Thursday, October 31, 2019

Kevin McCarthy Has It Right

This is excerpted from a longer rant.

"We are not [here] working for the American people.

All due respect, Mr. Minority Leader, that's been the case since ........ohhhhh..........the Korean War.

Vindman (LtCOL USA) Has Excess Memory Complex

From what Ace reports, it would seem that LtCol Vindman, decorated US Army hero and Ukrainian-American, may have a memory disorder

Specifically, he remember shit that wasn't said.

A source with knowledge of the testimony in these fake impeachment hearings tells me that there were four professional transcribers who were listening in on the call, for purposes of preparing a written transcript. The four people wrote down what they each heard, then brought their transcriptions together, harmonized them, and decided as a group what the best transcript of the call was....

...That's standard protocol. Apparently they don't tape these recordings. That's why they have people transcribing the calls in real time.

They all agreed on the transcript that Trump released.

Now, they specifically refute Vindman's claim that there were Secret Messages during that phone call that were not included in the transcript. Vindman kept attempting to change the transcript, or add his notes of whatever auditory hallucination his Deep State pals told him that he heard, and the four transcribers kept rejecting them, saying "that wasn't said" or "none of us heard that" or the like.

All four of them denied this.

All four.

One, two, three, four.

Tell me:

Are four random civil servant transcribers all part of the Trump campaign? Has Trump "gotten" to them all?...
More interesting:  what the Hell is LtCol Vindman, USA and war-hero, trying to pull here?

So, Bp. Malooly: Have You Spoken With Biden??

Coming as no surprise at all, the El-Foldo Bishop of Wilmington (Biden's home Diocese) plays the "politicization" card to shame the South Carolina Catholic priest.

...Bishop Malooly in the Sept. 4, 2008 edition of The Dialog, the Diocese of Wilmington’s newspaper, addressed the issue shortly before his installation.

“I look forward to the opportunity to enter into a dialogue on a number of issues with Sen. Biden and other Catholic leaders in the Diocese of Wilmington,” the bishop said in an interview that was published four days before he was installed as bishop of Wilmington. “However, I do not intend to get drawn into partisan politics nor do I intend to politicize the Eucharist as a way of communicating Catholic Church teachings....
So, Excellency, you've had ELEVEN YEARS to "dialog" with the baby-killer financier.

How's that working out for you?  And how's that working out for the babies?

Methinks you are a hypocrite; a whited sepulchre, Excellency.  Prove me wrong.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dots, Connections, Ukraine, .....

There are a helluva lotta dots.  But (surprise!!) they're all connected.

The original "whistleblower" (leaker) is a CIA jackwad who was fired from Trump's NSC staff for leaking and working against Trump's agenda.  Previously, he worked in the Obozo White House.


Turns out he also worked with some babe named Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who was digging up dirt on Trump in 2015.  Yup.  2015.  Ain't that interesting??


Well, Ms. Chalupa is a pal of another Ukrainian-American whose party-girl daughter gets a job working for Nancy Pelosi.

And LtC. Vindman was born in the UkraineThat's OK, of course, until he decides that his own personal Ukraine policy is better than that of the President of the US.

All of this creates a question.   

How many Ukrainians do we need to govern the USA and manage our foreign policy towards Ukraine?

Two Grafs In, There's the Lie

The local rag can't help themselves.

The Republican leader of the state Assembly said Wednesday that climate change is “probably” real, but that he’s not sure.

There is nearly universal consensus among scientists and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that global warming is real and man-made....
The Ass'y Pubbie, Robin Vos, can rest assured.  There IS such a thing as climate change.

But the assertion of 'near universal consensus' that it is "man-made" is simply not true.  There are lots of "climate changes" in terrestrial history, most of which occurred long before industrialization.

And nobody believes anything the UN has to say on any topic whatsoever.   For that matter, let's recall the "consensus" of the Next Great Ice Age confidently proposed in the 1970's.

But "man-made" makes for one helluva good money-making scheme.

The rest of the article is the usual bullshit.  Tokin'Tony creates a task force right out of the Left-O-Wacky playbook to check out climate change.
With Tony's leadership, they'll undoubtedly solve the problem./sarc

Obozo Admitted 1 Million Criminal Illegals?

With Obozo, it's the Rule of No-Law.

The Obozo Administration shut down required DNA testing of illegals, which likely resulted in about 1,000,000 criminals set loose in the US.

That's in addition to the number of criminals active in the Obozo Administration, such as H. Clinton.

It's All About the PachaMoney

Took long enough to get to this...

A group of regional leaders from the Amazon proposed Monday at the Vatican that rich nations be compelled to indemnify them for environmental damage caused in the so-called “lung of the planet.”...

...“Science points to a great risk of climate change on the planet and there is a need to address this issue more swiftly,” Mr. Dias said. “Brazil, as a country that captures carbon dioxide and emits oxygen, has an estimated $30 billion in receivables.”...
Sure.  $30 billion for Brazil.

Given what we know, it's likely that Pp. Francis will institute ecological reparations as the 7th Law of the Church, and put a statue of Pachamama on top of St Peter's.

AT&T Bleeds. Will They Try A la Carte?

AT&T managed to lose 1.4 million UVerse and DirecTV customers in only ONE fiscal quarter.

Think they might look at 'a la carte' offerings, where the customer controls what the customer pays for?

That'll hurt CNN's feelings, of course.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Craig Gilbert Finds a Conspiracy Theory

It's clear to Gilbert (who used to be a reporter) that Ron Johnson, Sean Duffy, Donald Trump, Putin, Assad, and various Ukrainians are conspiring against the USA's best and brightest:  Joe Biden and his highly-educated and versatile son.

This is information he obtained from Biden, Kerry, a mysterious fellow named Steele,  and Sid Blumenthal, who are all extremely reliable sources.  Craig also heard from Great Caesar's Ghost and Jos. Mifsud, both of whom confirmed the conspiracy.


Descending into irrelevance is ugly, Craig.  You should retire.

"Honorable" Light Col. Vindman Leaked. Surprised??

Well, ain't this interesting.

The Light Colonel wore his dress blues against regulations, and then made a damning admission.

...During questioning on Tuesday Colonel Vindman admitted he shared the read-outs of President Trump’s call Ukrainian President Zelenzky “with others.”

When Rep. Jim Jordan asked him who he shared the readouts with — Rep. Adam Schiff SHUT DOWN the questioning!...
Well, Light Colonel, curious minds want to know!!  So maybe your next dress-blue irregular visit will be with Mr. Durham in D.C.

That will be fun!

Hey, John Brennan!! Sit On THIS and Rotate!

Apparently the Commie/Islamist/Obozo confidante has a message for the subjects:

As in previous times of National peril, we rely on our military, diplomats, intelligence officials, law enforcement officers, & other courageous patriots to protect our liberties, freedom, & democracy. May they stay resolute & strong despite corrupt political headwinds they face.
Allow me to comment:
Uff da, jackwad.

By the way, please note that he specified EVERY element of the Deep State (although he's only praying that the local LEO's are lining up with him.  I think they value their lives more than that.)

Also note his sudden worship of "the military."  By that he means Chairborne Generals and Admirals who have forgotten who the C-in-C is.  Enlisted men know better.

What Happens to Souls Formed by This Guy?

So.........if you are a Catholic living in Luxembourg and this Cardinal is responsible for your faith-formation (because as a Bishop, he IS responsible for that), and you die believing some of the crap he's pushing (because this silliness cannot be the ONLY silliness).......

What happens to your soul?

