Wednesday, March 31, 2021

WallyWorld Goes Totalitarian-Helper

Bet you didn't know this.  Ace provides the message.

Not really surprising.  Large firms are all to willing to fellate Government because they have a lot to lose if Government gets PO'd.  Look at GM's "electric everything" wack-doodle.

"You're a customer?  We have 10s of millions of customers.  Go ahead--screech.  See if we care!"


The War Will Start Soon

It won't be the Biden* Junta who starts it; they'll just facilitate it for Corporate Scum who will put up the system and enforce the rules.  Ticker sums it up and tees up the question with an example disaster.

...celebrities, health officials, union screamers and politicians all exhorting Americans of all stripes to roll up their sleeves for an experimental vaccine that was not fully tested in animals, was not fully dose-ranged in humans and instead of being put into a couple of thousand volunteers for a ten year period to determine if it produced durable and safe protection instead is being jammed into 100+ million American arms with threats of coercion now coming into the forefront....

What could possibly go wrong?

A Marek's disease style disaster, for one.

You can look up Marek's; it has to do with chickens.

The mRNA tech has never been used before.  Further, NONE of the "vaccines" are sterilizers; in other words, it's "leaky."

...non-sterilizing immunity is dangerous.  A virus, in the presence of non-sterilizing immunity, through natural evolutionary pressure will tend to evade that protection and become more deadly.  There is no safe way to use non-sterilizing vaccines if a virus is circulating in the population....

That's a problem, no?

Well, it's not a problem to the Ruling Class.  You will take it and you will like it.  If you die, get horribly sick, whatever--no skin off the nose of Your Betters.

This is why we said the war will start soon.

US Attorneys in D.C. Becoming an Embarassment

Julie Kelly--and others--have noticed.

...Politico reporters just dropped the bad news that most protestors won’t face jail time. 

“Although prosecutors have loaded up their charging documents with language about the existential threat of the insurrection to the republic, the actions of many of the individual rioters often boiled down to trespassing,” Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney admitted in an article published Tuesday, an observation American Greatness has been pointing out for weeks. “Justice Department prosecutors sent expectations sky-high in early statements and court filings, describing elaborate plots to murder lawmakers—descriptions prosecutors have tempered as new details emerged.”

The government also will have to contend with the long-term legal consequences of continuing to pursue obstruction charges that will criminalize future political dissent. As I explained in this column, the vague charge, initially aimed at white-collar criminals not political protesters, has been applied to more than 130 defendants so far. 

But any conviction would codify its use against anyone who disrupts a government meeting or ceremony. “While violent assaults in the Capitol are rare, protests and acts of civil disobedience—such as disrupting congressional hearings or even House and Senate floor sessions, are more common,” Politico admitted. “That means prosecutors and judges will have to weigh how much more punishment a Trump supporter who invaded the Capitol during the Electoral College count deserves than, say, an anti-war protester chanting at a CIA confirmation hearing or a gun-control advocate shouting in the middle of the State of the Union address.”

No kidding....

That "obstruction" construction is not too far removed from the fanciful (and utterly ridiculous) construction that John Chisholm tried to ram through SEVEN courts against Walker allies.  Different law, but same prosecutorial intent:  screw anyone and everyone Democrat/Lefty Totalitarians don't like.

That's not a good idea at all.  Tends to catalyze resistance, some of which will not be 'peaceful.'

Tin-Pot Tony Evers' Really Bad Example

Hagedorn was a pleasant surprise.  And it was "surprise", as Hagedorn is the prototype Government-Man.  Even he couldn't figure how to jimmy the plain meaning of the law, so Evers got a long-overdue slapdown.

But Tin-Pot's action raises a question:  if there is no law for HIM, then why is there any law for US?

Inquiring minds, and all that.

Secretary Pete, the Sanctimonious Twit

AOSHQ brought to our attention a twit-tweet:

"You should not have to own a car to prosper in this country, no matter what kind of a community you're living in."

And you should not have to possess an IQ over room temperature to be Secretary of Transportation, as is made obvious above.

Sean Hannity, MD (??)

 Once again, Sean Hannity is peddling his medical knowledge gained in his "daily, rigorous, 1.5 hour martial-arts training" (no more speculation about why his wife and he are apart....)

See, with that training, Hannity knows all about how the neck is 'the most vulnerable' place on the body and how Sean can kill you in < 12 seconds, yadayadayada.....

Therefore, says Medical Examiner Hannity, Chauvin killed Floyd.  No doubt about it.

OK, Sean.  Now why don't you create a cure for cancer and STFU until you do?

Mikel Holt on WEAC's Running Dog Underly

Mikel Holt did not mince words when commenting on Jill Underly--who is the Teachers' Union running dog in the State Education Boss race.  Holt is the associate publisher of the Milwaukee Courier, a 44-year-old black-audience, black-owned newspaper.

