Sunday, October 27, 2019

Democrats Are Minor Players in the Coup

Well, now.

Over the last few months--but especially in the last 2 weeks--it's become more and more clear that the Deep State has been very active in the operation to take down Orange Man Bad.

The Democrats in Congress are only a front for the larger players here:  State, CIA, NSA, Mil-Intel, certain Members of Congress and Senators, and the Pentagon--all of which were the objects of Gen. Mike Kelly's curiosity and investigations even prior to Trump.

That group is, roughly, THE Military-Industrial Complex--which now, necessarily, includes our 'diplomatic' and intel services worldwide and domestically.

When Trump was elected, he became part of the problem, because Trump was not a member of the Old Boy Network.  He didn't Know Things.  He didn't understaaaaand how Things Are Done.  And when he ripped up treaties, hammered Mexico into paying for the Wall, and began pulling US troops out of Endless War, .............SUCCESSFULLY.............well, that was just too much.

The "whistleblower" and Schiff have a symbiotic relationship; they share an objective.  But when you look at the "Wise Men" who are colluding to destroy Trump, you'll notice that a helluvalotta them are CIA, State, and Pentagon types.

They may all sincerely think they are in the right.

But none of them are the President, elected by the people to run Foreign Affairs and the military.

Don't be surprised if far more dramatic efforts are made to unseat Trump.  There can always be a war or two, or a couple of foreign Governments which suddenly "fall".

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