What if he taught you that artificial birth control is fine and dandy?  What if he taught you that extra- or pre-marital sexual relations is no problem? 

Sure, your parents may have said otherwise, but they are not Bishops, are they?

What about homosexual activity, or "marriage"?

How's that particular judgment going to work, anyhow?  Can you get away with the old Adam-speak:  "The woman (Bishop).....told me so."  Were you supposed to get your own copy of the Catechism and do the counter-study??  Were you obliged in conscience to do so?

What if your ONLY faith-formation was from this .........ahh........fellow and his priests?

Servicemen Deserve Honor, But Not Worship

This will prolly be a bi-partisan post.

Today, Sean Duffy appeared on Clinton News Network and mentioned that Nancy's latest leaker was extremely concerned with getting arms to Ukraine, and that perhaps that priority overshadowed the priorities of the President.

Under the Constitution, the President sets foreign policy, not State, not CIA, not FBI, not the Pentagon.


Duffy was immediately attacked by a bunch of people on Twitter--which only has about 6% of the population as subscribers--screeching that the latest leaker was in combat and was awarded a Purple Heart.  Therefore, questioning his advice, competence, or priorities IS WRONG.  REEEE REEEE REEEE.

The attitude that ex-servicemen are god-like and inerrant is unhealthy, friends.

Let's grow up a bit.  See also this post at Ace HQ.

Medicare for All Will Cause Mass Coronaries

Why sure!!  We can have "Medicare for All"!!!

Paying for it is simple, too.

CRFB outlined a variety of options. A 42% national sales tax (known as a valued-added tax) would generate about $3 trillion in revenue...a 32% payroll tax split between employers and workers or a 25% income surtax on everybody. Or, the government could cut 80% of spending on everything but health care, which would include highways, airports and the Pentagon....
No problem!

Dave Chapelle Gets It!

The few clips I've seen are funny.

But here, he's serious:

"The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn't work out."

Why does HE get to tell the truth?  Black privilege???

Cancel That "Inquiry Resolution"

Contrary to earlier reports, Nancy will NOT ask for a House Resolution for a formal "impeachment inquiry."

Pretty good trickery-and-deceit, though.  Obviously, lawyers are involved.

...Speaker Pelosi is holding a vote, a resolution, to affirm her previous declaration of a House “inquiry”.  ...Pelosi is not delivering a House “Resolution on Impeachment” for a vote, because if she did hold a vote on an impeachment resolution, the minority and the Executive branch would gain rights therein.

This is a House vote to show support for Pelosi’s previous unilateral decree....

Damn.  I really, really, wanted to see the vote from the Endangered Democrat representatives.

As you were.

Re Comey, a Question for the Lawyers

It is reported that James Comey will move to New Zealand if when Trump is re-elected.

Question:  does New Zealand have an extradition treaty with the USA?

Is the Left Going to Kinetic War??

There's no question that the Lefty-wackos have been at war with Right Order for a long time.  (It's correct to say "since Eve", but that's a bit pedantic.)  By and large, that war has been fought in the courts and classrooms, and has been successful.

But that M.O. may be changing, as PJBuchanan observes.

...Saturday's Washington Post describes the mindset that is taking hold in D.C. among militants, using as an example the Extinction Rebellion group's dragging of a boat into the street at 16th & K to block traffic for hours to call attention to rising sea levels.

"Blocking traffic may only be the beginning," wrote Marissa Lang. "As protests in the District continue at a rate of about two a day, activists looking to stand out from crowds that march near the White House or the Mall have resorted to more disruptive measures in recent weeks — a tactic that experts said will probably escalate."

She cites sociology professor Dana Fisher: "There has been a lot of discussion among people on the left who use protests as a tactic that peaceful, traditional protests may not be enough. ... That could mean ... more people blocking traffic. ... I think we're going to see a lot more people coming into D.C. to get arrested."

Fisher continues: "When activists don't feel like their grievances are being heard or responded to ... the natural progression is to get more confrontational and, sometimes, to get more violent. ... I'm ... surprised it's taken so long."...
Not all of the 'activists' are geriatric patients like Jane Fonda and Ted Danson, by the way.

Anyhow, recalling history, PJB has good news about all that!!

...After Berkeley came civil disobedience; the burning of ROTC buildings; and urban riots marked by looting, shooting and arson. Out of that came Richard Nixon's 49-state landslide, Ronald Reagan, and Republican triumphs in five of six presidential elections starting in 1968....
I'll be happy with 5 more Trump victories between now and 2050 or so.

Ford, Honda Are "Woke." Will "Broke" Follow??

Interesting development here.

Led by the Association of Global Automakers, the three companies [GM, Toyota, Fiat-Chrysler] announced Monday they are siding with the Trump administration, a move that pits them against Ford and Honda, which reached a deal to follow California’s stricter emissions standards earlier in 2019, The NYT reported....
If nothing changes, Ford and Honda will be producing different drivetrains for California cars and trucks--and/or simply refusing to sell certain (fuel-hog) models in that State.  Since a good chunk of fuel economy is derived from weight-loss, you can expect to see a lot less steel/iron content, too.

That's expensive.  

Ford already has problems with its 'future cars' direction; the current CEO is a high-tech guy, but cars and trucks are not laptops.

Synod Women's "Ministry": Gardener? House-cleaner??

The usual strange penumbras and emanations from the recent synod.

...Martínez explained that men’s roles as clergy are recognized and so there is a “gap” in the recognition between their roles and those performed by “so many” women in the Amazon. 

“Maybe we haven’t defined it well, but the Pope is asking for us to be creative in these ministries that have already been created,” he said.  

Cardinal Michael Czerny, the other episcopal panelist in the Oct. 26 press conference, added that one potential ministry for women was an “ecological ministry.” ...
Sure.  Let 'em plant the garden and keep it weed-free.  And let them clean the house.  Both very 'ecological' functions!!

There is a lot of foo-foo dust being sprayed around by Church spokes-critters.  Partially because they don't want actual Catholics to know what's going on, and partially because the spokes-critters don't know what's going on, either.  I mean, have you ever read one of Pp. Francis' allocutions? 

Word-salad has never been so incoherent.

Steve Wozniak Quits "Self-Driving" Car Quest

While the (formerly) "Big" Three spend hundreds of millions of dollars chasing the impossible dream, Steve Wozniak--who actually has experience in such things--walks away.

There was a time when Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak was a believer in fully autonomous vehicles.

These robotic cruisers would read and react to the road like humans, he said, and wouldn't need a steering wheel. Wozniak hoped Apple, which had been rumored over the years to be working on a self-driving car project, would be the one to build it.

But he has since tempered his expectations. There is simply too much unpredictability on roads, he said, for a self-driving car to manage. For now, he believes the burgeoning technology is better used to give drivers a safety net for certain situations.

"I stepped way back [on] this idea of Level 5. I've really given up," Wozniak said during the J.D. Power Auto Revolution conference in Las Vegas last week.

"I don't even know if that will happen in my lifetime."...
"Too much unpredictability on roads......."  You want that in plain language?

Other drivers.

A Really Catholic Priest in S. Carolina!

This is wonderful.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was denied communion at a Catholic Church in South Carolina Sunday because of his staunch position in favor of abortion.

 Biden, who earlier this year reversed course on his long held stance in favor of the Hyde Amendment, was attending a worship service at Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina, when he attempted to receive the sacrament. The former vice president, however, was rebuffed by the church’s pastor, Father Robert E. Morey, because of his support for abortion.   “Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden,” Morey told the Florence Morning News on Monday. “Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church. Our actions should reflect that.”...
Denial of the Blessed Sacrament is sort of like excommunication:  it is a warning that one's soul is in danger of being lost for eternity.

