Sunday, December 31, 2023

Israelis Attack Christians in Israel?

Another "this may or may not be entirely true" story.

...Armed Zionist terrorists launched a “massive and coordinated physical attack” against Christian clergymen and other Christian community members in Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter, where violent Zionists backed by Israeli law enforcement and members of the Israeli government have been attempting an ethnic cleansing to clear the way for Jewish “settlers” and business interests....

There's a press release from the Patriarchate offices.


We're sure that Fox News CNN ABC NBC CBS AP will cover it immediately.  Or not.

SEE COMBOX.  This could have been a false-flag op.

D'ya Think He Means This?

Doesn't really matter if he believes what he says here or not; what he says rings true.

Just What the HELL Is Going On in Gaza?

There are "reports" of everything, but apparently zero proof of anything.  As usual, Wauck finds interesting stuff.

But it appears that the US, under Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants, is going to be a big loser, and Israel may also win that status.  And the US will also lose its war against Russia; see below.

Here we have Israeli TV reports that the war is NOT going well for Netanyahu:

Israeli Channel 13 :

"The intensity of the fire in the north (border with Lebanon), between Hezbollah and the IDF has reached such a level that in some towns, due to the security threat, it is not even possible to estimate the amount of damages.”

Israeli TV channel 14:

"The situation in the north of Israel (on the border with Lebanon) is worse than announced in the media.

Some positions are the target of dangerous attacks that are prohibited from being reported."

Kan TV [Hebrew] analysts:

"If #Hamas does not fall in #Gaza, we must prepare for a new and major attack on the periphery by them, even if their numbers are large and may reach the outskirts of Tel Aviv, and this is not unlikely at all."
This is not information that the US "press" is reporting, of course.

Worse, what the US "press" did report appears to have been false.

Here, Max Blumenthal is interviewed by Judge Napolitano, and partial transcript follows:

 [Blumenthal]:  Well this is a high level Israeli psychological operation and a propaganda hoax that only became coherent about two months after October 7th, when Israel decided that international support for its genocidal rampage in Gaza was faltering, and that they were particularly losing support among Joe Biden's base, which includes many feminists, Progressive minded people. And so they began to accuse Hamas of mass rape without any forensic evidence. And that's the first thing the New York Times piece by Jeffrey Gettelman--who is guilty of the worst journalistic malpractice, as we just outlined at our live stream at The Grayzone. And I did so on Twitter and we'll continue to do so.

They blame the lack of forensic evidence, the total lack of forensic evidence proving these allegations, on Jewish burial ritual. So, basically, if you challenge any of this or ask for evidence, you're anti-semitic. Then they proceed to interview all these "witnesses"--one guy, Roz Cohen, who's a former Special Forces soldier who was at the Nova Electronic Music Festival, who claims to have seen Hamas militants get out of a white van and gang rape a woman in the middle of their lightning surprise attack on Israel. And
this is a guy who has changed his story, as I've documented, no less than eight times. When he was interviewed on October 9th, first interviewed, he made no statements about having witnessed any rape. Then you have this anonymous paramedic that is, that the New York Times interviews, who has previously gone on an Indian news channel and lied about finding a dead Israeli baby thrown in a trash can by Hamas militants and stabbed multiple times. There's no record of that. He's just a fraud.

I can go on and on but, from top to bottom, this story is an elaborate fraud based on the perception that anyone involved with Hamas is capable of sexual savagery as soon as they come upon a Jewish Israeli woman. Which is interesting, because
if you listen to the testimonies of the young women who have come out of the Gaza Strip where they were held in captivity, none of them describe any sexual abuse. In fact, one said that she was shocked at how careful her captors were to not make her feel uncomfortable in any way, or violated in any way. That's not to say that everything Hamas did, that they didn't kill people, [that] they didn't kill civilians, but what Israel has to do, Israel has to go big with its propaganda to justify its big genocide.
So that "...river to the sea..." thing goes both ways; that is, Israel would like to push the Palestinians totally out of Israel?


Rumor is that Benji has asked Bai-Den to take a few hundred thousand Palestinians into the US, because other Arab countries will not take them, period.

Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants and his allies such as Graham have managed to demolish any influence the US had in the Middle East, and they don't have a clue how the Hell to get out of the briar patch.

Just great.

Meantime, in Eastern Europe:

... The United States has called for working groups from the Group of Seven (G7) countries to explore ways to confiscate hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen Russian assets, the Financial Times reported this week. The United States, backed by the UK, Japan and Canada, has proposed setting up preparatory work for expropriating over $300 billion in Russian foreign exchange reserves that were immobilized by Western nations after the start of the Ukraine conflict.

