Friday, October 25, 2019

Oh, Lookie!! Lisa Lay "Edits" Gen. Flynn 302

Oh, yah, I forgot.  She's not Lisa Lay.  She's Lisa Hotpants FBI lawyer.

Moving on.

Having seen over 500 episodes of "Law and Order" I am competent to tell you--without a doubt--that Lisa Hotpants FEEB Lawyer committed a complete disqualifying act when she "edited" the FBI's 302s of the Gen. Flynn interview.

And I suspect that a Fed judge will find the same way.  And then I suspect that Gen. Flynn will have the basis for a very, very, very, lucrative lawsuit against Lisa Hotpants FEEB Lawyer and Smirk Strzok--not to mention Comey, McCabe, and prolly Brennan-the-Commie, Clapper-the-Perjurer, and even B. Hussein Keep-u-Doc Obozo.

Flynn will have to spend the money buying ammo during the upcoming Civil War, of course.  He won't be quite as lonesome this time, however.

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