz in 2016.

  • Five Days in Bunker following Mar-a-Lago Raid 8/9/22
  • No expressed support for Donald Trump following Mar-a-Lago raid 8/9/22.
  • New brand image consulting team 8/14/22
  • New communications team 8/14/22
  • National advertising campaign
  • 94% billionaire and corporate funding
  • Raised $200+ million for state governor race?
  • Cancels Lee Zeldin fundraiser after meeting with New York real estate donor who supports Hochul
  • Endorsed by Club For Growth (C4G)
  • Voted to support TPP trade agreement and Obama Fast Track trade authorization
  • Supports all Ukraine funding and U.S. government spending in Ukraine
  • Endorsed Florida Red Flag Laws, most firearm confiscation of any state
  • Silent over the 100 Florida citizen J6 detainees (largest number in nation)
  • Asked legislature to criminalize boycotts of Israeli companies, including pharmaceutical companies
  • No support for E-verify system or employment law against illegal alien hires
  • Endorsed by Paul Ryan
  • Endorsed by Jeb Bush

Sooner or later people have to admit the obvious.

Ron DeSantis is a generally good governor, but he is being dishonest in his national intents.

He landed Two HUNDRED MILLION in campaign money from the Establishment.  Think he has ambitions to take on Trump next year?

Bet on it. 

One more thing, Ronnie:  I'm an American.  I'll boycott whoever I damn well please.

Freight Rates Go Down, Down, Down

Freight rates are an excellent example of the supply/demand equasion.  When rates are taking a dive, as they are now, it means that there's a lot less freight to be moved.

In September of 2021 the average cost for shipping a container from Asia to the U.S. West Coast exceeded $20,000. Last week, the average cost to ship a container from Asia to the U.S. West Coast had declined 84% from a year earlier to $2,720....

That's not all.

 ...Today’s daily national truckload index rate was $1.78, just $.03 above the breakeven rate for some of the truckload carriers in the market. Note: this is peak season....

Elsewhere it is reported that major national 'contract' carriers are accepting freight-tenders in the spot market at contract rates; that is, they're low-bidding to get the business.

It's fair to say that 2023 will be a challenging year, at least for retailers.   That means that it will be a challenging 3 & 4Q for manufacturers.

CRT in MPS, With Kohler Corp. Support!!

Of course MPS doesn't "teach" CRT.  It's some abstruse theory only taught in law schools of the Rich and Famous.  Who you going to believe?  Your lying eyes?? 

Except in the 16 "community schools"--which are supported by Kohler Corp through United Way.

...Progressives hope to convert as many low-performing public schools as possible into community schools. They see this as a way to block conservative attempts to create alternatives to poorly performing public schools via charters, choice, and competition for enrollment based on a school’s academic performance as measured by tests. Unions especially love community schools because they prevent teachers at low-performing public schools from experiencing consequences for meager academic results. Conservatives, on the other hand, are suspicious of community schools precisely because they de-emphasize academics in favor of social services. At their worst, as we’ll see below, community schools substitute progressive political indoctrination for academics. Teachers give up on excellence, and progressives get an army of student converts to boot....

Yes, indeed!!  Progressive political indoctrination is part of the game in Milwaukee!!

 Cultural Relevance: To transform how schools relate and interact with their students, families and community in a more culturally relevant and restorative way leading to positive school cultures, strong relational trust, and high quality teaching.

 Culturally Responsive Practices - Schools receive support to implement strategies that build on the assets of the entire community, acknowledge personal and institutional biases, and respond to the self-identities of students, families, school staff and community members.

Restorative Practices - Schools receive support to implement Restorative Practices and other positive behavior strategies that work to build proactive, positive relationships and repair any harm that may have occurred in order to restore relationships with dignity and care.

The language used above is a fine example of Trickery & Deceit, ain'a??  Because when you read between the lines, it spells "C R T" in bright, bold, red.

