Thursday, November 30, 2023

Truth Here

Nikki Haley? Be Serious.

The Koch bunch will 'mobilize' behind Gov. Haley.  Surber has something to say about that--and there's a surprise at the end of this quotation:

...In 2016, [Haley] used her spot as the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union address to attack Donald Trump.

She said, “During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation. No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country.”

And nearly 8 years later, she collected her reward as the presidential candidate of Never Trumpville, where it is all about cheap labor and the illegal aliens who provide it. If open borders also bring in fentanyl, gang bangers and terrorists, Koch and the rest don’t care because they can afford private security.

What likely cost DeSantis the Never Trumpville endorsement is the Never Trumpvillains are uncomfortable with his willingness to take on social issues. No one wants a puppet who can think.

Plus, maybe the RINOs believe he would have a better chance than her of winning next November....

That's as close as Surber has ever come to an endorsement of DeSantis.  But given what Haley/Koch stand for, DeSantis is certainly preferable.

That said:  Trump still walks away with itThere will be massive election fraud, of course; but can it overcome a likely Democrat-voter turnout problem?  Or Democrat voters who vote against Biden?


The Huge BidenTax of Inflation

 The Joe Biden regime is expensive--for you.

Just to maintain the same standard of living that Americans had at the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term, households have to spend an additional $11,434 per year, according to CBS News.

Since January 2021, when Biden first took office, inflation has risen 17%, far outpacing the 2% per year that the Federal Reserve aims for, while average hourly wages have only increased 13.6%...

Wait, wait!  There's more!!!

 If you think that getting 13.6% raises means you're only short about 3.5% after Biden,  you are wrong!

After Fed and State taxes, 13.6% is really only 9.5% or so.

So your Net Biden Losses are about 7.5% in just two years.  To catch up with BidenFlation, you'd have to have gotten raises of about TWENTY-TWO percent.

Go ahead.  Ask your boss for another 8.5% to make up for the BidenTax of inflation.  We'll hold your coat, and everything.

Good luck!

Seth Rich's Laptop. Hmmmm!

There's all sorts of speculation about what Seth Rich did (or did not) have on his laptop, since the FBI would not turn it over to anyone.  Most of the speculation centers around whether Rich downloaded and then sent DNC files to WikiLeaks.  The author of this piece thinks differently.

What is NOT speculation is that Seth Rich was assassinated on a street in D.C.  Not "robbed," not "mugged," just killed outright. 

The secrecy may end soon.

A Texas federal judge has ordered the FBI to disclose information on Seth Rich. Judge Amos Mazzant requested they turn over his personal laptop, work laptop, a DVD and a tape drive within 14 days.

The mainstream media told you that Russia hacked the DNC and provided WikiLeaks with the DNC and Podesta E-mails. That’s a proven lie!

There’s evidence that Rich — who went by the name Panda in anonymous online chats — was the source. That means Rich exposed Pizzagate and we never would’ve learned about it if it was not for his sacrifice. ...

"Pizzagate" refers to a child-sex ring.

More to follow.

EVs Cost More, Run Less!!

It's a Miller Lite commercial....

On average, electric vehicles have proved far less reliable than gasoline-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs....

...Consumer Reports pointed out that the average sale price of an EV was over $61,000, or $12,000 more expensive than internal combustion models of the auto industry....

Other than that, things are fine.

Fr. Thomas Reese on Francis 1

It's about time that Fr. Reese popped off!

Jesuit Father Thomas Reese has asserted that Pope Francis 1 is not only a lawless brigand but a true figure of the antichrist.

“If we compare the Gospel message with that of the Pope and other authoritarian leaders, we can only conclude that he and they are antichrists,” Father Reese wrote for the leftwing Religion News Service (RNS) this week....


He said that about Trump?

My bad.  Never Mind.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Trump Persecutor Goes VERY Big

Jack(ass) Smith, a Trump prosecutor persecutor, is going very big.

