Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Million Here, a Million There.....

...pretty soon you've lost real money!!

Mike Voris reports from Rome that about $13 million has *poof(ter)* disappeared someplace in the Vatican.

That was money donated to the Papal Foundation by US businessmen.  Yes, that was another McCarrick/Wuerl gambit.

For some reason, there is a dearth of donations to the Papal Foundation this year.  Huh.  And--not unrelated--the Vatican itself is now running an $80 million deficit.

Oh, yes, there was a police raid on the offices of the Vatican Bank.  Something about a missing FIVE HUNDRED MILLION smackers.  Well, actually, it's not entirely missing:  $250 mill was used to purchase a building in downtown London.  Too bad about that Brexit thing, eh?  Because that Brexit thing reduced the value of that building.

The other $250 mill?  "Lawyer's fees."

Lawyers.  Huh.

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