Sunday, October 27, 2019

"War-War" Zmirak, the Nattering Nabob

John Zmirak should not be confused with John McCain.  McCain is dead.

He essays very limited approval of Trump's killing of al-Baghdadi:

...Abrahms explains that groups which engage in “terror” attacks tend to fail at obtaining their political objectives. It turns out that people of every race and creed resent the murder of civilians, whatever the cause. Smart guerrilla groups impose firm control over their fighters, to minimize such counter-productive actions.

But ISIS did just the opposite. It reveled in torture and slaughter of civilians. And it gave murderous psychopaths around the world license to do the same, and give ISIS “credit.” Abrahms dubbed ISIS the “stupidest” militant group active today, and noted that it has failed at every one of its stated objectives.

So will removing a leader whose “stupid” policies didn’t impose any restraint on random killers around the world make much practical difference?...
Dear reader, you can guess Nabob Zmirak's answer to that question.

Meantime, in reality-land, based on a recording of a conference in which Obama's Sec/State John F'n Kerry, we learn that Zmirak's viewpoint in effect, aligns with Obama's.

♦ Firstonly regime change, the removal of Bashir Assad, in Syria was the 2013, 2014, and 2015 goal for President Obama. This is admitted and outlined by Secretary John Kerry.

♦ Secondly, in order to accomplish this primary goal, the White House was willing to watch the rise of ISIS (’13, ’14, ’15) by placing their bet that ISIS’s success would force Syrian President Bashir Assad to acquiesce toward Obama’s terms and step down.

♦ Thirdly, in order to facilitate the objective, Obama and Kerry intentionally gave arms to ISIS and even, arguably, attacked a Syrian government military convoy to stop a strategic attack upon the Islamic extremists killing 80 Syrian soldiers....

All well and good, except for one little problem:

...however, instead of capitulation Assad then turned to Russia for help.

When Russia came to aid Bashir Assad the Syrian Government began being able to defeat ISIS and the Islamic Extremist elements within Syria. For the hidden plan of Obama/Kerry (and also McCain, Graham, et al), Russia defeating ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra, upended their objective....


Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Graham (and later, Hildebeeste) would support ANYBODY AT ALL to get Assad to step down in Syria.

You have to wonder if Zmirak ever reads anything outside his little box.

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