He issued a subpoena:

...In the pages that aren’t obscured, there are demands by Smith for information on virtually every conceivable aspect of the 77-year-old former president’s Twitter account, including “all advertising information … and ad topic preferences,” all IP addresses associated with the account, Trump’s privacy and account settings, records of the account’s communications with Twitter support and all direct messages sent and received by the account from October 2020 to January 2021.

The government also sought information on users who interacted with Trump leading up to the riot.

“All information from the ‘Connect’ or ‘Notifications’ tab for the account, including all lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by the account, as well as all tweets that include the username associated with the account (i.e. “mentions” or “replies”),” the warrant states.--Gateway quoting NY Post

It's likely that some of my relatives will be in Club Fed soon....

Dear MisHum: Relax!

It's likely that you've seen this story (or a variant) in the last few days.  The Wackos play this up as though all the Banks are preparing to go under, taking your money with them.

Between Nov. 12 and 18, several banks filed to close branch locations, with PNC Bank with the most filings, according to data from the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Pittsburgh-based PNC Bank filed for 19 branch closures—five in Pennsylvania, four in Illinois, three in Texas, two each in Alabama and New Jersey, and one each in Indiana, Ohio, and Florida.

JPMorgan Chase followed closely with 18 filings—three in Ohio, two each in Connecticut and South Carolina, and one each in 11 states, including New York, Illinois, Florida, and Massachusetts....

That story mentions another couple of bank branch-closings.  AOSHQ's Misanthropic Humanitarian picked it up and asks if it's a cause for worry.

Really?  The End of the World As We Know It?

Banks close branches for a number of reasons, but one BIG one is "spicy neighborhood" and another one is "nobody banks here any more."  Those are very closely related reasons.  Also:  banks make money on lending.  If the neighborhood doesn't have borrowers, OR if the borrowers are low-quality, there's not much point in heating, cooling, leasing, and staffing offices, is there?

MisHum only needs to look at "branch closings" of Walgreen's, Target, Wally World, Kroger, ( for a good comparison.  Theft is more a problem with the retailers than it is with the banks, but the same principles apply.

Michigan To Go Industry-Free by 2040

The headline is correct, as anyone who operates any sort of manufacturing plant knows.  

But here's the wire-service story:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed into law a sweeping clean energy package...

...The Clean Energy and Jobs Act includes several bills that would improve state energy efficiency requirements and streamline permitting processes for solar and wind projects. It would also mandate that state utilities shift 100% of electricity sales to clean energy sources by 2040....

"Clean" sources = Totally Unreliable Sources.

Wisconsin is not going that direction---yet.  That's why Wisconsin landed the Microsoft server farm and Michigan didn't.

One expects that Wisconsin officials should be sitting in the offices of Ford, GM, and Stellantis in the very near future, but with the Governor we have, that's not likely.  Too bad, eh?

Tridentine Rite Catholic? FEEBS Will Entrap You

 Interesting story here.

A traditional Catholic family was allegedly “dragged out of their home at gunpoint, handcuffed and locked in a van” earlier this year after the FBI “goaded” their 15-year-old son to post  “offensive memes” online....

...The FBI targeted the boy as part of a sting operation catfishing traditionalist Catholic teenagers with “extreme political content,” Rufini explained in the family’s GiveSendGo crowdfunding site. ...

The kid was given a cellphone so he could contact family if needed while he was caring for his great-grandmother.  He did what kids do--went into a couple of rabbit-holes which were probably operated by the FEEBS for purposes of entrapment.

After all, the kid and his family go to the Tridentine Rite Mass, so they must be Domestic Terrorists.


Pope, Cdl Burke Agree!

 Today's news from Rome:

Pope Francis said Wednesday he is still not well...

It is also reported that Cdl. Burke nodded his head vigorously at that announcement as he was cleaning out his Rome apartment. 

Perhaps we made up that last sentence.

Bishop of Green Bay Wakes Up.....

Perhaps he reads this blog.

The Catholic Diocese of Green Bay is strongly objecting to a satanic tree displayed at The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin....