Let's hope ol' Joe takes the hint.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Nancy's Incomplete Letter

Apparently the House will actually vote on impeachment hearings.

Quoting part of Nancy's letter:

..."For weeks, the President, his Counsel in the White House, and his allies in Congress have made the baseless claim that the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry 'lacks the necessary authorization for a valid impeachment proceeding.' They argue that, because the House has not taken a vote, they may simply pretend the impeachment inquiry does not exist," Pelosi wrote in the letter.
"This week, we will bring a resolution to the Floor that affirms the ongoing, existing investigation that is currently being conducted by our committees as part of this impeachment inquiry."...
In other words, all the theatrics to this point DID 'lack the necessary authorization....', yadayadayada.

But there's more!!

Without the "necessary authorization", the House cannot issue subpoenas with teeth--they are not enforceable in court.  (Yes, I know they SAID they were issuing subpoenas.  They weren't.)

Took her a very long time to engineer the vote so that certain (D) members can vote "NAY" to keep their seats, eh?

This was not a slam dunk.  Heh.

Read Surber Every Day for Sanity

Surber mentions that Trump will NOT support any "red flag" laws.

He then goes on to make a very important point.

...I told readers on August 15 this would happen.
I wrote, "Following the shooting in Dayton and El Paso, President Donald John Trump engaged the push for more gun control. His enemies, such as Matt Drudge, thought they had him in a read-my-lips moment. They gobbled the bait.
"I looked at it and saw the immigration reform of 2017. Same players, different topic. They want Donald Trump to sell us out.

"He won't.

"The wall rises slowly. The Donald is patient. So am I."

Look, if it were not for Donald Trump, I would have shut the blog down by now. I get him. The media doesn't. When have they been right about him? The media was wrong about Mueller, DACA, Obama wiretapping him, World War 3 with Syria, World War 3 with North Korea, World War 3 with Iran, the Kurds, the trade war with Red China, and dozens of other things.

Now then, when have I been wrong?...
Just go to the link.

The Emptiness of Fashion and Branding

Had a discussion with a pal of mine the other night about "fashion."  "Fashion" attracts moths to its light; but then there's another light, and the moths rush over, and at each light, some of the moths get a little too close--and become dead.

Well, anyhow, V. D. Hanson notes "branding."  "Branding" is merely the front-page of "fashion."

...Graduating from today’s Yale or Harvard law school is not necessarily a sign of achievement, much less legal expertise. Mostly, entrance into heralded schools is a reminder of past good prep school grades and test scores winning admittance—or using some sort of old-boy, networking, athletic, or affirmative action pull.

Being a “senior” official at some alphabet government agency also means little any more outside of the nomenklatura. Academia, the media, and entertainment industries are likewise supposedly meritocratic without being based on demonstrable worth. Otherwise, why would college graduates know so little, the media so often report fantasies as truth, and Hollywood focus on poor remakes? Take all the signature brand names that the Baby Boomers inherited from prior generations—Harvard, Yale, the New York Times, NPR, CNN, the Oscars, the NFL, the NBA, the FBI, the CIA, the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, and a host of others. And then ask whether they enhanced or diminished such inheritances?...
All that was addressed a few thousand years ago:

“I determined that I would examine and study all things that are done in this world. I have seen everything done in this world, and I tell you, it is all useless” (Ecclesiastes 1:13-14).
But the moths will still be flying to their deaths.

Teh Stupids and Legal Pot

One of the arguments made by 'legal pot' types is that 'legal pot' will stop illegal drug sales.

Sure.  And pigs fly, and you kept your healthcare plan.

Legalization has actually made illegal weed cheaper and easier to buy.

We know that Robin Vos and Fitzie are trying hard to engineer legalized pot here, spending long, long, nights and days doing the jigsaw puzzle variations on 'who votes Yeah, who votes Nay.'

Read the linked item first.  (For Lefties, the link includes a video so you don't have to read!)

Sunday, October 27, 2019

"War-War" Zmirak, the Nattering Nabob

John Zmirak should not be confused with John McCain.  McCain is dead.

He essays very limited approval of Trump's killing of al-Baghdadi:

...Abrahms explains that groups which engage in “terror” attacks tend to fail at obtaining their political objectives. It turns out that people of every race and creed resent the murder of civilians, whatever the cause. Smart guerrilla groups impose firm control over their fighters, to minimize such counter-productive actions.

But ISIS did just the opposite. It reveled in torture and slaughter of civilians. And it gave murderous psychopaths around the world license to do the same, and give ISIS “credit.” Abrahms dubbed ISIS the “stupidest” militant group active today, and noted that it has failed at every one of its stated objectives.

So will removing a leader whose “stupid” policies didn’t impose any restraint on random killers around the world make much practical difference?...
Dear reader, you can guess Nabob Zmirak's answer to that question.

Meantime, in reality-land, based on a recording of a conference in which Obama's Sec/State John F'n Kerry, we learn that Zmirak's viewpoint in effect, aligns with Obama's.

♦ Firstonly regime change, the removal of Bashir Assad, in Syria was the 2013, 2014, and 2015 goal for President Obama. This is admitted and outlined by Secretary John Kerry.

♦ Secondly, in order to accomplish this primary goal, the White House was willing to watch the rise of ISIS (’13, ’14, ’15) by placing their bet that ISIS’s success would force Syrian President Bashir Assad to acquiesce toward Obama’s terms and step down.

♦ Thirdly, in order to facilitate the objective, Obama and Kerry intentionally gave arms to ISIS and even, arguably, attacked a Syrian government military convoy to stop a strategic attack upon the Islamic extremists killing 80 Syrian soldiers....

All well and good, except for one little problem:

...however, instead of capitulation Assad then turned to Russia for help.

When Russia came to aid Bashir Assad the Syrian Government began being able to defeat ISIS and the Islamic Extremist elements within Syria. For the hidden plan of Obama/Kerry (and also McCain, Graham, et al), Russia defeating ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra, upended their objective....


Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Graham (and later, Hildebeeste) would support ANYBODY AT ALL to get Assad to step down in Syria.

You have to wonder if Zmirak ever reads anything outside his little box.

Speculating on the Election

Ticker is enjoying this speculation far too much to just leave it on his site.

Want my bet on the Tulsi announcement that she's not seeking re-election?

A third party run on an established party ticket, perhaps the Greens, of Bernie/Tulsi.

That's one that probably wouldn't win but it would mortally damage the Democrats odds.

It would also be a stick in the eye of Hillary calling Tulsi (and Jill Stein) Russian assets.

And further, it would give Bernie Sanders vindication as well....
That would be a helluvalotta fun to watch.

But frankly, "the Democrats' odds" are vanishing quickly.  They're over-reaching on impeachment, their candidates are horrible....


Trump Cleans Up ANOTHER Obozo Mistake: al-Baghdadi

Oh, yes, indeed.  Our sometimes-Muslim ex-President B. Hussein Obama released al-Baghdadi from a US prison camp back in '09.  al-Baghdadi went on to torture, kill, rape, and murder men, women, and children throughout the Middle East.

Smooth move, Barack!!

We also note that a number of Deep State slatterns, male and female, are moaning about Trump's description of the terrorist-rapist-child murderer's death.

Awwwwwwwwww.  Their feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings are huuuuuuuuuurt.

ADDED:  The op was named "Kayla Mueller."  Very sweet!


