Monday, October 28, 2019

Read Surber Every Day for Sanity

Surber mentions that Trump will NOT support any "red flag" laws.

He then goes on to make a very important point.

...I told readers on August 15 this would happen.
I wrote, "Following the shooting in Dayton and El Paso, President Donald John Trump engaged the push for more gun control. His enemies, such as Matt Drudge, thought they had him in a read-my-lips moment. They gobbled the bait.
"I looked at it and saw the immigration reform of 2017. Same players, different topic. They want Donald Trump to sell us out.

"He won't.

"The wall rises slowly. The Donald is patient. So am I."

Look, if it were not for Donald Trump, I would have shut the blog down by now. I get him. The media doesn't. When have they been right about him? The media was wrong about Mueller, DACA, Obama wiretapping him, World War 3 with Syria, World War 3 with North Korea, World War 3 with Iran, the Kurds, the trade war with Red China, and dozens of other things.

Now then, when have I been wrong?...
Just go to the link.

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