The EU, where most of the assets are blocked, is more wary of a direct confiscation, fearing possible retaliation from Moscow if the money is taken. Currently, €210 billion ($230 billion) of Russia’s reserves are held in the bloc’s financial institutions, with €191 billion in Belgium, €19 billion in France, and €7.8 billion in non-member Switzerland.

Stealing Russian assets is not the greatest plan in the world when Russia is going to be in a position to simply march some of its 1.5 million mobilized troops into some of those nations and take whatever it wants from whomever it wants within the next two years. Notice that the G7 countries which are within marching distance don’t appear to be quite as enthusiastic about offering Moscow yet another casus belli....

One more thing:  Russia can still cut off more natural gas pipelines into Europe, just as did the US and its CIA a few months ago.  "Rulers" in Germany and France are very well-aware of that.

But to the NeoCons, why not?  Those are just European dead/starving bodies, like the Ukrainians.  Who cares??

Trump Begins to Whore Himself Out

 A couple of items in today's news.

The FBI Headquarters should not be moved to a far away location, but should stay right where it is, in a new and spectacular building  --Donald Trump

“I'm going to indemnify through the federal government, all police officers and law enforcement officials throughout the United States from being destroyed by the radical left for taking strong actions against crime.”  --Donald Trump

Two panders which are totally disgusting.

He still has the Real Estate Developer mindsetborrow all you can, spend all you can, and if you go bankrupt, that's somebody else's problem.

Yah, well, that "somebody else" is us, Donald.  And yes, you learned that from Paul Ryan, but still......

N.B.:  There is no current (R) primary candidate who seems better than Trump overall.  That's at least partially due to the fact that Trump does not require the support of the RNC, nor the Chamber of Commerce.

Back to that Real Estate Developer thing--which is shared by almost every Member of Congress.  Dave Brat has a couple of truly scary observations:

Has it ever occurred to these Keynesian boneheads that when it comes to the endless accumulation of debt that there may come a state of diminishing returns? Or that more debt today ensures less jam tomorrow? Once the dollar was cut loose from its anchor to gold in 1971, however, it was off to the races. Collective income or GDP is now 2,300% higher, while collective debt is up by 5,600%. Accordingly, the US economy’s leverage ratio has soared to 357% as of 2022. $53 trillion of incremental EXTRA debt burden that would not have existed at the pre-1971 leverage ratio. That is to say, the current aggregate US debt level would be $41 trillion, not $94 trillion.

Yes, Virginia, your dollar buys less.  A LOT less, even from the slave-labor plants in the Far East.

'Sincere, But Wrong': Bishops' Immigrant Position

 New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan intends to hector Catholics into accepting illegal immigration.

Catholics are rebelling against their religious leaders’ pro-migration policies, and the Catholic leadership must set them straight, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York said in an interview on December 21 with the Catholic-run Center for Migration Studies (CMS)....

+Dolan got a wake-up slap from one of his parishes:

“We were about ready — [with] Catholic Charities — a year ago to turn that [empty New York City] school into a school for immigrant kids, who would come in, and we’d help them with their English. We would help them get up to speed when it comes to their eventual insertion into one of our schools,” the Catholic Cardinal said.

“And the people in that parish … rebelled and said, “Absolutely not, we will not have them here,” said Dolan...

One could ask if the Cardinal understands the word "ILLEGAL."  One could also ask if he gives a flying damn about it.....

Moving on.

The Church put out a video which (surprise!!!) did not feature opposing opinions from other Catholics.  But there are opposing opinions.

Mark Krikorian has one.

...[The Bishops are] making the mistake about “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” … If there is somebody who shows up in front of your church and they’re hungry, [charitably] feeding them is perfectly appropriate. But trying to change [government] policy so that there are more hungry people [delivered to] your church door is very different. That’s the [doctrinal] mistake they’re making....

Krikorian does think that the Bishops are "sincere."

There are plenty of arguments to be made on each side of this dispute.  Does the US need immigration for its own long-term prosperity?  Yes.  But should the US control such immigration for skills and attributes?  Yes.  Must all immigrants be Ph.D.'s, or highly-skilled machinists (e.g.)?  Nope; there are plenty of low-skilled jobs available and most immigrants are willing to learn through OJT.  (The Breitbart editorializing in the linked story is near hysterical.  Ignore most of it.)

Those are the easy questions and answers.

We think the Bishops will concede that these questions must be answered correctly:

Should the immigrants be subject to a thorough background check?  Should they be screened for health conditions, vaccinations (DPT), and VD's?  If they cannot pass the tests, or if a background check is impossible, should they be sent back?   