Maybe this is a photoshop.    HT:  PowerLine

Francis Reneges on Pachamama (!)

It is reported that despite his promise, Pp Francis did NOT enthrone the Pachamama idol at St Peter's yesterday.

Apparently a number of Cardinals and Bishops present for the Synod told Pp. Francis that putting that statue in St Pete's would be a bridge too far.

Well, good.

As to married priests and female deacons:  we shall see.

Democrats Are Minor Players in the Coup

Well, now.

Over the last few months--but especially in the last 2 weeks--it's become more and more clear that the Deep State has been very active in the operation to take down Orange Man Bad.

The Democrats in Congress are only a front for the larger players here:  State, CIA, NSA, Mil-Intel, certain Members of Congress and Senators, and the Pentagon--all of which were the objects of Gen. Mike Kelly's curiosity and investigations even prior to Trump.

That group is, roughly, THE Military-Industrial Complex--which now, necessarily, includes our 'diplomatic' and intel services worldwide and domestically.

When Trump was elected, he became part of the problem, because Trump was not a member of the Old Boy Network.  He didn't Know Things.  He didn't understaaaaand how Things Are Done.  And when he ripped up treaties, hammered Mexico into paying for the Wall, and began pulling US troops out of Endless War, .............SUCCESSFULLY.............well, that was just too much.

The "whistleblower" and Schiff have a symbiotic relationship; they share an objective.  But when you look at the "Wise Men" who are colluding to destroy Trump, you'll notice that a helluvalotta them are CIA, State, and Pentagon types.

They may all sincerely think they are in the right.

But none of them are the President, elected by the people to run Foreign Affairs and the military.

Don't be surprised if far more dramatic efforts are made to unseat Trump.  There can always be a war or two, or a couple of foreign Governments which suddenly "fall".

Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Good Old Days Are Coming Back!!

Perhaps you remember the last Educrat Magic Bullet:  self-esteem.

...One major task force report "ascribed 'near-magical powers to self-esteem,'" writes Finn, insisting that it "inoculates [children] against the lures of crime, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, chronic welfare dependency, and educational failure." . ....  --quoted at AOSHQ
Yup.  That was about 30 years ago.  And you've prolly noticed how well that worked.

Not to worry.  The Educrats have another magic bullet coming to a theater near you.  It's called "Social, Educational, Emotional Learning" (SEL) and it promises to inoculate children against the lures of crime, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, chronic welfare dependency, and educational failure.

You betcha!!


Keith Gilbert Used To Be a Reporter

You'll note that this propaganda piece was written by Keith Gilbert.  Apparently it cost him his honor to keep his job.  Offhand, I think that's a 'sign of weakness'.  YMMV.

Actual header and sub-header SHOULD read:

Trump Still Winning Wisconsin Presidential  

Trump’s approval rating better in Wisconsin where it needs to be for Trump to win this state
IOW, Trump wins Wisconsin, despite best efforts to slime him.

And if he wins Wisconsin..........................heh.  It's over.

The BIG question is the economy.  So Gilbert had to hide the fact that, 2-to-1, voters think the economy is "better" rather than "worse."  (Another 36% think it's "same.")  Gilbert, who knows better, buried the "economy" findings waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy down in the hit-piece.

How about Trump's 46% Favorable compared to Biden's 40%, Warren's 32%, Harris' 24%, Bernie's 39%, or Buttplug's 23%??  Hmmmmmm???

We already know how Trump stacks up to Hillary.  So how do the Dems win Wisconsin?

Another sleight-of-hand?   The poll says that 51% of Wisconsin voters (D and R) do NOT want Trump removed from office.  Gilbert, who used to be a reporter, says that the minority (44%) number is a 'sign of weakness.'

OK, Keith.  You kept your job for another couple of weeks, I guess.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Impeach "Judge" Contreras

As long as impeachment is in the air....

Let's move to impeach some asshole who calls himself  "judge".  He completely screwed Gen. Flynn, in collusion with his drinking pal Strzok (and maybe Lisa Hotpants FEEB).

....Note page 3: On 12/01/17, Judge Contreras -- a friend of Peter Strzok's, something never revealed to Flynn or his lawyers -- signed Flynn's plea deal.

On the very next day, 12/02/07, news broke of Strzok-Page texts. 

It's almost as the release of the texts was delayed until Flynn could be pressured to sign a deal.
No, it's not almost like that. That's what fucking happened.

And then on 12/07/17 -- six days after he signed the plea deal -- Judge Contreras finally recused himself from the matter when the Strzok-Page texts themselves revealed that Strzok and Contreras were friends!...

Failing impeachment, let's just use the old rope-tree-some assembly required trick.

Oh, Lookie!! Lisa Lay "Edits" Gen. Flynn 302

Oh, yah, I forgot.  She's not Lisa Lay.  She's Lisa Hotpants FBI lawyer.

Moving on.

Having seen over 500 episodes of "Law and Order" I am competent to tell you--without a doubt--that Lisa Hotpants FEEB Lawyer committed a complete disqualifying act when she "edited" the FBI's 302s of the Gen. Flynn interview.

And I suspect that a Fed judge will find the same way.  And then I suspect that Gen. Flynn will have the basis for a very, very, very, lucrative lawsuit against Lisa Hotpants FEEB Lawyer and Smirk Strzok--not to mention Comey, McCabe, and prolly Brennan-the-Commie, Clapper-the-Perjurer, and even B. Hussein Keep-u-Doc Obozo.

Flynn will have to spend the money buying ammo during the upcoming Civil War, of course.  He won't be quite as lonesome this time, however.

Walls Are Closing In....

You may recall that phrase about "walls."  How about "Bombshell!!"

Well, yah.

The Department of Justice’s sweeping review into the origins of its Trump-Russia probe has evolved into a criminal investigation, according to the New York Times.

The launch of a criminal probe allows U.S. Attorney John Durham, the prosecutor tapped by Attorney General William Barr to lead the review, to subpoena witnesses for testimony and documents. The move also authorizes Durham to impanel a grand jury and file charges....
You can expect even more "reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" from Schiff, Pelosi, as they attempt to bury this little item.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Good Question: Who DOES Give a S^%$ About Afghanistan?

Yahoo "News" runs a scare-story about Trump.

Ooooh.  Scary.

During some sort of Pentagon Propaganda Meeting, Trump asked "Who Gives a Shit About Afghanistan?"

Well, there are a lot of Pentagon bigwigs who do.  They need a few more campaign ribbons, I guess.

The rest of the story is pure bullshit, as usual.

The Randy Babes of Congress

Not that long ago, my headline would have been a porn-movie title.

Now it's fact.

Things change, eh?

The Usual Headline Skew.

No matter that there are two parts to this poll.  We'll run the Orange Man Bad part in the headline.

"Voters Split on Impeachment in Latest M.U. Poll."

Yah, kinda-sorta.  The REAL story??

Forty-six percent believe there is enough now to hold hearings, while 49 percent disagreed. 

Oh.  You mean MOST voters don't think there is enough "evidence" to proceed. right?

Sure, there's more from these jackwads!!

...The poll also found 44 percent support impeaching the president and removing him from office, while 51 percent don’t....

Well, whaddya know!!  The majority do NOT support removal.

Nancy's pants are at the cleaners.  Again.

Will Steele Become Seth Rich, Clintoncided??

Well, now.  It appears that Christopher Steele is the subject of great angst among the Clinton/Brennan/Comey/Establishment Class.  If Steele doesn't hold to his story about the dates on which he communicated with Brennan and Comey..........well.........things will not go very well.

