Saturday, December 16, 2023

Weekend GOOD NEWS Story!

A (real) man in Iowa demolished the statue of Baphomet placed in the Iowa capitol building.  He did that because the girly-girl Iowa Governor-ette Kim Reynolds refused to take action.

A man who damaged a Satanic statue in the Iowa Capitol building said he raised $20,000 for his defense after he was criminally charged. Michael Cassidy, a former candidate for the Mississippi House of Representatives, is charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief for tearing down the statue placed there by the Satanic Temple Iowa...

That took about 24 hours.

Here's Kimmie's Weak Sister reaction:

 ...Gov. Kim Reynolds said she found the statue "absolutely objectionable" but did not call for its removal in a statement issued on Tuesday....

So Brave!  So Stunning!!

So Establishment Republican!!!!

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