But will the Bishops agree with this one which is, by far, the most important one:  Are the immigrants culturally compatible with the Judaeo-Christian ethos of the United States? 

We find this anecdote from +Dolan amusing:

...I tried to reason with them, to go back in history, and to say this is exactly what your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents faced. It was the same thing. And gradually they began to recall the stories and they said, “Oh, that’s right. … We remembered when the Irish pastor made us Italians go downstairs for mass, and that being the main church.”...

The Cardinal gets a "Mostly False" truth-o-meter for that one.

Under the laws in force when my grandparents came here (legally), an immigrant had to be sponsored by a current US citizenThat citizen was required to provide food and housing and to find employment for that immigrant.  There was no $5,000.00 Visa card free-money; there was no welfare paid to immigrants for just showing up; the Government didn't fly them around the country, nor provide free health care, and there was no insane "anchor baby" reading of the Constitution.  And the immigrants were held at Ellis Island until they were cleared on health matters and all the paperwork was complete; they didn't just disappear into the country.

Perhaps the Cardinal forgot about all those facts?  (We're being generous here.)

But yes, there was discrimination.  Proof?  Easy:  go to Mitchell Street in Milwaukee and you'll find the "Polish" Catholic church on 5th st.,. and the "German" Catholic church on 9th st, four blocks away.  The "No Irish Allowed" signs were real, just as were the "No Germans/Czechs/ (etc.)" signs in other parts of the country.  Most immigrants simply put their heads down, worked, and persevered; some gave up and returned to their homeland.

Now, then:  if the Cardinal really wants pew-sitting Catholics to support more immigration, the Cardinal should build his case on the immigration-law principles which were operative until the mid-'70's, before Ted Kennedy lied about the immigration law he supported

And if he wants credibility, he and the USCC should be clearly and loudly opposing illegal immigration and what it's bringing:  rapes and murders along the immigration routes, and poisonous drugs and criminal activity here in the US.  Moreover, they should loudly and clearly denounce the Biden Regime for its flouting of the law and its breaking of oaths.

Think they'll do that?  Don't hold your breath.  When he begins by implying that only "bigots" oppose illegal immigration, the Cardinal's position is very clear.

Too bad.  

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Defective Mind: Cdl. "Kissy" Fernandez

Fr. Raymond deSouza has a few questions for the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), one Cardinal "Kissy" Fernandez.  The questions are about Pope Franny1's newest, and by far gravest blunder, Fiducia Supplicans.

The same questions, mutatis mutandis, could be asked of Abp. Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee, who put out a statement making excuses for tacitly approving this travesty of Franny's.

1)  At his first Angelus address after his election, Pope Francis spoke of the superior theological wisdom of the abuela, a theme he has returned to many times. Does your declaration’s distinction between “ascending” and “descending” blessings resonate with the abuela’s experience? Will her soul fill with the joy of the Gospel when she hears that her son-in-law, who has abandoned her daughter and grandchildren, was blessed with his new mistress by the parish priest? 

2)  Upon your appointment as DDF prefect, the Holy Father wrote you a letter warning you against a “desk-bound theology.” Are the fine distinctions of FS – blessing “couples” but not the “unions” that make them a couple – the way ordinary Catholics see things, or more like the casuistry of the desk?

3)   FS claims to be “innovative” and a “development” in the theological understanding of blessings. These novelties are “based on the pastoral vision of Pope Francis.” Is the pope’s “pastoral vision” now a theological locus, akin to Scripture, tradition, and the magisterium? Is such a supremacist understanding the papal vision consistent with the teaching of Vatican II on the college of bishops?

4)  What is the “pastoral vision” of Pope Francis? Given that FS contradicts the 2021 DDF document on the same topic, also issued with papal approval, how does one know the pastoral vision? Or is knowing the pastoral vision a kind of Gnosticism,...

Perhaps in the near future, we'll visit with the Archbishop and push the matter.  This is something which must be remedied, not surrounded with baffling bullshit like what our Archbishop already put forth.

They Are Truly Fools


SDNY Covering Up SBF Political Donations/Bribery

 Exactly what you'd expect from a Biden US Attorney.

Sam Bankman-Fried. who was convicted last month of stealing from customers of his now-bankrupt FTX cryptocurrency exchange, will not face a second trial on separate charges in the case, including campaign finance violations.

In a letter filed on Friday night in federal court in Manhattan, prosecutors said the 'strong public interest' in a prompt resolution of their case against the 31-year-old former billionaire outweighed the benefits of a second trial....

See, if Bankman-Fried is tried for campaign finance violations, certain politicians and certain political parties and PACs will be named.  They probably took a bit too much of SBF's candy, which is also illegal.