Where could MPS create schools which will have few--if any--academic standards and employ Restorative repair harm (from White Supremacist Nazis)?

Glad you asked!!

In partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools, United Way is currently working with fifteen MCSP Schools and ten partner organizations to employ a Community School Coordinator at each school:

    Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School (Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee )
    Auer Avenue Community School (Milwaukee Urban League)
    Bradley Tech High School (Milwaukee Christian Center)
    Browning Elementary (Silver Spring Neighborhood Center)
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School (WestCare Wisconsin)
    Grantosa Drive School (Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee)​
    Hopkins Lloyd Community School (Walnut Way)
    James Madison Academic Campus (YWCA)
    Lincoln Avenue School (Sixteenth Street Community Health Center)
    Longfellow School (Journey House)
    O. W. Holmes School
    North Division High School (Milwaukee Urban League)
    South Division High School (Sixteenth Street Community Health Center)
    Washington High School
    Westside Academy (Froedtert & the Medical College)
    Zablocki Elementary (Sixteenth Street Community Health Center)
It's likely that Herb Kohler died after learning that Kohler is supporting this.  

Prove otherwise or shut up.

Think It's Bad Here?

Given the nature of Congress, no matter which party runs it, Argentina's condition is possible here in the US.  Remember the 'conservative' Paul Ryan's massive deficit budgets?


So what's happening in Argentina?

“Thousands of Argentinians marched in Buenos Aires last week to protest rising costs of living. With key interest rates at 52% and inflation at 60.7% in May, demonstrators urged the government to resign while rejecting IMF loans that come with ever-tougher conditions for citizens” (Kamau, 2022). Which has deteriorated even more over the past 90 days: “Argentina’s central bank hiked the country’s benchmark interest rate 550 basis points to 75% on Thursday, a day after inflation overshot forecasts to near 80% on an annual basis” (Reuters / CNBC, 2022). 

Think it can't happen in the US?

PRAY that it can't.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Quo Vadis, Giorgia Meloni?

The recently-elected Prime Minister of Italy is Giorgia Meloni of "Dio, Famiglia, Patria!" fame has already cemented her country's ties to NATO.  Since she campaigned as a Ukraine War doubter, questions arise as to her fidelity to her promises now that she's more or less taken the NATO line on the 'special military operation'.

In a mid-length essay found here, an Italian observer notes that--in reality--Italy is a vassal state of the United States and has been so ever since WWII.  In addition, Italy is a financial vassal of the EU, made so in large part by her Globalist (and un-elected) predecessor, the soulless financial 'wizard' Draghi.

So Meloni is between a rock and a hard place.

...The reality – or I should say the tragedy – of politics is much more resemblant to the epic yet shadowy universe of Tolkien. And the battle in Giorgia’s heart has begun already before the election. Torn between “governists” and “movementists”, between appeals to VOX and to Orbán on the one hand, and the institutional responsibility of carrying on Draghi’s iron-cage agreement with the EU on the other, Giorgia has lost some supporters on both sides. Her victory was announced, but she did not triumph, and people are protesting even before she presents her government. Berlusconi and Salvini ask to be influential, and so do their parties, the President imposes his constraints, and so certainly do the US and NATO. Giorgia has been appearing in public less in recent days, and she lamented many sleepless nights. The dream of the clean girl finally sitting on the throne could quite easily turn into a nightmare.

The same people who voted for her are mostly contrary to sanctions, as are the majority of Italians, and many – like me – are even pro-Russian. Her party’s representatives replied that this proves that their stance is principled and not out of political convenience, but of course, this defiance does not solve the serious political contradiction. As the EU revealed that the promises of massive financial support contained in the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) will be kept if and only if the government progresses on the LGBTQ+ agenda they have discretely [sic] agreed on with Draghi, Giorgia’s party protested. Yet if they resist this, there will be many other “irresistible offers” and compromises later....

"Irresistible" as in "Nice country you have here.  It would be a shame......"

That's how the US treats its vassals.

