Saturday, October 12, 2019

Thicken the Plot: NSC, Comey, Italians, Schiff-Staff

Kinda wondering how all the super-secret White House conversations about various international affairs and internal discussions get into the press?

Kinda wondering about how the Italian government, "Russia-gate", and the CIA are connected--and let's toss in Comey, too?

Still at a loss of how Adam Schiff, the shit-eating snake, just so happens to have a lot of third-hand information cut-and-pasted together into "whistleblower complaints"?

Bongino puts it all together for you.  The breadcrumbs in this trail are as large as driveway gravel.

Frankly, if I were Trump, I'd be locking out the computers of every CIA and NSC staffer, then firing the whole bunch.

Every f&^%king one.

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