Can't have that.  

It would be far, far, different if this jackwad had contributed to Trump, of course.

Another "Fiducia Supplicans" Possible

Here's another couple which apparently fit into a Fiducia Supplicans box.

...Chancellor for 17 years, Gow said he has spent the last 10 years making pornographic content with his wife and posting it to various websites...
A couple.  CHECK!!  Irregular sitch.  CHECK!!  Will continue down their path.  CHECK!!  Totes un-repentant.  CHECK!!!

Think +"Kissy" Fernandez will approve?


Friday, December 29, 2023

Brewery Lefty Makes Fool of Self

Want to see someone self-immolate?

Watch this guy make his little speech while his petition is summarily tossed within 5 minutes.  That error in filing is only one of many he makes as he wanders through his presentation.

Don't have the time to fisk it, but there's plenty here.

Whoopsie!! EV Fire in Stellantis HQ

Apparently these 'experts' don't listen to their insurance carriers.

...Last month, reports emerged that a fire had broken out at Stellantis’ North American headquarters, in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Now, more details about the incident have emerged, indicating that the fire broke out at the Chrysler Tech Center, and involved an electric vehicle prototype.

The details of the investigation remain shrouded in mystery. However, according to a report from the Auburn Hills Fire Department, the prototype was parked on a lift and had to be extracted from the facility using a forklift....

 But totes safe in your garage, right?  Next to your children's bedroom, right?

1,000 Bishops Say "Nope!" to FrannyBlessings

The entire African Bishops' Conference has rejected Franny1's Fiducia Supplicans, along with the Bishops of Hungary and Poland, with more to follow.

But the Archbishop of Milwaukee, the Bishop of Madison, and the Bishop of Marquette, MI?

Nah.  They will proceed to bless COUPLES who are same-sex, or are in "irregular unions."

Brimming with courage they are, no?

The Bishop of Marquette--who knows what "scandal" is, only authorizes such blessings to be given 'in private.'

Oh.  Hiding something, Excellency?

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Grim's Grim Observations

Grim has observations.  First, he observes that Nikki Haley was stupid in her Civil War response.  FWIW, I think that finishes Ms. Haley as a candidate.  We'll see.

Next, he observes about the Civil War.

...Lincoln's election was, I think, definitely the cause of secession -- at least, the first wave of secession, which was only seven states in the Deep South. I don't think it was the proximate cause of the war. As he was inaugurated he was escorted by both cavalry and infantry, with sharpshooters covering his approach. A similar scene followed the election in 2020, when the government similarly deployed a large military force to protect itself against assumed violence (which in fact never appeared, neither in 1861 nor 2021). 

This did not necessarily mean that war was inevitable. Lincoln's inaugural address promised not "to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so." If slavery was the cause of the war simpliciter, you might then say that this should have prevented violence from springing out. It might have given a window for negotiating a new vision with the Southern states that did not leave the Union, which if it had succeeded might have eventually persuaded the seven that did to return. 
Yet war followed very quickly....

Yah, Ft. Sumter and all that.   Shooting, siezures, more shooting.....and then horrific numbers of dead and wounded.


 ...There are two other answers to the question of the proximate cause that occur to me. The first one is the general collapse of trust in the government under Lincoln to obey the Constitution. Southern states had moved to seize armories with their state militias, as they no longer believed the Federal government would respect their Second Amendment right to maintain armed militias. If they had trusted the courts to protect their rights, or had trusted Lincoln not to violate their rights, this might not have occurred....


You should read the rest.  Grim's fam has been in the South since the early 1700's (or so.)  He's not merely spitballing.

US Capitol Cops Open in Milwaukee

The US Capitol Police (join them if you want to murder a demonstrator with no penalty attached!!!) have opened an office in Milwaukee.

Probably because there's an Old Rite Mass celebrated here and the FEEBS are too busy chasing down parents who object to pornography-in-first-grade.

...Earlier this year, USCP announced their plans to open three more satellite offices. These offices are opening/opened in Texas, Milwaukee and Boston. USCP says they opened these satellite offices “due to the increased threat environment.” Again, they make these claims without showing any supporting evidence....

No 'evidence' or 'proof' is required when the Totalitarians make a move.

Ask Solzhenitsyn. 

By the way, your lawyer will be useless:

... USCP does not have to comply with FOIA requests. Meaning, I cannot request internal emails, memos and information regarding their work or spending. They operate without transparency. So if the USCP were doing other investigations—I wouldn’t be able to submit a FOIA request to obtain more information....

Much more like the good old-fashioned Secret Police.