 ...Bishop David L. Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay said, “Displaying a Christmas tree with bright red lights, inverted crosses, pentagrams and other satanic symbolism, with a snake wrapped around the tree where our savior belongs, is not something families and children should be exposed to at any time, but most especially during this Christmas season. The tree is offensive and harms the unity and joy that the Christmas season brings.”...

All that is very nice.  Then we get this:

 Bishop Ricken said he would be writing a letter to the Board of Directors of The National Railroad Museum...

The classic "Strongly Worded Letter."

Dear Excellency:

Just go in there and rip the damn thing out and toss it into a fire.

Problem solved.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Joe-the-Liar's "No Inflation"

 Jay Weber got it right:  we have little growth and massive inflation.

It's called "stagflation," and it's what Jimmuh Carter brought us.  It's the Democrat Thing.

Exactly what Peter Navarro predicted.

Another example:

Snowblower selling today for "Everyday Low Price" of $1149.00 was selling for "Everyday Low Price" of $899.00 in 2021, and "Everyday Low Price" of $799.00 in 2019.

Thanks, Joe-the-Liar Biden!!

FAAFO in Pompano Beach

Very Good!

A Florida high school principal and three other officials have been reassigned after letting a trans girl play on a girls' volleyball team - despite it being against state law.

Principal James Cecil, assistant principal Kenneth May, athletic director Dione Hester and volleyball coach Jessica Norton were all shuffled away from teaching roles....

No longer teaching the children that boys are girls are boys are girls, or something.

JS/Democrats Go "What About?"

Yes, the local rag is a Democrat propaganda outlet.

So when they do Whataboutism, you know their boy Evers is in deep doodoo.

Conservatives are raising concerns about Gov. Tony Evers using a pseudonym to communicate via email — a longstanding and bipartisan practice Wisconsin governors have engaged in for years to communicate about public business....

So what?  Evers is the sitting governor.  We want to know what kind of deals he was doing--and with whom--during HIS term.

By the way:  has anyone looked for a Fake Name email at Department of Public Instruction, whether for Evers or for Underly?



Speaker Johnson Doesn't Get It Yet

It appears that the new Speaker has Foggy Vision problems.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) floated a proposal Monday that would include aid to Ukraine and border security reform...

No, Mr. Johnson.

You are negotiating with yourself.  Biden will NEVER enforce ANY 'border control' you put up, and spending more money on Ukraine is flushing it down a toilet.

Are you really that dense, Mr. Speaker?

ADDED:  Looks like Johnson really IS that dense:

 ...despite strong conservative, progressive, and grassroots support for reining in Section 702, it appears that Johnson may end up putting a reauthorization of the controversial surveillance law in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)....
He's approaching hopeless 702 is used to hunt down political enemies.  How?  Simple:  political enemies are re-classified as 'threats' and 'terrorists.'  That's what Obama did and Biden/Garland are working under the direction of.........  Looks like Johnson is on the same page, too.

The American public understands that the 'threats' and 'terrorists' occupy Washington DC offices.  That's why a record number of NICS-checks were run last Friday.

Johnson better catch up with that.

Bannon joins Tucker (!!) to lay it out, with Ireland as the template.

Prepare for.......What?

This does not come as a surprise.

The FBI conducted a record number of National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks on November 24, Black Friday 2023.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) noted the FBI conducted 214,913 NICS checks on Black Friday, easily surpassing the 192,749 NICS checks conducted on Black Friday 2022....

Tea leaves, anyone?

Monday, November 27, 2023

Biden: "The Cow REALLY Jumped Over the Moon."

He's gone.  Totes out of it.

Joe Biden took gaslighting to an entirely new dimension today during remarks to brag about the recovery of U.S. supply chains during his administration tenure.

As incredible as it sounds, Joe Biden actually claimed Thanksgiving food prices were the fourth lowest in history...

Fourth lowest in history.

He also claimed that "MAGA Republicans" are trying to stifle the internet.


