Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Why Milwaukee Is Sunk, Part 2

We mentioned the atrocious Milwaukee Health Department situation a few days ago.

Now we'll mention Milk-Carton Tommy Barrett's priorities.  Hint:  they begin with "Gimme Moar Money"!!

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is warning the city will see further cuts in police positions without the county sales tax increase that has been proposed by Milwaukee-area leaders.

"If this does not happen, there will be even more cuts to the Milwaukee Police Department next year, which is something that I am trying to avoid," Barrett said at a meeting of local elected leaders....
That's a variation on the School Board tactic:  "Gimme Moar Money or we'll take away all the sports!!"

Tommy will take away all the cops.  

Tommy will NOT take away the Choo Choo.  Tommy will NOT take away libraries, nor reduce City salaries and benefits by 10% merely to maintain law and order.

Nope.  Gimme Moar Money or the kid gets it.

The good news?  You can move out before Milwaukee becomes Baltimore.

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