Sunday, November 26, 2023

Amos Hochstein. Who the Hell Is HE?

Wauck finds these very, very, significant tidbits.

Want to puke in your soup?  Read this item while eating soup!

...Born in Israel, began working as a foreign policy adviser to Democratic Party members of the U.S. government House Foreign Affairs Committee—Boom! We can flesh that out a little bit. He was 21 when he left the IDF, where he is reported to have been a tank crewman. After a few months, reportedly, at a Tel Aviv PR firm he migrated to his fast track career in DC. He was hired by DemRep  Sam Gejdenson (whose background suggests that he is Jewish). The chairman of the committee at the time was Lee Hamilton, who later distinguished himself by writing a letter to Obama urging commutation of Jonathan Pollard....

Plenty more at the link above.  Or rather:  plenty of curious appointments, considering.

Looking for a college degree?  Nevermind.  Looking for political savvy before working for a Congressman at the ripe old age of 21?  Nevermind.  Looking for someone who made a bunch of money for being a Board member at a Ukrainian energy firm?  Look no further.

Looking for a reason that this guy--a dual-citizenship guy--is a US envoy?

Yah.  We thought so.  Only thing missing is a close relationship with Epstein-who-did-not-hang-himself.

But maybe that's not missing at all.

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