Saturday, October 26, 2019

Keith Gilbert Used To Be a Reporter

You'll note that this propaganda piece was written by Keith Gilbert.  Apparently it cost him his honor to keep his job.  Offhand, I think that's a 'sign of weakness'.  YMMV.

Actual header and sub-header SHOULD read:

Trump Still Winning Wisconsin Presidential  

Trump’s approval rating better in Wisconsin where it needs to be for Trump to win this state
IOW, Trump wins Wisconsin, despite best efforts to slime him.

And if he wins Wisconsin..........................heh.  It's over.

The BIG question is the economy.  So Gilbert had to hide the fact that, 2-to-1, voters think the economy is "better" rather than "worse."  (Another 36% think it's "same.")  Gilbert, who knows better, buried the "economy" findings waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy down in the hit-piece.

How about Trump's 46% Favorable compared to Biden's 40%, Warren's 32%, Harris' 24%, Bernie's 39%, or Buttplug's 23%??  Hmmmmmm???

We already know how Trump stacks up to Hillary.  So how do the Dems win Wisconsin?

Another sleight-of-hand?   The poll says that 51% of Wisconsin voters (D and R) do NOT want Trump removed from office.  Gilbert, who used to be a reporter, says that the minority (44%) number is a 'sign of weakness.'

OK, Keith.  You kept your job for another couple of weeks, I guess.

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