Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Never Heard of Moldova? You Will. Soon.

Since the Globalist/NeoCon warlords are having trouble with Ukraine (that war is lost, lost, lost) they will soon start another "action" in or around Moldova.

...Watch out for the CIA, Do[State] influence over Western NATO allies to create a battlefront against Russia using Moldova.

The basic premise would be for some kind of kinetic action to take place on the Moldova/Ukraine -v- Russia conflict zone (Odessa region), likely created by organized CIA operations, that will then provide the predicate for a second and more direct NATO front against Russia to take the pressure away from direct engagement in Ukraine.

Again, USAID operations (the CIA) have been all over Moldova for the past several months.  Something is going to trigger there, and Vladimir Putin can also see it, see the Lavrov statement from November 30....

If Russia knows it, you should, too!  What?  Bai-Den didn't tell you?

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