Saturday, October 12, 2019

Obozo Pays Off His Pals--And LOTS More!!

If you think "Ukraine" is all about Trump, the Bidens, an oil company, and a couple of Ukrainian bureaucrats and prosecutors, you're hopelessly naive.

(Just like I was until I saw this video.)

Whatever else Boekh is, he's a remarkable digger-of-facts.  This video puts most of it together in a pretty neat package, even though the story is damn complicated.

So watch the video, and notice how Obozo, Clinton, and Biden paid off a bunch of their friends with US tax dollars laundered through Ukraine.

Then you'll know why Giuliani has to be stopped at all costs.

Oh, yah!  Remember Marie Yovanovich, the traitor-"ambassador" to Ukraine?  She's a LOT dirtier than you may have heard from the MSM dummies.

So far, there's about $2 BILLION 'missing' in Ukraine.

Come to think of it, Tony Podesta's "missing," too.  Co-incidence???

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