The essay has some obiter dicta of particular interest to Catholics.  Early on, he writes this:

...Once at the center of the formidable Roman Empire, Italy has since been the lot for the powerhouses of the moment, often more than one at a time. Internally fragmented, and internationally divided, its boundless pride collides with the paradox of being an object of both contempt and envy, and produces immense frustration and countless dissonances within itself and for its external observers. Perhaps nothing expresses it better than the magnificent irrelevance, the burgeoning decadence of Rome and the Vatican....


Later on, he quotes Benedict XVI who is commenting on Putin after their meeting:

 ...“Our meeting (Benedict XVI and Putin’s) was interesting. We spoke in German, and he knows it perfectly. We did not undertake deep discussions, but I believe that he – while a powerful man – is touched by the necessity of faith. He is a realist. He sees that Russia suffers the destruction of morality. Also as a patriot, as a person who wants to bring it back to its role of great power, he understands that the destruction of Christianity threatens to destroy it as well. He is aware that man needs God, and certainly, he is intimately touched by Him. Even now, when he presented Pope Francis with an icon, he first crossed himself and kissed it.”...

Quite a contrast to the propaganda emitted by the British and US intel services, I'd say.

Back to the main thoughts:

... How could two so like-minded people [Putin and Meloni] end up not only on opposing sides, but actively waging war against each other? Especially in the deadly political environment created by the Western Empire, where the Resistance, the defenders of such simple truths – men and women… – are persecuted into supporting each other?...

... First of all, both are artificial conditions that are shaped and directed by the Empire, particularly the US, NATO, and the EU, to divide and rule their opponents. Everyone can understand that if you lose Poland, you also lose the Baltics and, sooner or later, the whole Visegrád 4. So US motivations to keep the centuries-long hatred going are high. In the case of Italy, there is a strong Russophile tradition – reciprocated by a very warm Russian friendship – and once again, a turn toward the Russian sphere would leave the West in worse conditions than during the Cold War (while a Polish conversion would almost mean the reconstitution of the Warsaw pact). As I explained, they literally killed people over decades to avoid such a scenario....

Having reminded us of Putin's disquisition on the West ('Satanic' was the key word), the author goes on:

... The West openly despises Giorgia’s and Poland’s convictions. Yet they tolerate them very gladly as long as these perform their role of anti-Russian fanatics. This is unsurprising, as the West is a-moral, even more, and even worse, than immoral. They do not have an opposing morality: the fact is, morality does not exist for them, they have the reverse of morality....
It would be helpful if the author distinguished the West's leadership --really, the Davos crowd--from the people.  That separation is clear in Holland, France, Canada, and increasingly in the US, where not only will the mid-terms produce a Republican Congress, but a much-more-'America First' Republican contingent therein.

Can Meloni find a middle path between the EU/Davos/NATO bunch and her electors?

Stay tuned.


"We Forgot"?

UberMensch (in his own mind) Paul Ryan is a member of the Fox Board.

...the corporate Fox News YouTube site has not shared a single Tucker Carlson monologue for the last two weeks....

Mere co-incidence.

Effective Election Observers!

Amusing little story here.

...This weekend several men in tactical gear took a shift watching a ballot drop box in Yuma, Arizona.

The men are sitting in a lawn chair and the back of the truck as they observe the Yuma drop box....

The local media was tipped off and drove by to make this a story.

The media is out harassing conservatives protecting the election from illegal ballot traffickers....

Unlike the Philadelphia Black Panthers, these election observers were not waving billy clubs around, nor standing in an entryway yelling racial slurs.

Similar occurrence in Maricopa County, a hotbed of election fraud. 

But you can count on Merrick Garland to send a couple hundred heavily-armed FEEBS to 'protect our democracy' by hauling the observers into Club Fed.

Cleanest WI Election Ever? More Questions!

This is interesting.