So if I were Mr. Steele, I'd be reviewing all my notes about Seth Rich (done in by a CIA hit-man brought onshore for that purpose) and Clintoncides going all the way back to Arkansas.

Body armor is available.  But food-tasters are hard to find.

No "Crimes" Can Be Found. So More "Investigating"

Yup.  We'll have to listen to breathless TeeVee hags babbling about 'disturbing' foofoodust through December.  'Disturbing', maybe.  Actual crimes/misdemeanors?  Nope.

...Democrats are reportedly expected to delay a vote on articles of impeachment until after Thanksgiving, possibly into the Christmas season. Many of them hoped to impeach Trump by Thanksgiving, but they are unlikely to abide by that timeline....
Wisconsin sent only three of those lice to D.C., and one of them does nothing at all.  Can't really blame us here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fitzgerald the Ambitious Romney-ite?

It's likely that this professional politician with a background in "news" publishing hasn't a clue about lynching.  This is a guy whose ambition is showing.

Fully 30%++ of lynching victims in the South were WHITE REPUBLICANS--just like Trump (and Fitzgerald).

And lynching was the Go-To weapon of Democrats and their terror-branch, the KKK. 

The Democrats are still pissed off that the Republicans took away their slaves.

And some Republicans are not well-informed and are girly-girls underneath their carefully coiffed hairlines. 

I hope that Fitzgerald doesn't have a fake Twitter account with a French name, but anything's possible, eh?

P&G's Always Brand Follows Gillette Into the Toilet

After the Gillette razor brand bashed manhood, the Always tampon brand slapped women around a bit.  Both are Procter and Gamble labels.

I didn't know that La-La-Land included Cincinnati.

Polling on Impeachment: Trump Wins

In the 6 "swing" states including Wisconsin, a NYT/Siena poll found this:

...In the six closest states carried by the president in 2016, registered voters support the impeachment inquiry by a five-point margin, 50 percent to 45 percent. The same voters oppose impeaching Mr. Trump and removing him from office, 53 percent to 43 percent....

(Some "press" outlets mention the first set of numbers, but not the second.  Surprised??)

Regardless of blatant noooz manipulations, Nancy knew this a long time ago, which is why what Schiff is doing is merely spreading a ton of foofoodust in the air.  And that's all it is:  foofoodust, or if you prefer, bullshit.

They CANNOT go to actual impeachment or they will ice their upcoming '20 loss.

Shove Your Corn Up YOUR Ass, Farmer Brown!

Gasoline works just fine without corn liquor.  I know because I use it in my outdoor power equipment.  Fires up faster, provides more power/liter, and I don't have to worry about toasting an engine.

But that doesn't make Farmer Brown happy.

Farming and renewable fuel groups are angry over an Environmental Protection Agency proposal that they say will reduce the amount of biofuels that oil refiners are required to use next year -- and they are fighting to have it overturned....

Screw you with the corncobs you've been shoving up our butts for the last 20 years, boys.

Bongino Goes Catholic

Nah, not personally (so far as I know.)

Bongino proposes that the US employ a LOT more subsidiarity in its governance model. 

Yup, the same subsidiarity that the Catholic Church has been harping on for hundreds of years.

Bongino referenced the Libertarians as the source of his inspiration.  Dan should read a bit more on the topic, eh?

Good luck with that, Dan.  Ripping power out of the hands of the Swamp-Establishment will be more difficult than reversing the Earth's rotation.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Why Milwaukee Is Sunk, Part 3

Sad that this has to be written.  For a moment there, it could have been different.

Strauss Brands LLC has dropped its plans for a slaughterhouse and meat processing plant on Milwaukee's north side after opposition surfaced from the Common Council member whose district would have hosted the facility.

Strauss had planned to relocate its operations from Franklin to Century City Business Park, which has struggled to attract development.

That $60 million project would have initially brought 250 jobs — with the workforce possibly doubling within 10 years....

Milwaukee's political class is of the opinion that professional sports buildings will be all Milwaukee needs to prosper.

No cops, no schools (buildings only, no learning here), no jobs.  Just entertainment venues.

OK, then. 

Limbaigh Learns They Made a Fool of Him!

All of a sudden, Rush Limbaugh figured out that Bush made a damn fool of him.

Remember back in the Olden Days when Limbaugh tried to ram down our throats the ridiculous assertion that 'one cannot support the troops AND despise the war'?

It was utterly ludicrous then, and remains so today.

Now--after only ~15-20 years--Limbaugh finally figured it out. 

Today he admits that the Military-Industrial complex (which most definitely includes Dick Cheney) made a damn fool out of Limbaugh.

So late we get smart, eh Rush?

Bill Barr's Remarkable Integralist Speech

We did not begin as fanboyzzz of Bill Barr.

But we could get there very easily, since he seems to have 'integralist' instincts.  

(Let's preface with the simple definition of "Integralism":  laws should reflect a moral order.)

Here are a few more bits of his Notre Dame speech.

[I]n the 21st century, we face an entirely different kind of challenge.

The challenge we face is precisely what the Founding Fathers foresaw would be our supreme test as a free society.

They never thought the main danger to the republic came from external foes. The central question was whether, over the long haul, we could handle freedom. The question was whether the citizens in such a free society could maintain the moral discipline and virtue necessary for the survival of free institutions.

By and large, the Founding generation’s view of human nature was drawn from the classical Christian tradition.

These practical statesmen understood that individuals, while having the potential for great good, also had the capacity for great evil.

Men are subject to powerful passions and appetites, and, if unrestrained, are capable of ruthlessly riding roughshod over their neighbors and the community at large.

No society can exist without some means for restraining individual rapacity.

But, if you rely on the coercive power of government to impose restraints, this will inevitably lead to a government that is too controlling, and you will end up with no liberty, just tyranny.

On the other hand, unless you have some effective restraint, you end up with something equally dangerous – licentiousness – the unbridled pursuit of personal appetites at the expense of the common good. This is just another form of tyranny – where the individual is enslaved by his appetites, and the possibility of any healthy community life crumbles.

Edmund Burke summed up this point in his typically colorful language:

“Men are qualified for civil liberty, in exact proportion to their disposition to put chains upon their appetites.... Society cannot exist unless a controlling power be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”...

Can you say John 8:34Romans 6:6?  For that matter, you could also consult Aristotle:

...but the bad man ought not to be a lover of self, since he will follow his base passions, and so injure both himself and his neighbors. With the bad man therefore, what he does is not in accord with what he ought to do, but the good man does what he ought, since intelligence always chooses for itself that which is best, and the good man obeys his intelligence....
Moving on....

...In the past, societies – like the human body – seem to have a self-healing mechanism – a self-correcting mechanism that gets things back on course if things go too far.

The consequences of moral chaos become too pressing. The opinion of decent people rebels. They coalesce and rally against obvious excess. Periods of moral entrenchment follow periods of excess.
This is the idea of the pendulum. We have all thought that after a while the “pendulum will swing back.”

But today we face something different that may mean that we cannot count on the pendulum swinging back.

First is the force, fervor, and comprehensiveness of the assault on religion we are experiencing today. This is not decay; it is organized destruction. Secularists, and their allies among the “progressives,” have marshaled all the force of mass communications, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.

These instruments are used not only to affirmatively promote secular orthodoxy, but also drown out and silence opposing voices, and to attack viciously and hold up to ridicule any dissenters.