+Gaenswein, +Strickland, Now Cdl. Burke

The purge continues.

...“Cardinal Burke is my enemy, so I am taking away his flat and salary”. This is what Pope Francis supposedly said at the meeting with the Heads of Dicasteries of the Roman Curia last 20 November, and which a Vatican source revealed to the Daily Compass. ...

So the Cardinal will have to find housing and an income?  He won't have a problem at all.

What is Franny1 going to do with all those Latin Mass Catholics?  Take away their missals?

What a Bozo this guy really is.

It's Time to Shut Down the Government

We know that the rubber-spine Republicans (most of them in Congress) will run from this as fast as their campaign-finance treasures will let them, but hey.....

It's Time to Shut Down the Federal Government.


...Sonya Labosco, Director of the Air Marshals National Council said Air Marshals are quietly following Americans who flew into the DC area around January 6, 2021.

Labosco said Air Marshals are no longer going after terrorists or the bad guys because they are now stalking and following every single person who flew into the DC area around January 2021 even if they did not go to the US Capitol.

“We’re not flying right now. The only missions that we are doing are ‘Quiet Skies’ missions and those are missions that are following the January 2021 people,” Labosco said. “So we’re either on the border for illegal immigrants or we’re following folks from January 2021. We’re not doing our regular missions where we’re out there looking for the bad guys so for now most flights you’re not gonna have Air Marshals.”...

FEEBS are spying on moms and certain Catholics.  Air Marshals are following people who were in DC on J6...........because.  US attorneys are persecuting Trump and his close associates such as Bannon, Giuliani, and Navarro.

EPA intends to rip out gas heaters and gas stoves from your homes; others are plotting to reduce your "carbon footprint" by 80%.  Still others intend to spy on you by forcing you to use debit/credit cards for ALL purchases (except homes and cars--so far.)  Soon, HHS will be removing your children from your home because you don't agree with "gender dysphoria".  And yes, they still capture every single email and text you send and receive.  

Who needs this shit?

The Anti-American "American"

 There are no co-incidences.  Start with that maxim, and you'll understand "Anti-American American."

In our report on Never Trump State Department official George Kent, Revolver News first drew attention to the ominous similarities between the strategies and tactics the United States government employs in so-called “Color Revolutions” and the coordinated efforts of government bureaucrats, NGOs, and the media to oust President Trump.

Our recent follow-up to this initial report focused specifically on a shadowy, George Soros linked group called the  Transition Integrity Project (TIP), which convened “war games” exercises suggesting the likelihood of a  “contested election scenario,” and of ensuing chaos should President Trump refuse to leave office. We further showed how these “contested election” scenarios we are hearing so much about play perfectly into the Color Revolution framework sketched out Revolver News’ first installment in the Color Revolution series....

Get the idea?  Remember that the "Color Revolution" is a CIA/State Department method used to overthrow governments that do not bend to the will of the Left.  Zelenskiy is in place in Ukraine because CIA/State put him there through the 2014 Color Revolution.  He promised to comply with their desire to overthrow Putin and shove Russia back to the 18th Century. 

Of course, co-ordinating that anti-Trump civil revolution required a nerve center.

...This  third installment of Revolver News‘ series exposing the Color Revolution against Trump will focus on one quiet and indeed mostly overlooked participant in the Transition Integrity Project’s biased election “war games” exercise—a man by the name of Norm Eisen....

You can read the rest at the link above, but we'll post one very telling excerpt here.

[Eisen is] the man who implemented the David Brock blueprint for suing the President into paralysis and his allies into bankruptcy, who helped mainstream and amplify the Russia Hoax, who drafted 10 articles of impeachment for the Democrats a full month before President Trump ever called the Ukraine President in 2018,...

Yes,.  BEFORE the phone call.

Yet this turd still walks around in D.C., pretending to be an American citizen.


Bp. Barron Comes Out Swinging

Refreshing to see this.