State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) has received credible
information from a Wisconsin-based watchdog group indicating that tabulators in Wisconsin were not only connected to the internet, but the machines were connected to an unofficial IP address belonging to WiscNet
. Brandtjen who chairs the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections issued the following statement:

“It is extremely alarming to learn that our election data can be transferred around the globe in such a cavalier manner. We learned the machines were connected to WiscNet on three elections dates (November 3, 2020, April 5, 2022, August 9, 2022), yet we are continually told by our election officials and by Speaker Vos, that the machines have no modems and the data is secure. This new evidence suggests otherwise with the data being extremely vulnerable. The questions raised by this exposure need to be addressed immediately...

We'd love to know about the expertise of the watchdog group and how they found the active modem-connect.  

If true, it's another example of Robin Vos' stupidity or naivete, and since we don't think Vos is naive, that leaves..........ahhh...........

...There is no indication of an issue with the tabulators themselves; the issue is with the modems that were connected after the polls closed. The unofficial election results should not be sent by modem to the county clerks on election night. Meagan Wolfe admitted that the modems have not been certified. Those unofficial results can be sent via fax, email, text, called in, or even driven in. Official election results are never received by the county clerks until the next day after the election, so in no manner would this affect those...

Aside from those objections, there is another question:  were those modems doing anything else than playing touch-and-feel with WiscNet?

We'll see.

Egads!! Local Pravda Is Right!

Credit where credit is due; even Little Local Pravda is right once in a (long) while.

There are plenty of things in this news story editorial which are debatable, and what's NOT in the story is very important (which is why it was left out.)  Hints:  1)  the price of fuel; and 2)  Biden's enormous-gigungous spending bill.  The Sacred Narratives of "Green Weenies and Biden Good" cannot be questioned, so Little Pravda won't.

That said, here's where the story gets it right:  it questions "tax cuts" as some sort of inflation remedy.

Both Michels and Evers yammer on about their holy-picture sanctity because "tax cuts." But "tax cuts" do not remedy inflation; not even a little, tiny, bit.  (By the way, Evers is lying about "his" tax cuts; the Pubbies forced him to sign on.  He would have happily increased both the gas tax and the income tax, but The Narrative skips that part.)

Anyhow, as someone with a 'graduate degree in macroeconomics' should know, cutting taxes increases disposable income which creates demand for goods, which tends to raise the price of stuff.  That's called "inflation," Tim.  Get off your Pubbie Party talking points and get real.

Same applies to Tony, who is box-of-rocks dumb.  That's his excuse, and he's sticking to it.


At least Michels proposed a cut in spending; he'd zero out the entire Department of Public Instruction Ignorance & Pornography for Kids.  That alone should win the election.

"Conservative" Lying "News"paper

Little Local Pravda is not the only "news"paper to lie about things.

The "conservative" papers do it, too.  Here's the Washington Examiner, which is a reliable Deep State/Establishment mouthpiece:

A centrist Democratic congresswoman lashed out at Tulsi Gabbard after the party defector campaigned for her Republican rival in Virginia this weekend....

They're referring to Spanberger (D), as a "centrist."


 Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) skipped the debate against her Republican challenger Yesil Vega after joining a lawmaker pushing to jail parents who do not affirm children’s transgender identities.

Spanberger quickly denied supporting the legislation, but continues the mutual admiration society with the radical-Left woman who proposed it.  Let's talk a little more about Spanberger's radical-Left inclinations, shall we?

...The congresswoman also tried to rewrite history in April by campaigning in a predominantly conservative area and saying the Defund the Police slogan pushed by her far-left colleagues was “a terrible idea.”

However, the congresswoman, as she usually does, left out that she has taken thousands of dollars from groups that want to defund the police, voted for an anti-law enforcement bill backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), voted against condemning calls to defund the police, and marched with Black Lives Matter.

Spanberger has been supported by radical groups in the past, taking thousands of dollars from and being endorsed by groups that want to defund the police. The congresswoman has taken over $10,000 from Planned Parenthood Action Fund and almost $5,000 from the Sierra Club Political Committee.

