Monday, October 14, 2019

Billions, Billions, Who's Got the Billions??

The Obama government (which included Joe Biden and John Kerry, remember....) was extremely generous to the Ukrainian government.

So was the International Monetary Fund.

But there are a few questions.

...At one point in time, Kolomoisky had been placed on a US Government Visa ban list due to his questionable business practices; however, shortly after Archer Devon and Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma, that ban was mysteriously lifted, and there has been no investigation into these missing funds.

Where are the billions of dollars that went missing in the Ukraine? What do Obama, Biden and Kerry and their children know about where the money is and are they connected?...

Maybe some of it is traceable to land-and-building in Martha's Vineyard?

And--just sayin'--was the disappearing money on the list of things that Obama's ambassador-ette to Ukraine would NEVER INVESTIGATE?  Was it one of the things that she ordered the Ukrainian government NOT to investigate??


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