Thursday, October 10, 2019

Counter-Strike in the Trump Wars

Anyone who's paying attention knows that Trump & Co. are selectively leaking information--or selectively revealing information--calculated to hurt Democrats, including Joe Biden and John Kerry, with other names including Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch.

There was even a jab at Pelosi's son, Paul.

OK.  Now the Democrats are taking a turn.

Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, two foreign-born donors who gave money to a political action committee supporting President Donald Trump, were arrested Wednesday night and face charges tied to campaign-finance violations, two law enforcement officials confirmed to NBC News....reported at McCain
A picture of one of them chatting up Rudy Giuliani was thoughtfully included in one of the news stories.

You have to read quite a way into the story, though, to find that the warrant was ginned up by none other than the Southern District of NY US Attorney's office, even though much of the "activity" was in the Western States, including Nevada.

Hey, if they're crooks, toss them into the slammer.  After you do the same to Hillary.

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