One of the ironies, as some have observed, is that the secular project has itself become a religion, pursued with religious fervor. It is taking on all the trappings of a religion, including inquisitions and excommunication.

Those who defy the creed risk a figurative burning at the stake – social, educational, and professional ostracism and exclusion waged through lawsuits and savage social media campaigns....
Then Barr presents a significant insight.

...Interestingly, this idea of the State as the alleviator of bad consequences has given rise to a new moral system that goes hand-in-hand with the secularization of society.  It can be called the system of “macro-morality.”  It is in some ways an inversion of Christian morality.

Christianity teaches a micro-morality. We transform the world by focusing on our own personal morality and transformation. 

The new secular religion teaches macro-morality. One’s morality is not gauged by their private conduct, but rather on their commitment to political causes and collective action to address social problems....

Which just happens to fit into the weltaunschuung of "Liberation Theology."  

Barr goes on to identify the attack on religion being carried out in the schools and by States which persecute schools which are religious.

Altogether, a speech of which Cassandra would be proud.  And a wake-up call, too.

(Would have been fun to observe the conversation between Deneen and Barr, no?? )

Sunday, October 20, 2019

"W": Still Not Up to Speed

Apparently George Bush doesn't like Trump's foreign policy (which is the one that actually works.)

"People are hurting. They’re angry and they’re frustrated. We must help them. But we cannot wish globalization away,..."
Yes, George.

That from the lips that told us "Islam is a religion of peace."

Nobody's wishing globaloney away, George.  A President who actually cares for the people in this country is simply making America first again.

You could have tried that, George.  But you didn't, and your time--like your Daddy's--is over.

Best Troll So Far: Doral

Trump just trolled them with predictable results.

Hair on fire.  Screeching.  REEE  REEEE REEEE  REEEEEEEEEE!


[Trump] announced Saturday night that his administration will no longer consider his personal resort in Doral, Fla., to host the 2020 G-7 summit, and suggested he might consider Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland instead....
 Next:  Trump announces he will convert White House to a Trump resort in 2020;  he sold it to himself and the papers are filed.

What's Romney Hiding?

It occurs that the A.G. investigations are getting too close to someone Romney loves.

...What set [Romney] off was my recitation of an argument I’ve heard some Republicans deploy lately to excuse Trump’s behavior. Electing a president, the argument goes, is like hiring a plumber—you don’t care about his character, you just want him to get the job done. Sitting in his Senate office, Romney is indignant. “Are you worried that your plumber overcharges you?” he asks. “Are you worried that the plumber’s going to scream at your kids? Are you worried that the plumber is going to squeal out of your driveway?”...
And on and on, into the night.

He's being far too Puritan--and now, frustrated, because nobody but nobody offered to toss cash at him for a run against Trump.

Poor baby.  After dis-employing thousands with his finance-schemes, he has to carpetbag to get back on the stage, and nobody really gives a damn.

How to Handle Stupid

RedState alerted me to this.

Like the Londoners' method of handling Stupid, but with a soundtrack (NSFW)

Yah, well, copy/paste into your browser.  You will NOT be disappointed.

"Childhood Lead Exposure = Gun-Violence" Is Pure BS

So, yah, the headline is click-bait and thinking about the "study" for.......oh.......5 seconds......well, you'll get it.

Yup.  First the authors determined the conclusion.  Then they set out to justify it.

A study from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee revealed a link between childhood exposure to lead and later gun violence.

According to a news release from UWM, these results suggest even greater urgency to tackling childhood lead exposure and addressing the environmental injustice of vulnerable children experiencing a toxic exposure that they cannot control.

(Note the "environmental injustice" line tossed in there to incite the rabble.  Clever!!!)

Here's where anyone with an IQ above room-temp notices the huge red flag:

...The study, done at UWM’s Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, used public health, education, and criminal justice datasets covering more than 89,000 people born in Milwaukee between June 1, 1986, and Dec. 31, 2003, with a valid blood lead test before they were 6 years old....
So ............was nobody born in Milwaukee's lead-pipe and lead-paint area BEFORE June, 1986?

Let's remember that lead paint was everywhere--Cudahy, Tosa, Whitefish Bay, Brookfield--until the decade of the '60's, and lead pipes were used for water in near-every home built during wars.  Yup.  Steel and iron were military priorities, ya'know.

Like the headline says:  Pure BS.

We'll re-visit our opinion when UW-M "academics" show similar results using birthdates between, say, 1900 and 1960. 

Cdl. Newman and Idols

From Fr. Rutler's letter, a prescient observation from St. John Cardinal Newman.

"What is the world's religion now? It has taken the brighter side of the gospel, its tidings of comfort, its precepts of love; all darker, deeper views of man's condition and prospects being comparatively forgotten. This is the religion natural to a civilized age and well has Satan dressed and completed it into an idol of the Truth. . . . Our manners are courteous; we avoid giving pain or offence . . . religion is pleasant and easy; benevolence is the chief virtue; intolerance, bigotry, excess of zeal are the first of sins. . . . [I]t includes no true fear of God, no fervent zeal for His honour, no deep hatred of sin, no horror at the sight of sinners, no indignation and compassion at the blasphemy of heretics, no jealous adherence to doctrinal truth . . .—and therefore is neither hot nor cold, but (in Scripture language) lukewarm.” (Sermon 24. Religion of the Day)

It seems that idols are all the rage these days, with Pachemamma leading that parade into the Vatican.  In an odd way, the arrival of Pachemamma and the canonization of Newman fit together, as Newman was frustrated by Church authorities for most of his life.

...When Newman became a Catholic, former friends thought he had wasted his talents, and some Catholics questioned his free spirit and innovative genius. Not least among these were bishops. In Ireland, Archbishop Cullen impeded his foundation of a Catholic University there and opposed making Newman a bishop. In England, Cardinal Manning, a great man in some ways but not innocent of envy, regularly thwarted numerous projects. The English-language secretary of Pope Pius IX prejudiced the pope’s opinion of Newman, and with no little subtlety, Manning tried to prevent the new Pope Leo XIII from vindicating him with a Cardinal’s red hat....

Perhaps, like St John Newman, we will have to wait for a modern-day version of Leo XIII who will crush the head of Idolatry.  Let is pray that we live to see that day! 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Viva Bolsonaro!!

The current President of Brazil pulls no punches.  Clearly, he's not taking money from the Ford Foundation.

Here's what he said at the United Nations.

...“My country has been on the verge of socialism, which has put us in a state of widespread corruption, serious economic recession, high criminality rates and unending attacks on the family and religious values that underpin our traditions,” he said. “Over the past few decades, we let ourselves be seduced by ideologies that sought not the truth, but absolute power.”

“Ideology has settled in the domains of culture, education, and communications, dominating the media, universities, and schools,” Bolsonaro continued. “Ideology has invaded our homes and tried to dismantle what is the basic cell matter of any healthy society: the family. It has also tried to destroy the innocence of our children in an attempt to corrupt even their most basic and elementary identity: the biological one. ‘Political correctness’ came to dominate the public debate, expelling rationality and replacing it with manipulation, recurring clichés and slogans.”

Finally, Bolsonaro said, “ideology has invaded the human soul itself to rip it apart from God and from the dignity He has bestowed upon us.”... quoted at The Wanderer
Can you say "Liberation Theology"?? 

Chemical BS From Local Rag. Again.

In its latest "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!" screech, the local rag carefully omits one important point:  the Federal EPA's guidelines on PFAS chemicals.

There's a reason;  Tokin'Tony's 'limits' are dramatically smaller than the Fed limits.

