Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Synod Women's "Ministry": Gardener? House-cleaner??

The usual strange penumbras and emanations from the recent synod.

...Martínez explained that men’s roles as clergy are recognized and so there is a “gap” in the recognition between their roles and those performed by “so many” women in the Amazon. 

“Maybe we haven’t defined it well, but the Pope is asking for us to be creative in these ministries that have already been created,” he said.  

Cardinal Michael Czerny, the other episcopal panelist in the Oct. 26 press conference, added that one potential ministry for women was an “ecological ministry.” ...
Sure.  Let 'em plant the garden and keep it weed-free.  And let them clean the house.  Both very 'ecological' functions!!

There is a lot of foo-foo dust being sprayed around by Church spokes-critters.  Partially because they don't want actual Catholics to know what's going on, and partially because the spokes-critters don't know what's going on, either.  I mean, have you ever read one of Pp. Francis' allocutions? 

Word-salad has never been so incoherent.

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