Thursday, December 28, 2023

Bryan Steil, the Snake?

We've always been a bit suspicious about Bryan Steil, who was a staffer for Paul (*spit*) Ryan.  

(We'll remind you that Steil gets a lot of air-time on Weber's show wherein he proclaims his "conservative" creds.  If that smells like a Priebus/Ryan thing......  Well.  You be the judge.)

Turns out that Steil--like Ryan--doesn't have a responsible bone in his body about the national debt.

...[Ex-Congressman] Santos said during the fight over the debt deal bill, leadership scheduled a procedural vote, a routine practice to keep everyone in place.

“They always do that to keep people around so they can twist their arms,” he said.

“That was the first vote I missed ever because I refused to go and stay on the floor,” he said. “I went in, voted no on the debt ceiling and left, went home.”

He said that McCarthy's team tried to track him down to change his vote.

“I didn't go to my office.--there were members of the speaker staff in my office. There were members of the speaker’s staff calling me,” Santos said.

“There were all sorts of members throughout leadership from Bryan Steil from Wisconsin, all the way down trying to call me,” he said. Steil is the former staffer to Speaker Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.), who succeeded his one-time boss when Ryan retired from Congress in 2019. Steil is now chairman of the House Administration Committee....

Santos is no angel.  But at least he didn't want to bankrupt the US, like Ryan and Steil (and McCarthy, et. al.)

Fortunately, Santos will be coming out with a book detailing the methods by which Congressmen are kept 'in line' by the various lobbyists--and naming names of Congressmen who were filmed in the act.

That should be fun--if Santos lives long enough to complete the book.

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