Bishop Robert Barron has said that he is in “frank disagreement” with the final report of the Synod on Synodality’s claim that advances in the sciences require an evolution in the Church’s moral teaching on human sexuality....

 ...the deeper problem I have is that this manner of argumentation is based upon a category error— namely, that advances in the sciences, as such, require an evolution in moral teaching,” he added.

“Let us take the example of homosexuality. Evolutionary biology, anthropology, and chemistry might give us fresh insight into the etiology and physical dimension of same-sex attraction, but they will not tell us a thing about whether homosexual behavior is right or wrong. The entertaining of that question belongs to another mode of discourse.”...

Yah, but 'category errors' are swallowed whole by the Ignorant Crowd in the press and electronic media, so that's what the liars use.  Recall that lying is a favorite technique of Satan, and you'll have the pieces to the puzzle

This essay is related directly to the "scientific knowledge advance" claims.  Here's a small but pertinent taste:

...Reading carefully the fragments mentioned by Joseph Ratzinger, we first notice that consuming the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is a sin that literally modified the human nature: from immortals, men have become mortal. In other words, it represents an extremely grave moral error with huge consequences in terms of knowledge. More precisely, as we can see from the entire context of the statements of Saint Bonaventure, it is about a misguided orientation of a transformative knowledge....

Recall the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well and the 'two waters' in that story, then read this:

...To drink the “interior” water means to dedicate oneself to the contemplation (i.e., the knowledge) of the mysteries of the Holy Scriptures under the guidance of the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. To drink the “exterior” water means to get lost in the labyrinth of “naturalistic” disputes about the real existence of a gigantic fish that could have swallowed a man (the prophet Jonah). Or to engage in “historical-critical” discussions about the differences between the manuscripts through which we have received the texts of the Old or New Testament. Thus, when Saint Bonaventura says, “he who is concerned only with knowledge eats of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” he is referring to that “exterior” knowledge, which, by replacing the contemplative, interior knowledge of God, ultimately gets lost in the labyrinth of the world,...

Sorta like the labyrinth of "scientific advances regarding homosexuality"?


Terry Wall's "Gimme!" Editorial

Terry Wall is a Madison-area Libertarian--until it comes to "who pays Terry" for his solar arrays; then, he likes YOU to pay for them through tax credits.  That's a distinctly NOT-Libertarian idea.

Wall's argument with utility rate calculations is actually an argument with the Public Service Commission--but Wall would rather make Big Utility into the boogeyman.  It's easier to persuade you when you have an enemy, and Big Utility is a handy one.  (Who loves their utility, anyway?)

God only knows why Terry wants to protect the PSC.

Look, Terry:  if you want to plant solar arrays on your roof, fine.  Don't require everybody else to pay for it by giving you tax money disguised as "credits."

By the way, Terry:  thanks for telling us what we already know:  solar is worth its salt for ONLY TWO MONTHS of the year in Wisconsin, which raises the question "Why the Hell are utilities bothering with this crap?"

The reason:  your Government wants it.  And if you dig down far enough, you'll find that certain Favored People are hauling in the megabucks by selling this garbage.

Just co-incidence, of course.

Ron Johnson, Hero

 Ron Johnson opened up about all the dirt being shoved down your throat, and the throats of your children and grandchildren.

For that, he will be mocked by the sophomoric twits and--eventually--crucified by the Elites.

He deserves a lot of gratitude.

Gov. Dweeb (D-WI) Is Hiding Something

Jessica and Jim got this one--congratulations!

Tony Evers has a secret state email account appropriating the name of a dead baseball legend, but he doesn’t think the public has a right to know about it.

Gov. Tony Evers has been
communicating with state workers about public business using a secret government email account in the name of a deceased Milwaukee Braves baseball legend, and over 17,000 emails sent to and from the account exist, Wisconsin Right Now has exclusively documented....

...Gov. Evers writes various state workers and cabinet secretaries using the account “,” a state email account in the name of the Braves’ legend....

