Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ford, Honda Are "Woke." Will "Broke" Follow??

Interesting development here.

Led by the Association of Global Automakers, the three companies [GM, Toyota, Fiat-Chrysler] announced Monday they are siding with the Trump administration, a move that pits them against Ford and Honda, which reached a deal to follow California’s stricter emissions standards earlier in 2019, The NYT reported....
If nothing changes, Ford and Honda will be producing different drivetrains for California cars and trucks--and/or simply refusing to sell certain (fuel-hog) models in that State.  Since a good chunk of fuel economy is derived from weight-loss, you can expect to see a lot less steel/iron content, too.

That's expensive.  

Ford already has problems with its 'future cars' direction; the current CEO is a high-tech guy, but cars and trucks are not laptops.

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