Thursday, October 17, 2019

Revolting Perversion at Vatican Gardens

The emblem of the perversion rampant in the Vatican is the poster of some woman breast-feeding an ocelot (?).

Over the past 20 years, Catholics worldwide have heard of the rise of the homosexuals (perverts) in the clergy.  The perverts are tightly networked and now appear to have taken over management of Church functions in many areas.

"Art"--particularly the visual--is something the perverts have always used to get their message across.  That message has always denigrated mother-figures, which has to do with the sexual practices of the perverts.  (This despite the typical pervert's over-done profession of love for his mother.)  The obverse of this fixation is the worshipful representations of the young, athletic, male--one of which was commissioned by an Italian pervert-prelate for his Cathedral.

Thus, the choice of this particularly offensive "art" which purports to show the 'unity of all' or some such horse-crap.  It shows no such thing.  It merely re-presents the perverts' disgust with human motherhood.


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