By the way, hasn't the local rag taken pix of Mitchell Field since 2009, when Midwest Express disappeared?


Tulsi and Trump Have Something in Common

Apparently Hillary does not approve of Tulsi Gabbard.  Gabbard sees Clinton as "rot" and "queen of the warmongers." 

Well, yes.  Yes, indeed!

Tucker Carlson obtained an interview with Gabbard during which it became clear that she and Trump have some things in common.

That term, "Military-Industrial Complex" just keeps popping up.  Hmmmm.

By the way, why did Lizzie Fauxcahontas have a 'secret' meeting with Hillary?  Hmmmmm????

Sen. Baldwin Supports S. 386. Why???

Senate Bill 386 is designed to import thousands of foreign "STEM" workers to the US.

Naturally, they will displace thousands of US citizen "STEM" workers, and/or reduce their salaries and benefits.

So why the Hell is Tammy Baldwin supporting the bill??

...S. 386 will ensure outsourcing firms such as Cognizant and Infosys, as well as giant tech conglomerates like Amazon and Facebook, have a green card system wherein only foreign workers on H-1B visas are able to obtain employment green cards by creating a backlog of seven to eight years for all foreign nationals.

This process would solidify that employment-based green cards only go to temporary foreign visa workers who have been imported to the U.S. by corporations to replace American workers, thus rewarding the employers of H-1B foreign workers....
Maybe Tammy doesn't really give a flying damn about Wisconsin citizens who spent 10's of thousands of dollars to obtain their IT degrees and have to pay back the college loans?

Ask her.  Given that it's Tammy, she probably has no idea why she's supporting the bill.  But if I were to guess offhand, I'd guess it's spelled "E-P-I-C." 

P.S.:  Wisconsin "Newspapers" don't mention this little item.  Surprised??

Friday, October 18, 2019

Second Graf, Lying Starts

The local rag reprints a WaPo slander of the President.

And it only took until the second graf to start!!

...Over two weeks of closed-door testimony, a clear portrait has emerged of a president personally orchestrating the effort to pressure a foreign government to dig up dirt on a potential 2020 political rival — and marshaling the full resources of the federal bureaucracy to help in that endeavor....
If it was "closed-door," where did the "clear portrait" come from, Ashley???

No, Trump did not ask Ukraine to "dig up dirt on a .....rival."  He asked them to help the US Attorney to obtain evidence of UKRAINIAN interference in the '16 election.   (By the way, Biden will not be 'the rival' in the race, dumbass.)

"Marshaling.....full resources of ....bureaucracy"--by which you mean what?  The A.G.?  Because that's all we have over there.

The local rag prints honest death notices.  And local box scores.  The rest?  Meh.

Oh, Beto!! Beto!!

Stolen from the Captain

Yovanovitch: Agent of Obama/Clinton

The ex-ambassador to Ukraine is named Yovanovitch.

Rhymes with........yah, that's it.

She was dirtier than coke-head-poon-hound OR his daddy, believe it or not.

Nasty piece of work, about like Susan Rice or that Rasputin-figure Obama kept around the house, Valerie Jarrett.

Shooting Was Too Good for Him

News Item:

Connie Serbu, 43, has been charged with the second-degree murder of Xavier Sierra, 18, after allegedly luring him into an isolated area in July 2016.

That was after Sierra had raped her six-year-old daughter.

Killing him with a gun was far more merciful than what the rapist deserved.  I kinda like the punishment which begins with "Grasp the rusty butter-knife in your strong hand......"

Abortion Maims AND Kills

Well, "maims" isn't precisely correct--but it sure as Hell damages the women who had one.

For the study, researchers analyzed data on 877,000 women, including 164,000 who had an abortion. They found women who had an abortion experienced an 81 percent increased risk for mental problems. Women who had an abortion were 34 percent more likely to develop an anxiety disorder, 37 percent more likely to experience depression, 110 percent more likely to abuse alcohol, 155 percent more likely to commit suicide, and 220 percent more likely to use marijuana. Nearly 10 percent of the problems could be attributed to abortion, the authors concluded.--quoted at AOSHQ

Not to mention the babies who were chopped up in the process.

Pray for the country.

12 Show Up for "Protest"

Looks like Ms. Ortiz/Voces is losing influence.

Channel 6 provides a video of a "protest" at which some twerp DEMANDED that the Milwaukee Police Department never assist ICE in apprehending illegals.

12 whole people.  Wow.

Maybe the Hispanic residents of Milwaukee are wise to Ortiz' grift.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brazilian Bishops Take Ford Foundation Money

Instead of saying "Ford Foundation gives money to Brazilian Bishops' entities," let's put the truth this way:  "Brazilian Bishops Take Ford Foundation Money."

Better perspective, I think.  Now to the news!!

...A missionary council for indigenous peoples run by the Brazilian bishops’ conference has received almost $2 million from the pro-abortion Ford Foundation since 2006, a Brazilian journalist has revealed....

...[Ford Foundation] is also well known for its overt support for abortion rights and gender ideology. In 2016, for example, it supported a rally outside the Supreme Court opposing Texas legislation that required abortion facilities to meet specific medical standards, which would have resulted in the closing down of state abortion facilities if the Supreme Court hadn’t subsequently struck down the law. The foundation is also a vocal supporter of gender ideology and LGBT activism....
It's also well-known in Detroit that if one intends to advance within Ford Motor Company, one damn well better be a member of the Masons(And yes, I know that Ford Motor is not the same as Ford Foundation.  But I'll go with 'fruit of the poison tree.')


There is NO SUCH THING as a FREE LUNCH.  The only question here is "what did the Brazilian Bishops give to Ford in return for the money?"

By the way, it appears that a Brazilian Cardinal is waaaaayyyyy too friendly with Communist revolutionaries, and has been for 20 years or so.


And he's not the ONLY Brazilian Cardinal with extreme Lefty pals.


Pray for Bolsonaro, the NOT-Communist President of Brazil, and pray for the ordinary Catholics in that country, that someday their Cardinals will be actually Catholic.

How to Handle Protests

In London, a bunch of "climate" protesters held up the subway.

This was inconvenient to Normies-With-Jobs.

So they did what they SHOULD do:

They were kind enough not to place the jerk directly in the path of a train.

Revolting Perversion at Vatican Gardens

The emblem of the perversion rampant in the Vatican is the poster of some woman breast-feeding an ocelot (?).

Over the past 20 years, Catholics worldwide have heard of the rise of the homosexuals (perverts) in the clergy.  The perverts are tightly networked and now appear to have taken over management of Church functions in many areas.

"Art"--particularly the visual--is something the perverts have always used to get their message across.  That message has always denigrated mother-figures, which has to do with the sexual practices of the perverts.  (This despite the typical pervert's over-done profession of love for his mother.)  The obverse of this fixation is the worshipful representations of the young, athletic, male--one of which was commissioned by an Italian pervert-prelate for his Cathedral.

Thus, the choice of this particularly offensive "art" which purports to show the 'unity of all' or some such horse-crap.  It shows no such thing.  It merely re-presents the perverts' disgust with human motherhood.


Sensenbrenner Confused on Kurds

Jim Sensenbrenner (who voted with Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan), is confused on the issue.

"...we've been backing the Kurds for a very, very long time and all of a sudden that backing was pulled out almost without notice..."
No, Jim.

We were not "backing the Kurds."  We were fighting ISIS, and the Kurds joined that effort, doing exactly what the Kurds always do:  acting in THEIR self-interest.  We gave them a metric crap-ton of money and equipment in the effort.   Now, the US is acting in its OWN self-interest and getting the Hell out of Dodge.