Additionally, Spanberger took $5,000 from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) pro-defund the police Super PAC, Courage to Change — which has a “litmus test” that requires all candidates seeking their endorsement to promise that they would “reduce the annual budget for law enforcement.”...

Spanberger's entire claim to fame is that she used to work for the CIA.  The very same CIA which was run by a known perjurer who voted for the Communist candidate for President--and was put into place by none other than Barack Hussein Obama.  Is Spanberger just like Brennan?  Nope.  Does she hold Deep State/Establishment views and positions?  No doubt.

But in the eyes of the Washington Examiner, "ex-CIA"/Deep State/Establishment" makes her a perfect Congressman.  That alone should tell you something.


Saturday, October 22, 2022

Putin's Next Gambit Is Underway

The Warmonger bunch in D.C. and London may cost all of us a lot.

...Last week the Shetland Islands lost broadband and phone connectivity with the outside world when undersea communications cables to the island were cut. The cables were broken in two separate places on two separate occasions days apart.

Earlier this week large undersea internet cables in the south of France were cut. At least three fiber optic cables were cut in southern France on Wednesday evening. Search operations to identify damaged sections of the submarine cable are still ongoing....

 ...And, now, the Royal Navy is tracking a Russian spy ship off the coast of the United Kingdom. The Russian vessel the Akademik Boris Petrov left its Kaliningrad on Monday, October 17, and set a course through the English Channel for supposed research activity in the South Atlantic. On Friday it changed course unexpectedly. This course will take it over multiple critical transatlantic cables off the coast of Ireland.

The cables over which the Akademik Boris Petrov will pass form the backbone of the World Wide Web. Ninety-five percent of the world’s communications travel on such undersea cables....

Eh, so what?  Some cable in the North Atlantic ain't my email cable.

 ...In the financial sector alone, undersea cables carry some $10 trillion of financial transfers daily.  European companies and banks are almost completely dependent on these cables because virtually all of their data is actually stored on servers in the United States....

Unlike the people in the White House, Putin is a serious governor of a serious nation. 

Still think Biden got 80 MILLION votes?

Legalize Weed? Leave It in Illinois

We expected Tony Evers would push for legal weed; he's dumb as a box of rocks.

Now that the facts about use are becoming clear, Tony looks even worse.

Meg and Scott knew something was going on with their son Kyle when, during the pandemic, he began refusing to get out of bed to attend class online....

 ...Now, Kyle was constantly irritable and depressed and wanted to drop out of his New Jersey high school. Then, one night, he lost it completely, fantasizing that his parents wanted to kill him. ...

...The family checked Kyle into a psychiatric facility, where his delusions got worse. He thought his dad ran the mafia and had put Joe Biden in office. He demanded that his parents give him $10 million.

Meg and Scott were sure their son was messed up on some hardcore drug. But when the institution ran a drug test, Kyle came up positive only for his prescribed Attention Deficit Disorder medication and for THC — that is, marijuana....

The Drug of Choice for Evers and a whole lot of Democrats--both elected and not.

Kyle is not the Lone Ranger.


...“We’re now counting 37 cannabis-related diagnoses a day,” Dr. Roneet Lev, an addiction medicine doctor at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, said about her emergency department. “It’s been steadily increasing over the years. When I started in the 1990s, there was no such thing. Now I see 1 to 2 cases per shift. The most common symptom is psychosis.” 

We probably see 20 THC-induced psychoses for every amphetamine-induced psychosis,” said Ben Cort, who runs a drug and alcohol treatment center in Colorado. One study showed an increase of 24% in cases of psychoses in emergency departments in Colorado in the five years following marijuana’s legalization in that state in 2012....

That would explain a lot about the January 6 Committee and the "leading thinkers" of the (D) Party campaign apparatus.  And we're serious about that.

Let Pritzker's state (and Michigan) have the stuff.  We'll take the industry that leaves there.