First of all, Evers is dumb as a box of rocks for using the State's email system for his "secret" messages.  If he had used Yahoo, or ATT, it wouldn't be a State system and he would not be required to divulge all the contents.  And since he refuses to honor the open records request, we can presume that this account is full of stuff that he doesn't want taxpaying voters to know about.

Second, Governor Dweeb has stolen the name of one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the major leagues.  He dirtied up the name of Warren Spahn.  For that alone, Dweeb should be impeached immediately.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Amos Hochstein. Who the Hell Is HE?

Wauck finds these very, very, significant tidbits.

Want to puke in your soup?  Read this item while eating soup!

...Born in Israel, began working as a foreign policy adviser to Democratic Party members of the U.S. government House Foreign Affairs Committee—Boom! We can flesh that out a little bit. He was 21 when he left the IDF, where he is reported to have been a tank crewman. After a few months, reportedly, at a Tel Aviv PR firm he migrated to his fast track career in DC. He was hired by DemRep  Sam Gejdenson (whose background suggests that he is Jewish). The chairman of the committee at the time was Lee Hamilton, who later distinguished himself by writing a letter to Obama urging commutation of Jonathan Pollard....

Plenty more at the link above.  Or rather:  plenty of curious appointments, considering.

Looking for a college degree?  Nevermind.  Looking for political savvy before working for a Congressman at the ripe old age of 21?  Nevermind.  Looking for someone who made a bunch of money for being a Board member at a Ukrainian energy firm?  Look no further.

Looking for a reason that this guy--a dual-citizenship guy--is a US envoy?

Yah.  We thought so.  Only thing missing is a close relationship with Epstein-who-did-not-hang-himself.

But maybe that's not missing at all.

The REAL Poker Game


Cut Out That Driving--and Home Heating, Too!

It's amusing that these dweebs think they can impose their will.

Here the Canadian Environment MinisterDweeb states without reservation that 'Yes, indeed, we will force you to use less home-heating gas.'  Not a big deal in Florida, but a REALLY big deal on Prince Edward Island.

Another bunch of twits tells us that an 'acceptable' carbon footprint is about 2.3 tons/year.

Uh-oh.  That means that someone will attempt to reduce US citizens' carbon footprint by about 86%.

You read that right.  Eighty-six percent.  Here's a chart:


Sure hope the damnfools who attempt to enforce this understand that they will be risking a lot when they come around with their "shut-down" orders.

Are the FBI and CDC Working for Red China?

We have occasionally voiced displeasure with Cong. Gallagher (R-WI) but his current interest is in how Red China poses a threat to the USA and he's doing a bang-up job.

Once you read this story, you'll ask if it's the Chinese or the FBI/CDC which poses the greater threat to this country.

...Here we had a Chinese citizen who came to America illegally. He was fleeing a $330,000,000 judgment for intellectual property theft on behalf of the Chinese government. He set up this lab, and he was buying dangerous pathogens, [online] including Ebola,...tuberculosis, [and] HIV. So we have no tripwires in place, no safeguards in place, in order to prevent potentially a hostile actor from buying dangerous pathogens in order to damage America.

And then when the local officials found this, and it was all because a local and business building inspector saw a pipe sticking out of what was supposed to be an abandoned building, they called the FBI. The FBI said, well, we can’t investigate because there’s no ties to WMD, which is absurd, they called the CDC. The CDC hung up on them initially. ...

Well, we know what the FBI's priorities are:  moms who attend school board meetings to object to pornography readings to 6-year-olds, and Catholics who attend the Old Rite Mass.  Chinese Communist/illegal aliens who are trying to poison and kill Americans are NOT a priority.

As to the CDC:  has anyone discovered anything good about that bunch?  Ever?

Anyone?  Bueller???

Trust the Military? Eh....Nope!

One of the few "trusted" entities in the US over the past several decades has been The Military.  People just thought that anyone in a uniform is a good guy, true-blue, on our side.