Now, Jimbo, the Kurds are also fighting Turkey (a NATO ally, remember??), Iran, Iraq, and Syria.  If you want to assist them, stop playing the lottery, buy an AR, suit up, and go over there.  Keep my grandchildren out of it, thanks.

I'll send you some cookies at Christmas. 

Trump Compliments Nancy

Sen Chas. Schumer reports that Trump called Pelosi a 'third-rate politician.'

"Third"-rate 'politician'?

She's a ward-heeler who wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes in Tammany.  Tammany wouldn't keep a Sanger-supporter on the payroll.

Jesuit Acts Catholic!

In the "Man Bites Dog" category for this month, we have this:

...The decision of the president of Seattle University (SU), a Catholic Jesuit school, to remove the name of Planned Parenthood from its list of student healthcare resources has sparked protests from some students, faculty, and alumni.

About 1,000 SU students, faculty, and alumni have pushed back against the decision by Father Stephen Sundborg, S.J., reported the Seattle Times....
Fr. Sundborg deserves prayers, praise and support.  Let's hope he can hold out against the powers of Hell.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How It Really Works, by ZMan

The guy has it nailed down.

...Accepting the results of the election is a vital part of any popular form of rule. In fact, it is the most important element....

...This desire to make a deal [after losing an election] is why Progressives have run wild in American politics, especially over the last few decades. Their opponents in every election are white civic nationalist types, who are always willing to accept the results of the election and work with the other side on a good deal. Progressives, in contrast, use this willingness to do a deal to ram their agenda through when they win. When they lose, they use the same intransigence to bottle up any effort of the winners to push through their agenda.

If you want to understand why Buckley conservatism is headed to the dustbin of history, this is the place to start. They were always so ready and eager to do a deal; they never could walk away from a bad deal. They would win an election and then cut a deal with the Left that was a complete sellout. The joke among dissidents in the Bush years was that the greatest thing that could happen to you is to find yourself across the table negotiating a deal with a Republican. It was like hitting the lottery.
Now, the reason the Left wins even when they lose is not because they are shrewd or even that the Right is dumb. It’s that they reject that central premise of popular government, where the losers accept the results of an election and the winners reach a fair bargain with the losers. For the Left, what is theirs they keep. What is yours they seek. This is the central cause of the ratchet effect in American politics. One side exploits the rules, while the other abides by the rules....

Until Trump, of course--and even he has made some bad deals with the Wack-a-Doodles.  But you'll notice that he has marginalized Pelosi, even as she again became Speaker.  He simply won't give her anything.  (That's why she walked out of today's meeting with him--and lied like Hell about it.)

Hope they enjoy having it rammed up their asses the way Conservatives did with Paul Ryan and Dope-Smoker Boehner. 

And may it last far longer!!

Little Biden Also on Amtrak Board (!)

With a vast knowledge of railroading based on "having ridden the train frequently," Hunter Biden was appointed to the Board of Directors of Amtrak, too.

Oil and gas knowledge, railroad knowledge, all based on......ahh......well.....he was employed by David Boies, a (D) that counts, right?

Anyhow, Amtrak paid him $150,000/year for his contributions.

Think about that the next time you buy a ticket.

Trump Slams US Workers With 1324(a)

Both Breitbart and Big Labor noticed this, and neither of them like it.  That's because both Breitbart and Big Labor actually prefer Americans, unlike GWBush, Barky Obozo, and (apparently) Trump's Boyzzzz.
The Department of Justice is backing President Barack Obama’s award of work permits to roughly 800,000 ‘DACA’ illegal immigrants....
But 800,000 is nowhere NEAR the real number.

...the work permit issue hides a massive economic landmine: The government awards more than one million work permits each year using the same legal 1324a claim that Obama used in the DACA case. If the court rejects 1324a work-permit claim, investors could lose millions of migrant workers — and so face even more pressure to raise Americans’ wages....
So "legal" immigrants--largely professional and technical--are soaking up 1 million jobs AND there are another 800,000 DACA "children" also permitted.

That started with GWBush's "Optional Practical Training" word-game.

...The administration has repeatedly refused to discuss the 1324a claim with Breitbart News....
(Shocked face here)

The U of California, Microsoft, and New York State (among others) argue that 1324a allows the President to import UNLIMITED aliens for work in the US.

Why do you care?

...Each year, roughly four million young Americans join the workforce after graduating from high school or a university. This total includes about 800,000 Americans who graduate with skilled degrees in business or health care, engineering or science, software, or statistics.

But the federal government then imports about 1.1 million legal immigrants and refreshes a resident population of about 1.5 million white-collar visa workers — including approximately one million H-1B workers and spouses — and about 500,000 blue-collar visa workers. The government also prints more than one million work permits for new foreigners and rarely punishes companies for employing illegal migrants.

This policy of inflating the labor supply boosts economic growth and stock values for investors. The stimulus happens because the extra labor ensures that employers do not have to compete for American workers by offering higher wages and better working conditions....
This goes directly to the "Wall Street" vs. "Main Street" debate.  The Establishment Democrats AND Republicans have given "Wall Street" everything it wants, while "Main Street" businesses have been pushed towards annihilation.  Think bookstores, retailers....and soon, grocery stores.

It's no coincidence that "Wall Street" is largely Globalist, friends.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The "Woke" Protest 500 Jobs in Milwaukee

Strauss Meats wants to build a new meatpacking facility on the old A O Smith grounds near 27th and Capitol in Milwaukee.

So there was a protest, of course.  Notice that the vast majority of the protesters are NOT "neighborhood residents."

The local alderman talks like he knows what's really going on here.

...The root of the issue is poverty, he said, and job creation is what's on the table.

He said he could understand the objections from someone who doesn't eat meat. But, he said, the protesters were exhibiting "selective indignation," caring about this issue but not in a rage over employment and quality of life for black people.

He said this effort is aimed at creating opportunity. The remedy for the scourge of violence in the city is a good-paying job, Rainey said. 

"It's crazy how all roads lead back to this one question: Do black lives matter? Do black lives matter or ... is more deference given to the life of livestock than it is to the black people here in this city of Milwaukee and the opportunity to pay for a living for their family?" he said....
We note that Baumann, a wack-a-doodle Lefty, referred the matter back to committee.  Let's hope the local alderman prevails and all 500 of those jobs go to REAL "neighborhood people."

WallyWorld Delivers Groceries??

Now being touted as the Next Great Thing....

WallyWorld will not only deliver groceries (pick-pack-drive) to your home, but will bring them into your house and place them in your reefer or shelves.

Of course, that means WallyWorld will have access to your house when you're gone.

This will never, ever, happen while my wife is alive and kicking, or merely alive.  NOBODY can squeeze-inspect her tomatoes....

Read that any way you want to.

Trump Cracks Down on Illegal-Employers

Looks like it's not going to be easy to employ illegals any more.


"The son of a Mexican guestworker, Vega cannot find enough legal workers to meet demand for his oil well service rigs.
"There is no shortage of Hispanic and Latino immigrant workers without work permits he could hire in Lea County, New Mexico -- the No.2 oil-producing county in the United States.

"But Vega says he wants to play by the rules, not least because of a heightened risk of company audits by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under President Donald Trump. As a result, he has equipment that could be generating $700,000 a month standing idle in his yard."  --
quoted at Surber
Wait until Trump gets to the meatpackers and landscapers!  Especially the latter; your kids may be able to pay their way through school when those summer jobs open up again.