Sunday, December 17, 2023

The Confused Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis may be a bright lawyer.

But she suffers from confusion as a Christian.

Here's her X statement on the Iowa Capitol Baphomet beheading:

...Christianity teaches that we war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness (Eph 6). The satanic statue had no more actual power than an idol in Babylon. I hate that this was erected in *anywhere,* especially a State Capitol, but lawlessness in the name of “Christian Nationalism” is completely missing the point of religious freedom and legitimacy of law. Destruction of property is not okay for the Christian who hates a satanic statue any more than it’s okay for the satanist who hates a nativity scene....

St Paul reminds us that we are not in a war against people, but against Baphomet.  St Paul and Christ also remind us not to worship false gods, nor to value them more highly than God.  (Remember 'mammon'?) 

Ms. Ellis would have us believe that 'property' has some magic value and should command more respect than Right Order.  The statue may be 'powerless,' but enshrining Baphomet in a State Capitol is actually the enshrinement of Relativism:  He's OK, We're OK. 

But Baphomet is NOT "OK," nor is that the message that should be sent by a State.  

What Michael Cassidy did is called "participatory democracy."  Ellis should applaud his civic engagement!

She's young.  She'll learn.

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