Biden and His Illegals DO Poison the Blood

In a set of numbers you will NEVER find in the "press," we learn that 'poisoning the blood' of America is precisely what's happening at the border.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has seized 854.07 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 164.72 pounds of powdered methamphetamine, or speed, and 165.34 pounds of cocaine at the World Trade Bridge in Laredo, Texas....

That's just at Laredo, and that's only what they found.

The MK-84 2,000-Pounder

Wauck--and others--strongly object to the use of the MK-84 2,000-lb. bomb on Gaza.

...These enormously powerful bombs are not being used to hit special targets—deeply dug in command centers, as an example. They are being routinely used against civilians. Eagerly used against civilians. These are, again, unguided area bombs, with a “hazardous blast radius” of 3,280 feet. That’s why I call this pattern of use “weapons of mass destruction”, and the photos confirm that. Israel has used up to 500 of these bombs to date—200 in so-called “safe zones”. The US has supplied Israel with 5,400 of these bombs since October 7....

Since we know nada/zip/zero about bomb-tonnage and the destructive capacity thereof, we'll look for better-informed comments.  Meantime, I've highlighted certain words in that text which are opinions designed to inflame.

Would be really nice to know what is and what is not true about that damned war, wouldn't it?

Bryan Steil, the Snake?

We've always been a bit suspicious about Bryan Steil, who was a staffer for Paul (*spit*) Ryan.  

(We'll remind you that Steil gets a lot of air-time on Weber's show wherein he proclaims his "conservative" creds.  If that smells like a Priebus/Ryan thing......  Well.  You be the judge.)

Turns out that Steil--like Ryan--doesn't have a responsible bone in his body about the national debt.

...[Ex-Congressman] Santos said during the fight over the debt deal bill, leadership scheduled a procedural vote, a routine practice to keep everyone in place.

“They always do that to keep people around so they can twist their arms,” he said.

“That was the first vote I missed ever because I refused to go and stay on the floor,” he said. “I went in, voted no on the debt ceiling and left, went home.”

He said that McCarthy's team tried to track him down to change his vote.

“I didn't go to my office.--there were members of the speaker staff in my office. There were members of the speaker’s staff calling me,” Santos said.

“There were all sorts of members throughout leadership from Bryan Steil from Wisconsin, all the way down trying to call me,” he said. Steil is the former staffer to Speaker Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.), who succeeded his one-time boss when Ryan retired from Congress in 2019. Steil is now chairman of the House Administration Committee....

Santos is no angel.  But at least he didn't want to bankrupt the US, like Ryan and Steil (and McCarthy, et. al.)

Fortunately, Santos will be coming out with a book detailing the methods by which Congressmen are kept 'in line' by the various lobbyists--and naming names of Congressmen who were filmed in the act.

That should be fun--if Santos lives long enough to complete the book.

Home "Backup Battery" System? Think Twice

We already know that you should NEVER park your EV in the garage.  Those lithium batteries are a serious hazard.  (Dealers may not park battery-cars inside the dealership, nor inside the service department; their insurance will be cancelled if they violate that rule.)

So what about 'backup battery' systems for your home?


...When the batteries overheat, they produce explosive gasses, such as hydrogen. If the gasses are ignited, such as when water contacts electricity and causes a spark, the building can explode. As more homes install battery systems, the problem is growing....

Responding fire departments cannot easily tell if a fire is caused by a lithium-ion battery and not knowing can result in serious injuries--or death.

You might consider a standby generator hooked to your natural-gas line instead.

Boys in Girls' Sports in WI? "NO!!"

That loud "NO!!!" was sounded by Wisconsin citizens.

...A recent poll has revealed that Wisconsin voters are largely against allowing biological males, who identify as females, to participate in female sports. The margin of opposition stands at nearly four-to-one, or 73 to 19 percent. Voters with school-aged children expressed a particularly strong sentiment against such policies, with an 83 to 11 percent margin deeming them unfair....

Where's the legislature on the matter?

... On Oct. 12, 2023, the Wisconsin General Assembly passed three bills pertaining to this issue. AB-377 and AB-378 mandate athletes to compete on sports teams corresponding to their biological sex for K-12 and UW/tech colleges respectively....

For some reason, LeMahieu has not brought these up in the Senate.

What about Evers?

 ...Governor Evers has pledged to veto the legislation if it reaches his desk....

You expected Governor Twit to sign? Be serious.

The Perfect Picture

A few years ago, Gillette Razor stepped on a rake by making stupid remarks about 'toxic masculinity.'  That cost them some sales and their reputation for Woke lives on.

So when you see a picture of Taylor Swift complete with a Gillette banner and notice the recent 'girl-i-fication' of the KC Chiefs' record.......