 She “…came across as ignorant, confused and just sort of racist. She contradicted herself several times and had the nerve to suggest Black Parents are too stupid to know where their children should go to school. And remember, she opposes school choice, except for White people like herself. So why are Democrats like Gwen Moore and Tammy Baldwin supporting her?”

 Holy crap, Batman!

Hillary's Legacy: Russkie Hacking of State Dep't

Gee.  This is a shocker.

Russian hackers are suspected of stealing thousands of State Department emails last year, two Congressional sources have revealed.

The cyber attack is the second breach of the department's email server in a decade carried out by Russians.

The hackers gained access to emails from the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs,...

 The old hag Hillary invited the Russkies inside (just like the Capitol Cops did with some visitors on January 6th) by using her totally-insecure home-brewed computer system at her home for official State Department business.

But she has Democrat Privilege, you see.  So the part about her computer will be buried.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

CDC Director "Scared"

Well, honey, if you're 'scared,' then find a strong man to protect you.

Or  you could pull a Biden*:  hide in your basement for several months.

For American citizens, life goes on, with or without you.

Bring me a sandwich.

See the Pattern on Masks?

There IS a pattern on the results of mask-wearing mandates!!  Too bad it's not the one Biden* and Tin-Pot Tony Evers want you to believe.  

But hey!  You can believe your lying eyes or those two chumps and their "experts."  Choose wisely.


The Biden* Cabinet

The junta controlling Biden* is installing a Cabinet.  Here's a picture of the current group.

Daszak Spews Bull-Plop Over CBS

Give Lesley Stahl credit; she knew this guy is on the Chinese Communist Party payroll.

So she went after him and ......yes, indeed.......he's full of it.

...DASZAK: We met with them. We said, “Do you audit the lab?” And they said, “Annually.” “Did it you audit it after the outbreak?” “Yes.” “Was anything found?” “No.” “Do you test your staff?” “Yes.”

STAHL: But you’re just taking their word for it.

DASZAK: Well, what else can we do? There’s a limit to what you can do and we went right up to that limit. We asked them tough questions. They weren’t vetted in advance. And the answers they gave, we found to be believable, correct and convincing.

STAHL: But weren’t the Chinese engaged in a cover-up? They destroyed evidence, they punished scientists who were trying to give evidence on this very question of the origin.

DASZAK: Well, that wasn’t our task to find out if China had covered up the origin issue...

(Brietbart quoting CBS transcript.)

"Not our task...." which is to say "I don't know."

OK, then.  Fauci wrote US taxpayer checks to the CCP to perform gain-of-function research on the original virus, and that work was done at Wuhan...........hmmmm.

Daszak?  Liar.


Monday, March 29, 2021

Update on Bloomberg "Papers Please" Post

Vaccine "passport"?  Not even close.  This morning we mentioned Bloomberg's involvement in the "Papers Please" project now underway in New York State and which will be pushed out through HHS.

Naomi Wolfe, an uber-Lefty former Gore staffer, had a few thoughts on this, too.  You can read the whole thing at this link (AOSHQ) but here's the part that ......well..........

...5/ Lastly and as the granddaughter of a woman who lost brothers and sisters to the Holocaust, I don't say this lightly: IBM is producing the NYS version. IBM's German subsidiary in Nazi Germany built the forerunner of a digitized system like this, using punch cards, that...

6/ first did exactly what 'Vaccine Passport' proposes -- it separated Nazi Germany into a two tier society, Jew and Aryan, using the technology of the day. Then IBM created the mechanized lists that allowed Jews to be rounded up swiftly, efficiently. Exactly same system, updated.

8/ But before that, Nazis created exactly what 'Vaccine Passports' explicitly promise: separation of society into two tiers: the 'clean' (privileged, with access) and 'unclean' (restricted, stigmatized, marginalized). There is no going back once this platform unrolls; no escape....

I repeat:  it is the Ultimate Irony that Michael Bloomberg is pushing this.

And Ace makes another excellent point:  this will not be a Government program, exactly; it will be a "private sector" program which Government will facilitate through law and/or regulation

If you think it will be limited to "Yes/No" on vaccines, you are truly dumb and should never be allowed to vote.

Biden's* Heavily-Armed "Idea" Smashes Property

Biden* calls Antifa a mere "idea.

The Dumbass Director of the FBI says Antifa is only "an ideology."

Pretty damned vigorous for an "idea" or "ideology."

Oregon Public Broadcasting....reported Sunday a small group of Proud Boys and Trump supporters clashed with more than 100 anti-fascist counterprotesters at Oregon State Capitol.

Salem police reported 150-200 Antifa were "HEAVILY ARMED".....including guns.

Proud Boys were assaulted and there was significant property damage to their vehicles.