Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dots, Connections, Ukraine, .....

There are a helluva lotta dots.  But (surprise!!) they're all connected.

The original "whistleblower" (leaker) is a CIA jackwad who was fired from Trump's NSC staff for leaking and working against Trump's agenda.  Previously, he worked in the Obozo White House.


Turns out he also worked with some babe named Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who was digging up dirt on Trump in 2015.  Yup.  2015.  Ain't that interesting??


Well, Ms. Chalupa is a pal of another Ukrainian-American whose party-girl daughter gets a job working for Nancy Pelosi.

And LtC. Vindman was born in the UkraineThat's OK, of course, until he decides that his own personal Ukraine policy is better than that of the President of the US.

All of this creates a question.   

How many Ukrainians do we need to govern the USA and manage our foreign policy towards Ukraine?

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