Sunday, December 24, 2023

America the Messiah??

That's the conclusion one can reach with Wauck's read of Simplicius.

...The Neocons’ great fear, as Kagan makes clear, is that Russia is winning the “information war.” The rest of the world no longer sees American Exceptionalism in terms of American founding documents like the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United State, George Washington’s Farewell Address, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The rest of the world sees America using terms like “democracy” and “freedom” as cover for coercive power projections, as hypocritical expressions of a belief in the value of having our own way, of preserving economic dominance financed by deficit spending based on the dollar’s use as a reserve currency, and enforced by perpetual military intimidation. No opposition can be brooked or else the house of cards—and this rules based order is being exposed as just that—will collapse. We will be forced to live within our own means.

That’s actually what the rest of the world wants of us, and it would be good for us. America would remain an important and wealthy country on its own merits. But it would no longer be the country that Lipset and the Neocons envisioned making it: an ideologically driven nation with “a unique mission to transform the planet and its inhabitants.” My argument is that the Neocon notion of a “mission to transform” actually began right here in America. A key part of that mission is to transform America from a national embodiment of a people informed by Christian traditions, beliefs, and principles into one that is ideologically driven to project power on behalf of its ruling class—the Neocons and their proxies and their values. The idea of living on terms of equality and mutual respect with other nations, following traditional principles of international law, doesn’t enter into the Neocon rules based order....

We note that 'their values' are materialist-hedonist.  They're not even compatible with orthodox Jewish principles and beliefs.

Wauck goes on to state that Trump interrupted the Globaloney Project and re-directed the nation to "America First," not "America Regnant."

They hate him for it; but outside NATO, the rest of the world was OK with that.

America is not "Messiah."  That's one of the lessons of Christmas that we must learn.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and may the blessing of the Creator be upon all who earnestly seek him. This year, as August turned to September, I posted a comment recommending Simplicus as a writer worth reading, so I am pleased to see him referenced.

The writings of the our Government Neocons, like Kagan and Nuland, reminds me of the banality of evil. The exterminating impulse is not unique to one set of villains and victims. It can arise and be executed anywhere, by anyone, at any time. In this country and its allies, among people who look and act like us, on a day like today. Even here, even now, even as these words are being written. To toy with totalitarianism implies the right of a state to pursue its goals no matter what.

In deference to Grimm who requests identification of anonymity. Mark 78.