Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Like Being Warm in Winter? Fuggeddaboutit!

We probably mentioned this earlier, but here goes again.

...The Department of Energy issued a rule in September to take effect in late 2028 that would require nonweatherized gas furnaces in homes to have an "annual fuel utilization efficiency" of 95%. The American Gas Association filed a legal challenge to the rule on Monday, with President and CEO Karen Harbert saying the association's prior concerns to the department had been "summarily ignored."...

...“This ruling from DOE will push American families with natural gas heat into a corner — when their furnace goes out, they’ll be forced to choose between retrofitting for electric with the increased month-to-month utility bills that entails or engaging in a costly and time-consuming renovation to retrofit their home for a completely different type of natural gas furnace. Either way, American families and businesses will be saddled with increased costs with little environmental gain,” Harbert added.

The AGA says that the rule would ban the sale of noncondensing gas furnaces and estimates that the rule would affect 55% of households....

Bai-Den would also make about half the gas stoves in the US illegal.

But if you don't need a warm home and cooked food, go for it!!

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He is coming.


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