Tuesday, December 26, 2023

In Our Dreams......

 Sundance proposes Trump's next Cabinet:

...The other cabinet members would all have big jobs, and none of them can come from the traditional system within DC.  They need to be wolverines baring teeth and ready to start the “retribution phase” on day one.

Secretary of State:  Ric Grenell

Defense Secretary:  Vivek Ramaswamy

Treasury Secretary:  Ron Paul

USTR: Robert Lighthizer or Peter Navarro

Commerce Secretary:  Peter Navarro or Robert Lighthizer

EPA Administrator: Sarah Palin

FCC Commissioner:  Mike Benz

CIA Director: Robert Kennedy Jr

FBI Director: Matt Gaetz

DOJ Attorney General:  Ken Paxton

Office of the Director of National Intelligence:  Rand Paul

NSA Director: Thomas Massie

Interior Secretary: Marjorie Taylor Greene
Something like that….
You'll have to read his essay to know who he wants as VEEP.  And you will be surprised!

Ascension Hospital "Science!!!"

In a remarkable display of "scientific knowledge" at least one Ascension hospital is making masks mandatory for staff as of today.

You see, the ChiComLungBuster numbers are "up."

And the mask will stop the virus, see?

America's "Second Civil War" of 1913

Heard a reference to 'the second American civil war of 1913' and dug up this essay.

Most sensible people think Woodrow Wilson was an enemy of AmericansAfter you read this, you'll be convinced....

So what happened in 1913?  There was no shooting, no war-wounded, no dead bodies.  But:

February 3rd:

The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified,
authorizing the Federal government to impose income taxes on individuals....

The politicians swore that the rate would never exceed 2%, by the way.

April 8th:

The 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, taking the powers of the states and transferring them to Washington, by mandating the popular election of senators.

Previously, senators were appointed by state legislatures, which, by design, restrained the power of the national government. This change gave political parties immediate and massive power, nearly all of which was consolidated in the city of Washington....

And finally:

December 23rd:

Woodrow Wilson signs the Federal Reserve Act, which had passed Congress just the previous day. This system – called the Aldrich Plan, and promoted by Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island – gave a monopoly on the creation of dollars to a consortium of large banks.

The Act was passed, by the way, in the name of financial stability.

(More on the Fed is hereNote that this article mis-numbers the year of the FRA's signing.)

There can be little doubt that the 17th Amendment kicked off the massive cancerous metastasis of Federal control of every.  damn.  thing.  One can argue that the 16th was absolutely necessary for the 17th, but Mordor on the Potomac would be what it is today were that order reversed;  the power/money equasion works either way.

One more very significant fact:

The Democrats did it.  All of it.  Collectively, this is The Revenge of The South.

Nuland/CIA Overthrowing Another Government

The Globaloney Bunch is attempting to overthrow another duly-elected Government in Europe.

Government institutions came under attack in Belgrade as globalist forces, orchestrated and funded from abroad, attempted to violently overthrow the legitimately elected government of Serbia. After an overwhelming victory over the globalist coalition in parliamentary elections on December 17, the so-called “Serbia Against Violence” alliance has itself resorted to violence in an attempt to seize power in the country.

President Aleksandar Vučić’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won a landslide victory, receiving over 46 of the vote, while the opposition leftist globalist “Serbia Against Violence” (SPN) alliance received only 23% of the vote. Having failed to attain power through the ballot box, the globalist opposition is now trying to seize power in a violent attack on government institutions....

How do we know it's the CIA?  Easy!

...the Center for Research, Transparency, and Accountability (CRTA), which calls itself an independent, non-partisan civil society organization, but is funded by Western Embassies & Foreign Ministries, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the USAID...

Ah, yes, USAID.  That's the CIA front group which finances insurrections whenever foreigners have the unmitigated gall to elect people who reflect the country's majority, who don't want to be serfs on the American plantation.

How stupid is the Nuland/CIA bunch?

So damn stupid that they use the same techniques, tactics, and financing sources every time.  

Monday, December 25, 2023

The New World Order vs. Russia

The NeoCon/New World Order/Open Society/WEF hatred for Russia is serious; they openly and tacitly are at war with that country, and have been for quite some time, roughly co-incidental with Putin's ascendancy.

Now, then.  Is that "just co-incidence," or is there another object of hatred common to all the poohbahs in those organizations which is resurgent in Russia?

...Russia…. Yes, RUSSIA, is the safest place for openly visible social/societal Christianity to exist [in Western Europe, as Russia did not/does not admit hordes of Muslims.]