Well, The Military has managed to go the way of the FBI:  straight to the bottom.  Bannon says it out loud:

 ...Steve Bannon, who served President Donald J. Trump as chief White House strategist during the president’s first year in office, said that he met with Milley and other Pentagon leaders in order to get them on board with Trump's national security agenda, specifically regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“I was the point person for President Trump in '17 on getting us out of Afghanistan,” the former Navy destroyer deck watch officer said.

“They had so much time to plan for the Afghanistan withdrawal,” he said. “Remember, we didn't get it done in '17, and the reason we didn't get it done in '17 is that they kind of pushed President Trump into a corner and lied to him.”

...Bannon said that in his experience with the Pentagon leadership, he was struck by the lack of candor and faithfulness to the facts.

The Pentagon was committed to keep operating in Afghanistan, he said.

“We were quite blunt to tell them they were wrong and what we were going to do, starting with getting out of Afghanistan, and Milley and these guys plotted from the beginning to thwart Trump,” he said.

“We extended it even more, and they swore every year: ‘Oh, it's only going to be five or 10 billion,’ it was like 40 or 50 billion every year just into a rat hole—just into a total rat hole driven by the defense industry and the greed of the defense industry,” he said.

“I hate to say this, as much as I love the military and the Navy, the military, DOD, the national security state will look you straight in the eye, and they will lie to you,” he said. 

“They will lie to you,” he said. “You sit there and ask the most basic questions, the most basic questions about operation, about costs, about projections, about what's going to happen. It's either through gross incompetence or you just get outright lies.”  --quoted at RedStates

Bannon is not alone in sussing out the Pentagon's gross insubordination and infidelity to the US.  There is a really good reason why recruitment is far, far, far, from its goals.

The reason?  Americans can add 2+2 and get 4, no matter how loud and fast the Generals lie.

The Return of the Dies Irae

 Some people who read this blog know what the Dies Irae is.  It is the Sequence sung at the funeral Mass for the Dead ("Requiem Mass") and at All Souls' Day Masses in the Tridentine Rite.

The liturgical revolution all but eliminated that Sequence, but the haunting tune remains out there.  It is quoted in 70+ other pieces of music, including in the movie "Lion King" (!!) when the daddy lion dies.  Rachmaninoff loved the tune, too, quoting it in Rhaposdy on a Theme of Paganini and in his Isle of the Dead.


We've watched a few college football games recently, and lo and behold! the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee bands both use the first few lines of the music when their teams have a good defensive series.

Further, Auburn uses a chunk of the Verdi Dies Irae for the same purposes.

So much for the Liturgical ReformersThey failed to suppress the Tridentine Rite Mass, and have managed to move one of that Rite's most famous tunes into the mainstream.

Think maybe St Cecelia is telling them something?


23 Million Naturalized by '24

News item:

...more than 23 million immigrants to the United States who now have naturalized American citizenship are eligible to cast ballots, new analysis reveals....

So that means Biden gets 104 million votes?

Saturday, November 25, 2023

The (REAL) Fighting Irish

This is not the football team pretend-Irish.  These are the real ones.

ITEM 15: reported, “Violent riots [fiery but mostly peaceful protests] have erupted in Dublin after unconfirmed reports that a foreign national was responsible for a random stabbing attack on three children on Thursday that left a five-year-old girl fighting for life.

“Protesters torched multiple vehicles, looted stores and clashed with police near the site of the attack on Thursday night. Footage also appeared to show a hotel, which according to unconfirmed reports was housing migrants, being set ablaze by protesters.” 

The Irish cops have still not revealed the name, ethnicity, or immigration status of the man who stabbed the children.  UPDATE:  The perp is Algerian.

So the Irish commoners went Fighting Irish.  Vigilante.

Not good action, but a very good warning signal, no?

UPDATE:   Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) superstar Conor McGregor has said members of the public should "evaporate" properties before they can be taken over "unannounced," apparently in reference to hotels and other buildings which the Irish government is filling with migrants after giving locals short or zero advance notice.

As we said, the REAL fighting Irish.

Meme of the Year

 Stolen from PowerLine: