Saturday, December 30, 2023

Defective Mind: Cdl. "Kissy" Fernandez

Fr. Raymond deSouza has a few questions for the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), one Cardinal "Kissy" Fernandez.  The questions are about Pope Franny1's newest, and by far gravest blunder, Fiducia Supplicans.

The same questions, mutatis mutandis, could be asked of Abp. Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee, who put out a statement making excuses for tacitly approving this travesty of Franny's.

1)  At his first Angelus address after his election, Pope Francis spoke of the superior theological wisdom of the abuela, a theme he has returned to many times. Does your declaration’s distinction between “ascending” and “descending” blessings resonate with the abuela’s experience? Will her soul fill with the joy of the Gospel when she hears that her son-in-law, who has abandoned her daughter and grandchildren, was blessed with his new mistress by the parish priest? 

2)  Upon your appointment as DDF prefect, the Holy Father wrote you a letter warning you against a “desk-bound theology.” Are the fine distinctions of FS – blessing “couples” but not the “unions” that make them a couple – the way ordinary Catholics see things, or more like the casuistry of the desk?

3)   FS claims to be “innovative” and a “development” in the theological understanding of blessings. These novelties are “based on the pastoral vision of Pope Francis.” Is the pope’s “pastoral vision” now a theological locus, akin to Scripture, tradition, and the magisterium? Is such a supremacist understanding the papal vision consistent with the teaching of Vatican II on the college of bishops?

4)  What is the “pastoral vision” of Pope Francis? Given that FS contradicts the 2021 DDF document on the same topic, also issued with papal approval, how does one know the pastoral vision? Or is knowing the pastoral vision a kind of Gnosticism,...

Perhaps in the near future, we'll visit with the Archbishop and push the matter.  This is something which must be remedied, not surrounded with baffling bullshit like what our Archbishop already put forth.

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