In the former Soviet Union, cathedrals and massive places of Christian orthodox worship were essentially turned into warehouses and devalued.  Thankfully, these beautiful buildings and architectural masterpieces were not destroyed, they were just neglected.   However, in the past 20+ years something amazing has happened, and the people in almost every Russian region talk about what is happening with incredible optimism and fondness.

All of the old monuments and cathedrals are now considered as national cultural prizes.  The restoration and preservation are simply stunning, I mean drop your jaw on the ground stunning and overwhelming.   The beauty and Christian grandeur are bigger, brighter and feels more alive, cherished and respected than any place in Western Europe.

Yes, this perspective, this modern valuation, this incredible, remarkable and social celebration of Christianity that exists in Russia, far surpasses almost EVERY historic Christian monument and building in the EU in comparison to Russia.  It’s not just the building, it’s the way the social fabric of the people thinks about the values reflected within the represented imagery....

Such as?  More pix at the link.

Blessing of Christmas To You

May the Christ child bless you with the grace not to be who you are, but to be who you should be!

Free Nativity Scene Nativity photo and picture

Franny 1's "Confusion"? That's Polite for....

Two different prelates are on the record citing Franny 1's homosexual-blessing license as "confusing."  One is retired Abp. Hector Aguer.  The other is retired Philly Cdl. Chaput.

They are using "confusion" as a polite synonym for "chaos."

And we all know which angel loves him some "chaos," right?

Lisa Monaco Prepares the Ground

One of the most notorious and vicious Obama/Biden capos is making noises about 'threats' to America.  (She could look in a mirror to see an obvious and serious 'threat,' but.....)  In this Disney-Democrat Network interview, Monaco prepares the ground for further actions against MAGA people.  But she also gave a nod to Muslim terror acts and--oddly--'the border.'

...Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said the country is facing a difficult situation when it comes to security threats. She said possible trouble could come from the border, acts inspired by foreign conflict, or domestic rhetoric. ...

So who's to blame for "threats"?

...She addressed the challenges of the contemporary threat environment and said the rhetoric of people like former President Donald Trump did not help the situation....

Of course Monaco chattered about the Muslim-Israeli war as a 'threat.'  She can't really ignore that and maintain any cred.  

Then ABC, the Disney/Democrat property, pitched the Big Fat Softball:

....The conversation then turned to the political environment in Washington D.C., and Monaco was asked about Republican claims that the DOJ is full of political operatives.

“Those claims bear no resemblance to the Justice Department that I know. The Justice Department that I know is filled with dedicated men and women,” she said. “They get up every day without regard to who’s in the White House or who’s in Congress — it really bothers me when I hear those claims, because it does a disservice to the men and women of the Justice Department. It contributes to the toxicity that you’re speaking about.”...

 Sure, Lisa.  Let's look at YOUR 'dedicated, without regard to politics' service, shall we?

...Chief Procurator Merrick Garland announced Monaco would lead a “whole of government” effort to label any political opposition to the Biden regime as “domestic terrorists”.[5] The junta used the January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill peaceful protests against the 2020 presidential election outcome to set into place various multi-agency monitoring systems to “identify threats”, “monitor behaviors” and “conduct surveillance” on all Americans, in effort to identify the “domestic extremists”.[6]...

After her appointment, the FBI targeted Latin-rite Catholics, parents outraged by in-school grooming, and pro-life demonstrators.  

Monaco earned her Bai-Den Regime appointment by her 'dedicated, without regard' service in the Crossfire Hurricane fraud.

...The first week after Peter Strzok formally began the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Donald Trump, FBI director James Comey met with President Obama in the Oval Office for a private one-on-one meeting. Susan Rice, Avril Haines and Lisa Monaco began convening meetings in the White House Situation Room, which would later be referred to as “Deputies Meetings”. These meetings were initially attended by John Brennan, James Clapper, Comey and Loretta Lynch. Vice President Joe Biden eventually joined the Deputies Meetings.[7]

The Crossfire Hurricane investigation team, in conjunction with a number of agents at the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) under US Attorney Dana Boente, reported to Brennan's Working Group,[8] including the CIA. During this time, they investigated the four main targets of Crossfire Hurricane, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and they also investigated Roger Stone as part of their expanded WikiLeaks investigation....

Completely, totally, un-reservedly NON-partisan.

Make no mistake:  Monaco's assignment is to continue persecuting MAGA, outraged parents, and certain Catholics.  It behooves her to find a couple of Muslim sacrificial lambs, of course, and she will.  But that's not the real objective.

YOU are.

Another take on her DisneyDemocrat-network interview is from Sundance.


Sunday, December 24, 2023

America the Messiah??

That's the conclusion one can reach with Wauck's read of Simplicius.

...The Neocons’ great fear, as Kagan makes clear, is that Russia is winning the “information war.” The rest of the world no longer sees American Exceptionalism in terms of American founding documents like the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United State, George Washington’s Farewell Address, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The rest of the world sees America using terms like “democracy” and “freedom” as cover for coercive power projections, as hypocritical expressions of a belief in the value of having our own way, of preserving economic dominance financed by deficit spending based on the dollar’s use as a reserve currency, and enforced by perpetual military intimidation. No opposition can be brooked or else the house of cards—and this rules based order is being exposed as just that—will collapse. We will be forced to live within our own means.

That’s actually what the rest of the world wants of us, and it would be good for us. America would remain an important and wealthy country on its own merits. But it would no longer be the country that Lipset and the Neocons envisioned making it: an ideologically driven nation with “a unique mission to transform the planet and its inhabitants.” My argument is that the Neocon notion of a “mission to transform” actually began right here in America. A key part of that mission is to transform America from a national embodiment of a people informed by Christian traditions, beliefs, and principles into one that is ideologically driven to project power on behalf of its ruling class—the Neocons and their proxies and their values. The idea of living on terms of equality and mutual respect with other nations, following traditional principles of international law, doesn’t enter into the Neocon rules based order....

We note that 'their values' are materialist-hedonist.  They're not even compatible with orthodox Jewish principles and beliefs.

Wauck goes on to state that Trump interrupted the Globaloney Project and re-directed the nation to "America First," not "America Regnant."

They hate him for it; but outside NATO, the rest of the world was OK with that.

America is not "Messiah."  That's one of the lessons of Christmas that we must learn.

Republican Nat'l Committee $$ Shortage

Sundance explains this very well.

As the story is told, the “republicans” have the lowest amount of reserve cash on hand in the past seven years. However, as readers here are well aware, it’s not the republicans that are “running out of money,” it is the RNC Corporation that is running low on funds. These are two distinctly different things....

 ...The RNC and DNC are essentially private clubs, business entities that exist within a political system they create and control. In the era of Donald J Trump, this stark reality is now clear to almost every voter.

As a result, the RNC corporation does not receive most of its funding from the American electorate. The people have switched from funding the republican corporation, the RNC, to directly funding the individual republican candidates....

Y'all kinda knew that, but there it is, plain as day, in writing.

So what?

 ...The RNC is irrelevant to grassroots, small donors. Only the multinationals continue funding the RNC, which makes the candidate funding from the RNC an outcome of who the multinationals, hedge funds, and Wall Street billionaires choose to select.

The MAGA base does not fund the RNC, and in most instances the RNC funded candidates are antithetical to the objectives of the America-First movement. This inherent reality creates two types of Republicans, the RNC/Corporate republicans – beholden to the multinationals and millionaires, and the MAGA republicans who must serve the interests of the MAGA voters....

You don't have to like Trump's personality, nor all of his positions.  But you do have to like a guy who actually LOST a chunk of his net worth and did a tough job without getting paid for it, along the way exposing the rape of the American citizen by other Americans.

And despite everything but assassination being thrown at him (so far), running for the same position so he can expose even more corruption and stop a part of it, again.

He, friends, is a Patriot.

Puer Natus

This is the Introit for the Mass of Christmas Day.

Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.  Dominion is on his shoulder and his name shall be called the Angel of Great Counsel.  (Tr. Solesmes, 1990)

Note the relatively high pitch (tessitura) maintained throughout the Chant.  It is "announcement" pitch, similar to the tessitura found in the communion Chant of Pentecost which announces the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.  That 'announcement' begins with an open 5th, a trumpet-call.  The melody descends when it gets to 'nobis' (to us, here on Earth).  Also note the ending of the antiphon's joyful repose on "Angel of Great Counsel."

In all Chant and well-written sacred music, the WORD animates (or governs) the music.  When you understand that, you can easily discern which "music" should be used for Mass.

Since about 1970, that guideline has been tossed into the dumpster in almost every Catholic church in the West.  Now Divine Worship is more like a lawn party.  

And the "lawn party" faction elected Franny 1, friends.

Baric, Daszak, CIA, and Fauci?: Manslaughter Team

The U of North Carolina/Charlotte employed Ralph Baric.  Dr. Mengele Fauci employed Daszak's firm as a cut-out.  The CIA funded Fauci's research.

All to create a bio-weapon "accidentally" released by Red China, killing millions worldwide.

Baric, Fauci, Daszak, and the CIA players are enjoying their lives.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Winnie, Re-Written

There is an update to Winnie the Pooh: